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The News
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March 23
W. S. Stamp Day
All Over Tennessee
Chattanooga, 4 p.m. Washington, 5 p.m. London, 10 p.m.Paris, 10 p.m. Petrograd, 12 p.m. Tokio, 7 a.m
VOL XXX. NO. 220.,
Four Different Heavy. Attacks
Made on Germans With
Gas Shells.
Boche Machines Defeated in
: ; Thrilling Encounter.
American Patrols Unscathed
in Sharp Skirmish With
the Enemy.
With the American Army in
France, Tuesday, March 19, (By
the Aasoeiated Preat.) A German
airplane, both laat night and thia
morning flew over the American
aector northwest of Toul and
dropped rubber balls eighteen
inchea in diameter filled with
.liquified mustard gas. Thia is the .
first time, so far as is known, that
an airplane has been thue em
ployed. With the American Army in France,
Tuesday, March 19. By the Asso
ciated Press.) American artillery on
the Toul front hae heavily attacked
the Germans with gas sheila during
the paet day or so, it is now permitted
to announce. Four different attacks
were launched and from the manner in
which the enemy was silenced it is'
evident they had the desired effect.
DuririR one period when the gas
shells were flying over the enemy lines
);ist night a German air plane with a
red tail light appeared over the Amer
ican lines and dropped a red rocket, for
what purpose it Is not known. How
rver, shrapnel from American anliair-,
rraft batteries burst so near the Her
man immediately afterward, that he
was forced to fly for his own lines in
h hurry. Last night the enemy ob
servation towers and positions on
Montsee. were shelled heavily and a
Jieavy Are was directed against the
enemy lines this morning.
Cause Heavy Explosions.
At noon today the enemy opened a
lively Are on one of the American po
tations with .37 milimeter guns from
the ceWtery at Richecourt. The
American guns of the some cnliher
rame Into action and after they had
Hied fifty shells the Germans inn from
the position and took their guns with
Ihem. The American gun then shelled
the rilage of Lnhayville, where two
heavy explosions, apparently of muni
tion stores, were caused.
The German artillery directed most
rf its attention to dropping a few gas
rhclls into one or two towns within the
American lines and shelling a cross
roads known as Death's corner during
the day and night.
Last night American patrols entered
the German front lines at two points
,ut did not see a single enemy soldier,
although they hunted some time. An
other patrol remained in the enemy
wire entanglements all night hoping to
ambush an expected enemy pmty, but
it did not appear. A third patrol party
was discovered by the Germans, who
hurled hand grenades and forced the
Americans to withdraw. Still another
established contact with an enemy pa
trol and a few shots were exchanged.
The Americans came through ur.
m athed but it is not known whatihap
I'cntd to the Germans.
Irish Regiment Bombarded.
Many airplanes were "up until it br
:m to rain at noon. One airship from
the rear of the American line drove
off two boche machines after a thrill
ing battle in and out of the clouds.
Another Rlrpl.'ine was engaged against
a German when a second Gorman
Joined in the fight. A second friendly
airman came up to assist, but it was
too late for the airplane the Americans
hoped would be victorious fell to the
ground within the enemy lines.
On the sector east of Luneville the
Htlllcry continued active and a few
American patrols have reached the
em-mv line. One party encountered an
enemy patrol and forced the Germans
to withdraw after a sharp skirmish.
A certain Irish regiment was bom
barded heavily today with big shells.
Imports from both the t.uncville and
Toul sectors say that more German gas
proipctile batteries have hern discov
erer! and blown to bits by the American
gunners. '
Ilichmond. Va.. March CO. Gov. P-
is today vetoed the workmen's com
pensation Mil. The veto came as an
answer to the refusal of the general
assembly to accede to the governor's
demand ttiat the administering com
mission be composed of state officers
serving cx-omrto. and not of salaried
men trained to the work. The gov
ernor's campaign pledges Included a
riomlse against creation, of new of
Washington. March I". The
n.ny department is i. iking out a
plan for promotion o f'fflc r by
s hvtlon ra'hrr than by seniority
and dl itu i.i pi str ft In a bill to
I,, prfr'e.l to the house naval af
fairs rymnitttee wltHn few
urrordm t" Information received
t.v mrmt-e-rs C the committee to
!iv. Line e."Ve: of the ns v v nn
are promoted b senior'.').
it? :
Baker Narrowly Escapes
German Shell Bursts Near
Auto in Which Secretary
of War Is Riding.
Willi flip Amrricnn Army In
France. ' Tuesday, Murch 5!). (Hy
flip Aspoclatod I'ruH.) While. Sec
retary Baker and hJs party were
returning today from tlie Ameri
can front Hup trenches, a German
105-mllllmeter shell' burat alonutlie
roarfxtde within forty yards of the
automobile. The ocupants of the
car were not Injured, nor was the
car damaged.
Secretary Raker remained or an
hour and a half In ,& front line
trench on a certain sector tinder
a brisk enemy phellflrp. Vie also
visited an ndvanerd listening Post
nnd talked with the officers and
Home, March 20. "West of I-nke
Carda." ' today's war office repoit.
"there occurred frcqtiently a harassinR
fire by the opposlntr artillery. From
Unke Garda to Montello there were
ifcsultory artillery actions. Alonp the
I'iavc exploring parties exchanged! rifle
flr n.Tnss he river and a patrol en
counter took pln''- Our artillery ear- j
lied out effective bursts of fire against
hostile position on the left bank of the
river between Novcnta and Giisolera.
Our Aviators set fire to two enemy cap
tive balloons nt Conegllano anil t'ol
Mirano. Two hostile airplanes were
hiOHiirht down, one by Franch aviators
at San Gifleoino dl Veglia and the ottier
by Hriiish airmen on the Aslao
WashliiRton. March 10 Plans for a
more thorough co-ordination of war
work were dtscnesed at a White
House ronfennce today Ixtween Pres
ident Wilson nnd the heads of six of
(tie government's most Important war
ngi n i-'S. The conference v a railed
by the prettldent yesterday and was
taken 1'V i lany as an Indication that
he tn'ends to take a more peisonal di
rection of war activities.
The inen called by the president
were Chairman Hurley, of the ship
ping boaid; Food Administrator
Hoover. Fuel Administrator Garfield.
plre tor-General MrAdoo, Chairman
Vance McCiirmick, of the war trade
board, nnd Chatrm.in Mernard M.
Haruch. of the war Industries board.
Washington. Mar. h :n.-Gfrrnan
occupation l 1 'et r'grml it!nn a
ek s rr'dntil by Amrinan
'm'il Trr.ll! In d"spaths
roachirg tie tste dpartmeni In.
daV datd March U The rp.!t
c a-ne thro'ich Ambassa lor Fran
cis at- ob'K'la.
mmwi i&
I ,,i tii - y
V t ' ''If
m iJliilliliH!
-m r- ffili
Tho photograph abon was taken by a French; prisoner a German
prison cam) at Sennelager bei Paderliern, in November, 1914. W. .). Pren
dergast, on the left, brought the picture out, sewed in the lining of his cent.
He is a Chicagoan, a private in the Dublin Kusiliers. He has been honorably
discharged and has.returned to this country. "The two men tied to the post
are British prisoners of war," said Prendergast. , "They committed no of
fense whatever. They were tortured merely because they .were enemies
soldiers fighting Germany. I have been tied to that very pple for forty-right
hours myself. Notice the bowl on the ground in front of them. That was
'filled with soup and put there to torture the men, who had to stand forty- ,
eight hours without anything to eat, in hail, rain and 'show.. The wooden
shoes are given all prisoners and their own shoe are taken away from
them. The Germans also give. prisouersj
tied-iip men "are 'wearing. The officers in the foreground are' the German
camp commandant and his adjutant. This picture was taken before the
'starvation days' in Germany. I'm glad I'm not a prisoner in a German
ramp now!"
Waihington, March 20. Renawal of
German talk of a graat weat front of
fanaiva thia apring it aicribad in of
ficial ditpatchea from Switzerland to
day at dua to tha dstire of tha Ger
man general ttaff to confute the al
liet at to Germany'a real intentiont.
Norfolk Inspector
Relieved of Duties
Waihington, March 20. Immigra
tlOn intpector W. r. morion, ai i
folk, hat been relieved of hit dutiet
pending an invettigation by the bu
reau of immigration into the eircum
ttancet aurrounoing hit row with
Cuttomt Collector H. R. Hamilton laet
week over the arrett of the mutinout
craw of the Ruttian tteamer Omtk.
The department of labor Issued tin
explanatory statement today saying
that Mr. Morton "Ir es'-tlve of whi.t
provocation might have exlsed had
displayed poor judr nient" In declining
to assist Mr. Hamilton and his men In
suppressing the trouble -n f Omsk.
Morton too kthe position th.it he had
no auhorlty to hold the t utlnous sail
ors as Hamilton requested it also
was explained In the department's
statement that It might prove em
barrassing to permit J'rton to re
main in charge of his office during the
ronduct of the Investigation so he was
directed to i ome to Washington nnd
kave Assistant Commissioner J. J.
Hurley in charge.
"What action shall finally be taken I
with regard to the. In; lector." sas the
statement., "of course, remain to be
determined, as it is Impossible to Judge
in advance of the receipt of a com
h at fault for the unfortm.aw frlc
ptete report, who is altogether or
mostly at fault for the unfortunate
friction which arose between the two
offices at Norfolk."
Seaplane Patrol
Defeats Enemy Craft
Iindon. March 10. "On Mai'h a
Kilti.Hli seaplane patrol, flying In Hel
goland bight, enc-outered t' emmv
se;ip:"nea ten miles noi thcastwnrd of
Hurkiiin. says an admiralty announce
ment. "The enemy was engaged and
om- of his machine was driven down
In flames. (iur machines returned
I.r.b.n. Mar. h :l Tb a1
TcrnJJv snnciiinced todiv ft at T'te
arrivals of st f.s at Prlt!"b r.r..'
during lat e, k were ?.05 s-i't
tie -iiinrs ;J17. To r.hmir
v s-i Is mere snk durieg tlte
e k.
f .fit
Laurels for Airman
Flyer From Massachusetts
Brings Down Two More
German Planes.
Paris. Tuesday, March II. Pn
vld F. Put nam, of Brookline, Mass.,
member of the Iifajelte flying
squadron, has Just brought down
two more German airplanes. Put
nam also has been "promoted to the
rank of semeant In the Fiench
army, lie already has the war
cross with palms.
This makes four machines with
which Putnam la officially credited,
although he brought down a ftft.J
machine on a German airdrome.
This was not seen by French ob
servers, ami. therefore, was not of
ficially credited.
Those Needed by Army in Tech
nical Positions to Be Given
Special Training.
Waihinnton, March 20. Provott
Marthal-General Crowdar will begin
within a few deye calling for special
instruction men in the draft needed by
the army in technical potitiont. A
gentral turvey of the educational In
ttitutiont of tha country it in prog
rate, it wat announced today, to deter
mine what collrgee and induttrial
schools will be available for their
training during the tummer month.
Probably nn.niO men, obtained prin
cipally from class 1. will b ordered
out for spccii.l training. Isl draft
boards will publish widely the oppor
tunity that is offered to registiants
ith a, l to obtaining as many vol
untary inductions Into the senlce as
Warmer, Says Billy 'Possum.
I don't know
hnt to rhyme
a" nit ther are
n Jingles Stick
ing out. I don't
Know bow to
erifv today, so
1 II .fust tl
nw.ond like thin,
t-rlai-i It mill
fi'it be amiss;
P f-ei i s tteu
von bsce not s
tiling to say.
If nera II v f iir to
iTicel. ,iti!y ccj
IT lift
Of T o
Th ntu'l.ir'
r'bt and ILimda
tcmsht and warm'
i Vii
London, March 20. Upritingt on the
part of native of Beluchiitan recently
retulted in fighting In which many
catualtiet were inflicted, the India of
fice announcet. The nativet attacked
British poatt and were repuletd com
pletely. Punitive meaturet are being
hTe olflclal statement follows:
"The India office announced that the
attitude of thn Maris In Kehichlstan,
which had been unsatisfactory for
sonin lime, recently c ulminated In a
series of outrages. Aided In some cases
by Khotrans, Ihey cut telegraph wires,
fired on trains and destioed govern
ment property In several localities In
ihkI adjacent in their tribal area. They
also organized and carried out attacks
In force on our posts at Cumhax and
J-'ort Munro, where they were com
pletely repulsed. They suffered many
"Their attitude, however. Is still rte
flunt. Punitive ui' Ssuii s am being un
dertaken ngalnst them. ur airplanes
on two occasion recently bombed
tribal concentrations with effect,"
Pitts Claims Alibi in
Hennessee Murder
Mnrganfon, V (V, March Taking
the stand In his own behalf. Garfield
Pitts, elder of the two brothers charged
with the murder of lr. F.. A. Hennes
see, h'-re today denied that he was st
the Glen Alpine station at tha time
the phvsiclrm was shed to death. He
stated that he had gone to thn station
with Aaron W iseman but that he later
went bii- k to his store. He said that
he hesid shots. He declared that lie
had no knowledge! of tha directors' ab
sence from Glen Alpine. The witness
riVnlid that be or his brother. Aaron,
bad fired anv shots or hsd hail anv
thlng to do llli th killing of the
doi tor.
lie admitted, under rigid rro-eiam-Ination.
that fie and llennesna had
been enemies for years and that he
would nt a-lmlt h"ing shot the rie.
ceased If he bad been concerned In It.
Telling the story of the fight five
years no when bis brother wss killed
b Ibnnesee, he said that he fought In
s If -d -fense at the time. Acknoweldg
lug that he bad lii n In many flah'a. lie
said that he has slwae fought In self
clc feme
He i!l probably be on the stand tne
rest of the -l.iy Slid will he followed by
his lo ot tie r.
S1ile e t
Sim l,i te. I Pre
nolill'lni the
1. 1.. March " An A
dispute h M .e.t v so -
tap'uie epf Irni Aineri
tv ' i.nieer brigands.
ran entr-oe
w ho an
neve-nt V
r mi.
tmldinc them f"t a lansom of
nf.s. as tte r.rst n I..
-.f rh! r(t rsd ef his
i; vl li i.ie of 'tie e -
.it l.er
Ired A in1 rbans in orr tu years.
r -v. v'J- v-v.v -: - :i' ?i
Gen. Pershing: Stales Three Americans Killed in
Action on French Front One Officer, Lieut.
Frederick 0. Klakringr, Slightly
Washington, March 20. Pint Lieut.
Frederick O. Klakrlng It tha only offi
eer appearing in today'u eatualty 1 1 st
of thirty-teven name. Ha wat
wounded slightly.
Today's list ahowt three men were
killed in action, two died of wounda,
two died of accident, eight died of
disease, five wounded eeverely, and
teventeen wounded slightly.
List in Full Follows.
The Hat follows:
Killed in Aotion.
Corporate Russel G. Hughe.
George H. Mllea, tiki ward Mitchell.
Died of Wound.
rrlvalea-Lloyd Pulp. Frank Proisl.
Died of Accident.
Privates John H. Smith, Georges
Died of Dieeai.
Sergeant Fred J. Hasshuch.
Delays in Legislation Causing
Regretted Slackening of
War Program.
Wilion Urgci Measure Making
Exeutive End of Govern
ment More Flexible.
(Hy lmvld liwrence.)
(Copyright, tU. ky New York Evrtt-
insf PMit. -
Washington, Marsh 19. Every onos
in 'a while thers it an oulbueet frsw
torn one In oongrett whe polntt to
intffioiency and delay In the esocutiva
and war-making branches of the gov
ernment. Through some peculiar deference on
tha part of, eaecutlve olnclnls,
however, Ihey deliver themselvr ; of no
outbursts against the. Ini-lslatlve liiKly,
which Is co-ordinately responsible
wllh them for the success of tha war.
For the fact is today that there
ought to be an Investigation of what
congress Is doing or I at her what It Is
not doing. For six week President
Wilson has been begging congress for
legislation Hint HI enabl" him to
conaolldatn bureaus, transfer division
and generally make he enecutlve end
of the- government a flexible lnslllu
tlon. lis wants no additional aub
alantlVM power, but authority to U
trlbiiln and i-earianga iuch powers as
ho already possesses. II" wants to tie
abln to cut red tape,
It was aa a result of the agitation
for a. war cabinet In Jinuary that thn
Overman bill " Introduced on I el..
B ami prrsuiiiably th" saifie need for
effli lency In the executive branch of
the government exists now as eilste.l
then. Hut congress has iiHiw-d leisure
ly along.
Only after nearly a monlh'a discus
slon Is I lie overman bill about ready
Tor a, repoit to the senate. The ludUi -ary
tonnnlttee met Monday, seveinl
amerielmelita were aecej.ted, and It was
agreed thai today tha consideration or
tha nieasuie would b renewed.
The bill will be repotted to the sen.
sta In a day or two. The n their must
bn time for debate and, of course,
when the aenatn gets through tho
same process rpust ensue In the house,
where already speei hes like that e.f
Representative ling worth, republican,
of Ohio. HioValei Hist there sin break,
era ahead.
What Is mors Important today to
tho war progiam than the housing of
workmen? Hlllloii of dollnia have
been appropriated lo build new plants
for war purp"ses. and after the ml
mltiistr.itlun ilillv-dnilieil along with
out making provision for the. shelter
of employes, tlie e ongress prolongs t he
del iy by tei hnlcslltle of nrocribne.
First the house committee on mer
chant marine t,k nn the unctlm..
hel l long heat loss and reported to ttie
house. Then the house n.lllllilt tee on
.iiblic buildings argued that tho mi-r-ihrmt
marine committee hnl no Juris
diction, and the whole problem had
to be Investigated anew by the ac
end cejiiimlttee.
Finally a lepor.t vss made and now
the niessure Is on t lies bisa islen
dar. where It Is tud up. The leg'i.l..
tive and eiecutlve appre.ir istb'li bill,
which could have been rtV.ive.. since
Its appropriations lo ..ot bee-ome ef
fective until July I amwav. luis
tsken up time that cioild have been
given to the bill providing l...rne for
work 'nen.
The trouble it that thi no
priority comm. its in congr, no
group of men to dscide what leg
islation ougbt to be patted st
onto, reqardle of whsthte it it
tint or lat on th cle"dr.
Congest lw all thin'jt tska thsir
course and tha.rmsn of commit
teee whe a'e ansiou to nst their
own week done to tha cluion ef
Other buiniii froquently cannot
bo overnddsn by any higher au
thority. Instead of i r cabinet t decide
what tliinrss i.'irM b ie dune fli-il at
the iecunv ,o1 of the r i no ut.
theie is roe I for s.mu- kuul nf '.er-
Privates-John V. Addamg, Wlnton
Chirk, Hugh I Glbaon, Larkin W.t
Leach, Ronald Loban, Louis Mayland,
Major Terrell.
Wounded Severely.
Corporal Otto C. Abbott.
Privates Earl Morton, John C.
Huntington, Lconnd Koatenaky, Feler
Wounded Slightly.
First Lieutenant Fred O. Klak
Sergeants Louis A. Zomnn. 1
Cook ("has. J. Hoover.
Corporals-Berry V. Lungslon. Cilia
Q. Marshnl.
Meihaiilo Leroy It. Hall.
Privates Hobt. It. Heale. Tiyron Ir.
tman. Clarence Flourney, Donald A.
Gerard. John II. Mike Donald A. Hunt,
Hobt. II. Ielh. Crumley C. McKay. Or
ion K. Myers, Finest Van Do Mark,
Fremont S. Wells.
sift i-i-IKIglftTriBV UNTIL
Uoine, Tuesday, March 10.
"'I'heri' will bf no consistory
until the nr Is over," Pop
Heiiedict said today upon hear
lug thut the repoit had been
published that h Intemled to
call a consistory shortly.
The lust consistory wus helet
since the war began, hut before)
Itiilv'g partlclpntnon In the con
flict and at time when lh
creation of a Ueinn)rt caiUlnal
was possible.
Now, however, despite efforta
of I he Italian government to
carry out the spirit aa well an
(he letter of tha law guaran
teeing the papal status, It la
considered that th holding of
a consistory might prove an
embarrassment, especially aa
the pontiff feela he rouat an
nounce In the next consistory
the cteatlon of two cardinals,
one of whom Is a, t lei man ami
th other an Auetrlsn. ' Neither
of thcaa could every well coma
to Home to mcelve the red hat
nor would, IV be an easy mat
ter to send thsiu lite insignia
by fa pal deigatea. , (
Hege Claims Defended
Honor of His Home
T,elngtnn, N. ('., Man ji 10. J. Ora.
Imtn Hege. a manufneturer of this
place, who tale yeaterilay shot pnit
killed J. F. P'-a'deilck, cashier of a Io
ta! bank, declined toelny to make any
further statement regarding: the hill
ing than lhal of last night. In which
he said bo killed lieadellck In ejofenso
of the honor of hla horns.
Although a dte for thn preliminary
hearing has not hncn se t. preparations)
si liclng made Tor osecutlon of the)
c ase. Friends of I leade i n il are sale! to
lie making sn . effort to sei ure tha
services of Msvor hamliel (1. Helskell,
or Knoxvllle. Tenn . lawyer, and first
cousin of the dead man. to assist In
the imiseciitlnn. It la understood that
runner liov. It. It. lilenn. of NVInaton.
Halem, uncle of iH-aderlck. will ha
ealle-d In consultation. Tho prelim.
lunry hearing will be field arter inn
bin lal
of lieaderlck. wblch will eiiner
be In
Knoiville, Tenn., or Mariana
Provides Acquisition
Of Telephone Systems
Washington. March II. Itepie
sentntlvei llllllaid. of t'olorudo, to
cliiv Introduced a bill In the house
to empower the government to ac
lUlin bv eminent domain In th
for in tiT leases tho telephone ami
teleginpll icllllies of the counto.
Mr. Illllisnl said there was x
tiuvagsut waste of cominunlcst lug
fiicllltlrs under the competitive
svstein and declared "the govern
ment has ignoied its duty In this
matter long enough."
log council si the legislative end of
Pennsylvar.ls avenue. There Is tanl
lug ami railing when anything get
lied up five and sn week, at the war
de-partnic-nt. but when congress takes
months to do things there U no recip
rocal cinliism from the tvrrutl"
branch of the government. Yet the
delsjs In leuirn-s are doing a grt
,.-nl lo sl.n ken lip our war l'rovl.ii.
Congr Not AH at Fault.
No- .ill the fiult Is with congress,
bi.wevii. l-ick of ro-operatlon from
thn eve. utlve depar t int-nt often tenets
ti.wait ililvtorv tsi llcs til both senate
and In. use. The house committee on
milit.iev afT.urs. for Instance, reported
Ihr s i . alb- I '"e! u.Jt bill, enabling the
war" i f.u tioeiit to draft as many ni-n
hh It chooses out of class t. but the
"ion which has be.-n developed
Inward that imasuie bos been due to
some ruierit to a lack of frsnknesa In
lis. h.-ii f what aie the purposes In
tent, d I v the bill.
Just as senntois are suspecting that
President Wilson wants to do mors)
with the Overman bl.ll than at first D
p.art on the surface. Just so are mem.
hers of Vf housfl apprehensive that
purposes other than tho- specified are
intended by the so-ca!iea cproisv pin.
whsthtr the tuspicione
ithtr cae well founded.
art in
tin Inst iut now re-
k. i. - l dalsw in iur war
program eon b charged more i
tongrt thsn to any other factor
in h ttution. S h thinga
ought to b rmmbred latee e
wnen eo" jrmr and aenatore
rnnocsntly plm that they
granted th estcutive all the
powsr nxary to maka war. but
tht th acutive. by abuse or
d.tut, w dtreiect in hit duty.

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