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f r
Farmer Declares ThatTanlac
' Relieved Suffering 6f His ,
Wife and Son.
'Tennessee Man.. Savs Hi
Thinks Tanlao Is "Greatest I
:. Medicine on Jlarth." , i j
"From tha way Tanlao helned my
j'Wtfa and son I believe It Is the great-,-est
medicine on earth," said J. R.
jHam, a farmer living- tm Route 1,
Capleavllle, Tenn,, in relating Ms txA
perlence with the medicine. .
"My wife had rheumatism fop eight
years," he continued, "and she suf
fered such terrible pains In her bach
and shoulders that she could hardly
tand it. We would have to keep hot
owels on her for hours before she!
'could get any ease and go to sleep.
My son, too, was down in bed for
over six weeks with a bad intestinal
trouble and suffered dreadfully. ' . i
I "Tanlao did my wife, a world oi
good right from the start. She says
she hasn't felt an ache or a pain in
a good long time, the rheumatism is
all gone and she has improved so
much she hardly tooks like the same
frson. My son has Improved, won
derfully on Tanlac, it is building him
tip and the way he is going now I am
sure ha will soon be as Well and
strong as ever."
f Tanlao Is sold Id Chattanooga by
Live and Let Live Drug Co., and by
the leading druggist In practically
very city, town and village In America-
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Vulcanizing and
' -; Tires -.
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i' -
Neighbors Recommended It
i to Mr. Nash.
Is a Great
cine, He Says.
1 "Some time ago my baby was sick
yith. whooping cough and neighbors
;old me to give her Lung-Vita," says
Vlr. E. A. Nash, who, lives at 824 East
fwenty-Second street, Chattanooga,
fenn. ,
"I did It and she was soon well,
the was. a delicate child, but the
Lung-Vita cured her so quick that
she had no afyer troubles, such as fre
quently follow whooping cough. She
has had splendid health since she took
the medicine. I have told others what
a wonderful medicine Lung-Vita is
for whooping cough, and how a num
ber of my neighbors have used It
with "the very best results. It is a
great medicine and I am always glad
to recommend It."
I Lung-Vita is sold by most drug
gists and dealers, but if yours has not
us yet stocked it, write Nashville
Medicine Co., Nashville, Tenn., for
free booklet. (Adv.)
Solons Get Down to Work in
Earnest Forecast of
Coming Events.
Atlanta, G., Jun 17. The Georgia
house of representatives started busi
ness with a rush Thursday morning,
more than 100 bills being introduced
during the session. Including practically
all the important meHsurcs 'Scheduled
for consideration. ' The constitutional
amendment to move the state capital
to Macon was the Brut to come up, sc
ouring flrst place on the house calendar!
Announcement was made by John V,
Smith of the Fulton delegation, . thai
the Saltan' 'B. Anthony amendment .to
tHe federal constitution giving women
the ballot, will be postponed until next
year, on account ot the large amount
of matters of more importance which
must be disposed of by the leglslaturei
All the other big Items were unsigned
places from the Jump, Including the tax
revision bill, creation of a budget com
mission,' the state bank law, reorgani
sation and enlargement of the railroad
commission, amendment to the state
constitution to permit votes for women,
the highway bill and revision of the
school laws. '
' Salary Increases Asked. '
A number of salary Increases are
provided in bills. The most Important
is by Messrs. Hardin, of Banks; Dun
can, ot Hall; Mason, of Hart; Stubbs,
of Laurens, and Barnes, of Bibb, to in
crease the yearly salary of the com
missioner of agriculture from $3,000 to
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ones have vanished entirely. It is
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plexion. ' '
Be sure and ask for the double
strength Othine, i as this is sold under
guarantee of money back If It falls
to remove freckles. .
Eafcy Ccmira To
Year Home?
Ill Wonderful Event That Will Bring
. Much Gladi
t8,00. Other salary increases advo
cated are: Commissioner of commerce
and labor, from $3,400 to $9,(00; state
tax commissioner from S2.&U0 to $4,000.
Representative Mclntyre. of Thomiis
county. Introduced an important bill
which will .be of much slgnlncance in
connection with the discussion on tax
reform measures. Mr. Maclntyre pro
posed to amend the constitution, so as
to raise the tax limit from I. mills to
6.4A mills.
The bill plsns for the apportionment
ot the money as follows: 1.1 to com
mon schools, .84 to educational Institu
tions, 1.2 to pensions, .84 to Interest
and sinking fund and 1.2 for eleemosy
nary Institutions.
Antltobacce Bill Out.
Mr. Maclntyre proposes that the com
mon school fund shall be given the en
tire rental or income from the Western
& Atlantio railroad, the entire poll tax,
apeclal occupational tax. and inheri
tance tax. It is proposed that this
amendment be subm.tted to tho people
of Georgia for a vote at the next gen
eral election. -
Kepresentative Stone, of Jeff Davis
county,. Introduced a bill to prohibit
the sale in tills state of cigarettes,
cigarette tobacco or cigarette papers.
The sentiment ot members of the house
along that line cannot be obtained at
tha present, but it is believed certain
that the measure proposed will be con
sidered as something of a Joke.
Johnson, of Appling, Wohlwender, Of
Muscogee, and the Bibb delegation com
posed of Messrs. Barnes, Cochran and
Btrozler are pushing the capital re
moval bill which provides for removing,
the capital to Macon, the sale ot the
capitol building and grounds' and ot
the governor's mansion.
", ' , Has Election Measurs.
McCall. of Brooks, Introduced a bill
providing that the term of the gov
ernor be four years Instead of two,
and that he shall not be eligible for
re-election after the expiration of his
first term. This measure provides that
the first election be held the first
Wednesday in October, 1920, and that
the' governor shall be installed the first
Tuesday in June.
There were two bills proposing
amendments to the constitution to give
women the vote. They were by C. M.
Dobbs, of Cobb county, and Swift, of
filbert county.
Dr. Hogshead snd Earl Wsstsr En
Route , to New York.
Washington, " June 27. (Special.)
Dr, ,T. M. Hogshead and Earl Wester,
prominent citizens of Chattanooga, are
in Washington enroute to Atlantic City
and New York.
Are you looking forward, dear pros
pective mother, to the wonderful, glo
rious time when you shall hold in
your arms the little mite, which is your
flesh and blood, with feelings ot mis
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honored preparation, Mother's Friend,
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pare their systems to withstand the
The action of this famous remedy is
to relieve tension on drawn nerves,
cords, tendons nd ligaments, to relieve
strain and discomforts, such as nausea,
nervousness bearing-down and stretch
ing pains' By regular use during the
period the muscles expand easily when
baby is born; pain anddanger at the
crisis is naturally less and the hours
are fewer. Do not neglect the use of
Mother's Friend. It is for external ap
plication only, is absolutely safe and
wonderfully effective.
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pany, Dept. N, Lamar Building, At
Atlanta, Georgia, for their Motherhood
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Genuine Calf Skin
Folks who ;
like flood
says jftoify
DROPSY Specialist
' Usually gives quick re
liet; have entirely relieved
many seemingly hopeless
cases. Swelling and shor
breath soon none. Often
gives entire relief tn 15 to
25 days. Trial treatmen
sent by mall FRKfai.
Successor to Dr. H. H
Green's Sons, Box N,
Chatsworttt, Ga.
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Herolin Pomade Hair Dressing is
not sticky or gummy. Finely per
fumed. You like to use it. Takes
the place of straightening irons.
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hair soft, lustrous, long, straight
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ruff and stops fulling hair. Hero
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Atlanta, Ca.
Boitfi Let this faa
This is the Situation facing France.
Her coal bins are empty. Her, mines
have been wrecked. Twenty years will
be required to restore them. In France
every homekeeper is worried about his
coal for this winter. He's up on his toes
'phoning and calling upon the coal deal
ers and preferred deliveries.
Are you to sure of getting what you
want when you want it that you don't
think it worth while to give a thought in
advance to your home comfort this win
ter?. .
These are days of great uncertainty.
Better take advantage of certainty while
It's here, and v
Bryan Coal Co.
3 S"J
Wilson Takes Heartfelt Farewell
Of France; Looks Forward to Peace
Parle. June T. (A. I'.) President
Polncare last night gave a dinner to
President Wilson and all the dele
gales to the peace conference. Mrs.
Wilson accompanied the president i
Responding to an address made by
M. Polncare, President Wilson said;
"I thank you most sincerely for the
words that you have uttered. I can
not pretend, sir, that the prospect of
going home la not very delightful to
me, but I can say with the greatest
sincerity that the prospect of leavf
ing France is very painful to me. j
"I have received a peculiarly gene
erous welcome here and it has beea
pleasing for me to feel that that wel.
come was Intended not so much for
myself as for the people whom I rep
resented. And the people of France
know how to give a welcome that
makes a man's heart glad. They hav
a spontaneity' about them, a sim
plicity of friendship which la alto
gether delightful.
"I feel that my atay here, sir, haa
enlightened both my heart and my
mind. It has enabled me personally
to see the evidence of the suffering;
and sacrifices of France. It hai en.
abled me to come into persons touch,
with the leaders of the French peo.
pie, and through the medium of in
tercourse with them to' understand
better, I hope, than I understood bet
fore, the motives, the ambitions anJ
the principles which actuate this
great nation. " It has, therefore, been
to me a lesson in the roots of friend
ship In those things which make the
Intercourse of nations profitable and
serviceable for all thereBt of manr
kind. ' '
Dally Conferences Valuable.
"Sometimes the work- of the con
ference has seemed to go. very slowly
Indeed. Sometimes it has1 seemed a a
if there were unnecessary obstacles
to agreement! but as the weeks have
lengthened I have aeemed to see the
profit 'that came out of that. Quick
conclusions would not have produced
that intimate knowledge 'of each
other's mind which I think has come
out of these dally conferences. ( .;
"We have been constantly in the
presence of each , other's minds and
motives and characters', and the comi
radeshtps which are based upon that
ort of . knowledge are sure to be very
much more inteinrent not only, but
to breed a much more Intimate sym
pathy and comprehension than could
otherwise be created.
Something More Than Friendship..
"These six months have been six
months which have woven new fibres
of connection' between the hearts of
our people. And something more than
friendship ' and' intimacy has come
out of this intercourse.
"Friendship is a very good thing. In
timacy is a very enlightening thing.
But friendship may end with sentiment.
A new thing that has happened is that
we have translated our contmon prin
ciples and our common purposes into a
common plan. When we part we are
not going to part with a finished work,
but with a work one portion of which
is finished and the other portion ot
which is only begun. '
"We have finished the formulation or
peace, but we have begun a plan of
co-operation which I believe will broad
en and strengthen as the years go by
so that this grip of the hand that we
have taken now will need to be re-,
laxed. We hane been and shall con
tinue to be comrades. We shall continue
to be co-workers in tasks which, be
cause they are common, will weave out
of our sentiments a common conception
of duty and a common conception of
the rights of men of every race and of
every clime. If it be true that that
has been accomplished, it is a very
great thing. . T
"As I go away from these scenes J
think I shall realize that I have been
present at one of the most vital things
that has happened In the history of na
tions. Nations have formed contracts
with each other before, but they never
have formed partnerships. They have
associated themselves temporarily, but
they have never before associated
themselves permanently. I
Awake to Moral Necessity.
"The wrong that was done in the
waging of this war was a great wrong,
but it, wakened the world to a great
moral necessity of seeing that it was
necessary that men should band them
selves together In order that such a
wrong should never be perpetrated
B8"Merely to beat a nation that was
wrong once is not enough. There must
follow the warning to all other nations
that would do like things that they in
turn will be vanquished and shamed 11
thev attempt a dishonorable purpose.
"You can see, therefore, sir, with what
deep feelings those of us who must now
for a little while turn away from France
shall. leave your shores, and though tne
ocean la broad it will seem very narrow
In the future. It will be easier to un-
A country farm agent in Louisiana
last year, backed by the bankers,
bought 160 Holsteln cows, and inaugu
rated "own a cow" campaiRn. ine
movement was so successful that more
cows are to be bought and distributed.
l'ineapple production is being re
sumed down along the east coast of
Florida. The season of 1UU8-J.
ten years ago, shipments exceeded a
million crates, but since then, shipments
have annually decreased. It is esti
mated that "pine" shipments this sea
son will run to 200 cars.
Williston, Fla., shipped over 200,000
crates of cucumbers this season. A
plan is under way to establish a pickle
fnrtory at the place. Heinz, who
died recently, started his great can
ning industry with pickles, and lett
an estate of $7,000,000.
A new Florida citrus fruit, called
the llmcquat, has been developed at tho
experiment station at Eustis, under the
direction of F. W. Savage, of the
United States bureau of plant Industry.
It has a thin, edible skin, with pulp
having the acid of the lime.
The bureau of crop estimates fore
casts for Florida a watermelon crop of
6,002 cars of 1,000 melons each from
an estimated acreage of 16,300. an es
timate based on July 1 of 76 per cent of
normal. This compares with a crop Inst
year of 2.61(9 cars from an acreage yield
of 323 melons per acre on 8,335 acres.
Another cotton factory for Sylacauga,
Ala., has been announced. This latest
additional industry will have a capacity
of 25,0u0 spindles.
One of the largest cotton deals ever
consummated in Calhoun, Ala., whs
completed at Annlston, when the Rob
inson Brqthers company, of Annlston,
bought 1,854 bales of cotton from J. P.
Woolf, of Piedmont, for the considera
tion of $300,00.0.
It is said the prospective Alabama
good roads bill will form a part of the
report to be mado to the legislature
by the recess committee on convicts
and good roads, when that body con
venes next month. It is thought that
tho bill will be submitted with the
committee's report.
A 4,400-acre farm In Eutler county,
Alabama, has Just been sold by Brough
ton Wilkerson, of Greenville, to Nclwon
Strombers, of Eagle Uond, Minn. The
price pain, it is understood, was some
thing more than $100.00.
Announcement has been made that
the Pratt Consolidated Coal company
through its board of directors, has
voted unanimously to contribute to the
Alabama memorial $6 for every person
who felt the service of this corporation
to take up work of any character with
the government during the war.
$20,000 worth of Merchan
dise advertised at about half
price in The News Want Col
umns". (Adv.) ..
Given Prompt and Careful
Miss .Anna Belle Cagle
28 Loveman.Bldg. Main 1783
derstand each other than It ever has
been before, snd with the confident In
tercourse of co-opcratlon and tho under
standing will be streiiRthened Into ac
tion, snd action will Itself educate alike
our purpose and our thought.
"So. sir, In saying good-by to France,
fin only saying a sort of physical
good-by, not spiritual gond-by. I
shall retail) In my heart always the
warm -.feelings which the generous
treatment of this great people has
generated In my heart. And I wish In
my turn, sir, to propone, as yon have
proposed, the' continued and Increasing
friendship of the two . nations, the
safety and prosperity of France, the
closer and closor communion of free
peoples, and the strengthening of every
influence which Instructs the mind and
the purpose, of. humanity." .
New York, June 87. Jack Barry and
Amos Btrunk, of tha Doston Amorlcans,
were yesterday traded to the rhllndnl
phlt' Athletics In exchange for Hobby
lloth and Maurice Shannon. Owner
Harry Fraxee, of the Huston team, In
announcing the deal, stated that there
was no rash Involved In the transaction,
the trade being made on even tonus.
Iloth Harry and Htrunk were mem
bers of Connie Mack's famous buaoball
machine several years ago and their
return to the Athletics will tie In tho
nature of a reconstruutlon In part of
the combination which was considered
one of the best In. the history of pro
fessional baseball. Barry plnys either
short or second, while Htrnnk Is an
outfielder. Roth Is en Outfielder snd
Shannon a second baseman. The bat
ting averages of the four players, ac
cording to the latest statistics, are:
I Roth. .S15; Shannon, .377; Strunk, .268,
and Harry, ,it&o.
Half Holiday In Huntsvllls.
Huntsvllle, Ala.,- June 26. (Special.)
An sgrecmont Is being circulated
among the business houses of Hunts
vllle and practically all firms are sign
Ing 'up to give their clerks a half holi
day on each Thursday in July and August.
Huntsvllle, Ala., June 27. (Special.)
The cotton crop of the Tsnnessee
valley Is very much In the grass now
as the result of continued rainy days
for soma time past.
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