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Miss.' Nannie. BoyceL fiamilton,
1 of Birmingham, Goes to Pal
estine as First Lieutenant.
Miss Annie Boyee Hamilton, of Blr
mlgnham. is the first woman In the
United States to receive a military
" title. Before she sailed, on March IS,
she Conned the khaki and received her
commission a first lieutenant
The Birmingham Ledger contains a
large picture Of Lieut Hamilton, taken
'. lust before sailing as a member 'of
w the American Red Cross commission,
to be with the British expeditionary
forces in France.
Miss Hamilton has been at the head
of a clinical laboratory in the wood
ward building In Birmingham, and It
la eaid that there was no finer Anaes
thetist in the south than Miss Ham
llton, her efforts being directed o the
least damage of the patient with a
minimum amount of drugs, thereby
creating a quicker and better recov.
ery. She he as her assistant her Bis
ter, Miss Marianne Hamilton, who haa
completed a business course, prepara
tory to an emergency call, and the two
Bisters will be together In this re
demptive work In Palestine. -She
will be a member of the united
t States sanitary force at Jerusalem.
, Program to Be Given Saturday
Night at Signal Moun-
tain Inn.
Mrs. Josephine Beach, of New Tork
fclty, and her sister. Miss Katherine
Martin, are stopping at the Signal
Mountain inn. Mis. Beach is an ac
complished reader and her service In
K.h.if f th soldiers lit the giving of
gratuitous recitals which have elicited
mucn lavorauie coinmrm.
Inn Mrs.
Beach will entertain with a series of
readings to the piano accompaniments
of Miss Martin. In her repertory will
be two Kipling numbers. "Advice to
Young British Soldiers," end "The
Absent-Minded Beggar." She will
also. read "France" and "On the Way
to Spartanburg." The hours will be
from S:3 to 10: SO.
Sunday Mrs. Beach will be the
army post arrangements being tinder
way for a' recital at one of the Y. M.
C. A., buildings.
Under Auspices Junior League.
Will Tell of Two Years
in the Trenches.
Private Teat will speak Friday night
fct the Pilgrim church under the aus
pices of the Junior league, of which
Mrs. T. II. McClure is president.
During the past eight months there
have been many military officials and
war lecturers in Chattanooga, but the
Junior league feels that in securing
Private Peat, who tells his" own soldier
atory, after two years' fighting In the
trenches of Prance, they will furnish
' news, through him, which the publlo
la longing to hen r.
It haa hern said the first thought that
forces itself upon one after reading
"Private Peat" Is embodied In the
words of Robert Browning: "God's in
HI" heaven, ajl's rlghf with the world."
Private Harold R. Peat, Is late of the
Third battalion, First Canadian con
tingent and is said to talk as Interest,
lngly as he writes. ThOBe who have
heard him declare they realise better
than ever before the wonders the war
Is creating and working In the mlntls
3 Cans good Hominy .... 25c
2 cant good Corn 25c
1 can good Tomatoes,
No. Va size cant 10c
1 can good Tomatoes,
No. 2 size cans 12Vc
1 can good Tomatoes,
No. 2Vt size cans .....15c
2 large size cans Pumpkin . 25c
2 lbs. Pinto Beans 25c
2 lbs. Pink Beans 25c
Good Irish Potatoes,
per peck (15 lbs.) 35c
U. S. License, No. C-24792
"Just a Whisper from Market Street"
Pet Milk 4 cans 25c
Palmolive Soap 10c
Prince Albert Tobacco, 2 for 25c
Senna Leaves 5c
Lenox Soap 5c
Violet Glycerine Soap, 3 for 25c
THREE Drug Stores
hi ; i xi
1. ) .
(By Betty Brown.)
V . ....... aa,...Mllt hlV.
one the way of the moth balls, what
u betttr for street wear or for semi-
formal occasions than the becoming
gown of dark sllkT Here Is an attractive
model developed In black charmeuse with
a racier close fitting corsage of black
georgette crepe beaded In steel beads.
One of its chief charms Is the simple
draping at the back. The slender salh
of crepe, .beaded and taiseled In steel
renders this an unusually effective frock.
and. hearts and souls of the men who
are doing the actual fighting.
Peat enlisted on Aug. 23, 1914 and
after two years of service, which In
cluded the defense of Ypres, the
rti-rrvmt and hlttnrent hattle of the war.
he was wounded severely In the right
snouiaer ana ngnt arm, maning mm
unfit for future active service,
Hnt IhA rnvernniont. esteems the
work that Private Peat !s doing now
as vital and as Important as that of
the fighting lines, because he la prov
ing. In thn thnimanria of anxious moth
ers here In the States that the baptism
of battle is creating in young men a
new courage, a new belief and a new
He Is asking these mothers to have
patience, to have courage to havn
faith, for on their rmcklng-uo depends
the spirit of the soldier.
A social meeting of the Knst Chatta
nooga School Improvement league will
be held Friday afternoon at 1:30
o'clock at the school.
Miss Gertrude Wright assistant city
food demonstrator, will given a cook
ing demonstration.
The IMIle Utilcl club met with Mrs.
C. ('. Nottingham Monday and con
ducted a study of architecture. There
was a good attendance of club mem
bers and a decision was made to con
tinue the study toplo next year.
Ponton Bass was host of anevenlng
party Tuesday evening at his home on
North todrts avenue, the occasion be
lng his birthday.
The home was prettily decorated, a
color note of green and white being
carried out In the decorations.
Leonard Zimmerman won the prize
In a contest for he moat original
poem, Miss Carlyss Baa captured the
prlte In a guessing contest.
Musio Tvas furnished by a vlctrola,
which was a gift to the young host by
bis father. Commissioner Kd Bnas.
An lee course waa served, In which
the chosen colors, green and white,
were observed.
The guests numbered thirty-three.
Mrs. Bass was assisted in serving by
Mrs. Sam Conner, Mrs. A, I. Bass,
that make it vvorth
while to buy at
Mrs. R. B. Pirtle, Mrs. R. H. Dodds
and Mrs. T. A. Krocger.
A meeting of the Shakespeare club
will be held Thursday morning at 11
o'clock at the Y. W. C. A.
Miss Cora Dunn and Mr. James
Ware were united in marriage Tues
day evening at 8 o'clock. Bev. J. B,
Tallant officiating.
Mr. and Mrs. Ware left immediately
on a wedding trio to Cincinnati, and
upon their return, will be at home for
the present with tne bride s mower on
Cedar Hill.
The Shakespeare club will meet
Thursday morning at 11 at the Y. W,
C. A. They will continue the study of
"Hamlet." Mrs, M. 11. Ciift la presi
Miss Lois Spencer, an advanced
pupil of the Chattanooga School of
Music, will play at the noon hour
Thursday at the Y.W. C. A.
Margaret Deland, the famous author
of "The Awakening of Helena Richie'
and other equally well-known novels
of American life, has recently gone
abroad In Y. M. C. A. war service.
Mrs. Vincent Astor and Mrs. Theo
dore Roosevelt, Jr., have been lri
Franfe for several months conducting
InicA hotels and retaurants for Amcr
loan soldiers and tailors under 'red
triangle" auspices. .
A revival 1s In progress at the St,
TCImo Methodist church. Rev. W. M.
Clark, of Knoxvllle, assisted by the
pastor, Rev. Mullins, Is in charge.
large'chorus choir is a special feature,
It Is reported that the meetings are
being well attended.
The Pilgrim guild will hold a social
get-together meeting on the Friday
following Raster, It was announced
Tuesday afternoon at the meeting held
In the church room. Plans were also
completed for a rummage sale next
Friday and Saturday on Ninth street,
Wednesday, it was announced, will be
devoted to sowing for the lied Cross,
as usual. No program was riven. The
meeting was well attended and pre
sided over by Mrs. Fowler, second
T"he spring baseball track work has
been started at the McCallle school,
R. F. Thomasson Is the Instructor this
The wedding of "Miss Gladys Rice
ononleut. Jos. H. Martin will be cele
brated at the residence of the former's
parents, 645 Douglas street Thursday
afternoon, April 4. Tho hour fixed for
the nuptials in 3 o clock.
Shower to Be Given to
Replenish Kitchen Stock
The general meeting of the King's
Daughters of the First Christian
church was held In the parlors of the
church Monday afternoon. The meet
ing was presided over by Mrs. Terrell
Clomons. The devotional exercises
were conducted by Mrs. James Dobbs
A shower for the kitchen, Including
glass, cup and saucerjfshowers, wns
decided upon, the same to be given
Frlduy. afternoon.
Mosul'!, Stanford and Clatern, of the
Y. M. t A. of tho Fifty-second infan
try at Fort Oglethorpe, were heard In
addresses, the organization having
adopted the regiment. The talks were
very Inspiring.
A motion was made to furnish cur
tains for the Y. M. C. A following a
request. Airs. F. I). Martin and Mrs.
C. K. 1III1 were appointed a committee
to purchase the curtains.
It was also decided that the elec
tlon of officers will tnke plseo In May.
Another declalon wns that meetings
will be held In the mornings during
the summer and that the work will be
The King's Daughters visit the hos
pltnl ward O each week and do mend
ing for their regiment. Knch Satur
day night they naslHt In serving a
cafeteria, supper at the chinch, to which
the soldiers of Fort Oglethorpe nre
always welcomed.
320 More Jackets to
Be Made by Red Cross
Iist Saturday tho Red Cross work
ers started to make pneumonia jack
et a. The attendance was very slight,
but, still there were twenty-eight
workers, and twenty-eight jackets
were flnlxhcd. This does not menn
that It takes a whole morning for one
woman to make one Jacket, not nt nil.
The preparation of the cotton, cutting
of gaucc, cutting of bindings, cutting
out of the Jacket ncrording to the pat
tern, time taken to learn to mnke the
7fe sent her
Jacket, etc, were included in tne first
day s work.
Monday 115 workers made 112 Jack
ets. Tuesday, a banner day,. 144
workers mude 140 jackets. At this
rate, they will make the 600 before
closing hour at 1 o clock on baiuraay
If this order Is to be finished, one
jacket has to be made every four and
a quarter minutes. Three hundred
and twenty jackets must yet be mode,
Tuesday Mrs. C. M. Hurt made nine
whole jackets. That means eighteen
pieces, fronts and backs.
Mrs. J. K. Jahnke made a faultless
Jacket,' and made It In aa good time as
is humanly possible,
Mrs. George liall made four Jacket
in three hours.
A great many -new workers were
present. A pretty little woman, who
made her jacket well, said to the in
tructor allotted to teach her that she
would have come before, but wa
afraid the work would be too hard
and the criticism too severe, "why,
I can do this work," she eald, "and I
can. come every morning. Tomorrow
I will brln two of my friends. We
want to help, and we are willing, but
we didn't know how strict you were,
and wa were scared.'
The teacher mentioned tooK tne
point and volunteered the following;
Don't be scared. Red Crosa worx-
ers. or. if you are, grit your teeth and
go right In, Just as your boys 'over
there' may be scared, but they will
never falter. This Is your fight, your
war. rlrht here at home, n is your
opportunity, your privilege 10 serve
the country wnicn guaras you anu
fights for you. These are your
trenches. The Red Cross Is your front
line; make it unbreakable.
Great Demand Among Soldiers
for Good Books at the
Service Library.
Ther am three davs left of
the "War Service Library" week, and
Miss Margaret Dunlap, of the Chat
tanooga publlo library, who has been
instrumental In setting the library
established at the fort, makes a most
earnest appeal to the public to con
tribute good books, for the Boldlcrff.
"Just any old thing" is not wanted,
hut the neonla are reai"Rted to make
a sacrifice of some good book, which
they have enjoyed and whose senu-
mnnt. like the scent or tne roses.
'Viln 'rnunil them still." and let it
nisi companion to those boys who
are leaving home and mentis.
Books are about the only compan
ions that can take the place of friends,
and M!s Dunlao declares that if
neonla could see how eagerly the sol
iiier hova take to them, and realize
hat the circulation is as large as inai
n tie cnauanooKa ruonc norary
300 or more books being in circula
tion dally they would reopond readily
n parting with some froorl dook rrom
their library shelves. A record of the
book's that are In demand by the sol
diers has been kept at several of the
cantonments, and the indication is for
modern languages, astronomy, engl
neerlng, geography, electricity, strat
erv. rjhvsics and above nil the great
eat demands In poetry is for Kipling
and Shakespeare. Oiie small set or
Shakeaneare's works has been donated
and a few volumes of Kipling's.
If one cannot visit these soldiers in
person they can send a friend In the
way of a book. Any or tne inunnry
men will tnke the books for the houHe
keener, to the Chattanooga publlo li
brary. The publlo Is reminded by the
promoters that this Is not a call for
money, hut for friend in the way of
books, for Uncle nam s oovs.
Miss Adelaide Ilowell, of the refer
enco department of the Chattanooga
publlo library, has made a very beau
tiful poster calling attention to the
book campaign week, which has been
hung In the Goon-la, avenue window.
Hooks and magazines are coming In
dally as a result of the campaign.
Mrs. S. D. Cole Leads Literary
Program With Paper on
Parliamentary Law.
Mrs. S. T). Cole, parliamentarian,
wni heard in an instructive yu-in-v on
Tuesday afternoon at a meeting of
the Chattanooga Woman's club. The
nterni'v aeitlon of the program was
under the aiinpicrs of tho pnrnunien-
turv Huniirtiiient. or wnicn wis.
hurl,., liii n ia chairman. Mra. 1,01
tin Introduced Mm. role, wno rnone
for her subject "Parliamentary jjiw.
the vital point or nil deiineraue n
HiMiibllos. and "Committee Work and
ui.ut U Fmbodles." Tlio paper n
full f interest, not only by virtue of
Its Instruction, but aiso rrom win v".--ful
work done In tho club by Mrs.
:ole, who was for ninny years nnr.--
tor of the parliamentary un"'""1;11"
Mra. J. T. Jones, soprano, gmn aui-
linw's "KecKSftlonnl" as tne iminii.u
contribution., Mrs. D. A. Graves, di
rector of the music department, ac
companied Mrs. .tones.
The Business Session.
nt. v. t.'ndorwood. president, di
et ted the program during the busi-
n'M session, urging k"-"1 """
fCoit in piuvhaso of thrift stamps,
ying that clul memoers ie uujin
at her thiui tiellers.
Mrs. M. P. 1 loyal, of the Ked Cross
oininitt.e, reported that eeventytive
honpllal garments hnl Keen ruui.ir,
uring the montn or icomi.
m ... in-v Inrkson. of the I. M. C
A. committee, reported that B number
of plants had been t.iken to the post.
Mix C. K. t arn reporu-n wi
ribtition of nix donen Jonquils,
incs and other articles tahtn u w.-
ospilnl. . . .,
i ii.m Ktnr.ru reported tlte
oncei't at Fort OglethorpN and Mis.
nd.-nvood reported tho inintaiy nt.,.
th return courtesy.
Writ. W. A. McMahan reported that
ir.nlr.fln tOttinC! l'f III"""
or the children of the Vine Street or-
plMiingr. . . . ,, .
Mrs. T. C. Hetterton h-im -
5,0 books had been romriuuuu .-....
oldlera' library.
..m,, i lii mietrstlon or sirs.
R. O. Hufraker. of the civics and eoo-
onucs department, tne """"
ill offer the first prite to me r.u...
I.e. ..ln In the sTcntest number
f fies the present clean-up cam
nlS". m .v-
M n F. Peckham iMirmm mr
t..K ih. n-nrk of the Council or
Pefense. The club derided to take out
a sustaining membership Py P"n.rni
'f Jt dues. .
All report of the cltih's activity will
be turned In to the council by he i.Mh
of every month for due crediting In
Wd(4in, cf Pepular Knovill Btlle
Will Be Soleninned Saturday.
Mi.hs Isabella Tyson, daughter of
ntlc-Cen. U IV Tvion. of KnmvUle.
will b man led to Kenneth Newcomer
Gilpin, of Baltimore, Saturday after
noon at 4:30 clock at HtJohn'a Epis
copal church.
Miss Tyson has chosen the follow
ing maid-of-honor ar bridesmaids:
Miss Esther Smith, of Atlanta; Miss
Cornelia Howell, of noxvillo; Miss
Charlotte Strong and Miss Betty Car
son, of New York; Miss Anna Magee
Sanford and Miss Evelyn no-. of
Knoxvllle. The best man will be
('apt. Donald Gilpin, U. S. H., of Fort
Sill, Okla. Other members of the
wedding party will be Ensign Charles
McGhee Tyson, Charles Rodtrers, of
Knoxvllle; MaJ. Silas McP.ee, Jr., 818th
field artillery: Copt. Beverly Ober and
Howies Llppitt, of Baltimore; Ensign
Allen Emmert, U. 'S. N.; Capt. Dorlon
Flemmlng, of Memphis, with the Fifty-third
Infantry at Camp Forrest.
Among the out-of-town relatives,
who will attend the wedding, are:
Mrs. Buckingham and Miss Carter, of
Memphis: Mrs. Warren A. Ransom, of
New York; Mr. and Mrs. George W.
Baxter, o East Hampton, li. I.; Mr.
and Mrs. H. B. Gilpin, of Baltimore;
Pr. and Mrs. Lewis Allen, of Virginia;
James C. Neeley, of Boston.
McLearen class of Trinity church
will meet with the Misses Kelley at
216 Houston street Thursday evening
at 8 o'clock.
Miss Marv Blanslt snent the week
end with Misses Vernon and Bertha
Green Blanslt at their home at White
Sulphur Springs, Ala.
Mrs. R. E. Ingersol. of New York,
and Miss Ethel . King, of Harriman,
are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mlms
Hightower In the Elizabeth.
Miss Mary Altrood Jones, of Trlon,
Ga., will spend the week-end In the
Misses Maggie and Nell Kcllar, of
Bristol. Tenn.. who have been spend
ing the past two months in Plant City,
Fla., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. L.
D. Miller, 223 Pine iitreet
Miss Blanche Divine and Miss Julia
Murphy have returned to Atlanta,
after spending the week-end with
friends here. They also visited Mrs.
Campbell Maben In Birmingham.
Albert Dlckerson. Jr., Is improving,
after an operation at Erlanger hospital
and was removed to his home in North
Chattanooga today.
m m w
Miss Edith Carter is ill at her home
in Highland Park.
. ,
R. P. Purse has gone to Chicago.
Mrs. Purse has returned from a visit
to Chicago and Philadelphia,
Mrs. John R. Barnes, who was In
jured by a fall recently, Is reported
Dr. D. P. Houston has returned from
Mr. and Mis. James Bass are now
with Mr. and Mrs. Arch Bags, on
Chamberlain avenue.
Mrs. T. E. Clemons and son. Earl
demons, will leave Monday for a visit
to Wartrace and Nashville.
T.liiit mnA Mr Homer Poffdell. of
Camp Pike, Ark., are visiting the let
ter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Judson
Buchanan, on Missionary ridge.
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Trltchard have
returned from Atlanta, where they
spent the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Devlin will go to
Florence, Ala., April 1, to reside.
Miss Ann Warner has gone to Rock-
wood, where she will give instructions
In surgical dressing for the Red Cross.
j New, York n JJgM 1
Giis Mayer Co., Ltd.
New Orleans
Invite you to view their dis
play'of the newest creations
Suits, Gowns, Wraps
Skirts and Waists
Hotel Patten
Friday, March 22
Saturday, March 23
MISS BALDWIN, Representing.
e v ;y " j
Miss Warner will be the guest of her
sister, Mrs. J. C. Wl.son, while there.
Col. and Mrs. Noyds left Monday for
Columbia, S. C. Col. Noyds Is with
the Seventeenth Infantry.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Erskine have
purchased the Cope property In St
Miss Klttye Howard has returned
from a four, months' visit to EI Paso,
Tex., and points in Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Hojt, who have
Knnn 4 ti A rrl 1 OKI tm stf TJpnt. and Mrs.
Locke Holt In Waco. Tex., will return
next Sunday.
Mrm V. Rlrrs and Miss Gladys
Riggs will go to New Yark soon.
Mrs. W. T. James and Miss Dorothy
James are at Seabreeze, Fla.
Miss Julia Murphy and Miss Flor
ence Divine, of Atlanta, are at the
Hotel Patten. They have recently
been the guests of Mrs. Campbell
May burn in Birmingham. .
Miss Sarah Hanratty, who has been
the guest of Miss Margaret McMahon,
has returned to her home in Clarks-
Mrs. James Faulkner will come from
Helena, Ark., In April to visit Miss
Klttye Howard,
Mr. and Mrs. - Charles F. Howard
have returned from a visit to Dayton.
Misses Tina and Mary Ward Scott
will be with Mrs. W. T. Caldwell In
the Hardwlck-Hogshead fori a time,
Spread butter thin
help the Sammies
get Berlin!
i7nrn nr
' Imported, Roasted. Blended, Packed by
xpr -.- ... .t
after which they will tke an apart
ment In the same building.
Mrs." J. B. Lyman, who has been 111
at her home In the Virginia, Is re
ported improving.
Mrs. R. Beauchamp, of Memphis, Is
the guest of her slaters, Mrs. Emma
Duffey, and Mrs. Fred Trawley, on
Signal mountain.
Dr. S. B. Woolford is reported
very-much improved.
Thero is no "cure
but relief is often
brought by -
All Good Grocers.
I wntim M
I wnn rum I
OMUMMliirT I .
r" IT

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