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A Condition That Will Not Improve
Upon Itsslf..
Tn th Sprint the derresftlnjr condl
tion that many call fiprine; ttyer often
run througU families and neighbor
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Exhausted thin blood Rets thinner, low
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vives ' to perfect health. Each medi
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Congress to Blame Legisla
tion Asked Three Months
Ago as to Pro-Germans.
Appeal of Executive Branch of
Government Passed Over
as Members Wrangle.
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Proposals for
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furnish said institution
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aliun of the mine from
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.ould be shipped, the
proximate analysis of the
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The bidder is requested
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The successful bidder
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;m approved Im-ii; in the
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nce of the contract.
The right is reserved to
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Address proposals to
Board of Trustees,
Georgia Slate
'-cv'lJc, Ga.
(By David Lawrence.)
(Copyright, 1918. by New York
rung Fast company.;
Washington, March 80. When
ever something goes wrong with
the war machine, Inevitably the
critics assail the executive
branches of the government
Somebody Is a pacifist or hasn't his
heart In the war or Is temperamentally
unlit or hasn't been a republican or a
democrat, or a business man or some
thing-els. Congress is such a compli
cated and so often an Invisible affair
that the senate and house can go along
wasting their time on irrelevant mat
ters at the expense of ursfaiVy reeded
legislation without much bulng said
about It
Moreover, there is ns particular
person to hold responsible; there
fore, no one is held responsible.
But the neglect of important leg
islation in the past few weeks is
one of the most depressing things
about the ability of our democratio
government to compete with the
smooth-working machinery of our
enemies. ,
Female Spy Deadliest
Most people ImiiRlne, for lnntance,
Unit when the attorney-general united
for legislation three months ego to
punish female spies for the female of
the species f more deadly than the
male congress would of course not
hesitate to grant the 'request but the
bills are still pending and even If a
woman spy were caught she could not
be given severe puulshmant.
Most people imsgine that when
the executive branoha of the gov
erment appeals to congress to give
it sufficient laws to punish pro- '
Germans, engaged in insidious ef
forts to interfere with the sale of
liberty bonds, of course such leg
islation would be promptly passed.
But bills amending the espionage
act to cover such cases are still
pending. And the liberty loan
eampaign opens on April 6. The
request was made last January.
Most people imagine that If a man
putH bombs on American trun.sporta
currying American boys to Europe,
Hml he is I'iiiiKht doing this, of course
he ran he Phot at sunrise or hanged or
electrocuted. Hut the fnct Is hn can
not got more than about eighteen
months In Jail and a $2,00(1 fine.
Herr Von Itlntolch, master German
ngent was caught In such a conxplr
aoy, but the only statute on which he
could be prosecuted wns Interference
In interstate comnicrc.o. The bills
providing for severe penalties have not
been acted upon.
Most people Imsgine that when
there are big firee and destruction
of American property in munition
plants and war factories, swift snd
oondign punishment oan be meted
out to offenders. But there is no
federal taw to punish arson or the
bombing of American ships by the
placing of explosives aboard, snd
the destruction of government
property can be carried on with
out fear of serious consequences
to ine onenaers. ror this con
gress is to blame.
AImo, the department of Justice has
wanted a law wherewith to prevent
anybody from entering or leaving the
United Stntes without a pn.isport, ao
that exceptions could be made only In
the cases of Individuals engaged on le
gitimate errands and so thnt all others
attempting to enter or leave might
come within federal Jurisdiction. Hut
no such law hns been grunted, though
It was first sought lant December.
Dilly-Dallied Over Others.
Turning to the. war department, the
provost marshal's otllcs has been em
bnrrassed by Inability to get the leg
iHlatlon It hns been requlnng, the reg
iHtnilioii of boy a reaching Mho age of
21 since June K In Ht and hereafter.
Similarly confederation of the no-railed
uuuta, bill rnnhllng the war department
to fix the number of men It can get
jut of class onj Is delayed.
Tills military, legislation is of an ur
Kent character presuinin , of course,
ttiat Premier Lloyd George's appeal for
American troops, lead by Lord Bead
ing, received the attention which it
President Wilson has been asking for
authority to consolidate war bureaus
and divisions not additional power by
any means, but' law enabling him to
distribute and make flexible such ex
ecutive power as he has to permit the
cuttln., of red tape and the removal of
legislative restrictions that have ham
pered freedom of action. Coi ress has
dilly-dallied along on that too.
Other measures that ought to be
acted" uDDn oromDtlv Is the federal
CULPABLE I amendment for woman suffrage, which
hclo uu ytioovu vjr iiiv uuvsa nun t
before the senate, .Tieviiiie, too, such
ao the price fixing bills and kindred
legislation that would make the people
feel that congress s reully looking: out
for their Interests.
But instead, time Is given to po
litical discussion, and time is taken
to listen to the back-stairs gossip
and attacks on Gen. Pershing
through the medium of returning
generals who have axes to grind.
Time is given to listen to digrun
tied contractors who haven't mad
war pr fits enough, to oohstitu
nt v.ho are seeking commis
sions, promotions, government
Jobs and things of that sort.
Congress Only Medium.
The trouble Is that about the only
organisation in Washington that is
trying to got along by peaoe-tlme
methods Is congress. What the sen
ate and house meed Is a war cabinet
or council, or priority committee, or
accelerating machinery of some kind,
even If It means a redlstr.butlon of
committee assignments or committee
meetings, so that members who are on
more than one committee can get
around to such sessions or permit oth
ers now on unimportant committees
to get into the war game, too.
The executive branches of the gov
ernment have plenty of weak spots,
but the country ought to know some
thing about what Is happening In its
national legislature, Its only effective
medium for .the expression of the will
to victory.
Lammasch, the text of which has not
been published by any paper, but
which puts clearly the Question of
aiutei .uropa and the German al
liance, has raised a great commotion
in the German circles of Austria.
Finally, what la mora BArlniia fn.
UanaiaateS lor Various Offices monarch or the Danube, the food sit
uation nas emerea a critical stage.
ine Austrian premier. Sevdler. h
just declared tnat one could not ab
solutely count upon the Importation
of cereals from Rumania or Ukralnia
before the month of June.
Announced and Full Ticket
to Be Put Out.
(Special to The News.)
Pike vl lie, March SO. Mindful of the
fact that . even though we are engaged
In a war to the hilt, civil aftairs must
continue to function, and In conformity
to this condition the republicans of
Bledsoe county will hold a primary elec
tion on April 13 to select candidates for
the county offices which are to be chosen
by the people In August The following
are candidates In the primary: T. T.
Swafford for sheriff. Incumbent, no op
ponent; Harmon Hale, for trustee, no
opponent; Peter Angel, for county court
clerk. Incumbent, no opponent; George
MoWiUlama. for circuit court clerk; R. U
Robinson, W. A. Barber and J. H. Put
nam, for county Judge. As will be seen,
the only contest Is for county Judge.
Mr. Robinson Is the present Judge, and
candidate for re-election.
It Is Intlmatedthat the democrats will
not present a partisan front at this time,
considering the fact that there Is enough
wer in Europe without Indulging In one
at horns. However, Mr. McWIIIlams, the
republican candidate for circuit court
clerk, will have opposition In the. person
of F. S. Ferguson, who Is the Incumbent
While not courting a partisan contest.
Ferguson will run principally upon his
personal record and merits. While the
county is normally republican by nearly
two to one, Mr. Ferguson hns carried the
county three times twice as Its sheriff
and once to the office he now fills.
White Draft Men From AH
Boards Will Leave for Gor
don Monday.
Fifty negro registrants from, county
draft board No. i left for Camp Meade
at 6:30 this morning. A get-ready meet
ing was held in the Juvenile court room
at the courthouse Friday at 4 o'clock,
where forty-six of the fifty negroes from
board No. 2 answered the rollcall and
were furnished meal tickets and given
Instructions for their trip to camp.
Harry Mann, formerly a United States
cavalryman, was made captain of the
company. Capt. Mann was given live
sergeants John H. Jetton, Thomas
Moore, Allen S. Humphrey, Robert 8.
Crawley and Charlie Simmons. '
After each sergeant ad received a list
of the men under his charge and formed
them In squads, Robert Hancock, clerk
or county draft board No. , gave full
details of what each man was required
to do, and gave helpful advice as to each
man's conduct as a soldier. The negroes
were asked If they wanted to ao home
last night and every man held up bla
All deposits made in our Savings
Department on the above dates
will earn 4 interest for the en
tire month of April.
First National Bank
Of Chattanooga
United State Depositary
Tifty-Third Year
IIDnilf nnv .af-arumr- m,,at ? was oroerea tnat they be al
uui.t uni IVILHOUnC l0Wea 10 6. but appear
Compulsory Education Act Is
Among Important Bills Rati
fied by Legislature.
Thirty-three Operators Who Speak
Both English and French
Assigned to Duty.
Paris, Waroh 80.--Thlrty-three
American telephone girls, who speak
Knglish and French equally well, have
Just arrived to operate the swltch
boards In the various army headquar
ters. They have been divided between
the principle army centers, .Paris, Gen.
l'ershlng's headquarters In the Meld
and the headquarters lines of com
munication. , i
American officers have been pleas--i
mirt)rHe4 when taking up the
telepnune receiver to hear the familiar
"number, pleuse," or "line's busy," In
stead of the UHual French equivalent
Although the French telephone equip
ment Is not as modern as that in
America, the girls are feet becoming
used to It, and olllcers remufk. that
thoy already notice an improvement In
the telephone service.
Rawlins. Wyo March 80. -Victor T.
Ward, of Orlmes, Okla., an alleged
drart evader, was ehot and probably
fatally wounded yesterday In a battle
In a lonely cnhln In the Hemlnon moun
tains where Ward in alleged to have
been hiding for several weeks, accord
ing to word reaching here today. When
the oflloois entered the cabin Ward
opened fire, It Is said, slightly wound
ing one or the deputies.
Paris, March 80. Seventy-five,
persons were nllled and ninety
wounded, most of them women and
rhildren, when a shell fired by a
German long-range gun fell on a
church in the region of Paris while
(lood Friday services were being
held, according to nn official com
munication Issued this evening.
Jaokson, Miss., March JO. The bien
nial session of the Mississippi legisla
ture adjourned late yesterday by
agreement following passage Thurs
day night over Gov, Bilbo's veto of the
state statistics levy bill, fixing the rate
of 5 1-2 mills.
The legislature, on the opening day
of the session, ratified the federal pro
hibition amendment being the first
state In the Union to take such action.
Prohibition legislation enacted during
the session Included a "bone dry"
measure' which repeals present laws
with regard to receipt per month of
liquor and provides for drastic re
strictions on importation, transporta
tion and poHHpsHlon of liquor. The law
becomes efrectlve May 24.
A compulsory education bill was
among the more Important measures
passed. Kvery child within the ages
of 7 and 14, under the provisions of the
Mil, must attorn) school for at least
sixty days of the calendar year, "pro
viding county or separate school dis
tricts at special elections vote la fa
vor of such action."
A new law on the statute hooks
which Is regarded as Important In col
onization plans of south Mississippi
was enacted. It authorizes corpora
tions owning cut-over lands to develop
20 per cent, of their holdings and dis
pose of them to homeseekers.
Changeable weather and wet feet
make March a dangerous month for
coughs, cold, croup and whooping
oough. Pe prepared to get prompt re
lief. Don't let a cold run Into sr-Inns
lckness. Mrs. W. H. Thornton, 8523
10th St., Little Rock. Ark., Hos:
"My little boy had a severe attao' of
croup and I honestly believe he would
have died If It had not been for Foley's
Honey and Tar. Two doses relieved
him. I would not be without It at any
price." Jo Anderson, druggist, Chat
tanooga, Tcnn. (Adv.)
at the court
nouse this morning at 6 o'clock. When
um run was caiieu mis morning every
man was present They marched to the
'.terminal station, where they entrained
for camp, golhg over the southern by the
way or Knoxviiie and Bristol to Camp
jueaae. me train on which the Chat
tanooga man left was made up in Mem
phis, and had already several hundred
wacKs rrom West Tennessee counties.
Those who left today are:
Harry Mann, captain.
Sherman Klne.
Jo Sanders.
James K. Farmer.
Arthur Elder.
Henry Jackson.
Ernest Henderson.
Paul Barnes.
Robert Smith.
Thomas Moore.
Charlie Cnrson.
Willie II. Wilson.
Ernest Wilson.
Anderson E. Woods.
Earl R. Phillips.
Robert S. Crawley.
James C. Hurt.
Fella Porsey.
Sidney T. U Woods.
George Krox.
James KeUo.
Clarence. H. Ursgg.
Robert McDermott.
William Nichols.
John Pullom
Frank Gibson.
John H. Jetton.
J limes A. Gibson.
William M. Gibson.
John W. Powell.
Richard Gordon.
Clifford Ralley.
John Maggert.
Sidney C. Bell.
Sloan McEIroy.
Allen A. Humphrey.
Ben Nicholson
Ben Nixon,
John North.
Charles Simmons.
James U Heney.
Clifford McCullough.
Willie Bllllngsley.
Luther B. Miller.
Wright C. Carter.
Osrnle Good.
Will Cllft.
William Cowan,
lllghnrd McConnoIL
William II. Miller.
Lawrence Wright
unnncei Neal.
County draft board No. t has called
men who will leave Monday to meet at
the courthouse Sunday, 4 p.m.
Chattanooga and Hamilton county's
white registrants will leave during the
dny Monday. City board No. 1 will fur
nish thirteen men,- city board No. 2 fif
teen men, county board No. 2 ten men,
county board No. 1 five men. The white
men, forty-three In all, will be sent to
Camp Gordon.
Many draftmen will take meals In
Chattanooga during the Ave days of
movement of registrants. Chattanooga
restaurants and hotels have been notified
to be ready to feed these men, as they
win stop over nere on their' way to
Camp Gordon.
Enthusiastic Over Pershing's Majority of Attacks Made on
Recreation Flans.
Now York, March SO. Three persons
were burned to death, one was killed
by a fall and two were seriously In
lured In a lire In a theatrical boarding
house In West Thirty-eighth atreet
eorly yesterday.
Th cause of the fire Is unknown
end tire otllclnls are investigating re
ports that it was of Incendiary origin.
There have been six fires at the house
slncn the first of the year, according
to the fire marshal.
The monetary loss was small.
Don't stay headachy, sick, or
have bad breath and
sour stomach.
New York, March SO. Every tinge
of pro-dernianlsin in the personnel of
the membership of the New York Ath
letlo club, the use of German In con
versation about the clubhouse and
(lerman and pro-Oormnn books In Its
library are to bo weeded out through
netlon taken by the club's boned of
governors. The governors announced
yesterday thnt this action had been
decided upon at a recent meeting, at
which ono member was expelled and
three others were suspended pending
trlnl April 9. On that date two mem
bers row Interned ns enemy aliens nt
Fort Oplethorpo, Oa., will be ousted,
It wna stated.
The membership of the club num
bers more than R.000. ,
Wake up feeling fine! Best lax
ative for men, women and
Moscow, Thursday. Mnrch IS. (Bv
the Assoelnted Press.) It Is reported
by ttm bolshevik organ Iv.vestta that
the Hermans are attempting through
neutrnls to buy up Kuislan cotton In
Khiva and Ferghana. Itusslan Turke
stan and elsewhrrA In the trans-'",:is-plnn
snd trnns-Cnusonsl.in rcirlons.
High rrlces nro being offered nnd de
posit a are bring paid on prospective
Appnrentlv as a preventative meas
ure the soviet council at Tashkent,
capital of Turkestan hns ordered the
confiscation of nil cotton In the country.
An Atlantic" Tort March SO. E. H.
Sothern, the actor, and Wlnthrop
Ames, theatrical producer, who were
sent abroad by the Y. M. C. A., at the
requost of Oon. Pershing, to Investi
gate the needs of American troops In
France for rerrention and relaxation,
returned yesterday on an American
ship. They announced that they would
soon make a report to theater men In
New York with a view to taking steps
toward providing American soldiers in
France with entertainment. Mr. Soth
ern pointed out that the Americans
were at a disadvantage In this respect
compared with English and French
troops, who were nenrer home and
wore able to obtain entosfainmont on
leave of absence.
"Oen. Pershing; told us," he said,
"that relaxation in the form of enter
tainment was hs much nectary to
soldiers ns food nnd sleep."
"Words cannot describe nor can pic
tures portray the desolation that ex
ists In the battle-scarred country," Mr.
Sothern sold.
"The feeling was Impressed on me
thnt no ono has nny right to be over
there unless ho Is taking some part In
the struggle. It Is a grim, deadly
work the nien are engaged In, and
when they are not In the trenches It
In necessary for their welfare thnt
their minds be turned from Its exact
ing seriousness.
"The Canadians have taken up the
Idea of recreation and relaxation In
earnest nnd they have what they term
sn actors' factory rlsrht behind the
lines, which provides the amusement
Ihey so relish."
concentrated uroups on
Front South of Somme.
London, March 80. Sixteen Oerman
airplanes were put out of action yes
tcrday by the British, It Is announced
ofllcially. The statement follows: "A
majority of our attacks were made on
enemy groups on the battlo front
Thursday, south of the Somme, where
largo concentrations of the enemy
were constantly reported. The work
continued until dark, in srite of rain
Hiorms ana low clouds. Twenty-six
tons of bombs were dropped and
nearly a quarter o a million rounds
were fired upon different targets.
"There was not much fighting, con
sidering the number of British ma
chines In the air, but on the battle
front the fire from the ground became
very heavy. Nine German machines
were nrougnt down, nve others were
disabled and two others were shot
down by fire from the ground. Twelve
of our machines are missing."
Get 'after that cold, cough,
grippe With Dr. King's
New Discovery.
Atlanta, ri.v, March SO. The trans
fer of S.Ton drafted men from north
ern nnd eastern camps to Camp Gor
don during the next week was an
nonnced et division headquarters last
night. These troops will bo used to
Mil up certain units at the lornl can
tonment. It was olllelally stated.
Knjoy lite! Ilcmove the liver and
bowel iKMKcn which Is keeping your
hind dliy. your tongue coat'd. brrath
offensive nnd stomach sour. Pon't stav
hllinis, sick, headachy, constipated nnd
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of Cmi-nuts Irom the ding store and
eot line or two tonight and enjoy the
most, gentlest liver nnd towe rlcans
lnf you tvi-r experienced T Veil will
i'k up teeling tit and fin.-. Ciscarets
nev. r grip., or sh ken like salts. pdH
and oalmt.'l. They net no rcnUy that
yo'i hardly irallie you have tixcn a r.t
thurtie. .Mothers should give crops,
sick, billons or feverish children a
whole I'asi .nrct anv time- they net
thoroughly and are harmless. (Adv.)
Vahlnirtoii, March SO. riotiert
Pounds, of the- Standard Aircraft eor
poratlon. of lV-ivton. O. made n con
ttnuoiifl flight from Unvton to Wash
ington yesterday In a battle plane to
be, tested hero by army officers. He
tarte1 at 7 o'clock vesterd;iv mnrn
Inir and arrived at 3 o'clock In the
Atlanta, Oa.. March SO. Announce
ment was made yesterday thnt national
I my troops from Camp Oordon will
parade In Atlanta on April In cele
bration of the opening of the local
campaign for the third liberty loan.
Don't wait until It 'sets" Into your
entire system and approaches the dan
gerous stage. Go to a druggist as
millions of others have done during
the last fifty years, and yet a BO-cent
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ily from grandma to the youngster.
Just say "King's New Plscovery," to
your druggist hell have it
New York. March SO The work of
ramntiftaging ships .n this bailor may
be brought to a halt n.nt week un
less ttip demands of ship painters for
a rnlo In pay is granted. The
painters, who now Ket HO cents an
hour, ask an Increase of ;o cents and
threaten to strike next Mondav unb-s
their demnnds are granted. Tho men
sav they hnvn the support of tho In
ternational liruthuhood of Painters.
Washington. March SO. An official
dlspa'eh from Switzerland yesterday
says the Herman offensive started at
a moment when Internal strife was
dlrtmbing the central empires.
"In r.cnnany the memoirs of Prince
I.lchnowsky and the htter of th for
mer Krutp director. Mr. Muellon.
have produced animated d'cuRKi.ns
which Rt-o fe.'ldv echoed by the news-
MKerj." s.is tlio message. "In Atis-
rl t!ie situation appears dlmVult
Vccorillm- to correspondent In VI-
ennu wN writes to the Munchener
N-u'ste a hrii hten, they nro facing
a new ministerial problem bv thepro-to.ii-a'lon
of e-ilimi v nnerolioni. On
the other hand trie letter of Trot
Keep iowel Movement Regular.
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son. Dodson's Liver Tone Is taking its
"Calomel is' dangerous and people
know it while Dodson's Liver Tone is
perfectly safe and gives better results,"
said a prominent local druggist Dod
son's Liver Tone Is personally guaran
teed by every druggist who sells it. A
large bottle doesn't cost very much.
but if It falls to give easy relief In
every case of liver sluggishness and
constipation, you have only to ask for
uut iuCiiy toatli.
Dodson's Liver Tone Is a pleasant
tasting, purely vegetable remedy,
harmless to both children and adults.
Take a spoonful at night and wake up
feeling flnet no biliousness, sick head
ache, acid stomach or constipated bow
els. It doesn't gripe or cause incon
venience all the next day like violent
calomel. Take a dose of calomel today
and tomorrow you will feel weak, sick
and nauseated. Don't lose a day's
workl Take Dodsoa't. Liver Tone in
stead and feel fine, full of vigor and
ambition. For sale by Jo Anderson, and
all leading dealers. (Adv.)
301 C. Sixth St., Opp.Fountain Square -:- Phone Main 1516
Order -C3 fh A n 1X7 Don't!
Now V Delay
For Immediate Delivery
Qrder now before you are out and avoid inconvenience.
Qgdcn Coal & Suppltf C5
Also called tetter, Salt Rheum,
Pruritus, Milk Crust, Water
Poison, Weeping Skin, etc
For flftren years I have brrn treating en dltraat
lone tCZEMA I hnve bandied over one million
eaaei I do not pretend to know it all but I am con
rinrcd the drneane u due to an exreu of acii' in the
hlond and closely muted to rheum'nm a d cancer.
Tins acid sunt be removed.
Bciema ) called nr tome people Itch. Tetter, Salt
Rheum Pruritus Milk Cruat. Weeping Skin etc. I
em fully convinced Kcieina its curatile disease and
when I sav it can be cured. I mean iust " list I say
t--u n-r. vf nnii noi nirrt-ir imiciirw up mm whim- if, ,a xmmn.
return worse than before It makes no difference
srhal other doctors hsve tnid you 01 what all you have tried, all latk Is Just a
chance to prove to vou thA tins vast experience lias taurht me arrest deal that
would be of help to you If you will write me today I will send vou a free trial
at my mild sooth ins; cuaranteed treatment that will do more to convince yon
than ot anyone else could in a month s preachins; It's all op to yon If you
uRei anv more with enema and refuse to merely- write to me for free trial mat
Mini yourself No mattet where vou live I have treated youi nenrhbor. Merely
dropping aw oostal today te likely tn live yon more real comfort in a week than
roo vei sxnerted te enjoy aain Do it right now your very life may be at stake
I. E. CAN NAD AY, M. 1543 Court BIl, Sedalla, Mo.
Xssrme: fatre rVefieesI JJ. gwtaiie, se as now issssr s Jtest I slsist ws.
Seaa thia atjc te soaae Ror sssfforer fresa ecaena. It will be a kiad act by ysm.
Cut this out and keep for reference.
Main 71 Main 73
ftflain 171
All at headquarters, Tenth and Georgia avenue. Call
above nuuibt-rs for baggage, moving, storage, freight and all
transfer business. .
Call Main 52 for Warehouse at Fifth and Broad St.
Chattanooga Transfer
and Storage Co.
Fred A. Bryan, President. "

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