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I Easy to Make This
I Pine" Cough Remedy
Xhonaaa!s ef families nresr by Its
prompt revolts, Inexpensive,
una eTee soon s,
Ton know that vine is used' In nearlv
oil prescriptions and remedies for
coughs. The reason, is that pine contains
several peculiar elements that have
Temarkable effect in eoothinor and heal
ing the membranes of the throat and
chest. 1'ine is iamous lor this purpose.
Pins couch, tvruna are combinations of
pine and syrup. The "syrup" part is us
ually (plain granulated sugar syrup.
Kot hing better, but whr buy itt You can
casilv make 'it Yourself in Ave minutes.
To make the best pine cough, remedy
that money can buy, put 2 ounces
of Pincx (fiO cents worth) in a pint
bottle, and fill up with home-made sugar
syrup. This gives you a full pint more
than you can buy ready-made for $2.50.
It is pure, good and very pleasant?
cuimren tsks is eager iy.
You can feel this take hold of a cough'
or cold in a wav that means business.
The cough may be dry. hoarse and tight,
or may be persistently loose from the
formation of phlegm. The cause is the
same inflamrd membranes and this
Pinex and Syrup combination will stop
it usually in 24 hours or less. Splendid,
too, for . bronchial asthma, hoarseness,
or any ordinary, throat ailment.
Pinex is a highly concentrated com
' pound of genuine Norway pine extract,
and is famous the world over for its
prompt results.
Beware of substitutes. Ask your drug
gist for ounces of Pinex' with di
rections, and don't accept anything
cise. uuaranieea 10 give ansoime satis
faction or money promptly relunaea.
The l'inex io., it. vvayne, ino.
How To Get Relief When Head
and Nose are Stuffed Up,
Count fifty! Your cold in head or
catarrh disappears. Your clogged nos
trlls will open, the air passages of
your head will clear and you can
breathe freely. No more snuffling,
hawking, mucous discharge, dryness or
headache; no struggling for, breath at
Get a small bottle of Ely's Cream
Balm from your druggist and apply a
little of this fragrant antiseptic cream
in your nostrils. It penetrates through
every air passage of the head, soothing
and healing the swollen or inflamed
mucous membrane, giving you instant
relief. Head colds and catarrh yield
like magic. Don't stay stuffed-up and
miserable. Relief Is sure. (Adv.)
If Noah's Liniment fail to do all claimed
we vrill gladly refund jrour money, and
authorize any dealer to do the earrle. Be
aure you (et the Cenuine Trade-Marled
Noah's Liniment, with Noah'a Ark on the
package. You do not have to fill any blank
or return the bottle, lan'tthct fair 25c,
50c 1 .00 of your dealer.
Noah Products Corp., RidusonJ, Vs.
us. Day!
To Pay
and get the Discount.
Positively no discount
allowed after Friday,
March 15.
Gas Co.
Twenty-nine Out of Every One
Hundred Pass Physical
(Special to The News.)
Washington, March 14. Tennessee
was surpassed by nine southern states
in the percentage of men selected for
military service. Out of every hundred
men certified by local boards, accord
ing to figures made public today by the
war department, Tennessee s percent
age was 29 men; found fit for service,
Out of every hundred certified Louis
iana led the nation with 0. Alabama
had 26, Georgia S9 and Florida 45.
The war department stated this per
centage Is Indicative of the general
condition of the men, Including their
physical and Industrial fitness for
service. The south as a unit led the
entire country.
War Department Makes De
parture to Meet Problem
at Army Camps.
Washington, March 10. (Associated
Press Correspondence.) The war ae
partment has established a woman po
linn force.
With more than 1,600,000 men al
ready in khaki, and millions more
awaiting the call to the colors, the de
partment has turned to the so-called
weaker sex for assistance in disposing
of a vital wartime problem.
Thousands of young women have
gone to the vicinity of the military
camps. To see that these girls are
protected from dangers, the depart
ment's commission on training camp
activities has appointed fifty-five wo
men deputy sheriffs to do scouting
and patrol work, in all parts or tne
country the women are on duty under
the supervision of especially estao-
llshed girls' protective bureaus.
Girls actually resident In the vicinity
of the camps are protected, runaways
are restored to their parents, and
amusement places are scrutinized
carefully. The work offers an oppor
tunity for the officer to exercise dls
cretlon, sympathy, and a knowledge
of human nature that particularly are
her own.
These women are trained sociolog
ical workers and so peculiarly equip
ped for efficient service. Their duties
are Intensely personal in character
and are concerned chiefly with indi
viduals. Although co-operating closely
with the military authorities and local
police, they wear no uniform, badge or
distinguishing mark of any kind.
"Often," says Miss Maude Miner,
chairman of the committee on pro
tective work for girls, "the women pro
tective officers find girls in the vicin
ity of the camps who are attracted by
the presence of the uniform. Some of
these are girls who have answered ad
vertisements and who arrive in camp
cities with insufficient funds; others
are runaways from their homes In
nearby cities and country towns. A
girl resident of the town, who Is dis
posed to resist discipline, is taken to
her home by the woman officer and
her mother warned of her danger. The
officers also visit nearby amusement
places to discover young girls who
seem to need protection and to see
that local ordinances are obeyed."
Atlanta, Ga,, March 14. Inquiries of
central, such as "give me the time.
please," or "where is ths fire?" will not
be permitted over the lines of the
and Ointment
Quickly soothe and heal
eczemas, rashes, itchings
and. burnings of the skin.
SanpleEaeh Free kr Mall. Addreaa poet
card: "Catiaa ra, Dept. Boaloa." Sold
everywhere. Sop Zbc. Ointment 2S and 50c
Southern Bell Telephone and Tele
I graph company In Georgia after April
1. according to a ruling today oj xne
Georgia railroad commission on a pe
titlon of the company. The commission
In its report ruled that "inquiries ror
the time of day or like Inquiries have
reached such proportions that legiu
mate teleDhona service Is seriously In
terfered with and that the company is
authorised to instruct Its operators to
decline to answer such." '
New Development of Trench
Warfare Proving of Val-
' uable Assistance.
Paris, Jan. 16. (Correspondence of
the Associated ' Press.) Transmission
of urgent 'orders to troops In the first
line and the sending of Interesting in
formation to the rear by projectile Is
one of the new developments of trench
u'rfarn arrnntlnr to the' monthly re
view. La Science et al Vie.
One of the instruments employed
for this purpose by the Germans was
caDtured in a recent successful at
tack made bv the French at Moron-
villiers. It consists of a tin cylinder
about fifteen Inches lone and an Inch
and a quarter - In diameter at the
mouth of which Is placed a box con
taining the message.
The cylinder and message box are
Disced in a grenade thrower, wnicn
launches It In much the same way as
aerial torpedoes and grenades are
fired from a trench mortar.
The extreme range of these new en
glnes Is about thirteen hundred yards
which is generally sufficient to cross
the zone of French curtain nre.
The utility of such a system became
apparent with thq development of
barring fire that made the carrying of
messages by dispatch hearers always
hazardous and' frequently Impossible,
and with the wholesale destruction of
telephone lines by intense destructive
artillery fire.
Receding Flood Leaves Lake Two
Thousand Square Miles in
Pekln, Jan. 2S. (Correspondence bf
the Associated Press.) Seventy-five
thousand persons in the flooded dis
trict southwest of Tientsin are facing
death by starvation and exposure, ac
cording to a report by the North China
Christian flood relief committee. 61m
ilar conditions on a smaller scale ob
tain in other parts of the flooded area.
While the water has drained away
from the larger part of the flooded
area, the Wen-An Hsien district still
forms a lake some two thousand square
miles in extent, approximately trian
gular In shape, with Tientsin at the
apex. Here the water, which at Its
height was twenty feet, still reaches a
depth of fifteen feet. .
The district is all below the level of
the rivers which enclose it and the
water cannot drain off, but must grad
ually disappear by evaporation and
percolation a process which at the
best will probably require five years.
In some of the river bends there
have been accumulations of Ice which
have so checked the flow of the water
that it has broken out again In fresh
places and reflooded certain areas, de
stroylnx the winter wheat In one dls
trlct the people have sown wheat three
times as the water gradually drained
off, and the third time It took root.
only to be finally destroyed oy inese
new winter Hoods.
The suffering of destitute villagers
is described In a letter from An ping,
aa follows:
The cold has cost many lives, ror
the people are largely without fuel and
in many cases have no winter domes,
One of the agents recruiting workmen
for roadmaklng found In one village
that ten people had succumbed In
a few days, xne acsmuuon ib in
creasing and tne suffering, growing
more Intense."
One Hundred Point
"XTO MAN, whether
' employed, in busl
' neas, or a profession,
can be "one hundred
point efficient" with
only fifty point eye
sight. If your vision Is Im
paired If your eyes
won't stand the strsln
of hard, constant work
you owe It to yourself
to make up the defi
ciency by wearing
Tou can depend upon
us for aatlafactlon.
Lenses ground right la
our own shop. henc
prompt and accurate
Harris & Hogshead
Manufacturing Optician and
13 E. 8th St. Prions 6?S
Admiral Msyo Csblsd for Informstion
Regarding Suitability special
Winter Clothing.
Ttaae of American Flotilla. In Rrltlah
Waters, Jan. 25. (Correspondence of
the Associated Press.) Admiral Henry
M nrn nnmmnnnnr nr inn at HniiD
fleet, has' cabled to Vice-Admiral Hlms,
In charge or tne American navai opcra-
Hnn in th a war innA. a reniieat for in
formation regarding the suitability of
h. anoxlcl winter ftutftla of nlothlnir
furnished to the naval men by the navy
department at waaiiingion. Aamirai
Mayo also wants to know of any rec
ommendations for changes In these
The Associated Press correspondent
Ua vni ia' hear a word of comnlslnt
against the present outfits worn by the
men. Thanks to tne Dusy women wno
...if mnaf nf ihtk men. ifioti after their
...iu.1 h.m received excellent sweat
ers, Jerseys and socks, which were sent
by wives, relatives ana rrienas vnr.H
home. When the cold weather came
nn ih.. were a n rmerlted bv an en
tirely new issue- of extra heavy winter
clothing. Many of these garments were
.i.i k the ttrltfah from their ions
experience in torpedoboats in the hard
winters oft this const.
Here are some of the things which,
when donned, make some of the men
look more like Arctic explorers than
bluejackets: '
Helmets of wool, which cover all but
the eyes, nose and mouth; light knitted
cost swenters, Jerseys and cardigan
Jackets; knitted mittens and gloves,
leather sea. boots; wind-proof, khaki
colored trousers; great costs, lined with
limh'a wool. The last named sre worn
over the life Jackets snd help to make
up the most servlcesble combination
worn by Americans over here. They
keep the men warm on the damp, cold
dsys with the biting winds, when the
sleet sojialls are hourly affairs and
"you can't see sn Inch."
Relatives of a large majority of the
men over here continue to aend them
knitted things.. All sorts of knitted
garments arrive, and are deeply appre
ciated. Ofttlmee the men receive
knitted garments from wife or sweet
hesrt that are not serviceable, but ac
companying letters from home sre so
enihnaiaattc that the men hraltate to
utter a word of crltlclam.
Experience has shown tnat me
womenfolks back home outht to con
nmm nn socks, as thev sre In the
greateat demand and moat appreciated
of all things they send 10 me aniior
boys over here.
Paris. Jan. II. (Correapondence ef
the Associated Press.) Hearts that
the gulf atream has gone on the rim-
pare has again set acientiata apecu-
latlnr tirxm the effect such a chanse
would hare urxm the climate of weat-
ern Kurope. The news la a.ild to come
thla time from the captains of mlll
t.iry transports. The OresnoarrapMe
Institute baa no knowledre r.r a oe.
vlatlnn of the gulf current but la un
able f either confirm or deny the re
port since Ita researchea hare been In.
ten-iifted since the btgibiiiag of the
For One Week
m m
r VO Qy p.
,av-v J, v . IbT V I aBJ 1 1 I . . I I I 1 1 il. I I' --r
a. af SS
' Style B
Aluminum Pint Molda Choice of Two Styles Value 50c Each
Our Four Offers
ffAva I Buy from your grocer two pack-
VSlier llOa-l ageg 0 jiffy.jeU. Then send us 10
cents cost of mslllng only and we will mail you three
individual dessert molds in pure aluminum. All one style
or assorted.
C(Caw M-. O Buy from your grocer two pacV
KJllCT IlOe aC ages of Jiffy-Jell. Then enclose 20
cent! with the coupon, and we will send aix molds the
full set all one style or assorted. These will serve a full
package of Jiffy-JelL The value it 60 cent.
Of f a Mr Buy from your grocer two Back
VSriCl ilU. O 0, Jiffy-JelL Send only 10
cents to pay mailing. We will then send a pint mold In
pure aluminum either Style B or Style C. This mold will
erre a lull package ot jmy-jeu. ino vaiue is ou cents.
f two.
Then send us 10 cents which is lest than cost of mailing
and we will tend tlx individual molds, ail one style or
Ci v m I jyav sing t vi j j -j vut sv w
Off av Mrs ad. BuT from your grocer tlx p
UriCI ilOe ,ge8 of jiffy-Jell instead of
Then tend us 10 centt which Is lest than cost of mil
No. 4 No. 5 JfciNo.2
Individual Molds
Pure Aluminum Value 60c Per Set?,
Send Coupon below after yoa buy Jiffy-JU
and say which offer you accept.
Youw Last Gaainice
To Get These Jiffy Jell Molds as a Gift
We repeat this offer because many
housewives found their grocers out
of Jiffy-Tell. The demand has been
overwhelming;. Now grocers in gen
eral are well stocked, and we offer
this final chance.,
We want every home to know
Jiffy-Jell. And we want every user
to serve it in the most inviting way.
Jiffy-Jell is the new-day quick gel
atine dessert. It is the latest creation
of Otis E. Glidden, the greatest of
gelatine experts. It is made in the
model food plant of America. It is
made with Waukesha gelatine a
superlative grade which costs to pro
duce twice as much as the common.
Amazing Fruit Flavors
But the greatest ad
vantage in Jiffy-Jell lies
in the wonderful flavors.
Each fruit flavor is made
from the fruit itself. Not
one is artificial All are
highly concentrated. So
every Jiffy-Jell dessert
and salad has a wealth of
fresh-fruit flavor.
A sealed bottle of liquid
fruit flavor ia in each
Jiffy Jell package.
All fruit flavors are
made direct from the
fresh, ripe fruit itaelf.
For Desserts and Salads
A Bottle of Fruit Flavor in Every Package
You add the flavor when the Jell
has partly cooled. The flavor is not
scalded in making Jiffy-Jell, as it wai
in old-style desserts. , f
There are many fruit flavors, so
you have a wide choice. All are rich
flavors all are sealed in vials. They
make a Jiffy-Jell dessert taste like a
crushed-fruit dainty. There is also
Mint flavor for garnish jell, with a
wealth of fresh mint flavor. There is
Lime flavor made from lime fruit.
It makes an ideal salad jell, tart, zest
ful and green. There are rew fruit
flavors like Loganberry never
used before.
Our Offer Is This
Our object U to let votf
know the delights of Jiffy
Jell. It will be a revelation.
So we aik you to buy two
packages from your grocer.
Try two different flavors. .
Then send us this coupon.
If you want the three indi
vidual molds or one pint
mold, tend only 10c to pay
cost of mailing.
Then the flavors come sealed
in glass vials. They are not mixed
with the gelatine, as
in old-style desserts.
The flavors are
liquid, and they come
in bottles one in
every package. So
they keep their
freshness until used.
Umt Frmlt Flmvr moAes
tmrt, antul SmlmJ Jtlgrtn
If you want tlx of the individual
molda, enclose 20c with coupon.
Accept this offef It will not ap
pear again. It meana a
valuable gift which will
last a lifetime. And it
means, above all, the
knowledge of the supreme
dessert which millions are
now enjoying. Cut out
coupon now, get Jiffy-Jell,
then send for ftiolds you
FinmmppU flavor for
SmlmJt r Drt JtUi
Ten Flavors in Sealed Vials
A BottU bt Emch Packet
Strawberry Orange
Raspberry , Lemon
Loganberry Coffee
Pineapple Lime
Cherry Mint
7uo Packagti for 25 Centt
' (U W4rwa
I Ymm I A .................
Aftnf Flmfor for
CamtaA M
Mail Us This Coupon
Whtn You Buy Jiffy-Jell F rom Your Grocer
I have today received packages of
Jiffy-Jell as pictured here from
iSmmm CrMll)
Now t mail thla coupon with ...... cants in sccpt
net of Off r No. (Ste offers al ths top.)
I want Style (Say which style er ttj stsorttd.)
Da sure yoe gat Jiffjr-Jell, with package like picture, tot nothing- ste hat tree
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a WAUKESHA PURE FOOD CO., Waukesha, Wis.
. .

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