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FRIDAY, MARCH22. 1918.
1146 Market Street
Mill, Mine, Railroad, Powerhouse Electrical
PHONES MAIN 115, 608, 1475
mm w mm
Jown of Jt.&lmo
Notice is hereby given that an election by the
qualified voters of the Town of St. Elmo, for the
purpose of electing five Commissioners of said town,
will be held at the regular voting places in said town
Tuesday, April 2, 1918
From' 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
The officers appointed to hold said election in
the First Precinct are as follows:
Officer W. L. Nixon.
Judges D. N. Guthrie, J. F. Atchley.
.Clerks F. B. Englehardt, W. M. Rowland.
Registrars W. J. Bradford, E. B. Osborne.
The officers appointed to hold, said election in
the. Second Precinct are as follows:
Officer L. W. Bates.
Judges Jessie Hughes, R. F. Caloway, W. E.
Registrars J. B. McAllister, John Hester.
This March 22, 1918.
Theo. F. King,
J. B. F. Lowry,
McKinley Hajte,
Commissioners of Election.
Commissioner Supreme Court
Hears Witnesses in Big
Railroad Case.
A case of unusual Interest snd wide
Importance, under the style of The Stat
of Georgia vs. The Trustees of the Cin
cinnati Southern. C N. O. & T. P.
Railroads, was heard In part In the
county Judge's office Friday before Ed
Ward It. Uflmorc. special commissioner.
This case is what might be called an
ouster proceeding, as it Involves the
! right of the railroad companies to oc-
! cupy the right-of-way of the Western 4b
Atlantic road from Boyce to Chattanooga,
) Tears ago the state of Georgia, which
owns the Western & Atlantic road, en
tered Into a contract with the Cincinnati
i Southern by which the latter waa given
the right to build Its tracks Into Chat
tanooga from Boyce over the Vestern A
Atlantlo right-of-way.
1 The last legislature of Georgia passed
a law seeking to cancel the contract and
proceedings were instituted in the JJnlted
Slates supreme court, which has original
jurisdiction, to eject the railroads. ISd
ward Lk Gllmore, of Atlanta, was ap
pointed by the court as commissioner to
take proof in the case, and he is silting
in Chattanooga Thursday taking deposi
tions of employes of the roads and other
The state of Georgia Is represented by
W. A. WImblsh and the railroads by Ed
ward ' Colston, general counsel of the
Cincinnati, New Orleans Texas Pacific;
W. U Porter, of Cincinnati, and M. M.
Allison, of Chattanooga.
J f ladies I
p jlf I. We Are Now
J I Ready With
" : i j.
m wmiinprv m
I vKI ll All the late style, from II I '
FD. W m Come fn early, whi e HI J!
njx i the 8tck is comr,ete- i
zsm ,":r,on til
32 M r,rA
iWB I d Ell
f Ak i r. u hju iiu ui ii
! 112 Eat Seventh St. I J
WV?5X m ... Ml 'I
i (v -jf m .war c n
II in . y HI II
I- 1 1 ni a r.jrfp - j I i
Blueher Wevlns was plven a Juda;
ment for $40 and D. J. Jones a Judg
ment of $10 In the criminal court Fri
day morning1 aRainst the Chattanooga
Railway and Light company. The
railway company waa represented by
Joe Brown, M. J. Horan and A. D.
Johnson. The defendants were repre
sented by W. J. Counts. The trsns
action In connection with the suit was
recemiy airea out berore Squire, H. B.
Caulkins. It was charged by the
plaintiffs that they were laborers on a
rock quarry soma distance from the
Chlckamauga car line and that one
cold night they went to the nearby car
station and watted for a car. When
the car came up the conductor told
them It was too crowded and thev said
they sat down'on'a rock to wait and,
as the result, both contracted severe
colds. They entered suit in Justice
court and the railway company ap
pealed wlththeabovo result.
A transfer involving; property to the
amount of $12,500 was recorded in the
county court clerk's omee Friday
raornlngr. The atyle of the transfer la
tile Bank of Commerce to D. J. Miller
et al. and Involves lots , 10. 11, 12, It
and 14 of the Anderson and Eckforda
addition. In Hldgedale.
Paulist Choristers, of Chi
cago, render "A Legend"
and "Sing Ye to the Lord."
Columbia record No. A2467.
75c Templeman's, 723
Market St.
Attorney O. V. Reeves haa been
summoned to the bedside of his father,
Stephen B. Reeves, at Battle Creek,
Mich. Mr. Reeves received a telegram
Friday Baying- that his father waa In a
dying: condition. Mr. Reeves left Fri
day morning at 10:45. The elder
Koeves Is superintendent of the Amer
ican Steam Pump company, of Battle
Creek, havlnr been connected with the
plant for a number of years.
Fell From a Scaffold While
Working for the Mclsaac
Gentry Company.
Daniel Webster entered suit sffalnst
the McIsacs-Gontry company Friday
morning- in the circuit court for $2,600
for personal Injuries. The suit Is the
result of Injuries plaintiff claims he
received at Jonah's Bluff, near Vfau
hatchle. Plaintiff claims that he wns
head powder man at the camp of de
fendant and that one day while he was
at work he was ordered to go to Jo
nah's Hluff nearby and fill some holes
which had been drilled several months
before. While he was on a scaffold
twelve or fifteen feet above the ground,
one of the proprietors came along: and
called to him and he turned, not know
ing the scaffold behind him had been
moved, and as the result fell fifteen
feet to the ground, breaking his arm
and Injuring; himself Internally.
James Andrew Hitte, alias J. A. Wil
son, has been reglutered at police head
quarters by an otllcer of the depart
ment of Justice. No charge waa speci
fied, but opposite Hltte's name was
written "hold for government." The
officer gave no intimation of why
llltte was being detained. 'She pris
oner gave his occupation as a machinist.
Walden hospital, on East Eighth street,
as the result of injuries received Thurs
day night about k o'clock, when he was
struck by an automobllo at Market
square and A street In connection
with the accident. If. C. Martin, of
headquarters of the 117th infantry at
Greenville, S.: C was registered at
police headquarters on a charge of
felonious asault. Tho boy wns uncon
scious for some time and was semi
conscious when tho hospital was called
Friday afternoon.
(Special to The News.)
Athena, March 83.A sad accident
occurred In the Good Springs com
munity, near Etowah, at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. George Harris, when
their 2-year-old baby fell into the cis
tern and was drowned. The little one
waa rescued In about thirty minutes
after It had fallen In, but life was ex
Any Sickness Leaves Weakness
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drugs creates the rich blood which distributes strength to
the body, and the concentrated medicinal food in
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cott ft Bowtit. BlootBBtld. 9.1.
News has been received here of the
death of J). J. Duncan, former general
nianuger of the Chattanooga Street
Hallway company. Mr. Duncan died
In Pittsburg, Pa., on Tuesday.
When the Rapid Transit anil rtnt.
tanoopra Klectrlc companies were con
solidated in 1906. Mr. Duncan came
here to assume the ireneral manss-er.
ship of the new company. In fact, he
helped to close the leBl.
l'rior to his connection with the lo.
cat street railway, he was with street
railway companies at Scranton and
1'ottsvllle, Ta. Ii served an general
manager here about two and a half
yeara. ond after resis-ntn? his position
he became interested in the project of
a tracklex trolley up Signal moun
tain. This enterprise was not carried
During his residence In Chatts
Mr. Duncan wns stricken with paraly
sis, and It la understood that he was
not able to eniraee In active himlnean
after that time, lie removed from
Chattanooga to Pennsylvania,
r--j caster 'm: i
Sam Stalllon,"rored lad, is at 19 East Seventh Street fjj)
I time In many Instances, tlsed and I I l V ?y Ay f
hlrhly endorsed by former United I I v v. frc I . 1
States Senators and Members of "TL M "7w-!--y I
Congress, wsll-known phyuloUns and f . 1
former Publlo Health officials. Ask j V f j
your doctor or druggist about It. ' f I
cncll-ai Wanirw Man a WAirniaTfii I
J lUaSHWl YY Wtlll Itillll YY MllUll J
Lawrence O. LongUy.
Mrs. Alary Jane Ensley. of Aplson.
received a ineHsape on Thuriiday an
nounclns: the denth of her son, Ijiw
rrnre Oral Longley, which occurred
yesterday at a naval hospital, (las
poisoning was aJtributrd as the cause
of the young man's demise.
Mrs. Knslry wss Instructed to tele.
graph the surgeon-peneral of the navy '
department at Washington about dis- i
position of the body, and within a few-
hours aft'T ht-r wire had been -rit.
Surgeon-(Jener:il Hralstpd Informed her
In a telegram that the comman'ling of
ficer of the V. H. K. South Dakota, had
been directed to forward the remains
of her ron. as requested, and would
telegraph ln-r the date and route by
Which the body would be sent.
I,Twreti' i!i IiiiKley, at the time
of his enllKtmrnt In thn navy laxt
stirlnir m n volunteer, was II years old.
lie v.rnf through a course of traintn-
and several trips were made by him
across the Atlantic. When lst beard
from, he niinnti ! to In rood health
and spirits and bis death rsme with
out warnli g to Ms mother. Th" vonnir
man u the first red star on James
county's service flog.
Howard Marcstlus Springer.
IToward Marcellus flprlrrer. t-yr-
old son f.f Mrs. fl. '. Kprlnger. died
at his home, lilt Klrby avenue. Fri
day morning at 4:11 o'rlock. The f'J-
nr will be held from the retder,r
Frllay afternoon at I..10, with Hv.
Paks ofr.!-tng. Forest HIHs eme-
tety will be th place of IriWr.ient.
Our buyer, Mr. Abe Shoenig, has just
returned from a highly successful buying
trip to Eastern markets.
The new goods which have been ar
riving daily now give us one of the hand
somest stocks in the city of:
Women's Suits
Worth every cent of $fl4n$0
$15.00 to $35.00, at..... IU 10 fcO
Women's Spring Coats
Worth fully $17.50 to $1 150 f A $7?
$35.00, for only 13 W
Beautiful Silk Dresses
In fancy Silks, Georgettes and Foulards;
all extraordinary values, worth up to
$25.00. A complete line of sizes CHOC
Mrs. F. R. Allison.
N.-w cf the d-sth of Mrs F. F.
Allison, of Iluu.'on. T.. has be. n re.
reurd bete, he formerly renlded In
IM dtv. and was a cousin of Hr.
Sy1 Robinson, of Chattannr-ga. P'
is eirvived by thre children. Mrs
fh.nlea Patten. Mrs. Will Tetkes and
K. U AiiUon. .i of Huuston.
in all the new models, at.
Our Millinery Department
is showing a most gorgeous
assortment of Hats in the
latest creations from Amer
ica's foremost milliners.
We pride ourselves on the
handsome line of Waists we
are selling. All the new
models and fabrics and colors
at remarkably low prices.
Men and Boys
Our Department fur Men and
Hoys embraces everything they
wear. We tan outfit thera from
from head to foot at a prcat saving
from what you would have to pay
Abe Shoenie: & Go
Remember, we are out of the High-Rent zone and sell Belter Goods for Less Money

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