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mondav, jolv 1, ttia
Oomperg to Confer With Presi
dent Regarding Threatened
Telegraphers' Strike.
N on-Producers" Their Exceptions and Excuses $
Plaos or Brnch of Employment.
(International Nri Service.)
Washington, July I. Even though
the administration Ih tumble to prevent
the W'Htun Onion trlcgruphon ' strike
culled for next Monday hy S. J. Konen
kamp and concerted effort will lie
made to forestall It-drastlc stops will
he takn to keep tlie wiim open. This
was indlrutetl today In circles close to
the white house. It was inane plain
that any walk-out of the Weatern
l'nlon nan would he anticipated and
Mepa token to insure against govern
ment work helots hampered In any
way hy a. lay-off. i
Meanwhile, It waa learned that Sam
uel Oouiptrs, provident of the Amer
ican federation ol labor, would confer
w(th the irtahl. at tomorrow. It
-aid that thelfchole situation would he .
(tone ovey vpry thoroughly, and that
in addition to taking up the prnpoaed
telegraphers' strike, they would diHCuss :
the Hoi land amendment requiring gov
ernment workera to put In an eight -hour
dny, now before the prealdent for
signature. It wna broadly hinted that
the prealdent'a approvnl of the meas
ure would not be forthcoming, and
that hla veto would hnve'o rlose bear
ing on the teh graphrrs' situation. Just
how the two matter were to he linked i
together, waa not aald. hut the belief
that the president would veto the nor
land revolution, and In so doing, strike
a Mow at the postponed telegraphers'
trlke, wna very pronounred In certain
Stores (and "other mercantile
And see No. 5 below.
And see No. 5 below.
Hut see No. 1, above for sales-clerks.
Hotels and social clubs.
Saloons and restaurants.
(Other public places.)
And see No. S below.
i 'I iibs, hotels, stores, apartment
houses, ..it t.e buildings and
bath houses.
"Non Produced.'
Salea clerks and
office clerical!.
Servers of food or
drink. '
Passenger eleXator operators nnd
attendants. doormen, footmen
carriage openers, bell-boys, por
trrs, and other attendants.
Preparatloni Underway.
(International News Service.)
New York, July !. In the face of de
clarations of lnbor lenders that big
preparations are under way to make
Sportn, game nnd
Ushers and other attendants, and
persons engaged generally.
Public and private only It doing
"non-productive work.
Skilled workers nnd executives (In
department stores); registered
pharmacists tip drug stores):
employes at heavy work not usu
ally duty of clerk, and buyers, de
livery drivers, rarpet-layera, up
hnlsterera (for stores generally),
and department heads.
(But traveling salesmen,
generally, ruled
Managers, clerks, cooks or others,
unless a.iiiai... -ii.iiik i.,,u
and drink.
Porters engaged In
heavy work.
Actual performers In legitimate
concerts, operas nnd
(But see, below,
(Associated Praia.)
Roth the French nnd the lirlttah con
tinued yesterday and lust night their
recently adopted program of prodding
the Uermuns at varluua points along
the Franco -Helg Inn line, rapturing ad
vantage points here and there and har
assing the enemy while the prepara
tions for the resumption of his effen
slve are under way.
The French hit the line In local at
tacks at two separate points, but both
on the western sldo of the German sal
ient, which projects down to the Mai in
from the Alsne. They gained ground
In each attack and took prisoners and i
machine guns.
The most pronounced wain wag ef
fected by (Sen. I'ctuln'a troops Just
nbove the point where their line joins
the American sector oh the west of Bel
I. nil wood. They advanced hefe south
of Pnssy-en- Vulols and carried their
me forward so that It now runs east
of the t'her.y-Vlnly railroad, and In ad
dition they held on firmly to the ground
gained the night previous, just to the
north in the region of Mosloy, fighting
off two German counter attacks.
Southwest of Solssons, where the
brilliant stroke of lunt week placed the
French In a strong position on the Im
portant f.nverslnc plateau, they moved
ahead ngaln the center of their new
line, gaining ground by the capture of
n strong point north of Coutry. In. all.
the French took some 200 prisoners In
these actions.
The British stroke, which was also a
'.oral operation, was well toward '" .
southern, end of their line. Just above
Albert, north of the Somme river. An teau Thierry
Improvement In the British positions hold a sector,
British army disciplinarian, who has
been at Camp Format for the past
week or so irfvlna the soldiers instrur
tloni In discipline,
W ashing!. in.
returned to
was effected here and machine guns
and prisoners fell Into their hands.
Chauffeurs, generally, ruled " pro-I
ductlvc" If engaged In productive
work aside frvm their regular duties.
where the Americans
the Germans are re
ported concentrating troops and sup
plies. Aerial fighting has been aevere
near the American lines. It Is not un
likely the Germans may plan to give
the Americans a hnrd blow In reply
to the recent American successes on
that front.
Trouble Has Gone On for Over
Six Years.
Improvement Is Just Wonder
ful, He Says.
"There's No Doubt That It's tho
Grandest Thing on Earth,"
He Declares.
Here. In tabulated form. The News presents to Chattanooga a careful compilation of the employments viewed ns
"productive" or "non-productive," according to the latest regulations Issued by I'rovost Marshal-Oenernl Crowder to
govern the application of the famous "work or fight" order. Thla is the best and cleareat The News has been able to
devise, after careful study, and with all possible aid In drawing up i he tables of occupations.
The last word, of course, rests with the local draft hoards. But a glance at this table compiled by The News
should afford any man who comes within the draft order a chance to see whether his occupation la classified as product
ive or non-productive.
New Variety Called Calotabs
Is Perfectly Safe and
bh With all of the liver cleansing and
system purifying qualities of the old
style calomel, but robbed of its Blckcn
Ing. griping and dangerous effects,
Calotabs is destined to become the
most popular of nil home remedies, as
it has already become the favorite of
all physlcluns.
The new stylo calomel, Called Calo
tab. la perfectly delightful In effect.
One tablet at bedtime, with a swallow
of water that's nil. No nausea, no
griping. Next morning you awake
feeling fine, your liver active, your
system purified nnd with a hearty ap
petite for breakfast. Knt what you
please, there is no restriction of habit
or diet. '
Genuine Calotabs are never sold In
bulk. Ask for the original, sealed
package, price thirty. rive cents. Your
druggist recommends and guarantees
Calotabs. (Adv.)
taming of
The Sunbeam
How In Avoid Those Pains and Distress
Wsich so Many Mother. Have Suffered.
a atrlke against the Western Union
Telegraph company throughout the
country, called for July S, Newcomb
Carlton, president of the Western
Union, would consent today to make
nothing other than the following state
ment: "None of our employees Is a mem
ber of that union (Commercial Tele-
, graphers' Union of America), which Is
heading the strike movement, so we
do not see how the strike affects us.
1 have nothing to add at this time. If
'I decide on a further statement I will
notify tbe newspnpers." 1
Thci was no dlspostlon In the com
mittee meeting to withhold the power
' requested. The lines would be taken
'over on the same terms ns were the
railroads. The only amendment pro
posed In the committee was one that
would provide for the return of the
systems six months after the procla
mation of peace.
The president Is believed to be ready
to Insist on enactment of the resolution
before recess of congress. In order that
he may have power to cope with the
threotened telegraph strike or any
other contingency that may arise while
congress is not In session.
The committee held another meeting
' this afternoon, to act upon the resolu-
tion. Members sold the final tally
would show an almost unanimous vote
I for a favorable report
At the request of President Wilson,
the house interstate and foreign com
merce commission will favorably re
port tho Aswell resolution giving the
president power to take over telegraph,
telephone, cable and radio systems, to
, the house late this afternoon.
Letters from President Wilson, Postmaster-Genera!
Burleson, Secretary of
i War Baker and Secretary of the Navy
Daniels were read to the committee by
Chairman Hlms at its meeting thla
morning. All said they believed the
power granted in the ('solution to be
' necessary to prevent suspension of
service and to guard military secrets
and government communications from
the enemies.
American army casualties to date number 10.388. Of 1,491
killed in action, 291 were lost at sea. Marine corps casualties
total 1.232 out of a -force of 12.000.
A recapitulation of the American expeditionary force cas
ualties follows. Killed in action, including lost at sea, 1,41 j
died of wounds, 179; died of disease, 1,287; died of accident
and other causes, 163; wounded, 8.024; missim; in action, in
cluding prisoners, 385; total casualties since last week's sum
hary, 497.
Marine corps casualties, totalling 1.252, were divided as
follows: Deaths, 407; wounded, 812; captured, 1; missing, 2.
Diaz Is pre
by strength-
Severe battles arc brewing on the
fighting fronts. All Indications point
to an enrly resumption of heavy
fighting on the western line. In Itnly
the mountain zone Is again the scene
of Infantry operations.
Tension Is Increasing along the Brit
ish front In France ns the crescendo
of the German artillery lire mounts
higher nnd higher. From Ypres to
Ithelms, the big guns ore busier, than
they have been for some days and
the ;, i ma ns probably are preparing
to' renct strongly against the allied
nibbling tactics which cost them Im
portant points Inst weeek.
The German command is knnwn to
have large forces In readiness on the
main battlefields of France. They
may strike anywhere on the 200-mlle
front nnd their communications give
them much elasticity of movement. ! Oerman air raids against Fnrls con
It Is expected also that the hlow. when tlnue, but In three attempts lnHt wook
West of Brenta, Oen.
paring for eventualities
enlng his line as the opportunity of
fers. East of Aslago, Italian troops
have occupied the height of Monte di
Val Bella, capturing 800 prisoners.
Strong enemy sttempts to retake the
height were hurled bnok. fearer the
Brenta the Italians took, thirty pris
oners, gaining a fortlnisfl point on
Sasso Rosso. Vienna says the Ital
ians were thrown out Of the Austrian
first line In Monte dl Vnl Bella and
that further attempts to advance
were checked.
nnd where It does come, will he the
mightiest the enemy can make
Unconcerned apparently about the
Oerman plans, the -French continue to
perfect their defensive positions be
tween the Aisne nnd the Mnrne.
Southenst of the forest of Vlllers
Cotterrts, they have ' extended their
line and taken 265 prisoners while
north of the forest 100 Germans were
taken In a small advance nenr St.
I'lerre Algle. The enemy did not re
act strongly and the French hold
their new positions firmly.
Along tho line' northwest of Chn-
and two Sunday and Monday night
the enemy caused no great damage
and few casualties. The latest ef
forts to penetrate the 'defenses of the
French capital were made late Sun
day night and enrly Monday. The
first failed. On the second several
bombs were dropped on the capital.
"I have gained seventeen pounds
nnd the only n-uson I can give for my
wonderful improvement Is that Ten
iae is a wonderful medicine," said A.
H. Thomi.s, a well-known employe of
the Wright Shipbuilding company, re
siding nt 02 1-2 South Ninth street,
Tncoma, Wash.
"The cause of my trouble In tho
first place was an accidental blow on
the head, which I received six years
ago. 1 commenced to have awful
headnches, and these with the worry
about my condition seemed to grad
ually undermine my whole system and
my health got bad. My appetite left
me, my stdmnch got In a terrible con
dition nnd was down In bed for sev
oril weeks. What little I managed to ,
eat would ferment in my stomach
causing gns and Intense pain. I wai
very restless at night, was tired an
sluggish all the time and never fell
equal to my work.
"This Tanlac has proven to be juS)
what I needed. ' It has gotten my
stomach In splendid condition, my ap
petite is. tine and I can eat Just any.
thing I want and enjoy It, I never
suffer with Indigestion, I .sleep like
a log and seldom have a sign of a,
headache. I am Just feeling fine now
and my wife la taking Tanlac also and
It Is helping her very much. It Is the
grandest medicine on earth, there's
no doubt about that."
Tanlac la sold In "Chattanooga exp
cluslvely by the Live and Let Live.
Drug Co. (Adv.)
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pence I
a rsneoyioriDieniun.
of the winery Iran.
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Thousands Registrants Aban
don Nonessential for Es
sential Jobs.
Providence, R. I July I, Jos. M.
CaldweM, state socialist leader, was to
day sentenced to three years Imprison,
ment at the federal prison In Atlanta
on being found guilty of violation of
the espionage act.
Too much ennnot be ssld for a won
derful preparation, familiar to muny
women as Mother's Friend.
IKE ?s.r" th," socialist leader
the guidance of expectant mothers. It
Is an external application that apresds Its
Influence upon the cords, tendons and
muscles or the abdomen, rendering them
pliant, and they expand gracefully with
out that peculiar wrenching strain.
The occasion is. therefore, one of un- '
bounded Joyful sntlrlpatlon and too much
stress cannot be laid upon the rcmark
nMe Influence which a mother's happy
prenatal disposition has upon the health
ana fortunes of the generations to come.
The pnln at the crisis Is Infinitely less ,
when Mother's Friend Is used during the :
period of expectancy for the muscles ex- j
pand, eaaer and with less strain when
baby Is born.
Mother's Friend Is for external use 1
only, is entirely safe and may be had of
jour druggist. It Is prepared by the
Biadfleld Regulator Co.. D-174 Lamar
Bldg.. Atlanta, Gn. Write them to mall
you their Interesting "Motherhood Book." j
Thty -will send It t once, without I
charge, and you will find It very helpful.
Do not neglect for a single night and
morning to apply Mother's Friend ac-
ttqrqing to directions around the bottle.
inus rorciiy yourself against pain
AtWflnmfnrt Art.- I
(Associated Press.)
Fort Worth, Tex., July 1. Lieut.
Wm. Dec. Ravanel, of Washington,
D, On and Corpl. R. L. Dunning, of
Cresco, Ia a mechanic, were killed
Hunday when the airship in which
they were flying on a pleasure flight
fell near this city. The plane caught
fire and their bodies were badly
(International News Service.)
Washington, July 1. The "work-or-flght"
order of Provost Marshal Gen.
Crowder, which went Into effect today,
Is bringing even better ersults than
the general expected, he said today.
From all over the country a steady
stream of messages was pourifg Into
this city today, telling of the abandon
ment of nonessential industries by
men of draft age. So enthusiastic are
they In certain quarters, Gen. Crowder
said, that many men huve ubandoned
lines of work which were not put under
the bun to tuke posts with the war
essential Industries.
It was expected that an early de
rision would be made by President
Wtlsdrt on the status of ball players.
It is understood here that a large num
ber of professional players will be
called by local bourds today. Their
action will he upheld by Gen. Crowder
who will "pass the buck" directly to
the president for decision.
(Associated Press.)
London, July 1. Having refused to ,
leave the house of commons when
ordered to do so by the speaker for
disorderly conduct, Noel Pembcrton
llllllng, member fr Hertfordshire, was
forcibly removed by the officials.
Fraulein Germania as she was, and Miss Columbia as she is.
9v 'iii
three need their eyes cared for."
writes an eminent' physician. In
the New Tork Medical Journal.
Ton do not reHtlzgi the work ex
pected of the eyes every day.
The least you enn do is to give
those faithful servants assistance
When needed to relieve the strain.
Consult a relliihle optician!
It will bring you comfort awl
prove, a paying Investment.
Harris & Hogshead
It E. 8th St. - Phone C76
(Associated Press.)
Lowell, Mass., July t, Twenty-flvc
per cent, of the 16,000 cotton mill oper
atives here went to work as usual to
day despite a strike order voted by the
Lowell textile council. Union leaders
mid, however, that the force reporting
lor duty largely comprised unskilled
niployes nnd that the plants would be
unable to operate if the others re-
niained out.
. , (Associated Press.)
Florence, Jtaiy, July 1. President
Wilson has been given the freedom of
the city by unanimous vote of the city
ounclL A testimonial In the form of a
archment scroll embossed with red
illes and signed by the mnvor nnd
aldermen will be sent to President
iVllson shortly.
Recovered Strength After Sicknesi
Garrett, Texas. "The measles Jeft
my little hoy, aged nine years, In a
very weak, run-down condition 'he
coughed a good deal, and ns medi
cines did not seem tofhelp him, we
llnally took him out of school, and
thought he would never be strong
ngaln. One day I read about the cod
llver and Iron tonic known ns Vlnol,
and such n change as It has mude In
my little boy It stopped his cough,
he Is now bHek In school, strong and
well." Mrs. K, A. Wright.
There Is nothing like Vlnol to re
store strength, appetite and vim to
pale, sickly children. We strongly
recon i in eend Vlnol for this purpose.
For sale by Jo Anderson and drug
i gists everywhere, (Adv.)
Cincinnati Fraujein Germania, whoie
statue stood for more than forty years
In the wall of a building In Cincinnati,
has been transformed Into Miss Colum
bia by the owners' of the building.
A,nd It wns some Job! Frnulein Ger
mania had s hsrd I'russlan face. It was
schrecklichkelt personified. So when the
artists found they could do nothing
with that sort of a face, they cut off
Germania'! head and put on a new one
with a pleasant face expressive of
America's good v.: 11 for all peop'.fs
Then, after Columbia's head wai on.
the question of how to dress her wns
the next job. The gentle Miss Columbia
wouldn't think of wearing the clothes
fi aulun Utryapia had had for forty
yen n, consisting of a coat of armor and
a belt of Iron crosses. At her side stood
a shield adorned with a Prussian eagle.
All this was to be removed and Co- i
lumbia given a new on t lit, consisting or.
flowing draperies, such ss s sentle, mod- I
est young lady as Columbia ought to
wear. On her waist was placed the
M(ls of the Amerlcun coat-of-arms, and
the Prussian shield of Germania has be
come the shield of Stars snd Stripes.
Columbia is using Germanla's old
srm, and It still points toward the globe
that lies at her feet, but whereas the
stern Germnnla seemed to isy "I want
the earth," the tender Columbia seems
in exnlnln, "I want the earth to be safe
for all Of ua" , . 1
V V v ..V
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