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Chattanooga, 4 p.m. Washington, 5 p.m. London, 10 p.m. Paris, 10 p.m. Petrograd, 12 p.m. Toklo, 7 a.m.
March 23
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VOL. XXX. NO. 222
chaitanou(;a. T!:n., fjuday evening, majucii 22, 191a
DRirC TUDC- PCMTC Delivered, By Carrier.
1 iiiv-. iiibk wu I 1 w Twelre Cent. a Week.
Assault on British Positions in Cpmbrai Sector
Continued, With Fiercest Attack in Hargi
court Region Concentration of Artillery
Exceeds Any Since World War Began.
British Headquarters in France,
March 22. (2 p.m.) (By the Asso
ciated Press.) The Germans today
continued their assault against the
positions in the Cambrai sector, not
ably in the region of Croiselles and
Hefgicourt. At least forty divisions
have been identified on the battle
front. No such concentration of ar
tillery has been seen since the war
London, March 22. Nineteen
enemy divisions were identified
in yesterday's fighting, neuter's
correspondent at British head
quarters reports. He says:
"The whole thing is too big to
be able to even sketch or vis
ualize .easily. Thus far the
enemy has paid a colossal price
for suoh small gains as repre
sent the fruits of his mighty
During the last twenty-four
hours the cannonading, on the
western front 'has been dis
tinctly heard in Holland, the
Exchange Telegraph correspon
dent at Amsterdam reports.
British Army Headquarters' .'in
France, March 22. Vigorous counter
attacks late yesterday restored some
of the positions which the British had
abandoned temporarily.
One of the most brilliant British
counter attacks occurred at Doignies.
The British advanced with infantry
and tanks at 7 p.m., and after fierce
fighting drove out the enemy.
First Line Captured?
Berlin, March 22. (British admiral
ty, per Wireless Press.) The British
rirsi line nas Been captured by German i
A 11 , .. . .. . !
troops attacking from the southeast of
Arras as far as La Fere, the war office
Heavy artillery fighting continues in
Belgium and French Flanders. Recon
noitering detachments are said to have
penetrated the opposing lines at many
points. Oitend was bombarded from
the sea.
Statement Follows.
The statement read:
"From southeust of Arras as far as
J-a Fere we attacked the Britixh-posl-
uons. Atler powerful fire by our ar-
our ar-
Illlery and mine throwers our mfantrv
stormed in broad sectors and every- to 0,0 m aarly hours of his offensive.
where captured the enemy first line. The cxart British line cannot be
"Between La Fere and Soissons, on ' made pirbllc at present. The only rea
both sides of Khelms and in the Cham- Son Is that It might furnish the enemy
pngno the llrlng duel Increased In in- with valuable information,
tensity. Storming detachments brought ImsI night was fairly nulet along the
in prisoners In many sectors.
Ostcnd has been bombarded from
the sea.
"In Belgium and French Flanders
the heuvy artillery duel continued,
lteconnoltcrlng detachments penetrated
on many occasions Into the enemy
lines. I
"Our artillery continued the destruc
tion of enemy Infantry positions and
batteries before Verdun. On the Lor
raine front also the artillery activity
increased on many occasions.
"From the other theaters of war
there is nothing new to report."
London, March 22. The great battle
en the western front continued until
Finish Arrangements for Lib
erty Loan Campaign.
Washington. March 22. Final deci
sion on the terms of the third liberty
loan probably will be reached tomor
row at a conference letween Secre
tary McAdoo and members of the
house ways and means committee.
The rose, interest rate, maturity,
sinking fund arrangements and other
strictly financial phases of the loan
were discussed by the secretary at an
ill-day meeting today with governors
f fed'-ral reserve tanks and a few
liberty loan campaign committee chair
San Juan. If I Sur. Nicaragua. March
Further ftghtlnir In which the
bc I adrr was killed, has occurred
n Costa lilea between go eminent
forces and the revolutionists, w 10
made an unsuccessful attempt 1st
month st an uprising. In h j-k.rtnu-h
near the Vanaman fion'ir-r Hoceho
Kcrnander Uuc'.l mi four M.-.:Tant
w re killed Guell who wm editor of
a pro-German newspaper I li ti the
ita Rtcan govern m r.t suppressed,
was leader of tie mowmint.
On the southern battle .field a bitter
struggle was waged today. The en
emy had 1,000 guns In one small sec
tor one for every twelve yards. Se
vere fighting was proceeding this
morning in St. Ledger, southwest of
Croiselles. The hardest fighting yes
terday in the northern battle was be
tween the canal Du Nord and Croi
selles. Poignies was retaken yester
day evening In a brilliant counter at
tack. A bright sun at midday today
rendered observation possfble. ,
late last night, the war office reports.
The British are holding the enemy,
The statement follows:
"Theflghting continued until a late
hour last night on the whole front be
'tween tho- river Olse and the river
Sensee. Our troops continue to hold
the enemy In their little positions.
"During the enemy's attacks yester
day his massed Infantry offered re
markable targets to our rifles, machine
guns and artillery, of which full ad
vantage was taken by our troops. All
the reports testify to the exceedingly
heavy losses suffered by the enemy.
"No serious attack has yet developed
this morning, but heavy fighting Is
still to be expected."
London, March 22. Emperor Will
iam, Field Marshal Von Hindenburg
ana uen. von Luatnaorn nave gone
to the western front to witness the
German attack, eaye an Exchange
I olograph dispatch from Copenhagen.
Bulgarian and Austrian troops are
now on the western front, the dispatch
The Hulgnrian "troops which have
arrived on the western front will bo
used as the strategic reserve, the dis
patch says. The number of Auatrians
on this front is not large, hut Austrian
cannon in great amount have been
concentrated there. The Austrian war
till 11 I fit n. Hfltl 'nnC,AlAM ...1. 1
mlnlster. Gen. Von Steiner, who is now
in Merlin, is said to have promised
Mold Marshal Von Hindenburg that
the Austrian's would take over the
work of gua nling the eastern front
when the offensive in the west began.
bnemy "railed Badly.'
British Army Headquarters In
France, March 22. (By the Associated
Press.) The fighting is still contin
uing, but the first stsge of the of
fensive has passed. The enemy has
failed badly in the execution of his
program, as is attested by captured
j . . ...
r""" now'"B planned
'front. This morning the Germans were
bombing in the region of Croiselles.
There were indications that they In
tended to continue their attacks today.
Weather Cold and Bleak.
The weather is cold and bleak. A
heavy mist makes air reconnaissances
Impossible. This Is of. advantage to the
Biiti.sh, as the enemy Is deprived of
greatly needed aerial observation,
j The Germans in many sections yes-
terdny attacked in three waves of In
fantry followed by shock troops. As a
result they suffered very heavy casual
ties. The heavily manned German ar
tillery has been badly hammered by the
British guns.
Fails to Agre in Case of Boy'g
Fast llndfotd. Va . March 22. The
jury in the caw of Kail Hartsock, 17.
cha it'll with the minder of Bruce
Tuipm. about 1H. failed to agree on a
verdict today ami was discharged.
Ilartick wns calling on a young
woman near Kupt's church and a num
ber of boys had warned him to keen
away from the nclphtxirhood. He
claims that he armed himself for scf-defenr-e
and did not use the weapon
until attacked by the boys.
Fuel Administration Readjusts Terms
For Ohio. Pennsylvania and
Washington. March 22 ""ol prices
f"r the entire state of Illinois and for
some .f the larK'st fields t- Ohio,
I'ennsyh aiiM. iricirna and West Vir
ginia, w , re reclassified today by the
f in I administration. The Illinois prices
were en'irely readjusted, hut the max
imum price in tho nthc states w re
not (hnr.ff.tl from those already i r.
ePVct, and in, rep- , re corflrtT.:,ior
of the rti'tie pri. . s n eff t Inst
Seven Days More
Income Tax Returns Must
, Be Made Before April 1
or Pay Penalty.
Seven mere days remain to make
out income returns. The deputies,
when Interviewed this morning,
said: "You see we have nothing to
do. The people have only seven
more days, and they will come In a
rush next week and we will bo
overworked. Please urge the peo
ple, through your paper, to come
and make out their returns to avoid
the rush."
Three experts on Income tax re
turns have been appointed to help
advise the people. They urge. that
to avoid the rush In the last days,
and to avoid paying a penalty to
make out returns at once.
Washington,' March 22. Sinking of
two Spanish vessels, the steamer Ar
pillao and the ship Begona, by Ger
man submarines was reported today In
official dispatches from Barcelona. The
Begona was attacked while on Its way
to rimeus. The Arplllao was sunk off
the Canary Islands.
Feelinffs of Dutch, to All Ap
pearances, Are Badly Hurt.
Comment on Wilson's
Amsterdam, March 22. The text of
President Wilson's proclamation re
garding Dutch shipping reached Hol
land after the Thursday evening news
papers had gone to press. Meanwhile
n, somewljat bluntly-worded dispatch
from Washington speaking of "the
seizure of the ships after tho war trade
board had been informed Holland had
rejected the American ultimatum"
caused an outburst of pujsiled anger
from virtually the whole Dutch press.
It Is argued that there hab seen no
rejection by Holland of n ultimatum
and that previously nothing bas been
heard of an ultlmsum. The . feelings
of the Dutch to all appearances are
badly hurt.
The bourse opened today with a
stream, of selling orders, but there was
no panic.
Action Caused Decision to Fool
Fuel Oil.
Washington, March 22. Transfer of
tank steamers from coastwise to other
routes has been chiefly responsible for
the decision of the fuel admlnlstra
tlun to order the pooling of all fuel
oil east of the Rocky mountains, it
was learned today.. Difficulties of
distribution have arisen which threat
en an artificial shortage of oil In the
east, although the available supply Is
ample for essential needs. Approxi
mately 60 per cent, of the coastwise
tankers have been taken off to carry
oil to the navy and to the allies.
Greater economy In the use of tank
cms Is being sought to offset the loss
and free time for unloading oil In the
east has been cut front forty-eight to
twenty-four hours.
Suggestions for a pipe line from
Beaumont, Tex., to Savannah, Ga., as
a means of quick transportation of
fuel oil to the Atlantic seaboard have
been abandoned because steamers can
be built more quickly and more cheap
ly. Tho cost of the pipe line would
have been about 129,000,000.
American Word on Dutch Ship
ping Not Received.
1 The Hague, Thursday, March 21.
It Is officially announced here
that the Dutch minister at lxn
don has forwarded the British
nole regarding Dutch shipping to
the foreign office here, but that
the American note has not yet
been received from the, Dutrh
minister In Washington.
General Counsel Heney, of Trade Com
mission, Expects to Open Inquiry.
Kansas City, March 22. Francis J.
Heney. general counsel for the trade
commission, conducting an Investiga
tion of the packing Industry of the
southwest here, announced today that
he expects to open a general Investi
gation of the butter, eggs, poultry and
canned goods market in .New York
next week.
Amsterdam, March 22. The
government's bill relative to gen
eral compulsory labor has been
Introduced In the lower house of
the Austrian psrllcment. says a
Vienna dispatch to the Cologne
Kans;i City. March 22 -Samuel V.
Ie. widely known as a railroad ron
tractor. di-d her Inst night. Mr. I,e
was trn In Birmingham. .Mm. He was
61 yrnrs old.
I or don. M.irch 22. The de
Mhj Mo-ahf. long milifarv crr" , r
let of Bci'm. I i-cro'tcd In n ( t.ti.il
.Niws dirimti h from AmnUniuiu.
Through Communications Between Newly-Occu
pied Districts in Russia .and Berlin Now Com
pleteTowns Flooded With German
Made Goods.
Moscow, Tuesday, March 19. (By the Associated Press.)
The Germans have already established' through railway connections
between the districts they have occupied and Berlin and are flood
ing the occupied towns with German goods, especially clothing and
Special to The News-.
Nashvtlle, March 22. Here
after, according to nils an
nounced by the food adminis
tration today, all town cus
tomers will be limited to twenty-four
pounds of flour at one
purchase, and country custom
ers will be limited to forty
nine pounds of flour at one
purchase. No sales should be
made where customers have
any flour on hand. In no
event should more than thirty-day
supply be sold to any
customer. The hlrty.day sup
ply is calculated on the basis
of a strict observance of all of
the wheat conservation regu
lations of the food adminis
Fires at Two Other People and
Then Commits Suicide by
Cutting His Throat.
Nashville, March 22. An Ashland
City, Tejin., special says that Tom
Hamilton, 35, a farmer, killed his
11-year-old step-daughter, Idola Thin
naway, in the Ninth district of Cheat
ham county, and after shooting st
A. V. Doslcr and Miss Mat Dnr.ler, with
whom the child was staying, cut his
throat when Sheriff M. 11 Knight came
to arrest him. He lived about an hour.
The child's mother died in October and
until a few weeks ago she lived with
tho stepfnther. Last week she obtained
a warrant, charging him with numer
ous outrages on her. After a stay In
jail he made bond, returned to his
home, and the tragedies followed. Ills
preliminary trial was set for today.
Loyalist Candidate Appears
Winner 0. 0. P. Nomination.
Milwaukee, Wis., March 2!. No
additional returns had been received
this morning to disturb tho apparent
lend of U.fiOO votes for Congressman
Irvine Ij. Lenroot over .lames 'I liomp-
son, LaFollefln candidate for the re
publican nomination for United States
Cotton at Montgomery Exceeds
Civil War Price.
Montgomery, Aln., March 22. All
records since Civil war times were
broken her today when J5 cents per
pound was paid for a round lot of 700
bales of cotton. The amount Involved
was about $200,000. A local warehouse
firm were the sellers.
Paris. March 22. Lieut. -Col. Mous
set. tnl'.tary critic of I Liberie, says
the attack of the (iermans yrsterday
Indicates that they have taken the de
cision for a general offensive. He
predicts perxlstcnt pressure for some
time, perhaps with' en extension of tho
hnttle front fis far as Vines.
Washington. March 22. A reso
lution Introduced by Hens tor New.
of Indiana, asking the war depart
ment to iidvlMe tho senate an to
Its reasons for not niakinr public
the addresses of American soldiers
killed and wounded abroad, was
adopted today by the senate.
ARRE $TlOt P i I Yw6 MAnT
Monroe, Iji.. March 22 Mrs. Surah
Story, an elder I v woman, was arrested
here today chaiged with having dis
tributed copies of "The finished Mys
tery," circulation of lilch baa been
forbidden under tbe espionage act.
Thunder, Says Billy 'Possum
fih. what Is so
rare as a dav In
Marrh to put In
your hm klwine a
little starch, and
make you peik up
and throw off the
11 frOlM
If 1 shell and crust of
ff - k lethargic-
l sihII? If I could
Vl( e JJ 'just l,ve without
I UyTW-l', J i f.,i,riiir to l jith.
,M i I ft I I d hi
.vV'y j witho.,.
to the hills
w ast log
more hrestfi.
The weather Thunder storrt-s and
"n,., rate t o-p. r -i t hi tonight atut -i!a...
f.iit and slight') w.iiinil.
Heme, March 22. Fighting Is
beoeming mere active along the
whole front, the war office an
nounces. 1 The Italians drove back patrols at
several points on the front, and ejected
an Austrian detachment which had
forced Its way Into an advanced post
In the Frenxela valley sector. Along
the I'lave the artillery fighting- be
came more Intense.
Commercial Economy Board of
National Defense Council
Institutes Program.
Washington, March 22. Institution
of a progrsm for the conservation
of news print paper was announced
todays hy the commercial economy
hoard of the council of national de
fense. A study of the situation was
decided on as necessary at a confer
ence between members of the board
and representative f i4ir American
Newspaper Publishers' association,
called to consider thn depletion of pa
per stocks.
The future supplies of paper will he
estimated and through conferences
and correspondence with publishers a
campaign of conservation without
hardship will be Instituted. Informa
tion and advice. It was said, will bo
sought, from all Interests concerned
and If tho farts are found to Justify
specific recommendations by tho
board, they will be made. It Is pointed
out that II will not bo necessary to
order drastic curtailment of the use of
paper, but that the object simply Is to
adjust the consumption of paper In
proportion to the estimated forthcom
ing supplies, to prevent or at least
mitigate any possible future shortage,
llepresentatlves of the publishers si
the conference. Included Frank 1'.
fllass, of the Birmingham News.
Reichstag Approves
Treaty With Russia
Amsterdam, March 22. After a long
discussion yestrrdav the relchstag
mnln committee, a Berlin dispatch re
ports, approved the peace and com
mercial treaties with llussla. A reso
lution was adopted calling upon the
government to obtain s gusrsntee for
(ieruinn financial claims. In return for
reciprocal action on the part of tier
Spanish Ship Bound for New
York Forced to Return Home.
Cadi, Spain. March 21. The Span
ish I in ns-A t l.i n tic liner Montevideo,
which anllcl for New York Monday
was held up bv a (lerman uhmailnn
Tuesday and forced to return hci
After firing a warning shot the n!.
marine iwirie alongside and rrmde thn
captain promise not to use the n,-ss.
The captain na then taken aboard the
siifiriutrlne where he detained
while (iermnn sailors searched the
At Charing- Cross to Receive
Wounded From Battlefield.
Ixindon. Mar'h 22 - I .on at lines .f
ambulant es hi gun funning at the Ch.il -Ing
Cross railway station raily this
morning to receive wounded men from
channel porta.
Hcrnes not unlike those during the
battle of the Soutm were enartrd. the
line of ambulances stretching away
from the station for four rlty blocks
!ilv small croups of nlKht workers
and railroad employes greeted the first
annuls from the front.
Former Premier Maura Suc
ceeds in Formation.
Madrid. March 22 Antnnln Mama,
the former premier, hat sin-ceedi-d In
forming s luhlnet to succeed that of
the Mai'inls de A II. in em. . s Henor
Maiii will 1 premier. former I're-il-r
liito will If riilrus'cr of foreign
affair; Count Itotnanoi.ra. minister of
Justice. Mt:d ien. Marina, minister of
wsr. The Maniula de Vhu. emn will
take the Ulterior port'olh, IV-nit Ko
iiimmoii. i also la a fo. in, r j ri mier.
Pleads for Peace
Pope Benedict Issues Easter
Message to United
Rome, Thursday, March SI. A
plea for lasting peace Is made hy
l'ope Benedict In his Easter mes
sage to the United States,' which
he sends through he Associated
Press. The message says:
"The first message of the Risen
Havlor to His disciples, after suf
fering the torture i of Passion
week, was "Peace be unto yon.'
Never has the world, for which II
sacrificed Himself. needed so
poignantly that message, of peace
aa today.
"When, on this solemn occasion,
no better wish can be made to the
country so dear to our hearts than
that the Divine Redeemer may
grant a reallnatlon of the desire of
all, that Is a healing of the exist
ing hatred and the concluding f a
lasting peace, based on tho foun
dations of Justice, fear of Ood and
love of humanity, living to the
world a new organise tian of peo
ples and nations united under the
aegis of truo rclMnr In aspiring
to a nobler, purer and kinder rlvll
Uatlon. "It is thus we t'.eslre to fulfill our
Master' last Injunction to his
apostles: 'Go ye Into all the world
and preach the Oosprl to every
creature.' "
Enemy First and Second Line
Trenches in Lunevillc Sector
Entirely Wiped Out.
German Deserters at Toul De
clare They Are "Fed Up"
With War.
V, id the Amsrlosn Army In France,
Thursday, Mart 21. 8y thAt.ool -
ated .Press.) Enemy first and seoond
line position en a part of the teeter
estt of Lunevillc have been destroyed
oompletely by American artillery Are.
After the raid into the German posi
tions last night the Amcrioan gun
ners shelled the positions heavily all
night and this morning.
Today a patrol, without assistance
from the at'tlll'iy, crossed No Man's
IjiiiiI and found that the first and
second lines hud been wiped out. The
patrol also obtained mlilltluuul Infor
mation and returned without casual
ties, the Hermans apparently having
decided not to molest them,
Shouting "Don't Shoot!"
Artillery firing by both sides on this
seel or continued all day, On thn sre
tor northwest of Toul s number of
Uci minis deserted Inst night mid sur
rendered to mi American patrol In n
certain wood. The tlermnns ap
proached the Americans, shouting:
"Don't shoot!" The pilsoueis wele
turned over to the Krench.
Much Infurnuition of value was ob
tained fiom the deserters, who said
they "fed up" with the wsr and de
cided they would rather be prisoners.
Included In the Inforimitiiin obtained
from thn 'nen was the statement thut
during the gas pto)oclnr attack
against the Aiueilcnn lines on I'eh,
27, lion projectors' were employed.
(Ins half Ihn projectiles Died fell
within the (lernuln lines and thn ens
overcame many of the Hermans. The
next dav, according to the deserters.
r.lel',.,1 I luritiu us i.r L.lll.i1 sntl llilrfv
wounded While taking nut the dead. I
American Intelllg
-lllgence officers ate In. !
cllned to douhl the story icKurding
no projcclois. American Informa
tion la that onlv seventy five were
used. An Ainiilciin patrol I us I. night
entered the enemy flist hue and re.
mslned there alt hours, hut did not
see any nf the enemv. I. Is reported!
that the licriunna recently hid on- j
Sinn-ten ireiiities rriur aie concrete
half way up on thn side.
Construct PiH Bouts.
fileat activity continues behind the
enemy lines. Within the last four
d.'iya n niimlrr of risk iiuslieia and
Coitcirt mixers hae hern hrougtit up
Slid there are sikiis thtit the i;rrtnafis
Intend to i oii! i nit a number of low
pill bovea oppose the An.ei.csn
heversl tra.ns of material have ar. ,
rued at towns In the i.ern,,.., line. ,
duMtig the lust twei.O fou, hours j
i.x.nya repons say win. mr. nrr- ,.
ntan airplanes new- ov er i a. intii pans
of the American front lin, at dsv.
bieak and fired their mm hlue guns on
Our position. Their efforts,
wire without result
however ,
Alien Property Custodian
Start Inquiry.
Washington. March 2? iutiirv
wlila lriiilry to ferret out ii'iiinlmii
retarding rnetnv h ! Hnrs will to
st irted by A Mitchell I'nlinit. ullen
roprrty custodian Special inspectms
will be sent out to lll rl eveiv
rase tri which ten., is m ln.ilin that
ei.stence of enciiM fun-Is hit nut be. -li
Vlolat'.ona of t'e law if Is ,le. la.-ed.
will he dealt wi'h a.rnl The tn-
alv f..r failm
1 1 i ecu) r t, n
Mr. Taliuer
lu- to send t" I
aunties: en.-iei
m nd on rn .
H'l r th ;j
a Trie of
lllllert. or
i . 1 1
ia'l'-. ,.ii the pnt
, e im'i-i mat ion r -!.;
v an I w ill ile
ndili to h, ' p . n-
German Attack on British
West and Southwest of Cam
brai Has Double Purpose.'
At Same Time Capturing Num
ber of Troops.
Straightening of Front Would
Enable Huns to Hold It
With Fewer Men.
London, March 22. It is not yet
possible to give more than a very gen
eral and vaauo idea of the fighting
Thursday on the front between the
On" and the 8tniee which continued
with swaying fortunes, according to
the accounte of correspondents at the
British front in the morning newspa
pers. '
The Oermnn attack made on the
British front, west and southwest of
I'ainhinl. evidently alms st recaptur
ing all thn Hindenburg line, say
dispatch to the Morning Tost from
British heaibiusrteis lit France, which
"The flortnan army nttucklng south
of the Scarpa seems to hae delivered
Its first blow principally In the tri
angle of thn Arriis-t'iimhrsl and Ha
paume-Cainbral roads, while tho Oer
innu army, south of Cambrai, I stak
ing against our trench systems In tha
region west of the Hcheldt canal. No
doubt tha enemy hope that tho attacking-
forces of yeso two armies
limy succeed In forming n, Junction
and thus cutting off a considerable
slice, of tha British front and taking
back nit the Hindenburg trenchet,
f?W MacUy four montha fsgn.'
Sliugglea for village rmtt' ruind
fa tin house - continued, throughout
Thursday according to thn eorrt.
spondsnt of the Inlly Mall. "Tlje rn
etny bombardment," he says, "began
at 6 o'clock In the morning and at T
o'clock some of thn (let man unlta left
I heir trenches and attacked the Di lt
Ish with heavy 'and light machine,
guns. Between t and 10 the rngnicw'
ruent hcoauii! general on a front rt
Nome) I went v-five mites.
"Tho right of the ticrnian attack
was aimed at Crolsllles, ' 1 lullecourt
rind liglncourt and there was hard
fighting In n brick field nrar the first
of those villngis)i. Along the Ha-piiuine-l
'anitusl road tha enemy also
attacked, snd limaids Onuseaucourt.
while his left wing was pushed In In
the direction of Itoiisnoy and Haigl
ourf. "The British front In the area of at.
tack foirus a rather sharp salient. '
"If the enemy could pinch off this
salient and run his line straight In a
northwesterly slant Instead of having
It run at an angle (list north and then
west, n would he able to hold It with
fewer troops. Also In pinching It off
he would hope tu si i ! oi ml and enpture
n good numbir of British troops.
These, It seems plain, are his alms In
tho Hist stage of the offensive.
To Rtpsat Operetion.
"The enemy Is trlng to repeat on
a In i Kir scale the operation by whlob
tin won buck some of tho gfound we
giilued In the battle of 'iimhrat. Then
he piinhed lii on an ansle of our front
,fr"" ,n" ""r,h " '"" '"
''"""V '." '"l''r w"
loin hnu'ts but cniiht not make It,
though they bad at first considerable,
success. .Much thn s,ni design Is be
ing followed now. Hn have good rea
sons to hnpn Hint It will be check
Minted as was the previous our,"
Gov. Davit' Place in Richmond "Thrift"
Psractt Subjtct of Discussion.
I III. Iimond. March 22 T. lent. - Col. J.
' I .oin. Sli-rn. a ting udjutiinl-general b
appointment of Hov. atmorelam!
Iiils. wrote today to Col. Win. M.
i .,.. ,.r k.-.i. .......
,itt,.r ,r hnmnd s th.l.t -lay cele-
)i( , h,.M , t.
,,, , ,. Stern'
,,,.,., ,,,, ,,, r)vcrnor of
f.illow In thn
jp.u.nle military officers and Ihrlr aide
land Intmintintr that this ts not the
proper hire " accord ilov. P.ivla. Th"
t.rfliiis aie t;-n ,t-lttt I 'ronkhlte.
coniimiiidrr of Camp l.ee. and his staff.
Col Mem calls upon Col. Mw-rs for an
M.ngjiiitoii, V C . Manh 2.. - Tb
I'.rts i use. in w tilt h UarPeld and Aaron
I'ltts are charged with the murder bf
lr. K. A. Ilenn ssre. at Ulrii Mpine. is)
ne.mtig its end todav. J f. Spain
hour made the closing tiw-c, h for thw
defense Ihls fuornnK followed hy So
licitor for the state J idc Cline will
ihirse the Jury tins ift.rn.s.n. It i
cot hehcve.l tne juiv ill get Cie- cs
before Ute in the .1 1- verdict may
not be reachej until f-t-irdi..
New Y.. ik M,i,h 2? The ln o
hv ,t of the l.'! U hem Stec. c-.m - '
por.ition if I Its snhsiJiaru-a for 11".
I, ,!,,-, I i.t.i teports net exroinjs f
..;" a defease, vl T.T.'T..

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