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MONDAY, MARCH 11, 1918.
' CflCntlnttion that It 6enef!(lng
' ThgUiaftd it thli Tlnii.
A Superlative blood-purifying me di
me like Hood's Sarsaparllla, tahert
ifore meals, combined with a super
ytive iron tonic like Peptlrdht taken
fter meals mates the Ideal course of
; iprlngf medicine.
. No other medicines accomplish so
rich at this season as these two great
storatlres working- together.
They reach ths impure, impovet
fchedt poisoned, devitalized blood, and
lh worn, rtmaowh. overworked, el
hausted system. They relieve rheu
matism, scrofula and other humors.
They awaken the appetite, aid diges
tion) give renewed etreftgrtM and pro
duce sound, natural sleep.
If your liver la torpid or slugftlah,
your tongue is coated; you have stom
ach and bowel troubles, yotl should
take Hood's Pills, which are .gentle
and work in harmony with Hood
Sarsaparllla and Feptlron.
1 1, i
Divided into Zones and Com
mittees Named Thrift Sale
, Rally for March 23.
A reliable,
tafe kin treatment
Vofl need never hesitate to na
Retinol Ointment and Reainol Soap
In the treatment ol severe or simple
kintrourles, There IS nothing in
them to Injure the tenderer lurface.
ll a doctor's prelr.lifttlort which, for
years, hat been used by either physi
cians lor eczema and other itchinp,
burning, unsightly skin affections.
They prescribe Reainol, knowing
(hat hi remarkable lomhin,healini(
setJon Is due to Ingredients to fen
tls and harmless as to be suited
ven to baby's delicate skin.
All drurfiitt Rhl Snip snd Retlnol
OttHswrl. Tit Mmpls wriM Pp. SR.
Ml, fetlriawrs, Md.
tSSchoolof Dusinesslu
Shorthand, Typewriting, Bookkeeping,
Banking, Penmanship, Civil Service
and ir emnmSrclai hranchea. Indi
vidual instruction. PAT and N1UHT
It floor Volunteer State Life Bid.
(Special to The News.)
Cleveland. March 11. Bradley coun
ty is bejng organized Into eight eones.
Willi a cnairman lur nwu
will work under the direction of the
county chairman for the liberty loan
campaign of lli, which will open
Anrii . Committees are being organ-
ised for the different phases of thd
work snd when the campaign of four
weeks ends it is expected that every: i
propf-rty owner In the county will also
be tne owner oi a UDerry oona.
"Bradley county is going to be ex
pected to do, not her bit, but her all
in the liberty loan sale of 1918," Chair
man Frank 3. Harts is quoted as eay-
Thrift Rally.
Arrangements are beiti perfected
for ths observance of thrift rally day
In Bradley county on March 23 with
a big program. Chairman J, W,
Wiggins, who has char of the ar
rangements, has Invited Hon, roster
V. Brown, of Chattanooga, to deliver
a patriotic address. If Mr. Brown
cannot be SecJred some other well
known man will ba asked to make the
address. Mr. Wiggins is also trying
to get a military band from the army
post to participate in ths celebration.
A patriotic parade Is being arranged
In which the local national state guard
company, Company M, Kifth Tennes
see infantry, the local lodges, Red
Cross, Civil war veterans, organised
student bodies, boy -scouts, etc., win
be aaked to participate. Choruses Will
render patriotic songs and tne aay
Will b given over to patriotic observ
ance. ;A 1 Stores will be asked to close
from 1 to 1 o'clock and a strong drive
will be made alt day for the sale of
thrift and war savings stamps.
Ten additional names have Seen
added to the honor roll of those pnr
uhnning $1,000 of war savings stamps,
making a tots! for the county of
thirty-nine. The additional names arei
Mrs, SfS, O, Itymer, Miss Alice Lrticllla
liowen, Miss M. K, Uambrlght, I 1).
iMckerson, Mrs. J. U Bryant, c. u.
Card, Walter K. Watenbarger, Mrs.
Walter M. Watenbarger, Jlnnry Drake
and Mrs. Mary Drake.
Burglars, beware I Women are learning
to shoot to shoot straight. Members of
the Women's Motor Corps of Amerloa
are taking up revolver practice alt over
the country, In New Tork ths police de
partment has turned over ths revolver
range to the women. Their record the
first day was an average of 78 hits out
of a possible 100 -which equals that made
by the average police "rookie." Ths pic
ture shows ons of the New Tork girls
at practice.
house of commons by Arthur J. Bal
four, the British foreign minister, and
by lord Robert Cecil, the British mln
Inter, of munitions.
In the religious weekly paper, Die
Cfirlstllche Welt, Prof. Martin Rade
declared recently that polygamy Is
countenanced neither by the German
government nor by the German peo
ple. He contends that single pamph
lets advocating a plurality of wives,
such as the one referred to by Lord
Robert Cecil, are the work of "irre
sponsible persons," and should not be
taken seriously, Moreover, Prof. Rade
holds that history has shown that after
all great wars the louses have been
inn do good by normal marriages.
There seem to be, however, a good
many "Irresponsible persons" In Ger
many who hold queer ideas as t the
breeding of the future Herman. The
Berliner Tagnhlatt devotes an article
to them. It begins by saying that the
pamphlet quoted in the house of com
mons had no sort of official sanction,
Missouri countians Tar ana
' Feather Leaden of fledi.
tious Movements.
t. Louis, March I. (Correspond
ence of the Associated, Press.) En.
forced loyalty has been placed on I
business basis in Macoupin, Madison
and Montgomery counties in southern
Illinois where the activities or pro
Oni-man nrnnno-nnrllHts recently be
came so pronounced that vigilance
committees in numerous towns have
forced hundreds of suspected persons
to make public manifestations of their
allegiance to tne government, in one
town two alleged leaders of seditious
movements were tarred and feathered.
Branches of the American Defense
society, operating through vigilance
committees in practically every town
In the district, have taken the lead in
stamping out disloyalty. The first
move to oust the propagandists was
made in Staunton, where an alleged
leader of the I. W. W. and a Chicago
attorney were escorted to the city
limits, coaled with tar and feathers
and started walking in different dlrea-
tlofls. The reason for this aggression
Was said to be the activity or tne men
In causing dissension among several
thnimnnd coal miners near Staunton
On the same night more than 100
persons were made to sign pledges of
Movement Spread.
News of the use of suoh stern meas
ures spread and within a week Worden,
Mount Olive, Gillisple, Williamson,
Hillsboro and several other smaller
towns made demonstrations. In some
of these towns scores of persons were
taken from their homes and requested
to make public profession of their
loyalty. Several men were taken from
their beds and, kneeling on the side
walk, were forced to kiss every star
in the fing. Borne were made to sing
the national anthem, while others were
compelled to play patriotic airs on
musical instruments. Protests against
euch actions were construed as evi
dences of disloyalty. In several such
instances arrests were made and fed
eral charges preferred against the men.
The most serious result of the dem
onstrations was in Hillsboro, where
Clifford Donaldson, 21 years Old, was
shot when the vigilance committee
called at his father's home in search
of I. W. W. members. Shots were ex
changed. Donaldson was killed and
R B. Emory, city marshal, and Ernest
Flath were wounded. Later it was
learned Donaldson hnd enlisted in the
navy only a few days before his death
the Associated PreBS.) The extended
sale of horse meat Is one of the means
counted upon by- the eity authorities
to relieve the provisions market. The
sale of horse flesh for many years has
been considerable In the popular quar
ters of Paris and it has increased con
siderably during the war. Last year
43,884 horses were killed at the Vaugi
rard slaughter houses. The increased
supply of horse meat had no depress
ing effect upon prices, however.
The British army la now the chief
source or supply or. noraes ror Killing.
More than 12,000 horses were received
from that source last year, yet the
nrirp went from tne eauivaient or
cents a pound to 40 cents for ordinary
cuts and from 85 cents to so cents a
pound for the choice bits of horse flesh
qulokly suppressed. The Tngeblatt. snd that his father was unacquainted
however, montiona the activities of the w"" " v,c DU"'"":'V "
"Eden and Mlttagabund" movement
and the "Hammer community." whose
fIN RFn rRflS WflRK Ideas for Increasing the birthrate and
UN nCU OnUOO unrt0 breoA th0 ..Uerrnan ,upPrman" are
Distinguished Divine Spends
Day in Cleveland Confirms
Large Class.
Mlllti'a Antlseptfe OH, Known A
Ml! el;
WW Positively Relieve Pain In Pew
Try It right now for Rheumatism. Neu-
Joints, pains
relgle, Lumbaao, sore, stiff and wolUn
pains in the
corns, bunions, etc.
head, back and limits,
After one atmllc-
turappeare almost as if oy
tion pain
' A new remnsy used Intemattv and et
ternaliy for Cougha, Colds, gore Throat
and Tonsllltla.
This oil Is eoneeded to be the most
Betietrating remedy known. Its nrmnut
end immediate effect In relieving pnln Is
due to the fact that It penetrate to the
nwnsa pens at osoe, as an muni ra
tion, pour ten drops on the thlrkent pier
of sole leather and It will penetrate this
utMuuice inru ana thru In three min
Accent no substitute. This rront oil
golden color only, Every bottle giiarnn
teed tic, 0o end ft a bottle or money
rciunonu ai jo Anaernon . (Ailr.l
Don't fail to attend the)
big shoe tale of the' entire
stock of the Kelso-Neal
Shoe Co. They ere almost
yiving them away.' 'Sale
starts today et 9 a.m. 704
Market Street
(Special to TheNews.)
Cleveland,' March 11. Bishop Onllor,
of the Kplneopiil Diocese of Tennes
see, delivered an address at the Red
Cross rooms at the poatolllce build
ing Hundny afternoon. Ills subjest was
The Work of tlm Organisation."
The bishop also confirmed a class at
St. Luke's In the evening.
The Red Cross rooms in the post-
offloe building are open all day on
TueKdaya and Fridays and from 1 to
The rooms open each morning with
a flve-mlnuta devotional service.
Material for a thousand pajamas
has been received from headquarters
and Is being out at the Cleveland
Woolen mills under the direction of
Mrs. P. W, Harla and will be ready
for distribution from the work rooms
and from Mrs. lfnrle's by Tuesday.
The junior lied Cross or tne M, rc.
church, Pouth, has received its al
lotment of house dresses for the refu
gees in Franca and will have them
ready to send away by the last of the
The Woman Missionary society of
the M. 10. church, South, Is going to
make comfort bags and scran books
for the convalescents In the hospitals.
These tings and kits nrn said to he
lilithly appreciated by the men In the
Official Sanotion, It Is De
clared, Was Never Given
free Love Schemes.
regarded os distinctly peculiar.
Then there is the "German Rocloty
for Regeneration" and the "Order of
the Now Templars," which want to
maintain the balance of births ee
against the fertility of the Semitic
races. Finally, a society named
"Arlana" frankly advocates free love.
None of these eeets, the Tagoblatt as
serts, is of any Importance. The pa
per further argues that the societies
only work on the theories of Darwin
and Ooblnenu both of them non
i Hermans who advocated selective
breeding of a superior grade of hu
man beings, ,
Amsterdam, Fob. . (Correspon
dence of the Associated Press.) Cir
culation In other belligerent countries
of the report that onlclal recognition
of polygamy had been given In Ger
many, in order to. fill up as quickly as
possible the tremendous gaps which
the war has made In the Germim
army, has aroused Indignation In the
German empire. This report Is said
to have keen mentioned In the British
iti Blood and Courage ! CHILDREN HATE
Freneh Lese Frightened at Problem
Than at End of First Year,
rarls, Feb. 8. (Correspondence of
the Associated Press.) French econ
omists studying how the nation may
raise the revenue necessary to carry
its debt burden and meet current ex
penses on the basis of a budget of
17,000,000,000 francs annually, nt the
end of this year, have arrived at an
estimate of 40,000,000,000 francs as the
net annual revenue of the French peo
ple la 1914. Kconomlats, who were
frightened at. the end of the first year
of the war by the growing war debt,
nppear now to consider the solution
of the problem ns less difficult than
they had dared to hope, though there
te still an uncerinin element in their
calculations arising from the effect the
war will have had upon the produc
ing capacity of the country.
(Rpeclal to The News.)
Cleveland, March 11. Dr. C. T.
Hpeck, who recently received a com
mission aa on plain In the. medical re
serve corps, has been ordered to re
port at Camp Greenlei.f on Monday.
Dr. Speck's absence for the dura
tion of the war will be much re
gretted by his many friends here. He
has built up a large practice, and
has one of the best equipped small
sanitariums In the stnte, which Is
largely pstronlKed by this and the
sin rounding counties.
Another young man leaving today Is
Dr. U. If. Bledsoe, who leaves for
Greenville S. C, where he will enter
the base hospital unit at Camp Sevier.
Members of the vigilance commit
tees denv tBftt thev counsel violence
They declare that their actions have
the approval of civic officers. They
insist that the district embraced by
Macoupin, Mndlson and Montgomery
counties for some time has been the
objective of an active campaign by
pro-German sympathizers.
Twe Tarred and Feathered.
As evidence of their auccess they
point to a recent meeting of represen
tatlves of more than 1,(100 members of
a miners' union in Staunton. In less
than one week after two alleged sedl
tion lenders had been tnrred and feath
ered, tho union voted a contribution of
810 per month for the Red CroHs, pur
chased $1,000 worth of thrift stamps,
reinstated all members who had lost
standing because of army or navy en
llstment, arranged for payment of their
ones during tno ponoa or uie war, aim
ended a mass meeting in such a hurst
of patrlot.la fervor that the singing of
the national anthem was drowned in
cheer for President Wilson and the
Reports from Other cities where
demonstrations were staged Indicate
that the snmn leaven of patriotism is
at work and that prospects are bright
for a fulfillment or the wish or-ioyat-tv"
leaders that the district be made
"100 per cent. American.
Not Innovation, However, In Paris.
War Increases Use 43,384 Horses
Were Killed Last Year.
Parts, Feb. 8. (Correspondence of
You're Bilious!
Take Cascarets
Pleasant relief for liver and
bowels, and cost 10c a
box no gripe I
(at oe. w. o. lucas. )
What drive the men right up to thi
tfttaehe in this war is courage, and it'i
red blood thai "pots the heart" in ths
men. D;d any one ever see a punv, thin
blooded man ever rash into the flgfit with
any chance of winning oat T With rich,
pare blood yon can face any hardship,
reach any goal. But yon are handi
eapped in tbe race of it la without it.
F.rery tissne, bone, muscle, should tats Give Fruit Laxative when cross,
from the blood certain materials and
tetora to it certain other. When ths
poisons aocotnnlate in the blood, perhaps
the to breaks oat in pimples, or boilr
appear on the neck, and we I eel languid,
tared, oer vitality is at a low ebb, and
v easily catch cold.
It's time te tske an alterative extract
and blood-purifier, taken from Nature's
tore!, goeh a on is made op ot
Ooidea Real, Blood and Htone root.
Oregon uraoe and Wueen s root es
traded 'with glycerine and made into
ragar-eoated tablets or liquid, and this
ha been sola bv drag guas lor tne past
fifty years a ftoctor Pierce' tfolden
Uedical Discovery.
Drool N. C Dr. Pierce's Ooidea
MedicalrMecovery Is a great medicine lor
sse la buiMing me op when l ree ron-oowo
la health. It gives me strength and fleeh.
I kave been Ukinc it at different times for
thirty years or more. I began Its use fut
satarra. aad it greatly relieved ate. 1 rao
heartily recommend the ' Discovery aa
blood medicine. Mua. Lrcr ueacb.
LonFvnxa;, Kt. "This Is to certify
that I bsve been In bad health for a lorn
time, suffering front stomach trouble
Bad terrible Spells of indigestion snd
tour stomach. A friend told me about lr
rieree's (ioldea Medical Discovery. I naa
little tilth at first but ahe persuaded m
bilious, feverish or
"California Syrup of ri"
can't harm tenler stomach,
liver, bowels.
look Uuk at your childhood day.
Uemeiiier thu "dose" mother Insisted
on aUr oil, calomel, cathartics. How
you bated them, how you fought
egalnat taking them.
With our cbildnn It's different.
Mothers who cling to the old form of
physio simply don't realise what they
do. The rhlldrvn'e revolt is well
founded. Their trnder little "lnsidcs"
are injured by them.
If your child's stomach. liver and
iHiwflu need t li-jinstng. give onlv deli
rious 'Vailfornta Syrup of Kige." Its
action Is positive, but gentle. Millions
of motheis ktep this tiarmleae "fruit
laiaUve" handy; they know children
love to take it; that it never falls to
clean tbe llnr and bowels and sweeten ,
the stomach, and that a trnspoonful
given today eaves a sick child tomor
Ask your druggist for a bottle of
"dtllfurnla Krrun of Kirs' vhlh
Jo try It. I hive takea a little over foul k,, fun directions for babies, children
So Claims Circular Latter Aocuiing
American Anti-war fropaganda.
Amsterdam, Pelv t. (Correspon
dence of the Associated Press.) A no
tion that Mormon missionaries from
America have been corrupting (tie Gor
man soldier and seeking to tempt him
to desertion Is propagated by the l.u
thernn church consistory for the prov
ince of Pomeranla. which, according
to the Kreus Zeitutig, has sent tbe fol
lowing circular letter to tho local dis
trict clergy:
"We are given to understand by the
authorities that various anti-war sects
have arisen in eastern Prussia which
make It their business to Induce sol
diers to desert end which furnish such
deserters with opportunltl to hide
from the law. One of these sects calls
itself variously the 'New Adventlsts'
or ar Adventlsts. They believe
that holy writ commands them to as
sist those who ohject to military eeiv
Ice. "Mormons also have wrourht simi
lar evil, so that en American anti-war
propaganda would seem to he at work.
We urgently ask our reverend breth
ren to keep diligent watch end advise
us promptly of sny signs pointing to
etich bsneful activities In their par-Islies.
Feel gran It De efficient! Clean
your torpid liver and sluggish bowels
with good, harmless Cascarets They
don't gripe or sicken. Give your in
sldes a good cleaning and rl yourself
of headaches, bilious spells, dlssiness,
sallow ness, bad breath, stomach sour
ness, gases, etc. Cheer up! Get n 10
rent Ikx from any drug store. Also
best cathartic for bilious, constipated
children tastes like candy, but never
fails. Cascarets work while you sleep
We eat too much meat, which
clogs Kidneys, then the
back hurts.
battles of it and By stomach trouble ha
"nisneo. i can bow eat ererruiiog ant
sleep like a lamb. I want to give all tho
eredit to this great medicine, which I
eotwtaee the het on earth for stomacl
trouble '-T T. Lirroj, Route a, Boi 28
Eerrj Bottle vd.
of all agee and for grown-ups plainly
on each bottle. Iteware of counterfeits
sold here. Hee that It Is made by
'California Fig iyrut Company." Re
fuse any other kind with contempt.
(Spools I to The Nees )
Cleveland. March II. Little Miss
Virginia llogers. daughter of Mr. snd
Mrs. W. I Hogere. -nteralned a low
of her playmates Wednesday after
noon at her home on Oco street, the
occasion being her eisth birthday.
Tw-rlve guests were present.
Children's games were rl"ycl en
the porch and lawn, after which the
little folks were invite,! to the dining
room, where a birthday rake was cut
and an ice course eerved.
Most folks forget that the kidneys,
like the bowels, get alugglsh and
clogged and need a (lushing occasion
ally, else we have backache and dull
misery In the kidney region, severe
headaches, rheumatic twinges, torpid
liver, aelj stomach, sleeplessness and
all sorts of bladder disorders.
Tou simply must keep your kidneys
active and clean, and the moment you
fool nn ache or pain In the kidney re-
glen, (rot about four ounces of Jad
Salts from anv good drug store here.
take e tablespoonful In a g'asa of
water before breakfast for a few days
.in,t your kidneys will then set flne.
This famous salts Is made from the
acid of grapes and lemon 1nlce. com
hired with llthla. and Is harmless lo
flush olocgod kldnevs and stimulate
them to normal activity. It also nen
trallo9 the acids In the urine so It no
loncer Irritates, thus ending bladder
Jad Fslts Is harmless; Inexpensive;
make a rtrllghtftil effervescent Itthla
wstrr drink which everybody ehouM
tnfce now and then to keep their k'd
nrys clean, thus avoiding eerloua eom
ollcntlona. A- well-known local dmrrdst eayahe
sells lots of Jad Salts to folks sho be.
Ileve In overcoming kidney trouble
while It la only txoutte. (AdvJ
, Paris, Feb. 8. (Correspondence of
the Associated Press.) Mrs. Charles
Carroll, of Carroltort, Md., has received
the silver medal of honor from the
Frehctl government for her work at
the American hospital at Neullly dur
ing; 1814 and 1915,
Paris, Jan, SO. .(Correspondence Asso
ciate Press.) Nominations to different
ranks in the Legion of Honor since the
war began have brought the membership
up to about double the limit that was ob
served previously. The situation accord-1
ing to the latest accounts was:
Grand Crosses Present limit, 20: nomi
nations, IT.
Grand Officers Present limit. 50; nom
inations, 117.
Commanders Present limit, 160; nomi
nations, (71,
Officers Present limit, S,000; nomina
tions, MM.
Knights Present limit, 12,000; nomina
tions, 12,11 g.
New legislation will be necessary to Is
gitlmatlse the nomination in excess of
the number provided for by law,
ITn to JUne 1. 66.16t3 military medals
had been awarded in "the French army,
Rctthtored hi U. S. Pat. Office
Stops Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Heartburn,
Gases, Sourness and Stomach Distress
Eat "Pape's Diapepsin" like Candy
Makes Upset Stomachs feel fina
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t nn- 'vaav
Children Cry
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ness, due to the now noted
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Manifold Chalmers features
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In the days of yesterday, "roar" and "wallop" were the
terms used to define an engine's power. N
" Today, it is the softness of power, the controllability of
it that fascinates.
It is a new kind of power to many, brought to public
attention through the famous "Hot-Spot" and "Ram's-Horn"
Manifold of the Chalmers.
For here the gas is heated, and "cracked-up" at the
throat of the carburetor by the "Hot-Spot" and then rushed
quickly via the "RamVHorn" Manifold into the combus
tion chambers.
It is "toasted" so nicely, "pulverized" so fine, that the
instant after sparking there is well-nigh no waste of gas.
Little of power comes out of the exhaust. All the power
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a new peak.
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