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Don't Forget ; Our
Allies Need Wheat.
'.SAVE lli'.
Chattanooga, 4 p.m.r--WashIngton, 5 p.m. Lonion, 10 p.m. Paris, 10 p.m. Petrograd, 12 p.m. Tokio, 7 a.m.
VOL. XXX. NO. 233
Declares Newspapers of Berlin in Bitterly De
nouncing Gen. Von Hindenburg Warns
People Not to Expect Too Much of
Offensive in West. .
, Ottawa, Ont., April 4. The Ger
man pros is warning its rsaders .
not to expect too much of the of
fensive in the west, says a Reu
ter's dispatch today from London.
The Cologne Gazette says extraor
dinary rumors are prevalent in
Germany regarding the extent of '
the German "victory" and are in
spired' by the enemy who is ex
aggerating the Teutonic suc
cesses for the purpose of depress
ing the masses through disap
pointment. The war correspondent
of the Frankfurter Zeitung says
that hitherto it has been impos
sible exactly to estimate the Ger-.
nan losses, but it is unnecessary
to jump to the conclusion that
they are enormous because the
victory was difficult. He states
that the enemy's resistance is
hardening and has been favored,
by rain and stormy weather that
have greatly hampered the of
fensive operation.
The German-Swiss Zurich war ex
British Troops Capture Ger
man Post in Neighborhood
of Hebtume,
London, April 4.- There was lit
tie activity in the battle area last
night, with the exception of hostils
artillsry fire at various points, the
war office announced' today. A
few prisoners were taken by Brit
ish parties.
The statement reads:
"During the night a German machine
gun post in the neighborhood of Heb
turne was rushed by our troops and
the machine gun captured.' A few pris
oners were brought in on other parts
of the battle front.
"Beyond hostile artillery activity at
different points on the buttle front and
also in the Menln road and Passchen
daele sector(there is nothing further to
Eager Boys Respond
To Country's Call
Squire H. H. Kagar has given his
two brothers for the cause of democ
racy, both having enlisted in the United
States army. Calhoun II. Eagar, old
est brother of the squire, went with
the firHt draft and was stationed at
('amp Gordon. Since Joining the army
lie lias risen to the rank of first ser
geant, a most unusual thing in the
same 1 ngth of time. Charles J. Eagar.
the youngest brother of Squire Eagar,
was in the last draft and has Just been
ordered to report to Camp Gordon.
Soldiering is no new th4ng to the
younger : agar, he having put in two
years as first sergeant of Troop B on
the Mexican border. Both young men
bave had previous military training
and have rendered valuable service to
their country.
Planting Conditions Excellent.
Florida Crop Coming Up..
Washington, April 4. f!o6d condi
tions for planting of this season's cot
ton were indicated in the national
weather and crop bulletin for March
issued today by the weather bureau.
"The soil was in good condition' for
plowing in the cotton states," savs the
bulletin, "except in northern and west
ern Texas, where moisture was lack
in a. and this work progressed well
Planting had begun at the close of the
month as far north as central Texas,
southern Arkansas and central Geor
gia at about the average rint. Some
p?rly seeded cotton was coming up In
City Taken From Turks
London, April 4. Ernrum, -the
principal city of Turkish Armenia,
is reported in an Exchange Tele
graph dispatch from Moscow to
have been recaptured from the
Turks by an Armenian corps, aided
by a detachment of Armenian vol
Pan. April 1. Secretary Hakcr,
who has been on a trip to Rome
and the Italian frwnt. arrived in
k'miiM this afternoon.
pert writes that Germany has been
unable to hinder the carefully planned
development of the Anglo-French re
serves, and the continuance ' of the
violent attacks demand Immense sac
rifices. Counts on Reichstag.
The Frankfurter Zeitung: attacks
Von Hindenburg for attempting to
over-ride the reichstag. It appears
that Von Hindenburg telegraphed the
vice-president of the reichstag as fol
lows: "The fresh sacrifices of blood forced
upon us have not been maae ror
nothing. I know that the reichstag
understands this . nd that it will
champion a strong German peace."
The newspaper, commenting
this, says:
"With all the respect and admira
tion with which we treat a com
mander, we feel that Von Hlnden
burg's intervention In politics is the
most serious thine- that has Happened
as yet for the fatherlrnd. He is en
couraging the Fan -German annexa
tionists, who are already exploiting
the western offensive for the purpose
of altering the reichstag a war aims.
Winter Wheat Improved
Throughout March
.Washington, April 4. Winter
wheat improved in nearly all sec
tions during March under gener
ally favorable weather, the govern
ment's national weather and crop
bulletin today announced. Indi
cations are that the Arpil produc
tion .forecast to be issued next
Monday,'. will be much more than
the 640,000,000 bushels forecast In
December and may be well toward
the 672,000,000 bushels government
All Parts of State Represented.
Make Good Soldiers Sev
eral Going to France.
Camn Gordon. On., April B. Ten-
nesseans from all sections of the state
have been arriving here this week as
a part of the nrtn increment or me
draft. A total of 2,004 white men from
Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama and
4,000 negroes from Georgia came to
Gordon in this increment. ,
Tho Tennesseans are being assigned
to the casual detachment from which
they will later be taken to form new
organizations or to illl out vacancies
in existing units. Men who are pro
ficient in special work, such as motor
driving, blacksmithlng, carpentry,
teaming or in clerical occupations
may be assigned to units of the Eighty-second
division, whicli is soon to
see service in France. Other men. i
is expected, will be retained in the
casual detachment until the forma
tion of another division begins.
Boys from the Volunteer state make
better soldiers than those from any
other section of the south, it was as
serted here today by Capt. C. W.
C'hoate, leader of the division head
quarters troop, and a nephew of the
late Ambassador Choate. Capt. C'hoate
ought to know. Having the choice of
tho entire division in selecting men
for the. crack troop he picked Ten
nesseans whenever possible because
they came of generations of soldier
stock. Capt. Choate is a New Eng
landpr. Policing the military police is the
strenuous duty of Sergt. J. P. lfess.
whose home is in Humboldt, Tenn
While the Eiirhty-secortd division Is
one of the best behaved in the entire
national army, according to police rcc
ords, the policemen themselves sire so
full of "pep" and verve .that keeping
them in line isn't always as simple
as it seems. He manages to maintain
order by being constantly on the Job.
Of the fifty-one Tennessee officers in
the Eighty-second division forty-one
are to go over sess with the organisa
tion, according to reports here. The
remaining ten are assigned to the quar
termaster's corps or sre attached to
units which will remain here to take
charge of shaping the next draft con
tingent trained here.
T. T. Hacaworth. Pcrherd. Tenn.,
formerly of division headquarters
troop, now at the third officers' train
ing camp here, is making a splendid
record In the disposal of field prob
lems, according to officers in charge.
The 328th infantry, in which Ten
nesseans predominate, are on the ri
fle range at Norcross. Or. The regi
ment will spend the entire week in
target practice and expects to estah.
Huh the ranre record. Sojilrrrl and
rabbit hunters from the Cumberland
will bring the average of the entire
reriment up to a high point, officers
San Kranrisco. April The steam-
ers rersia mil siaru ano riyo .niu,
of the Toyo Kzen Kapa company, has
been conimai deerrtl by th Japanew
povernment for the . e o the I'nlt' d
states Miipping- board. irnrtla or ine
company arnoum-ei nere looar. i ne
leria is .cno and me rio s.wuu
Pershing Decorated
King Albert Presents U. S.
Commander With Belgian
Grand Cross.
" Washington, April 4. Gen.
Pershing has been, awarded the
Belgian order, the Grand Croat of
the Order of Leopold, according to
a dispatch to the Belgian legation
here today from Havre.
' The deooration was presented to
Gen.: Pershing by King Albert in
person. At the same time the king
presented to Col. Boyd, the Ameri
can military attache, a cross of the'
officer of the Order of Leopold.
Both' officers also were given the
Belgian war cross.
Col. Boyd, named the lega
tion's dispatch, ', Col. Carl Boyd,
aide-de-camp to Gen. Pershing. He
formerly was military attache at
the American legation at ("atria.
The Ar erican officers may aocept
the decorations, but may not
wear them, although a bill is
pending in congress to permit of
ficers to wsar or eri conferred ty
foreign governments.
Overman Urges Congress to
Delay Legislation No Longer.
Bill Objected To.
Washington, April 4. German
spines, propagandists and persons
making disloyal utterance "were
denounced in the senate today
when an effort was made to rush
through a house bill providing
penalties of twenty years' impris
onment and $10,000 fine'for Inter,
fere nee with , government bond
sales, acts intending to interfere
with the army draft and 'disloyal
"We've got to do something to catch
these scoundrels and spies all over the
country," said Senator Overman.
People are taking the law into their
own bands on Uio grouna mat con
gress g not passing necessary laws.
We hear reports of mobs everywhere."
Henator Lodge declared the bill
wouM "not catch a single fcpy," as
sertlng that the spies do not do their
work publicly, or openly make dls
loyal utterances.
' "Notoriously Conducted.
German propaganda his been "noto
riously conducted and the bill s pur
pose is to broaden t.h eesplonage law,
Senator Walsh said, fie said some
federal courts have made "strained
constructions" of existing law and dis
charged persons who have denounced
the president and the nation and ob
structed the draft and bond subscrip
tions. Vigorously opposing the measure,
Senator Johnson, of California, said
he ' was "astonished" at Its breadth
and declared it. could be used to curb
freedom of the press and free speech.
Basis of Criticism.
'This bill is not to punish disloy
alty." he said, "hut to suppress the
freedom of the press and prevent one
from presenting legitimate criticisms
of the present government or admin
istration in the prosecution of tho
war. Wot only would It suppress the
press and make it subservient to those
n power tdoay, but It would even pre
vent q ufrom thinking as you wish
to think."
Senator Johnson said he based his
assertion on a phrase penalizing ut
terances "calculated" to incite or In
flame public opinion against any duly
constituted federal or state "author
ity." Japan Commandeers
Ships for America
Seattle, Wash., April 4. The Seat
tle office of the Nippon Tusen Kalsha,
a Japanese steamship company, an
nounced today It had received a ca
blegram from Toklo, saying the Japa
nese government had commandeered
nine of the company's steamers, to be
turned over to the L"nltd States gov
Mineola. X. T April 4. The sgrl
rultursl fair grounds and buildings at
this tface have been taken over by the
federal government for conversion into
a convalescent hospital accommodating
10.000 patients it was announced today.
The transfer of the property means the
dlstincontinusnce of the autumn fair,
which has been an annual event on
Ixmg Island for seventy-sr-ven years,
often attracting 60.000 prrsons ' daily.
Recently the grounds w re used as an
aviation field.
Draft Registration
Bill to Win Approval
Washington, April 11 The bill
requiring registration of all men
as they become. ;i yenrs of age.
already passed by the senate, was
considered by the house military
committee today and probably will
be favors bly.jepr.rted to the house
Ne liti'lnn. Conn.. April 4. Rich
ard Mansfield, son of the lut T?bh
srd Mansfield, famous Amerlenn artor.
wbo enliMed in the aviation eertion of
the sis-rial rnrpi at New ffsvra. on
Feb. !. died at a ramp in San Antonio,
Tex., yesierdsy of meningitis, according-
to word reeelve1 todav. Mansfield
as in his twentieth )ta.r
30 HEN, 2 GUNS
Artillery, Fighting Heavy In Re
glon North; of Montdidier.
Raids In Verdun Sector.
V - 1 t eBtaMeasas-naaea
Successfully ft Several Points.
JEnemy Efforts in Avocourt
. - i ' " , ,Deteated. ,
Paris, April 4. Heavy artillery
fighting occurred last night on the
front north of Montdidier, the war
dffice announces, In raids in
Champagne and . on the Verdun
front the French took prisoners
and aleo - .captured two machine
gun. - 4
The statement follows;'
"The artillery fighting became very
violent during the night in the region
north of Montdidier.
"Northwest Of Khelms, In the Cham
pagne, and on the left bank of the
Meuse (Verdun front) French troops
penetrated the' German trenches at
Beveral point bringing back thirty
prisoners and tyto machine guns. Ger
man raids east of Uhelms, in Avocourt
wood and north Of St. Die were with
out success. r
"There is nothing to report else
where." . ;
With the British Armies In
France, April 4. (By the Associa
ted Press.) The German offensive
continued te mark time last night
and up to 10 e'olook this morning
no move ef importance had been
It rained in torrents during the
night and today the sky It still
heavily overcast. It U the kind of
weather wffleh, render the hell
tern ! 9liai4SW,m ' rsrr!
meet difficult te work ever, and foe
this reaeon the British are not die
pleased at the change.
Large Number Engaged in Va
rious British Airdromes Dur
ing Present Great Battle.
AVith the British Ariny In France,
Anrll 4. (Hv the Associated Press.)
Mechanics from the Amerlenn air
squadron have been doltjg excellent
work at various Hrltlsh airdromes
during the present battle. These men
aro serving In considerable numbers
and their help has been exceedingly
valuable in the time when the Hrltlsh
airmen have been waging auch Intense
There have been places where there
mere rnnoi-ntrat ons Of nunureoa i
British machines, and It meant untold
abor for the mechanics. Some of the
airmen have been making as many as
six trips In a-slngle night. One hard
working squadron dropped the huge
total of six tons of bombs In one night.
The record of tho whole air corps has
been remarkable. As an Instance one
avaitors shot down six German ma
chines In one day.
"Not Spark Fire Under
Extraordinary Smoke"
T'aris, April 4. Premier Clemenceau
told ttie exact truth In his terse decla
ration that "t'zernln lied," his rejoinder
-to the statement of Count Czernln that
he had Inquired through an Interme
diary whether Austria-Hungary was
ready to negotiate. Dr. M. R. Vestnttch,
Serbian minister to France, solemnly
affirmed In a speech at the American
club luncheon today.
When asked If there were no firs
under this extraordinary smoke lr.
Vrstnltch replied:
"Not a spark.
Walk-Out at Machine
Gun Plant at Utica
rtlta. N. Y., April 4 About .800
tool makers In the iSavsge Arms com
pnny's works here walked out today.
Vc Klatement of the dlfferenres hss
been made by the men. nor will any
be made by fuetory officials. The
Savssre Arms Hani la engsRed In
mnktnr the ixwls machine gun and
has extensive older.
I wonder If
babies ran un
derstand the Jar
gon me peo'jle
shoot, and If they
don't get w-ary
of "1'fClOtll
thing's so tute";
Just think of he
ink folded and
pinched and
bounced about
And, Ixird. lh':
thlnss tbey bave
to kiss, 'twould
ilve your lif h-
go it. The wratnerr
Fair tonlrM anl
Fndav; roolrr tonight; continued cool
- J
JJInck line battle line when
and there lias been little chanire.
Dotted line battle line before,
Newspapers in London- Charac
terize Count's Speech as
"Austrian Bluff."
London, Aprrt 4. Count Ciernin,
in spite of the marked change to
ward the bellicose in his latest
speech, still speaks In softer ac
cents then ever have been heard
from Berlin, the morning newspa
pers aay in their comment en the
Austro-Hungarian foreign minie
ter's address to the Vienna munic
ipal counoil.
The Dally "Mall characterl-ies the
speech as "Austrian bluff" and SHys
that Count Cxernlu's assertion thnt Uio
blockade of (Jermnny is broken In the
east, will not fill tho hungry stoiiinchs
of (lenniins and Austrlnns. It adds
that the Issue must be decided by Iron
and blood In the battle that Is now
being iiltchcd. The lully Telegraph
thinks that, coming nt the moment It
does, the speech will command but a
small share of the attention which II
would hHVe received three .weeks ago.
It says that some of Count Osternln's
ntntcmeiits and iiiofesslons rei-uire,
nnd will doubtless soon receive, notice
from entente statesmen and tho united
"Customary" Peace Move.
The speech, the. Morning Tost says,
may I regarded as thu ciinioininy
Deuce offensive ensuing upon the tem
porary defeat of Hie war offensive of
Ihn central bowers. It declares Unit
It Is addressed particularly to tin
president of the. L'nlted Htntes and
seems to be dnslKned to impress I'l-es-'
ident Wilson with the Idea that the
recent attack was forced upon the cen
tral powers by the refusal of the iilllrs
to discuss terms of peace. Inn J st
'Count Czernln apparently In innk-
nir another attempt in uciiim m
United States from the allies, possibly
with s view of saving llulRnila and
Turkey from a declaration of war by
America. Judging by reports received
of the Austrian minister's overtures,
we cannot but regard them as rather
clumsily conceived."
Touched Real Root.
'The Austrian foreign minister, says
hn Lmlly News, dlscrhulnnteil between
hh naelflc character of bis own Im
perial master and Of another imprruil
master 'and In so doing has touched
the real root of this devastating strug
gle." The paper uigea Count Csernln
to preach his gospel in favor of a new
world organisation based on disarma
ment In Merlin. It adds that befoie the
world which President Wilson envls.
ages can be Inaugurated there must be
a change of Inert in lliilln.
niloxl. Miss.. A pi II 4. As a result of
rffoits to organize a impenteia" union
among the employes of hiee local
shipbuilding plants. William I l,n
nll. of New Orleans, organizer of
unions, was srirstrd lsl night. Don
nell claims that be did not trespass
on any of the companies' property, but
was engaged In arranging for mem -hers
of the local union a meeting,
which was to have been held tonight.
Tendon. April 4 In view of theun
certainty In the situation on the west
ern front. It I" announced, the tiallunnl
executive of the labor party and the
parliamentary committee of the trad"
union itmsies have decided to post
pone the Joint meeting l"r Ina'nxtirat -In
a nstlunul campaign In supixnt i-t
latxir'a war alms and ollcy of social
reconstruct lni. The meeting M to
base bvco Lwl 1 next Tucdu),
f, : li sU'JsITvWti to
,vH,;;, tes&i'h: v .'Way
urn. loch look supreme command.
the (Jernian lHvt
Juror Missing - Bizarre Cos-
tume of Prisoners Disappears
at Order of -Court,
Chicago, April 4. Th trial of more
than u hundred of the Industrial Work
ers of the World, scanned of con
spiracy to disrupt, the nation's war pro
grniu, was halted for two hours today
while federal agents searched for emu
of four purer tentatively accepted yes
ricccs of dark lui al and samples of
coffoa were carried Into court, today by
the clKhty-elRht prisoners confined In
the county Jail snd a petition wus pre
sented asking JudHn ljuidls to order an
investigation of conditions at the Jail,
. Klnco rasors were furnished to aotuo
of the men several flowing buards have
disappeared. There also was a rear
rarwem.-ut of the seating of the pris
oners today. Flaring waistcoats and
other iiieer nil men I were removed
from thn front row, which now Is held
by clean-shaven prisoners with white
collars and modest cravats.
.1. T. (Third Itntl lied) Doran. a l'a
clflc ennst organizer, whoso scarlet
heard, checkered niacklnaw, light blue
trousers and green eve shade hsve
made him a conspicuous figure, pro
toHtrtcl against the change, "This lan t
a school or oamnunsK" or ""t' i
mow Idols." he said to tleorge Hardy,
secretary of, thn marine transport
workers, who was given Doran'a seat,
Approve Stockholders'
Move to Buy Out Enemy
Washington. April 4. Kffoits of
AtuerlcSn stiM-kholders to buy out
f lei man Interests In Important Indus
tries will receive the approval of this
iro eminent, It was Indicated today
when It became known thst two d.
rectors of the American Metal coin
pany, of New York, bave been given
nerinlaalon to open negotiations In
Hwlt.erland with tlermnii holders of
40 per cent, of tho stock of the com.
A. Mitchell rainier, custodian of
enemy property, recently look cen
tred of the Herman Intel ests In the
company, which Is capitalised at $'.5.
ooo.ooo ami has larse holdings In
mines and smelters In Mexico, Huuth
America, Colorado. Oklahoma, I'rtin
vylvanla and Kansia.
Fort Oglethorpe Gets
Lecturer From Berlin
ftoston, April 4 Dr. Karl Oscar
tertlirg. who waa sent from Berlin to
this country In.lVIt to uphold ttv
(lerman cause In public lectures, was
taken to Fort Oglethorpe, t!a., today
to be Interned for lha duration of the
war as an enemy alien. He waa ar.
rested at lxlngton last week by
agenta of the department of Justice
and was married yesterdav to Miss
Helen tiloti, of New York City.
. i i
40,000 Germans Beach Finn
ish Port.
Iondon. April 4. The force
landed by the Oermana at Hon go.
Finland, aa leport'd in a llerlin
official statement yesterday, com
prises 40.OK) men under lien. S is
nits, accoidma to the Cent ml
News corrcsiiondciit at Copentia
gen. telegraphing Wednesday. The
artillery equipment of the force Is
100 guns, with t.VVO machine guna.
Opens Saturday, Closes May 4,
Treasury Announces Cash
. Payments Increased. V
Instead of Two, as in Secoai
Drive Cities Plan Cele
bration. ,
Wsshington, April 4. The
third issue ef liberty lean
bonds will mature in ten year,
on Sept. 15, 1928, the treasury
department today announced
and will bear interest from
May V, next, paysble semi- ,
annually en Sept. 15 and
March 16.
Washington, April 4. The third
liberty loan eampaign will last four
weeks, begining Saturday and end
ing May 4, the treasury depart
ment annenuoed today; Banks will
be given five days after the cam
paign oloses te tabulate and re
port subscriptions.
Instead of requiring 1 per cent cash'
payment with the subscription, aa In
the second loan, S per cent, will be
asked for tho third loan. Twenty ptr
cent, then wll he due May 2D; SS per,
cent. July Id. and 40 per cent. Aug1. IS,
The treasury expects many aub-
scribers t pay In full on purchase and
thMA urlv haum.Hl. m u . Via uttt.
I rent, then will be due May 28; 35 per
tlficates of Indebtedness falling due be
fore May V. Otherwise, It may be .
necessary to rtfund the certificates
wlih other short -time lots. Officials
also believe the 'May 28 payment so
tuully will be much greater than the -20
tier rent, required,
Thn Instalment payment dates have
been arranged ao that none will come
in June, when tha drain on the coun.
try'a financial resources wtll be great
on account of Income and excea profits
laec due 4 una -is, : ..... n
-"fAymaat in full may b made with
the application on or before: Mar i."
thn treasury announced. "bMt bonds
Will iiot be delivered before May Son
any subscription for an amount ex
ceeding f 10,000. full payment maybe
completed upon subscriptions for any
amount on May 9, or any subsequent
installment date.
"t'aymen. of any Installment, In
cluding the first Installment of 5 pr
cent, or payment In full, may be made
In treasury certificates of Indebted
ness except thosa maturnr April ! .
and June 36. qualified depositary
banks and trust companies may make
payment by iredlt unen the subscrip
tion of thfmeclvfs . nd their custom .
ers, but only to urn exta.it thst they
cannot ninha paymt it In treasury cer
llflcr tea or Indebtedness.
In Case of Owner's Death.
"Third liberty loan bonds, which
have been owned by a person for six
months prior to the date of his death
will be acceptable at pnr and accrued
Interest In payment of the L'nlted
Htates Inheritance tax upon his es- .
late. This applies also to 4 1-4 per
cent, bonds Issued UO' ee-iverslon.
The treasury also explained that
the liberty loan bp' provides for the
purchase of one-twentieth of tha t
tal Issue of the third loan this year.
and that this provision also e- "i to
bonds of the, second loan and eon-
verted Ootids of the first Joan." '
Wilson at Baltimore.
Baltimore, April 4. Two brigades of ,-
Infantry, a provisional battery tut artil
lery, sanitary, supply and ammunition
trains, composed of Maryland and
I'ennaylvanla troops l!.0oo strong, left
Cump Mesiie. this morning on a marcN
In llaltlmore Saturday prior to dellv
In a celebration of tha first anniversary
of America's entrance into tha war, and
tho inauKuratlon of the third liberty
loan campaign. It la expetced that
I'rrsldent Wilson wilt review the troops
In llaltlmore Huturday prior to deliv
ering an address at tha liberty loan
cantonment" at the Fifth regiment
armory. i
Military problems will be presented ,
fur solution on the march to this city,
I'nder the plan of maneuver the troops
are marching to Hultlmore to protect
the city from a supposed German in
vasion. They will ramp tonight at
Hhlpley, about six miles south of Bal
timore, and ten miles from Camp
New York. April 4. Clergymen t
churches, with members aggregating
more than 4,3O0.ooo of all denomina
tions in New York state, twelve coun
ties In northern New Jersey and Fair- .
field county In Connecue.it. compris
ing the second ederal reserve dis
trict, organised here to on behalf
of the third liberty loan.
Tho conference waa heir" under the
auspices of the districts' loan com
mittee and the national com.iuttee of
tha churci.ea and the mr alms of
tha war.
Alluding to a newa dispatch telling
of a eeuiiorrtctal announcement from
Wermany that she had no fnl" In the , .
ability of a league of natloi a t dis
courage war. Theodore Marburg, for
mer American minister to Belgium.
said that this statement "discloses
clearly the intention ef lieuoany to
proceed with aggressive plana In the
"It is perfectly clear that lo leagua
of nations can bj effective unless tier-
many la overthrown, he said. ne
great duty before he world la to
overcome Germany, una means
accomplishing thia a preventing the
bolshevik go-em.nent In jiia from
continuing to help Oennsny. I would
seem hopeless to to rg-an!e in
Russia oppolf'..m to Germany under
present conditions. The only hope is
for an allied army to atp in so that
tha ronatitutional na.iy in R- sia can
orea nil" themselves Ubl id this wall
of sleek -

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