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nd Mr. Morria Temple were In chare
of furnishing soup and milk to the pa
tients. A number of senerous-mlnded Chatla
noogsns donated the uae of their auto
mobiles" for transporting the physician,
Dr. J, B. Clark, and the nuraus from house
to home. Those who lout their car mm
Will Huberts, D. W. Thomas, l't l' no
A. L. Flegal, Will Free, J. Lee Allen. M
Mn Watson. Will Kirk. Will Frazli.r. rut.
ford Long-ley, 'nul Krucsl. Mr. I.ee Mr
iiiMKwere, money minors. Judge t'onn,-!
Miss Kdlth Patten. Mlaa Margaret l-'oiver
Mlaa Agnes Hhalllday. Mra. L'rncst tf pen -cer,
Mra. Morria Temple, Mra. Elisabeth
I.auderbach. Mra. Joe Cllft, Mis. 1), ,
lithorldgo, Mra. Larry.
Single Case of Influenza Devel
oped in Institutions of
the State.
Wnr and prohibition aro responsible
Influensa Situation Greatly Im
proved Only Few Calls at
City Health Office.
Quarantine for Influenza, will not bo
lifted Monday. This authoritative an
nouncement waa repeated by Dr
Urown, city health officer.
It la quite probable, though, that tho
embargo on largo gatherings will bo
lifted about the middle or latter part
ot the week, but nothing definite can
no am about It at present. Several
daya ago It waa thought to be as
lured that quarantlno would be lifted
On the strength of the favorable ap
pearance of tho health situation, three
private achonla of the city mado ready
to open their doora to reildent pupils
Wednesday, but changed thoir plans
l, I i . I i , . , ,1 -J A- iL -
rue Si. ...h i . .v . ? ' J for tnr being fewer number of pria
IUe only school In. the city which baa ,., ... . Hlra -XlKmiTi, J ,h
neon holding classes la the university,
and only men huve been In attendance
Clrcumalancea In regard to the mys
terloua wire reaching Dr. Knight from
Surgeon-General Hlue to the effect .that
railroad authorities had reported se
rious conditions in Knoxvllle have been
cleared up. Word from that town reach
ing the government physician this
morning stated' that It evidently tuul
been a fulsc alarm and that conditions
there In regard to Influe nza are con
siderably better than a few days ago,
railroad employes being Included.
Scarcely hulf n dozen calls from In
fluenza cases reached tho city health
rlnnnfl m am f i.Aalnrnit m r M I I J I
rattnir that thn ontrinmin U nnMlv mi I but one case and that was nt Lvonn I waB . cmior-sod tno democratic ex-
- " i.i i . . ... . ... BGUZ1V
Unexpected Outgrowth of Re
cent Arrest of Aged Moon
shining Couple.
Defending tho constitutionality of
tho redisricting luw which he aup- :
ported tand worked for In the last gen- I
erni uascii:bly, Attorney T. P. Fletcher
Saturday morning filed a petition In
tho circuit court attacking the legality
of Suulro J. J, Hoik's aeut In tho
county court. The petition la In the
torn of habeas corpus proceedings
seeking tho liberty of Nancy .Smith,
colored, who was arr sted and bound
over to the grand Jury by Squire Hoi It
In connection with a raid which was
ma.le by Sheriff Haas and his men on
a still which was run by Henry Smith,
huslmnd of the woman. Tho Smith
woman, together with her husband and i
Ora Johnson, all colored, were held to '
2t, 101ft.
oners In the state penitentiary and tho fie grand Jury. The petition praving
nrancn prison ut Hrunhy mountain ror a writ of habeas corpus was signed
than ever In tho history of tho instl- Saturday morning by Hun Oscar far.
tutlons, according to the statement 1 nell. Judge of tho circuit court It will
of Hon. Lewis S. Pope, :ast Tonnes- be remembered that Squire ilork nt
see member of the board of control. I tho democratic primary, was defeated
who spent Friday In th:s city. Mr. for re-clectlon for one of the three
Pope came into the city on business ! justices of the n,,nn r..nm .i, ....
and left l.-mt nl-lit fn,- ht i, In mi , ... . r ........... v...
(By William Hays Clark.)
Up on the hill at the court,
house, where1 tho strangest of
things are seen, where iawyeri
all make a living, where Judges
all reign supremo; where Cupid
will give you a permit to sail
the conjuglul aea, where the
mills of the court of dJvOrcei
will grind you so quickly free;
where the rich and the poor
foregather paying life's alt Ind
ent tax, where folka swear most
anything and you sometimes
hear the fuels; where a Callow
gets indicted for what today he
does, where u man can get con
victed for what he "used to
was;" where corporations are
dally sued because they have
lots of money; where If a de
fendant wins his suit it foes to
his attorney; when men are
tried for murder, lies told and
truth suppressed, whore lawyers
stand In defense of men, where
Justice lies at rest; where pol
itic! Is never absent at any sin
gle season, where men attain
to omen without a single rea
son; where I hang out the whole
day long where business Is .lull
and gray, but If anybody wants
this Job I'll give the thing
nd left last night for his homo in Through his attorney T Pnn dh.t'
siaien ii 1 1 le . we o ov in ia nil i .ji-,i. .
I . . .. . ... . now I emsi I lei llir :iw. Tininnr v nnr
the wane, but Or. Drown Btated that
strict observance ot tho quarantine
regulations would be expected and en
forced until all danger of another out
break Is past.
Physicians of the city have been so
View. "Wo have kept the Institutions
under strict quarantine and havo done
all In our power to prevent the dreaded
disease from getting Inside," said Mr.
Captured German Document
Eneiuv Plan.
With the American Army Northwest
of Verdun, Oct. (It p.m.) The
American position Is such that the Her
mans no louio r are able to bui.is. n..
ore of the court from the I fVner,0,, machine gtu. tire, li
let insti l Z"T 71 ' VV"1"' "'"J"'" w"t of t.... Men.,
i tie uerman artillery la liomlmi diiin the
American lines heavily with j.in explo-
slvea and gaa shells.
On the right enemy made an unauo
eessiiil counter attack during the night
From 2 to 6 o'clock this morning they
shelled the American lines there heavily
tho bombardment at times reaching the
Intensity of a barrage, but then, was no
lurther Infantry action. On.i new divi
sion and one new regiment huve been
identified as having been added to the
Oermati strength aguinst the Americana
ins Divisions is a second-.-.. ......
Vote, It Is Bslievsd Will 8 Vary Llnht
In November Elaotion.
The Improve oondltton or the Influ-
Bnia epidemic has caused the Mndl
datM tor tho legislature to again be
come active, and next week promises
t o become a ballot - bunt lug w eek. Both
A. 1,. Kini-rsmi Mini I. 1) Mill...- ..-I,..
were sufferers from the disease, have I
Improved sutnelently to t"aln bt out
smart urn, one of tho republican Ban
dldatea, is still nt his home, bul Is r.
ported much Ihiproved. For praotloally I
Om time, and SVSO the present, po
Itlos has certainly been adjourned. Th, 1
candidates for ths senate, v. n. cies
democrat) ami i-'mmy Cartsr, republu I
can, aro both claiming Victory, Mr. !
CleagS claims that despite the la. t that
tho county Is republU-an. he w ill enuie I
to the city w-llh a majority tlii.t Mr
i 'alter cannot overcome. Mi. Carter
Bays, that his vole In the city will be
several hundred votes ahead of Mr.
I'leiiKe's vole and that his support In
,oo i.Miniy win increase ins inalorltv.
The general belief Is that Carter will
poll much mors than the usual repub
lican vote. The .-lection, k N believed,
' will see one of the smallest votes easl
ot any ever held In the country,
111 the race fur the legislature, J. O.
Martin, L D, Miller, and a. L, Eraer
son, democrats, are being opposed by
I t'liarley Lynn. K. Stuart cm n,,,i v
I ; Morn, republican candidates, Mr. Mar.'
Jj J tin seems to have the lead over the
Diner C analogies, while the race for the
other two scats promises to be close.
Mr. i .nn is thought by many to be
I winner for one of the other two
.-ais, leaving in,, f I.ii.t i.la,.,. It
The Tom Snow
Heating & Rooting Co.
7th and Chestnut Streets Phone Main 1895
MAIN 4900 and 1097
n,.e,, ... NTK..tllA 1 .. a 1 A - .. I
" V i V","ZS?12!r nied, rave the city of Chattanooga
..,,, ti e-i m h.f ... "Prwientauon In the court making . ""ns i no long.-r are a ue to harass tl
pardoned, some paroled and others !L ' ' ln t co n''m '
serving their time out, but there are .V l ?f .J A
few, If any. coming In. When asked ??' 'rn, V . f5 fou, ,h ln tho J,,"nr'.
regarding the Influenza In the state!"'- '.' .,, - , ."' , nmua no Placed
Institutions ho said thcro had beenj?" tho olllemi ballot, and his petition
a. I,, i-.merson and I,. i. Mill,.,
Emerson lad the ticket in the
nitlc primar.v, but since the attack on i
him was re.-entiy mad.- regarding some
-xiiresslons he is ohararad with .,,.-,i.i.,..
II IS lllll u It. I
I'll I
committee, and his netition
asking his name be placed on tho of
ficial ballot was granted by the elec
tion commission. At the cenernl elec
tion ho was one of the four successful
Mr. Porie stated that the mines were Candidates from the cltv and has since
K..... ..,,,... ;, ... ... i running night and day and there was " '"i'i ins sent ln the court.
-j - - . i . . j . . ... in rt nr.. i An : . . . . t-. - vmnn u .. .. - .
tuuuu ... i B'-. .leu.HiHi lor luui mail i i-. .. ...... utvu dj. .ur. r leicner "u j" "i"i'.u .u .....n imvt-icii more
could be dug. He said, however, the Saturday morning charges that Squire I J n , Bny ,n'r W "e Cernian army, It
branch prison was making plenty of "ork is holding a seat in the county he Vnm:n8lf"VhLy,J2L!Sf f!turront'
tending to their hirm) number of
patients that many Othor details ln re
gard to their practlc.'-.i f.ftvo bcec over
looked. Among these la the sending
in to the
birth cert 1 tic
Bent In the
colored children.
1 gardlngr the .-in
his vote has been lessened ir.
lent, but probably not greatly. The
labor organizations have come to Mr
Emerson s relief and expressed iti
strong resolutions their disbelief of the
charges made against him. L, D Miller
claims that he Is strong In both the
county and city and can land ono of
the three places,
However, the doubt concerning the
number of votes to i ast, leaves an
atmosphere of uncertainty surrounding
tho outcome ot this November election.
Deliver the goods. That is what you want.
Let us show you why they are superior and
wherein they excel others. We can make im
mediate delivery on one and two-ton models.
617-G19 Broad Slreet
money. The Herhei-t rinninln la holnir COllCt. whieh dnea rtrtl vlef ,,,,.,..1, ... ........ ... V ywilMIW ID DBK
. - ' ....... ... .. ..... - - - -. ..wv , n.n. ...... nil.l' H' .-il. .11 . . . tl. I.i', ii., nl ....
i onened lin wnll na nnBalhl. ..-III. . 1 . . hl Mhl frt .. T 1. . - fl,. m ... '"iih- lO
citv police department of i T.T i-" ". -.:,' .7. '. lLU ."'ul . ' CT. 1 "vniy-eignin uerman divl- I
ales. There were but two I .'r? . I "i ' 1, ' I ' . 1H. "B.UH"5 10 on,y ,nr,0 ,.
i,,.. kni-h i.ir,o- !: . "i'"'"" j..aoi..-ia won- ... bui vuurr insieau ot lour as are now vi.i.-. . "
last week, DO(n King Or i fined In ih. i,..n,.ii ..l... ix. r ...... mw. . ... T i ... Violent enemy reactions enntln... ....
w '"-.. ..... . uiJ.i miTiuf., i no iiiii recites cnapior 4 li of tlin Huaa ..,,! h..
inent nned llr tr.hr, Bh.nn.. ,v, i f ....... ... - ..... ?l use' " there hus been ties
.vl present mere are nut two onsen I aamna n
at the University of Chattanooga, and
neither of these Is at present serious.
Privates Knox and Winkler nro suf
fering with the malady, the 'ast named
ten-year sentence for the duced by Mr. Speaker W, It. Crobtreo
Influenza Epidemic There Much Better
and Headqunrtera Closed.
The East l.aku headquarters of the
American Red Cross hns closed after
making an enviable record in tending the
Influents patients of that section. During
the period in which the work has been
carried on there 231 patients have been
administered to and ln many cases pro
vided with physicians, medicines and food.
D. W, Thomas, who was In charge of
the relief work In East Enko, reports that
the people of Chattanooga willingly came
to their aid, especially commending the
women who acted as volunteer nurses.
Misses Josephine Hanforth and Gertrude
Wright and Mesdames Kenny Taton and
Elizabeth Lauderbach worked untiringly
during the entire epidemic. Other ladies
who did important work wore Mrs. Stella
Jones. Mrs. Plannlgan, Miss Ruth Pow
ell. Miss Nell I'owell, Miss Wilson. Mrs.
Meyer. Miss Hess Patten, Mrs. George
Graeme, Mrs. Eon Kerr, Mrs. Margaret
Ford, Miss Mamie Bright, Miss Mary
Caldwell, Mrs. Evans. Mrs. BUIalle Iliggs,
Mrs. Weeks, Mrs. Nichols, Miss June
Bnodgrass, Miss Bess Trlmby, Mrs. Trim
ble. Miss Agnes RobertSOn, Miss Gilbert,
Miss Virginia Overend, Miss Julia Powell,
Mrs. R. C. Jones, Miss Amos, Mrs. Cleve
land. Mrs. ,T. 8. Owen. Mrs. H. Scholia,
Miss Cndlne Mobley. Miss Guthrie, Mrs.
Haskell. Miss Alma DIckeraon, Mrs.. Nash,
Mrs. McQee, Mdr. Durand. Miss Emm-i
Kelly, Miss Young, Mrs. Ice, Mrs. Man
ning, Miss Hlnes, Miss Elliott, Mrs. Law
son, Mrs. MacKenzie, Mrs. Ingrlm, Mr.
McDonald, Mrs. ltaegon, Mrs. Joe Clift
and a number of others
murder of Tom Norman, his brother- and which It is charged Squire Bork
i5.',, 2! l? ,Avo,ndalp- Tllo murder ia Is nerving In violation of. The guilt
still fresh In the minds of the people or innocence of Nancv Smith is not
here. He said that Dr. Sherman i .,..!.. .i .... ..... . . .
being in Erlanger hospital. He has : physician at the prison and was doing s made to her case other than tho al
been there since Oct. 7, and at one ; valuable work. However, the doctor'! i! JZX S.eL?.! S5!L SL ?
: "n . rr"" MLB. S255 W s he result of being bound over turVd:
given a pardon by Gov. Rye. Strong
was sent up from Knox count, for
killing Sam Luttrell. The killing was
the result of Luttrell'g attentions to
Strong's wife. Both men were well
known and popular ln business and
social circles in Knoxvllle. Strong has
returned to his farm In Knox county.
American position now runs through the
Minimum Price of Swine Fixed by Aarl
cultural Advisory Board.
Washington, Oct. 26. The livestock
subeoiumitleu of the argieulturnl ad
visory board, representing the swine in-
w neiween me Mellon wood ., , tiusiry ana ue- It.od a.lin n st ration tills
The enemy's deter-1 afternoon fixed the following minimum
time his condition was thought to he
serious, but he is now on the road to
u J.iraye wood. The snsmv'a ,l..i. ,
mlnation to hold the high ground east of l"'cca for hogs for the month of Novt
the river Is shown by the fact that be ber:
nas thrown In one of his last remaining
reserve divisions to check the American
"u"" in tne jjencti wood, where 1 1 1
Calomel Users! Listen To Me!
I Guarantee Dodson's Liver Tone
Tour druggist gives back your mono' if it doesn't
liven your liver and bowels and straighten
you up without making you sick.
Seventeen dollars and fifty cents per
100 pounds on average of packers droves.
aciuaing throw-outs, throw-outs to he
"SK" -J'."IL"f' auaoKitiK p. rsistentlv. 1 ! ined as l. its imdei- ISO .,.,HU ...,
i lie 10 llWtne- .lneio.,..nf r... " . ... '
".- pquire lioiK, who occupies an of- i the enemy's crossing of the Mouse is
una which tiors noi exist, -tne potl
tion will be heard by Judge Yarnell at
an early date and the new law will be
to i,e prevented absolutely. Should he I
. . , . j-iunig, no is 10 DC thrown
back into the Mouse at once. The en
my. mu' n"t foothold on this side
of ,he Meue under any circumstances "
I he last three words are capitalized.
Bert Fulflhum Haa Moonshine Still Hid .
In Blacksmith Shop. i "me"ci"' vlr Victorious In Air Bat
Under the spreading chestnut tree the
tie Over Fontainoa
City Board No. 2 Will Resume Physical , village smithy stands; the smith a mighty verdim o A'"-eI ic,l?, Northwest of
ca.Minaimni ivionaay. wan is ne, wna uroad and brawny ... 7. ,,V i V7 ner-
City board No. 2 has ordered a long hands." but this smith, Rort Fulghuin I tT.j. ..7.. U , Brooklyn! Oscar H.
list or registrants to moot in the basement ! with bis hammer on his nnvl all day lone v".:,'-,1 "aipn iiartninn, t'at-
of the courthouse for tlioir nhvale.nl ex- . hammered out a brand m m.ki. I""".".! and Harold i-olruer, of Sol
nminations Wednesday. October 20, at 3 with bis hammer on his anvil all day long
in the morning. Rig classes will he ex- : palatable and tit for the gods. Fulglmm,
amlned eacli day until all the registrants who lives on his elghty-acra farm at Pan
have boon examined. Tho following will , flP, cnnic to grief Friday afternoon when
report Wednesday morniner: I Sheriff JJass and bin "twin li.uM
Victor Edison. Washington Wadloy ' sons swooped down on his unimie little
boars, thin sows. 'n hoc- of ...... i,i,,a
except throw-outs, shall bo bought at less
than $li;..r.a per lOO pounds.
These prices were fixed because of n de
ellno of from 25 to 40 cents a bushel for
corn and an Increase In supply of hogs
ranging from H to 15 per cent., and the
furl her fact that should pence he declared
there would be an unlimited supply of
corn available from the Argentine and
oilier markets.
ugni cuiomei muses you sick. . i .-.
horrible! Take a dose of tho danger
ous drug tonight and tomorrow you
muy lose a duy's work.
Calomel la .nercury or Quicksilver
Porter Qodsey. John Johnson
Cleveland Roberts George M. Smartt
William ('. Campbell Joe Gray
.Tamos H. Flemister I ko Jacobs
King It. Jones
Forest Ii. Simpson
nana martin
Bd Ib own
Anderson Face
Joseph Jennings
William M, Topper
Will Madison
Ira T. Robinson
Oscar Daniels
Virgil A. Ringhnm
Daniel Thompson
Jasper Aiion
Kyle L. Arwood
Sydney Rogers
Fred Uroglen
Ralph R. Ragon
Joss Montgomery
Luther o. Shell
Essie Evans
Joseph J. Fork
G. F. Holderness
Odo li. Bhoff
Thomas Wilson
Henry LeBrOn Price Louis Rushing
Chas. W. Henderson .Tim Summers
i I. onnio Robinson Ray Fommo
I Grover W. Wailln John Smnllinar
I.unch was furnished to the workers at , Thomas M, Gillespie .Io?ophF. Goan
hMdauartera by Mrs. J. I.ee Allen. A : Wil is Alexander
large part of the ofllce work was dono ! Warren E. Norton
hv Miss Acnes Shallidav. who left her Joe M. Kellv
work In the city and spent several days j Wilford R. Johnson
at tho Fast Lake headquarters giving , X. Bi Collier
general assistance. Mrs. iJ. i Montague unaMBS U. Jones
r.rnest K, Lucas
Fvan Ii. Griffln
('harley Lackey
J. R. Smith
James s. Klncaid
Rlbert Hudson
James H. Romines
F reeie demons
Mr. Pletz Finally Found How to
End It He's 88 Years Old.
William H. Mosler
Glon Tucker
John Palme
John C. Roberts
Vivian O. Xowtnn
fennel! C. Coats
George R. Fox
Andrew Nichols
John W. Garden
James A. Oodson
J. M. Keith
Raymond M. Bryant
Jesse L. Minton
Lloyd 8. Hicks
Jefferson A. Heaver Anderson Larklesa
still, whieh they located in his black
smith shop. Ho was Just in the act of
malting a Uity-gallon run when the sheriff
emptied hy the ofllcors and a half a-allon
of moonshine was brought to the city,
whore it stands as silent evidence against
Fulghum, tbu a tribute to his ability as a
moonshine manufacturer. Fulghum made
bond for his appearance.
tfrtoay Sheriff Uass received word that
Uld his son deputies made the run for ,,,"' fll, tln"? ,s'enseth. of Twin Val
11m. Fifty gallons of sour mash was , ' u, "V ? us 11 unother German
Cumberland Telephone Company Senda In
Check for $300.
County Trustee Joe Cllft Is In recolnt of
tut or .was a moonshine factory nestling I cnccA 'or 53(10 from the Cumberland
at the foot of Raccoon mountain. Taking ' 'telephone and Telegraph company. The
his two sons and leaving word for Billy cnecu is lor tne use of the Walnut street
Smith, his chief deputy, to follow him, he bridge for tho past year.
took the trail. Near Fulghum' s farm i
Robert Lass, Jr., discovered smoke arising
from the blacksmith shop on Fulghum's
farm. The sheriff wanted to aowit the
arrival of his deputy, but the boys in-- J
sisted on going ahead and as the result
Fulghum was trapped. He stated he was I
only making the contraband goods for
ma owl
Public Letter to Senator
Washington. Oeorgs Creel, chairman of Liver
me committee on mil. e Infnrmatlnn ,,,,
olniei- nt s!..t. i Wednesday made Inlblie a loll,.,- t,. sl....
d ove, Pa., were engaged by seven Qer-1 af ot Polndexter, in w hich lie denied
man Fokker airplanes while machine, gun- ' barges fnado against the committee and
nlng boche positions northeast of Verdun mmself hy the senator, who, in a speech i
u conjunction wun our attack la this ' "B senate on uct. 21, slated thai
urn, Jiarcn na.i "Deep called upon to Is
sue a stalemont repudiating news Items
given out by the committee."
"Never ut any time hns Gen, March
made such a statement," said Mr. Creel,
The charge, based on the fact that the
committee had issued denials of Him cru
elty in occupied territory and to their
prisoners, was denied by the chairman,
who said that 'only two releases out of
thousands issued by the committee have
had any bearing on tho subject," and
these Here simply corrections of exag
gerated statements which have reoslved
publicity through the press and which
have not been issued by the committee.
Iu I'lffUl up ami luaux ....
and vigorous I want you to go back tc
the store and get vour money. Dod
son's Liver Tone Is destroying th
sulo of calomel because It Is real ilvei
inodlclno entlrnl
which causes necrosis of the oones. foro It can not salivate or make you
Calomel, when It comes Into contact sick.
wun sour bile, crushes Into It. break- i ... .....
..,.w.,.i,vi uiiii ...le Bijuunrui Ol
Dodson's Live.- Tone will put your
sluggish liver to Work and clean your
bowels or that sour bile and consti
pated waste which I.i clogging your
system and making you feel misera
ble. 1 guarantee tbat a bottle ol
Dodson's Liver Tone will keep your
entire family feeling fine for months.
(3lvo It to your children. It Is harm-
less; iIoohii t Kl ine and thov like lt
Ing It up. This is when you feci that
awful nuuseu and cramping, if you
; are sluggish ami "all knocked out," If
I your liver Is torpid and bowels consti-
pated or on have headache, dizziness,
coatea tongue, If breath Is bad or
Btomach sour just try a spoonful of
harmless Dodjon's Liver Tone tonight.
Here's my guarantee (Jo to anv
drug store and get a bottle of Dodson's
....... 'PU .. . .....
.w. . mo i-iifciigcincni iook piaou over
i- ontainos.
One of the Fokkers was brought down
In flames and all of the American aviators
returned safelv.
Lieut. Martinus Stenseth, of Twin Val-
i one ror a lew cents. ak.- a i. e.-is.-.nt In.,!. T. a.,i.... a ...
spoonful and K It dresn't straighten I 'hattanooga, Te m (Adv.) '
First class lady stenographer, capable of do
ing- general office work and filing. Apply
in own hand writing. Box S. E. S.
Virtually Unparalleled.
MaJ.-Gen. George B, Duncan, who
commanded tho 77th (New York na
tional army) division, will not ho re
turned to the United States as pre
viously announced. Gen. Duncan has
recover, d his health.
Gen. .March laid great stress upon
the fact that all of the officers ordered
I had been afflicted for 5H years with
chronic stomach trouble and dyspepsia,
and spent hundreds of dollars trying to
get relief. For years I have had to go
to the water closot as often as eight or
twelve times during the night, on account
of my bowels. I had to be very careful
What I ate and could not eat fruit nt all.
I have used but four bottles of Milks
Emulsion and It has benefited me more
than all the other medicines I have taken.
I can go to bed now and sleep the wlulo
night, and can eat fruit without hurting
me." Wm. M. Fietz, 813 South 13th St.
Bprlngfleld, 111.
When Mr. Pletz wrote thla letter, he
was 88 years old, and ills aro hard to
relieve at that age. Don't suffer for 50
years, as he did! Don't suffer another
week! Milks Emulsion costs nothing to
Milks Emulsion Is a pleasant, nutritive
food and a corrective medicine. It re
atores health, natural bowel action, doing
away with all need of pills and physics.
It promotes appetite and quickly puts the
digestive organs' ln shape to assimilate
food. As a builder of flesh and strength,
Mllas Emuislon is strongly recommended
lo run-down nervous people, and it has
produced amazing results ln many cases
fcf tuberculosis of the lungs. Chronic
Charles Harper
George v. Durham
Edward Hill
Clabe Kerr
Edward N. Kyle
Fred 7V. Lehman
Hops L. Jones
Charles Hatter
George L. Holmes
John Thomas
Ivan .Sullivan
Henry Romines
Files Petition as Independent Candidate
for Magistrate From Third District.
Ex-SqUlre Slater Conner has tiled his
netifinii with Hi. ..,......
ii use and a few friends and was I ,- ,.
I, rn .. X uignum lis well district. The petition is signed by twen- nome lla(l "onp splendid work and
eon, looted w.Vamfft i"'"' 'ZK citizens .from norm of the r ye - I Proved their ability on every occasion,
conducted a blacksmith shop on Market I senile Connor will anna. A ' , : He Indicated that thev were all ,., r
Brown, the republican candidate for Jus- mora advanced years upon whom the
tlco to succeed the lale Soulra Walter ' strain of netlv. nnaii.nlh. k...
tx . l, ....... - . : -- t"'t""e. ,'i.,ii.
- nuor. i.i,iim;i iv.io n jiioinucr llC.IVHy,
j. un ...at cuuiiiy couil, nut was nor a
candidate to succeed himself under tho
new redisricting law.
and later on Sixth street. Sheriff Bass
and his sons are being congratulated.
Clinton A. Lowe
L. T. Cartwrlght
Bon E. Moses
Stephen Mills
Ceo. D, Sheffield
John Dlllard, Jr.
Robert L. Partaln
George R. Woods
Edward Ball
Edgar Idgou
Frank D. Nabors
Wm. T. Mitchell
ioja . Hargraves James O. Langston
Change of Time Will Cause Trains to
Lay Up One Hour.
Setting back all clocks one hour Sun
day morning at 2 o'clock will, outward
ly, not effect railroad schedules in the
least. AH trains will merely lay over
for an hour somewhere along their
route and resume their run on regular
schedule time. For Instance, a train
getting into Chattanooga at 6 a.m.
Sunday will probably arrive on the
time that has been in effect during the
summer, but will leave Chattanooga on
ine new time.
Trying to Rur . Liquor Blockade Proves COUGHED SO HE COULDN'T SLEEP
Urnnnhin U t I . I 1 i a. l
Imbued with a strong taith In liquor i and asthmatic spasms break one's real
and and weaken one so that the system Is
as a sure remedy for the "flu,'
lurea ny meoxormtant. prices offered, run-down and serious sickness may re-
bootleggers prompted to take desper- suit. Enos Halbert, Paoli, nd., writes-
ate chances in bringing the precious "I had a severe cold this fall and
bild through tho Terminal station, j coughed continually at night- could
Lrnest Carothers, colored, and John hardly sloop. Tho first bottle of Fo-
Johnson wore caught in the act by Pa- ley's Honey and Tar relieved me, en-
rolman John Gorman and were hauled tlrcly curing my cough." It covers lr-
before Judge Martin Fleming Saturday ritatcd membranes with a healing and
morning charged with transporting soothing coating, loosens phlegm and
Gen, March pointed out that the
Franco-American lines from the. Mouse
to the Olse stood virtually parallel to
the, great military lino near the Bel
gian frontier and constituted a threat
against that line throughout its entire
Children Cry
Liberty Bonds
I Please call at Window No. 15 for making
payments or for any information regard
ing Liberty Bonds.
First National Bank
Fifty-Third Year U. S. Depositary
liquor. When the charges were made
against them by the officer both men
admitted their guilt. Carothers met
train No. 4 . last night and took a suit
case from a friend who Just happened
to be on the train coming from Louis
ville. Patrolman Gorman got wind of
the exchange and met the luckless Er
nest at the gate. Tho suitcase was
opened and was found to contain six
pints of the precious liquid. Ernest
said he could produce -witnesses, and
so me case was continued. John John
son is a machinist in good standing
employed at the Southern Machine
company. It seemed as though a little
collection had been taken up and a
poi raisen wnicb was en
clears air passages.
druggist. (Adv.)
Jo Anderson,
Council of Atlanta Attempts to Override
Board of Health.
Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 26. The cily council
late yesterday, at a. special meeting
called by Mayor Candler, removed the
city's ban on public gatherings, effective
immediately. Tho board of health had
met previously to consider the recom
mendation of Dr. j. p. Kennedy, city
physician, that the ban be lifted, but
refused to net, largely through the In-
strutnentallty of Dr. A. H. Cochran and
ur. j, L. Moon, both members of thd
board, who expressed tho belief that the
influenza situation in the citv had not i
cleared up sufficiently to warrant a gen
eral relaxation of the rigid precautionary
measures. '
Many ridiculous mistakes worn made1 IlQUor
by travelers when the clocks were set trusted to John, who was to go to a
up last, spring, some coming an hour ; town ana return with the fire
too early for their trains and others ! water. Things went nicely. John got
arriving an hour later than the sched- I hack to town early Friday morning on
nle time. All confusion may be avoided i tne A- G- 8- train No. 3 with two
by remembering that all trains going neaylly loaded suitcases, containing ! Unless American Express Gets Added
will leave on the new time
Washington, Oct. 26. All clocks in
the United States should stop for one
hour at 2 o'clock Sunday morning, Oct.
27, and the nagain take un the oro-
ktomach trouble and constipation are i cession of tho hours,
promptly relieved usually ln one day. j Tne count'y wlH then be back upon
This is the only solid emulsion made. r ' EEfcrSr'JS , !3.
md so palatable that it la eaten with a experiment. Some minor difficulty in
ipoon like ice cream. A truly wonderful transportation and industry will be ln
nedlcine for weak, sickly children. I volved ln this return to normal time.
No matter how severe your case, von uul Ior most People, tne cnange will
out of Chattanooga Sunday morning I neat little pint bottles. John enlisted
tint services oi a nackman, but as luck
would have It, the patrolman heard the
machinist address the cabby. John ad
mitted his guilt frankly, but insisted
the beverage was strictly not for sale
He was bound over to the grand Jury
(By Walt Mason. I
mean nothing more than an extra hour
of sleep on Sunday morning, a belated
fcre urged to try Milks Emulsion under
his guarantee Take six bottles home return of the hour thev lost' in Mai nl.
with you, use it according to direction? when clock hands were jumped forward
uid if not satisfied with the results, your sixty minutes by act of congress,
noney will be promptly refunded. Price 1'ractically, clock hands are set for-
,0 and 11-20 per bottle. The Milks Emu,- tffM'h l?-
ilon Co., Terre Haute, Ind. Sold and rangement of thoir interiors Tho nv.
ecommended by all leading druggists i erage householder does not need to be
Adv.i i warned, 'but it may be well to under
stand that the best plan will be to stop
the clock Saturday night, and start it
right again Sunday morning. The tel
egraph clocks, of which there are 50,000
now in operation by the Western Union
Telegraph company, electrically wound
and set, will have to be properly ad
justed by the company's force, which
is now planning to do the work on Sun
day, except ln locations where the us
ers are awake at night themselves, and
can be given special keys with which
to do the setting. The delicate master
clocks which correct the 50,000 every
hour will be changed at the same time,
as will be the governments radio and
wire-signalling arrangement -which is
tna acicaUfic basis of the time system. ,
When Peace Comes.
I know not when that peace will come
for which the people yearn; I know not
when the sword and drum will to their
shelves return. But I am sure that peace
will be all wool and three feet wide, a
fabric benutlful to see, no shoddy threads
Inside. No lords of war will help to
weave the web o'er which we'll toll, and
none who think that to deceive is author
ized by Hoyle. The pattern (which should
never lariej won t lie designed hy chaps
who think the pledges they have made
are merely paper scraps. I know not
When the guns Will conso tho aoionndo
of war, but I am sure the coming peaco
Is well worth scrapping for. Long sacri
llee has mado us wise, we're on to Prus
sian wiles: we can't be lured by 1'russlan
lies or fooled by Prussian smiles. Before
we deal with gents liko these and lot our
sabers rust, the Prussians must be on
their knees and humbled In the dust. I
know not when great Foch will say,
"Cease firing! All is done!" But we shall
make, on that fair day, no bargain with
the Hun. We'll show the fabric made bv
men who fairly played the game, and If
he doesn't like it, then, he'll have to
lump the same.
(Copyright by George Matthew Adiuns-k
Washington, Oct. 20. The interstate
commerce commission today approved
proposed Increases In express rates to be
come effective unless another method of
giving the American Railway Express
company added revenue is worked out
with tho railroad administration.
Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey is
pleasant to take and
works like magic.
It's a happy combination of cough
relieving medicines that brings quick
relief when other remedies fall.
Effective alike for children and
grownups. Helps to loosen the phlegm
and to ease breathing. It soothes,
promotes healing and, while Nature Is
killing the Infectious germs, starts the 1
sufferer toward speedy recovery.
Priced as low as a genuinely good
cough and cold remedy can be sold for.
When You Use Gas Wisely
you actually help win the war, because gas is efficient
and economical. A ton of coal in the form of gas,
made in a modern plant, such as ours, will cook much
more food, heat much more water, than a ton of coal
burned in the old-fashioned coal stove.
Gas lighting is efficient and economical. If you
use modern gas mantles you get more good light for
every penny of cost than you can get by any other
If you don't use modern, efficient giis appliances
and correct mantles above all, if you w on't use care
when you use gas you are wasting part of the na
tion's vital coal supply.
We urge you to use gas not waste it !
Chattanooga Gas Co,

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