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Chattanooga, 4 p.m. Washington, 5 p.m.-London, 10 p.m. Paris, 10 p.m. Petrograd, 12 p.m. Tokio, 7 a.m.
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VOL. XXX. NO. 224
British Drive Attacking Troops to East Bank of Somme
Military Attache of British Embassy at Washing
ton Declares Line of Defense Only Bent, Not
. Broken Retirement Voluntary No Se
cret That Germany Stakes Everything.
Washington, March 25. Maj.-Gen.
McLachlan, military attache to the
British embassy, made the following
statement today to the Associated
"This morning's news shows that
our line of defense is not broken, but
only bent. The battle appears, in fact,
to be pursuing the course that might
be expected in view of the tremendous
weight of the attack. So far as can
be gathered, the enemy has concen
trated against us about half the total
forces which he had on the western
front; his concentration of artillery is
on the same unprecedented scale. Even
so our advanced lines were actually
penetrated in a few places only.
many of his best divisions already out
of commission. It muy well be that he
will make a further advance if he pur
sues the recV.;ess taotics of the last
few days. The allies, however, can
afford to wait with equanimity. Ger
many has made no secret that she is
staking everything on this blow. She
has promised her people and her allies
that its successes will produce victory
and peace. i
"So long as the battle ends, as there
is every prospect inai u win pno.wiin
our armies and those of our allies in
tact and in positions as strong as they
have ever occupied, Germany will have
failed and failed decisively. The open
ins of the fighting: season of 1918 will
find her with the flower of her arm'
gone and with her people disheart
ened by the most spectacular and
costly failure of the war.
' I.1! no 11 ' If miiol fAmttmKApajl tVa
On by far the greater part of the the battle is still only in its first stage,
sector attacked our retirement has , Behind our armies engaged is the
been voluntary and in accordance with , creat French armv and also our'stra-
tegic reserves which have not been
previous plans to stronger positions,
Had, our lirst line been nowhere pene
trated this retirement, would in all
probability have taken place Just the
Sees No Cause for Alarm,
"The war department sees no cause
same. To have held on indefinitely ... ' ' r " "' V ... ...
would have,, meant, virtually "r me people oi
life. As it is, our losses have been
considerable but not excessive. The
enemy, on the other hand, must, have
lost heavily. He has attacked con
stantly in dense masses, relying to
break down our defense by sheer
weight of numbers.
Wait With Equanimity.
"After gaining li lew miles of-war-swept
territory, he is now approaching
ihe first of our main defenses with
the United States," said Maj.-Gen
Peyton V. March, acting chief of staff,
commenting today on the situation in
France. "Sir ouglan Haig has an
nounced that the Uritish withdrawal
was in accordance witji a definite plan.
That announcement is to be accepted."
Gen. March stated specifically that
the war department sti( was without
information which would confirm the
report that American units hud taken
part in the great battle.
Fresh Attacks Develop at
Points With Conflict Raging
i Along Whole Front.
British Headquarters Tells of
Gains .by Germans.
Guns TaJen Largely in Excess
of 600, With Quantities of
Munitions and Imple
ments of War-
?0WS CRa lJ
8 IF IE AM em "wss9f '
UJNE.VHJJ; aW" . ::..t
Cointnatulers of the four fiermnn army groups in tlitir re
spective positions are shown on this photo-iniip of the western
front, where the Germans are trying to break the allied line.
The northern section of the line is comnaiKlfo by lUppr eliU
crown prince of Bavaria. .Next comes the German crown
prince (in the helmet), who ha been moved up n step from
the Verdun front, the scene of his colossal failure. Around
Verdun the commander is the be whiskered veteran of eastern
campaigns, Gen. Von Gallwitz, . v ho has been given a newly
organized army group. The lower end of the line, to I he
Swiss border, is commanded by Grand Duke Allirceht. These
men get their orders from the. T-udeiidorfr-Kniser-lIindeiibnrg
combination, which stands back anil "pushes on the reins."
Hun Infantry Meets Defeat.
Immense Losses Sustained
When Efforts Fail.
British Army Headquarters in
France, March 25. (By the As
sociated Press.) A further ad
vance late -yesterday by the Ger
mans at some points along the
battle front is recorded.
American engineers have again been
in the three of tierce conflict, in
which they have done excellent work
in transportation. The presence of
Berlin, March 25. (British admiral
ty per wireless press.) The Germans
are now standing to the north of the
Somme in the middle of the former
Somme battle field, says today's offi
cial statement. Bapaume was cap
tured in night fighting.
In the evening Nesle was taken by
1 storm, the statement adds. British,
Americans and French were' thrown
back through pathless wooded coun
try, by way of Villequir-Aumont and
La Nouville.
Morn than 45,000 prisoner nnd more
than fiOO (runs have born captured, the J
statement says, i
Uulscard nnd Oliminy were ra ptured I
in the si'VPiiinfr.
Violent lis-ntintr developed for pos
session of I'oiTihles and the heights
west of the town. ' The enemy was
defeated, the statement says.
the American engineers on the battle )
front has long been known. They are
praised highl for their gallantry in
the battle of Camb-ai, last fall.
London, March 25. fresh attacks j
by the Germans have developed j
northward and southward of Ba- j
paume, the war office announces.
The British repulsed powerful at- I
tacks yesterday afternoon northward
of Bapaume.
The Hritjsh drove buck to the east
ern bank of the Somme bodies of
Uorman troops which had crossed the
liver between Licourt and Brie, south
of l'eronne.
Official Report Follows.
The statement follow: '
"The battle continues with trreat
violence on the whole front. I'ower
?ul attacks, delivered by the enemy
yesterday afternoon and evening,
north of Bapaume. were heavily re
pulsed. Only at one point did the
Herman infantry reach our trenches
whence they were immediately thrown
out. Klsewhere the enemy' attacks j
were stopped by rifle, maehl.ir Klin 1
ind artillery fi i - in front of our po- '
eitior.a and his troops were drhen
Oack with K.-it los.
'Dunne the nieht and ttiis innin
nir fresh hostile attars have' amin
levek.ped in this r.i lKhhot hood and)
also to tiie s-nih of Ha pa urn.
"South f f Peronne bodies of Hi r.
man triH'ps. who t a I f rw d tie
tivei 1, n Ln'f'urt arid Hit., weie
(Continued on Page Eleven)
Bnpauine is on the noitliein
part ol the battle front, where the
Hritish line for the most part has
been held. It Is one of the larger
towns on the VlnhflnK front, fr u
which a number of roads radiute.
The ofllcia' Herman statement on
Sunday niKht said a Klpantlc
struggle was tnkiiiff plaen for the
town. It is thirteen miles below
A rra s.
Nesle, Oulscard. Ohniiny, Ville-qnlr-.Aumont
and La Neuville are
all In the sector west of the
Somme, southwest of St. Quentln,
where the tUrinans have been
i making the Krentest headway In
the la..t twenty-four hours. It Is
j there that the Krench troops were
thrown in. takln jrover n section
ol the battle front from the Itril-
! i.h.
! This Is the second announcement
J by Berlin of the presence of Amer
ican troops on that part of he
front. Sundnj's German state
, tiient said that French, English
I and American regiments which
I had bern brought up from the
i southwest for a counter-attack
, were thrown bai k on Chfiuny.
roriiblrs is six miles northwest
of lVronrv .
"The losses of tbp etiemv In killed
and Mounded are unuseallv heavy,"
the stn tt-ment reads. "The booty,
which, has fa.len into 'or hands since
.Man h 21, the amount of which Is tre
mendous, cannot yet be estimated It
has been ascertained ' int more than
4."..oOO piisoners have been tukin. The
number of euns raptured s lain Iv In
'" of ')0 We Pave. takn thou
sands i f machine (runs, trerm nd'. us
(pi.mtities of munitirms and imple
ments of war nd prat Mo if sup
piles and oth- r eoui m.-nt.
"Ill the vemr.p we bombarded the
rorttess of J-ans with lonr
C'.i n ","
" t V rd-in and In Lorraine the
tli'ei y ! I o!:'li,,'. i
Ir !( o!h, , tl-. .teis uf .,r f
i tiotlui.g tt rport."
London, Maroh 25. The British po
sition on the left Lank of the Jor
dan, in Palestine, was extended on
friday night, it is announced offi
Tho statement follows:
"During the night, of March 22 nnd I
on March 23 our positions on the left t
bank or tho Jordan were extended and
umc prisoners nna machine guns
were captured. All enemy formation
of five airplanes wi attacked by one
of our patrolling machines, which
shot down three of them out of eon
trol. "Information has been received of n
successful action by Arab troops bv
king of the I led near .Te-
dahah, on the HedJaz rnilnv. ev.
emy-cignt miles northwestward of
.ueci i mi, on JMarch IB. I'mler cover of
a sandstorm a company of a Turkish
camel corps was aurprlsed nnd destroyed.
With Bluish-Red Flash German
Device Explodes in Midair,
Giving Off Mustard Gas.
Swiss Officer Has High Praise
for U. S. Troops in Trance.
(lenevn, Sunday. March 24. The Im
pressions of a Swiss otllcer, Capt.
Obersteg. regarding the Americans at
the front are published In the Demo
crate. Capt. Obersteg, who has Just
returned from visits to zones where
the American's and the Hritish arc op
erating, says that the American seem
to be picked men who physically sur
pass those in the European aimies ex
cept pel haps the British troops.
('apt. Obersteg said he found the or
ganization behind the front lines "truly
With the American Army in
France, March 25. (By the Asso
ciated Press.) On the Toul front
there was considerable artillery
activity cturing the night. Ameri
can guns heavily shelled the Ger
man -front line positions. Enemy
batteries replied, using many gas
shells. Later photograph were
taken from airplanes of ths dam
age inflicted by the Americans.
With the American Army in France,
Sunday, March 24. (By the Associ
ated Press.) American artillery, on
the Toul sector, continued today to
shell effectively enemy first line and ;
communication tranches, the town of
St. Baussant, and billets and dumps j
north of BoqueteaJ. Many of the
American shells have fallen in the I
German trenches and the first two !
lines in at least one place have been
virtually abandoned.
One American patrol freely In
sjH'cted this point In the enemy line
without tnolesta (loll last niyhl and
rlods, each a luilf hour In length.
Many gas shells and a few high en
ploslve shells fell on the American
posit Ions.
One cnciiy airplane eatly this
morning cut off Hh engines nl a gnat
height over the American lines north
west of Toul and (tinned down. When
closn to I lie ground, It dropped h
ojiantlly of bombs. Home were of n
new variety, 'which exploded III ndd
air with a bluish-red Hash mid give
otT II cloud of mustard gas. Ilelllg
heavier Ihan the air the mustard gas
Millckly di sci ndi d toward some of our
liallery positions and tnail.s
After tin" machine disappeared the
(liriiinii gas shell boinhiudment be
gan. Another enemy airplane hovered
over the town while the bombard
ment, with gas shells, was In prog
ress. From Charleston, 8. C.
The hciilc imnl wiiM, as pievi
ouslv recorded, look a pnnuicr In
a listening post In ihe Toul sec
tor Is from Charleston, S. C. lie
and nil the men In the patrol have
been given leu days' leave In fee.
ognlllon of thill' services.
Anonymous Letter in Cleveland
News Claims Credit for Big;
Machine Used by Huns. ,
ST LE Cr!rttrkf ; cTMAl
L7 r.
The smaller miiri glvas In more de.
lull location of towns Involved In the
developments on the battlo fiont dur
ing the past tew das.
American." for in every sector w here lhin l0rnug and remained there sev
the Americans are located the whole , . ,. . ,
army Is supplied with foisl from Ame, - , n'"ro ,"tv" " ,"'-
ica and asks little from France. The ''acts between the Infantry during the
Americans, he says, have only one last twenty-four hours. ,
great desire, and that is to tie allowed I I'or the third successive day fler
to fight against the Ocrmans as soon j man aitlll i v today bombarded heav
nn possible. Theydlslike delay, "even , lly with gas sin lis a certain town
the privates realizing that they are within the American lines. Today's
righting against injustice." The Swiss bombardments was made in two pe-
onicer concludes:
'America is following the
as its predecessors In the
sa me
New York. March 15. Kdmond
Itousselot. the young Frenchman who.
In the role of the "Marquis de Cnstil-
lot. is surged to havr tried t n k
tiate a I T.u.O'in.ooa loan from J I". Mm
gan A Co.. on Iwhalf of the king of
Spain. was sentenced today to two
terms, to run concurrently, In the fed
eral penitentiary at Atlantu. of one
yesr and eight months each. The fir-'
penalty was for theft of government
stationery ard the srconl for forgieg
passes to docks, arsenals and warship.
Frost, Says
The .,,ih. r
Billy 'Possum
Old Man h has
ul one over
camouflaging, so
to speak it i ame
In like s luinb and
now It exils mild
and ineek: we
hear no lion roor -leg.
doing per.,
it ere but to
i httfige the sul
)e. t nuieUy. Ili r-
1IIHI). pll se don't
ome I o'l f li f '
sir and model a f el v
Cleveland. ., March :. The big
gun bong lined by the ficwnnnH Hi
hoinhii i illng Cans is Ihe Itivenlloii of H
Toledo, li., man named Wh I. in, ac I
cording to an anonymous letter pub
lished In the Cleveland News. The!
wilier diilaies the same gun lor'
ralher the same Idea id gimi Hied a
slim IhirlxsiK miles on Lake Kile'
wh. II tented three yeais ago. !
lie ifeelales the KUfl VS purchased
by I 'r. Ileinard lernbuig. the I lei man
iliiaiirl.il repn si ntatlve In this i-oiiii- t
try. and that the liivintor nnd bis wife
Hiie taken to lii'iin.'inv on the same
.vessel I u. Iiciahotg saihd on.
1 Hiring the tests on lukc Kne the
gun mn operated from a'n old mud
seov, thus doing away with Ihe "ineh-a-lnlle''
and coien te bane problems of,
other d,i . i
In ronttei I ion ifti the uiteihius
letter - writt r'a i e els t lout, II is signill
i ,ml that I r. iHrnbuig nctuallv
In I'li M l,iml the day the l.uoltaiua
was sons M.iy !, 11 .
London, March "5. Kmpeioi
U illiam ami Field Mai shut V on
Mlndcribiiig Msited l'eronne on
Sunday ivining. accoidtng to
Merlin advhes lorwatded from
A mull Ml. illl .y l .xihillme ''ee.
The II li tosKi s In the lut.
tie lit Cl ill 1 1 1 1 1 Uie desillbld
its coliipitmlHelv beV.
Five Americans Receive Dis
tinguished Service Cross for
Routing Enemy Patrol.
Four Shots From long-Range
Guns Fired at Early Hour
at Brief Intervals.
Alarm Fails to Cause
Scurry to Shelter.
New Battle Sole Topic of Con,
versation Compared With
Struggle at Verdun.
Paris, March 25. Th long-rang
bombardment of Pari was rsumd
at 6:30 o'clock this morning, but was
inUrrupttd aftsr th sscond shot.
Afttr a briaf intsrval two (nor shot
war firad. Th bombardment wh
ags'n suspartdtd at (ft 10 o'clock.
As was ths ruse ypstrily, tha
pin-did not take to shelter. Cellar
which wi flllid on Saturday r
tiinined Miipty this mot tling. . IJltln
Interest was shown In th bomliard-
Different Kind of Alarm. ,
Soon after they wr nwukeited by
the first shot the peopln wr brought
t their window by th iivttlln- ct
drums, rollceinen ilrculaled thionglt
piirh ipiarler of the rity hit rodnolng
ths new system of nlarm, which Uli
tiiiRiilshed from tho alarm In th rrs
of iiir raids,
Work wna resumed under norma)
conditions, AU 1iJ''iWJ,P?iUUn4ii
were running,''''!'!! alri-els wra full
of pebplf, whoa ol subject of Con
versation wna the tiiw hnW el th
Mmnms, which la geneiAlly lompAtt-ti
with Vstdiin.
Twenty. four shells reached rMa on
Halunlny and twenty -aKVen yesterday,
Tha Interval between ahota uai re
dmed from fifteen or twenty minute
mi Hatiirdiiy to an Hveraee of nine
rniniiles esterdy. t in two occasion
there wna an Interval of only on or
two minutes. Hhells fell at :1J and "
:M oVIiM'k and at :4i and :4i.
This whs accepted aa eonflrmln tha
theory that at least two sun wet
Tho (Imn of flight of tho ahells l
rstirnsleil at ten minute at tha least;
the curve traversed nt 120 tnllna, and
the iiislmuni helnht attained at Of-.
teen inllea.
Air Raid Alarm Sounded.
Parr. March 29 Another r
raid alarm wa sounded shortly
after 1 o'clock this morning. After
thr-quartr of an hour firemen'
buules and church bells announosd
that all was clear and the Paris
ian! were able to return to their
Invest Five Million in
Thrift Stamps in State
Saturday' war savings stamp
sal' topped over $3,000,000 in
Tennessee, although complete re
turn. r not yet in. Thi put
Tennessee far ahead of ny state
escept Tesas and Oklahoma. Of
this amount Memphis led with
1200,000 and Nashvill was run
ner up.
This good showing i th reiolt
ot a Tennessee-wide campaign.
Over a hundred speaker mad
W addreee. to 700.000 people.
Parades were staged in many
tides and towns. Stamps were
old in 6 000 places, at station. ,
agencies, postofhees and bank.
Of this number, 1,100 were poet-offices.
Important Meetings Planned.
Open New Home Firit
of April.
e To t.i.!h charsrea be pleailed timUv I.e. i onl tni-it uh piobuble light In, si in
fore Inlted Matee Judge Mayer. low tlac s. TueJjy lair lJ warmrt,
t dl
With the Ann li, 'an iiii in I lain e,
Hutnbiy. .M.iiih illy the Ais.xi
ated l'ies-lne of the men whose
names hne b.rit fi onoun,-e, ;ts icip.
UIiis of the .liHtluii.ilahrd service
x p 1 1 s suy t he ite er to hi d of , . -
' ... ... buiveiy In nt',,, Kltne i supeiior fin-e
i im deseriM'd in the tons ' vi ,.
II. ill llli, I J;Oli, li Wrs'. .af.it t'v't'l
t'Usr It t ie. oii.il Aoios Ti ske nd
W.isti. ok ton. Man h
iih n I-
S 'I' li
jflllfllf lll,pll
- A I OH old -
nd wi te ion, h ini bin d
lit the story.
I l.-sti.. Mki. I, I . I.i
I fill I ilovi n l,
.. l .'. I li . . i" s;
I p., ml up.
i l. i j .
Homer Whit,
try rev I meet
I'lll nunlri. t
li ti i, ,, '
The Amei i. i
I'.d rim'.. I
f .1 III
i f Ho- samn llif.ltl-
I th. t itrol whti-h
ti'lliV . 'lol t.f tr-tl
' te I . n Man l
i i, k l Ihe i, I rol
t lo.'k IV.O of t tit-
J.TJv. tM-K.uitKr. lb . Jaauarj-, SJ.Uc. 'U'-muitti viinu.t.
Tin l.o.ud uf illrectois of the J'lor-
eio f ( 'i itienton l-rtKue of Mercy will
meet Tuesd.iy at 11 o'chH k at tho
rtiiiit,ei H ctiiumerce. Ttie iKiard of
diM-i tins is ciiiiiposeil of one m.n fropi
the KlHsnla ilut. Itot.ii) iltib, county
and i Hi to rr ninetits Mis. Ilarrett,
pieaideiit of the .Satiiiii.il Kloreocvi
l i ittrnton Home of Aiun lea. will ar
Mve here ttutlicht as the Kueat of Mrs.
Jo lliown, nnd will attend the meef
liiK. Mrs. H.iii,!' Is suid to t' lb
bt itiformeit nunun on this kinj of
wink in Am. in. i
At 1 o'clock Urdtit-sdjy the women
uu-iiib.-m will meet at linn tieon at the
I'litten hoiet. and Mrs. lUrrelt will,
ap.ik I, theni in ifn.'ue work.
At J in t line-day he will addren
nu 11 ami ouu:i on rescue wotk in the
COUI t 1.
Mi Jo iion t.i!d Monday that
th J. til-sun ho,i, lesvittlv l urthase.i.
woult t-e inHiipied by the t-Tittcntoa.
i..a.e 4tu.; -UfU i.

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