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March 23
IV. S. Stamp Day
All Over Tennessee
Chattanooga, 4 p.m. Washington, 5 p.m. London, 10 p.m. Paris, 10 p.m. Petrograd, 12 p.m. Tokio, 7 a.m.
VOL. XXX. NO. 219
Agrees to Anglo-American Pro
posal as to Dutch Shipping
With Certain Proviso.
Assent Based on Allies Guaran
teeing to Replace Vessels and
Restrictions as to Cargo.
' Washington, March 19. xecution
ef plant to taks over Dutch merchant
hip in American port today awaited
official receipt from l-ondon of the
Dutch reply to the Britieh-American
hipping ultimatum. Yeiterday wu
the lat day given the Netherlands
government to make antwer and al
lowing for cable delays the United
States decided to wait until today be
fore proceeding to requisition the ton
nage in accordance with the demand
made several days ago.
The Hague, Monday, March 18.!
Holland has accepted, with certain
conditions, the Anglo-American de
mand regarding Dutch shipping. Thii
was announced in the second cham
ber today by' Dr. Loudon, the foreign
minister, who added that Holland
could not go further and was awaiting
the Anglo-American reply te its
,'test communication.
The minister's declaration, which
Viil be discussed by the chamber
Tuesday, saiJ: .
"The German government having
declared Us inublllty to- furnish ' 100,
O00 tons of wheat in two months, the
Dutch government finds itself com
pelled to accept the demand for sail
ing Dutch ships through the danger
zone, which the American and British
Kovernments had attached to the de
livery, on April 13. of 100,000 tons of
V. heat."
1 Based on Conditions.
Dr. Loudon added, however, that
llie assent of the Dutch government
was based on conditions. Included
bruong these conditions were the
tlalm that the allied governments
nhould guarantee that no troops . nor
war materials be transported on the
tdiips and that vessels destroyed be
Replaced by othera after the. war. An
other condition was that bunker coal,
tieeessarv for transporting merchan
dise to Holland ought to be furnished
3Jutchf ships.
Will Not Meet the Case.
London. Marc,h 111. In official cir
cles here It is said that inasmuch as
telegrams from Holland appear to sug
gest that the Dutch government has
accepted the allies' note, it should be
pointed out again that an attempt at
this time on the part of Holland to
rome to an agreement merely on the
liasis of the modus vivendl of Jam
January will not meet the case, as the
position has changed radically siricj
This evidently refers to the off.T
made to Holland by the allies before;
the present action was decided upon,
providing for the rationing of the
.Dutch people in exchange for conces
sions from Holland, the most Impor
tant of which was the use of Dutch
Dr. London explained that the
Netherlands had been ready to accept
the provisional arrangement, by which
100.000 tons of grain would be supplied
on account, in accordance with "the
basis of the agreement" with the al
lied, when the associated governments
suddenly sprang the demand that the
released tonnage should also be used
in the danger zone.
Why Deferred Answer.
It was lild down by the Nether
lands government as a basic condi
tion for the arrangement and ac
cepted by the associated govern
ments." continued the foreign minis
ter, "that the Dutch -ships be kept out
of the danger zone. 1 will refrain
from discussing th reasons that may
have led to the new demand, lint its
justice the Netherlands government
cannot admit. Neither does it admit
the assumption prevalent in certain
countries, that when a belligerent's
need of tonnage becomes pressing,
neutral ships can be forced en bloc to
enter its service."
lr. lyoudon said that the Nether- !
lands government, after mature eon-
sideratlon. had Informed the associ
ated governments that both from po-
,m.-H m. ri-....i..u.,. "
objected seriously a
U deferred making a definite answer.
taking into consideration the threat- j
c-nrd gram shortage during he com (
1nB summer and the probability that
Jl . r.lt. It
reiiiii wouiu ii-Biiii iii iiiv , nun's
I'll oi an oversea aiipi'iie:-.
No Confirmation.
l-ondon. March IS. No confirma
tion tin Ing been received through
i ithcr the llrltish minister at The
Hague, or the Hutch minister here, of
Hollands reported acceptance of Hie
.lilies' terms respecting the vr-c of
Dutch shipping. Great lirltain. it is
learned, has sent a fresh notification
to The Hague. In this it Is said that,
falling unequivocal acerp; re of their
tnniis. the nlllis m t proceed limnc
Ulatrlv to requisition the vessfls.
Judge Higgins, of Texas,
Dies; Was Shot in Back
, . ..
fort Worth. Tf.. March !.-tor-
mer iMMrict Judge C. (. Iliggms. one
, the moft widely Known lawyers In
Tf xus. :.n was shot thrmich the hack
Sunday night while s--ate,l st a tal.le
utth mmbers of his family tn a hotel
dining room at rialrmont. Trx.. died
at noon today, according to anvi. f s
r-reived h're this afterno"!.. It is
statrd i.ist the identity tf the perjon
who fired the shot has not been eo'ih
lihed. r.nigrs hnve ordered to
fi'airrnont to investigate !h- shooitrr.
Jii.lce JI ,re.r, rvr,l 1 of a
iiiri t .-oiirt in if'l T' n' for
cigiiie n )au.
Fort Worth, Tex., March 19.
Cap. L. V. Drake, of the
Royal Flying corps, who, with
KUis Watts, of Portland. Ore.,
a cadet, fell several hundred
feet in an airplane here late
yesterday, probably will re
cover, it was announced today.
Watts was instantly killed and
it was at first beljeved that
.Capt. Drake waa fatally In
jured. Drake's home is in London.
Requisition Postponed Until
Word Received From Neth
erlands Government.
Proclamation of, President Is
Ready for Issuance.
Officers of Naval Reserve Go
Aboard One Vessel Misun
derstanding Blamed.
Waehington, March 19. Requieition
of Dutch ships in American waters
still awaited word from London at
noon today and officials indicated that
actual seizure would not take place
until the Netherlands government had
been heard from.
A reply to the American and Brit
ish demands was said to have been
dispatched through London, but it has
not been received here, j y
' All departments of the government
which will take part in the seizure
were ready to proceed the minute word
was given. A proclamation by. Presi
dent Wilson announcing the .requisi
tion and the reasons for it was pre
pared and signed yesterday ready for
Through Misunderstanding.
N'ew York, March 19. Apparently
through a misunderstanding, one of
the Dutch ships in New York harbor,
the Kamarinda, was boarded by officers
of the naval reserve today and her
commander notified that they had
come to tale possession of the ship in
the name of the American government.
Th -commander was told,, that the
American Aug would go up at "noon
and that the officers and crew of the
ship would be given until midnight to
The commander of the Samarinda
reported the circumstances to the Rot
terdam Lloyd, her owners, and said he
was preparing to obey when shortly
alter noon he again reported, saying
that the naval officers had left the
ship. He said the naval officers had
informed him they had been instructed
to return to the navy yard and hat
the contemplated seizure had been
British Flying Machines Suc
cessful in Fierce Aerial
London, Monday, March 18. Eight
een German machines were destroyed,
eight were driven down out of control
and an observation balloon was de
stroyed by British aviators in the air
fighting Sunday, according to an offi- I
cial statement late tonight dealing
with the aerial activity en the western
The statement follows:
"A good visibility on Sunday en
abled our aviators to Increase their
work In the air. The railway sidings
at Somain and hostile rest billets on
all parts of the front and three of the
enemy's airdromes wrre heavily
bombed, a total of ten and a half tons
of bombs being dropped. Over one of
the airdromes attacked a fierce en
counter took place, the result of which
three hostile airships were derdroyed,
our own suffering no losses.
,,o '.-II w. in, an ina-
chine, were downed, eight driven
down out of control and an observe-
drMroyed. Four of our
nilirh)nrs HrP liliSiny
flying machines dropped
fl hostile air-
one of which was occupied by
largr bombing machines, and also on
a big ammunition dump northeast of
St. uiientin and on billets In the neigh
borhood of Douai and Menln."
Missouri Leads States
In Wt SUmp Sale i
Washington. March 1J. Missouri. 1
Willi a total of l.nii.fn, leads the(
' count iv in wile ol war H,iviiigi stamps.
aei oi ding to flrM detailed statement I
: of tin campaign Inmik d by the na-
i tional war savings committee. The
Matrment. made put, lie today, and In
cluding sl n from the beginning of the '
drive in i iiil'cr to th" end of Krh-
J ruary. lo shows the Misi-ourt river
i states. Nebraska. Missouri and Kan-
: ., u une , ,he order name, in per
i,.,,,,,, t.nptionv The total and '
J p.r ,,;il,t , .j, ,,f war savings Kecurl- I
. ff( (or thp fUtrn to lnp rn(1 o( jan. ,
, uarv n h,,, j
j ),ra.-ki. I.". f J. 14 : Mis. ;
,nr1 fit.oii.sso :..,4; Tein. $:.-(
SI j , ; $.1S: rkan.-m. 11.111.-
VT1.:!. 6J : Virginia. 1 1.1 13 4 J. 51'-;
T. nri !. . $1.1 kf.Sl M. .'Of-; l.uiHlana.
ku'.'."ia.4.l: 43-: 1 'lorida. IM.?4l.i.
"; Kcntuik. Hvll'HI: He; North
'einlniM. I'lMTiM. Mlsnkslppt.
$4:..4-.,.. ;-oi t-in. (.tmt.
Al.i'.amn. IITr.lr4. lc: South
Carvlma, 1J'J.6.:0, lit.
President Wilson's Message to
Russian People HelcJ.Signifl-
cant by Non-Socialist Press
Moscow, Saturday, March 15. (By
the Associated Prees.) President Wil
son's message to the Russian people
is very significant and is a limited rec
ognition of the soviet government, in
the opinion of the noneoeialist and
conservative ' newepaper Ranneye
The message shows the determina
tion of the United States not to inter
fere In Itusslan internal affairs, adds
the newspaper, which continues:
t "In these grave days there is great
moral support in the form of intention
of the Dowerful trans-Atlantic repub-
I lie to secure for Russia complete sov
ereignty ana inacpenoence in uri ow m
affairs. The United States, which was
declared to be caplralis.tic by the bol
shevikl, proves faithful to the princi
ples proclaimed by her and the sin
cerity of her position was acknowl
edged by the bolshevik! in the hearty
reception the soviet congress gave to
the president's message."
America Imperialistic.
The Irvestia. the official government
organ, characterises President Wil
son's message as a "document of the
greatest political importance," and
"To understand, consequently, Its
Value Is essential to our cause and to
the interest of the great Russian revo
lution." The editorial declares that although
the United States is an imperialistic
government struggling for the Russian
market, it is far less of a menace than
Germany or Japan, . which are near
neighbors and seek to annex Russian
territory and control the politics of
Russia, as well as to make a commer
cial conquest.
"With the United States," continues
the Izvestla, "we could have misunder
standings, clashes and struggles, but
also an agreement. With (iermany
and probably with Japan, ff she should
realize her devilish plan of an inva
sion of Siberia, we could have only a
death struggle."
Confident of U. S. Aid.
After discussing the possibility of
revolutions In Germany and Japan and
expressing the opinion that the prole
tariat of Japan cannot now defeat her
annexationist plans, the Ir.vcstla says
the United States Is vitally interested
in keeping Russia strong politically
and economically and it declares that
as soon as the Americans are con
vinced of the stability of the soviet
government, they will supply Russia
with money, arms, locomotive n
engineers to , do away with economic
disintegration and make jjosslbla
organliatton of a strong army.
From Birmingham but De
tained at Memphis for Failure
to Notify of Removal.
Memphis. March 19. Action was
expected to be taken today or tomor
row in the case of Ous Husnoble,
whose home Is said to be in Birming
ham. Ala., detained here for allege 1
failure to notify the government in -fore
removing from. Birmingham after
having registered In that city a an
enemy alien.. Husnoble was Krrested
several days ago and ordered herd
pending an investigation by agents of
the department of justice.
Conclude! Trip Along American
Front Holds Conference
With Gen. Pershing.
Headquarters of the American Rx
peditlonary Force in France. Mnda.
March l.-(By the Associated I res )
-concluding his journey along the
American lines of communication.
BtSretnry Hiker awoke this morning
at Oen. Tershlng's headquarters, after
hl first night's sleep In a house since
starting on his rP of Inspection.
after nreagiasi .
from the chateau Jo the
occupied bv the stair wim-
.reent for his aides.
out any
nls-entrV UtoH devoid of military die-
nlav After a short conferring
GenlershTng. Secretary rr made
" . - - .v. Kiirimir. siiendlng
lour oi .,o
short time In
eacn omrt,
re explained In detnll
officer In charge
. v.1- r,rti,-,ilnr section. The
or ui in" , . .
ftZ""? Vhi staff in the field.
1.,,. fainiuariien
7"?. T.H.h. troop, at the front.
,, well as in the training ar-.
.i-rrt.1rv tm""'" '
the oft), es after ne nan . o -
entire staff
wnn assemoie.1
he secretary waa
intronneen ior .
brief Informal addreS
to the officers
us the "nerve center
Spy Suspects Delayed i
V,w Yo,k. Vurch i.-rresbler;.al
warrants fr the deportation to rran.-e
,.t two men and to w.-n -;.rr'' J
, department Of Justice agent, here
vesterd.y and suspected of wj.lonsr
artlvltles in b-half of German, - ar
rived today from Wabfton. but It J"
m.niw lime win i i"i- -
the nuarteMe.
actually len 'r'-""
tl.e country. .
Thr.r of the suspect. M.idsme
tt shina
li.ividovltcfiMor'-n. .! -
fharlotte t mni
rjr.ignntd as Har.,n llrrt
, . lha f m r, unmHl-"
t-kln to F-.1P- sland and tuffiM,
iiV.r t(J Inf li. !'.' ......
T, nther mrnilor f
tr,e ;led
. . . knnllll IO inr
t osnt Ilot-rt de Clal. mont. 'S
r-jsrd in !.. ii.ta apartment.
ii t d
v. h' r
l.c tut Ik'h ill fvi aevnal dds.
. :
Gen. Pershing: Reports
Onlv Two Named as
W r - .
ing One Officer, Capt. Phelps Collins.
Three Die of Wounds.
Washington, March 19. The
casualty list iesued today by the
war department contained only
thirty names. Capt. Phelps Colins
was included among those killed in
action. Lieut. George O. Middle
ditch died of aoqident.
The casualties were divided as
follows: Klled tn action, 2; died
of accident, 3 died of wounds, 3;
died of disease, 12; wounded se
verely, 2; slightly wounded, t. v
List In Full.
The list follows:
Killed in Action,
Captain Phelps Collins.
Private Frank J. Konopek.
Died of Accident.
Lieutenant Geo. O. Mlddledltch.
Cadet Edward E. Butler.
Mine Throwers Destroyed.
Six Thousand Shells Tired
From U. S. Troops Sector.
With the American Army in France,
March 18. (By the Associated Press.)
It is now permiesible to annouriVe
that American artillery in the Lune
villa eector haa located and blown up
a battery of mine , throwere, one of
which a few days ago obtained a di
rect hit on a dugout in which were
a number of American soldiers.
The battery dias been causing a
great deal of trouble for several days
and the Americans were determined to
put it out of action. It was located
after considerable trouble and the ar
tillery concentrated high explosives on
it. A patrol of twenty-four mn, half
American and halt French, .last night
wont into tha Uertnan linos from on
Isolated portion of the sector. It
completed, its mission of reconnais
sance, bringing hack the desired In
formation. The- patrol had a short
skirmish, but obtained no prisoners.
Made Vigoroue Reply.
Yesterday extraordinary artillery
activity developed in the Chemln-des-Dames
sector, where some troops from
New England are In training. The
enemy began a gas bombardment late
Saturday night and continued it until
yesterday. A vigorous reply was
made by both American and French
batteries, which gave the flermans
about four times as much as they sent
over. Massachusetts troops bora the
brunt of a-portion of the bombard
ment. SIk thousand shells were Mred
yesterday from the sector In which
tlm Americans arc stationed, a largo
proportion of them hetng gas shells.
One Man Killed and Another
Wounded Robbers Escape
Without Taking Booty,
Tampa. Fin.. March 19. The
Slate bank, at Zephyrhills, lln.,
near here, was dynamited early
today. A Mr. Htorms, who ran to
, the bank when the alarm was
sounded, was killed end another
citizen was wounded. A possn Is
searching fir the bandits, who
escaped without booty. Tele
phone wires were cut by the rob.
' bers and few details have been re
ceived here.
Knoxville to Get Big
$50,000,000 Nitrate Plant
fpperisl to The New s l
Knoxville. March ' " of the
government's nitrate plimt tn the
south will be located In the vicinity of
Knoxville, according to a special to
the S ntlnel from Its Washington ror
respondent. II l understood thai the
plant will cost about fjo.don.noo. and
Is a part of the system whi.-h Is now
In ceiiirs- of construction at Muscle
Iterlin. m Ixmdon, March U. To
day's (iltlrlul report from army head
quarters reads:
'Western War Theater I ront of
Pronn I'lincr Itupprecht: Storming
troops of rrufinn. liaverlen nd Saxon
divisions inHde iiessful remnnls
snnres In riimdeis and tbrrel.y cap
lured mote thiin 30 Itelglans.
"From th roast to 1 Hapisee canal
there s an Increase In the Intensity
of the artillery dul during the eve.
nlng. "n the remainder of the front
the firing was mod-rat.
rih. mr. 1'" simply
ternbl. The tii.ln
tht fn.e us men
l sot to fl- k a
spring nt but. I
rn'l wear thl
sgftin: h!l ft h
l.rown er t..v b'u
i r K-n or irii--t
Z.mn l:r..;.,",7.y,! ! M-r. h The An;r1.
I ,u .p,.n r..r.ul t i le. es, .e.l t-erme
tre'd Ke It bfci'he rmn f.e. iip'ii,n of that elty
Th rt,er? Iirind i now ,ife at l:k,ff. according
r,d mnitr r tlv In a ij-tih to tlie l.,te ,. K) imel t
pi-rm 'r- uhl anjt'.lv frii ni 1 1. n ( r. "l fuiiimti
U 'll,fd. at Jluuw,
Smaller Casualty List.
Killed in Action.' Includ-
Private Martin J. Murphy.
Died of Wounds.
rrtvates Alma M. Martin, Ar
thur P. Vauderelul. Wilber Wilker
son, Died of Dieease.
Sergeant Wm. F. Carroll.
Privates Jamea F. Alford, Chas.
R. Uurteh, Herman Crosby, Tom
mie Dudley, Frank E. Fisher. Arvel
Johnson, Pnrre Monies, ltalph H.
Peters, J antes Walter Moore,
fcmunuel Scott, Oliver V. Seaton.
Wounded Severely.
Sergeant Frank Hickman.
PrivateAustin H. Schumacher,
Wounded Slightly.
Privates Hobcrt O. Baughn,
Chas. H. nibeau, tlraden H. God
frey, Daniel J. Healey, Wm. J Mul
ligan, Sam Todor. Stewart Trelbln,
Kaslmer Wolpunk.
On Board Secretary Baker's
Train In Fiance, Sunday,
Murch 17. (Uy the Associated
Press.) "While we aro busy
at home," said Newton V. lin
ker, the American secretary of
war, in a talk la officers at the
American staff achoo (today,
"with our preparations and
training of troop", our hearts
are transplanted to Francs. My
visit has brought, me a great
uplift in spirit. As a boy takes
apart a watch to see huw It Is
made In order to understand
the functions of Its parts, i
have been taking this army
Tenty-one Men Fail to Jte
; cevrt Commissions at
.. , leon Springs.
(Npeolst to The News )
Wreenvllle, H. K., March 1. Twenty
one soldiers of lmp Sevier, who were
among the number sent to the officers'
training camp, Leon Springs, Tamp
Kta '.y. Texas, returned hem today
without receiving commissions. The
men named, students having volun
tarily submitted their resignations,
were relieved from further obligation
and at dance at the Leon Springs
trnlnlna immn nnd proceeded without
delav to Camp :tevler. reporting upon
arrival to the organisation commander
fir dutv: Sergts. Wu. I . IM'Key.
( Jlen H. Hunhsr. Ma I. J. O. Walker,
Herman F. Owens, Jas. It. Hatch,
Homer M. Richards. Morion A. Oorrty.
fluy K. Tumplln, Joseph F. Allen.
Henry P. Andrews, John M. Ilond,
'Hios. J. Fly, Cileman A. McPraw,
Chas. V. Chenoult, Rene IC. Vlllers,
Walten J. Worshnm; Corporals Win
ton F. Manson. Wm. R. Culhertson,
Haldbert H. Phllllns. and Privates
Thos. I. Alcoek and Fred II. Ontes.
British Aeros Make 255
Flights Into Germany
Tajtldun. March 19. Two hun
dred and fifty-five fllKhts Into
C.errnsny have been curried out by
Hrltlsh aviators sml only ten inn
mochlnes have been loi.t. James
Ion Macl'herson, pai llmnentary
secretary of the war office, an
nounced In answer to a ((iiestlon
In the house of commons tod;iy
regarding the results of rerent iilr
laid Into lii'inmn territory.
More Ifisn a ton of bombs were
dropped on Mannheim on March
18, he added.
Eight Direct Hits.
Mr. Macl'herson said tight di
rect hits had been Obtained on the
Ksdlsiiie Sodafahrlk at Mann
heim. The Hrltlsh raiders were
attacked by an enemy formation
and l of the enemv machines
were downed, the other being
driven off. All the Ililtlsh re.
till li' il.
The flights. Mr. Maepherron
explained, roiistltulrd thirty-right
raids Into (ietmariy. all since tc
torn r. The aviators dropped for-ty-rlght
tons of bomhs. They I ml
to suiliioiint the dltflciiltle pre
sented b frost, snow, g;ilr and
heavy mist, w htch i ften preventrd
them fiorn seing the iermn lion
works and factories they wre to
iitlacK. Most of the raids were
ariid out In dajllght. The tiuin
ler of thee ep'itlo ,s and the
utlinunt of er iloslves dropped
were Inrtraslng steadily. I'hnt.
(liiph which hud been taken
showed bejond doubt the sceiir, y
of th : i ports made. The atfui k
were unci ntrnted on objects of
militsry Importance.
Mr. ,M,k I'hi-rn.n alto said there
had bet n strady lncre In the
strenelh of ttie enemy' lrcttt
ilrfenses. These . ircif how -
ver, had l-een defeated with lot
wheeetri they attempted to. In
London, March 19. The
heads of tho Oermnn army
have invited a'numbcr of neu
tral correspondents to bo pres
ent at tho Ocrr-tun offensive
on the western front, the Kx
change Telegraph correspond
ent at Copenhagen reports.
Tho correspondents. It Is stated,
will, leave for the front on
Airmen Who Bombed Rhenish
Prussian Town Believed to
Have Been Americans.
Skepticism as to Americans'
Coming and Equal Fear of
Them Exhibited.
London, March 19. Fifty persona
war killed and grsat material dam
age waa dona by bombs droppad by
allitd airman when thay raidad Co
blani, Germany, on March 12, accord
ing to a nautral travalar, who arrivad
Monday at The Hague, tha Tlm
"The people believed the raiders
wore Americans," the traveler s,ild.
"It was in the neighborhood of a big
munition works at Mulhelm (north or
I'ohlcnx and also on the Rhine), at
(en minute past noon, when suddenly
all the factory whistles started blow
Ing ami the sirens were sounded. Many
women rushed from the works for the
bomb proof shelters, while pnsslug
street cars were slopped as the crews
bolted Into houses. Four or five nlr
planes wcro visible In the clear sky,
"Amtrioana Ar Comingl"
"Presently some one exclaimed:
'They aie Americana! Another per
son aci earned aloud; Tho American
Hta comtnii!' A Pulchman 1 knew
lushed up lu inn and said: M'ldn't 1
tell you tha Aim-tlcaiiH would come
sooner or later?'
"I cannot say whether tha machlnra
actually were American, but the alrik
Ins; tblua; was' tha evidence, that there
Iin biiao ireoeral skepticism . whether
American airplanes ever would come
and aiiual fear of them when they do."
Tho neutral traveler added tlwit. al
IhniiMh the machine merely pased
over Mulhelm on their way to Cobleim.
It wit not until 4 o'clock that the
"all-clear" signal waa suunilnd.
Cohlnnx I the capital of the Ithlne
province of Prussia. Tim Hrltlsh war
officii announced on March IS that on
Hint day Hellish aviator had dropped
it ton of hiuiiha on factories, alalluu
and barrack at ('olden. The attack
whs made In dayllKht. and two fire
ami a violent rxploafon Wuia seen to
have been caused by Ihe bumb. Iter
lln always ha denied any rlnu
lusnen caiiMeil by allied air rnld over
(ierinau territory, but If fifty were
killed at Col. km. the HiIIIhIi raid re
sulted In mure erloii lusse Ihunever
have been reported from (leruiuuy be
With the American Army in Franc,
Monday, March 18. (By th Atsoci
attd Pri.( American artillery on th
1 oul front today bombardad town
within th nmy hnti. On vrl
occation a considerable numbir of
g hll war used. Th gunner
alio droppad projectile on Carman
trtnch. Som inella hit in tha town
of Ey and othr in Montsao.
An American patrol between Hen
lilei wood nd Jury wood (Mmwii
Helcliepiay and Ulreyi, encounteieil
an enemy patrol earK this mut nlng.
for an hour and a half Die putnit
tried to make sonic nf the enemy
prliiiner. but without result, sli lioiish
tiuiiiber of fight with putol and
rlPri occurred ti llrwman retlrvl.
JiiMipIng from tree to tiie. AtllerlcHii
anlpers mil. In number of lucky
ahiit t'alay and (iermari wem seen lj
The Aiueiicnti telephone wire with
in the A merli iiii llnr wei r t.if.ped
again duilng the night, not, fur fmiu
w here the patrol ncoun'i-r ik-cui red
The enemy artillery fired a ninulxrof
Km shell t our lima. ',
Crtid Garman n.
The weather Inat lilglit and toilnv
not well kullrd for aerial work nml
Inn. h DM ai i'oinliih I American
anlln irci a f t gun iliove off at tiat lU
iieinv airplanes r bile oMi.'ix roaai .l
the line at uih a height that they
were out .f range.
Iiat night Hliplmira from the lenr
of the American linea rrosae,) over In
the (ierman sone. Mihiii after tnenv
enploaioii and ftaahea weie hrml
and e n in the ,llie,-tl,,n of Metx.
ArnerPan phine licovi ied dm in
the night that thn lienoana at
atn ngtheiilrig their erond line. r I
kn'iwn thai the that lire In itmuv
t la era virtually b.i been ahaiot'ined
It I believed that the accurate .iorri
rmi artlllerr tire has had souieHnni;
to d with this
A,ihicf tt.n. M.irh
iileratmn of the war
lion bill W t.e.el
ngreniieril to n I g'
i; I'l p in.
if II. hi. con
finance mi oi
up t .da. under
i..il (1-r.n'e
Ileprr,nt'i.- Kii
th maire. w I
tonight, bet m.iriv oi
lively i on f o'. , r
tiieer and r I
w oul. riot 1.. Irtt h
I La m iK.
hlT In ekfge ,f
.f.il of p,.aa
fi.l 9 looke.1 for
irtMotin i.mend
ih,t a ftnit vote
,1 foir lite in
Hostile Activity Increases in
Ypres VicinityStruggle Se- ;
, vere on Belgian Front.
Flame Projectors Used in Pen
etration at Yser All
Losses Retrieved. - ."
Parn, March 19. French pa '
trolt oparating laat night (n tha
vicinity ot Khaimi, paiatratad '
tha Gtrman lino to a diatanca of ;
mora than thrta-fifths of a mil, r
according to today's war offici an
nouncamtnt. In tha umi ragion '
to tha ait of SiHary, tha at
tempt of a Garman raiding party
was frustrated. Thar 'waa havy , ;
artilltry fir during th night on
th right bank of th Mui in
th Vtrdun region.
London, March 19, "Engliah troop ,
oarriad out aucccaiful raid lait night ,
in th neighborhood of V illars-Guis
lain, Lavaquier ,nd Boil Grnir, and
capturd a numbir of prisoner," th
war effic announces. "Th nimy'ii
tranche cast of Nuv Chappall vr'
raidad by Portugu troop, who
brought back prionr and two ma
chin gun.
"During the niiilil tlie enemy at-
tempted three raids in (he neighbor
bond of l-'lcurhatK and Hoi Urenlcr
but wa repulsed with Ion in each
case. There wu cofisldernble hostile
activity in the forward and bark arenm
of the Vprrs sector."
Report From Pari. '
Pari, Monday, March 18 Hvy .
artillery fighting i in progr on th
Vardun front, aya tonight' effioi!
communication. On tha Balgian front
thr war vr struggle with tha,
Carman who war xpllad from posi
tion in which thay had galnad a foot
The announcement follow:
"Two enemy raid, tin south tit
Juvincoui t, the othw southeast of Cor
bmiy. waio repulsed aftur spirited
iiKhtln, in which the (Jermana.. aua-.
talned roiialdarabU Job. v took pris
oner. "Th artillery on both aides was
rather active, particularly In tha ra
ion ot Haiiiogneux and Haiunvaux
(Verdun front), aa well sa In lxrraln
between Pure and lladonvlller.
"On Hunday three Herman airships
v "i Instroyed and all othera jr. era
dilhMiged badly by our pilot. A cap
tive balloon raa set on fire by una of
our avlutora. Furthermore It haa been
liiaiiied that two uther tierman air
ship were brought down on March Iii
mid 16. Our bombarding- aiiutidrona
threw clow ti six thousand killogralii ot
explosive on Saturday and ,00, on
HiiniUy on isnloiiniBiila, oilier military
'M(alillaliiiii ut and isllwsy aUUetia ut
the c in in j . . ,
Artillery Thrown Back. '
"Ih Iglan Front At dawn this morn-,
Imr tin, eueiiiy made attacka with
strong troop In th region ot Nleu-.
port, ihxmude and Menkem. Near.
Mruport the (Ierman gained a footing
In some advanced position but wcrs
partially thrown (nick. Near lMxmudr,,
iislati il by a vlub nt bombardment, the,
enemy penetrated our advanced posts,
caul of lieigcisvllet and south of,
Hluyvi kencker, and also, owing to th
linn or llnme projector, in pnri ui t
trench on the west bunk of the Yser.
In counter attucka during; the da
we n gained poaaiaalon cf all thaaM
posts and trench elemcnla which had
l.ern temporarily lost. A number vt
pilsonii and tnacblne gun remained
in our hand. A brisK artillery flr
wa illrected on. our roiniiiunlcutUm.
All along the front there wn actla
nitill' iy fighting, gas shell being- used
In iii.iny IfiHtance.
lploiv Erfaetiw. .
"Mn ci don la Front-Italda were car
ried out with sueieaa III the region of
bens and wr.-t or Fresh, hike, wheia
it Flinch detachment urprltd an en
rmy rei onnoiteiing patty and took
pummel. There waa very grcl ai
llvltv on the purl of allied aviators
Who threw down more than 1900 kllo
gim of rxploaur on enemy tb
lialiim rita In the Htriima. and Verdun
Vjllo and IK-nr tlemnt (rl Of Motl
astitl. Iinpoitunt ivsult were b
Ahi!!e. N. . March 11 Samuel
livid, trai, f trig for the stale today in
the tilul l MorKitiitoii of tUrrtrld and
Anion Cilta. thuiged with the mur
der of lr. F. A. Ileiinese urprt-4
the. ti.rgrt eiowd in the courtroom by
poaltivelr litentifv lug the Pitta boyas
the men' who filed the shots at lr.
Ilriiura-M- on the night of .fun. II. Th
night 4 duk ami foggy, but th wit
n -a wa iinhraitsting. lie said tha
men w iilfced up to the doctor, on on
ea. ti idc. and ftre.l several ahota and
t. ii ne t iiwmv. Then they rm bac
t,i lnr l'r. llenneaaee haj fallen en
hi fair and Tied Into the proatrato
ImmIi. tr. I(enne..e hat lual left a
liai'i at Morganton when th hoot.
Ing l-rgin.
Washington. March 1 Senate an4
Imi,, s,rfeiees t.Hloy en work ou (
the It 1 i.i!ue.eo') urgent deficiency ap
propriation Mil. rt ei.r'y amended by
th u-iiair. to authoMxa the aJ of
at! enemv .roirtv in thi pountrv
and purchart bv the gmernment of
the tirrmin k.irre at lloboken.
S J The houw corfereea are ei-ivte-l
to a- ept th- enemy rretrty
itl,rt,.titlrr!., aVNMiaH thev are ,-rti.
Utive nl.-ra" oliiil hve not beesi
roiiMdeted Iv t!ie house. The cor--f,
r. e n'o a.if il.Tog senate.
(n,.r, .- i'i sppiepri.ttion ajsrtjat
L, .AH.,X'J,

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