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MONDAY, MARCH 11, 1918.
Then you need a winter tonic to 1 L1UJi,inU 1
keep up your blood-strength and
nerve-force. For nearly fifty years
physicians have prescribed
because it is a true food and an
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water jackets, of automobile
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sines, air compressors. Broken
parts of any metal either
brazed or welded.
Chattanooga Brazing
Welding Co.
Phone Main 3675.
406 Boyce Street.
Established 1909.
Secretary of War to Inspect
American Armies and Con
fer With Officials.
Pans, March 11. Newton D. Baker,
tne American secretary of war, arrived
in r-arie mis morning. n was re
ceived by Gen. Pershing, Gen. Tasker
H. Bliss, the American chief ef staff;
French officers representing Premier
Clemenceau., and Ambassador Sham.
The secretary's voyage wai without
Republic Trucks
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2- Ton $2,115
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Southern Welding
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Successors to McKenney
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Welding of All Metals, Light
Machine Work and Automo
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527 Broad St. M. 96S
Servers Brand
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Market Street.
Washington, March 11. Secretary
Baker na arrived in France for an
inspection of the American armies and
a conference with military officials,
The news of Mr. Baker's safe land
ing at a French port, conveyed In an
Associated Press dispatch last night,
brought a formal announcement from
the war department emphasizing; that
tne secretary's visit was purely mill
tary and not diplomatic. The war de
partment also announced that Mr. Ba
ker sailed from the United States
about Feb, 27, accompanied by MaJ.
Gen. M. Black, chief of engineers:
Lieut-Col. M. L. Brett and Ralph
Hayes, hla private secretary.
Length of Stay Undecided.
"Secretary Baker has not deter
mined the length of time rie will re
main in France," said the announce
ment, "but hla stay will be long enough
to enable lilm to make a thorough in
spection of the American forces
abroad, and hold Important confer
ences with American military officers."
The statement added that his in
spection tour would cover construction
projects under way back of the Amer
ican lines, as well as a visit to the
American headquarters. On the eve
of his departure from Washington the
secretary told members of the press
that he did not expect to be away for
any considerable length of time.
No Hint of Journey Printed.
Secretary Baker and his party left
here without any attempt to conceal
their movements other than to request
the press to refrain from reporting
their departure. The newspapers co
operated fully with all efforts- to make
the trip safe from submarines and no
hint of the journey was printed.
for months the secretary has been
eager to see the results of the war
aepartment's work to place in the field
this year an army which will be a
factor in the campaign and talk aver
the whole American war program with
Gen. Pershing. The trip was decided
upon after Mr. Baker had conferred
with President Wilson.
A dispatch received at the navy de
partment today from the commander of
the American naval vessel which car
ried Secretary Baker and his party
across announced the safe arrival nt a
French port and reported that the trip
was without incident.
(Associated Praia Review.)
Secretary of War Baker, the ( firet
American cabinet officer to visit Eu
rope in an official capacity since the
United States entered the war, is now
in France for conferences with Gen.
Perching and an inspection of the
American troops and the poeition they
occupy on the front between Soissone
and Alsace. The secretary's mission
is purely military and has no diplo
matic significance.
On board an American cruiser. Sec
retary Baker and his party eluded Ger
man submarines and arrived yesterday
at a French seaport, whence he de
parted for Paris. After a few days in
the French capital, where he probably
will meet President Poincare and Pre
mier Clemenceau, the secretary will
visit the American troops In the field.
Increased activity, especially In the
artillery, on the western front has not
yet resulted in any determined attack
by either of the opposing forces. The
Germans are more active on the British
and Belgian fronts than elsewhere.
Near Kippe, in Flanders, the Belgians
have driven the enemy from parts of
the trenches he took several days ago.
Recent German attacks on the British
lines In the Ypres area were checked
through British knowledge of enemy
plans, gatnea irom aoscriors and pris
oners. The t .emy Intended to take Im
portant positions south of HouthoUt
forest, but heavy British artillery fire
prevented a major effort and the strong
defense threw DacK tne strong local at
tacks the Germans carried out.
On the American sector northwest of
Toul the artillery and t: i aerial activ
ity has Increased. American gunners
have shelled effectively various enemy
targets opposite the American trenches.
The German reply was without result.
German airplanes have attacked Amer
ican trenches with machine gun Are,
while French gunners brought down an
enemy airplane within the American
Progress Is being made by the. Brit
ish armies in Mesopotamia and PnU's
tine. KIghty miles west of Bngdad on
the Euphrates river the British have
occupied Hit. the Turks retiring with
out opposition. Advancing northward
in Palestine, Oen. Allenby's forces have
gained ground Immediately west of the
Jordan and along both sides of the
Jernsalem-Nabulus road. The Turks
resisted strongly in both places. On
the Jcrusolem-Nabulus road the Brit
Ish advance was two or three miles oh
a front of thirteen mites.
I enlng even after the shnd which used to
seek Its shores hitd deserted the naarby
river channel. Two bin shipyards, com
pleted about that time by Noiwenliui in
terests," were immediately commandeered
by the United States government. They
are. now turning out ships for the mer
chant fleet, 85 per cent, of which has
been contracted for In Delaware ship- I
yards. !
Hundreds of prosperous workmen in
need of housing accommodations caused
a boom In Gloucester real estate.
Woatherbeaten taverns, facing the wide
river, were renovated and a frontier-like
air of prosperity now permeates the
town. Officials hero believe Gloucester
will rapidly resume its former Impor
tance and prosperity.
Many active German officers are In
terned hero and are dully witnesses of
the work In the shipyards nearby. Most
of the prisoners are marine officers.
Fires Started, From Bombs
Dropped on Enemy Am
munition Dump.
Has Not Given
Plans for Offensive
Washington, March 11. Nothing has
developed to indicate that tho Germans
have abandoned their plans for a gi'at
offensive in the west, says the war u
partment'a review of the military sit
uation published today. Meanwhile.
tne allies, the statement continue.
nave ranen an aicrt oerenslve and ara
content to let the enemy break hlmrelf
agamst their impregnable lino.
ine review niscioscs mat the Drin-
cipal sector occupied by American
troops is four and a half miles lon
and it emphasb.es that the Americana
how trenches at four separate Doinis
on tne r rrnon front.
uermnny s sweep into the heart of
Russia is seen as another futile at
i-uijn, io sum me center of the var
from the western front.
London, March 11. British avi
ators of the naval air Bervlce yes
lerday made a raid over Belgium,
dropping bombs on the airdrome
nnd ammunition dump at Engel,
the admiralty annoxinces. Two
fires were started. In aerial com
bats three enemy airplanes were
destroyed and four others driven
down out of control. All the Brit
ish planes returned safely.
Washington, March 11. The senate
tentatively accepted today without a
record vote an amendment to the
urgent deficiency bill authorizing the
president to acquire title to the docks
and piers owned by the North German
Lloyd company and the Hamburg
American company in Hoboken. N. J.
The amendment was accepted with
out debate and without any apparent
opposition, although Minority Leader
Gallinger, of New Hampshire, said just
before the vive voce vote wae taken
that the committee's report wae not
Waehington, March 11. The
comptroller of the currency to
day lesued a call for the con
dition of all national banks of
the United States at the close
of bueineee Monday, March 4.
German Icebreaker
Strikes Mine; Sinks
Copenhagen, March 11. The
Hindenburg, a largo German ice
breaker, struck a mine south of
the Aland Islands Saturday and
sank, according to the Pagena
Nyhcter. Several members of th
crew were drovned.
New Orleans, March 11. Nine
members of the crew of a lnrg
tug owned by the Bisso Tow
boat company, of this city, were
drowned shortly after last mid
night, when the tug gns sunk In
the Mississippi river about four
miles above l'olnte a la llnche,
Ln., as the result of a collision
with a steamer, according to a
telephone message received here
from Polnte a la Hachn early today.
The advices stated that the elRht
other members of the tug's crew were
rescued. No mention was mad of
disunities or serious damage aboard
tho steamer, the. name of which wna
not given.
According to the report th collision
was duo to a misunderstanding of sig
nals. The steamer was coming up the
river toward New Orleans and the tug
was Rolilg down stream. Survivors of
the tug'a crew were reported to 1ihp
declared that the steamer whistled it
would pass on the right ami tug re
plied with n similar signal. A mo
ment later the vessels crashed In the
darkness und the tug sank within a
ahort time in deep water.
White and Red Guards Fight
ing: Bitterly.
Optical Optical
if j
u u
A , v A
? ;
E g j E
Hare your -- . .i.ni.il hy
Jahnke. Optometrist. Ijt si In-"tium.-u'.s
to dutvt snd correct op
i f -r:. Lene to suit all kinds
of eyes.
Thirty yearn' eiperience in em
"ilnit eves and fitting -!. We
Jo oi-" w -i I.- L"inff lr ff.
Nt. I Cast Eighth Street
Stockholm, March JO. Heavy
flKhtlng is continuing in Finland
between the Finnish white guard
and the lUissinn red guard troops,
according to an official statement
issued on .Saturday from the hend
nuajters of the white guard at
Violent encounters are reported
on the Satakunta and Savalako
fronts. Sanguinary fighting is pro
ceeding by rtny and by night with
out interruption at Ahvolo, in Ka
relin. The statement announces that
the Itusslnns, defplje enormous
losses In tho Ahvoln fighting, keep
continually throwing fresh forces
into the fray.
Said Mrs. Jaynes, Speaking
of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
The Pneumonia Season. '
The cold, damp, weather of March
seems to bo tho most favorable for
the pneumonia germ. Now Is tbR time
to be careful. Pneumonia often results
from a cold. The quicker a cold Is got
ten rid of the lrsn the danger. As soon
as the nrst Indication of a cold appears
take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. As
to the value of this preparation, ask
anyone who hua used It. (Adv.)
Washington, March 11. Conviction
of K'hiI Hun?., managing director and
two other officials of the Ibitnbiirg-
Amerlcnn line for violating the ship
ping laws by sending supplies to Ger
man cruisers from American porta
were ln effect sustained today by the
supreme court which refused to re
view the proceedings Hums snd fleo.
K otter, superintendent engineer, will
be compelled to serve eighteen months
and Walter llopponhonse, a second
officer, one year in the Atlanta peni
Adolph Harkrneister, purchasing
agent lor the line, dud after be whs
l onvictecl.
Ttaleigh, N. ('.. March 11. Marcus
Edwards, charged with the mtiriVr of
his wife, pleaded not guilty when his
rase was culled In Wake county supe
rior court here, today. The entire
morning was consumed In the selec
tion of a Jury, which was completed
shortly before recess. The taking nt
testimony began at the afternoon ses
sion. Mrs. Kd wards, who had been sepa
rated from her husband, waa shot to
denth Inst December nt tho home In
this city of J. T. Edwards, father of
the defendant, where she was snld to
have gone to visit Marcus l.'d wards
Edwards had maintained complete
silence regarding the killing.
Uncle Sam's Entry Into Wsr Wrought
Change In Sleepy Country Town.
Oloiierster. N. J.. Feb. 5S. fc'orre
spondeneo Associated Tress.) From a
somnolent country town to one of the
most aellve renters of the government's
shipbuilding Industry on the Pelaware
river mims up the trnnnfnrmatlon which
has been wrought here by the war. The
swish of slmd nets, which had been
iloiieeler's mn In activity since th
panning or It rnmoim rare trseu twenty-five
year sbo. linn given eway to the
ring of the electric riveter.
I nclo Sam a participation In tlis wsr
was the signal for Gloucester's reawak-
Anderson, S. C ' I eot Into an aw
ful condition with what the doctors said
waa an organic dis
placement. I would
have pains so badly
that they would have
to put hot clothes on
me and give ma
morphine. The doc
tor said I would
never be any better
''1 without an opers-
uon ana i wooia
never have any
children without it
A neighbor who
knew what your
medicine would do
advised me to give
Lydia E. f'inkham'a
Vegetable Com-
qj FTe'.ri pound a trial. 1 did
r ' " 4 so and it made me a
well woman and the next Sptmbet I
gave birth to a healthy baby boy. 1
Mrs. Sallis Jaynes, 37 Lyoo St,
Anderson, S. C.
The letters which, we are constantly
publishing from women in every section
of this country prove Dtyond question
tne merit of this famous root and herb
medicine, Lydia 11. i 'ink ham a Vege
table Compound.
Washington. March II. The Chinese
government was asked by the stHte
department today to do what it could j
to effect the release of the two Amer
ican engineers reported captured near!
Yep-Sien by bandits and to punish
their assailants. This was the first'
time in many years that Americans
have been molested in the Interior of l
hlna, although f hlnese rebels re
cently tired upon the American gun
boat Monoracy.
A Simple Way To
Eemove Dandruff
St. Ixniis. March 11 Engine J.
Peane, of Mexico. Mo., today whs sen
tenced in the fe.leral court to linplis
onment in the penitentiary at Iaeti
woith for a year for violation of the
espionage hcI. He was found guilty
of having offered to pot a drug in the
eves of llliMin ft. Johnson, t-n that
Johnson would be rejected in the army
dtnft. Ic:ine formerly was a Meth
id ml pastor.
There is one sure way that has
neve, failed to remove dandiuff at
once, nnd that Is to dissolve it, then
you destroy It merely. To do this,
Just get hI t four ounces of plain,
common liquid arvon fioin any drug
store (this is all you will ired), ap
ply It at ni"ht whei letirii.g; use
enough to moisten the scalp and rub It
in gently with the finger tips.
Hy morning, most If not all, of your
dandruff will Is none, and three r
f ur ore applications will completely
dissolve nnd entirely dest-oy every
single -lun and trace of It, no matter
how much dandruff you may have.
You '' find all Itching and dig
ging of the scalp will stop Instantly,
and your hair will be fluffy, lustrous,
glossy, silky nod soft, and look end
feel a hundred times belter. (Adv.)
l-ire,o. Tex. Mart h 11 I ".et ten
IU e ami ten of the Mexiian bandits
who raided East ran -h f'lu.Mijy nU-hi
weie killed by Cir. t. P.yar.' ci.rr.puny
of rarnrers, actotflmg to !; rt
who wm one t.f the pof- in pur.tiit of
the l.Hinl
W libs win, n-lKini.I t,, i ir o 1 f 1 j
TIIKht. Itlx.rtitl Ibilt II W.l tx'itlld
il.tne eiKht of the ,n Mi ti.,t em .i(.d
by m St!, ring through the hiusiu
Don'l fail to attend the
big shoe sale of the entire
stotlt of the Kelso-Neal
Shoe Co. They arc almost
giving them away. Sale
starts today at a.m. 704
Market Street.
Foedick Appoints
Song Leader.
Washington, March 11. Mrs. Tsa
Maud Ilsen, former superintendent of
the' military Infirmary at Hamilton,
Ont, hns been apimlnted song leader,
whose duty It will be to supply music
ln hospitals where American soldiers,
who have been returned from Europe
suffering with shell shock are treated.
The appointment waa made by llny
mond B. Fosdick, chairman of the
commissions on training camp actlvl
ties of the war and navy departments.
An experiment to determine the value
of music In hospitals Is being con
ducted at Kort Mcllenry hospital, near
Baltimore, Mil., nnd If It proves sue
cessful will he extended to Include
other military hospitals.
Controlled by Cheney'e Expectorant.
If your children suffer from croup or
whooping rough, ar run down In health
und weUht. Just get a 26o bottle of Che
ney's Hxpectnrnnt from any drug store
and take ns directed on label, and croup
or whooping counh will leave them, they
will lir en the easily again, and will gain
weight and be comfortable once more.
Cheney's ICxpectorant is an invaluable
remedy for coughs, colds, hoarseness and
asthma. (Adv.)
622 CHERRY ST. M. 1137.
The Past That Makes The Present Possible
Year after year since 1851 the Western
Uniotl Telegraph Co. has gone ahead, growing
in scope and public usefulness. Now it uses
one million, five hundred thousand miles of .
wiregoes into twenty-six thousand cities
towns and hamlets and gives work to fifty
thousand employees.
Today under war conditions, thousands of
our boys in khaki are safer, happier, better
clothed, better housed and better equipped
because there is such a thing as a world-wide
telegraph system.
Cuticura Heals
Skin Troubles
Soap 25c. Ointment 25 and 50c
First call a physician.
Then begin hot rjTK
(ft applications of P?lf$
"Meet Your Rppelilc at Our Tables"
The Mead Moose
Grand Trunk Qen-tral Station, Ottawa, Canada Carey Roofed
A Daily Oas Attack -
temperatures from 30 below zero to 101 above smoke, cinders,
storms, steam and vibration ore the violent conditions this train shed
roof must withstand.
The roof that will turn these terrific assaults will triumph over every
common or uncommon condition you face. It is
Tempered asphalt cement makes Carey Roofing non-melting, fire-resisting,
elastic and enduring. It has met the test of time under every
known condition. We have the right, the safe, the economical Carey
roof for you.
Other Carey Dulldlng Materials
Asbestos Bullt-Up Roofs
Flbcrock Asbestos Felts
Asfaltslate Shindies
Insulating Papers
Rubber Roofing
Wall board
Asbestos Material
Asnhnlt nullt-lTp Roofs
Feltei Asphalt Felts
Manco Asphalt
Damp-Proofing Compounds
Fibre Coating for Roofs
Roofing Paints
tlastlte Expansion Joint
t5 Magnela Pipe and Roller Coverings
Carey Mexible Cement Koonn
. :
.... ... . " f. V"',"

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