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' V
8AR8APARILLA Effeetlva 8pring
Medicine Combination.
As comprised In Hood Saraapa
rlll ud Feptlron, taken in conjunc
tion, these valuable remedies possess
unequalled value for the quick relief
of a Ion train of ailments common in
the Spring season. You know wen the
great tonio properties of iron. They
are much increased and improved in
thl combination Hood's Sarsaparilla
before meal and Peptlron after.
In these days of rushing and push
ing, beyond the endurance of even the
moat robust, nearly every man and
woman needs this blood-purifying,
cleansing, up-building in the Spring.
If It ia not supplied, the depletion of
the blood and the broKen-aown nerves
may soon give way to permanent ill
If a cathartic Is needed, as where
there Is biliousness or constipation,
Hood'a Wlir should be taken. They
are purely vegetable, do not Irritate.
Chaplain of Prison Tells How,
This Watch Is Kept in Little
Brick Death House.
Albert Bernard White.
Ray Hobert White.
William Albert White.
Homer Csrratt White.
Presentation of service flag was made
by Supt. JU N. Brown to the pastor. Rev.
M. Walker. Mr. Brown made. with his
presentation a most eloquent speech,
noting the Ave points of eacJ- star and
what they represented.'
The speech of acceptance by Rev. J.
M. Walker was very brilliant and in
structlve, bringing out many polnta on
prayer, religion and patriotism.
DREAM OF CITY z? had polnted
(Special to The News.)
KnoxvUle, .March 20. The
Announcement of Proposed Gi
gantic Nitrate Plant for
(Special to The News.)
Knoxville, March 20. Erection of a
watch" over Pete Lawson, aetjtenced PrAssnrA Trnm Oprmanv and gigantic nitrate plant near Knoxville,
to be electrocuted at the tate peniten- similar to that proposed at Muscle
rrnTTi a nao i n nraa a 0ti ivi tt.-wr i . .
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tiary in Nashville Friday morning, will
begin Thursday afternoon at 4:80
o'clock, announces Rev, W. F. Black
ard, chaplain of the state prison, who
Is in Knoxville. Mr. Blackard will re
turn to Nashville in time to begin the
Threa or four guards will be kept
with lawson from the time he is taken
from the Davidson county Jail to the
"death house." These guards will al
ternate all during the night, but Rev.
Mr. Blackard will remain witn trie
condemned man from the time he en
ters the death house until the prison
physician has pronounced him dead.
The death house is described by the
chaplain as being a little two-story
brick housei. with practically no furni
ture. The first floor ia of concrete and
the onlv furniture is the large table
upon which the executed men were
laid out when hanging was in vogue.
Tha no ml floor contains three death
cells, the partitions and ceilings of
whlrh are heavy Iron bars, and the
death chnlr. which is placed on a plat
form. The condemned man la taken to one
of tho death cells late in the afternoon
before he Is to be executed on the
next morning. The death watch is
started upon his entrance into this
cell. The prison chaplain remains with
him for consultation and advice until
the execution.
i?nv. Mr. Blackard states that he
has had a number of conferences with
Ijiwson and that he claims mecnarges
are the result of a "frame-up." "I al
ways tell him to hope for the best, but
to be prepared ror me worm,' iih
snld. "He states that if It. is neces
sary for him to do so, he is ready to
give his life In payment, of a charge
of which he Is innocent." ...
T,nwson was convicted In criminal
court here on a charge of rape.
Efforts are being made, says his at
torney here, to get a third respite from
Oov. Rye.
Be Forced to Fight.
OjHcaI,Ri Optical
i;; E m !$ E
; Q Q
':U U
: A A
E J . L E
R ) 1 R
6 'igSll 3
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Jahnkc, Optometrist. Latest In
struments to detect and correct op-
! itcfac'.s. Lenses to suit all kinds
pt eyes.
Thirty years' experience In exsm
Inlng ryes and fitting- glasses. We
So our own Inn grinding.
Ne. S East Eighth Street
Roll of Honor for Southern
Methodist Union Service
Flag With Nine Stars.
rikeville, Tenn.. March JO. Decidedly
one or tne mosi inicreaiwa ,.-,.....
ever heard In l'lkevllla was presented at
the courthmine Sunday morning, March
10, 1918. This was a service entertain
ment, tinder the auspices of the South,
ern Methodist church, wherein Jhe Sun
day school and the ladles' Missionary
society presented to th church a roll or
honor and a service flag bearing nine
stars. Each stnr represented one mem
ber from that Hunday school who Is now
absent In the service of our country. One
of the abnt boys Is now somewhere In
Frsnre; one In headquarters division,
Camp JsckHon. Columbia, P. C; one in
headquarters division. Fort Crocket, f!al
veston, Tex.; the other six In the lMth
Held artillery, Greenville, S. C.
The scroll was carried by Master
James Clinton Stone, followed by Miss
Huth While bearing the service flag and
Misses Ina Hose Ferguson and Tansy
Ha swell carrying the grand old Stars
and Htrlpes. Mrs. Toilet t read the
roll of tlia following honored names:
Otto Thurman Ault.
N. J. Ferguson, Jr.
Claude Unpens Hnswell. '
Bay Floyd Hehoolfteld.
Clifford Kugene Stone.
Give "California Syrup of Figs'
if cross, bilious or
(Ryley Grannon, In Washington Poat)
The four neutral nations of northern
Europe are In desperate atralta aa a
result of the pressure from the allies
and Germany. Each or these neutrals
ts in a predicament which forces It to
consider the possibilities and conse
quences of throwing off neutrality and
taking aides In the war.
For the time being Holland la In the
most critical position, on account of
the ultimatum delivered by Great
Britain and the . United States,
terminating today. The Netherlands
government has signified lta ac
ceptance of the terms of the ultima
tum, but - this acceptance la looked
upon by the allies with extreme auapl
clon as a ruse to gain further delay.
It will not succeed. Whe.tU r the tak
ing of Dutch ships brings peace or
war, the allies will take them over.
Coneesslona Made to Germany.
Germany la furloua over the fact
that the allies are in a position to take
over 1,000,000 tona of Dutch ahipa
without any possibility of direct re
taliation. The Dutch government' is
in fear and trembling lesj Germany
will wreak upon Holland the hatred
she feels for the allies. .
Accordingly the Dutch government
haa offered generous coneesslona to
Germany to offset the taking of the
ships, but It remains to be seen
whether Germany will be satisfied.
The opinion expressed generally by
Kuropean diplomats is that Germany
will not be satisfied until Holland la In
the war. They believe that Germany
intends to possess herself of the
mouths oi the Rhine before (thls war is
8weden on War'a'ldge.
Next to Holland, the neutral that is
nearest the edge of war Is Sweden.
Germany's high-handed usurpations in
the Baltic have alarmed Sweden, and
inflamed the Swedish nation into a
passionate resentment. (
The Aland Islands have long been
coveted by Sweden, and geographically
they belong to Sweden. ' With Ger.
many occupying them, Sweden Is de
pendent upon Berlin for permission to
use the Gulf of Bothnia, which can be
made a closed aea whenever the Ger
mans desire.
(lermany Is understood to have given
"assurances" to Sweden that the oc
cupation of the Aland Islands Is but
temporary. Theso assurances, how
ever, are not taken at par by any na
tion since the violation of Belgium,
Teuton Pledges Valueless.
Germany finds it impossible to con
vince either friends or enemies that
her promises are worth acceptance.
Therefore Sweden Is casting about for
some morn effective assurance that
Germany will not override Swedish
sovereignty, either Immediately or a
little Inter, after the first impress of
the yoke has worn off. '
One of Sweden's embarrassments is
her record in the Bernstorff and Lux
burg conspiracies against the allies.
The complicity of the Swedish for
eign oflico in transmitting murderous
dispatches to and from Berlin nearly
caused a revolution .n Sweden whon
the facts were disclosed.
The. offending officials were dis
missed, but tho allies have never fully
trusted Sweden since that t' ia. They
have little sympathy for her now, and
will not go out of their way. to assist
her In the event that Germany should
make still further encroachments.
Allied Sympathy for Norway.
With Norway, however, tho allies
are In lively sympathy. They have
'ound Norway honorable., while reluc
tant to take any stepa that would
bring down the wra.h of Germany.
There is good reason to believe that
the allies have agreed upon a general
plan of Instant action In case of Ger
man assault upon Norway. The allied
fleet Is in position to occupy the Nor
wegian porta and patrol the coast.
Shoaia. aa announced by Washing
ton officials, will mean the realization
of a dream this city has entertained
for years.
Within ths radius of seventy-five
miles of Knoxville a survey mads by
the board of commerce for the war
department showa that there exist
watera powers still undeveloped cap
able of yielding a total of more than
600,000 horsepower. This figure is ex
elusive of Dowers under 5.000 horse
power, and of those now In process of
being developed by private capital,
Breams in this vicinity, and horse
power available in each, follow:
, . Miles Horse-
Name of River. Distant, power.
Tennessee 2 68,000
Clinch 14 82,000
French Broad 27 76,000
Holston 28 68,000
Little Tennessee 33 ' 50,000
Clinch 87 60,000
Big Pigeon 44 14.000
Nolachucky 60 20,000
Holston . 52 65,000
Powell 53 6.000
Cumberland . ......... 55 12,000
Clinch . V 60 6,000
Hlwassee 73 36,000
Nolachucky . 6S 10.000
Hlwasee 73 28.000
Big Pigeon 51 14,000
Cumberland 68 15,000
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from little stomach, liver
"Coyote," of the Ferria Type. Float-
n inmirr v nai bus your cnita. a
gentir, tiioiotiRli laxative should al
ways lie the first treatment given.
If your llttla one ia rut -of -sorts,
hulf-sli k. Isn't resting, eating and act
ing naturally iook. Mother! see If
longur is couteo. This ts a sure sign
that the little stomuch. liver anj
bowcla are cl-ggnl with Waste. When
crov. trrltuble. feverish, stomarh sour
hreiith bad. or lias Momarh tti-hr diur.
rhora. sum thrui.t. full f cM, jrive a
teaspoonful of "California Sviup ot
Kilts." and In a f w hours all thi orn-
tlpated poison. unc1ieteU foo.1 and
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bowels without pHplng, and cu have
well, playful child again.
Mothria run rift easy aft.-r srlvimr
this harmlis "fruit laxative" ! i-ituse
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Iier and bowels and sweeten the stum.
aeh and tliey denrly love lta rleasnnt
taste, r'ull directions for babies, chil
dren of all ares, and for grown-ups
minted on eneli bottle.
Heware f rotmtei f it fir vr,.
Ask your iliuaaist for a totti ,
California ,vrui of Kirs." then
hat It ts innde by ttie 'Vallfornla Ho.
f-yrup Company." (Adv.)
ing at the Yarda of the
Foundation Company.
N. J.. March II The
"Coyote," first of the lVrtls type of
wooden cargo steamers building undor
the emergency fleet corporation's pro
grain, wits launched here todny at the
yards of the Foundation company. In
the ptvnciK'0 of hundreds of cheering
spectators. Miss I'hyllls Duplies,
daughter of tho late Senator lliiKhes.
of New Jersey, christened the vessel
nnd t 'linh-tnnn Hurley, of the uhlpplng
board, attended the launching.
Contrai ls for ships of this type were
placed by the fleet corporation Inst
summer with twenty-three 1 shipbuild
ing firms on tho Atlantic coast. Tho
"Coyote" nnd other vessels of her type,
measure IM.S feet in length, 4 feet
beam. 13 6 fort deep and displace
S.000 tons.
Tho ships are of the single rtorfc
cergo typn and are driven by 1.4no
hnrse-pow r. triple expansion engines,
which nil! give a speed of ten knots
an hour.
Total 607,000
Data of War Department.
The war department was also fur
nished data showing the economic and
strategical advantages of Knoxville.
The city is In the exact center of the
eastern part of the United States, to
which nltratea or Its products in mu
nitlons would need to be shipped. The
nearest point on the Atlantic ocean ia
Charleston, R. C, 421 miles from
Knoxville; the nearest point on the
Mississippi river ia Memphis, 422
miles from Knoxville; SU Louis, an
Important point on the Mississippi
river, north of Memphis, Is 639 miles
from Knoxville; Norfolk almost of the
latitude, on the Atlantic ocean, a ren
dezvous fop-our navy, Is 69 miles from
Knoxville; Mobile, an important point
on the Oulf of Mexico, is 641 miles
from Knoxville; Detroit, on the Great
J,akes, is 64S miles from Knoxville;
Washington, 609 miles from Knoxville;
Baltimore, 649 miles from Knoxville;
Jacksonville, 646 miles from Knox
ville; Pensacola, a winter rendezvous
for the navy, 614 miles frpm Knoxville.
More distant points incline Portland,
Me., the extreme eastern-most com
mercial center, and a rendezvous for
thft navy. 1.076 miles from Knoxville;
Key West, the southern-most rendez
vous for the navy, 1,086 miles from
Knoxville; Duluth, on Lake' Superior
and close to the Canadian birder, 1,044
miles from Knoxville; tlalvcston, from
which part the United States troops
were embraked In 1914 en route to
Mexico, 999 miles from Knoxville; St.
Paul, a northwestern point and a dis
tributing center, 947 miles from Knox
ville; and Houston, 960 miles .from
Lincoln, First Booster,
tRast Tennessee enjoys the rare dls
Unction of having been especially rec
ognized by a great patriot for Its value
In strategic location. In his message
to congress of Dee. 3, 1861, President
Lincoln recommended, as a military
measure, the construction of a railroad
to connect Cincinnati and Knoxville
by way of Lexington, Ky and Cum
berland Cap. (That and other roads
have since been built by private en
terprise). A few dnyo after that mes-
sngu, Lincoln personally vent to tho
president s room in the capitol build
ing and called about him a number of
loading senators and representatives,
and said In substance:
"I am thorouglrly convinced that the
closing struggle of the war will occur
somownera in this mountain country,
Ity our superior mini hers and strength
we will everywhere drive the Confed
erate armies back from the level dis
tricts lying along the coast, from those
lying south of tho Ohio river, and from
those lying east of tho Mississippi
river. Yielding 1g our superior force
tliey will gradually retreat to the more
defensible, mountain districts where
the seven states of Virginia, North
Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia,
Kentucky, Tennessee and West Vlr-
glnU come together."
Knoxville Is the most central or
converging point In the territory which
Lincoln described.
History vindicated Lincoln's wis
dont. Gradually yielding to superior
numbers the valiant Confederates re
treated from Columbus, Ky., Fort
Henry. Fort Donelson. Nashville, Shl-
loli, Corinth, lslnnd No. 10, Memphis,
Vtckahurg, Port Hudson. New Orleans,
Mobile, and all points on the Gulf and
Atlantic coasts. Then the cordon
gradually tightened until the collapse
came In the spring of 1865. As tho
collapse was spproachlng the armies
of Lee and Johnston endeavored to
unite and fall back to the same moun
Saving Bottles, Tin Tubes, fin
Cans, Tinfoil and Paper.
Splendid Work.
Greenville, S. C... March 20 Nothing Is
being overlooked these days at Camp Se
vier that might hava the slightest sal
vage or even Junk value. In a memo-
random of recent date from division
headquarters, published for the informa
tion and complianca of those concerned,
various articles are named for conserva
tion, and a method pointed out whereby
this work may be facilitated.
Bottles and glass Jars which hava here
tofore been carried to tha dumping
grounds are now coming into warehouse
No. 6 by the wagonload daily, where they
are sorted and held ready for ahlpment.
In consideration of tha great amount of
toothpaste, ahavlng cream, cigarettea,
candy and chocolate that ia used or con
sumed in the camp, the reclamation de
partment has recommended, and In con-
aequence thereof tha division commander
has ordered, that all tinfoil and lead
tubes be aaved and turned Into ware
house No. 6, which la being used exclu
alvely by tha reclamation department for
atnrara nurooses. woooen Boxes iur-
reoelving these articles have been- placed
near the orderly room on avery company
.tf and. In all tha canteens. A
ttmrourh and rigid policy of conservation
Jn regard to these two articles particu
larly has been urged by tha reclamation
division at Washington.
For a long time no use naa oeen rouna
for tin cans and they consequently hava
been thrown on the dump by the tnou
aania. Now. however, owing to a i
cent letter from Washington, In which,
a mono- a ion list of articles to be saved,
tin cans were included; they also find
their wav to warehouse No. (. It Is be
lieved that they are utilized In the manu
faettira of munitions. '
Even waste paper Is no longer "waste
naner. but "saved- paper, ana is nan
died in camp in the same way aa tinfoil
and lead tubes. When a sufficient amount
has been turned into warehouse no.
it is baled and held ready for shipment
to the nearest reclamation depot. By the
working over of the enormous amount of
paper that comes into these depots from
various camps through the states, the
government is realizing a handsome sav
ing, as well as materially aiding tne
paper manufacturing concerns oi ins
eountrv whose productions have been
uneaual to the demands.
All these articles are but a small part
of what Is being saved. Time and space
forbids the mention of them all. Suffice
to say thst the army camps have been
awakened to their responsibilities along
these lines, sari from now hencefortn
may be counted upon to oo ineir snare
of saving and conserving.
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of Chattanooga
"Kfty-Third Year" , "U. S. Depositary"
R. C. Smith and wife to Joseph J.
TJorls and wife, land in Sixth district;
n. B. Wester and wire to i w. mor
ris. Innd tn South Chattanoopra; ji.diw.
John W. Roberts to Jim Loyeiady, lana
In Third district; $150.
W, IT. Allen, trustee, to David and
Guasle Tiwery, Lot 10, Block 4, in Kirby
traet: $1,100.
W. Ij. Williams snfl wife to j. re.
Rtreeker and H. G. Fleming, land In Fifth
district; $1,100.
Lexington. N. r March JO. ,T.
Franklin Headerli k, cashier of the
Commercial and Savings liank here,
was shot and Instantly killed here
Tuesday afternoon hy J. rjratiam Ilese,
manager of the Southern fpholsterv
company. The shooting took place tn
the Bitting room of the Here home.
Five shots were fired. to of which
took effect. Ilege Immediately after
the shooting telephoned to the sheriff
and gave himself up. Further than to
say tluit he shot in defense of his
home, liege Would piake no statement
The men had leen the heat of friends.
the bin k lots of their homes adjoin
ing. The dead man was a nephew of
fmmi r linv. It. H. f.Ienn. f Winston-
S.iNin. Ilece Was committed to In 11
without asking for bond.
WAR FUND $1,414,976
NVw Toik.- March 1?. A rrsrnl trt
tl of $1 414 9TS was reported Tuesday
nlsht at the r!o-. of tbe se - d.iv
of the New York Knlslits of t 'OillMl
'lis i;inipaigii for s ..r f in.! ' $:
..no nnn for soelst er (,- w.-rk anions
American soldiers and sailors.
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Chattanooga, Tenn.
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Paris: Science has discovered that
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Mother, Who Lives in Tennes
see Mountains Where Black-
Draught Is Relied On in
Many troubles, Says It
Made Her Boy Sound
and Well.
Coal Creek, Tenn. Up In the moun
tains, quite some distance from town,
Uvea Mrs. U. S. Krltta. who relates
her experience with Thedford'a Black -
Draught as follows:
My little hoy, James, took alck
with diarrhea, nbout Ave yeara ago,
and was badly swollen, lie had the
meualcs and this was, no doubt, an
after-effect. I made him well hy giv
ing him ThedfN-d'a Ulack-Draught. I
gave It to him three times a day for
month. I flrmly believe It saved
his life
We always Veep mack-Draught In
our house. It Is our doctor. Always
easy to get and prompt in giving re
'A small pinch of Black-Draught
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headache, stomach and liver trouble,
and we are well the next morning.
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another doctor.
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i all my nrighbora and will continue
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vgelalle herb liver medicine, acting
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Thousands of reople, everywhere.
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ndlgestion. biliousness anj many sim-
lar disorders.
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Cheney's Expectorant.
Any man, woman or child who may
be suffering : from a cold In head or
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develops pneumonia, which la preva
lent in MaYch.
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trouble and uproots if In a quick and
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slls and relieve asthma, grippe, hay
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agents for bringing on pneumonia.
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ter than Cheney's Expectorant. Try
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$15 No Lets-
i Vr-iaTi rnwraRfRe-
$20 No More
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If you could only buy your groceries and
meats the way you can buy Friedman Clothes
do you know there would be no "high cost of
. Let the business .world in general adopt
the Friedman Business Principle and it will
not be hard for any of us to "make both ends
We know what we are talking about, for
Friedman Business Principle has reduced
the expenses against a Suit from $5.00 to
$10.00, making it possible to sell a Suit at ,
' or $W
We have done it. by bringing together
what we believe to be the master clothing
organization of all time and by giving this
organization the best of materials to work
with and surroundings to work in.
Not only do Friedman Clothes save you
the middleman's profit, but you also get the
economies and savings of Friedman's fac
tory, capital and peerless organization.
More than this no clothing manufacturer
on the face of the earth can give you. Your
unrestricted choice of hundreds of garments
each one absolutely guaranteed.
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Markct St.. Chattanooga.Tcnm;
Br o Ad way, New York. City'
Agents for U. S. Thrift and W. S. Stamps

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