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Germany's Advantage Seen in Parties Opposed to Bol
sheviki Berlin Envoys Fake Story Allies' Break
With Russia Civil War Wages Furiously.
London, Jan. 6. Pending the re
umption of conference at Brest
Litov.k today no fre.h development
re reported from Ru.iia regarding the
paac. negotiation. Special iliapatche
from Petrograd report attempt, by the
German delegatea at Petrograd to
make eome eort of a clandestine agree
ment with the member, of the constit
uent e.i.mbly. ' ' te eorreipondent of
The Daily Newt aayt that the German
are trying through neutral diplomat
to get into communication with mem
ber of the aie.mbly. Their object i
obvioui, he add, a the partiee op
po.ad to the boliheviki are quite ready
to profit by the bolshevik refuial to
make peace end to tell the people that
the bol.hevik promieed them peace
but gave them war.
Give Away. Half Country,
The version of the correspondent of
the Dally Mall ta that the Germans
have been putting pressure, direct or
Indirect, up on the government In con
nection with the BUinmonlnK of a con
stituent assembly as the Germane have
been making It pretty obvious that
they are unwilling to recognize the
bolshevik as representatives of a ma
jority of the KuRsttin poople or even as
temporary truxtees of. the sovereign
power. Tlio Duily News dispatch ex
presses four that Germany will And
tho constituent assembly more amena
ble tharf the bolshevik! In regard to
making peace and quotes Foreign Min
ister TroUky ng Baying that the hour
geoie are prepared to give away half
the country if they can control the
government of the other half.
Rada Willing to Bargain.
Regarding the attitude of the Uk
rnlne towards the Germans tho Daily
News says that tho rada. Is willing to
strlko a bargain with the Germans.
The Petrograd correspondent of the
Times, who is now in Iondon, writes
that the Ukrainians ure determined to
send a mission to Hi est-Utov-Hk, not to
negotiate a separate peace but to as
certain Germany' intentions towards
Utile HtisBlu. The Germuna are will
ing, ho suys, to recognize the rada on
tho basis that the Ukraine supply Ger
many with foodHtultS and recognize
German economic intercuts in the Uk
raine. Neither of these points, the
Revolutionary Movement Un
earthedTelegraph and Tel
. phone Lines Suspended.
Madrid, Jan. 8. A revolutionary
movement ha bean unearthed by the
government Telephone and telegraph
communication have been upencjed
and other precaution taken.
Premier Alhueema announced ( to
day that the government wa. maeter
of the situation. The Judicial author
ise are investigating the plot, many
detail, of 'Jwjtfoh are 'already known.
Although remaining out of tho war,
Spain has not escaped the politlcul un
rest which It has produced. There
have been frequent strikes and disor
ders, and It has been necessary to de
clare martial law at times. The most
formidable movement occurred last
summer, with widespread strikes, sev
eral armed clashes In which nearly
400 persons are reported to have been
killed, aud an avowedly republican
movement, in Catalonia. This week
King Alfonso dissolved the pni llament.
Washington, Jan. 5. New plants for
war material production will be lo
cated entirely in the middle west, un
der the policy of the war department,
which became known toduy. Hccnuse
of congestion in the east, untppped fa
cilities beyond the Alleghanlea hive
become necessary to speely produc
tion for the present war, while sites at
least -00 mile from the Atlantic sea
board are regarded as good strategy in
case of future wars.
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Co-i It. Wayne, Ju'
correspondent adds. Is to Little Rus
sian tasle, but if the allies fail to help
the Ukrainians or adopt a policy of
compromise with the bolsheviki the
rada may have to yield, and the Cos
sack s, too.
Newspapers In Petrograd continue to
report fighting in the aouth where, ac
cording to the correspondent of the
Times, civil war Is waging fast and
furious. In several places there are
reported to have been scenes of fierce
lighting. Those include KkaterlnoHlav,
where it is naid lighting already has
lusted five days. However, as commu
nication south and east from Petro
grad is precarious at the best the re
ports convey little Information.
Cireulat. Story of Break.
The Austro-German delegates In Pe
trograd profesa tohave information
that the allies have decided to break
relations with Russia. Perhaps this Is
the reason why the officials of the
Hrltish pmbassy have taken pains to
hk.su re Trotzky that the departure of
Bfr George HucWanan is purely on ac
count of ill health and that he. would
have left last March but for the per
suasion of former Foreign Minister
Terestchenko. Trotzky also was told
that the other members of. the em
bassy have no Intention of leaving Pe
trograd at present. ,
. Adopt Phonetio Spelling.
Amidst the whirl of events involving
the fate of the nation the bolshevik
government hus found time to decreo
hr itnuMln Khali ndont nhonettc spell
ing on Jan. 14. Three vowels and one
consonant were eliminate- irom me
Russian alphabet.
Although the bolshevik foreign min
ister, Leon Trotzky, announced that
the German peace terms would not be
accepted, it Is believed that the Rus
sian delegates -would return to Brest
Litovsk for tho meetings- which were
to be resumed today, to Inform the
central powers of Russia's attitude.
Tho Russians requested transference
of the negotiations to Stockholm, be
cause they would have leBS difficulty
there In obtaining full publicity con
cerning the negotiations and also be
cause they preferred a neutral place to
German eastern headquarters for hold
ing the discussions. The German
chancellor, Count Von Hertllng, told
the, rrlohstag main committee on
Thursday that the German delegates
had been instructed to refuse td trans
fer the negotiations to Stockholm.
Declares German Army Stands
on Threshold of New Year
Ready to Win.
Amsterdam, Jan. 6. The Gorman
crown princo, in a New Veur'a order
to his army, praltts its valor in th
battles of the year Just closed. The
order, ns reproduced in tho Dusscldor l
Nlchrichten, reads:
"The year 181 T haa Bonn down Into
fcistory, and with It the deeds of aim
of my army. Tho French army stood
ready on the Aisne and in the Cham
pagne to deliver a great decilvo blow4
An overwhelming superiority of men,
i arms and ammunition was counted
upon to lorce a victory for the enemy.
"The assuult sanguinarily' collapsed
btfora yo'.r faithfulness end bravery.
Vou thereby broke tho enemy's
strength and puved tho way to victory
for th.o yermau. arms In Hussia and
"la a tcnncioiis struggle, relying
only upon your own strength and vonr
stilf-fcu'-rlflce and courage, In difficult
battles on the Chemin dee Dames, In
the Champagne and on the blourt
sooden ground of Verdun, you pro
trctfd tho rear of the advancing
armies In the cust and the south. In
lovnl comradeship you also fought In
Flanders and near Cambral for Ger
many's honor.
"Proud and With a' thankful heart, t
hciold you, my brave, resolute leuders
and mv heroic troops. With nn un
stained shield urd n sharp sword, we
stand on thr threshold of the new yenr
nrtnind the Imperial war lord ready to
strike and win, God with us,"
Melbourne, Friday. Jan. 4. The mi
tionulist party, having decided that In
ita opinion it is to the best Interest"
of the country and the empire that
Premier Hughes be retained as leader
of the party, it is expected the pre
mier will be commissioned to form a
new ministry. There probably will
be only a few changes.
The decision of the party was
reached at a meeting today at which
the premier Intimated that in fulfill
ment of Its pledge to retire if the ref
rendum should go against conscrip.
tion, the ministry probably would re
sign in the immediate- future,
Crieiigo, Jan. 5.--George Tyler, of
Boston rated as one of the most effec
tive loft-handed pitchers In the Na
tional league, has been traded to the
Cliicngo Nationals for Larry Doyle
the veteran rccond baseman, and Ar
thur Wilson, a catcher. In aldition.
President We"ghman. of the Chirago
club. Is reported to have added a
check for 115.000. 1
This is the second big deal President
Weeghman has made to strengthen
his luh. The first brought Alexander
and Killifer. the star Philadelphia Uit
terv. toChicaro for $30,000- Another
deal it.:w be closed at the national
mmmls-sion mating in Cincinnati next
Monday. V.'cphman said.
Washington: .Ian. S. Federal food
administrator, from all states will be
gin a two days" conference here Tues
day with fi-od administration officials.
Thev will taka up many pressing food
problems and will discuss particularly
a co-ordination of effort In the various
states. Several meeting of adminis- i
trators have tcen hold here, but this
will he the first time all have been to
gether at oncK
Men Frpm Grounded Naval
Barge Keach' Atlantic Port
After Suffering Privations.
An Atlantie Port, Jan. 5. The
crew of a naval barge which want
iihore on an i.land near thi. pert
Thur.day arrived at a village on
the mainland ye.terday . after
. noon, leaping into the iey water
and swimming to Ice nearby, over
which they made their way to the
mainland. They had been without
food for mere' than twenty-four
hour and only, left the barge when
it became apparent that to remain
longer probably would reeult fa- :
tally for thorn from freezing. -
After reporting to the auChor
itie and obtaining proviaion and
other necessaries, the crew re
turned to the barge lat night
Washington, Jan. 6. More season
able temperatures are Indicated for the
South Atlantic and Kast Gulf states
during the week beginning tomorrow,
although it will be somewhat colder
t nday night in the East Gulf and
South Atlantic states, according to
the weather bureau's weekly, forecast.
Issued toduy. Generally fair wc.'aer
Is indicated after Sunday in the East
Gulf and after Monday in the South
Atlantic states.
Kaln or snow will be followed by
fair weather for a few days In Ten
nessee and again by rain or snow after
the middle of the week. Tempera
tures will bo more moderate than dur
ing the previous week.
London, Jan. 5.-"A raid attempted
by the enemy during tho night in the
neighborhood of Holleb.ke wa re
pulsed without lo by our troops,"
the war office report. "Another ho
tile raidin gparty auoeeeded in rush
ing one of our post eait of Zonne
beke. A few of our men are miing."
Paris, Jan, 5. "Active artillery
fighting occurred during the night in
the region south of Corbeny and on
the left bank of the Meuse, nenr Avo
court wood," says today's official re
port. "North of St. Mlhiel enemy de
tachments which attempted to cap
eighth year of its existence) overflowing with vital news-articles of immediate interest.
In fact, there are several topics so important that in enumerating them it is difficult to
say which should come first.
WHY WE WENT TO WAR WITHOUT GUNS covers from every angle the Con
gressional investigation of the War Department. It presents the criticisms leveled at
the Administration and also the evidence adduced in it favor, with comments from the
press of the United States. ' ,
UNCLE SAM TAKES OVER THE RAILROADS Is this the first step toward
Government ownership? Will the situation continue after the war? ' To get an answer
. to such questions THE DIGEST telegraphed to leading editors throughout the country
asking for an expression of opinion upon this latest and most radical war-measure, and
this article gives illuminating replies from them.
CENTRAL POWERS ANXIOUS TO QUIT deals with a subject of vital.human interest,
being a resume' of public 'opinion upon Germany's latest peace proposal.
last week's DIGEST of the investigation of Mr. Hoover and the Food Administration.
Other interesting and instructive topics in this number of THE DIGEST (dated
January 5th) are: .
ture a French post suffered apprecia
ble losses under our fire without at
taining any result. Another German
effort, in the region of Flirey, met the
same fate. We tok prisoners.
'Everywhere else the night was
London, Jan. 5. Free passage of the
Dardanelles for Rueaian ehips, Rus
sian evacuation of Turkish territory
andth. demobilization of the Ruetian
Black fleet are provided for in the
draft of Turkieh peace term pre
ented to Ru.sia, according' te an Ex
change. Telegraph diipatch from Pet
rograd. Turkey, it i provided, i to
retain her active army in eon.equence
ef the continuation of waragainttthe
The main point in the draft pro
rented by Jhe Turkish delegates are
given in the dispatch r.a follows:
"1. Frontier lmce to remain as
before the war.
"2. Within two yeitra of the
conclusion of peace the contract
ing parties shall conclude a con
vention respecting sea trade and
"3. War losses incurred by In
divtduals to be refunded.
"i. Guarantees to be given for
the territorial integrity and de.
velopment of Persia on the basis f
of her entire Independence.
"5. Free passage to be granted
Hubsian ship passing througn the
Dardanelles and the Hospherus.
"6. Mobilization within limits -to
be permitted for natipnal de
fence. "7. Russia to undertake to re
move her armies to territory
within the previoue Ruaslan bor
. cers In six to eight weeks after
nignlng tte peace agreement, leav
ing only one division to safe-'
guard her frontier.
"8. Russia to demobilize ber
army of special Armenian units,
and also to demobilize the Black
sea navy. .
"8. Turkey to retain her active
army In consequence of oontlnua-
tlon of war agalus: tha entente."
Dalton, Ga., Jan. 5. The board or
county commissioners voted to employ
R. R. Petree. of Marietta, a graduate of
the .State College of Agriculture, as
fnrm demonstration agent, succeeding R.
It. Dortch, who has been called to the
colors. G. W. Slk was elected as a
member of the board of tax equalUers,
and the road commissioner, for the four
teen districts were appointed for the
year. '
Talk Mim limns -
Our Army's Need - I
T.TTF.R ARY 1") If? EST fnr Januarv 5th commences the vear
Short-Lived Victory at Cambrai
Prussian "Demdcratic" Franchise
To Win the War with American Coal
The Fuel Value tf Wood
Keeping the Workers Well
Saving Wheat by Saving Meat
New York School House-Cleaning
A Catholic Admonishes Catholics
News of Finance and Industry
A Striking Collection of Illustrations
THE DIGEST-the Busy Man VBiMe, the Doubting Man's
Those of us who are busy, and whidi of ui ii
not in these superstrenuous times, frequently sigh
over the arid wilderness of irrelevant information
through which we have to struggle in our daily
papers in order tb obtain those diamonds in a dust
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i ... -
How Quebec Takes Her Defeat
Saving Food and Winning the War
(Prepared by the U..S. Food Administration)
The Slow Agony of Reims
The Cradle More Fatal Than the
Art and the Life of To-day
Rifling the Tomb of the Savior
Defending the Red Qross
trouble. It derives its resum6 of the news -not
merely from a single paper, which would be to
retain the latter's view-point, but from t weekly
gleaning of all the worth-while publications of the
world, recording the resuwitnout comment or
partiality, adhering to no view-point but reporting
all. The facts of the dayjocuscd from all points,
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