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FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 1918.
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(Aaaoclated Presa Review.)'
Tha firat ataga of the great German
offeneivs on the western front has
paaaad and It ia to be aoored aa a
Uerman failure, the enemy having
fallen short of realizing hie aims In
the first great amaeh, according to
dispatches from British headquarters
After attacking all day yesterday
ana until a late hour taut night, the
Germans let down in their smashing
operation along fifty mllei of the
British front and had - not resumed
their heavy assaults at the latest ad
vices from Sir Douglas Halg today.
Further, hard fighting was ahead,
however, the field marshal predicted.
The enemy was still befog held In the
British battle portions, he reported,
which means that the British line is
still intact, although admittedly it has
been bent backward at, points under
tho terrific Teutonic aafiault.
The battle line has moved Ift
only one direction, however, the Brit
ish having struck spiritedly ai me
German masses and regained eome of
the pbslttohs Whlo.il they had tern
porartly abandoned. .
The German oineiai statement r
celved today reports that the British
positions were attacked from a point
aouthcast of Arras to IA Fere, the
British iirst lines being captured. The
dispatches from their headquarters
purposely omit giving the exact po
sition of Hie British lino nt present
for stated reason that th enemy
might bo given Valuables information
if the line were accurately traced,
While the infantry is being hoia,
temporarily in check, the artillery bat
tin la still raging, according to Indi
cations In the news dispatches. Great
numbers of Austrian cannon are de
clared to have been tmnsf erred to the
western front to reinforce the Gor
man artillery. Bulgarians, too, have
been brought Into the. Held by tlio
German cotmnnnd, It In doeli' ! the
understanding being that they are to
bo used as a strategic reserve,
All other Indications are that thet
neutral powers have massed all pos
sible forces nt their disposal on the
west front for their pre' ,t drive.' The
prospects "em, however, that they
will need every tnan of them if they
keep up their attack long with any
thing like Its Initial force, as ail tho
reports indicato that, the German
losses have been terrific; under the
withering lire of the British artillery
and machine guns. The German ar
tillery, too, has suffered heavily
through counter battery work by the
British, who found tho massed guns
firm targets for effeotive destructive
The German war triumvirate, Km-
peror William, Meld Marshal Von
illndenhurg and (Jen, Von Ludendorff,
are, reported behind the German guns
while the sttnek is In progreas.
Meanwhile the Italian front Is be
ginning to attract mora attention.
Home today reports operant, s be
coming more active along the entire
The American troop In FranVehave
done some further active work In pa
trol fighting and raiding. In the sec
tor east of Iuneville tho German first
and second line positions on Dart of
the front were found by American
raiders to have been rompletcly de
stroyed by American artillery fire.
Britlth aoldlers have mat and with
stood tha moat atupendoua attack Gar
many ha hurled agalnit tha weatern
front in three and one-half yeara of
warfare. On a front of more than fifty
mi In the srmad hoata of demooraoy are
The Haffue Reports Non-Receipt
of Reply From Allies
as to Shipping Question.
Amaterdam, March 22. A dia
patch from The Hague to the Han
daliblad aay one of tha moit
prominent mambere of parliament
intenda to aik the government
whether it ia not time to recall the
Dutch mlnieter at Washington and
hand passporta to tha American
minister at The Hague.
Panama, March 22.--Th American
jtuthoritiea in the Panama canal one
have sailed three Dutch merchant vet
it It. '
The Hague, March 81. 11 p.m.)
No reuy haa been received up to thii
hour by the miniitry of foreign affairs
from the allied powera regarding the
shipping queation.
at grips with the forcei of Prunianiim
and what may bs the deciirxe struggle
in the great war i raging in northern
In their first onslaught, the enemy,
after a gigantic bombardment from
great masses of guns, passed the Brlt
ish outposts at some points and at.
tained the battle line but nowhere did
the Germans gain the objective planned.
Regiment after regiment was hurled
against the defenses of the British
front and Field Marshal Halg reports
the German losses as exceptionally
heavy. Desperate fighting continues
all along the' line from the Hensee to
tho Olse and especially on the Cambral
Enejny efforts before Cambral were
aimed principally to the north and
south of the salient left after the fight
ing ceased there last November, with
the evident purpose of cutting oft the
salient and driving through the open
ing toward the-old battlefield of the
Germany's latest offensive finds both
sides .prepared for the shock of pro
longed and sanguinary combat. For
months the Germans have been train
ing troops and moving up guns and
supplies behind their lines between
Arras and St Quentin, The , British
also have been active and were pre
pared for any blow the enemy might
deliver and had anticipated that the
offensive movement would come where
It did.
Behind The British lines is the de
vastated area over which the Germans
retreated last March. Field Marshal
Von Jlindenburg declared at the time
that the devastation was carried out,
not only to hamper the allied armies
but to. provide a battlefield for the fu
turo. The German attack may be only
a feint but a large bleach in the Brit
ish lines might involve the safety of
Paris and Amiens and the French
channel ports front the liiouth of the
Heine, to Belgium.
German artillery fife also haS been
Intense on a lengthy front north of the
La Bltssee canal and In the Ypres Sec
tor in Flanders. On the French front
the GermRiis have carried out minor
attacks northeast of Verduh and in
Borrnlne. French troops repulsed both
attempts With loss.
British monitors and fiaval aircraft
have made a combined attack n Os-
tend, Belgium, a German aetial and
submarine base and British seaplanes
have attacked enemy mine sweepers
near Helgoland with machine gun f re.
In the attacks on Ostend British air
men brought down five German ma
chines, while the monitors bombarded
the town heavily.
Germany, according to unofficial re
ports from the Hague, Considers that
the attitude of Holland toward the
Anglo-American shipping demand has
changed the relations between the
German and Dutch governments. The
same report says that Germany would
take It as a cause of war If Holland
Should abandon her remaining de
mands regarding the use of seized
Dutch ships by the United States and
Great Britain.
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tamp Day
Comment at Amttardam.
Amsterdam. Thursday. March 21.
Commenting upon President Wilson's
proclamation regarding Butch slip
ping, tho Algernon) Itsndolsblad says
It coDBldera that there now diVoJvo
upon the nllted power tlio moral duly
ir maintaining International t"
Hlaten which mlinot exist without it
Continued refusal to iievinU Holland
to obtain grain from Al'gei.t Ina. it
Vnya, would he n aeriou matter for
Ix.ili pnvtlea.
Th Telenraaf ways it I wrong to
Kpoak of rc.l.'.tlon of the allies' ulti
matum Jy Holland. K nnserls that
the lutih government neceded to the
rroponula r' tho nlllen nn far a was
compatible with it position as a non-t)elllet)-e)it.
and add:
"The ultimatum was thus noeeptrd
In principle, but In iuf, a form as to
maintain Holland' light airaiist
America 'a unlimited power. The Dutch
government then by acted I., nccoi l
ance with the principles set forth bv
l'resldenl Wilson In considering a fu
ture peace, based )iion right above
The Nleuwa Van Den Pag aays It to
a inniriilar fai t that bolh the lm '.
and the allied pox ernmenta seem to
have little knolidi:e of t1 " i'c of
exciita. Jt adds: "One would l- in
clined tn ask whether their is
one In between who is holdniK up i
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IM &
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annj-. ns '..,-ww - j.
1 -'- f 1 i ' -'" ,
Rli hmend. Va , March The worl,
of the Virginia lrKlature came t.i
end today after botii branches n.i, ..I
on a resolution appropriating $.a t'rr
memher and R cen' milesire to -t i
the espenaea of the extended i-rssion
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