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Chattanooga, 4 p.m. Washington, 5 p.m.-London,10 p.m. Paris, 10 p.m.-Petrograd, 12 p.m. Tolrio, 7 a.m.
VOL. XXX. NO. 215
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- ' : . . '
In Palestine Attempts of British' to Advance Are
Claimed by Turkish Official Announcement ito
' Have Been Repulsed, as Did 'Also an Ef
fort to Break Line of Jerusalem Road.
Who Gets Most of Soldier Boy
's Letters?
Army HaO Census Shows Sammy Writes Most Often to lie Girl He' Left Behind Him
London, March 14. Americana are
offering resistance to Turkish troops,
according to an official Turkish an
nouncement received here today.
In Palestine attempts of the British
to advance on, March 9 and 10 are
said to have been repulsed. An effort
to break through the line of the Je-rusalem-Nabulus
road failed, , the
statement says.
From authoritative English sources
recently it has been reported that the
Turks were massacring Armenians on
occupying sections of Turkish Ar-
previous occasions the Turkish gov
ernment sought to justify such mas
sacre by representing uprisings among
ine peoples tnus victimized,
righting Intensified.
Amsterdam. Wednesday. March IS.
There has been an intensification of
the fighting in the Ukraine, wjiere the
ranks of the maximalist commands are
receiving reinforcements from bodies
of Czech and Austrian deserters, ac
cording to a Berlin dispatch to the
Kticnlscne Westfallsche Zeitung.
The Germans, the dispatch adds,
nave Deen frequently engaged in a fu
rious battle with bodies of such men,
menia evacuated .by the Russians in and when they fall into German hands
uuiineijuence oi ine peace treaty, on I they are shot,
Names of Seventy Soldiers in
Casualty List Four
Killed in Action.
Washington, March 14. Gen. Perah
Ing'a casualty list cabled today car
ries the names of seventy soldiera,
four of them killed in action, two
dead of wounds, one dead of an ac
cident, and nine of disease; fourteen
wounded severely and forty slightly
, The list gives the names of two of
ficers, both of whom were reported
slightly wounded. They are Capt.
Hugh H. Barber and Lieut. Horace B,
Smith. Lieut. Bernard Vant Hof was
reported Severely wounded.
List in Full.
Killed In action:
Corporal Albert E. Behmer,
Sergt. Frank O'Connor, Private
Cecil M. Conley and Private Fred
D. Turner.
Died of wounds:
Sergt. Jos. L. Cip, Private Fred
C Brummett.
Accidentally killed:
Private Harry Watkins.
Died of disease:
Sergt. Clarence G. Bniley, Cor
Pittsburg, March 14. Accom
panied by department of justice
agents, Hugo R. Beyer, German
chemical engineer and said to
have served several months on
a German submarine, was taken
today to Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.,
where he will be interned as an
enemy alien.
Tells Story of Woman's Visit to
His Office Which Later
Caused Her Arrest.
poral-Oscar AV. Ahlbefg.
iatas.Hgi S,; Thomas R.
?(roVnrJohri;r5ny John W. 1
nowen, waiter. u. Jennings, Jess
E. McCarty. Merrltt M. Rhodes:
Wounded severely:
Lieut.. Bernard Vant Hof, Cor
poral Geo. O. M archer. Corporal
Jos. C. Swanson, Privates Lyle W.
Barnes, Harlan W. Chamberlain,
Lloyd Culp, We H. Dean, Jos. O.
Fudge, Harold KJar, Robert O.
Petty, Albert L. Rudig, Ralph R.
Rutherford, Hairy A. Templeton
and Percival Vinlng.
Wounded slightly:
Capt. Hugh S. Barber, Lieut.
Horace B. Smith, Seigts. Seth A.
Henslcy, Lawrence J. Quiirley,
Oliver Lncasse and Henry A. Mor
gan; Corporals John Greaves,
Krnest P. Blegler, Robert G. An
drews, Henry H. Fall, Otto S.
Martin and Geo. Murphy: Pri
vates Jos. Justav, Harold Klemm,
Kmll Kroboth, Joe Letourneau,
Clarence W. Lilly,. James P. Moore,
Phil H. Newman, Trafton If.
Overlook. Lester T. Prlton. Kinar
T. Petterson, Edward G.J Place,
Wm. H. Sattcrfleld. Everett H.
Scott, Wm. H. Tavlor, Obert
Thompson, Frank Z. Vallcv. Rob
ert Willi's, John P. Telfer, Thfcmns
R. Page. Fred J. Robinson, Kdwln
L. Jnrvis. Otto Kranren. Leslie
Johnson, Loren I Ooddnrd, rnr
rell L. Barber, Keith S. Oraul.
Howard Hirschman and Harry K.
Duddleson. ' ,
. v , .-... . .. . . i
Atlanta, Ga., March 14. The trial
of Mrs. HIrsch, charged with attempt
ing to blackmail Mayor Candler, was
resumed this afternoon, with the
Mayor still on the stand.
Replying to Questions by Judge Rus
sell, Mr. Candler said he never tele
phoned Mrs. Hirsch; that most her
visits were made to his offices In the
Candler building and that ahe came
alone. He denied that he ever sug
gested that Bhe bring some one with
her. The witness denied that he had i
put his arm around Mrs. HIrsch on f.nnt.nntTlpnfs in AnlAnVii' fiv rincnl nnf 1iriitina
the occasion of her first visit to his Tx , , 3 1-
office, or that he ever solicited Im
proper relations. Judge Hill said
war immaterial 'whether Inf proper re
lationa existed between Mayor Cand
ler and Mrs. Hirsch.
A person is guilty of blackmail
whether the charge on which the ex-,
iumun is iounuea is true or untrue,
said the court.
Forrest Adair, the next witness wpiit
into the details of his dealings with
Mrs. Hirsch and Cook. Telling of his
first interview with the defendant, ha
"She said she had rorte to Mnvnr
Candler's office, and after being there
a few minutes, he began to fondle
her and talk nice things to her, and
she had removed some clothlno- nnrt
reclined on the lounge. She said that
while Mr. Candler wan In a compro
mising position with her she noticed
the figure of a man at the window on
the lodge outside. She said she got
Rumania Agreed?
Berlin Claims Occupation of
, Odessa by German Troops
, Was Sanctioned.
Berlin (Via London), March 14.
Tha German troops, which occu
pied Odessa, war aent in agree
ment with -the Rumanian govern
ment, today's army headquarter
statement announces.
Fear for Safety.
Washington, March U. Capture
of Odessa by the Germane brings
apprehensions for the safety of the
American Red Cross mission,
which Minister Voplcka yesterday
reported having left Jassy for
Odessa. However, it is not a cer
taint y that the Americans will fall
Into the captured city, at least ad
ylcea on March 12, from Col. Henrv
W. Anderson, of Richmond, head
of the mission, indicated that a
safe conduct had been obtained for
the passage of the party through
Austria-Hungary to Swltxrrlnnd,
Since then no word has been re
ceived from the mission.
Red Cross headnun i ters does not
possess nn accurate list of those In
the party, as the personnel con
stantly has been shifting.
nnnn npnnrc .
A VIS 11U f JLflJ
Cloudburst Results Disastrously
in Hornell CountyWaters -
Still Rising, .i
Telephone Girls Warn People In
Danger 'Zone.
If Bill Is Passed Providing for
Over Hundred General
Entire Factory District Inun
dated Damage Reaches' .
Into the Thousands. ;
System Now in Vogue Handi-
caps Physicians in Further,
ing Their Work.
Rochester, N. Y., Mireh 14. Scores
of families have been driven from
their homes and all Industries In
Hornell are paralysed as the result of
a disastrous flood, due to a cloudburst-
that aweot down the vallav af
the danisteo early this morning, in-
untming one-imro or na City.
The entire fin tory district la under
water and many buildings have been
damaged to the extent of many thou
sands of dollars. Firemen and police
men have been working fop hours In
boats, reselling residents from their
Inundated homes. Ho far ss In known
no lives have been lost. The Erie and
Hhawmut railroad tracks are under
wmrr sua no trams are moving,
The flood extends rty miles down
the Catibiteo river valley, almost to
Corning. Rain continued 1st this
morning and the water is still rising.
Moon after the storm broke the girls
In the Hornell telephone exchange
sent WHrnlnvs to tiersona lltt'lr in that)
dunger districts. V
Is Sammy's Heart where his letters got
By that test his sweetheart comes first. ,
Mother is a close second,:, '
Dad and big brother hold third place, V
And little brothers, and sisters, waiting for letters from their hero in khaki, hate
a smaller, tliough undoubtedly just as warm a spot, lij, the American soldidr's heart
This is the deduction drawn from a recent mail'ctnsus taken at army camps ami
m. It shows that out o Ctost:l,0QQ letters Saiiy .isc'rit to : U$-. best: girl or girls
2.7Q4ohis , mother; ;fii0 vt-hls iath.Qfc and' only CO to kid
d- dies and business firms. v ' y . . , ; .
(Associated Press Review.)
Favorable wenther on most of the
western front has led to Increased
fighting, but none of the armies has
yet made an attack In great strength.
All finnnrpntlv nr. bnvtwl ,m I 41.
rea(llne in o the hall AnA. lrlt "l.the raids I,o oppos
Cook standing on the
, 1
(Sneolnl to The NfWi.)
Knoxville, March "14. Baroness lone
Wi Zollner violated an agreement not
to leave New York without first no
tifying federal authorities, according
to District Attorney AV. T. Kennerly,
of this city.
The baroness went to Washington,
he says. He admits that she notified
him from Washington of her pres
ence In the nation's capital, but says
she clnimed federal authorities in New
lork (rave her permission to go there.
Secret service men had also notified
Mr. Kennerly that she went to Wash
ington and further Informed him that
no permission had been given In New
York, he says. If a hill before con
gress passes she will he UnNe for in
ternment, says Mr. Kennerly.
Given Death Penalty
For Murder of Wife
Raleigh, N. (. March 14. A verdiH
nf guilty of murder In the first degree
was rendered here today by the Jury
In the esse of Marcus ' Kdwards,
charged with killing his wlfp here Inst
December. The Jury was out all night.
The verdict carries the death penalty
under state law.
Washington. March 14. Stat
dopartm nt advires today trans,
mif reports from SJtrx ktintm that
some Amerionns who irft Fin
land on a neutral ship after the
Herman occupation were taken
prionf rs.
found J. V
Mr. Adair's direct examination vh
concluded without dcvelonln new
mnterlal points. On his cross-examination
by Judge ltusscll, the witness
declared he had not set a trap forJlrs.
Hirsch or Cook, but merelv tried to
develop the plot, which he believed
had been laid.
After a short recess. Judge Russell
resumed his cross-examination of Mr.
"When you told Mrs. Hirsch of
Cook's demand thst she leave town,"
asked Judge Hussell, "didn't she say
ne naa just as much right to demand
that Mayor Candler leave town also?
Didn't she say that she was getting
the worst of It, and didn't you tell
her that the woman always does?"
"1 don't remember. I might have
said something like that."
"Did she say she wasn't being treated
"Yes, I believe she did."
"Did you tell her this matter should
be handled secretly?"
"I don't remember, but If it had
come up I would have done so."
Replying to a question, Mr. Adair
stated that be never suggested to Mrs.
Hirsch that she name her figure.
This concluded the cross-examination
of Mr. Adair, and he -was jiskeil
one question by Attorney Arnold on re
direct examination.
"When this matter was fully devel
oped, did you attempt to keep it a se
cret?" asked Attorney Arnold.
"Xo, we went first to the grand Jury
for an Indictment, and when that
reached the newspapers Mayor Candler
gave them a statement and I gave
them an Interview."
Judee Russell objected to this nties-
I tion and snswer on the ground that It
was Irrelevant. The objection was
Three nurses, from a private sani
tarium and a local' hospital, where Mrs.
Hirsch was under treatment at two
different times, testified that fook was
a frequent visitor while she was In
the tnst ittif inns
I Miss Ruliv Allen, s nurse f Sf Jo
seph's hospital, testified that Cook sent
fnilt to her nearly everv dav. She
ssld Mrs. Hirsch had told her If her
husband came In and found Coi.k
there, to tell him Cook "w,- there to
see a gentleman friend and he had
casually dropped In to see her.
She said she never had seen ar.v 1m
projer conduct between Mrs. Ilirsrh
and Coi.k.
lng trenches
each day.
In the Champagne, where ihe Ger
man artillery bus been very active, the
trench have withstood a German at
tack. The effort w?s repulsed by the
trench, with severe losses to the at
tackers. American raiding parties and
American gunners both are busy on the
sectors northwest of Toul and east of
Lunevllle. The Germans do not re
main In 'their trenches to light the
Americans, but flee to the rear lines
when Gen. 1'ershlng's men appear.
Hritlsh troops In the Ypres Wednes
day took the initiative, and, In a raid
southeast of. I'olygon wood, captured
thirty-seven prisoners and three ma
chine guns snd Inflicted casualties on
the enemy. The German arllllery ae
tlvlty Is Intenso on the Ypres sector
and between Arras and Arinentlercs,
where strong German raids earlier In
tho week were repulsed by British and
I'oituguese troops.
On the coastal sector In Palestine,
north of Jaffa, tlio Hilt lull have ad
vanced three miles on an elcven-nillu
front. Hlx villages were taken and two
streams crossed In tho face of Turkish
resistance. A slight advance also has
been made on the Jerusnlem-Nabulus
road, In central I'Mhstlne, '
fn the east the Germans now hold
Odif.H.i, the grest Russian seaport on
the Hliick sea, which probably will be
used either as the base for an Invasion
of India by way of Persia or ss tho
terminal of grain shipments from Rus
sia to the central empires.
Turcn-Germnn plans In the Caucasus,
which Inseluded the Surrender by Rus
sia of three Caucasian provinces,
which would provide a roadway to
Persia and the Caspian sea, are op
potted by the Caucasus government,
Turkey has been Informed that the
Caucasus government does not recog
nlwi the treaty with the bolshevlkl and
that It should treat with tho Cnucnsus
British shipping losses for the past
week totaled eighteen vessels, the same
number as was lost in the two previous
weeke. There ie an increase, however,
in the number of large ships sunk. Fif
teen of 1,600 tons or over are reported
this Week, while in the previous two
weeks the ships of large tonnage num
bered fourteen and twelve, respectively.
German airships again raided tho
east coast of Kngland Wednesday night
and a number of bombs .wem dropped.
Tuesday night's Zeppelin ruld waa In
effective, all the botnlis dropping harm
Assigned to Posts
Washington, March 14. Army
orders published today announce
the assignment of ltrig.-(len. WIN
linm V. Judson to command the
Seventy-sixth Infantry brigade at
Camp Shelby, Miss.; Hrlg-.-Gcn.
1 Roger Williams to command the
Seventy-fifth Infantry brigade at
Hattlesburg, Miss., and Hng.-Gcn.
William K. Harvey to duty with
provisional corps and army troops
at Spartanburg, H. C.
Iindon. March 14. The people
of the Aland Islands have sent an
npiieal to the Klnnlsh government
and the Cermsn and Swedish
monarch asking that their wiib s
bo considered before the flnnl
peace conference Is held, the v-,
penbaten correspondent of the
Kxehange Telegraph cables. The
request Is made thut a pM.iite
be taken.
3mes Rcmney, of Iokout Moun.
tain, w ho underwent sn opt m'i.n v s
terdav at Wrst-Kllis ho.ipilal. is irn-provlr.ff
Pnris. Tuesday. M.irrh 1 1 The up.
peal of Polo Pasha from the n'tice
of death. Imposed bv four I - nim t ial
j for treason, was rejected fvliv bv the
court of revision, which confrrncd Cie
I original Judgment. Tlie same ai'l.m
i was taken hy the court In the i k
I of Darius Porrhere. who m tii' d
w ith lloln I'asha and critent. d to
thiee. rat' Imprisonment.
Alarming Quantity of
Dynamite Discovered
Washington, March 14. Enoughedy
namite to blow up half the great ehip
yard at Hog island has been found
there during February, Dudley R. Ken
nedy, manager of the industrial rela
tione department, told the eenate in
vestigating committee today, and se
cret service men hv been unable to
find who placed it there.
"I hesitate somewhat to make the
statement nt public hearing," said Ken
Jwdy, "but the fact la we found I4S
IHiiinds of dynamite on the grounds
last month. That amount. Intelligent
ly placed, would have lccn enough to
blow up one. half the yard. Twenty
pounds wets found In one place, the
remainder J.elng hidden In different
part of the yard."
Th txgttnr
fiows when the
bunkri a puns, snd
the hanker kneels
the klnir, the
king lie fniia fur
bis Indv love, fs
a cutlous sort of
thing, ,ut there's
Jut one time
when harriers
f'll, und sl
grow di iiiocratle.
f'r the. smoker
bums a match
Washington, March 14. Msst
ports t the allies will be increaaed
SO- cent, and perhape doubled
nder arrangements being ne
by the foed administration
I allied food representativee
TlK Jin pose Is to build up the allied
meat Vcactvca from the great surplus
which bus been accumulated In this
country, snd whli h recently brought a
Relaxation if restilctlons on meat con
sumption. The allies would furnish all
the, ships for moving the mejtt.
The ln leased expoits are depend
ent, orr the shipping proem able, hut It
Is understood liteal lirltuln rxpect to
IIIKl the easels.
Ry David I.BWren'e.
(Copyright, mi, by New York Eve-
nine; Post.)
Washington, Mareh
Crest of Flood Reaohed.
Charleston, W. Va., March 14. The
crest of the flood In the Kiiuwhs
14. President fLv,"r rrH,'hpd neer thla mornlne; with
IthA PAnun, ,.1,1.1 .(n . 4 . ...... .
..,, , , , i .-... ii ixiri iiik g, imi m lit n
Wilson has just given hie approval to :30 o'clock the United Htatee en-
. Pl.ee .f pending l.gi.l.tion that vi- IZnZTVTX: T.
tally eoneerne the medical care of our I no rainfall during- the night In tha
tro.p. in th. fi.id. r::::,B. v:"-'1. -. ,
It-,"-!.,.. uln ,1, ni wuuiii iiiniins rap
Idly. The Klk river, which ntera the
been oomln. from our medical officer. ThV tcsap" ohT and th.'
In Franca that their military rank 1. poaJ ani1 r",kn railroad, were atlll out
...... of commission .and It waa expected
insufficient for thorn to ret th atten- that aeversl davs would .l.r... v.r,.e. ,
lion they deserve from officer, of the ,U" "rvlr couhl b? resumed.
line. No matter how rreat the repu- r.Uon WtZ..
tatlon f a physician ha can hold nolnmted at more than a million dollar.
higher rank than that ef m.i... hM ,ton wrought In lower Michigan
" r l""n ,nt et major. n. trmi.iiiioii rxnraii .i ...
Con.tjuPntlr:1ji )i ' tirge iavt l wnty-fun hours, i-feoma . dJ.trk t
apeciflo thing, b. don. to a.feguard fT'VriV 0". 1?
th. health of iroopa ha muat wait Til. ""O'l condition, prevail. ,..
turn at . .faff 1 headquarters, while n. . . :
colonel, and brigadier- general, and . . ... V, k 7T . L" '
major..en,ns In other br.nche. of LStAnl "2
tho service command prompt co-opera- easterly wind, the ttesmer Kershaw,
tion. of the Merchsnta and Miner. Una,
Medical men cannot alw.v. r,r.M.d which went ashore yesterday off th.
vtnen r .h- .., .i' ,k umilliprii New lOnglsnd coast, waa thla
morning reported to h- ben driven
laymen of the urgency of the things
In which I hey are Interested. In the
army rank cuts so much of a flgnre
that majors keep at respectful distance
from colonels anil brlusdier-ireiierHls.
Tho major In Ihe medical coma In sc.
live service has no one higher In rank
to whom he can a Muni if u linn officer
wea nt to dlsiegard a recommendation,
Wilson examines Situation,
The president has examined the sit
uation carefully and evidently believes
It Is one requiring early action, for be
hss expressed himself In writing, urg
lug the adoption of remedial legisla
The proposal which Is now nendlnir
In the senate military affairs commit
e was Introduced by Henntor Owen.
of Oklahoma, and would redistribute
the number of olltcrrs In the entire
medical corps. For Instance, out nf
21,000 physicians commissioned fr
sei vice with sn nrmy of l.oon.noo timn
there would be 62 major-generals, h.
rlgadler-generals, MO colonels. 0
lieutenant -colonels, 4,tl0 majors and
,710 captains.
Of course, out of tba 70 om.eis In
nearly 100 feet nearer th. beach dur
ing last night. Only the crew re
mained on .board and wrerkera ar.
making ready for another attempt t
float the vessel as soon as tide and
wind fitvor thn operation.
Case Involving Atlanta Mayor
Reopens Cook Subpoe-
nacd as Witness.
Atlanta, C , March 14. Mrs. Mar-
thn regular medical corps there are garet A Hirseh went on (rial here
piiysicuins or rans up to mat or ma
jor-general, but the 21.000 doctors In
the meillcn! reserve, of whom 14.0U0
Depends on Precedent
To Secure Crew's Return
from all no matter how erratic.
The wenihi-r? 'midy with
rains and colder tomorrow.
Iitidon. U dm sdiiy, March ll -fjer-
rnany count upon pi-ri diit to secure
the r turn from lieniiuuk of the pilxe
crew (.f the steumer Igotx Medl. the
hpiioish prli- of the im.'in sea raider
Wolf, according to Indii'.itiotia In an
Kxrhange Telegraph dispatch from
Copenhagen today. The Igots Mrndl
grounded teiritly on Ihe Onrilsh const,
and thereupon una ilnl.irnl by the
Oanlsh goernrnf nt to be Spanish prop.
erty, and her prize crew was Interned.
are now In active service, cannot be
ommlssloned to a higher rank than
ma tor.
Many of the men who have volun
teered for th" medical resetva are tec.
ognlxed In their communities snd oft
times by thn whole country as lenders
In their profession. The added liny
means nothing to' most of them, as
they have left lucrative practices lo
serve In the Held.
Soma of the letters from France
written by doctors not accustomed to
being subordinated to In) men. who are
so much absorlied In their own duties
as to give acant attention to the needs
of the medical oltlcets. Indicate that a
very serious situation may lie brought
about In the care of sick and wounded,
unless there la reform.
Urge Quick Action.
Men of such Importance In the me I.
leal profession as would command the
respect and attention of the country If
their names could I given linve urged
the Immediate adoption of innnlhr
Thn council of national defense h is
taken an active Interest In the mut
ter, and ITi president apprm.il Is x
pected g to bl ip get the bill through
Nothing new Is Involved In the re.
litest, as the HM'lih army has nrvrt.il
lieutenant surgeons general of rank
eiua to ma Jor. generals In the Arrierl
rnan army, and thousands of colonels.
This measure Is In accord with the
practice, to, In other armies, hut bus
not been attended to heforn with re
ect to fiur own m 111 v, lnause of th
ritpldlty with which the medical corps
luta been compelled t epiind.
Ilimcultles thnt It was thought
would not occur h.ive. however, arisen,
and the. entire m. ! ( nl corps will un.
OucstionaMy tn-fl t'V the reorgnnl
rttion thnt wi'l follow trie promotion
lo blKhrr rack of the men who best
know what l good fr the health, san
itation and care of troops In the field.
day in the criminal division ef the Ful
ton county superior court on a charge
of attempted verbal blackmail ef Asa
Q. Candler, millionaire mayor ef At
lanta. Mrs. Hirsch was indicted jointly
Feb. 14 with J. W. Cook, who already '
hae been tried and eonvioted ef the
cnarge and sentenced to eerve a year
and a day at hard labor and to pay
a fine of f 1,000.
Mrs. lllisi h's counsel will have th.
privilege of questioning talesmen, ae
the Jury Is iliawn. as to their preju
dices. Tins permission waa accorded
thn defeinliirit's counsel after Ifra.
Illisclis motion for a change of venue
had tct 11 denied by Judge lien Mill, of
the aupei loi l out t. Mrs. lllisch alleged
In her petition that aha would not get
a file ami Irupnitial trial In the rounty
I. clause, of the prominence and In
fluence nf those conected with the op
posing side.
Led Him to Be Suspicious.
The defense. It Was said, had auh
pocnacd mots than twenty witness. a.
Including Cook, who waa released from
Jail on fJ.tt'iO iKind recently, pending
the hearing ef his motion for a new
The rharge for which Mrs. Hirsch
Is on tiial Is the outgrowth of a visit
she In alleged to have inatte to Mayor
I'sndli-r's private o trice early In Feb
ruary. According to M.iyor Candler's)
written statement to the grand Jury,
he bad known Mrs Hirsch previously
In connection with Ke.l Cros work.
l'ut 'rig their convei satlon un the day
Mia. Itltoch caleld u;x n Ihe mayor Ma
attention was diverted. It waa alleged
he tote the grand Jury, and when he
returned to fa. e her again certain ar
ticles of her ilothirg had been re
moved. This, with the audden appear
ance of C.n k at the mayor's office door,
accni'diiia: t. Mr. Candler's statement,
led huu to t ei iMiie suspicious. tt aaldi
(Continued en Pag. Eleven.)

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