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removing- every oarticie of du.L dirt. President Wilson to give him broad
dandruff and excessive oil." The hair I powers to reorganise and ordinate
dries fluickly and evenly, and It leaves government departments and aoeiee
h acaln mntt mil th hal (In anil I ww - r
In proeeouting the war, tho Overman
kill, advanoed an administration
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substitute for tho senate military com
mittee's war cabinet and munitions
director measure, was ordered favor
ably reported today by the senate Ju
diciary committee by a vote of 11 to 7,
The orinciD! provision of the bill
as It now goes to the senate, where a
bitter contest Is predicted oy its op
ponents, authorises tho president "to
make such redistribution of functions
among executive agencies as he may
deem necessary auring uie wax.
Substitute defeated.
A substitute by Senator Smith, of
Georgia, proposing that the president's
authority be limited to me war mn
new denartments. tho shipping board.
the emergency fleet corporation an
the bureau of mines, wss dereatea n
the committee 10 to I. Senator Smith
aaJd he would offer his substitute in
the senate, and members of the senate
military committee plan to offer the
war cabinet and munitions director
hills as amendments.
Senator Overman, who lntroduoed
the measure, said today that he ex.
pected to report the bill Immediately,
but that debate probably would not
begin for a week or ten days.
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German Headquarters
Organizes Conferences
Zurich, March W. Another- of
the reports of an impending Ger
msn blow In the west appears In
tho Koelnischa Zeltung. It says
the German hesdqusrters staff is
organising a series of conferences
to bo- held at Cologne, Berlin,
Karlsruhe, Hanover and Ltpslc,
with representatives of the leed
ing newspapers for the purpose of
preparing the German press for
operations on, a great scale on the
western front.
asm. VAuegyiu.j
Wonderful Character Delineations
. of Unusual Types.
Blackface Singing Comedians, In
"Tuneful Originalities."
Also Three Other Bio Keith Acts.
Laymen' and Ministers' Con
. f erence of M. E. Church,
South,' in Session.
(Associated Press Review.)
The fall of Petrograd is imminent.
German troops, probably - advancing
sleng tho Baltio ooast from Narva and
northeast from Pskov and Dvlntk, are
nsaring tho Russian metropolis, so
eerding to diipatchss received in Lon
don. The population is aald to be await
ing tho coming of tho Invaders pas
sively and . there are no Indications
that tho bolshevik authorities wfll at
tempt to oppose tho Germans before
giving up the city.
Evacuation or Petrograd by tho bol
shevik government departments was
ordered last week and all are now In
Moscow, which tho Lenlne government
has declared tho Russian capital. VAien
tho order to move to Moscow was
given, It was said that Petrograd prob
ably would be declared a free port.
Gorman possession of Petrograd
would give the enemy control of the
Gulf of Finland and all tho Important
porta on Its coasts except those In tin
land yet In tho hands of tho Finnish
rebels, who are being attacked by tho
German and Finnish government
forces. This would cut Moscow off
from tho Baiyo sea. On tho south the
Germans have been reported within
ISO miles of Moscow and they virtually
control tho Black sea. ,
Although thev .can advance In the
east against disorganised Russia, the
Germans have not yet displayed any
Intention to carry out their heralded
offensive In tho west. Except for most
Intense .artillery bombardments on
some sectors there hss been no great
activity on the lengthy western front,
trench raids having decreased In num
ber, i
On tho British and French fronts the
Gorman artillery has been most active
on tho sectors which were bombarded
heavily last week Ypres, Armentiores,
Cambrat, tho Champagne, Verdun and
tho Voages, - Tho marked aerial fight
ing on the British front continues and
British airmen have accounted for
twenty-eight more machines, making a
total of fifty-four in two days, thirty
seven of which were destroyed.
Entente aviators have been busy
bombing enemy billets and' airdromes
and British airmen havo dropped
bombs on Mannheim, Germany.
On tho Toul sector, the Americana
havo boon repaying the Germans for
their lavish use of gas shells, by
throwing large numbers of the same
shells Into the enemy lines. The bom
bardment Is reported to have hsd the
effect desired by the American gun
ners. Towns and positions behind the
German lines also havo been sub
jected to American fire, while tho en
emy has replied with gas shells. Rast
of Luneville the big guns also have
been busy and In both the Luneville
and Toul sectors American, gunners
havo demolished more German gss
Secretary of VTar Baker visited the
American trenches Tuesday and when
he was returning a large German shell
struck and burst dangerously near the
automobile In which he and his imme
diate party were riding. The enemy
shell caused no damage.
Quartet to Be Deported Under Homer Lawson Has One Month
Longer to Live Before Eze
. cution in State Prison.
That Charge Love Affair
Basis of Activity.
Washington, Msreh 80. Investiga
tes oonvinesd the dspsrtment of jus
tice that tho two wemsn and the two
men elslmlng French oitissnshlp re
cently arrested in New York on sus
picion of eennsction with the German
spy ring, sen only bo olsssed as unde
sirable eitisena, rsthsr than as spies.
On this oeneiusien thsy will be de
Suspicions that tho quartette was a
band of aplea were exploded wnen
government agents found that a love
affair between one of the women and
a neutral diplomat In Washington wss
(Special to The News.)
Nashville, March 10. Gov. Rye to
day granted a third respite .to Homer
Lawson, of Knoxvllle, who Is under
sentence to bo electrocuted for the
crime of rape. The respite extends
from March if to Anrll i. snd wan
given to allow Tjwein nemnleta hie
netltlon for olemencv. He sabs to he
Imprisoned for life Instead of being
biereaseo strength of delicate, nerv
ous, run-down people In ten days
time In many laatAaeea. Used and
highly endorsed by former United
States Senators and Members of
Congress, well-known physician and
former fuouo iuia omauus. a
your doctor or druggist about tt
In up returns with a view to begin
nlng prosecutions against tax dodgers.
tho real basis for the activity of the
Am. hfi fall trt Aids thai I
rour. wnicn naa orousni inrm unaor i rorutrt hv Anrll 1 K
tho observation or tne department or ss vigorously and relentlessly under
Justice. I the war revenue act as draft slnckers
v ..it r!-r ui :4bk-u I were under the selective service act.
run w..v.u.- .........M. I acooi-dln in a atatemont
The full disclosure Is withheld by by Daniel C. Roner. comm
tne government out or conmaerauon i internal revenue. Revenue ofneere In
for the neutral diplomat and his 1 every section of the country are check-
The four under arrest In New 1 ork
gave their names ss Madame Ucspina
Davldoviteh Htorvh. Madame fclisa.
beih Charlotte Nix, Baron Henri De
Relville and Count Robert Po Clair-
It Is now disclosed that what was
thought to be mysterious code letters
found in a safe deposit box of one of
thone, 1 nder arrest were lovo epistles
couched in ogntie terms with hidden
meanings which hard-headed Investi
gators at first failed to recognise.
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Bolsheriki Foreign Minister
Views U. 8. Attitude as J
Growing More Friendly.
Moscow, Tussdsy, Msroh 19. (By
the Associstsd Prsss.) Russis's rela
tione with ths entente are unchanged,
M. Tehiteheria, the bolshevik foreign
miniater, declared in art intsrview with
the Assooiatsd Press correspondent to
day. . ,
More friendly relations were being
estsblished with the United States, he
sdded, and he commented upon Pres.
Ident wilewi s message to Russia as
showing that America would no take
oppressive action against her.
I.tfon Trotsky and other bolshevik
leaders are quoted here as denying ru
mors thnt larro numbers of Anslro-
Germsn prisoners have been armed by
the bolshevlkl st. Irkutsk, cmta ana
other Siberian cities, ss well as In Ku
ropesn Russia. The announcement
that the United States Is sending a
mtsslqn to investigate the reports of
tne arming or prisoner, is nauea wun
enthusiasm by the government organs.
Premier L.enlne announced that ne
does not intende to form a coalition
with the other socialists parties, but
states that the vscsncles in tne gov
ernment caused by resignations In pro-
test against the rstinration or tne
peace treaty will be filled by bolshevik!.
Ottawa, Ont, March 20. p.
O. Grant, of Snead's Kerry,
N. C serving with the Cana
dian oversees forces, hss been
gassed, according to today's
casualtv list.
German Chancellor Sees "No
Slightest Inclination to End
War" Among Entente.
Laden Grain Steamer
'Sunk Result Collision!
Berne. Tuesday. March II. It has
been learned through offlolal sources
that the steamer Sterling, with a large
cargo of grain for Swltserland, has
.lust been sunk as tne result or a col
Coming so shortly after the torpedo
ing of the Spanish steamer Bardlncro,
which was sunk on Feb. 51 while con
veying H.OOO tons of wheat from the
United States for Swltierlano, tne loss
of the Sterling constitutes a, serious
Mow to the Swiss rovictuallng opera
Awwswsjjuautv mm-
A Select Picture.
A Ise
A Paramount Comedy.
J. Stuart Blsckton I re tints
The greatest story of love, racial
Instinct and great northwest produced
for many a day.
Memnhis. March' 80. Surveys of
foreign mission fields and discussion
of the needs for missionary work both
at nome and aoroaa maae up uie pro
gram for today's tession of tho con
ference of ministers and. laymen of
the Methodist Episcopal church,
South, meeting hero with delegates
from the Northern and Canadian
branches of the church" to plan for the
participation of the Southern church
In a proposed'world-wide missionary
campaign in celebration of tho cen
tennial of the founding of the Meth
odist missionary board. The confer
ence was organized lost night with the
election of John R. Pepper, of Mem
phis, as permanent chairman, and will
continue in session through tomorrow.
At the final session the smount the
Methodist Episcopal church, south,
will be asked to contribute to tho fund
needed to conduct the campaign Is to
b.e determined, subject to ratification
by the genersl conference of the
charles ray
"the family skeleton"
A Psrsmount Picture.
Increase in Consumption, Ac
cording to Washington
Food Administration.
(One Day Only)
Strand Theater
240 E. Main St
"Where Are My
Adults Only
"It will make women thlnV, snd
think bsrd. It will make men look
before they leap. It will act as a
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Admission 10 Cants
Ntver shewn before st this bargain
ii i m
First Lieutenant Walter John
son, of Bellevue, HI., in Ac
cident at Kelly Field.
There are two steamers Starling, one
an American of 8,01(1 tons gross, built
at Tort (ilasgow In Itil end owned by
the Rlnck Diamond Transportation
company, of Roston, and the other a
Norwegian vessel of l.SIS Ions gross,
built In 1007 at Kredrtckstad and owned
In Chriatianin,,
"I do not think I exaggerate when I rank Harold Rsuer afn4h CM
world's grestest pianists."- Herman Dsrviss, Chicago Amerlosn,
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TODAY at the Pilgrim Church.
PRICES OF TICKETSt $1.50, $1.00 and 75c
Crew of Norwegian Ship
Taken From Life Boats
Tendon, March 10. The crew of the
Norwegian steamship WVgmlnok, 4,171
tons gross, has been rescued from life-
hosts, according to a report of the
Norwegian foreign office ss forwarded
In a t'entrsl News dispatch from Co
penhagen. Bombs from a llerman sub-
marine were plsced on the Wegsdesk,
but no word as to her rste has been
The Norwegian sailing vessel Carls,
MAS Ions gross, hss been sunk by
Herman snhmarlne, the dlspauh re
ports. The captain was killed, but hi
crew was rescued.
San Antonio, Tex., Maroh SO. First
Lieut. Walter J. Johnson, 22 yeers old,
of Bslteville, III., wss Instantly klllsd
todsy when the airplsne in whieh he
wss flying fell 1,900 feet at Kelly
Field. His mothsr, Mrs. M. H. John
son, resides at Jersey City, N. J.
Lieut. Johnson had Just started on a
cross-country flight snd hsd risen to
a height of 1,500 feet when his plane
was neon to fslter and then dive to
ward earth. At SW feet above ground
he partially regained control, hut only
for a moment, and the machine again
plunged down.
I.leut. Johnson wss sn Instructor at
wiiu flnlA havlnr crime here from
Roott field at Belleville. He lesrned to Ultimatum was that regarding Kara,
fly at Mlneola in 11. t . j Ardsha and Batoum." (The pesos
tresty proviaes mat tneae aisincia,
snail be ceaeu to
Copenhagen, Mondsy, Msreh IS
Oermsny should not indulge In delu
sions that world ossce hss been so
eomplishod yet, Count Von Hertling,
tho imperial German ehsnosllor, ds
slared In concluding his speech in ths
relohetsg todsy on the pease tresty
with Russia. Ho added i
"There Is not the slightest Inclina
tion yet perceptible smong the en
tente states to terminate this terrible
war. We, however, shall not loss
faith. Wo are prepared and every
thing Is ready. irtmr sacrifices may
come, but I am confident in our Just
cause, our Incomparable srmy, its hs-
rolo leaders and tho stssdfsst nation,
ftesponslblltty for further bloodshed
will fall on the heads of those desiring
its continuance."
Baron Von Dem Bussche-IIadd'en- OflQW On Italian aTOM
tisussn. under secretary for foreign
affairs, explained that Germany has
adopted a sharper and firmer method
in the second phase of the Russian
nrgotlstions because It realised that
Trotsky, the bolshevik foreign minis
ter.'dcslred not pesce, but to Instigate
Germany to rebellion end counted on
a revolution In Oermsny and Austria-
Hungary to help him veil the fact
of Russian defeat
"Our negotiators, the under secre
tary said, "gained ths Impression that
the Russians expected for more se
vere tervns after they hsd forced us
to a fresh appeal to arms, and their
protest that they were forced to ac
cept our terms without sufficient time
for negotiations was a mere attempt
to save thel rown fsces. Everything
hsd been discussed fully In Decem
ber, snd the, only deannnd after the
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Still Retards Action
Washington. March JO. Meatless
days havo not conserved the meat sup
ply, Joseph P. Cotton, head of the food
admlnstratlon's meat division, today
told the senate committee investigat
ing food supplies, but on the other
hand.- ho believed It had resulted In
more meat being consumed on those
This was caused. Cotton said he be.
tteved. because while many persons
observetr the meatless dsys, others wh4
previously had not uaed much mea.
were enabled to do so by the high
wsges they were receiving, and this
resulted In a net increase of consump
tion rather than a saving.
Washington. March 18. Adolph
Timm. of Philadelphia, secretary of
tha rjrmin. American Allianne. waa
today before the sen a fa committees
Investigsting the organisation's al
leged disloyal activities. As cut'.odlan
of tho records of the alliance, Tlmra
appeared today for discussion of the
organization's finances snd general
For Infants tad ChJldrea
In U For Over 30 Years
Always bears
.tgoatprs of ,
Americans to Probe
Reports in Siberia
Petrogrsd, Tuesday, March It. (By
the Associated Press.) An American
nlaaion will visit Siberia to Invest I
gate reports of the arming of puis-
oners of war.
There have been persistent reports
from Harbin, Peking and Toklo re
cently that Austro-C.erman prisoners
In Siberia hsd been, srmrd snd were
sssistlng the bolshevlkt In putting
down opposition.
If you really went a mother -in-Inw,
buy your girl a Whistls. tAdv.)
Nsturo Intends every women to be
i heerful, light-hearted and nappy, but
when dragged down with pain and
suffering from female Ills, will power
slone cannot overcome a nervous, de
spondent condition. Multitudes of
American women, however, have
found that there Is one tried snd true
remedy to rent ore health under sift h
circumstances, and that Is Lydla E.
itnkham's Vegetable Compound, made
from herbs and roots. This old-fashioned
medicine Is now conaidered the
standard American remedy for such
conditions. (Adv.)
In the Caucasus,
2,500,000 DURING WAR
Hesdqusrters of the Italian
Army. March H.l (By the Asso
elated Preas.) The snow along
the mountain fronts TTls been ro
duced conslderahly by mild
westher recently, but the amount
remaining is sufficient to retard
extensive operations. Military
activity la confined chiefly to pa
trol actions and serial enuountori.
The Plave front also Is afocted by
spring, freshets lisvlng made the
streams too wide snd deep for
missing by considerable bodies of
The hesd of the Amerlrsn mili
tary mission to Italy Is making a
tour of the mountain and Plave
fronts visit. tg esrh army corps
and eismtnfiig tha organtsstlon
and equipment of the troops.
Their Presence Will Inject New ,
Life Into Red Oron Work
in Alabama City,
(Spsclsl to The News.)
Ifuntsvllls, Ala., March to. With the
arrival of the MrCormlrk hoiiaaliold brs
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them repaired. The firms listed below are
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Sir Eric Geddei. Tint Lord of 10 ''r,4 ftf "T'r1 ",.onU'V"t
ou aku hhe liome"hllrtre"-of Mla Mary Vlr-
British Admiralty, Keports
Shipping Situation.
London, Msreh 20. Fifurss Sn the
shipping output and tennsgs 4essss of
Crsst Britsin will be published regu
larly heresftsr, It wss announced In
the house of oemmone todsy by Sir
Erie Campbell Csddes, the first lord of
the admirslty, during the debsts on
ths nsvy ship building bill.
It would not be In the national In
terest, however, lo give the tonnage
of louses up to date, the first lord
The world's tonnsge, exclusive of
enemy ships, hsd fallen t.loO.OuO from
glnla MrCormlrg nsw lira wss lnjtri
Into ths IUd Croas work, snd Mls (irsra
Walkar. at a meeting of all (hs woman's
organisations, made a alining epearh on
wbaa ths wnmrn rs sipooted lo do
In all lines of ths work. Including a gteaa
rte I towaid tha rmnllg liberty loan
drive. Mrs. T. W. Prstt, vlcs-chalrmsn
of the Huntsvlllo lied Ctoes unit. sW
sddrmu'd tha sudlear. sad much work
laid out. which has slresdy stsrttd.
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1HM11S Market.
Phene M. 4233. Que A goes,
Zurlrh, Tuesday, March 11. Con
trasting ths utteranoes of Held Msr.
shsl Von Iflndenburg snd Oen Von
I.udendorff with the speech msde In
lh. rrlelnlar lata In FVbruarv by
the beginning of the war to the end of I fhanrel'or Von Hertling. the Arhelter
1117. Kir rrlo stated. Zeltung. the aoclaliit orgsn of Vienna.
The amount of tonnsge sunk In tbetnRa wither the lstest Berlin confer-
Isst twelve months wss S.000.000, said
Kir F:rlc. Instead Of t.SOO.OOO as tbe
Germans claim.
' Lswt In 1111.
The merchant tonnage produced In i
the fourth ousrter of 1M was itOOOO.
be said, and It had fallen steadily
The total allied and neutral tonrTage
Is now 4:,ooo,(Wu, Kir Krl- stated, the
fart that It Is st this figure being!
largely due to the new construction
London. March 10. Sir Eric Oeddes,
firt lord of the admitaltv. Is es
perted to make a statement In the
couee or commons tooay on miur c.. .mm
smount or tonnsge Oestroye ijr suo- Th ,,.. of new tonnsge. he con
marines snn ine ionrge Mint to nuw) ,w , jm .
V h."7. k k, V rrrh(.d IH lowe.t point In 1U. This
lljihes a Paris dlepwtch. which says I .w ,, . . . ... ,K
r-m i I , , . . . . . . , . I . DPI linfi I' '1 ITrn , UINI I'irili '' . " "
... I itifwm mA r..ifr,iit itf munition, a n1 r.
yar. Commenting on the di.aTrn. i ' " ,
I, a n.,..,-.r .... th.l lh. f.furfi np inriin"i -n.n. ... mt r-
uggeat that publication of allicU e1"" "rr"'
enre I'd to ths sdoption of a new pol
icy. Ths psper argues thst nelthT
Kian' e nor Ureat Krllaln will accept
a weak p-ac and asys the pesce which
Count tsarnln. the Auatro.lianssrlan
foreign secretsry. prtjmlaed snd doiiht
Irsaly honostly desires. Is now acolT.d
at everywhere as a wesk peace offer.
"Nothing more." ths paper adds. "Is
hesrd of fount Csernln's offer to
I'renldcnt IN'llson lo enter into negotiations."
-Count Ciernln hss hecoms quite
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Southern Welding
and Repair Co.
Successors to McKenney
Welding Co, .
Wetdinf of All Metals,
Light Machine Work and
Automobile Repairing.
S27 Broad Si M. 966
We Buy, Sell and
All hinds of good furnlrara,
stows, rsngts and rsfrlger.
store. We always have bar
gains In this Hoe.
Furniture Co
439 Market St.
Kimball & Lesh
"If It's About a Bicycle,
Ask Us",
Blrytle llrs. rebuilt bicycles,
hlgh-grsds blcyclss. .icyrls
supplise, Mrycle r'paiilng.
Uo-caita rs-tlrd.
Prompt Service.
Guaranteed Quslity.
Work t-allod for snd dmttercd.
302 E. Main St.
3 Roaeville Ave.
Telephone Main 1260
Let Us Brate or Weld It
Farming Implements, eerrer.
bras. n4 Iron pil ewla, lubrt
i.lnr. globe valvss, water
)rk.ta. ol auiomoOU. and sta
tionary gatollrwi esflnea, air
timpr,HoiL Prxken parts
anv m.tal elth.r Sreaed or
Chattanooga B raxing
& Welding Company
phone M. 3n. SOS loyce SI
litillih 190.
SaaMMS Sua

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