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We Give AH the News
as Fast as Furnished
by Associated Press.
Don't For&et fOur
Allies Need Wheat.
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Chattanooga, 4 p.m. Washington, 5 p.m. London, 10 p.m.-rParis, 10 p.m. Petfograd, 12 p.m. ToMo, 7 a.m.
VOL. XXX. NO. 229
French Check Onward Rush; Berlin Claims Capture of Beaiicouft,
Enormous 'Price in Casualties
Paid by Germans Unavailing-
' ly in Vicious Pressure.
i "
Between Fampoux and Bois
I leux South the Scarpe
Roeux Stage of Tense Conflict,
in Which Allies Are Forced
' to Withdraw.
British Army Headquarters in
France, March 30. (By the Asso-
ciated Press.) A spectacular
British maneuver at Roeux after
its .capture by the Germans on
'i Thursday became known today.
When the place was enveloped the
l body of defending troops was cut
off and clung tenaciously to ine
village in the face of bitter punish
ment. Under cover of darkness on
Thursday night these gallant men
were successfully withdrawn
through a gap forced in the Ger
man line.
The fact that the Germans, ac
cording to the report, are en
trenching along the Thiepval La
" Bcri.ell. line is pointed to as a trib
1 ute to the magnificent defense
'' which the British maintained at
this important gateway to the
f 'West.
1 There has been another display
u.t ho British tlet i iwinatiflrr wr
this quarter. The correspondent
knows of one large body of troops
who dug themselves in along the
vital sector in question' and an
nounced that whatever happened
to the rest of the British line, they
were going to stick until they were
either victorious or the last man
was dead. They are still stick
ing, and from their past achieve
ments it is safe to say they will
yynfciiiMtj 'kw kik.
y I k
The situation today from the
entente viewpoint is reported r.vire
satisfactory. Along the Bri ish
section of the battle front last
night was comparatively quiwt.
At one point the attacking
troops were held up by the ma
chine gun fire, but other forces
pressed on doggedly. The Ger
mans, however, opposed with too
great strength and were too well
protected, and the British were
forced to abandon the effort after
a hard struggle, during which
twenty-five Germans' were taken
prisoner in hand-to-hand fighting.
The loss of those positions does
not alter the situation materially,
and the British hold on the Luce
valley is considered satisfactory.
One British' division marched
from 9 o'clock one evening until
4 o'clock the next afternoon and
then flung itself into the battle
line, where it fought and killed
and dug in until its position was
assured. Then these soldiers
threw themselves down where
they etood and slept with their
heads pillowed upon their haver
sacks. There are other instance
even more spectacular which may
not be mentioned, but it is un
necessary to amplify, as Amer
ica already knows the temper of
her British allies and knows that
the British will take a lot of beat
ing before they give in.
British Army Headquarters in
France. Friday, March 29. (By the
Associated Press.) The German
attempt to force the British back
along the Scarpe and capture Ar
ras cost them an 'enormous price
in casualties, although they used
ten divisions. North of the river,
the British held to their positions
and wavered but slightly before
the enemy onslaught. South of
the river, however, the British re
tired slightly between Fampoux ana
There wns hard flchtinp on both
sides of the Scarrr. To the north the
most desperate conflict wns striped ,
Hhont Koeux. The Hermans sucreeded
in forcing the British to withdraw
Jrom this plaee. North of HaTrelle. the
enemy tried to push the Prttlsh back
on l?ailloul. but were repulsed by with
ering guntire. South of the river the
most bitter fighting was ntw-iiit Tele
graph hill, which changed bands sev
eral times.
Tanks Important Work.
ft. low the Snmme. Hrltlsh anili ry I
h. n a irn rlotnc marvelous worn in c t- ,
tine" the heavy f irs hack during the
,ih.i.i ,.i i in l atterv of heavies :
was cut off an.,lost for three dive. Al
thouih often surrenr.ded the men
worked their way out to the British
11m with ll the guns.
On Hub rroiind near AH-ert th re are
flve mac bine gunners are cut on
six hundred yards in front ef their
on ir.f.ihtry but who still are d'-lnn
cre.it rxecutn amorg tbe eneniv.
T.mW alsrt hye ten doing a sm.ill
.nt !r-prtant work. Tr.ev h.ne ten
tnvdmu' tn ::r. st mmlr g t.'.e ad-Miret-
and mak.rt oiionere
Defeat Red Guards
Finnish Government Forces
Capture 10,000 Rebels,
Says Report.
London, March 30. Finnish red
guard have been defeated at Tam
merfors, north of Helslngfors, by
the government forces, according to
a Reuter dispatch from Petrograd.
The rebels are said to have lost
10,000 prisoners and . twenty-one
Infantry Held (fit Superior
Forces Until Guns Were
Taken to Safety.
London, March 30. The British
line held magnificently throughout
Friday, according to Reutsr's lim
ited correspondent at British head
quarters in France.
"At one point only," says the cor
respondent, "where the Germans
got across the river in force about
erisy and attacking the troops in
the Proyar-Mericourt neighborhood
in the rear, have fa Men back, but
that retirement was gallantly done.
Our men were taken in the rear be
fore they knew it.
"As there were guns to be got
away both infantry and gunners
faced around and tor a while some
of our field artillery was firing with
open sights into the enemy. Then
infantry charged and succeeded in
driving the superior forces of the
enemy back to river bank, holding
them there until the guns got
away. This section of the line then
swung back to new positions run
ning by Hamel and Lamotte."
i-.u8 March .B0.-Tt Uritlsh rrrf-
umn vvnicn recently won a winning
victory on the front along the Euphra
tes river, in Mesopotamia, putting out
of nctiort the entire TurklHh force in
the' Hit. area, 1ms advanced to a point
eighty-three miles beyond Hit, the war
otHce nnnnuncFH. The number of pris
oners h;w been Increased to 5,000. The
stiitcnicnt follows:
"Our troops pursued the remnants
of 'ho Turkish force, which was de
feated near Khan-IttiKhdadi, and at,
iitdilny on Thursday had advanced
beyond Annh. eighty-three miles
northwest of Hit. Full particulars of
tn; captures have not yet been re
ceived, but they are of great Impor
tance, l-nrge depots at Haditnh and
Anah have fallen into our hands, con
taining quantities of Ammunition,
mine throwers, guns, etc. The num
bei1 of prisoners 1ms been Increased to
Coshocton, 0 March 30. A mob
of between 500 and 600 persons late
last night and early this morning
visited sixteen homes in this city
and forced between twenty-five
and thirty alleged pro-Germans to
kiss the Stars and Stripes and say
"To hell with the kaiser."
The mob marched through the streets
four abreast with about thirty auto
mobiles In the lend.
At the home of Frank Hrrgar, Mrs.
Oregar held the mob off for some time
with a revolver. The mnh finally se
cured her husband and took them to
the courthouse stips where they were
forced to kiss tbe flag and repeat the
Citizens of Coshocton have been
aroused for several weeks over reports
that Hermans of the county were hold
ing many secret meetings In Coshocton
and south of the city.
Members of the mob before breaking
up this morning, announced other al
leged pio-flermnn homes would be vis
ited Monday niebt.
That sector of the long battle front
- i. . v, ,nr,n r.f
Tlllllk' kUW-lk Ik.' ill'" ......... ......v
coniii u Tbe Hermans, following up
their smail gains of yesterday In their
I northwestern drive townrd Amiens.
: were pressing the attni k vigorously.
They were meeting with the most ob
I sflnate resistance on the part of the
j British defenders, however, and intent
renotts state there bad been little
I change In the situation since last night
despite the hfrd fighting. On the ex
! treme north the enemy had deslsied
for the moment from their assault
ngalnst Arras, but there are Indication
tnilt tnoy are oniy wRiiins- i"r irkh
'troops before renewing tneir onr.
Allied Lints Strengthened.
The Itritish lines have been strrngih-
' fr.nl rapidly In every quarter along the
on' rrl!f a,mr;Tr t?m?sn T
play of d terrnination n-d optimism. I
In the vi- Inlty of Albert the Hermans J
today were repotted in be dipping j
I themselves In along
the line from
Thupvol to Hols. 11
for a brief space the tides of ron-
flirt haye s'aekened. Put any moment
they m.iv set In aga.n. When the Hr-
man have brought forward their ar-
tlllery aed overhauled their ght.rg Tin -chine
ttie slrucir!" undoubtedly "111 b
iene d. perhaps m it h gre ater frity
thiin lerore.
YfSterdav aftornonn the eremy Iad
a n ill iiers south 'f tr I. lire rlur,
on the HrltKh risht fnnV. Strfng
Hrrian for'-.". attarVInc there, cup
tore! Meier arnt lo M.nsoii
Mlanrhe. north of tiat village Tbf
Krlt'.kt i'-inediMtelv e.rknir.ed a roiin
ter -t :.-1 k srd pu d 'r.,i4 d'ter
a.mei. hi..n.t the nyi'.rs.
Derive Hopes From
Hun Defeat at Arras
, London. March SO. Hopes that
' the German rush has been checked
defln'.'ely have been raised by the
defeat which the enemy has suf
fered In his first attempt to cap
ture Arras. However, It Is real
ized there Is still a great menace
In tho situation south of the
Somme, and that the fate of
Amiens hangs in the balance.
Further attacks are looked for.
Amendment to Penalize Use of
Invisible Ink Favored.
Report Monday.
Washington, March' 30. The
death penalty for many acta of
espionage will be proposed in leg
islation to be brought before con
gress, Senator Overman, of North
Carolina, active head of the senate
judiciary 'committee, said today
after hearing testimony of several
government agents in charge of
antispy work.
The subcommittee also approved an
amendment to the espionage law pe
nalizing "attempts" to obstruct tho
selective draft law as well as actual
Confidential testimony regarding en
emy espionage and propaganda and
Industrial Workers of the World activ
ities was given to the subcommittee
today. According to Senator Over
man the government agents said that j
the activities of spies are widespread
throughout the country. Although the
government is taking Arm steps to
stop their operations, Its control of the
situation. It was said, Is "not yet all
that could be desired."
Of Seditious Character.
Letters many In Invisible ink pic
tures and other documents seised by
tha federal ameer wre submitted to
the committee and Recording to com
mittee members were of a most sedi
tious and hostile character. The sub
committee today approved an amend
ment to penalize use of Invisible ink
in correspondence and providing for
seizure by the mail censors of mall
matter believed to be of seditious ori
gin. I'rglng extension of the espionage.
act to attempts to obstruct the draft
law department of Justice agents told
the committee that indicted persons
have escaped conviction because It was
shown their attempts were not suc
cessful. The senate committee plans next
Monday to report and nsk Immediate
passage of the legislation proposed.
Gen. Pershing's Casualty List
Includes List of Tus
cania Victims.
Washington, March 30. Today's
casualty list contains fifty names,
twenty-five of them soldiers lost
in the sinking of the Tuscania.
These were reported as missing at
sea, but have been positively
identified by finger prints taken
from the bodies.
The list Is divided as follows: Killed
In action, 2; died of wounds, 4; died j
of disease, li; died of accident, 2;
died cause unknown, 1; wounded
slightly, 7; previously reported miss
ing at sea, now reported dead, 25. The
only officer named In today's list was
Lieut. Howard II. Davis, who was
slightly wounded.
Uenjamin Odnhnsky, Karl Osklns.
Charles Phillips. Nathan W. Warner.
Died of Accident Privates John W.
Roberts, Wesley K. Staples.
Died of Cause Unknown Private
Willie Ijings'nn.
Wounded Slightly T.leut. Howard
II. Dnvlv Cooks Kthvr Johnson, l.ough
Justlee; Privates Joseph ('. Sbehan.
i.Ifimes It. Christian, ltlchnrd I
, . ...
Kdward W. Mannlx.
Died nt Sea (Tiiseunla ) Pi lvat
fjeurge A. Altwien, Verner C. Mrnn
lsnd, Joe Cochran. Leonard H, J)eth
man, llosendo Diaz. Klton K Kdnmnd
son, Horenclo Krias, Kdward C. IVy-
rer. Sixfoil More. (in.Klnlilpe fiarza,
Kdward ". Hrahamer, f rank Kossseth,
Joseph 'Martin, Hoy Munraster. IWn
V. Owens. Clarence Paul. Alexandria.
j.: Cook Clyde C. Pelley; Privates
Juan A. Teres. Ondls Powell. Clrllo
Rodriguez. Ktrhanl S tiulze, Arthur
Strnarh. Patrick H. White. Paul A.
William. Jose Ybarra.
Heirs of Jay Oould'Dispose of
Louisiana Tract,
I Monroe. Iji . March J1. A drst h
, Just been rntisumrnnted in Nw York
city he,ehy the f.elr of the Isle
;Ja 'ioulft have sol. I to the i"oreif
l-nml-er .ompar.y anl aili l concern
heledl y J. H. White, of Kanss 'lv.
Mo., approximately l'i2.0(0 aer ef
virain long baf pm flintier lnd In
Ii"i.inna, IrixoUinic a ritiid rat ion
of more than $9,ffXV i. .idirg to
annouii' einert here toils y fv Id i r y
llernitei .. local attorney, win nego
tiated the sale. Th lands effer te. are
locate;! in errx.n. RapPtes and V n
parishes. i Ixcjisisr This was !
i-'ared to 'e f.ne f-f the lrr-t sni.Tt-.
c.a t.u.lci iauj ljai.sa.Ll.uba ua record.
British Take Prisoners in Counter-Attacks,
but Retire
... at Mezieres.
Newly Captured : Town
North of Montdidier.
Now Apex of Salient Driven by
Germans in Approach
to Amiens.
London, March 30. The Ger
mans, attacking yesterday at De
mum and Meiteres, presssd back
the British from Mexieres, the war
office announoee. '
. The enemy's attempts to capture
Demuin broke down after sharp
fighting which lasted throughout
the afternoon. '
Meslcrea, captured by tbe Germans,
Is In the sector south of the rJomino,
where tha principal gains of tha Ger
mans in the last lew days have been
made. It Is ten miles north of Mont
didier. ,
Tho official statement follows:
"North of the Somme only local ac
tions have taken place. South of the
Somme the enemy's attacks yesterday
at Demuin and Mexlcrea succeeded In
pressing back our troops from the Int
ter vllluge.. We secured a number of
prisoners In our counter-attacks. At
Demuin all the enemy's attempts to
capture the village broke down after
sharp fighting which lasted through
out the afternoon. '".
"During tbe put V.-'eekour .cjjj'alrjr
has fought with great ganunti'. both
mounted and dismounted, and repulsed
the enemy, indicting heavy losses on
him In numerous engagements."
Converging Movement.
London, March SO. Tbe heavy con
tinued pressure of the enemy's con
verging movement has brought tho
Hermans to within about twelve miles
of Amiens. Tho British lino is now
west of Mamilcave and Demin, but
despite, this the hltuiitloli is still re
garded as bopwful. While the enemy
advance has not yut been arrested, it
certainly has been greatly retarded.
The explanation fur the movement
on Arrss, according to French critics,
Is thaV.tlin Hermans felt that the shape
of the salient driven Into the British
line exposed them to flank counter lit
tacka and they extended their oflen
slvo toward Arms. However, although
tha enemy achieved some local suc
cesses, Including tho rapture of a Brit
ish battalion, which fought courage
ously until surrounded, tho attempt to
capture Arrss failed.
French military authorities feel very
hopeful over their success In baffling
the enemy design to draw down the
valley of the Olse, and declare that the
Herman attempt to break through lit
the Junction of tho British and French
armies In tho Montdidier region also
wss u failure.
Tho French clslm that the Hermans
took Montdidier too late to profit by
the move irwd thBt the French now
have forces in this region strong
enough to meet all eventualities.
Rcvenle Tax Returns
Extended One Day
Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Roper has extended the time In mnk"
Income tax returns to Include April t.
In carrying out these Instruction
K. M. Craig will accommodate the pub
lic by carrying bis force of deputies
at tbe revenue office, Custom
House, until midnight of the first.
Chicago, March SO. The eight-hour
day, wag" Increases and eo,unl pay tor
like work Itv nu n sod women were
grunted to Chicago packing house em
ploye today by Judge Samuel Al
schule. arbitrator In Hie recent whk"
healings here. Several other demand
of tho workers were granted.
The season for automobile
opens and tiny are nil going
"over tlie top" In a big dilvn.
The News Inun' he the ram
palrn today with advertise,
ment for leader and much val
uable anto pew.
0. K. for Easter. Says Billy P.
The hardship
are not all In
I ra nn : we b ft
behind serve
too; I don't know
bow I'll for-'e m
eif t rise an
hour earlier, do
ou I may r raw I
off to Sleep on
time, and kid my -self
to ttilt.k It 1
true, tuit how I'll
get up earlier'
a point I il'-n't
know bow I'll ever l.nrn to do Tee
w.-ahr I' 'i i'- w 'li !K"t itnij
;u tvuii-i a'.t,. i. luu.1,1.1 tmX laialcr.
fV UAH. '
Washington, Match 80. The
situation on tho battlo fronts
In I'icardy as shown by ortloliil
, reports from Oens. Pershing
and miss, was graphically pic
tured to members of the senate
military , committee, today at
their regular weekly conference
with war department officials.
No effort was made to mini,
mlste the extent of the Oermun
Inroads Into the allied lines.
.Senator Hitchcock said aft
t"warda that press accounts of
tJhs battle were accurals, ap
parently, but ho deprecated
over sanguine predictions.
, There is great hope, however,
the senator aald. In the minds
of military officlnls here, over
th strategic possibilities of a
Proftoh offensive movement
when the time comes.
Brlf.-Oon. heeler, acting
Chief of ordnance, was oJosely
fUstloned by senators as to
progress in the production of
cannon for American troops,
senators, it Is said, feel thnt
th ordnance program should
u greatly enlarged.
Several Miles of Hedjaz Rail
way on Palestine Border,
Wrecked. s
. London, March ' 30. British
mountfd troops have destroyed
several miles of traok of the Htd
jag railway east ef, the river Jor
dan on the Palestine border, it was
officially announced today,
London, March 0.Tlio British
forr.ea In Palestine aUuokcd west of the
river Jordan on Thursday and ad
vanced their line htre two miles on nil
eight-mile front.
Candler's Blackmailer
Denied New Trial
Atliuitu, i In.. March 80, J, W. Conk,
real estate salesman, recently con
victed of attempted blackmail on
Mayor Asa H. Candler, today wn de
nied a new trial by Judge Benjamin
Hill In the Fulton county superior
court. Counsel for Cook announced
the case wouM iu (liken to the omnt
of appeals,
The motion for u new I rial for Mis.
Margaret Hlrscli, convicted on the
Minn charge with Cook, which was to
have been heard today, was postponed
Indefinitely at the reipieHt of her coun
sel, Mrs. Illrsili Is still hill In the
county .lull,
Woman, Together With Her
Boarder, Arrested and
Held Under Bond.
Newark, N. J, March 30. Ad
mission thst a yroup 0f German
api.s havs b..n employed in tn.
plant of the Curti .n(pn..rin(j
corporation at H.mp.t.ad, N. Y.,
en Long Island, ha. b.en obtained
from Mrs. Lydia White, a woman
arr. ted today with blue printe of
airplanes In bar poo... Ion, th. po
lice here announced.
The woman, who I 15 years old,
wns turned over to the fcib ral iiuthor
Itle and held bv u l ulled State coin.
tnlHsloner In f 1 fi.Oof) hall, together with
Fredetick An.ol.ll, a boarder In her
home nt Hempstead. They were Mr
rested here rfter I hey bail been located
by Albert While, the woman's husband.
The police say a search of their room
disclosed the blue pilots. She told her
story of Herman spice In the Curtl
plant after being iiest loned bv Inspcc.
tor t'orhallv. who oon notified the fed
eral authorities.
However, Total Number Com
pleted Ships Short That
Planned by Board..
Wshin(ton, March 30 Th.
.hipping beard eaceed.d its
launching program in March by
12.000 ton., but fall b.hmd in it.
schedule ef completed hip. owing
ta difficulty in obtaining at. I
Figure given out a' the board of
fice today showed that shit of
:;.7r. toiis wire launched aid :0 of
lt?.0)" tori were completed and de
livered. At the beginning of the
month l ws announced thst It was
lu.ped to Inuni h !tb ship ef :;u.M
toi.s lining March and to der II
ah.! s i,1 Ml ton.
Mii.r'nge of .'id plates re. enttr h i.
Mm f. It at several )r.1s. notal.lv at
Hog Island.
A tfe effi-i t o' the di.oi ft nilj'd
Irmn-t- rtatloii i t I i winter Is only
now 'beglenlng to t e fiit tn'.st rl
ouatv In delivery of alert, r.m, Int. i f
the hoard ny pril will be the fini
cal moe.'h In their pr..rrsm.
I jiunrt.tnr tn l.minrv niin.t"'"!
slifei-n. and In February fl'tren le.
liveries n J.tr.usrv we,i- r.rp tier
( l ot In l.tiMis:-.- iriie.i. d to wil 'i
. t
TTTN TTTTlTft AIT f li 1VTT T"l ffT I tT i
Ur IIUhD Ufl 230-llllLEi mRV-'
French Reserves HoM Up Huns on Twenty-five
Mile Hard-Fought Battle Front From
Morcuil to Lassigny.
Official Dispatch From Berlin Makes Less Pre
tentious Claims as Situation Between
. Somme and Avre. . i
Washington, March 30. French reserve
forces have stopped the German advance on the
twenty-five mile front from Moreuu to Lassigny,
according to an official dispatch received here to
day from Paris. The German assaults on this'
line were described in previous dispatches as par-.
ticularly violent
Berlin, March 30.(VJa London.) Between;
the fcomme and the
-1 I . . L ; a i
uwviu jimiii (juris ui incir luremusi positions.
British and French troops freshly brought up and'
have captured Beaucourt and Mezieres, the war
nflficf. iinnnunenc lanan m 4 inrra At.t '
didier are said to have
Pari., March 30. French troops,
support.d by r...rv.s, are offering
desperate re.istanc to pow.rful
a.aaults of the enemy, the war of
fice announce.
The battle, which was resumed
with r.n.wed viol. no. during the
night, is progressing on a front of
forty kilomnt.rs (about tw.nty
five mil..) from Moreuil to b.yond
8tat.rn.nt in Full.
The .tatam.nt follows:
"The battle wa. niumid with
n.w viol. nee during the night and
is in progress on a front of forty
kilometers from Mor.uil to b.yond
La.aigny. Fr.nch troops, sup
ported by French r.s.rv.s, which
continu. to arriv., are ottering
powerful re.ntsnc. to tbe violent
Believes Renter's Correspond
ent Entente Outlook
London, March 30. The German
are .till running forward artillery
and reorganising their forces, R.u
ter's oorra.pond.nt at Briti.h
h.adquart.rs 1. 1. graph. Tbe .low
ing down in the battle he .ays,
probably is only a lull before an
otn.r etorm of still gr.at.r inten
sity. The situation on the British sec
tor ef the n.w battle front thie
morning wa. more ..tnlaotory
from th. alb.d( .'andpomt. The
night wa. comparati v.ly qui.t.
Huong eneniv piitrnla hi the Arra
sector pehittatcd the Itrlllih outpost
line near Aileiix and foiled the post
to wlthiliaw alter tntiuise HifMlim This
a'ii iil to be the only i liuiigu ill the
line lieai Alias.
A spe till ulnr iiisiieiivrr by the flrlt
isli mil run m jut after the tapturn of
limiix bee. Hue known 1od.iv. A liody
of llritlsh tini.ps wus cut off when tlie
tieiman env loped ll.uirx on Thuis
I day. l b" sui rounded men clung teun-
i loiisly to the village in the due of
bitter onslaught until nlittit when, un
der c.(cr it dm kliea. the) wi le w ith
drawn eucerssfully thiuiifch a gap
whli h wn loin it, tlie rnemy line.
Senate Rejects Amendment
Providing for Training of
Youths From 10 to 21.
W a ihirigton. M il
isa'ton ui(i I ! ti
w a !.-p r.i-..i ire
h 3 - I'mft h g
- w ur t. ..irln. nt
nip!- lion to.y a
nuie a h. tion last
the rr s ii ef tt.
pljtht tn adoitlOk rt .oluMoll . vtend-
ina- tha dr.ift l i nn u na. hire t'11 ni
of :l aio-e the tlmt f glstration day
June &. 1!7 TI.- ..lisle ri j.-. (id I
am. mbo. it proki.tn for tin tiaming
of youths fn.in l to "i.
Al' tinn..'i iv Ton i'i. t.e added
tu l regl.lli'l.n ttn 1"' bv te
I. gilntl. n It now g.tr. to he hu
f .r consideration wltti hill to b.ise
tie s'i- snd ,i.'r. t noi'is f.r
..e f dm'? ce t e t.ullll t vt rl
llut. iu kia.j i.
IIL sin III,' I 1111,
Avre the Germans have
.1 : i ' a . i
assaults f the Cermens. .
"On Wednesday and TliursJjv-
1'iench aviators, notwithsUtttllnt; tho
bad weather, continued their altaxk .
against the Herman machine, Flylnc
In group, the Kreuch airmen attacked
thu Hernia na with bombs and machtnn
guns on the buttle line nndsn the run-.
centratlon soiien. Several French ma-'
chines initdn as many aa three of tin mu
expedition on tli same day. Seven
teen thousand kilograms t more than
eighteen tonal of projectiles werw
thiown down In the regions of Hunt
card and Ham. Flench pursuit sailed
rone In the course of numerous com-
but brought down thirteen Hernial) i
iilrplaniis, of which erven were de
stroyed snd six were dumagrd badly..
Furthermore, two
were set on fire,"
captive balloon.
1 "
Seventy-five Worshipers in
Paris Church Killed in Long
Range Bombardment.
Pans, March 30. Rescue parties
at work in the church which was
struck ye.terday by a shell from
a German long-range gun have
found more bodies. It is new
known that fifty-four women were
The shell struck the north sids
ef the church, bringing down part
ef the roof. Nearly all the debris
fell inward upon the heads ef the
worship.rs Siaty f.et below.
In addition to H. Streehlin,
counselor of the Swiss Ugatien In
Pans, who was killed, it te feared
that hi. wife else is a victim, al
though ..archers have not yet
found h.r body in the debris.
Among th. injured ar Counteee
Mortnil, Viacount Molitor ana) ter
mer Senator Leuie Gautt.ron.
An official statement it.u.d in
Pane la.t night said seventy-five
person, had been killed and ninety
wounded, mcit ef them women er
children, by a ehsll which , fell en
a church in the region ef Pari,
wbil. Good Friday services win
being held.
N.w irk, March Several hun
dir.t hotel piupi ictur from titiea
Ihtuugbnut the country asaemnted hre
tiHlav to put in motion the machinery
nr.ri.jry to liininate whoat from
uierikaii hi.lel meiiua. The meeting
la the outcome of the conference which
hotel nun had with ooj AJmlniatra-
or H.v.Mr in Washington yeatervlay
when Mr lloovtr was pledstKl their
co-operat ion
John M Itowftian. heat! of the food
administration" division of co-wort.
rr charged with conserving food lr
hotels, restiniranta, dining cars' and
ste..mhip pusnli I at the Jalheilui

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