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rUESDAY, MARCH 12, 1918.
Meeting East Tennessee Baptist
Laymen's Convention at
Knoxville Monday Night.
(Special to The News.) '
Knoxville, March . 12. Noted leaders
of the Baptist denomination are tak
ing part in the East Tennessee Baptist
laymen a convention, which opened
here Monday night.
Dr. J. T. Henderson, secretary of the
laymen a movement or the Southern
Baptist convention, in a talk hero
Tuesday announced further plana for
big meetings over the south.
"There has been some talk of a big
meeting in Middle Tennessee also," he
said, "but this question has not yet
been definitely settled. I am not in
clined to believe that it will be held
in the near future, because of other
arrangements. It has also been sug
Rested that we hold a meeting in West
'Dr. Henderson announced - that he
has arranged for other meetings to be
neid as follows:
Clois, N. M. March 28.
West Frankfort, 111. March 31.
Coburn, Va. April 1 and 2.
A big meeting may be held at Dal
las, Tex., but this also has not yet
been definitely decided.
The convention opened here Monday
night with the following program:
Praise service, H. D. Rule, Etowah;
words of welcome, Judge R. A. Brown,
Knoxville; response, J. M. Stokely,
Newport; address, "Some of the Needs
of Laymen," C. S. - Stephens, Morris
town; voluntary talks of two minutes,
stating one need, E. L. Wilson, Athens,
opening; "Personal Soul Winning,"
George E. Hays, of Louisville, Ky.j
"The New Demands In the Home
Land," Dr. B. D. Gray, Atlanta. E. H.
Rolston, chairman of the state com
mittee, presided. '
James May, of Sweetwater, presided
over Tuesday morning's session. J. T.
Barnhill, of Philadelphia, led the praise
service. Among speakers and their
topics were: "Informing Laymen Its
Importance," Prof. J. A. Thackston,
Knoxville; "The Religious Periodical,"
W. D. Powell, Chattanooga; "Other
Agencies for Informing Laymen," J.
Frank Seller, Elizabethton: "The Lay
men in War Times," Rev. Len G.
Broughton. D. D., Knoxville. Rev.,Ru
fus W. Weaver, D. D., of Nashville,
delivered an eloquent address on "East
Tennessee Laymen 'and Christian Edu
cation." The afternoon session opened with
T. C. Drinnen, of Sevierville, presid
ing. Praise service was conducted by
V, A. Ghormley, of Madisonville. Dr.
J. T. Henderson, In a talk, besides dis
cussing the Baptist convention move
ment, urged, weekly offerings as a part
1 of worship. B, F. Hargis, of Cleve
land, spoke along the same line. Other
speakers were: j: H. Anderson, Knox
illle; George E. Hays, Louisville, Ky.;
B. L. Glascock. Maryville. Dr. J. W.
Gillon, of Nashville, was to have de
livered an address on "A Program for
Tennessee Laymen," but unfortunately
could not be present.
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President Wilson Sends Message to Congress at
Moscow Pledging Aid in Struggle for
Washington, March 12. On the eve
of the gathering at Moscow of the
Russian congress of Soviets, which is
to pass Judgment on the German-made
peace accepted by the bolshevikl at
Brest -Litovsk, President Wilson has
sent a message of sympathy to the
Russian people through the congress
with a pledge that tho United states
will avail itself of every opportunity
to aid them in driving out autocracy
and restoring Russia to her place in
the world with complete sovereignty
and indepondence.
The United States now recognizes
no government in Russia, but the
president cabled his message ti the
American consul at Moscow for deliv
ery today, to the congress, which is
made up of soldiers' and workmen's
representatives and speaks for at least
a considerable part of the Russian
Text of Menage.
The president's message telegraphed
to the American consul-general at
Moscow for delivery follows:
"May I not take advantage of
the meeting of the congress of the
Soviets to express the sincere sym
pathy which the people of the
United States feel for the Russian
people at this moment when the
German power has been thrust In
to interrupt and turn back the
whole struggle for freedom afld
substitute the wishes of Germany
for the purpose of the people of
Russia? Although the government
of the United States is, unhappily,
not now in a position to render the
direct and effective aid it would
wish to render, I beg to assure the
people of Russia through the con
gsyss that it will avail Itself of
every opportunity ' to secure
for Russia once more com
plete sovereignty and indepen
dence In her own afTalrs ant
full restoration of her great role in
the life of Europe and the modern
world. The whole heart of the -people
of the United States is with
the people of Russia in the attempt
to free themselves forever from
autocratic government and become
the masters of their own life.
Thus, in his first formal word to
Russia since that revolution-torn
Solution of Water Power Problem
for Consideration of Congress.
(Special to The New.)
Washington, March 12. Representative
Sims, of Tennessee, has received the
following letter from Secretaries Baker,
of the war department; Lane, of the
Interior, and Houston, of the department
of agriculture, relative, to the needs for
waterpower legislation:
"Department of Agriculture, Office of the
"Washington, Feb. 27. 1918.
"Hon. T. W. Sims, House of Represent
atives. "Dear Mr. Sims It Is understood your
committee w.lll take action at an early
date upon various proposals which have
been made concerning waterpower legis
lation. On account of the conditions now
affecting the power Industry and the need
of maintaining our entire Industrial ma
chinery at Its hlnhest efficiency a satis
factory solution of the waterpower prob
lem Is. In our Judgment, one of the most
important "steps for the consideration of
this congress and one which should re
ceive attention at the earliest practicable
date. -
"The Industrial expansion which has
been necessary In order to produce the
materials and equipment needed In the
prosecution of the war has placed un
precedented demands upon the electric
power industry, to such an extent in fact
thHt the output of commercial central
stations has Incrensed more than CO per
cent, since 1914. This Increase has been
areatest. In the manufacturing sections of
the east, where waterpower development
la comparatively limited, and has been
chiefly In the form of steam-generated
power, because steam power can
be developed more quickly and' at less
capital cost than water power. This In
crease in power output has taken place
notwithstanding advances In cost of con
struction and of operation.
"While the form of bill which has been
presented for your consideration Is di
rectly concerned with water-power devel
opment only, an adequate solution of
this problem will have a favorable and
stabilizing effect upon the whole power
InduMry Probably no conHiderable In
crease in new water-power development
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Cu, Mcuiphis, Ttnn. iAJi.
country under the leadership of the
bolsheviki deserted the allied cause,
the president Indicates the purpose of
the United States to disregard the
hard terms upon which the German
and Austrian war lords have prom
ised peace to the Russians and to de
mand an accounting upon a very dlf
ferent basis when victory at last shall
be achieved by America and the allies,
Expect Nothing of Ltnine.
The president does not urge the
Soviets to reject the peace treaty,
though the delivery of his message at
this time may be interpreted as sug
gesting such a course. In fact. It Is
conceded in official circles that there
is scant ground for hop that the con
gress and what remains of a govern
ment In Russia will rCfuse to give sp
proval to the German terms. Trotiky,
the bolshevik, foreign minister, nas re
signed, and from Lenlne, the premier;
who apparently controls the regime,
nothing is expected.
But there seems to be still a strong
belief here that difficulty for Germany
in the east by no means Is ended; that
as the humiliating nature of the Teu
tonic terms begins to be realised by
the great mass of Russians and the
tyranny of the war lords in occupiea
territory shows itself, there will be a
new uprising that will make itself felt.
Whether or not anything resembling a
strong centrol government capable of
making organized resistance on a large
scale is developed, the hope here is
that the determination of great num
bers of the Russians to fight oppres
sion will find expression in some way
that will give the Germans much to
do in the east until the ultimate vie
tory in the west, about which no doubt
is entertained, puts the United States
and the allies in the position to give
that direct and effective aid of which
President Wilson speaks.
To Lessen Misgivings.
Coming at the time It does, the
president's message may serve to
lessen misgivings in Russia over the
proposed Intervention by Japan In
Siberia. The understanding here Is
that there Is no difference of opinion
among the allies; that any operations
undertaken by Japan to check German
machinations In the east and protect
the war stores at Vladivostok will not
In any degree threaten permanently
Russia's territorial Integrity.
One of lost Important Steps
can be expected Immediately, but legis
lation is urgently needed In order to
put existing water-power development,
which have been made under Inadequate
law, Into a position of security which
will enable them to make extensions and
to meet maturing obligations upon favor
able terms.
"There Is also need of legislation !n
order that time may be Riven to prepare
for the developments that must tak
place after the close of the war, If the
United States Is to maintain Its proper
place In world trade, or even to supply
its domestlo needs. A survey of our
water-power resources Is needed, partlc
ularly with relation to speclno districts
and specific Industries. The various es
tabllxhinrnts of the fcdsral government
which have had to do with the adminis
tration of water power should be co
ordinated through a single agency, and as
far as practicable all agencies, federal,
state and private, should be brought Into
co-operation. It Is urgently recommended
that a federal power commlaslon be es
tablished as provided In the proposed bill
and be given ample authority to under
take this work of preliminary Investiga
tion. "Beyond the need of power develop
ment as such la the need of Increasing
the proportion of water power In order
to reduce the drain on our coal and pe
troleum supplies, particularly the latter.
Kven If the coal supply were unlimited.
the reduction In the demands upon labor
and transportation equipment would be
sufficient reason for substituting water
power for steam power whenever possl
ble. The petroleum supply, particularly
In the west, where the greatest propor
tion la used for fuel, is being rapidly de
pleted, consumption has exceeded pro
duction and storks In storage are fast
disappearing. With the substitution of
water power for steam power In central
stations and with the electrification of
railroads, a large part of the use of pe
troleum for fuel could be eliminated.
"Water-power legislation should have
In view not only the maintenance of the
rights of the public In the national re
sources, but also 4he adequate protection
of private capital by which such re
sources are developed. ' The bill before
you seema to do both. After rr fel con
sideration, however. It Is b1sg0tl that
certain changes In language could be
made which would more clearly express
the Intent of the proposed legislation.
"It particularly Important that the
condlllona which affect the disposition of
the property at the termination of the
license should be an definite that unrer
talntiea will be reduced to a minimum.
If the properties are not taken over th
rondltlona under which a new license
may be secured should be entirely clear.
If the properties are taken over the price
to be paid should not Imitirin alleged
values not represented by investment or,
on the other hand, require needless
amortization of capital during the period
of the license In order to protect the In
vestment. It Is, therefore, bellc4 ad
visable to define In specific language the
Items hl-h should or should not enter
into the price to be paid. The following
definition, which It Is recommended
should he ln-erted at the rnd of Ki tlon
J. baa been prepsred after thorough con
sideration and after consultation with
accounting and bartitlng experts. It la
believed to be eminently fair, from the
point of view of the public and of the
Investor. The tin of this lertu Kill re.
quire changes In other parts of th bill,
parllrul.rly Section 14.
"""Net Investment" 1n a projeet
mcn the actual etu,te original roM
thereof as defined and infeiptcted In the
i lasnini f ion of InveMnirnt In !:md an I
KoulplneM of Hrn Road. Iue of
1'I4. Interstate Commerce ronmihsion."
flu. Punier enrit ft additions therrt
an! Ntterments thereof minus the sum
of the following Items of protrly alio.
!d the.eto. If and to the eifent It at
such lie,,,. t,v been ae, itMi.i!ted during
the p-rl,td of (he license from esrnings
in .ei. f 'of a fair return on i, h In-
,l,l,ll""l I nn,.r.rltd M.fplUC.
b afsre.eic indtl belanits cf current
depreciation accounts, and (c) aggregate
appropriations of surplus or Income held
in amortisation, sinking fund, or similar
reserves, or expended for extensions or
betterments. The term "cost" shall In
clude, Insofar as applicable, the elements
thereof prescribed In Said classification,
but shall .not include expenditures from
funds obtained, through donations by
states, , municipalities. Individuals or
others.'. ' ,
"Thesianguage of Section 6 which fixes
the period Of the license has been
changed somewhat In order to make Its
Intent more clear and In order to make
certain that there shall be no time when
the holder cf a license may not have the
privilege of receiving a new license If
the properties are not talfon over either
by the United States or by a new li
censee. "Certain other changes, minor In char
aeler, have been for the purpose of clari
fying the language or Improving the
form of the bill. All these changes are
shown upon the attached copy of the
confident In committee print.,
"Very truly yours
"Secretary of War.
"Secretary of the Interior.
"Secretary of Agriculture.".
Alabama Starts Intensive Cam
paign Against Illiteracy
in State.,
Montgomery, .March. 13. Men of
draft age In Alabama unable to read
and write started to school Monday In
the most Intensive campaign ever at
tempted to wipe out Illiteracy by any
agency. The work la under the aus
pices of the state department of public
education and will continue through
out the month.
Great Interest baa been aroused in
the state, both among men and the
various agencies having the campaign
In charge, according to Miss Ksther
Foster, who has direct charge of the
work In the state department of public
The work la now being organized In
ten Alabama counties. It Is progress
ing In other counties as well. .
Tabulation of the questionnaires 1n
Walker county revealed the fact that
1,061 men of draft age could not read
or write and signed their names with
a' cross mark. This is out of a tolul
of S.092 registered men.
Lake Charles, I,a., March 12. A man
who gave his name as Anton Weln
gartsheper, was taken from a Southern
Pacllic train here late yesterday by
parish officers and placed In jail pend
ing investigation by federal author!
ties. Parish officers said a number of
Photographic plates found in Weln
gartshepcr's buggage were developed
hy a local photographer and proved to
be views of important raiiwuy bridges
and trestles. Including the Southern
Pacific bridge at Morgan City. A Mex
ican passport and letters addressed to
Wctngartsheper ' from Cuba, Mexico
and Germany also were found In the
baggage, It was stated.
Wclnerartsheper declined to comment
on his detention except-to say he was
on his way to California.
Waihlno-ton. March IB. Live chicks
nmy be sent by parcel post after March
15 provided they are properly prcpnreil
lor mailing. In announcing this deci
sion todav the postofflce department
order said chicks could not be Insured
or sent C. O. P., nor carr'eil to desti
nations more thin seventy-two hours'
mailing distance.
A QUARTER of a century ago a steer was just a steer
narrow-backed, lean and slab-sided running largely to
hoofs and horns. The dressed beef yield was as low in quan
tity as it was inferior in quality.
YOU would scorn such coarse, tough meat today.
But if livestock conditions were now as they
were then, this would be the only kind of beef you
could get.
And not only that, but you would be paying a great
deal more for it!
Meeting Present Day Needs
FOR the amount of meat per head furnished by
these low grade cattle would not begin to sup
ply present-day needs.
Though present prices, caused by an abnormal war
demand, seem high, they would shrink into insig
nificance compared with what they would have be
come, had not Armour and Company long ago begun
the work that has been responsible to a considerable
degree for the raising of the broad-backed, high
grade beef steers of today.
By establishing receiving and killing plants close to
the sources of supply, by developing and operating
a chain of refrigerators on wheels, by perfecting a
system of over 400 branch-house distributing sta
Convicted on Charge of Con
spiring to Swindle Woman
of Savings.
New York, March 12. Oeorgo Irwin,
leader of a band of bluckmallers, was
sentenced to a term of two years In
the Atlanta, penitentiary yesterday
when ho pleaded guilty in the federal
district court to an Indictment re
turned two years ago charging him
with conspiring to swindle Mra. lte
glna A. Kltpper, of Philadelphia, by
representing himself as . an agent of
the department of Justice engttged In
enforcing tho Mann act.
H was charged In the indictment
that, operating with William Butler,
Kdward Donohue and Frank Collins,
Irwin decoyed ' M rs. Kllpper to this city
from Philadelphia and obtained her
savings, amounting to $300.
It was also charged that when she
exposed them to tho authorities, tho
blackmailers kidnaped her on her re
turn to Philadelphia and took her to
Montreal, where they held her prisoner
for two weeks.
Irwin was first arrested In Chicago,
but defaulted his ball bond. He whs
recaptured in Kansas City, three weeks
ago and brought here for trial.
Hutler and Donahue pleaded guilty
when tried in tho fall of 191. and wore
each sentenced to eighteen months at
Atlanta. Collins Is awaiting trial, '
Railroad Robbers Are
Arrested at Scottsboro
(Special to The News.)
Scottsboro, Ala., March II. Frank
Westmorelnnd, Milton Thompson and
Tom Tally, of Stevenson, have boon
arrested on charges of robbing a
freight car of the Southern railway
containing an Interstate shipment, All
have been held to the federal grand
Jury In Huntsvllle. '
Minister Plenipotentiary De
clares "All We Want Is to
Be Left Alone."
San Kraniiseo, March II. Mexico
will never cede to Japan or any other
nation a naval base. or other foothold
on Mexican soil, Col. M. Peres Kotnero,
Mexican minister plenipotentiary to
.lap'in and China, ttoclared yesterday
while here en routo to his home In
Mexico City for a short vacation.
"It would be against Mexico's own
Interests to give any power a foothold
In our country," be said. "All we want
Is to be left alono.
"The Mexican government has
worked wonders In tho lust few year
aiid Is steadily progressing toward the
restoration of normal conditions. The
misunderstanding that occurred be
tween the United States and Mexico
have been removed entirely and the
best of feeling now exists."
U. d.cTendows ward
Rirmlnsham. March 12. Announce
ment Is made today by Mrs. J. A.
n wi-nn ifYinm'nl rimlrmiin. Hlrmlna-
haui, and MIsa'Mury H. Poppcnhelin,
t,i.uM,.nt-irtni'riil. Charleston. H. C.
thnt rlie I'nlted Paugliters of tho Con
, in.fl,.ii hnv nniiinletnil the endow- i
m.-nt of an entire ward In the Amor
b an hospital No. 1. Neullly. Kiance, a
suburb of Paris, the endowment being
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is Hott
tions, Armour has provided selling outlets and cer
tain markets for the producer for twelve months in
the year.
It has become profitable for the livestock grower to
grade up his cattle standards I
These beef-producing cattle furnish more meat and
a larger proportion of better quality meat at prac
tically the same feeding cost as that of the scrub
cattle of former years.
Helps Growers and Users
THIS has resulted in better returns for the grower,
while heavier yield and improved quality in
turn has held down prices to consumers.
It is in such fundamental ways as this that Armour
and Company are rendering a broad, economic serv
ice to the American public.
And because Armour service directly relates to the
prices you pay for meat, when you specify Armour
meats and other food products for your table you
are making it possible to extend this service still
m m m mm
a m n
yuu right up and make you (eel tin
and vigorous I want you to go back to
tho store and get your money. Dod
son's liver Tone la destroying the
sale of calomel because It Is real liver
medicine; entirely vegetable, them
foro It can not salivate or make you
I guarantee that one spoonful of
Dodson's live,- Tone will put ycur
sluggish liver to work and clean your
bowels of that-sour bile and constU
pated waste which l. clogging your
system ami making you feel misera
ble. I guarantee that a bottle of
lodson'a liver Tone will keep your
entire family feeling fine for months,
(live It to your children. ' Tt Is harm
less; doesn't gripe and they Ilk Its
pleasant taste. For sale by Jo Ander
son and all leading dealers. (Adv.)

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