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Cottages and Hotels on Moun
tains Well filled and Oth-
ers Seek Coast,
Now that tha conflict Of war la ovar,
paopl are returning- to their former
riablt In mora Literal way.- of leav
ing tha dty during; the heated term.
lt aummar thara wara ao many an
il mus moliiera who feared to laava town
last they would mlaa Betting the, n.ws
promptly from their loved one over
(, therefore tha delegation that uau
Hiiy left town for the aummer waa ma
terially reduced. Thla aummer a mora
normal condition pre va lie, and people
cot only feel more comfortable about
roInK away, but moat of them, aa
result of etranuoua war work, are in
greater need of tha recreation. Among
soma who rave already located for tha
aummer, and othere who will leave tha
city, are tha following:
Mr a. C. H. Jamei and granddaughter.
Jiisa Susanna, Jsnies, hava gone to
Atlantic City. They will ha at the
Chnlfonta hotel. Mlaa Dorothy Jamua
will Join them about tha middle of July.
Later Mra, Jamea will go to New York
and will vlait Bethlehem, Fa., before
ramming noma.
Mra. R. W. Barr and children left
"Wednesday for Old Mission, Mich.,
where they will anend the remainder of
the aummer in their cottage on Lake
Mr. and Mra. D. P. Montague ere
upending the aummer at their home on
lookout mountain. They hava with
them their daughter, the Countess Baa-
ponl, and her little aon, ttantranco,
from Italy.
Mr. end Mra. C. M. Wlllinrham and
family, and Mr. and Mra. A. C. Willing-
urn, are apending tne aummer at tne
Will Ingham colony on Lookout moun
Mr. end Mra. George F. Milton will
open their home on Lookout mountain
the latter part 01 tne ween.
Mra. Frances Fort Brown la at the
Lookout Mountain Houae aanltarltim.
where aha la slowlr recuperating. Her
sister. Mra. H. O. Milton, la with her.
Dr. B. F. Travis and family are lo
cated at their aummer borne at Men'
tone. Ala.
Mica Kate Bice la the gueat Of trlenda
on Signal mountain.
Mr. and Mra. B. 8. Davie, Mr. and
Mra. Harry Dobln end children, Mra.
Lore French Jenks, Mra. L. J. Grim
mer. J. I. Perry. F. T. L. Nelson, W.
V. Hall, M. F. Wllkerson end J. Ted
Englehart are among . the gueata at
ilntone snrlnrs.
Mr. and Mrs1. Telfair Brooke are
eroding tha aummer on Signal moun
tain. Mlaa Louie Brooke will go later
to Monteagle.
Dr. Claude E. Rill will take his vaca
tion la August, and will go to Mont-
ta.l.a at the T. W. C A. wUl go next
tary of the T. W. C A., will go to
New York and other eaatern points,
leaving July T.
Mr. and Mra Bernard Loveman are
upondlng the summer on Lookout moun
tain. Mr. and Mrs. W, A. Sadd and Mlas
Margaret Sadd are apending the sum
mer on Lookout mountain.
Mr. and Mra. J. L Carter have opened
in. ir aummer come on Lookout moun
tain. Mra Harriet Wayne Cook la at Signal
Mountain Inn.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Riddle. Jr., are
at (Signal Mountain inn for tha sura-
' Mr. and Mrs. George D. Incaster
are spending the aummer on Signal
Mr. and Mrs. Jo Anderson are at
tlifir home on Signal mountain.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Whiteman have
taken the Weir cottage on Lookout
mountain lor the aummer.
Mra. H. T. Olmsted and Mrs. W. R.
Butler have gone to the eaatern coast
for the summer.
Mr. end Mrs. Z. C. Patten. Jr.. and
Miks Gloria Lamb will leave next week
lor Atlentio City.
CampbeU'g PORK AND
BEANS Two cans . . . ,
Two large packages . . .
No. 1 slse
... 100
. No. 2 size cans 2 for .
Extra Good JAR
RUBBERS Doien. . . i
Per doien ............
35 c
The 29 Red Stores
United States Food Administra
tion License No. 0-24792
M People In a Comedy Scream.
Monarchs ef Syncopation.
Paths News and Three Other Big
Keith Acta.
. ' In
Days of Darlno"
A regular Mix picture full of
action and red-blooded exploits.
Tou wlU thrill over It.
Chapter "The Perils of Thunder
Superior Pic
ture Plays.
Why do girls who do not know
anything of love always fall in
love with a man who needa re
forming T Bee this story of a girl
who played with fire.
"Pure Havana," A Ford Weekly
"The Man Who Turned White"
She stood transfixed before Alls 6a
man, the desert band i. His parted
tun lo revealed him a nan of white
skin! And 1n the swirl of events
that followed more amasing reve
latlona occurred out there on the
Isahara desert. A thrilling and en
tertaining story.
Path Review No. C
1 . ;
.. I ,K
DauahtAr of Me. and Vra A r.
Johnaon, of I'nlontown, Pa., who hava
nean a i tne Hotel fatten for the past
ix weexa. i ne young aauanter nea
not yet reached tier teena, being only
11 yeara old. but her wlneome waya and
attractive face framed with a wealth
of golden hair haa made friendi of ev
ery one aha haa chanced to meet. Mr.
and Mra. Johnaon and their little
daughter expect to be in Chattanooga
a watk or two longer.
Mr. and Mra. Z. C. Patten and Tartar
Patten, tiarnett Andrawa, Jr., and Miai
Margaret Key will leave early next
month for Haven, Me., to epend the
remainder of the aummer In tha Patten
cottage on the coaat.
Mra. John K. Neal and Dr. John R.
I Neal, of Knoxvllle. will arrive thla
I week to be the gueata of Mra. W. E.
I wneeiocK. Later tne family will go to
the Mew England coaat to spend the
remainder of the aummer. They will be
with Commander George R. Neal, who
la In charge of the navy yarda at Hlng-
nam, Mass., ror a part 01 tne time.
Dr. and Mra. J. W. Johnaon and nhll
dren are at their aummer home on
Lookout mountain.
Mr. and Mra. Ham Schwarta and Mr.
and Mra. Adolph Shumacker opened
their home on Lookout mountain early
In June. ,
Mr. and Mra. J. T. Lunton and carter
L,upton ana Mra. M. w. ucna, will leave
next week for Atlentio City, and from
there will motor to Haven, Me., end
be with Mr. and Mra. Z. C. Patten for
a while. Lator thev will return in
Chattanooga and go to the Lupton ci
tato at Sapphire, N. C. for the remain
der of the aummer.
Through the magnanimous "gift of
'Three Oaks'' the children of tha Vina
Street ornhanajta will aummer on Wai-
den's ridge.
Mr. and Mra. C. V. Brown will onen
their aummer home on Signal mountain
I a ,
Mountain inn.
The Tenneaaee Field club, an asso-
elation formed- by the fire Insurance
agents of Tenneeaee. la holding a three
days' convention at Signal Mountain
inn. There are about fifty repreaenta
tivee attending, and twenty-five ladles
or more in tne party, making tne num
unr ublwbqii TCvaniy-uva inu oiim nun
The regular mid-week dinner dance
waa given In the caaino Wednesday
night, and quite a number of young
people from the city were In attend
ance. The dances at the Inn have been
taken over by the Junior league, and
Mra. George D. Lancaster has been ap
pointed chairman. She will be assisted
by a committee from the league.
1 1
Missionary Society ef Cumberland
Presbyterian Meets Friday,
Alt of the circles of the Missionary
society of the Cumberland Presbyterian
church will meet In an all-day aesston
riday at tne cnurch. uacn member la
expected to bring a lunch. Mra. E. F
Heasty ia president. Miss Christine
Allen will sing; also a female quartet
will give aome selections. Reports will
be heard from the recent convention
held , at Fayetteville, Ark.
George C. Murray and Mlaa Willie Woo
ers Married at noma or or. Mill.
Mrs. 3. E. Rogers, of Fast Lake, an
nounces the marriage of her daughter,
Willie Mae Rogers, to Mr. George C.
Murray, of Chicago. The wedding was
celebrated at the home of the officiating
minister. Rev. Claude E. Hill. Tuesday
afternoon at o clock, June 24. Alter
an extended southern wedding trio Mr,
and Mra. Murray will be at home in
Chattanooga. Mr. Murray la traveling
salesman for the King Trailer com
pany. The only attendants were Mlsa
Mildred Stephenson and Hugh Brown.
The commltteca for the Belgian float
for the celebration July 4 for the home
coming of tha soldiers from the Third
Presbyterian church have been ap
pointed aa follows:
General chairman. J. B. Smartt: for
decorations, Mrs. A. C. Fount; for mem
bers taking part, Mra. R. 8. Porter; of
tableaux, Mra. Gilbert King; of chil
dren participants. Mra. VV. M. Rich
ardson, Mra. F. E.i Fickard, Mrs. I. D.
Lixzie' Thomas.,
Mlas Billy Barron entertained with a
surprise party Wednesday evening at
her home In East Iake, tn honor of
Mias Grace Rawllngs. About twenty
gueats were present.
Mra. Krneat Hudlow. of New Tork.
came Wednesday to visit Mr. and Mrs.
S. M. Hudlow and family. Mrs. Hud
low la one of the young brldea of the
war period. Her husband la with a
united Ftatee battleship now on the
aeaa and as a furlough did not seem
aoon forth coming, she acceded to the
invitation to lournev south and vlait her
new kindred.
Mlaa AumiatA fnmv tia ..ttirn
from a two weeks' visit to relatives in
Fort Worth, Tex.
One Week
Beginning Monday, June 30
Continuous Performances From
1 P. M.to 11 P. M.
A government propaganda film
barring the realities of sex relation
and wiping out excuses for the
double standard.
orchestra reserved tor
The balcony tor men. Children
under sixteen not admitted.
All Seats SO Cents, Which
Include War Tax
Program Consisted of Origi
nal Poems Bead in a Prize
Announcement was made by Mlaa
Kdlth Beverly Kvana at the Chattanoo
pa Writers' clnb Wednesday afternoon
that ahe had received Information
from Secretary Daniels to the effect
that a. United Status deatroyer would
be given the name of the ''Noa," in
honor of Loveman Noa, who waa killed
in the I'hilllpplnes during the Spanlah-
American war while In charge of a
landing party. Loveman Noa was a
aradunte of Annapolla and brother of
Mlaa Krnestlne Noa, former president
of the Writers club, and nephew of D.
R. Loveman. The club authorised
the secretary pro-tern, Mrs. Katharine
Vaughn, to send a telegram to Secre
tary Danlela at once requesting- that he
give the boat the full name of "Love
man Noa."
The name was suggested br Com
mandant Ueorge S. Neal some time ego I
wnen ne was nere on a visit to his ais.
ter. Mra. W. E. Wheelock, and ahe In
turn suggested It to the Writers' club.
The matter- was recorded In the press
at that time and Mlas Evans mailed
tne cupping to the aecratsry of the
navy, with the result es mentioned.
The wife of the secretary of navy Is
from North Carolina and Secretary
Danlela has recently been In North
Carolina and conferred with Miss Kr
nestlne Noa Personally about tha mat
ter. Mrs. Blancl Noa Morehead, of
Kentucky, alater of Loveman Noa. will
christen the destroyr. Loveman Noa
la burjed In the National cemetery
here. Hoth Mra. Wheelock and Miss
Kvans were given a vote of thanks by
the dub for allowing the naming to go
through the organization and inmrini
the promise from Secretary Daniels.
The nroaram consisted of retina- of I
original poems Dy tne memDers present
in competition tor a pnae or a war sav
ings stamp, offered by Miss Ernestine
Noa. Among others read waa "In the
Shadow of Victory." by the president,
Mra. Mary Branson Littleton, and one
entitled ,rMuaIc." by Mra. George F.
Milton. The voting reaulted In a tie
between these two, and was taken over.
The second ballot resulted In a tie and
It waa then that the contestants ivtmiI
to recite some original vernes, and let
the votes be east again. Mrs. Littleton
recited a poem on JCnat Tennessee and
Mrs. Milton "The Mocker." a tribute
to the mocking bird. Mra Littleton
was given the majority, and Immediate
ly announced that she would donete
the prize to the Emma Bell Miles fund.
Three members were added to the roll,
having been duly paaaed upon and
authorised by Miss Sarah Fmzler,
chairman of the mnmberahln committee.
They were Mrs. L. S. Colysr, Mra. L.
M. Russnll and Mlas Claire O'Brien.
Mra. George F, Milton, chairman Of
the program committee, called for aug
geatlona and the chair autro'aatad a
study of the United States constitution
for next year. This was supplemented
by a suggestion that the state consti
tution, which stands aa It was written
In 1834, In the prlmatlve days oK stage
coach travel, etc., be added to the pro
gram. The plan waa approved In an
open discussion by each member pres
ent. Mra X H. Cantrell In- making the
treasurer's report, announced a. balance
of f36T on deposit In the bank aa a re-
suit or tne sale or tne Emma Bell Miles
Bird nook. Mrs. Milton stated that the
Tenneaaee text book committee was
the book for uae In public
scnooi. one also stated there were
nearly Z'K) subscribers for the book of
poems pending publication.
T. L. Rtoutti la seriously 111 at hla
home In ParkVlaee.
Lieut. Jamea B. Bender, of tha JHftv.
fourth Infantry. Sixth division. Is at
home on a furlough, after having been
overaeaa for a year or more. He is the
son of James W, Bender, of East Chat
tanooga, and la now stationed at Camp
urant, in.
Commodore Albert L. Key Is at his
home on Cameron Hill. David Key Is
at home from Harvard, and Albert Key,
Jr., Is at Sweetbriar camp.
Mrs. A. C. Ernest haa received news
that her son, Edwin Ernest, has arrived
at Newport Newa. He la with the 602nd
battalion, Company B. engineers.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Brawley have
moved from the Hogshead apartments
Into the H. T. Olmsted home on Fort
Wood for the summer. ,
Mrs. Jacob Blanton, who has been
seriously 111 for the past ten days at
West-Kills hospital, is reported rapidly
Capt. Ram Whltaiter, or the Eighty
first division, who haa been giving lec
tures at the A. K. F. college, Beaume,
France, waa expected to aall June 19,
but as no cable haa been received an
nouncing his departure, his parents,
Gen., and Mrs. M. N. Whitaker, are
uncertain about when to expect him.
Mr. and Mrs. Jamea Walsh, of Fort
Oglethorpe, who left for an extensive
trip east, spent last week In' Washing
ton, D. C. Mr. and Mra. Walsh will
visit Philadelphia, New York. New Jert
sey. Boston and the Catsklll moun
tains, returning home by fall.
Brett Kenna. a student of Dana Mc
Klnney, aang at the Rotary club lunch
eon today at tha Hotel Patten.
Sergt. T. F. Roberts arrived at Fort
Oglethorpe this morning from Camp
Mills, with twenty-four other men to
be discharged. He landed Thursday,
June 19, from overseaa, at New York.
He la the aon M Mr. and Mrs. T. F.
Roberta, of Houston street, and left
here with the heavy tank unit, but was
later transferred to the motor truck
Mayor ef Muncle and Prosecuting At-
wrnvjr oi uniwini bounty Arrested.
Muncle. Ind.. June i Rollln M
Bunch, mayor of Muncle. and Horace
O. Murphy, prosecuting attorney of
Delaware county, were arreated this
morning by Mark Storen, United
States marshal of the Indiana district.
on Indictments returned by the federal
grand Jury at Indianapolis last Sat
urday. Both are charged with con
spiracy to use the mails to defraud and
the indictments followed Investigation
of the operations of a e-anir of fake
prise fight and land operators who had
headquarters in this city. Both Buncb
and Murphy were released under 110,
000 bonds, furnished by Muncle busi
ness men.
Clerk at S400 Yearly Refuaas Increase
in pay.
Boston. a. N. 8.) Interest In the
Boston Museum of Fine Arts haa
mounted apace because of Hanford L.
Story. He la a rare gentleman. He
distinctly refuses an Increase in salary.
He is a city employe. Other city em
ployes cannot unaerstana it.
He la a clerk to the Boston Art com
mission at $400 a year. A budget ses
sion of the city council developed the
startling, almost disquieting, Informa
tion to the councillors that Mr. Story ia
peneotiy aausnea witn ituu. It was ex
plained that Mr. Storv in hla other ra
pacity of registrar of the Museum of
ine Arts, receives additional salary of
irom (jvu to (u.
r;ven ao, why refuse more money.
especially city money T That'a what
worries tne political mind.
Von Lettow-Vorbeck Ordered There
With Troopa.
Berlin. June 2R (A. P.) The arrival
Of the first cargo of cotton at Hamhurr
a few days ago prompted inouirjea of I
the minister of economics In respect of I
lunner anipmenis. -me minister has
replied, eaylng that the shipment was
tor tne account or tne Czech govern
ment an for the time being German
customers wouia not receive any cot
ton from cargoes which arrive.
Troopa Ordered to Hamburg.
London. June 25. (A. P.) Repre
santatlvea of Industrial, councils have
assumed full political and military
power in Hamburg and are sitting In
the town hall, according to advices
from Berlin quoting newspaper advloea
received that Gen. Von Lettow-Vorbeck
who haa been ordered to Hamburg with
strong foroaa to restore order.
(By Betty Brown.)
New York. Richest . materials,
simple lines, elaborate embroideries!
"La, la! Chic!" as the Parlsienne
says. . These are the new bathing
And such a variety. Fifth avenue
shops have blossomed with them.
They are about aa dashing: without
being; daring as the 'human water
eprlte could wish.
Here's one of black wool jersey In
smock style with a sash of self mate,
rial with green and wool crochet
edging, and an embroidered design.
Tremendous Pyrotechnical Display
Will Feature July 4 Celebration
for Big Parade Announced by Marshal Phil Whitaker in
The program for the Fourth of
July fireworks display to be given at
Warner park waa announced
Wednesday by a special committee
In- charge of contracts and arrange
ments for that feature of the wel
come home celebration for Chatta
nooga and Hamilton county's re
turned soldiers, sailors and marines.
T. M. Clemons is general chairman
and J. C Richards Is directly super
vising the execution of the contract,
which has been let to one of the
largest producers of pyrotechnics In
America. The producers will send a
force of experts here to "Are" the
night show.
The pyrotechnical entertainment
will open with what Is promised as
a most spectacular piece, symboliz
lng the actual entry of American
troops Into the European war, the
"Battle of Chateau-Thierry." In 1ml
fating a German cannonade and al
lied barrage, hundreds of bombs and
rockets will be fired In this spec
tacle alone.
After thirteen "set pieces," all cal
culated to thrill even the most hard
ened veteran, of European barrages
and bombardments, there will be an
aerial display requiring the firing of
Zbu large-caliber shells from mortars
and special guns. Of these 47 will
be 24-Inch shells, 79 will be 18-lnch
sheila, 93 will he 15-inch shells and
86 will be 12-lnch shells.
The battle of Chateau-Thierry will
show the trenches of the American
marines and In the distance the
houses of the city. The battle com
mences with the firing of the big guns
of the enemy and the barrage Are In
reply and a constant drum fire from
both batteries. The houses begin to
crumble and blow up, when suddenly
an airship appears over the ground
the antiaircraft guns get busy, shoot
(By Betty Brown.)
Who would think simnlicltv mnlrt
do ao cnicr
This peach-colored organdie and
peach is THE chosen rhade for sum
mer, by the way is guiltless of trim
ming except in its very deep hem
topped by rows of fine tucking and
Its whit net frUla
M nt .si ,inl l"':v",.:
V ; "fpj
rKwal tti y A
In which & fish as the motif adds Its
effective decoration. The checker
board facing of the hat lends the
finishing note.
Also of fine wool jersey Is the
worsted figure, this time in a second
suit, and again does green braid ef
fect on all edges, even to the tight
bloomers. The braided sash is of
the same green. The slashed skirt
allows freedom of movement, and al
together it's a gem among the new
bathing costumes.
But in a waterette satin model
with a godoted effect below the waist, I
1 It down, then an observation balloon
arrives over the . German trenches
and Is destroyed. The total destruc
tlon of the city follows and out of
the ruins springs a. large American
flag. This piece will cover a space
of ground 400 feet long and the bom
bardment from the big guns can be
neara mues away.
Laraest Ever.
The entire program Is much larger
than any ever before planned In
Chattanooga, as It includes ninety
exhibition devices. They are as fol
lows: Old Glory, spirit of 1918, colors
of the allies, Niagara falls, Presi
dent Wilson, the northern lights, Gen.
Pershing, American Beauty roses,
the world In rotation, battle of Jut
land, sea of fire, monarch of the air,
Balvo bombardment, the prospector's
dream, rivals of the firmament, Pan
ama rockets, gem caskets, forest
fires, hanging chains, twinkling
stars, floating stars, queen's jewel
rockets, trailing vines, kaleidoscope,
fiery Bnowsform, - presidential bou
quet, American boys, Panama shells,
Yankee Doodle shells, double hya
cinth, whistling shells, hissing ser
pents, Yankee boys, birds of para
dise, national colors, aerial bouquet,
twin roses, silvery shower, emerald
stars, chain of Jewels, devil among
the tailors, weeping willows, chro
matic showers, sunburst shells, dia
monds of the Bky, song of the morn
ing stars, sunshine at night, visitors
from Mars, a flash from Venus, Gor
don's aerial Niagara, mystic wheels,
ruby chains, pearly pendants, the
rainbow dome, colored festoons, sap
phire stars, jeweled festoons, aerial
chains, tarantula land, aluminum
shells, monsters of the air, the as
tronomer's vision, shower of jewels,
lilacs and violets, the golden flower,
les papillons, humming birds, flitter
ing stars, electric showers, multi
colored repeating bombs, Old Glory
bombs, lilacs and violets, shell of
shells, the pyrotechnjeal cuttlefish,
magic fireflies, Gordon's special,
shower of pearls, electric flash and
comet shells, bombardment of the
sky, grand bombardment, multicolor
repeating, Gordon's comet shells, the
octopus, and the Panama special.
The Niagara falls will be 150 feet
long and fifty feet high and will show
solid sheet of aluminum fire which
has the appearance of glittering!
water and the sound of the mighty
cataract Itself. The molten fire, on
reaching the ground, rebounds with
spray of silvery mist, creating an
effect long to be rememberd for its
beauty. Another of the exhibits that
will be especially spectacular will be
that of the northern lights. This will
show the crimson lights shooting up
ward and these will give the mar.
velous effect of the aurora borealls,
most beautiful of all the phenomena
of the "land of the midnight sun.
The flames change from crimson to
soft gold, then to white, then to
green. Another Is the "world In ro
tatlon." JThis remarkable pyrotechnl
cal exhibit shows the globe with the
principal planets surrounding It, with
smaller fiery bodies, representing the
stars, in action, 40x40 feet. The for
est fires will show a dazzling curtain
of fiery mist Interspersed with starry
darts of flame, produced by the dis
charge of twelve 8-Inch forest Are
Maj. Phil Whitaker has been made
marshal of the parade for the wel-
mofing home day, and the following
l hattanoogans who have returned
from service have been asked to as
sist: Aldes-de-Carhp Lieut. Carl H.
Hood, Lieut. George P. Milton. Lieut
Alex Guerry, Lieut. Robert Strauss
and Lieut Stanley Snyder.
Adjutant Infantry Section Capt.
Townsend Fyott
Adjutant, Cavalry Section Capt
James M.- JIcGaughy.
Adjutant Field Artillery Section
Cart Jesse M. Mitchell.
Adjutant, Coast Artillery Section
Lieut. Milton V. Griscom.
Adjutant Tank Corns Sera-. .Tne
R. Jarnigan.
Adjutant. Medical Corns Lieut
John Revington.
Adjutant Quartermaster Corps
Capt. Jack Ryan.
Adjutant Machine Gun Troona
Capt Douglas McMIUin.
Adjutant. Signal Coma Sera-t
Robert O. Daly.
Adjutant. Engineers Lieut. Edwin
B. Phillips.
Adjutant,' Adjutant-General's De
partment Arthur Land.
Ldjutant, Air Service Lieut Paul
JUNE 88, ifllg!
after the manner of the newest con
ventional coats, is another of fash
Ion's whims. It's ' the bloomers.
They're butlt precisely like riding
breecnea. Of course, there s a sash
and again it's braided, though this
time of silk to match silk braid era-
broidery on the suit.
Then there are separate Testees
for bathing dresses another idea
borrowed from conventional garb.
These are of such materials as Kum
sl-kumsa and oiled silk.
(Models by courtesy of Glddlngs,
Fifth avenue. New York.)
B. Carter. ' . i
Adjutant Motor Transport Corps-
Lieut Curtis Holmes.
Adjutant Chemical -Warfare Serv
ice Sergt. Edward Crose.
Adjutant, Marine Corps Sergt
Carter Lynch.
Adjutant Sailors Ted Senter.
Headquarters Central Committee on
Soldiers' Welconme.
Chattanoga, Tenn., June 24, 1919.
1 Returned soldiers, sailors and
marines in Chattanooga, Hamilton,
county. Rossville and adjacent terri
tory will parade on the morning of
July 4 in Chattanooga. Men In all
branches of the service, regardleas of
length of service or place served, will
take part.
Commodore A. L. Key will command.
Troops, will be formed In column of
squads as designated below, and each
branch of the service will form one de
tachment without regard for regiments
or divisions.
2 Uniform and equipment.
Regulation army or navy uniform.
Marines wil( wear regulation forest
green. No equipment. Officers and
soldiers who served in A. E. F. will
wear Sam Browne belt. Canvas,
leather or wrapped puttees may be
3 All detachments will form at 9
a.m., as follows:
Infantry North side of Vine street,
head of column resting of Georgia av
enue. Machihe Gun South aide of Vine
street, head of column resting on Geor
gie avenue.
Artillery (Field) West side of
Georgia avenue, north of Vine street.
Artillery (Coast) To Include trench
mortars; east side of Georgia avenue,
north or vine street.
Cavalry North side of Oak street.
head of column resting on Georgia av
Engineers South aide of Oak atreet.
head of column resting on Georgia av
enue. Marines; North side of Oak street.
head of column following cavalry de
tachment. Sailors South side of Oak street,
head of column following engineer de
tachment. Quartermaster CorDS West side ot
Lookout street, head of column resting
on Sixth.
Aviation Corps East side of Lookout
street, head of column resting on Sixth.
Medical Detachment West side of
Lookout street, head of column follow
ing quartermaster detachment.
Motor Transport Coprs East side ot
Lookout street, head of column follow
ing aviation detachment.
Tank Corps North side of McCallle,
head of column resting on Georgia av
enue. Chemical Warfare Service South
side of McCallie avenue, head of col
umn resting on Georgia avenue.
Signal Coprs North side of McCallle
avenue, head of column following tank
A d J u t ant-General's Department
South side of McCallie avenue, head of
column following chemical warfare de
tachment. All colored troops will form on Vine
street with head of column resting on
Lindsay street, in mass.
The senior officer present In eaoh de
tachment at time detachment is re
Dorted present by adjutant assigned
from these headquarters will command
during the parade.
The column will move at 10 a.m.. In
the following order: Infantry, machine
guns, artillery (neld), artillery (coast),
cavalry, engineers, marines, sailors,
quartermaster corps, aviation, medical
carps, motor transport corps, tank
corps, chemical warfare service, signal
corns. adJutant-general'a department.
Bands will be placed by order of the-
marshal of parade.
The line of march will be: West on
Sixth street to Market, thence south
on Market to the crossing of the W. &
A. railway, thence countermarch on
Market to the intersection of Fourth
street. Detachments will be dismissed
as they cross Fourth street, and will
disperse immediately, so as to clear the
street lor tramc.
By command of the central commit
Major, Infantry, Marshal.
The official general order issued by
Maj. Whitaker relative to the parade
is as follows:
The following Is the description of the
float "Architecture" to be represented
by the First Christian church In the
pageant July 4.
"The main figure Is a representation
of the 'Porch of the Caryatids,' from
the most beautiful of Greek architec
tural monuments. 'The "Erechtheum,
on the Acropolis at Athens. The cary
atids, female figures supporting the cov
ering of porch, are represented by the
following young ladies: Misses Aline
Hill, Mary Elisabeth Hill, Margaret
Johnson, Annie Trimble, Rose Rabe and
Frances Potts.
"Minerva, the goddess of peace, de
pleted as an heroic monument, mounted
on a classic pedestal. Is represented by
Miss Bessie Stone. A group, 'Worship
ers at the Shrine,' is represented by
the following children: Winifred Thomp
son, Elizabeth Thompson, Frances Har
per, Louise Duggin, Sallle Case, Fran
cea Kibbler, Mary Elizabeth Clemons,
Dorothy Burns, Marjory Burns, Eliza- I
beth Wight. Katherina Bedford. At
tended by Misses Elisabeth Black and
Irene Moore.
"The rear of the float presente a
group at the shrine ot Vesta. Beautiful
little Miss Frances Powell, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Powell, repreaent-
ing "The Attendant' at the altar of
'Fira of Life.' Her
Publio Luncheon at the Hotel
Patten on Saturday.
No executive body could meet or be
entertained under more ideal condi
tions than are planned for the mam
bars of the Tennessee state suffrago
board, to convene here Friday said Sat
urday. The opening session will be
held at the Lookout Mountain club Fri
day morning followed by a luncheon.
After luncheon they will be taken for
a trip In automobiles around tha moun
tain and will have tea with Mra. C. C.
Nottingham, than go to ''Piny Wood."
the home of the president Mrs. George
V. Milton, for dinner. . ....
The Saturday morning session will be
held at tha home of Hon, and Mrs.
Newell Bandera, which affords a scenic
view unsurpassed. . Adjourning, they
will go to the Hotel fatten tor a pudiic
luncheon, where Interested citizens will
h. riven an oDDOrtunitv to meet the
distinguished women composing, the
deleratlon. Mayor-elect A. W. Cham'
hll will make tha addreaa of welcome
and Mrs. John M. Kenny, of Nashville,
will respond in Denan ot tna Dooy.
Mra. Guilford Dudley and others will
aneak at the luncheon. Senator F. T,
Carter and ReDreaentatlvea L. D. Mil
ler and Lynn, will be the honor guests
of the Chattanooga tsunrage associa
tion, ana will oe neara. in onei ao
Following the luncheon at the Patten
tne body win pe taxen on m. signi-aee
In trin around tha city.
A partial list of hostesses and their
gueata is as tonowa:
Mrs. W. B. Swaney Mrs. Lee Fox.
Murfreesboro: Miss . Mary Skefflngton,
Dyeraburg; Mrs. Iaaao Reese. Mrs. D,
1 Vlmhrnurh. Nashville.
Mra. Bernard Loveman Mrs. Reuben
Mills, Tullahoma; Mrs. Marion Hope,
Mra. R. B, Cooke, Johnson City.
Mrs. George F. Milton Mra. uuurora
Dudley. Mra. jonn jvu o.enny. ixaan-
vilie; Mrs. O. B. Lannon and Mrs.
John M. Ransom, Tullahoma: Mra.
Howie. Rockwood, and Mra. L. T. Hill.
Chattanooga. .
Mrs. John C. Vance Mrs. H. C. Mil
nor, Knoxvllle.
Mrs. W. B. Miner Mrs. Lucy wins-
low, Harrlman.
Mra. Harold Whiteman Mrs. Lea Fox
Anv one desiring tickets to the lunch
on at the Patten can secure them by
applying at tne fatten, or to any mem
ber of tne committee as follows: ' .
Miss Sophia Albert, Mrs. w. J.
Dobbs, Mra Albert Caldwell and Mrs,
J. C. Quentel.
Three Prussian Presidents Regret Ae-
ceotanca or peace.
Copenhagen. June 2. (A. P.) Three
presidents of eastern provinces of
Prussia have issued a proclamation to
tne innaoitanis oi uieir aistricts ex'
Dressing the deetest grief at the un
conditional acceptene of the allied
peace terms, but adding that tha people
''must not under the circumstances pre
vent the government from fulfilling Its
word to the enemy."
'Regard for our. compatriots who
would have to bear the consequences
of such action, the proclamation saya,
"makes It our hard duty to -refrain from
fighting for our right of self-determination
and honor, and bow to tha de
cision which has been taken."
virgins are represented by the follow
ing children:, Dorothy Tomllnson, Isa
belle Tomllnson, Lady May Butler,
Mary Catherine Brown, Louise Austin.
Attended by Misses Elizabeth Charll
ton and Margaret Hill."
F. F. Bedford la architect and chair
man ot construction committee, as
sisted by Mark C. Kerr, Andrew Smith
and Chas. F. King.
Mrs. Jos. R. Johnson Is chairman of
the decorating committee, assisted by
the following ladies: Mrs. I. R. Stone.
Mrs. F. H. Hubble; Mrs. Charles Hall
and Mrs. C E. Bylngton.
C. H. Harris, general chairman.
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From the department of state
recommendation has gone to con
gress proposing legislation which
would authorize the president to In
vite each of the Latin-American na
tions to send two representative
annually, beginning tn 1920, to the
United States or training either at
West Point or Annapolis. . There la
every reason to commend this pro
posal. Tha doors of our general edu
cational Institutions hava always
been wide open, of course, to stu
dents from South and Central Amer
ica, and a number of candidates have
availed themselves In the past of the
opportunity so offered. Indeed, there
was graduated from the Naval acad
emy la week a son of Col. Aurello
Heria. formerly georetary of war
and navy for Cuba. But there havo
been all too few chances given to in
young men of South America to com
here for- their training witnout ex
pense to themselves, and for congress
to make such opportunities available
at West Point and Annapolis would
he to lead the way to frequent ex
changes on the best basis possible.
The foundation of these national
scholarships for the Latin-American
countries at tha two finest of our
government' schools would bo a gift
clearly betokening the friendship of
the United States toward the Ideal
of ' Pan-American union, and one
which could not be looked upon as a
mere profession of Interest, but
which must stand, In South American
yes, as a substantial courtesy.
The plan advanced by Mr. Polk
haa been well conceived, and cannot
be brought too goon to the stage of
Military Bole Ended, Again Accessible
te Tourlata. i
Paris. The Eiffel tower has Joined
the ranks of the demobilised Its mili
tary role being ended, although its
wireless telegraphy station will be
maintained and Indeed strengthened to
bring It equal to the German poet at
Nauen. It will again be accessible to
tourist visitors after being unapproach- -able
for over four yeara.
During the war a dozen machine guns
were mounted on the highest platform
as protection against air attacka. On '
the first rlatform were four-Inch guns
and searchlights, and later a powerful
siren to give warning against air raids.
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