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TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 1918.
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BusnosAires, March 12. It is re
ported here today that Count Von Lux-
burg, the former German minister, has
flarf Araantina territory, esosping to
Count von Luxbure s escape was
mmnnctpd when reports came from
Pnente Del Inca, In the Andes, that
the former minister, the former Ger
man naval attache and a large group
of other . Germans passedthere last
nie-ht on the International train for
Missing for Several Days. ,
Inaulry of the police here showed
that Count von iAixbura- had been
missing for several days from the
house in the sutfurb of Lomas de Za-
mora, where he was supposed to have
been under strict surveillance. The
count, was permitted to live there be-
cause the German hospital authorities
had Informed the government that his
mental condition required quiet sur
The former minister Is believed to
have decided to escape when he saw
the government was renewing its ef
forts to get him out of the country,
These efforts were Initiated two weeks
ago and had resulted In tho granting of
a snfe conduct for him to sail on a
Swedish vessel about to leave port.
Count von Luxburg's escape on tho
eve of his enforced departure strength
ens the long standing belief here that
ho xras mRking every effort to remain
In South America to direct the actlvl
ties of German agents who have been
fomenting labor troubles and harass
ing allied shipping.
According to Buenos Aires dis
patches on Sunday, Count Von I.ux-
nurr had bean granted a safe conduct
by the Hritish government to sail for
Sweden and was expected to depart
shortly on the steamer Valparaiso.
London, March 12. "Australian
troops carried out successful raids
during the night upon hostile posts
aatt and northeast of Messines," says
today's war office report. . "A number
of Germans were killed and a few pris
oners were taken by us. Our casual'
ties were light.
"The artillery was active on both
sides during the (ght southeast of
Armentleres and east and northeast of
Ypres." '
Americans inTdul Sector Highly
Successful in Independent
Attack on Huns.
Jolly Party of Business Men Inspects Sites for Huge Dams and
' Nitrate Plants at Muscle Shoals Find Col. Cooper
, Already on Job.
Tendency to
(Special to
Sheffield,, Ala.,
The News.)
March 12. The
Chattanooga party of business men
arrived one hour late, but found all
things in readiness for the day. The
party was met by a committe
headed by Willis' Waldo. Break
faet was served at the Sheffield ho
tel, of whice) Judge Frank Davis,
formerly of Chattanooga, is man
ager.. C. W. Ashcraft, of Florence,
made a brief address of welcome to
the vlstors and expressed deep ap
preciation for, what Chattanooga
had 'done toward assisting in se
curing this great nitrate plant. He
welcomed the visitors as the big
brothers of Sheffield. He said of
ill the people in all the world Shef
field and Florence appreciated what
Chattanooga had - done above all
others. After breakfast, the party
started en its day of inspection.
Aw! quautv sierra -
Frwntlna; nill" Hurt In the role
of a hearty lumberjack In the froion
Wilds ot the Canadian Northwest.
Cinr ADTC Superior Pic
sti sm sms s w
ture Plays
A Metre Wonderplay.
The Blooeit and Moit Sensational
War Film of the Day,
Montgomery, March 12. An appeal
was wired to iTeslnent Wllnon Mori.
riHy by Gov, Charles Henderson to
have German prisoners of war placed
on the farms and on public works
throughout the south and relieve the
shortnge of labor, which 1ms reached
such a crisis. The governor says In
his telegram tlint "cortHlrinrnhln acre
age of farm lands cannot he cultivated
for lack of labor, which has abandoned
the farm for tho liberal wages paid at
these, publlo works.
Farm labor, the telegram says,
would thus be released for agriculture
If they can be brought over by April
15 And advance notice given of their
With the American Army In France,
March 11 (Monday), (By the Associ
ated Press.) An American raiding
party . entered the German trenches
alona the Toul sector at 6 o'clock this
morning after an artillery bombard
ment of forty-five minutes ana
brought back much material and In
formation, but captured no prisoners.
It was the first raid undertaken by the
Americana without the 'd Of the
The raid was highly successful as
the enemy withdrew many men rrom
the front line when the bombardment
indicated that a raid might follow.
The raiders reported that American
gunfire had created destruction In the
German positions and had torn gaps
In the enemy baroed wire entangle
ments.. The German batteries came
into action, but accomplished nothing
toward disturbing the progress
The Americans entered
trenches behind one sldo
barrage which moved
of them. They
of the
Washington, March 12. President
Wileon today personally considered the
war department's new pisn of issuing
the names of American soldiers killed,
wounded or who die in Franoe, without
their home addresses or other marks
of identification.
There whs no outward Indication that
the, president would reverse the war
department's ruling, which, It has been
explained, was niado for military rea
sons, but It was pln4n . that protests
from every qunrter have grown to such
number that the president had decided
to inform himself of all the facts.
the enemy
of a "box
forward In front
found numerous Ger
man himnr in me uukouib, hi m
hand-to-hand fighting which followed
b. number or mo enemy were kimuu uu
wounded and left in the trencnes.
Automatio Pistols Used.
Gnlnir far bevond their objective the
raiders penetrated the German line BOO
yards. A few fights developed on ins
inv. but thn Hermans were anveu on.
The Americans fa led' to nnd mosi or
thn Germans, who had been withdrawn
hurriedly from the front line, althougn
thev searched for them.
In tho hand-to-hand ngnung tnc
Americans used their automatic pis
tola and rifles. During the raid trie
American machine rims placed a bar
rage In tho enemy back areas In order
to prevent a counter-attack.
The Americans fought so fast and
did their work so quickly that the
medical men who accompnnled them
had little to do. Every American who
left tho front line returned.
On their way back the Americans
encountered a German listening post
which fired at them. In less time than
It takes to tell it, the Germans in the
post were silenced.
The Americans reached their own
lines without a German shell having
fallen anywhere near .hem, for It was
all over so quickly the German bat
lerles did not have a good chnnce to
get Into nctlon. The Americans were
inside the enemy lines for fifteen
The party, consisting of
or . more of Chattanooga s most
prominent business men and manufac
turers, left Chattanooga shortly be
fore midnight last night, occupying two
Pullman cars attached to the Memphis
The trip was made without In
cident, except a good time for the ex
cursionists, but when the train arrived
In Sheffield the visitors found plenty to
interest them. First and foremost,
they were met by a delegation and from
the train the visitors were conducted
to the Sheffield hotel where an excel
lent breakfast had been prepared for
them. After breakfast the citizens of
Sheffield and Florence took the visl
tors in charge and carried them on a
tour of Inspection to plants one and
two under course of construction. sJte
turning to Florence at noon, the party
was entertained by the Florence chanA
ber of commerce.
This afternoon the party Is making
a boat trip through the government
locks to the site of dairt. No. 2, known
as Woodrow Wilson dam, nnd for
which the money was recently made
available. The party will return lute
this afternoon to Sheffield where the
members will be guesls nt supper.
This proved, an opportune time for
a visit to the site of this great en
terprise nnd every thing was found to
be on the rush. The old town of Shef
field h,d some Of the bustle and hustle
of the old boom days way back In the
early eighties when It first camo Into
the limelight and when It promised to
become one of the leading cities of the
south. The boom burst and the wand
Sheffield, like many others of. Its kind,
settled down to tho humdrum routine
of an over-grown village, but judging
from today's appearance it looks as If
tho faith of Its old-time backers was
about to bo realized and tho city take
Its place on the map as one of the
largest of the southland. Sheffield's
resources are great n,nd the people sey
she is coming at last Into her own,
There are thousands of workmen
here and everybody seems busy as can
be. There is no lack of employment.
In fact workmen , are scarce for
the amount of work to be done. The
recent spring-like weather has given
an impetus to the work and the scene
around the various plant sites is- one
of hustle and bustle.
Lluet.-Col. Hugh L. Cooper, who has
been designated to superintend the
construction of Woodrow Wilson dam,
or dam No. 2, arrived on the scene
few days ago and is getting things In
shape for active work. . This aisun
guished engineer is the' man who built
the great Keokuk dam at Keokuk, la.
ifls arrival means work at once and is
regarded as an epoch in the construc
tion of the series of great enterprises
planned upon the development of
Muscle . Shoals.
CoL' Cooper is an engineer of inter
national fame and was recalled from
France by the war department to su
pervise this work. He Is recognized as
one of the greatest nyaro-eieciricai
! engineers of the day. He has been lden
I titled with some of the most Important
j hydro-electrical developments In the
United States and Brazil. Col. Cooper
"''J I l. I u.n VnrV leaf Rnnriav fpnm
France ana came direct 10 onemeia,
accomnanid by three members of his
staff of his New York office D. B
Coper, J3, H. Parsons and R. E. Ed
Col. Cooper, in company with MaJ.
Winn. United States district engineer,
in charge of the Tennessee river, at
once made a preliminary survey of the
site for the new dam.
The work on the nitrate plants at
Muscle Shoals is being pushed with
much speed. It is said that there are
now employed on the cyanamid works
fully 7.000 men and this number is Do
ing increased as rapidly as workmen
become available. '
In addition to the plant itself a great
many houses are being built ror the
workmen; an electrical railway line Is
being built through the government
reservation to connect with the Trl-
interurban L.
City interurban Lne.
The steel work on the various plants
is being pushed rapidly and it is an
nounced that one of the units will be
rfady for operation within the next
three months.
ln connection with the establish
ment of this great enterprise at Muscle
Kliouls the chamber of commerce of
Florence is planning to celebrate the
city's centennial. The date has not
been definitely fixed, but It is expeciea
that It will be coincident wth the
completion of one of the units of the
great enterprise or the completion of
the 120,000,000 dam, which Col, Cooper
Is here to begin work upon.
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Washington, March 12. MaJ.-Gen.
John Biddle, who recently was relieved
by Maj.-Gen. Peyton C. March, as act
ing ehief-of taff, is to command all
American troops in England, it ia un
derstood. Army orders today shew the
aseignment of two officers as aides on
his staff.
Gen. Middle was appointed asulMtant
chlef-of-alaff, Just before Hen. Hllss
made his first trip to Europe as a
member of the supreme war council.
I In relimiueshed that post ns w ell as
his place ns acting chief on tho arrival
or (ion. Mureh and Hrlg.-Ocn. Win.
Graves Is now acting as assistant to
(len. March.
Under new regulations, Oen. March
has five nwnlntantn. all general olllcers.
lie is understood to be considering
now the selection of olllcers to nil
these posts permanently, the depart
ment having announced that the pres
ent Incumbents held olllce temporarily;
pending the arrival and action of the
new acting chief.
Speculation Revived.
MaJ.-Gen. Geo. T. Hartlett has been
In command In Knvlnnd. where several
American units, including engineers
and heavy artillery, havo been training
nt Krltlsh camp. It Is not known to
what post tlen. Hartlett has been as
signed. The appointment of Gen. Biddle re
vived speculation as to the courso the
war department may take Iri regard to
the proposal that American troops be
trained completely with the Mrttlth war
machine as well ns with the French.
The plan Included front line trailing
In the trenches In Klanders. although
after training was completed the forces
would be sent to Join Gen. l'ershing's
Washington. March 12. Democrat
of both the senate and bouse will meet
tonight to reorganise the democratic
coiiKrefslonal committee to take charge
of the fall congressional rlectlon.
IViremus, of Michigan, who baa di
rected the laat two campaigns aa head
of the committee, will resign from the
chairmanship In order to devote Ms
time to other congresatonnl buslne,
nnd Representative Kerrls. of Okla
homa, chairman of the house commit
tee on public lands, will be chosen to
succeed him. The committee com
prises a representative or senator from
each slate.
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