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Chattanooga, 4 p.m. Washington, 5 p.m. London, 10 p.m. Paris, 10 p.m. Petrograd, 12 p.m. Tokio, 7 a.m.
VOL. XXX. NO. 221.
' March 23
W. S. Stamp Day
All Over Tennessee
. .
British Army Headquarters in France Reports
Assault Which Bears All Ear-Marks of Be-
ing Beginning of Kaiser Wilhelm's
Much-Heralded Offensive.
British Army Headquarters ih France, March 21., 1 p.m.
(By the Associated Pres,s.) The Germans today launched a heavy
attack on a wide front in and near the Cambrai sector. This as
sault bears all the ear-marks of being the beginning of the enemy's
grand offensive.
British Army
France, March 21.-
Headquarters In
Fighting' is pro
ceeding from a point to the northward
of Lagnlcourt southward along the
front to Gauche wood, just below
Following a heavy bombardment,
the Germans launched an infantry at
tack on a big scale on the front north
of Lagincourt to Gouohe wood, Reu
ters correspondent at British head
quarters telegraphs this afternoon.
"Army group of the German jcrown
prince. On the southern bank of the
Olse, north of Rheims and in the
Washington, March 21. Secret fig
ures of the British admiralty on sub
marine losies and world ship building
were made publio here today by the
British embassy. They show that from
both enemy action and marine risk on
Jan. 1, 1918, allied and neutral ship
ping had lost since the war began 11,
827,572 gross tons, while ship yards
outside of the central powers were
turning out 6,606,275 tons. These fig
ures, long withheld, are now made
public,' an ' admiralty memorandum
aays, because today they will not stim
ulate. the enemy and because they will
impress upon the people the necessity
of united action in making good losses
by submarines.
In spite of the tremendous total of
losses, they, do not approach the
claims of the Germans, and with L
5S9.000 tons of enemy ships added to
1hc output of the war period, the net
Ioks to world shipping exclusive of
that of Germany and her allies, Is only
The minimum of losses was reached
in tho second quarter of 1917, alter tho
unrestricted submarine warfare wus
launched. That quarter ,36,934 grows
tons of ships went down.' Since then
the total has been'reduced. until in the
fourth quarter of 1917 it 'was only 1,
272.843. In the meantime, the ship
building output steadily curved up
ward. In the last quarter of 1917 it
was 932,032 tons and at thut time the
enormously Increased facilities of the
United .States had n6t begun to get
into action. In announcing in the
house of commons yesterday that herc
ufter figures on losses and building
would be made public at regular In
tervals, Sir Eric Geddes, first lord ot
the admiralty, indicated that it still
would be unwise to publish the total
for the war. However, these totals
now are given to the public, simulta
neously in this country and In Great
Memorandum Follows.
Following Is the admiralty memo
randum: "Memorandum issued by the British
admiralty, Bhowlng in gross tons the
losses to the world shipping by enemy
action; the mercantile shipbuilding
output and the enemy vessels captured
and brought into service.
"Hitherto the board of admiralty
have been averse to any publication
other than that contained in the weekly
return of losses, although it has fre
quently been pressed upon them that
the whole tonnage facts should be
made public. So long as such publi
cation would encourage the enemy
and would stimulate his energies in a
dangerous direction, they have not
been able to concur in the proposal.
"The figures today will not stimu
late the enemy, and the admiralty rec
ognizes that the policy of silence nec
essary ss they believe It to have been
from a naval point of view, has had
this serious defect that It fails suffi
ciently to impress upon the people of
' (his country the vital necessity of in
dividual and united effort on their pHrt
to, make good the losses caused by
enemy submarines.
"In the spring of 1917 the full men
ace of the submarine campaign was
first disclosed. Since that date we
have steadily increased our knowledge
end our material resources for this
novel warfare.
"Thrre statements are attached
showing for the United Kingdom and
for the world.
"1. Losses by enemy action and
marine risk.
"'. Mercantile shipbuilding out
put. "S. Enemy vessels captured and
, brought lnln service.
Combatting U-Bostt.
"The situation should be viewed
from the standpoint of the- world's
tonnage. As In these problems themer-.-aiitile
navies of the whole world, ex
cluding the enemy, may be regarded ns
one. It will be noticed that the dia
grams rererl fncts and that nothing
baa hern included in the nstuie of an
rstlmat'. On the subject of
losses the admiralty disclaim anv de.
Mro to prophesv about so uncertain a
'l.ir.e as war In Us snl marine phase.
The remits of the past vear have 1
shown the ability of our seamen togft3; third n,unrtr. lTIXI: fourth
upon trnis with the subtna rine tiw-n. I ouartri. 113.33?: foreign o" it put 'or the
nee and gradually to gain the uperl whole car. 1.14M4S; total for the
Champagne the artillery Are frequently
"Army group of Gen. Von Gallwltr
The artillery duel before Verdun as
sumed great violence in the evening.
Bavarian companies mkde a surprise
attack southwest of Ctfnes and over
run the first enemy lines. They
pressed forward as far as the Brule
ravine and captured one battalion staff
and more thai". 240 French prisoners,
including twenty-four officers.
"West of Apremont, Rhenish and
Lower Saxon Landwehr penetrated
French trenches and brought back
seventy-eight prisoners.
hand.' This result has been achieved
in spite of an imperfect knowledge oi
a new and barbarous method of war
fare and of a scarcity of suitable ma
terial. Our material resources for this
warfare are alreudy improved and are
being rapidly augmented, whilst
science is placing at our disposal
means of offense and defense of which
we have been in need. Subject to this
technical advice and to a warning that
undue optimism is fatal, the admiralty
considers that the facts with regard
to tonnage losses speak for themselves.
"With regard to the other factor, the
production of merchant tonnage, any
estimate for the future must depend
wholly jpA.-4a-Urrruiiatton of em
pfoyois and men In tho shipyards-""!
marine engineering establishments,
Tho production, however, of merchant
ships In the United Kingdom during
January, 1918, even making the most
generous allowance for weather condi
tions, fell so far below that of each
month in the preceding quarter that
if improvement is not speedily made,
the point where production balances
losses will be postponed to a danger
ous extent, and even when that point
is reached wc shall still have to make
good the losses of the past during the
critical period that confronts us. We
must rely in the main on our own ship
yards and on ourselves.
Each One Bears Responsibility.
''Our partners In the war are mak
ing every effort to increase their pro
ductlon of ships, but, a considerable
time must elapse before tho desired
output is secured to produce in the
United Kingdom 1,800,000 tons in 1918
and to reach an ultimate production
at the rate of 3,000,000 per annum is
well within the present and prospec
tive capacity of our shipyards and ma
rine engineering shops; but the ranks
of the skilled men must he enlurged
without delay by the introduction of
men and women at present unskilled.
"The Introduction of these newcom
ers, upgrading, and interohana-enbllitv
of work are essential and must bo
pressed in with the good will of em
ployers and foremen; nnd further, the
board of admiralty wish to make it
perfectly clear that these results can
not be obtained unless maximum out
put Is continuously given in every
shipyard and marine engine shop by
every one concerned. If employers
hesitate to play their part, if men any
where 'down tools' or go slow for any
reason, they will do so In full knowl
edge of the grievous extent to which
thev are prejudicing the vital Interest.!
of the community.
"It is to insure the vigorous co
operation of all concerned that the ad
miralty have recommended the publi
cation of the facts."
Admiralty's Tables Fellow.
The admiralty's tables follow:
Losses by enemy action nnd marine
risk (in gross tons) for the' nerlod. the
United Kingdom, foreign, and the total
for world, shown respectively:
1914: August and September. S 1 4. -000;
85,947; 399,947; fourth quarter,
154.72S; 121688; 281.416.
1915: First quarter, 215,80.',; 104. MI;
320.447; second nuarteV. 223.676: 1S6.
743; 380,419; third quarter, BjS.C',9;
172.822; 529.481: fourth quarter. 307.-
139: 1S7.234: 494.373.
1916: First quarter, 323.237: 198.958;
524. 19J: second quarter, 270,690: 251.
599; 622. 29; third quarter, 284.358;
3ii",681 : 529.039; fourth quarter, 617.
563: 541.780: 1. 159.343.
1917: First quarter. 911. S40; 707.533;
1B19.S73 : second quarter. 1,561.870;
870.064: 2.236.934: third quarter. .'?.
93H: 541.535; 1.494.473: fourth quarter,
782.8h; 489.951: 1.272. 843.
Total, '.079.492: 4.748,080; 11.8C7.572.
Note Figures for gross tonnage of
world's tonnage for August and Sep
tember. 1914. includes 182,829 gross
tons interned in enemy ports.
The mercantile shipbuilding output
fin gross tons) for the period, the
United Kingdom, forelcn. and the to
tal for the world, respectively. Is as
1914: To end of the year. 675.610;
337.310; 1.012
1915: For the United Kingdom First
miarter." 216.267: second quarter. 146.
870: third quarter, 115.070; fourth
ouarter. 92.712: foreign for the whole
vear. S.'l.OM: total for the world for
the whole year. 1 2ri2,Of.O.
1916: f or the Unite) Kingdom i'ift
ntinrt' - r. 9T,..';s: second mistier. 1f
Berlin, March 21. (Via London.)
Khorson, in tho Ukraine, 92 miles
northeast of Odessa, near tho
mouth of tho Dnieper, hat boon
capturod by tho Toutonio forces,
today's army hoadquartora' roport
American Navy Is Increased by
About 600,000 Tons, Re
sult of Requisition.
London, March 21. The As
sociated Press learns that the
United States, having author
ized the requisitioning of Dutch
shipping. Great Britain will Im
mediately order similar action
in regard to the Dutch vessels
in British ports.
Notwithstanding the state
ments which have emanated
from Holland, the British gov
. ernment thus far has received
no communication from The
Netherlands government re
garding acceptance or rejection
of the allies' note.
Washington, March 21. Seventy
seven, Dutch ships in American ports,
aggregating about 600,000 tons,' were
flying the American flag today as the
result of President Wilson's proclama
tion last night requisitioning Dutch
tonnage in accordance with the British
American shipping agreement. At the
same time Great Britain took over
Dutch vessels in British waters and
another 400,000 tons was put into allied
Armed naval guards were aboard tho
vessels In American waters todny and
the ships will be operated by the navy
department and the shipping board,
Dutch crewa being supplemented by
American civilian sailors and naval re
servists. - Compensation will be jpade
to the owners as required by law.
Reverses Decision
Of Canal Zone Courts
New Orleans. March 21. After be
ing confined In a Panama Jnil for
several weeks on a charge of con
tempt of court, J. Btidd Smith, citizen
of New Jersey and Panama, repre
sentative of the Beneficial Loan so
ciety of Newark, N. J., was ordered
released in a decision of the United
States circuit court of appeals an
nounced here todny and which reversed
the decision of tho district court of
the canal zone. Smith, while acting
for his firm, was charged, on com
plaint fit J. A. Onrrlgan. with violat
ing the canal zone court's Injunction
ngalnst sale of property alleged to
have been Involved In bankruptcy pro
ceedings. Smith was ordered committed to
Jail until he refunded the proceeds of
the sale, $30,050. He claimed service
In the ease was Improperly made and
the appellate court sustained hl con
tention, ordering the canal zone
court's Judgments dismissed.
Atlanta, Oa., March 21. Gov. Horsey
today honored a requisition Issued by
the governor of Illinois for Lawrence
J. Cooper, president of the First Na
tional bank of Wuycrosa, f,a.. who Is
wanted In Chicago on a warrant sworn
out hy Simon Hamburg, of that city,
charging Cooper with fraud In connec
tion with a real estate rtenl. Counsel
for Mr. Cooper and Harry A. Herger,
assistant state's attorney for Cook
county. 111., signed nn agreement under
which Cooper will he served with a
warrant In VAare county, wll sue out a
writ of habeas corpus and give bond
of HO.000.
Overman Bill Placed
On Calendar of Senate
Wsshlngtnn. Msrrh II. The Overman
Mil, proposing brosd powers fur the pres
ident t J co-ordinate gmernment agencies
In proseeutlng the war, was rportd to
the senate today by Senator Overman, of
North Carolina, and placed on the cal
Washington. March SI. Cm. T-ce
Christmas, the noted Central Ameri
can revolutionist nnd soldier or for
tune, has been engared hy President
Kstrada Oabreya, of rtiiateniala. to
take charge of the work of restoration
In Guatemala, as chief of sanitation
nnd order. tiuatemala rity was
shaken into ruins a few weeks aro by
an earthquake.
world for the whole year. l.SM.'V'il.
117: For. the I'nlted Kingdom First
ouarter. for the t'ntted Kingdom. S4.
S!: foreign. SfcS.SOO; totsl for the
world. f.: 41; second ouarter. ?.
SSI; J77.119: :4.441; third quarter.
24,:l: JM.170; fourth juar-
ter. 4l.:'l: Si: 401; 3;.0JJ.
Totals. a.0Sl.r,;i; 1.674 7:": ( n :T.
The third table shows S.HI.O'tO gro
tfns nf enemr vrnel captured d
bronrhf Into service. Of this total.
tnrre than a million tons was t.iken at
the outbreak of war.
Resume cf War Events
By Associated Press
Seizure of Dutch vessels by the
United States and Great Britain
and their use for allied purposes
reduce materially the net allied
loss due to Gorman submarines and
mines sine the beginning of tho
war. A British government State
ment issued at Washington gives
the gross lost up to Jan. 1, 1911, as
11,827.572 and the net loss as 2,
632,297 tons. '
Tha Dutch shipping taken ever
by tho allies aggregates 1,000,000.
To mak up the deficiency In
world, tonnage caused by German
ruthlessnesa on the seas, 6,606,275
tons of new ships were built in al
lied and neutral countries since the
beginning ot the war, and 2,689,000
tons of German and Austrian ships
were seised by allied countries.
The net loss Is reduced further by
Dutch vessels which generally
have been Idle in allied ports in
fear of Uormnn submarines. Losses
during the last twelve months have
been announced "In the British
bouse of commons by Sir Krlo
Geddes, first lord of the admiralty,
as having been 6.000,000 tons.
British losses last week wero
seventeen vessels, including eleven
of 1,600 tons or over, a decrease
from the prevlqus week, when
eighteen ships were sunk, tn the
previous week, howeVer, fifteen of
the vessels were of more than 1,600
Owners of the seized ships will
derive revenue from their use.
Holland alao will be allowed to ob
tain foodstuffs from abroad for her
population, and her colonial trade
will be protected.
There has been no change In the
situation on the western front.
Small raids have occurred here
and there, but the main activity
has been confined to artillery bom
bardments, which are Intense on
several Important sectors. Artil
lery actions predominate on the
Italian front
Secretary Baker has
his Inspection of the
army eonea In France,
of veterans, who went
with the first division
A brigade
to France
were the
first In the trenches and suffered
the first casualties In nctlhn. was
reviewed by the secretary. In his
final day wyh the American army
Secretsry Baker visited the Verdun
front and drove In an automobile
for mora thafMna miles from Verdun-
to American general, head
Hand-to-Hand Fighting Ensues.
Raid Followed Intense
With the American Army in France,
Wednesday, March 20. (By the As
sociated Press.) American troops in
the sector east of Luneville partici
pated tonight in a raid on German
trenches, penetrating the enemy lines
for some distance. Hand-to-hand
fighting ensued.
The raiders returned to the Ameri
can lines about forty minutes. J-ur-tlier
details are unavailable at this
hour (10 p.m.). The raid was car
ried out In conjunction with French
troops, after a brief, but Intense bar
rage. The Hermans retaliated with a
heavy tire of gas and high explosive
shells on the American batteries.
Yillistas Dynamite
Train at Santa Sofia
F.I I'aso. Trt.. March 21. Villa fol
lowers under Kpifunlo Holguln, dynn
mlted and robbed a Mexico North
western mixed passenger and freight
train this morning at Hanta Hofla, 110
miles southnest of Juarez, killing two
passengers and noundlng ten, accord
Ing to messages received here todny
and conflmieil by the Mexican general
Veshlngton. March II. Activities In
the west of the. Industrial W'orkera of
tho World wss cited by Chairman
Chamberlain, of the senate military
committee, today, as making necessary
passage of the administration till giv
ing the government authority to com
mandeer timber and to conduct logging
Opening debate on the measure. Hen
ator f 'hamberluln declared It might be
come necessary to Bend soldlera Into
the spruce districts.
"Not until men with guns wire sent
In can we get the necessnrv spruce,"
he said "The Industrial Wutkeie if
the World will not allow men to woik
In the forest."
I herewith warn my
creditor. In due and
e(i form. I've
planned to wipe the
whole kUte t lear Hy
early f.tr morn.
Ko meet me at the
i ourfho'ise, or make
It Fountain H'iur.
At half-paat twelve
on Htu'dv night.
And 111 pay mi
hil l( fa.r.
The Heather- 'alr
nd moora
t n,i" is'.ure tn!lit and
London, March 21. The British
have made another advance tn
Palestine, Rapturing three towns, it
la announced officially. A counter
attack by tho Turks was repulsed.
Result American Destroyer's
Collision With British War
ship on March 19.
Washington, March 21. Explosion
of a depth chargs aboard the Ameri
can destroyer Manley when the vessel
collided with a British warship In Eu
ropean waters, March 19, killed the
American commandsr and three en
listed men and wounded eleven others.
Both ships were dsmaged.
in announcing the accident today
the navy department gave no further
details and withheld-the location.
Washington, March 21. 'One Ameri
can officer and three men were killed
aboard an American idestroysr Maroh
19 when the vessel collided with a Brit
ish warship, tho navy dspsrtmsnt an
nounced today, A number of American
sailors wero injured. .
The destroyer wss ths Manley. A
depth charge on the Manley exploded
when the vessels were damaged.
Lieutenant-Commander Itlchaid
McCall F.lllott, Jr., was killed. His
wife lives in New York City.
The enlisted men killed were: ,
Ceclll Hall, Charleston. V. Va,
llontswaln'a Mate Lewis Cohen,
New York City,
Water Tender Charles Magonl,
West Hprtngfleld, Mass.'
The following enlisted men were
seriously Injured!
Klrotilclun Edward C. Landwchr,
Ulixahrth, N. J. .
Charles Pierce, englneman, Inke
Crystal, Minn.
Fred It. Iiwson, englneman, Or
ange, Mnas. (
Clarence V. Derhnnna, fireman,
Juplln, Mo.
Curl (.'. Kussnll, seaman, Stock
ton, Cel.
Itlchiird H. (iallman, seaman,
Troth, S. C.
Albeit W, Cecil, fireman, St.
Louis, Mo.
The following were slightly In
jured: Italph H. Christie, yeoman, Ca
lais, ,Me.
John I). Mercer, fireman, Varna
bo, I .a.
Fdward 11. J'eters, seaman, New
Haven, Conn.
Joseph F, tlumin, ni email, South
Minneapolis, Minn.
Japanese to Furnish
Tonnage to America
Ixmdon, March !0,-lteiiler'a Toklo
correspondent, telegraphing Under
date of Monday, reports that the Jap
anese commission having In hand the
question of furnishing tonnage to the
United Htatea met on Saturday last.
"America's proposed charter rate."
the dispatch continues, "being one.
half the local rate, It Is understood
that counter-proposals for a charter
rate to Include Insurance, evincing a
spirit of compromise, were drawn up
for transmission to America."
Seeks Indictment of
Milwaukee Mayor
Milwaukee. Wis, March SI Wheel
er II, llloodgood, chairman of tho
Milwaukee county Council of Defense,
told newspaper reporters today that he
bad pnpeis dreun up to seek the In
dictment of Mayor Panlel I loan, ao
delist, lust renominated; that 1 1 nun's
re-election as mayor, being practically
assured, be, llloodgood would seek to
have Milwaukee placed under military
Four Americans Held
By Germans'in Finland
Washington. March ?l Inten
tion of four Americans at lljorne.
bora. Finland, was reported to the
state department today by Am
bns,idor f iunrls The ainbnsia
rtor eald he wa trying to obtain
pertriikslon for tbem to proceed to
Hvi "t n.
Washington. March ?l Petitions
Signed by I, early 76.UOO residents of
Ixiulsiana. Nortft akot4 and Michi
gan. Sfid circulated by representative
of the Amrip-an Ih-friisn society urg
ing enactment of more drastic laws
to punish persona or or(.inir.atiens for
pro-i imaii activities rr disloyal ut
terances sir re presented In tie senate
KriK'nr l:risde!t. of lu:s!.ina pre
sented - e signed .y i.0'"i residents
of his Slate,
Artillery Action on Western Front Heard Dis
tinctly at Dover and Other English Coast
Towns Windows Shaken Continuously.
French Positions Attacked.
Berlin, March 21. The artillery battle Wfran again In fall
force along broad stretches of the western battle front this morn
ing, army liemlqusrters announced today.
Berlin (Via London), March 21.
Bavarian troops overran the first en
emy line, southwest of Ornes, on the
Verdun front, yesterday and advanced
as far as. the Brule ravine, capturing
Z40 men, army headquarters an
nounced today.
The statement says:
"Front of tirand lmke Alhrechl On
the east bank of the Moselle and near
ISomeny we carried out successful op
erations. The destructive Are ot the
French artillery at I'arrov wood con
"On broad sectors of the western
front the artillery buttle himIii broke
out this morning In full fou r."
Austrian Take Part.
Vienna, March St. (Itritlah ad
miralty per wireless press,) Austro
llungarlan artillery has taken part In
tha right against the Kngllsh and
French on the western front, It Is an
nounced In today's war ollhe state
London, Maroh 21. The Germans
shortly btfore dawn this morning be
gan a heavy bombardment over a wide
section of the British front, it is an
nounced officially.
Tho statement follows:
"A heavy bombiMdmant was npend
by the enemy shortly hrforo dawn this
morning sgalnst our whole front- from
the neighborhood of Vendeiill, south
of Rt. guontln to the Hlver Hcnrpe.
A successful i n Id was carried nut
by lis last night In Ihn neighborhood
of, Ht. yuenlliL Thjrteen pi'lapnars
and three machine, guns were brought
back by our troops, I'rlsoneia also
were taken by us In patrol encounters
southeast of Messlnes and tn tiihrr
successful raids carrlod out by us
south or lloutholat forest.
"A rnlsl iiiidniiaken hy tha enemy In
the ni'lgbhoi tMKitt of Annentleres wus
Heard at Coast Towns.
Tlus artillery action in the western
front could hit distinctly heard at
Hover and other lowna on the east
coast of Hngiund. i'hn doors nnd
windows of the houses at Hover, for
Instance, were continuously shaken by
Ilia heavy connuanloita. Tho tiling,
which waa the heaviest that has been
heard In this district from such a dis
tance, began at I o'clock this morning
and lasted at brief Intervals until 7
Bright Flashes Seen.
At Italiiiigittn, lifMhti's the sound nf
cannonading, blight flashes were seen
at sea, while the vibration of the ex-
plosions shook the windows and ills
lodged tiles from I ho rools.
From N'endeull north to the
ltlver Hcarpe I a distance of
nearly fifty miles, and the begin
ning by the (leriiian artillery of a
heavy bombardment along Ihls
wtde front may mean that prep
aration for the mu' h-mlvri list
German offensive In tho west has
begun, The priparutoiy woik
was about dun to begin today, If
the advance aniiouncemiits were
to be taken at tlitir face value.
Judging from the imwa of it day
or two ago that a party of neutral
correspoi dents hud been Invited
by the lli'imnn high command tn
start for the west front Wednes
day "to witness the offensive, "
It Is, of course. Impossible to
iiv whether the present burst of
nrtlllery fire on this front mean
that It l along the line lndlcnfd,
nr somewhere within Its limit,
'that the heavy Herman blow. If
one Indeed Is coming. I lo be
struck. There I the considera
tion that the bnmbai dment In this
particular area mny be a feint, to
cover a stroke In an altogether
different sector. The most nntnrnl
conclusion, however, t that the
drive la to bo made at some point
In the area now under (Ire. This
area embrace most of the teirl-
Verdict of Not Guilty
Rendered for Peterson
Itiilelgh, N. ('.. Mrtictl II A
verdict of not guilty wh returned
today by the Jury In the raso of
Ms), tieorge I Peterson, on trial
here, charged w Ith embezzlement
of state fund while be served a
u.) master g' tieiul of t tie .Soith
I aroline, imtloiuil gu.ird The
July wa out about an h"Ui. M tl.
I'elerson I now on the iji!n.
master's st.iTf at t amp Ja kson.
Columbia. H. '.
Former Premier to Try
Forming Cabinet
Madrid M ir. h
former pretni r
leader, bus beef,
Alforno to foiin i
SI -Antonio Maura.
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A dispatch fi.on llllt.oa T u s i. , sal. I
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had rtslgned.
tory outside of Flanders, over
which the Hrltlsh have been fight
Ing, sometimes alone and some
times In conjunction with the.
French, for the lust two years. It
taken In, for Instance, the entire
field of the battle of the Homme,
fought In the fall of 191, and a
great part of the area, evacuated
by the Unmans tho following
Within these limits also Is the
"in , iv iiciij ni i noiuini, vturisi lo
Hrltlsh and the Herman suc
cessively won voctoiiea In Inst
foil's fighting. Vhtunlly all the
territory fought over In the great
battle of Anus, during the spring
of 1917. also Ilea In the ares under
French Positions Attacked.
Paris, Wednesday, March 20.
strong kttaok was made today by tho
Germans against French positions In
the Woevre. The war office announces,
that after spirited fighting the enemy
was driven baok.
The statement follows;
"Thero waa Intermittent artillery
fighting between the Allette and the
Alsnn and In the Champagne. The
artillery struggle proved rather vlo- ,
lent on tho right bank of the Meuse.
(Verdun front) nnd In ths forest ot
I'nrrny. In the Woevre, In the region
of Hrule wood, the Herman today
mnilii u strong attack on our positions.
After a spirited engagement ouf
troops ejected enemy detachments
which had succeeded In. gaining a
fooling tn some of our advanced posl
tlotis. Hesvy Loises Suffered, '
"According to fuller Information
whlrh la now ut hand, the attack
which the enemy made In the region
of Hoiinlu early this morning wus
carried out by two battalions ot shock
troops, wtiirn stinerru neavy losses
and mei with a complete Thock.
i wriii hit yenirrtiHy impeticfi
aerial operation. Information now at
hands shows that the sis tinman alr
Idiines and one captive balloon re
ported ns having been damaged on
the preceding day In reality more ds
alroyed by our pilot,''
Germans Driven Back.
Mulwenn Cauilrrea wood and lcrin
vauv, mi the Verdun front, I he (ler
iiinna were driven hack In violent
band to-hand lighting.
In iKirrnlue the Hermans suffered a
complete defeat n the region of
Notncuv. sustaining heavy losses with--out
attaining any success.
Bombardment Sustained.
Pans, March 21. There has
bssn an intense and sustained
bombardment of the sectors north
and southeast of Rhsims as well
a on the Champagne front, the
war office announced today.
At Many Points.
iliillsh Army Headquarters n
Fiance, March 21, 11 a.m. Illy tha
Associated lieaa.) A heavy bom
bardment by the enemy 6n the front
from a short dlstnnco below the ftcarpa
liver to the Hrltlsh right flank from
list nf Arm to the region of 1 Fere
was begun at 6 o'clock this morning
mill was still continuing at the latest
report. At the satnu hour the tier
man began a display of artillery ee
llvllv In (he MrsHliH sector.
At 4 o'clock they began a bombard,
inent with gas shells along the Fleur-balx-A
rinentlei , s sector. ,
It may be ineiely coincidence that a
Heiinaii prisoner stated recently that
an enemy oiteuaive was to brain March
JO or SI. Numerous other dntra alao
have been given, vt any rate, no In
fntilry action bad been reported at the
time nf filing this dispatch.
For several day It h been 'Indi
cated (hat the Herman havecotripleted
all their plana and ate ready to begin "
opriatlona. If this be within the scope
of their pioRram.
The sky wsa overcast this morning.
Observation fiotu airplanes wss ex
tremely difficult.
! Increase in Price of
Wheat Is Approved
Washington. March SI. In
crease in ihn government guaran
teed puce of w'eat from $3 to
$? '0 per bushel and based upon
No. 3 northern wheat at local
market, wa approved bv the
senate lute today. Ac amendment
to the agricultural appropriation
Idi ,v Senabn- tjore, of Oklahoma,
piovidlnr for the higher guaran
tee was adopted by the sente. 4J
to IV ,
Germany Threatens
Heavier Terms of Peace
Washington. M,irih SI. Germany
haa thtrateiied to impose still heavier
terms of peace upon Itumanla unless
that country agi ( to those proposed,
the stnte ier irtnu nt we Informel
today In a lelixed teWram of Ans
bavs.tdor Francis. Held Marshal
Macken-cii, of the German army. In
formed the Kjinani.io of the a'.terna-

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