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With a view to giving the public a cor
rect 'understanding of the sugar situation,
the following FACTS are presented:
Existing conditions are world wide in their effect, not in
any sense local. Any consideration of the question of
available sugar supply must take into account a series of ex
traordinary factors.
The immediate effect of the declaration of the European
war was to cut off from the world's market the sugar of the
. Central Powers. About one-third of the world's total pro
duction formerly came from within the present battlelines of
Europe. The Western battlefront passes through the sugar
producing territory of France and of Belgium. In conse
quence, England, France and other foreign countries have
competed with the United States for Cuba's cane sugar.
Not only did this cause an advance in the price of raw and
refined sugar, but until competition was checked by the
recent agreement among the Allies, it resulted in lessening
the supply available to the people of this country last fall.
At the same time, an abundance of sugar hundreds of
thousands of tons has been locked up in far-away Java,
owing to the lack of ships to transport it. It is no more
available than unmined gold. To provide ships to bring this
sugar here or to Europewould withdraw them from the
more important business of carrying our soldiers and their
supplies overseas, as Mr. Hoover has pointed out.
The nation-wide movement to save the fruit crop last sea
son greatly increased the use of sugar. While the quantity
in the sugar bowl was for this and other reasons lessened, .
..' this sugar 'is wisely stored as food in preserved fruits, jams
and jellies. .-. , ;
"Every jar of fruit preserved adds that much to our in
surance of victory, adds that much to hasten the end of
this conflict." 4.
Because of the increased demand for sugar, more sugar
cane has been planted in Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii and
V Louisiana, the chief sources from which the United States
1 1 gets cane sugar.
The reports from Cuba and Porto Rico make the situation
more favorable than a month ago for a supply to meet the
sugar needs of all who are dependent on this source includ
ing this country, our soldiers abroad and the Allies.
We buy raw cane sugar in the open market and refine it.
To the extent of our ability, we are co-operating with the
Government to insure a fair distribution of cane sugar, to
stabilize the price to the consumer and to prevent hoarding
and waste. We kept our refineries working last fall so long
as there was a ton of raw sugar to be had.
In order to make our output of refined sugar go as widely
as possible, we distribute Domino Cane Sugars in convenient
size cartons and small cotton bags. These small-size pack
ages make it easy for grocers to limit sales to actual needs
and to prevent hoarding. They help to prevent waste in
the home. Housewives can cooperate with this plan by
asking for these package sugars.
It will be necessary for grocers and consumers to watch
carefully their distribution and purchases during the ap
proaching period of readjustment. The refineries are now
starting up and supplies of raw sugar coming forward but it
will take weeks, and possibly months, for the return of
normal conditions. v
In war-time and at all times it is our aim to safeguard the
interests of the public we serve.
American ugarRef ining (Company
"Sweeten it with Domino"' ; -. ;
Granulated, Tablet Powdered, Confectioners, Brown
Advised Group of. Senators to
Vote for Woman Suffrage
Washington. Jan. 10. President Wil
son last night threw him support to the
federal amendment for woman suffrage.
On the eve of a vote on suffrage In the
bouse twelve democratic member called
at the White House with word that
many of their colleagues wanted advice
from the hea of their party as to the
position they should take. There was a
conference of forty minutes, the result
of which was described in thU state
ment, dictated by the president himself
and made publio by the delagatlon:
"The committee found that the presi
dent had not felt at liberty to volunteer
bis advice to members of congress in
this Important matter, but when we
sought his advice he very frankly and
earnestly advised us to vote for the
amendment as an act of right and Jus
tice to the women of the country and
of the world." ,.
In these few lines suffrage champions
saw certain victory where a few days
ago most of them privately were conced
ing defeat. A large majority of the re
publicans In the house have been, count
ed upon to support the amendment, and
enough democrats are committed to as
sure a close vote. With the weight of
the president's influence to swing doubt
ful democrats, . Representative . Raker,
chairman of the suffrage committee, ju
bilantly predicted today that the, neces
sary two-thirds vote would be exceeded
by fifteen to twenty votes.
Opponents of suffrage were claiming
a safe margin against the amendment
during the day, in spite of intimation
from the suffragists that a trump card
yet was to be played. There were no
formal predictions front the opponents
last night, but a tremendous fight Is
promised. ,
The news of ti president's action
came as a complete surprise to every
body in the capital,- while some of the
suffrage leaders have insisted for a long
time that the president was with them
and would tell anybody who asked him.
until now, in all publio utterances the
president has held to the view that suf
frage was a question to be determined
by the individual states and not by fed
eral action. k ,
No statement was forthcoming from
the White House last night to explain
his present stand. Members nf
who participated in the conference, how
ever, said the president told them he
Still believed that the proper, and orderly
wny vi aeaung witn tne question was to
permit each state to take its own action,
but In vlw of conditions now existing
in the United States and the world rpn.
erally he felt free to advise submission
of a federal amendment to the states.
In emphasizing this view he la said to
have declared that thrt United States as
a leader In the great family of nations
cannot dissociate itself from the fam
ily and cannot be reactionary oti nv
great world question. When his callers
talked of the states' rights issue the
president is said to have told them he
did not feel that this was the situation
at all; that suffrage was a policy and
not a rrinclple. He pointed out that
the federal constitution now deals with
nuoiiiiuiuuiia oi electors and prsaui
- Hk4a,ijik:i.Liun kil mose en
titled to vote for members of congress.
Y"' Y" Fuy Lighted and There
vouia nave oeen No Mistake
" as to Identity.
Bristol. England. .Ton in t,
pltal ship Rewa was torpedoed without
warning and hour before midnight,
Jan. 4, and sank within an hour. Ac
cording to custom the vessel was
lighted up after dark Friday evening,
so there could be no possibility of- sub-
uianuc9 imsiuKing ner identity.
The torpeod struck the vessel with
a terrific crash and was so effective
that there was no chance of saving
her. Over flft v lunnm
board, including thirty bed-ridden and
uumuer vi soicuers suffering from
The llarhts nn iha n nark! fa 1 aVIn
were put out by the force of the ex-
iJiuBion ana me wounded and sick had
to grope about in the dark for their
clothing. Manv of them wi-.
cessful in their quest and had to leave
me nnip wiinout clothing. . While In
the boats and on rafts they had little
or no protection from the piercing cold
All the nntlnnt. iha aVtn1. .i.i-k j
... - -' nau i l mm
the members of the crew with the ex
ception of three Lascars who wpfe
killed by the explosion, were safely
rescued from the boats ' and rafts.
They had hardly left the Rewa; which
was sinking on even keel, when the
steamer suddenly plunged forward and
disappeared. The rescued men were
two hours arlft before thev were nlritort
up. ,
Canadian Premier Returns Horns After
Two Weeks' Vacation In
Old Vlrgi la.
New Tork, Jan. 10. Sir Robert Bor
den, premier of Canada, who spend yes
terday in this city, declared last night
before his departure for Ottawa that he
was in entire accord with the war alms
enunciated by President Wilson and Pre
mier Lloyd George,
81r Robert declined to discuss Cana
dian politics beyond saying that the at
moBphere had been clarified by the elec
tions on Dec. 17, by which he was re
tained in power. He was confident, he
said, that Canada would continue to do
her full duty In the war until victory
crowns the allied cause.
The Canadian premier has been spend
ing two weeks in Virginia recuperating
from the strain of the election.
Ancient Rivalry of South American States Lives Anew
in Feverish Suspicions Entertained Over Mobiliza
tion and Warlike Prep arations Both Countries.
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Dee, 11
(Correspondence of the Assooiated
Press.) The long-standing ill-feeling
between Brazil and Argentina, in
herited in part from the ancient rivalry
between their respective Portuguese
and Spanish founders and intensified
by subsequent boundary disputes, has
been fanned into fresh flame by the
opposing attitudes the- two rapublfcs
have taken in respect of the war, ,'
Brazil, from the first has! openly
favored the entente allies and became
a belligerent against Germany as soon
aa the United States entered the war,
In keeping with her traditional triena
shin for the United States. Argentina,
on the other hand, has persistenly in
sisted she would remain neutral, al
though there have been charges that
the government there has distinct pro-
German tendencies.
Have Ulterior Designs.
In each of the two countries' opinion
Is held the attitude of the other, Indi
cates ulterior designs In South Amer
ica. The people of the state of Rio
Grande do Sul have been roused to
a high pitch by the exposure of plans
of the Germans there to revolt against
the Brazilian government and seize
at least part of the state'a territory.
Some of them have recently even gone
so far aa to charge that, in their Dellef.
Argentina might attempt lri such an
event to win back the old disputed ter
ritory, formerly part of the Argentina
territory of Missions, which now
forms part of the Brazilian state of
Santa Catharina.
The Unitfed States arbitrated the dis
pute over this territory, awarding It to
Brazil on tne ground mat me Brazil
ians had populated it and claimed It
by right of colonisation, while the early
Spanish and Portuguese left no docu
ments showing any division of lands
there. This award Is said always to
have been a sore spot with the Argen
tines. Of late both countries have been at
fever heat on eccount of many rumors
of mobilizations and war-like prepara
tions on both sides of the disputed
line. Traveling through the frontier
country one continually hears such re
marks as "well, we've got to fight some
day and now is the best time."
Argentines 8uspicious.
Many Argentines look with sus
picion upon Brazil's preparations to
double her standing army within the
next two or three months and ulti
mately to Increase it to 100,000. Ar
gentines assert that Brazil does not in
tend to send soldiers to light in Europe
and argue that such a large force Is
not needed at home to keep her Ger
man residents in check. Therefore
they say Brazil's preparations are really
against Argentina.
The bulk of the Brazilian army was
moved into. Rio Grande do Sul during
the recent railway strikes and the
troops have been kept there, encamped
along the railroad. It has also been
officially announced that under the
new mobilization and army reorganiza
tion plans, the greater part of the
cavalry will be kept in this state.
The intense state of the public mind
is ehown by many recent reports of
instances of peasants seeing falling
stars and believing they were Ar
gentina airplanes. So persistent were
the reports that the Argentine govern
ment finally issued an official state
ment denying that any of their air
planes had beengfiear the frontier.
Tints Your Hair
In a Minute
- ejss-ssss t
Preferred to Slow Acting Dyes.
The stralghteat read and the shortest
cut to the certainty of an attractive and
beautiful appearance is the use of
"Brownatone" Hair Stain. . -
will Instantly
change gray,
streaked or faded
hair to the softest
and richest golden
b r e w n, medium,
dark brown or black
n " Just as you wish.
J A3 Just com or
vfr ,S brush It into your
impossioie or ae
tection. will not rub
or wash off, and
needs retouching
only as the hair
grows out ,
"Brownatone" hair stain is iar supe
rior to "dyes" ami is absolutely harmless
In every way.
Bold by druggists, In two sizes, 85c
and $1.1S. If you are offered a substi
tute, save annoyance by refusing It and
ordering 'Brownatone" direct from the
Insist on "Brownatone" at your hair
dresser's. .
A trial bottle and interesting booklet
will be mailed for 10 cents. Mention
shade desired.
Address The Kenton Pharmacal Co.,
436 Coppin Bldg., Covington, Ky.
Sold and guaranteed In Chattanooga
by Jo Anderson, B. J. Miller's Read
House Drug Store, People's Pharmacy
and other leading dealers. (Adv.)
The Paris Temps Profoundly
Glad of Expression of Wil
son in His Message.
Paris, Jan. 10. Only a summary of
President Wilson's address to con
gress had reached Paris by way of
London up to noon yesterday.
The Temps says it Is awaiting the
arrival of the full text of President
Wilson's declaration before comment
ing on his peace program as a whole.
Meanwhile, however. It says of the
passage in the president s address
dealing with Alsace-Lorraine:
"It is the first time the president or
the United States has declared himself
on the Alsace-Lorraine question. We
had no doubts as to his sentiments,
but we are profoundly glad that he
has expressed them. We thank him
also for placing the problem on Its
true ground, in presenting the resti
tution of AlBace-Lorraine as a neces
sary condition for a general peace and
not only as a special claim of the
French people."
La Llberte says: "A new page has
been added to the so many noble and
generous pages from the president's
pen," and then comments on the ad
dress briefly. The newspaper says It
will show that Germany is full of an
nexation folly and will refuse to sub
scribe to it, as even the advanced so
cial democrats refuse reparation for
the inequity whioh the Frankfort
treaty consecrated. La Liberte con
trasts the generosity of President Wil
son's attitude toward Bussia with "the
perfidious maneuvers of the central
powers at Brest-Litovsk," and adds:
"President Wilson was right mend
ing with a declaration of America's
determination to fight until these ob
iRcta are attained, as arms alone, not
speeches, will convince Germany of the !
justice of our cause."
"President W ilson s words win mane
his name popular to the remotest vil
lages of France," La Liberte says, In
returning to the president's statement
on Alsace-Lorraine. "The enthusias
tic welcome they met with In the
Amerloan congress enhanced tneir
value still further. At the beginning
of the new year, which undoubtedly
will be the decisive year, we record
with Joy this evidence of solidarity
which Is given to our country and this
pledge of victory whioh is given to
the cause of right." .
it is maintained that the morals of
the men of the American expedition
ary force are most excellent.
"In performing our priestly func
tions," the reports say, "it has been
our privilege to travel considerably
among the troops and it pleases us
immensely to be able to Btate that we
find the moral conditions very satis
factory. The military authorities are
vigilant In removing temptation and
the result is thus far we have a clean
"We are honestly convinced that
the men on duty in these towns In
France are in less danger morally
than they would be in the service In
our own country."
School of Business llu
Shorthand, Typewriting, Bookkeeping,
Banking. Penmanship, Civil Service
and- all commercial branches. Indi
vidual instruction. DAT and NIGHT
8th Woor Volunteer State Life Bldg.
Senator Kenyon Calls for Commission
to Study Matter In Detail.
Use Soothing Musterole
When those sharp pains go 'shooting
through your head, when your skull
seems as if it would split, just rub a
little Musterole on your temples and
neck. It draws out the Inflammation,
soothes away the pain, usually giving
quick relief.
Musterole Is dean, white ointment
made with oil of mustard. Better than a
mustard plaster and does not blister.
Many doctors and nurses frankly rec
ommend Musterole for tore throat, bron
chitis, croup, stiff neck, asthma, neural
gia, congestion, pleurisy, rheumatism.
"Washington, Jan. 10. A Joint reso
lution providing for the appointment
of a commission to report on a plan lumbago, pains and aches of the back or
oims, sprains, sore iuusub& biuiks,
chilblains, frosted feet colds of thn
for a national budget system was In
troduced yesterday by Senator Ken
yon and referred to the appropria
tions committee. Adoption of a bud
get system was recommended by
President Wilson In his address at the
opening of this session and the Iowa
senator said if no report on the reso
lution is made he will ask to have the
committee discharged and the resolu
tion brought up for discussion on the
chest (it often prevents pneumonia).
is always aepenaaDie.
30c and 60c jars; hospital size f 2.501
Means Suggested to Aid in Meeting
Unusual Conditions Caused by War.
Washington, Jan. 10. Women of
twenty-one republics in North and
South America have been called upon
to organise an inter-American round
table as a means for mutual aid in
meeting unusual conditions . created
throughout the hemisphere by the
war. John Barrett, director-general
of the Pan-American union, is
sponsor for the movement and among
those Interested In the movement here
are Mrs. Robert Lansing and u&ay
Aberdeen, president of the Interna
tional Council of Women. Mrs. C. E.
Mt. .on, of Tarrytown-onTHudson, N.
Y., has been named director-general.
The House of Super-Service.
Phones Main 115, 608, 1475, 6966.
We furnish supplies for all the Industries, Mills, Mines,
Railroad, Power Companies, Contractors, Quarries'
Cotton Mills.
Relatives of Lucius B. Berdan Settle
With Widow for This Amout
Dispute Over Will.
Toledo, Jan. 10. A "settlement of
(139.000 has been made to Mrs. Lucius
B. Berdan by relatives of her husband,
late millionaire wholesale grocer, who
died under mysterious circumstances at
Chicago, it was announced yesterday
upon admission of the will to orobate.
The Instrument, It was stated, does not
mention Mrs. Berdan. The grocer's for
tune will be divided between Marshall
Sheppy and his wife, BerdanS sister)
and binclair Berdan, a brother.
WhitinsvlIIe. Mass.. .an. 10. A be
quest of $25,000 to Wellesley college
is made in the will of Mrs. Sarah B.
Whitin, filed for probate here. Tus
kegee institute, Hampton institute.
Virginia, and other institutions re
ceive lesser bequests.
Protestant and Catholio Chaplains Is
sue Statement to This
With the American Army In France,
Tuesday, Jan. 8. (By the Associated
Press.) Chaplains of both Protestant
and Catholic faiths have just Issued
reports to .the government, in which
Hair Often Ruined
By Washing With Soap
Soap should be used very carefully.
If you want to keep your bair look
ing its best. Most soaps and prepared
shampoos contain too much alkflttrl
This dries the scalp, makes the hair
brittle, and ruins It.
The best thing for steady use la Just
ordinary muialned cocoanut oil (wnicn
is pure and greaseless), and Is better
than the most expensive soap or any
thing else you can use. .
One or two teaspoonfuls will cleanse
the hair and scalp thoroughly. Simply
moisten the hair with water and rub
it In. It makes an abundance of rich,
creamy lather, which rinses out easily,
removing every particle of dust, dirt.
dandruff and excessive oil. The hair
dries quickly and evenly, and it leaves
the scalp soft, and the hair fine And
silky, bright, lustrous, fluffy and easy
to manage.
You can get mulslfled cocoanut oil
at any pharmacy, it's cheap, and
few ounces will supply every member
of the family for months. (Adv.)
Solve the Coal Problem
By purchasing a "Sun Ray" Air Tight Sheet Iron
Wood Heater. Insist on the "Sun Ray." There is
no substitute.
Made from uniform color Steel Sheets; Cast -Iron
Top, legs and draft, prised steel lid, nickel
plated urn and draft screw.
Lined and unllned. Top collar only.
For Sale By All Hardware Dealers
Chattanooga Roofing & Foundry Co.
Flush the Kidneys
In? one ifli causes Soil ucraafln, Lutaio
It was not until the discovery by Sir
Arthur Gerod, in 1843, that the blood of
ronty patients contained tine acid in an
excessively larea amount, that much
attention was paid to this ?bJec.t
Later scientific men learned that in
gout, also rheumatism, the kidneys do
not work properly to throw off the uric
acid poison; consequently uric acid crys
tals are deposited in and about the joints.
in the muscles, where an inflamma
tion ii set np in the nearby tissues.
Hague baa said, that " gout is rheu
matism, and rheumatism is gout.
If urio acid is formed in excess within
the body it is passed on to the kid
neyi, which act as a filter to pass
off this poison. If the excess is not
excreted by the kidneys, it is distri
buted thru the tissues. The choice
sites for snch storage are in the Joints,
muscle-sheaths, where the circulation
is weakest, and where also the alkalin
ity of the blood is lowest. Conse
nuentlv we must do everything to
throw off this urio acid poison, and
simple methods are best. Flush the
kidneys by drinking 6 to 8 glasses of
water between meals. A pint of hot
water a ball hour before meals.
Take Anurio, double strength, (60o
package), three times a day for
awhile. Invigorate and assist the kid
neys to flush out the urio acid poisons.
During winter months the circulation
is apt to be sluggish and the blood
stream retarded. It uric acid is pres
ent it is apt to dog the capillaries.
This accounts for many acute condi
tions, such as headache, neuralgia,
gast.no disturbances, and doll mind.
As the condition progresses, we often
have lumbago, disease of the heart
and arteries, breaking down of the
kidneys, rheumatism and gouty symp
toms. Eat less meat, drink more
water, and take Ahcrjo (double or
triple strength) after meals and at bed
time for several weeks at a time, and
you will be free from urio acid and
the diseases that follow.

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