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Fuel Administrator Williams
Amends Emergency Rules.
Nineteen Cars Arrive.
Hamilton County Fuel Administrator
R. H. Williams lias amended the emer
gency coal rules which he issued Sat
urday, Jan. 5.
The regulations as amended state
that the dealers are no longer re
Quired to admit pedfllern and other
customers to their yards. Mr. Wil
liams, also, in the second section of
the amendment, revokes the order al
lowing no dealer to sell over one-half
top of lump coal, or more than one
ton of run-of-the-mine to a customer.
The amendment to this allows the
dealers to sell as much as two tons
of run-of-mine or one ton of lump
i-oal to a cuitomer. with the exception
of such places as schools, hospitals or
other public institutions, whichby spe
cial order from the administrator, may
secure more.
The amended coal regulations, ef
fective Jan. i, 1918, are as follows:
"The emergency rules made on Sat
urday, Jan. 6, are amended as follows:
"1. Dealers are no longer required
to admit peddlers or other customers
to the. yards, but are requested to sup
ply the peddlers and other yard cus- j
tomers Just as liberally as the dealers
t'erl they can do. In justice to their ne
livery customers. Kach dealer must
exercise his best Judgment, within the
limits allowed, in securing as wide
distribution of coal coming in as Is
"2. The limitation of sales to one
ton of run-of-mlno, and one-half ton
of domestic or lump coal is revoked;
and dealers are now permitted to sell
to any one customer as much as two
tons of run-of-mine or one ton of do
mestic; coal, but no more. There will
be no exceptions to this rule except in
esse of hospitals, schools, or other
public institutions, and permission to
make ecxentlons in such cases must
first be obtained from the administra
tor. R. H. WILLIAMS.
Hamilton County Fuel Admtnistra-
Seme Relief.
. Some relief for the present coal sit
uation was In sight Tuesday morning,
as reports were heard from most of
the coal dealers ami the railway yards.
There were very few coal yards that
were entirely without, coal, and the sit
uation In the suburbs seemed to be
' very much better. Fourteen cars came
In over the Southern to be delivered to
the retail dealers, during the forenoon
Tuesday and five cars over the K, C.
V St ii, to go to the dealers.
The special wood committee of the
manufacturers' association felt that
the prospects for getting wood Into the
city was now sure and that they would
have no trouble in getting a good sup
ply. Authorities from the county said
that the county forces were working
Tuesday hauling and cutting wood.
Secretary Brewer also received a bill
of lading from the N., C. & St. U for
a car of wood loaded by J. Luther
Troxell. at Bridgeport, Ala. He also
received word from Pr. Dupree Inform
ing htm be would have a car coming
In Thursday and another Monday.
The wood will be distributed mostly
among the manufacturers, as the deal
ers show little inclination of wanting
to handle It. The manufacturers will
sell It at cost to their employes, as
substitute for coal.
Some irate citizen . at East Lake
called up the administrator to tell hira
an empty coal car had been standing
on a. siding near Bryan L. uates coai
vard In Kast Chattanooga ever since
lust Friday, when It was unloaded.
This irate citizen, who was evidently
anxious to see another loaded car in
his neighborhood quick, wanted to
know why it was If the mines were
short of cars, this car was not picked
up long ago and sent back to some
mine for reloading.
There has been considerable com
plaint on the part of dealers about
empty coal cars being left standing on
sidings, for days at a time, aiier nav-
fnir been unloaded. If such complaints
arc well founded, the local autnormes
state that It would seem the coal
shortage, cannot be due to lack of cars;
otherwise all empty cars would nat
urally, be returned promptly to the
Jackson, Miss., Jan. 8. The regular
bienniul session of the Mississippi
legislature was convened here today
with the prospect, that the question
of ratification of the proposed pro
hibition amendment to the federal
constitution would be one of the prin-
cloal features of general Interest to
come before the session. Other mat-
is Included In the 1918 legislative
urogram were me questions oi re
vision of state tax system, 11,000 bond
issue for Improvement of the state's
schools, taxation of worthless dogs In
the interest of sheep raising, and
making school attendance compulsory.
Athens, Ga., Jan. 8. One of the
largest deals In spot cotton in the his
tory of trie Athena market has Just
been negotiated by Miller & Co., who
sold to L T. Kllpatrick, representing
Weill Bros., 2,000 bales for an all-
around price of 82 cents, the total
money paid being approximately
Rotarinn Hardy, as Charles
wright, a financier, a man to
methods mean nothing, results
thing. Rotariun Hardy, In "The Man of
the Hour," will demonstrate that he Is
conversant with all the tricks of high
i j m
i A
J. tV. Blshoui as Judge Newman, of
the court of common pleas; one of Hori-
gan s pawns, also the husband of Mrs.
Newman. The role played by Rotarian
Bishop In "The Man of the Hour" Is a
difficult ene, yet he gets by to the satis
faction of himself and the members of
the cast.
If fill
0 w
W. D. Gilman appears as Percy Wain-
wright In "The Man of the Hour." He
is Just a kid who takes nothing seriously
excepting , Glbbs and Cynthia Garrison.
Rotarian Gilman acts perfectly natural
in his role, and there is no doubt but
that he will make a hit,
That Mrs, Rene is alive was due to
her presence of mind in throwing her
self across the body of H. J. Foe, a
Los Angeles traveling man, who was
Killed, and feigning death. They said
the train was stopped near Kilometer,
and that when, Conductor Parades and
several passengers alighted, the la
quia opened Are. The conductor was
bayoneted, they taid.
The Indians then went through the
train, foe was shot as he reached
for his pocketbook, while asking the
incnans if tney wanted money, pas'
sengers said, and one old man was
slain as he pleaded for the lives of
his two daughters.
Late comers among the Indians
found little loot, and vented their dis
appointment by firing Into the bodies
of dead and wounded. 8his orerv lasted
nearly two hours.
Meanwhile, the ens-lneer and flremnn
had taken the locomotive and cone
ahead to Mencho for assistance.
Doubt Exnressed That Llovd
. t
George's Speech Has Even I
Been Published There. f
You May Find
It In Stocking'
i - -
Cincinnati authority says your
troublesome corns just
loosen and fall off
Audience of Diplomats, Lc islators, Officials Breaks
Rapt Silence for Great D emonstration When Presi
dent Declares France Must Have Reparation.
Washington, Jan. 8. A favorable, re
nnrt was submitted by the house' wo
man suffrage committee today on the
Kaker federal suffrage amendment
resolution. It Is Identical with one al
ready reported without recommenda
tion by Ihe judiciary committee. The
house votes on suffrage Thursday.
The Hague, Netherlands, Dec. 5.
(Correspondence of the Associated
Press.) The navy estimates of the
Netherlands for 1918 provide for the
building of three submarines and a
mine layer for the mother country
and three submarines for the Nether
lands Kast Indies. A number of sub
marines already are under construc
tion. The refusal of the lTnlted States
to sanction the building of three such
boats at fan Frnneiseo on Holland's
account makes the carrying out of the
modest program very problematical at
Washington) Jan. 8. The practical
agreement of fundamentals in the
president's program with those ex
pressed by the British premier made
an immediate and profound impres
sion upon all who heard him.
Coming at a moment when Germany
faces the demands of her socialists for
abandonment of any program of an
nexations and indemnities and also
faces the failure of the peace nego
tiona at Brest-Litovsk, the president's
pronouncement developed its tremen
dous importance as he spoke to a
crowded chamber of legislators, diplo
mats and officials. Although the ad
dress was punctuated liberally by ap
plause, there was one great' demon
stration when the president declared
France must have right for the wrong
in Alsace-Lorraine. At that, the en
tire assembly arose, applauded and
cheered loudly.
Otherwise the address was delivered
In the silence which denotes the rapt
attention of an audience which real-
The Silver Tongued Orator of
Minnesota, Charles A. Towne,
Former United States Senator
Late Member of Congress from New York Nominated for Vice-President
Recommends Nuxated Iron to All
Who Feel the Need of Renewed Energy
Says That Henceforth He Shall Not Be Without It "
ized that It waa passing through a
great quarter of an hour In the life
of the world.
German People Reassured.
To the German people the president
gave a reassurance that there was no
aim to impair their peaceful great
ness. The president made clear at the out
set that the German statesmen hav
ing again challenged their adversaries
to a restatement of war alms, he un
dertook to respond to it with the ut
most candor. The British premier's
declaration the president referred to
as having been spoken with "admira
ble candor and in admirable spirit for
the people and government of Great
"The only secrecy of counsel," he
added, "the only lack of fearless frank
ness, the only failure to make state
ment of objects of the war, lies with
Germany and her allies."
Serbians Join in Applause.
The voice of the Russian people,
prostrate and all but helpless, with
power apparently shattered but not
subservient, called for a statement of
alms, and, the president added, he re
sponded "with utter simplicity and
The visiting. Serbian mission sat
with the cabinet and Joined in the
applause that greeted the declaration
for restoration of Serbia and the free
dom of the Balkan peoples.
Dr. Asa W. Chamberlain Con
victed of Murder of His
Wealthy Brother.
Keeping The Quality Up.
World-Famous Cure for Colds and Grip,
is now i'Jc per box. On account of the
advance in the price of the six different
Medicinal, Concentrated Extracts and
Chemlrais contained In LAXATIVE
BROMO QUININE, it was necessary to
increase the price to the Druggist. It has
stood the test for a Quarter of a Century.
lc la used by every Civilized Nation.
probably no remedy has ever met with
such phenomenal success as has Nux
ated Iron Over three million people sn
IJiually are taking it in (his country alone,
io any nothing of the vaxt number who
are using it in France, England, South
America and other countries. It has
been highly endorsed and used by for
mer United Slates (Senators and Mem
bers of Congress; physicians who huve
been connecti-d with well-known hos
pitals have prescribed and recommended
it; MonseiKneur Nannlnl, a prominent
Catholic Clergyman, recommends it to all
member of the Catholic Oliurth. For
mer Health Commissioner Wm. K. Kerr,
of Chicago, says It ought to be used in (
every hospital and proscribed by every
physician; Dr. H. B. Vail, formerly Phy
sician in the Baltimore Hospital and a
Medical Examiner, says that time and
again he has prescribed Nuxated Iron
and surprised patients at the rapidity
with which the weakness and general de
bility were replaced by a renewed feel
ing of strength and vitality: Former
First Assistant Postmaster General of
the United States, C. P. Grandfleld,
strongly endorses and recommends it to
the tens of thousands of civil service
employes who know his name and sig
nature. Sarah Bernhardt "the Divine
Sarah," the world's most noted actress,
has ordered a large quantity sent to the
French soldiers to help give them
strength, power and endurance.
The famous "Cyclone" Davis, Mem
ber of the 61th United States Congress,
says the effect of Nuxated Iron on him
was almost magical, that after taking
It- nothing seemed to tire him out, no
matter how strenuous it might be. Dr.
A. J. Newman, late Police Surgeon of
the City of Chicago, and former House
Surgeon Jefferson Park Hospital, Chi
cago, says Nuxated Iron has proven
through his own teats of it to excel any
preparation be has ever used for creat
ing red blood, building up the nerves,
strengthening the muscles and correcting
digestive disorders. '
Dr. Schuyler C. Jaques. Visiting Sur
geon St. Elizabeth's Hospital, New
York, says he has never before recom
mended any remedy to the public.. but
that In the case of Nuxated Iron he
would feel he were remiss in his dutv
not to mention tt. Dr. Ferdinand King.
New York Physician and Medical Au
thor, says thai in his reeent talks to
physicians on the grave and serious con
sequences of troii deficiency In the blood
of American women he has strong! v em
phasised the fact that doctors should
prescribe more organic Iron Nuxated
Iron for their weak, run-down, nervous,
haggard-looking patients. Ty Cotb, the
greatest baseball batter of ail Uue, took
"As a member of
Congress from Now
York, as a mfmber of
Congress and Senator
from Minnesota, as
participant In polit
ical campaigns and
candidate for Ylce
President, my nerv
ous energy - and re
serve force were tre
mendously drawn
upon. That I sur
vived these trials
and rame into ad
vanced middle life
with the elasticity
and strength of a
boy is uuquewtiona
ttonably due to the
rigorous attention I
What Senator Towne Says :
have paid to the pro
per care of my body.
Recently I have been
taking Nuxated Iron
and have found It of
the greatest benefit
as a tonic and regu
lative. Henceforth I
shall not be without
it. I am in a position
to testify for the ad
vantage of others, to
the ramarkable and
immediate helpful
ness of this rem
edy, and f unhesitat
ingly recommend
Nuxated Iron to all
who feel the need of
renewed energy and
the regularity of
bodily functions.
Minnesota's Man of Mark
Former United State Senator
CKarlri A. 7"otr. graduated from tkr
Univrrrttif of Utchignn, ttriae elected
her of tko United Statei Con
orras. termd in the Unitrd State
Senate, nominated for Yioe-Prtident,
take Mutated Iron; now recom
mendi it to aU tehe eel ike tteed of
rwneiced energy.
it to help give
him renewed en
ergy and great
staying power.
No matter what
anybody says,
you could not. at
this day. get
such prominent
men to endorse
a remedy that
has no value
doctors, lawyers,
politicians, ath
letes a great
Dr. E. Sauer. a
Boston Physician ;
who has stud
ied both In this
country and great European Medical In
stitutions, said: "Nu. ited Iron is a
wonderful remedy. Not long ago a man
rame to me who was nearly half a
century old and asked me to give him
a preliminary examination for life in
surance. I was astonisned to And him
with the blood pressure of a boy of
twenty, and as full of vigor, vim and
vitality as a young man: In fact, a young
man he really was, notwithstanding his
age. The secret, he said, was taking
iron Nuxated Iron had filled him with
renewed life. At 30 he was in bad
health; at 4ti he was careworn and near
ly all in now at 60, after taking Nux
ated Iron, a miracle of vitality and his
face beaming with the buoyancy of
youth. If people would only take Nux
ated Iron when they feel weak and run
down instend of dosing themselves with
habit-forming drugs, stimulants, and al
coholic beverages, I am convinced that
in this way they could W'.rd off disease,
preventing it becoming organic In thou
sands of caiH-s. and thereby the lives of
thousands might be saved who now die
every year from pneumonia, grippe, kid
ney, liver, heart trouble and other dan
gerous maladies. The real, true raue
which star ted their disease was nothing
more or less
thun a weakened
brought on by a
lack of Iron in
the blood. Thou
sands of people
suffer from iron
deficiency and do
not know it.'
If you are not
strong or well,
you owe It to
yourself to make
the f o 1 1 o w i ng
test; 8ee how
long you can
work or how far j
you can wailc
without becom
ing tired. Next take two five-grain tab
lets of Nuxated Iron three times per day
after meals for two weeks. Then test
your strength aaain and see how much
you have gained.
NOTE Nuxated Iron, whk-h haa been
usd by Former United States Senator
Towne with such surprising results, and
which is prescribed and recommended
above by physicians in such a great va
riety of cases, is not a patent medicine
nor secret remedy, but one which is well
known to druggist everywhere. Unlike
the older Inorganic iron products, it is
easily assimilated, does not injure the
teeth, make them black, nor upset the
stomach; on the contrary it is a most
potent remedy in nearly all forms of In
digestion as well as for nervous, run
down conditions. The manufacturers
have such great confidence in Nuxated
Iron that they offer to forfeit 1100.00 to
any charitable institution if they cannot
take any man or woman under sixty who
lacks iron and Increase their strength
1(h per cent, or over in four weeks' time-
provided they have no serious organic 1
irouDie. iney aiso oner to reluna your
money if it does not at least double your
strength and endurance in ten days'
time. It is dispensed by ail good drug
aists, lAdvJ
Petrograd, Dec. 5. (Correspondence
of the Associated Press.) The 'letter
to the former emperor, Nicholas of
Russia, which led to the exiling of
Gen. Gurko, formerly commander of
the Russian southwestern front, has
just been published here. Its chief of
fense lay in the fact that Gen. Gurko
expresses the belief that Russia, after
a trial of the evils of democracy, will
"once more turn . towards Its lawful
monarch and God's anointed."
Goochland, Va., Jan. 8. Dr. Asa W.
Chamberlain was today found guilty
of the murder of his brother and sen
tenced to life imprisonment.
Counsel for the defendant moved
that the verdict be set aside on
grounds that It was contrary to law
and the evidence and through misdi'
rection or the court. The Jury ws
out forty-eight minutes this morning
The case went to the jury late last
The case against the doctor was
built purely upon circumstantial evi
dence and the trial has excited much
interest throughout the country.
Dr. Chamberlain's arrest followed
the finding of his brother's body, dis
membered Into nine parts, burled in
London. Jan. 8. There is no indicn
tion thus far of the manner In which 1
Premier Lloyd George's definition of
war aims has been received in Rus-'
sia, or even whether his speech has
been published there. The boUhevik
press of Petrograd continues to attack
Great Britain and her allies. The
Pravda and the Izvestia published on
Sunday an article based upon some
words of Mr. Llovd George, annnr-
ently one of his speeches in the house
of commons, accusing him of desiring
to have the Russians make peace with
the central powers so as to give the
allies a free hand to negotiate to their
own advantage, other allied leaders
have expressed themselves simliarlv.
the article says. It continues:' ;
he allies are nreDarinir their nnh.
lies for peace and think that if Rim.
sia were forced to come to terms with
the enemy, he, and not the allies,
would bear the cost of peace. The
greater sacrifices Russia makes the
less the allies will have to pay. They
could reach the same result by join
ing In the peace negotiations, but in
inai case tt would be annarent that
they had betrayed Poland. Lithuania
Courland and Rumania, using Russia
as small change to pay these debts.
Forcing Russia to make Dears ami
allowing Germany to subjugate the
foies, etc, they can blame Russia and
clear themselves In the eves of their
peoples. The ,, of th
allied imperialists to nrenare nenr-e 1
with the German imperialists at the
expense of Poland, etc., can be thwart- j
ed only by the peoples in a struggle
with their own governments." . I
Has Widened the Gulf.
M. Fardman, former London eorre. '
spondent of the Petrograd Bourse Ga- ,
zette, writes for the London press that
the premier's stafement ft war aims
has widened and deepened the gulf
between the west and revolutionary
Russia, Instead of brldelne- it. Th"e
premier's reference to Russia, says M.
Fargman, will be interpreted there as
giving Germany a free hand to deal
with Russia as she desires. The writer .
accuses the premier of throwing over
Sore corns, hard corns, sof corns or
corns between the toes just loosen In
their sockets and fall" off the next day '
if you apply directly upon the corn
a few drops of a drug called freezone,
says a Cincinnati authority.
leu merely put a drop or two of this
freezone on the tender, touchy corn
today and instantly the corn stops
hurting, then tomorrow sometime you .
may tlhd the old torturous pest some
where in your stocking, having fallen
off entirely without a particle of sore
ness, pain or irritation. The skin sur
rounding and beneath the former corn
will be as healthy, pink and smooth as
the palm of your hand.
A quarter ounce of freezone Is suf
ficient to rid one's feet of every corn "
. and calius, and any druggist will
charge but a few cents for it. It Is a
compound made from ether. (Adv.)
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Alsy Three Other Big Keith Acts.
nnolhAloa er Vila fam n T.'1 1. 1 J i 1 1
The brother was last seen alive at his V.uss,a ln childish petulance and vln
own home four miles away on the ?lctiv?ness because the bolshevik!
night of Oct. 22. Dr. Chamberlain ad
mitted to the authorities that he vis
; . j ui i . i , i a. i i- i i . i i
.stoutly maintained that he had noth- JSOHOOLS TO REOPEN:
have been guilty of a breach of diplo-
luauy utcurum.
Birmingham, Ala,, Jan. 8. The
fourth floor of the building on Morris
avenue occupied by Swift & Co. was
swept by fire early today. The loss
on building and contents is estimated
at $1,500.
ing to do with the killing.
The prosecution based its case upon
the theory that a quarrel over a. debt
of $1,400 caused the killing. After
the finding of his brother's body and
his subsequent arrest. Dr. Chamber
lain said he had left his brotheVs
home at 8 o clock on the night Al
bert disappeared. Louisa Beatwright,
his negro cook, testified at the coro
ner's inquest that Dr. Chamberlain
reached home that night at 8:10
Albert Chamberlain was supposed
to have been a man of some means,
and his strongbox, believed to contain
valuable papers, including about $10,
000 in securities, was empty when
found. His gold watch Is alleged to
have been found behind a rafter ln
Dr. Chamberlain's home.
ur. tnamneriain lormeny was a
successful physician in Iowa and the
authorities have declared that he was
about to take a train for the west
when he was arrested. His wife left
Goochland on Oct. 22 for Kearney,
Neb., only a few hours before her
brother-in-law was supposed to have
been slain.
Discovery of the body was brought
about by the peculiar antics of a dog
which was seen pawing at postholes
on Dr. Chamberlain's farm. The torso
was found buried in the back yard.
The head, feet, legs, arms and heart
were uncovered In different postholes.
Owing to intense feeling aroused by
the brutality of the murder. Dr. Cham
berlain was taken to Henrico county
jail at Richmond after his arrest and
was left there for safe keeping until
his trial, which was begun Jan.
Venice, .fan. ". (Bv the A
Prsss.) The public schools, which
were ordered closed when Venice was '
threatened and the city evacuated, j
have been ordered rcoDened on Jan. IS.
This is an Indication of the re-estab- j
llshment of partly normal conditions. 1
as the school board. In makinc the
order, declared its confidence that the
defenses were sufficient to insure the
protection of Venice from invasion.
The first air raid alarm ln weeks
was sounded Sunday afternoon when !
Austrian nirplanea appeared over Pan
Marco in broad daylight. Italian avia
tors ascended to give tattle, but the
enemy threw no fcorrbs and scurried
westward. It is believed that the en- I
emy fliers did not intend to make an
attack, tut were making observations
to determine whether t icons and war
ships are being concentrated here.
Honor was paid to the United States
and the American Red Cross today at
charity school for crphan children
of Italian soldiers. Three hundred and
fifty of these children are cared for
and given instruction at the palace of
San Gabrlelo. At a meeting today the
children sang American songs and
waved American flags.
Venice is experiencing an unusual
cold snap. The canals are frozen for
the first time In years, and the gon
dolas find it. dlflicult in forcing a way
through the ice. A light snow fell today.
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