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She gsaiii uiittin.
AV i n c h o s t f r :
Wednesday Morning". June 17th.
De!rgat?3 to tho Convention,
The following ii the list of delegate from
Franklin county :
1 . For the County tt large. A. S. Colyar.
! Dint. No. 1 F. T. Estill. U. A. Shook, J.
! 0. McCute-heon and T. J. Jackson,
j Dist. No. 2.J. M. Bickley and Geo. Sim-
Attempt to kill Gen. Forrest.
TVt learn, that several daya tinea. summed !
tote on Faidaylast. Lieut. Gould of Cant i 0. SVVANaaa candidate for re elation
Morton i Ratforv nQi P... .. ojyi. mitUOB H
tl..l 1- T . , . . . ' v
ovmosuft vaurcu, oetween toiumoia and
Franklin, snaiminfr a ravolvar at Mm tho .
J failing to explode. Forrest cloted upon him
ttiwh a aiuie. cuLLinc nizn. wcptp. or wnothm
fir not anvAfalf . ,J i.i
t. A 1 . . ..
v.(n,nn w r... , fl 'evev, We are not apprUed. Gould,
" r, . v ,, !. , , imen. nrea ti3 revolver, shooting Forrest in ne
I.NWTATI07 BeaidManyw th delegate j W Bowling of h hips, the ball striking tht bone. It ws
c the C-nentian, candidate and ether stran- ; , -" "u ftooi. oimiu. auerwards, extracted "We understand that
.lm vi nit Tnarn tii .-nn .'I ho aar.flm : 1 1 f I I
en viiiting our town, wo would be especially 'SJ
pleased to see any member of theprers in our j V'ul. No. 0.
.&ci: Oar sanctum ii free, and vacant elmr; I lin
en hand j
j Diet. No. 8.
V are requested to -tale that the :
Convention will mct at the Presbyterian I
Church, at ? o'clock thij morning
-J. W. Smith and Uenj. Frank-
-L. Lawson aud A. Ilancock.
-Graves Pennington and J. V.
Dist, No. 9 Dr. Abernathy and D. S. Lotiij.
uist. ao. io. j. 15. iiawKins ana jauicj
Gen. Forrest wrtitn tii hiu wit'o in tha vioinitv
rut- . . ....... y
i-i ui:.i tuy, ioai tp t-xpectea to ce in ins sad
die in lo days which we very much doubt.
Wo are not informed as tothecuuso ol Gould's
assault. Iluntmtle Confederate.
iist. -no. n uapt. Jos. iiokier and t;. u.
A Rack-Dowii.
' 1 'nwfl ti
' t-.;... x, irt x r .. j i t t.
hare tncrnphr"j over the oppressor
Lincoln h?.u it-It hi. li .icli' eumpoNod to jShastdn.
:ev"!ct' his decree asjuinst tho CLic.io i,. i)i't
I'itnog atv.l New York World, and has I Din. No
.'-.traftsd his uiioioii, UuruJiide, to
Dist. No. 14. Jaj. A. Biivertonth and Jas.
o. 15.-H. K Cobb aud Thos. Wil-
liJ.J. C. Fitzpitvick.
iiitifv thoia nocordiiiffly, which that .f C , ??S .? "k lrom 1 " "sn"
,ii vino j.s aiui oi uiii i-jta, in our ro.iiiession
fi! 1 1 fir L fill! hi A' rfrinr. niu uoru 1
- i -vvtn ...... t - j ... . inf u m .
I T L t s . 1 .
'.no t i'tor.30urg ( .'t.; i.sprt'.sa, n tr.c-
Troubles in Indiana.
f 1, ........, . T 11 11. c. T1 ...
lira vu-'.ory winch leou Vfou over Trovost Marshal, and Mr. ClayuVM. a flotec-
Thv UMrU !iv hid lii p!o rtillCO tho war tlv'-- -compauicd by an enrolling otlioor wero
, . . I fired upon, near Morevillo, l?a-h onunty, Ind .
Cogan, and it Hunts an or:l in tho j vencrdny, by soma won in a wheat field,
i.btory of hi-i perfidious sind titrocious titevena wa instantly killed, and Clay field wa
i I- ... ., . mortally woanl-xl, uad died :-'hn afterwards.
dealing wttb them. 1 Ivory waa The ..nrolling i.l5cor waa .t twico through
iinrna.nl V cr OOWul'dly appeal to- Ivitn tho clothing, but, escaped uninjured. Two
. .. , ' i ,. ,i . :,..,. i . ,. i coriHKinio- f thu 71st Indiana hnt Indiannpu-
- A i lis yer,t--rday fir thj se i iie ot raurui-r.
fhov rotr-; ito 1 ivot anitif.il trotn tho j A poldier wai shot by a d"serter ut .Shelby.
uc-itioti which they occupied, and from I vilh.Inf- yft,lmla'' M' tttt(sraPtil,g t0 a"r"
, . J ' ! re.jt tuo Jattcr.
v.j. :: t'.,.-,v h-NvJ npon hii.t thoir do , lsmASAm,s. June 10. Thomas A H.n
.'.3 1 1 .-f hii m 'in.slr.ras V;.)!;i dri.-ks, .Ju:l;rn IVrkins, and ntlier leading
- , : . , . j . i , I Den. '-;Ti'., will i'.suc an addre1 to the m, :n-
..on o. Man And yet lio unconai- j b(!M of t!,oir ,xirty l(lIlC,rroWt a(jvis:ng th,m
t;CDaiiV' witlidi'yv,' .is order 1'or their 1 1'1 mako n re.sistanc to th enfurcornftnt nf
'cmrosyiou. and h-is left th.m fr, t'.i, i ,lrafH a?sul'inS th,?m. at it will bo fairlv
bo lis'ht.
Thu war Democrats, have in coatcmplaMon
the' pcrtuctmj ot an organization in tawMaM
trsf. ihureinMKt have h'.'uri some
.o A-crial ooiisidnratton that led him
R3 to raidu hid aftt-r ho insoientlv i A cor,
Oa Fa.i.VTr.VG3. The exhibition of the3e
palntiiiij.; continues at the Kaptist Church, day
and mgbt. lickets il, to he had at the Post
Office and Drug Store. Children and servants
half pricp.
8fu A correspondent of the Nash
ville Union vouches fur tho truth cf the i
following colloquy betwoon a cornfield
r.oro woman and a Yankee officer on
duty near the city. It shows the way
the whelps sneak around after evidenco
of disloyalty :
Officer. Say nigger wench !
No answer.
Officer. -Negro woman !
Contrabun I S ih; wha' you want 't
Don't you oe l's a wo'king?
Officer. Who lives in that big house
l:p thoio?
Contraband. Mista Tointa.' Mr.
Pointer is meant.
Officer. What kind of a man is ho?
Oontrabmul iiijiit smart and clrjv
ah man as ov;ih li.-od in these digging
Oiiieer. Is ho Union ?
Jontraband. Dun know hh'o; dat's
voi:' Lisnia te fin' nut,, lie ukan the
.i ll' logi.-ineo. When a man jines do
c inch vou iivst b'lievo ho'.s a Oiirid
rhui, djugh ho m'ay need watchin.'
T1IK SU2SCKIBEU keeps constantly cn j who will tike
li.'iid ;.rr.y articb-s of . prime necessity fr lot Tiv 'cni
Confederate consumers, amongst whi h mav 1:1 'inchrR,w
ST hjt CongreiBB.
85. "iVeare nuthuriied to ar.nounoa Try
Congress from the 2d Cocgresaional District
J!ll-tde. .
B, The friends of Col. PETE? TL'K
M.Y feel authorized to announce his namo as
ii eauumuie iur uungrcss in me 'inird Dig;rict
-as they see his name announced in other
1 ftpm throughout the District. jeiQ-dte
Wo arc authorized to announce Hon A n
P. NltnolSON a candidate for CWe
:rora the 6ih District of Tennessee. Election
first Thursday in August next. my-tfe
meRreflUthori2(d 10 bounce L. J
t? . a3 a f'd'11816 to represent tho
Eleventh Congressional District ot Tennestee
t JIcmphis District,) in the next -Confederate
'..ongres , Jc2(do
.fttft-'c r authorized to announce Hon
THOMAS 31 EN N EES as a candidate for re'
election to Conrrresa from the, Vik.k n
sional District. 5 JeCtde?
n a?r ?i?anlhpricdJt. , Rnnce Hon. J.
D C. ATKINS as a candidate for re-election
to Congress from theNinth Congressional DiV
trict jctitde.
DAVID M. CUKK1N as a candidato for re
election from the Eleventn Congressional Dis.
tr:ct je6tde.
Bivouac Star.ves' Cavalry, i
May, 1863.
Ed Bulletin: Yielding to the persuasions
of mv Iriends, I authorize vou to announce
my name as a candidate fora'seat in the low it
branch of the next General Aiscmblv of t-e
Stato of Trtimcssflc.
inj-23-tc JOH H. DONALDSON.
m Thn. friends oUAsTlTsnoblOwl author
ized to announce his name as a candidate to
represent Franklin countv in the lower branch
of tho next Legislature. ' mvlO td
('utnug it tiown on
of hi:i
The New3.
intended victims. There was a fear
H-hich tcmponrl his Jury and forced
'.i:nto ai aiu! in his proclainiod purpojo.
tViuit was that foir and whence did it
I lie p'ipuiar" commoti .n which i Ri.icn as other journals received As:ociatfeu
y t;ui order
;:iui tli re at
.iltati.ia dieting, composed ot influen- j be round a verv superior article of
iinii java totice,;
.'ul article of
f tial wut" ItamociraK will b-i hul l here on Fri
! day, to tako the initiatory stcjw.
v.i fit if.- ;d up at Chicago
viag the Time
tiwcop uver tho
:) to
Ihn'w !3 foriifvir.Er at Thomson's fr,-.-,!r
Statu i :m:h eufct of lkort lia ison, and oiaotimr h:wv
lilm and the other .Nortli western r s f na. miwtered out several i'?;i
ue-, fxpiainw the accrot in tho cue
We received no telegrams for our hu,t i-:sue f Anr. otbr ftrt'dothat will b appreciated by
i - ii vi . . ... a' '''or ot the i, h::i and cnLiment'il
why, we saould like to know ours-i:. ines- ! Vv,Vm rvr i
Press Dl'-putebcs. IUu from our exchanges
we ii'.nke up lb,) followip.r ei '.!o.ri of r.e
can get, and will pay the highest market price
for them. Let evn-y one who reads this send
ud what he or she may have. Unless we can
get rags w can get no paper.
Send U the Bulletin all the coOhm r, Cro villi
can get A liberal bonus will be paid any one
...l,,. ...:m -t.. .u . Li '
wiu nut cikv uie irouoio to get us up a lare
iua per pounu given, it deliveri-d
NOTICE is hereby givm, for all persons
indebted to the estate ot E. II. lkard, dee'd,
to come forward a; once, and settle their ir,-debtednc-M,
and all t enons havir, c aiins
ugainst the same must present them by the in
cay of September, or ho. t'i rc-ver debarred. a. 1
wifhto wind w the tusir.ws of said esla?
M ay2t; dim A. P.. D U NC A N .
of that papo.r wlnist, the e'X.n-vcriccnt
n'aUi of the public mind in the city
New York, .is manifested in Demo
,:;itic and i'euce Moetings there, throw
The;r portentoiH shadows across his
p tth, and mad:; him quail. Tho World
-vus therefore spared after the fi.it for
.suppression had gone forth.
Sae-r.mn'3 l.f arm has boen amputated.
J-vfK-' .s, Jisi.e V The Natchez Courier
says that on the 1 It'i in.tanl, Cmerals Dick
Taybr and Walker attached tho Federal camp
,(00 strong at Ashland. La., killing,
W'ltir.ding, and capturing the entire force, .save
a few who eeaprtd to a gunboat. This was
oho of a series of similar camps, extending
froinG.-.uid Gulf to Millikon's Uend, and en
circling Vieksburg on the west sid.s of the
T.lcre w;,k heavy firing all night at Vicks
burtr. and it is still mirv
lT - j A Federal deserter from Port Hudson savs
!lr:irr.!t Dr.AFTUJa On uksa. General I'.anks was two days burying the dead, the
Hunter has i.w5d an order directing that all i slaughter was so great.
-i villains found in bis department within A gentleman through New Grleana saj-3 it is
tntydajs,hoaldbi; dratted ,nto t:i mm. , uol of the Opelousas Railroadfand was with-
v.L..iuii:i u'jvijiuiiii'iii, i.i uiieou miles 01 tlie C)t.V. Tne Federak
invems from the States to I wr, 'nuch excited. Generals Pierce, Dow,
vh .;: rhey r-,-n?:tivelv bionl, er wh-re llMi dca(1'
the:.. :rcn, .,h ret merits. 'then to o,J r tfrZV01 . ? T
'-'! '....fcr'.i to Grants tremendous los, unci in-
r-t;;.ncnts r.um.-rif.ttly thu vake?t fctacces Indiana regiments which went against
" - ; ihe p.-or!cs witn bOo or 'JOfi men. and came out
i'Msr. Wttr..--The Auguta Const itntion-' X-utenant Colonel and fifteen men.'
st i?. informed that the Au-tuta Powder ; v : '-"-l'"-"i; says t.m a federal
" i riV.ir .ft- W '
! I I I i W ii i HI A il. . ' l
coin countv, aui confined in iail in Franklin tt -'"y me undersigned, ner.r
county, Tennessee, a ne.vo boy. who 8aVs his "y I hurcn. m the :'d Di.,triet c: f.-auu-
namo is ALFKED. and that he h-ln to yn Slu-d promptly ail onieis
Win. Crageler. of Cherokee countv, Ala 'V'" w BKJ?v work, riougr. Stocks and
Said boy is black and 0 feet hi,h. Ther ..r (:abin.?1 w"rk- EUC1 c and ordinary Cof-
hllS. V ash t-oards. &C. ) and in.-lee.l unv
Ul.n ..V,..,. I..,..,. .. r. U.. . U . .'.I-.. - i.
v.. it l"'y M.L-iuer ot li.e uo.jvfi , ' "
named from the same place. The owner is ( ncaP lor "sh i my motto. Give me
requested to come forward, prove property, i ft ' ' . .
pay charges, and take them out of jail 1 nm J- I" BEAVER
jel4-tf .f. W. CUSTER, Sheriff. ! 'ZTi:
A T'TNK St..-..,. r.u v u i
T . . I " - ' MU U.Vi I'll V li I i U' . Ill V ." i
FOR, MY FILLY. AND S-.T, TflT.' TTTtt ' order, iuitable for faval-v Vnn ,n.ri,i hv on.
'rogue that stole her. She is a little down in Pdng at the Bulletin "" Office. A cavalry
her right hip, white mano and tail nne a saocue wi,i behold with h:m if wanted.
little worn by a yoke. She is about lik hands I flJ-o-citl
tary service
i.siii'uui to re
v or it
v.i'I f'.iiT.:: red t t'ie army dmir.j tho
! 'nmii'.icn po4:3di ofpowf-,r Th-'ir
s,;icr. for .!
n-.-xt e..r will reach a .nuch
epuced on Ri- Black by John-
The Illinois Leeds
Vallan iigham's arrest,. The. resolutions d-
i.t'iuii.'; ojim'iM.I scvuifci l .
tlrant's present forca wiil r.,it. uTenod fin nn.i
notwithcundins hew reinforcement tv.iv
GooD. -General lg7 has'rntly issued him- "ave been swej t off
.v . .-,.11 . ... ......... T . by sickness and desertion. Re otv U aa.
tu the Va ke, .v-, .,,.r ,,i ,v, JLB ; men . of the daily rations now issued to oik
oiher. haa irons i'ir erlnujh. (Ip.n. Kmrror hi.
lievef in retaliation --an eye for m eye, and
'ooth for a tmW
Hea it,rter3 DEr'T No. 2,
Tullahorn. Tenn., June 2, '63.
General Orders No. 13.
II. Tho enemy has seen lit to enl from
his 'ones, and send to our midst not onlv those
high, and clavbank color.
Beautifully printed and for sale at the BP L
! LET1N OFFICE. junolO
Neatly printed and for sal; a: the BUL
LETIN OFFICE. i-uhpifl
GEO KG I A ChattaO'fit County.
committed to the jail of sad county, on the
4lh day of May, of the following description,
to-wit: One abi'Ut nineteen and the 'other
about twenty years of a$e. each aboat 5 feet
inches high, of black complexion, both jay
their names arc JOHN, and report themselves
lo belong, one to Jimason Dean, of Rutherford
county, Tenn., tho other to Dr. Edward Dun
nahoo, of Lebanon, Tern. The owners are
directed to come forward, prove then; property
bisting ot 421; acres'. 4 miles north of Winches
ter and U from Alasonia. It is situated in a
good neighborhood, convenient to churches
schools, with good waier both for stcck and
family ase. There is about 00 acres blazed,
the balance in timber. Tolerable good build
nigs on the place, and in a healthy location,
ah of which can be had on reasonable- terms.
For farmer particular call cn the subscriber,
on the premises.
May 19 3w JOHN W. MA RTIN, Jr.
Wc copy the following items from the
Nashville Dispatch of the 13th instant :
Mr Bryant, an aged residont of Nashville,
died yesterday morning at his residence, in
southern part of thiscity.
Rurjncjr Death Afr Cimnn ,i t.i.i.
supposed to oe guniy or crimes, but non com-: lMli wnomevaryooay respected, died sudden-
d'-uihs xoum ificir uousea , in tiie peaceful 'j jwiu;.
pursuits of lift. In tho pernetr- lion of these Bny(Icr & Co. have placed rfc under oblia
outraces o'i humamtv. and thesn violHtinna .-.f i. m. Jr v, v "u.i nun,,
Civilized warfare, ho has prostrated the flag of
tr ice to tho base purposo of protecting "tho
guards who drive forth these exiles. Hero
after that llag will not protect these guards,
hut they will be seized and sent forward to bo
: relied as spies or prisoners of war, as the cir
.cunstaiiCcs in each c,..-:c may require.
B fcrtmand of General Bragc.
tions for late files of Northernapors.
From Virginia.
We have a letter from the l.dt Tennessee in
Virginia, dated the 9th. " It miiies disclosures
wo chooee not, from cautionary Aiotivc9, to put
in print. Butvecanay that looaagiin-ve
shall have jtirrnp new? froa rh no
tmuca to ta"n Hides into Sole Leather at 25
cents per pound, and into Upper Leather for
40 cents per pound. Small Calf skins, Sheep.
Dog, and other skins, charged by the size. I
will give Spun Thread, Leather and Money
for Tan-bark within tea miles of my tanyard,
situated near Bowl.'ns' distillery, two miles
north of Salem and ten miles from Winchester.
Junel0-d2w W. S. CF.IDDLE.
-" i 'IJ T OJJjl
OFFICE, viz: 4, 6, 6. 7. 8 9 10 12 U l can bought very i
17. 20, 21. 22, 23, 24 ' ' ' ' ' w Bonda. Enquire
Also. Morninp Retvirtji for
and Pay Rolls, Descriptive Lists, Ac., beauti
fully rrintod oa ffflH rn. fv.
printed to oider.
I OK the mfcrmatlon f customers the u.v
cc-i.gnec. ttates his prices for carding areas
tCliuWS: For vhiti 3tl wnli ,'.A . tVin
mued 45 cecs, and be warrants it shall be
well done. Wool must be brought in, good
. t .W. M. TAF.T,
Uptn Mills, neir Winchester.
-May f. aim. j
A NEW EDITION cf Gilhara s Manual,
With Plates. Or.e large Limo volume cloth.
Nent by mail, pre veiui, tr$0 W.
Address JAS. Mcril EKSON & CO..
MayL-dlm. Booksellers, Atlanta, Ga.
S. A. HANDLY, Winchester, Tenn., and
JAMES J. FEYOR, Atlanta, Ga., are au
thorized to receive and receipt for all claims
due Irby Morgan & Co., Nashville, Tenn.
Ail pers ns indebted to said firm will pleaso
cad and settle their indebtedness.
marl-tf , IKBY' MORGAN & CO.
tew hours ride of Memphiq,
low for Confederate Notes
at this office. avhS-tf
Da;ly Bulletin offiw.
Ail ' . .

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