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fleeting nt the Home of Hon.
and Mrs. Newell Sanders
Saturday. .
Member of the ' state executive
board of tha Tennessee SufTrare as
sociation are belna; entertained In
homes on Lookout mountain. They
! fifteen atrone; and entered Into
b. bustnesa session thla morning at
the Mountain club whlrh was exclu
sive, only members ot the board be
ins; present.
At noon an Informal luncheon was
pi'rved at the clubhouse, and later the
lroxsm Includes a trip around the
mountain In automobile which
hrinpa them In very clone touch with
the grandeur of the mountain acen
ery and the pleasure of riding; on the
splendid roada built on Ita heights,
es wpII aa a acento view of the river
end Moccasin bend, which encircle
the mountain like a double 8. Thla
the late DeWltt Talmadge waa
pleased to define, when he preached
on Lookout mountain, aa the flrat 8,
standing; for Bin, from which treat
wars had reunited, and ending Ms
discourse In hla eloquent way by ap
plying the eecond 8 to aalvatlon.
The city lylna; beyond ia In very
,tlain view. . The ride ' around the
mountain enda at the home of Mr.
and ililra. C C. Nottingham ' on the
went brow. From here can be aeen
Kaccoon and Cumberland mountains
Small cite
- ; ca n
:'.".......... 7c
large box ...r....... OC
hes , rn
small boxei for, .... DC
per pound
Banned tomatoes
: No. 1 1-1 alia cana
Vb 29 Red Stores
United $tatea Food Administra
tion License No. Q-24782
towering beyond the lntervenlnf
green valleys. The mountain aldea
snow a fringe of wild forn amd
flowera at thla season of the year.
Mr a. NottlnKham'a stuesta will con.
alat not only of the delegates, but of
meir nostesses. Mlaa Louiae Whltten.
her houae guest, will pour tea. Mra.
n. uioricnt will also aaalat Mrs.
Nottingham. -Col.
and Mra. ITlhrleht. nt Havana.
Cuba, who have been the guests of
Hon. and Mra. J I. Clay Kvans, went
xoaay ror a visit with Mr. and Mra.
C. C. Nottingham, Vaaea and bas
kets of sweet peas cut from the mbun
taln garden will adorn the rooma.
Among the visitor present will be:
Mrs. Guilford Dudley, Mrs. John M.
Kenay, Nashville; Mra: O. 8. Lan
non, Mra. John.M. Kanaom, Tulla
homa; Mra. Howie, Hock wood; Mra.
L. T. Hill, Chattanooga; Mra. Lee
Fox, Murfreenboro; Mlsa Mary Skcf
flngton, Dyerahurg; Mra, Isasto Reeae,
Mra IX T. Klmbrough, Nashville;
Mrs. Reuben Mills, Tullahoma; Mra.
R. B. Cooke, Johnston City; Mrs. H. C.
Minor, Knoxvllle; Mrs. Lucy Wins,
low, Harrlman; hostesses, Mrs. W.
R. Swaney, Mrs. Harold Whlteman,
Mrs. Bernard Loveman, Mrs. George
F. Milton, Mrs. John C. Vance and
Mrs. W. B. Miller.
Returning from Mrs. Nottingham's
the guests will be' entertained at din
ner by Mra.' George F. Milton at her
mountain home, "Plney Wood."
Addresses at Luncheon.
Saturday morning the board will
meet at the home of Hon. and Mra.
Newell Bandera, where a feast of
scenery Is aafforded, which they may
enjoy front the broad porchea, fan.
ned by the mountain breezes wafted
through the tall trees surrounding the
home. Turning their backa on the
mountain, they will gather at a pub
Ho luncheon at the Hotel Paatten at
II: 10 o'clock, where the local suf
fragists and Interested parties will
be given an opportunity to meet the
women occupying official positions on
the state board. One of whom bears
the distinction of being the only
southern woman holding an office In
the national association. Thla Is
Mrs. Uullfoid Dudley, one of the na
tional vice-presidents of the suffrage
association. Mra. Dudley not only
possesses an .attractive personality,
but la one of the most convincing
speakers, with a decidedly womanish
and clever manner; with cutture and
refinement expressed In every line,
that It la the pleasure of tha public to
hear. Mra. Dudley and others will
speak at the luncheon. Henator J T.
farter, and Repreesntatlves L. D.
Miller and. Lynn will be the gueata of
honor of the hostess association.
Mayor-elect Chambllsa will make the
welcoming address, and Mrs, John M.
Kenny, of Nashville, will respond on
hiihalf of the suffrage . association.
The luncheon will be served In the
grill room at the Patten, so that by
having the room exclusively, the
speeches may be better understood. -(
Quickly relieved by the wonder medi
Produces marvelous results In Rheu
niiKism. Indigestion, Eczema and Other
Mnod diseases. Druggists sell It.
Girls! Make beauty lotion for
a few cents Try it I
Squeeia the Juico of two lemons
Into a bottle containing three ounoea
of orchard white, shake well, and you
have a quarter pint of the. best freckle
and tan lotion, and complexion beau
tiller, at very, very small coat. ,
Tour grocer has the lemone and
any drug store or toilet counter will
aupply three ounces of orchard white
for a few cents. Massage thla sweet
ly fragrant lotion into tha face, neck,
arms and hands each day and see
how freckles and blemishes disappear
and how clear, soft and rosy-white
tha akin becomes. Teal It la harm,
leas and never Irrltatea. (Adv.)
Rlalto Program Offers Many Laughs.
"Home Guards" Clever Act.
One of the moat pleasing bills of
fered local vaudeville patrons In some
time Is featured at the Rlalto for tha
laat part ot tha week. Without being
sensational, the acts are altogether
entertaining from the first number
to the last. Jlmmle Allman'a "Home
Quarts" Is tha stellar feature of the
bill. The scene Is a camp in New
Mexico. The clever offering provea
to be a real laugh producer. Sampael
and Leonhart In a singing musical
offering present an exceptional act
for lta particular class. The Sterling
Saxaphona Four received long ap
plause. The Gilbert slaters, In a good
act, were tha singing comedy girls
of tha evening. Mile. Llngrade ap
peared In a classical plastlque posing
act. ,
To Wed Herbert F. Gaulding, , of
Jsoksonvill, Florida. '
R. D. Comba, of Adalrsvllle, Ga.,
announosa the engagement of his
daughter Jessie Clayton Combs, to
Herbert Frank Qaulding, of Jackson
ville, Fla, The wading will take
place In the near future. Mlsa Combs
la well known In Chattanooga, and
numbers her friends by her acquaint
ances. She has spent .much time In
tha city, and la a slater of R. B.
Combs, formerly of Chattanogo, now
of Rome, Ga. The family. Is well
known throughout North Georgia.
For s limited time ws will alve
tsn PRIVATE lessons for S4.0O,
snd guarantee to teach.
Professional teacher and exhib
itors of modern dancing. Call'
Msln 1623. .
Every Lesson a Private
v One.
: .s
Downstairs Store
Beautiful White Oxfords and Pumps; cauvas--covered
Louis XV. heels; turn soles; worth
$7.00; Saturday's price if
Colonials in that-good Reignskin Cloth; turn
soles; Louis heels, with pretty, Af
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' Mrs. A. N. Bakar and son, Merton,
Jr., of Atlhnts, are spending the sum
mer with Mrs. C. Morris at Deer Lodge.
Mrs. M. B. Harker, who underwent
a serlou operation at the Woolford
iohnson Infirmary several weeka ago.
has Improved sufficiently to be removed
to her home on Chamberlain avenue.
Mr. and. Mra. Urcit Kenna will go to
South 1'ittabiirg this evening, wnere
Sir. Konns .will give a recital St the
Methodist church. Mias Lora Wood
worth will be the accompanist. The
party will -he the guests ofMlss Annlo
j'owell while there.
Col. and Mrs. R. E. Ulbricht, of Ha
vana, Cuba who have been the guests
of Hon. snd Mrs. H. Clay Evana and
other friends in the city, went today
to be with Mr. and Mr. C. C. Notting
ham on Loekout mountain.
Mr. and Mrs. Peyton .Carter have
purchased the Diets home on Missis
sippi avenue.
Mr. snd Mra.' E. Fcnton Moore will
spnd the week-end at Morgan Springs.
Miasms Nnll snd Tinque jHulllvan are
visiting Mrs. Troy Robins in Birming
ham, Ala. Many aoclal courtesies have
been extended them while there. They
will return about the first of the month,
Mr. and Mra. Walton C. Green and
Mra. H. H. Spittler, who have been Iti
New York City for the. past ten days,
are expected home Wednesday of next
Dr. and Mra. 3. B. McQhee and fam
ily will spend Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. O. B. Kelater In Knoxvllle.
Mrs. Mary Cooper Redd returned
Thursday from a two weeks visit to
hor, brother,. Wiley R. Cooper, and sis
ter. Mrs. W, B. Carmlchael, near Har
rlman, Tenn.
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Lupton and
Miss Mabel W. Smith; of Clarkeville,
are the guests of Mrs. John W. Faxon
on Georgia avenue.
Mr, and Mrs. W. Setman, of Chatta
nooga, are registered at Hotel Mason,
Jacksonville, Fla.
Mrs. N. C. Chaffee and daughter. Miss
Highland Chaffee, formerly of Chatta
nooga, are visiting In the city for a
few days from Daytona, Fla.
Mrs. Dick Childress and Mls Ethel
Hancock will spend the week-end at
Mentone, Ga.
Miss Glendon Laws, who arrived In
the city about; ten days ago from Biue
flcld, W. Va., where ahe has been for
the paat aeaaon teaching achool, will
assume her duties s secretary of fiupt.
James A. Roberts, of the county
schools, July 1. Miss Laws will succeed
Mrs. LOngley, who haa been elected
English teacher at Central High
school for the coming year. ,
Mrs. Mary 8. Smith and ' Mr. and
Mra R. T. Stanfleld, of Cleveland, re
turned Thursday night from ' Bulls
Gap, where they went to attend the
funeral of little alx-year-old Harold
Kelster, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T.
Kelater, and nephew of O. B. and Guy
Kelster, of Knoxvllle. who was drowned
Tuesday afternoon In a email stream
near the home of his parents.
Wedding Celebrated at First Pres
byterian Churoh.
Miss Alta, Rich" and Grewer Sulli
van were married Thursday after
noon at the First - Presbyterian
church. ' Dr. J. V. 'Bachman, pastor
of the bhurch, officiated. The bride
la a well-known , and popular young
Six People In a Comedy Scream.
Monarchs of Syncopation.
Paths News and Three Other Bio.
; Keith Acts.
juAe elvidoe
She was a poor drudge burdened
with the support of a drunken
.husband. But Mary saw a chance
and took it. That'a the atory.
, See it. -.
Chapter I "Elmo the Mighty,; the
Sensational Serial.
Rex Beach never wrote a better
a more xlppy story than this. It
takes you at a breath-taking clip.
It is mysteriously thrilling and is
the best portrayal of a Mardl Gras
In New Orleans ever given to the
Lucy's Lion," a Strand
Sl $5.45
N $2.45
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military heels; d1 Q'toC,sA'
our prices , vlstO vtilv
fiixv- iyv
The story of a war nurse that will
hold a place In your heart. Mlas
Gordon wears some new creations
that will make you take notice.
A Mutt and Jeff Cartoon.
Iflinilf flllHHl ' ..mmiM.M..iif
tJm.A OaWft
' i
One Week
Beginning Monday, June 30
Continuous Performances From
1 P. M.to 11 P. M.
A government propaganda film
barring tha realities of sex relation
and wiping out excusea for the
double atandard.
"ir"" i-mi Jr'
Entire orchestra reserved for
The balcony for men. Children
under sixteen not sdmltted.
All Seats 30 Cents, Which
Includes War Tax
girl of Houth Chattanooga. Khe Is
the' daughter of Mrs. W. T. Rich, of
Carr street. Bhe wore a white satin
dress and hericorsago bouquet -was
of sweetheart roses. Little Miss
RObby Rich, the bride's sister, acted
as ring bearer. LeRoy M. Sullivan,
the groom's brother, was beat man.
Among the close relatives present
wave: Mrs. W. T. Rloh, Miss Robby
Rich, Mins Nellie Hooker and Le
Roy Sullivan, Jr. Following the cer.
emorry and congratuiatlona Mr. and
Mrs. Sullivan left for Bessemer, Ala.,
where they will reside.
Miss Clara Blank and Maynard L.
Wright were married Wednesday
morning In the study of 0rt J. , W.
Bachman, the ' officiating minister.
After an extensive wedding trip they
will make their homo In Highland
Park. -
Miss Irsns' Stsrbird Weds Jack Crow
Thursday Afternoon.
The marriage of Miss Irene Star
bird to Jack Crow was solemnized
Thuraday afternoon at 1 o'clock In
the study of Rev. Edward Reyn
olds Jones, of Grace Episcopal
church, the officiating minister. Fol
lowing the ceremony Mr. and -Mrs.
Crow left for a short wedding trip.
Mr. Crow baa recently erected a
home on Carr street, and upon their
return they will go to housekeeping.
"Fit to Win" Frank Depiction of
Soldier Life and Temptation.
"Fit to Win," the latest production
of the United States Health service,
will be featured at the Lyrlo all of
next week. The picture Is very ex
tremely frank In ita depiction of the
temptations of military life. While It
deala particularly with the soldier,
Its atrong sermon might well be
heeded by civilians. In a vivid way
It ahow the great suffering and
misery caused by, social disease. It
traces the lives of five young men who
are mustered Into the service, show
ing the Influences of the underworld
at work. The picture hammers home
the fact that the clean man is better
fitted to win the battle of life aa well
as the contest of war.
The picture "wag given a private
showing at the Lyric Thursday after,
noon. Following the performance,
Manager Stiff announced .that the
film would be shown all next welc
The lower floor will -be reserved for
ladles while men will occupy the bal
cony. .
Wedding of Prominent Coupla Cel
ebrated in Huntsville.
Huntsvllle, Ala,, June 27. The
marriage of Miss Alice Adams, the
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. F. L.
Adams, of this city, and Dr. John
Hunter, of Tupelo, Miss., was solem
nized In the First Presbyterian
church Wednesday night at - 9:30
o'clock, la the presence of a large
gathering of relatives and friends,
Rev. H. M. Moffett, pastor of the
church, officiating. Mrs. Carroll
Fourmey, of Tupelo, Miss., was ma
tron of honor, Miss Carolina Cope
land, of Birmingham, waa maid of
honor, and the bridesmaids were
Misses Chlole Walling, Elizabeth
RuBsell and Leola Nance. Douglas
Hunter, of Tupelo, Miss., brother of
the groom, was best man. The wed
ding was the largest church affair of
the season so far. Mr. Hunter and
bride, departed shortly, after mid
night on an extended honeymoon
trip, , A reception waa given them
after the wedding at the home of
the bride's parents.
For Benefit of Monument Fund for
War Heroes.
The Ladles' Aid society of the M.
E. church at Daisy will give a. play
Saturday evening, June 28, entitled
"The Minister's Wife's New Bonnet."
The cast of characters ia as follows:
Rev. Grundy, the minister Robert
Hepsibah Grundy, the minister's wife
Vernice Lovelady.
Samantha Slick Mrs. J. T. Bell.
Noel Anna Bimpkins Mrs. Lizzie Mc
Glll Windham.
Penelope Perkins Miss Willie Scott.
Agatha Squalls Mrs. G. Lovelady.
Cayenne Pepper Mrs. Hallie Clark.
Dephe Hardahear Mrs. Minnie Leist.
Vivian Walker Mrs. Martha Larri
more. Always Knoxlt Leslie Toe.
Billy Butcher James Larrlmore.
Hugh Howler Cheater Alexander.
Prof. Highvolce, the choirmaster
Will Alexander,
Part of the proceeds are to go to
erecting a monument to the heroes
of the recent war, from the Daisy vi
cinity. A small admission of 10 and
25 cents will be charged. The curtain
will riso promptly at 8:15 o'clock.
Mrs. Garnett Andrews entertained
with a swimming party and dance at
the Golf and Country club Thursday
afternoon In honor of her suns, Da
vid and Garnett Andrews, Jr., who
have JuBt returned from school. The
swimming pool has been placed in
excellent condition this season and
swimming afforded fine sport for the
afternoon. Dinner was served later
In the dining room of the club, which
was decprated with roses and garden
flowers, and dancing was enjoyed In
the evening. About sixty guests
were present.
Mrs. W. A. Boyles entertained
Thursday afternoon at her home on
Vance avenue honoring , her little
daughter, Olla Lee, on her eighth
birthday anniversary. The home was
brightened" with daisies and ferns,
and merry games and exciting con
tests were enjoyed. A bean and a
bird contest both excited much In
terest. Charles Rabe won the first
prize, Charles .Craig the second and
Katherlne Copeland the third. An
Jce course in pink and white was
served. About sixteen friends of the
young honoree were present.
Make Wrinkles Go T
"As If by Magic I
Want to banish every wrinkle
from fate, neck, hands easily;
quickly, completely? Try the fa
mous saxollte formula. Nothing else
so nearly meets every requirement
Why? Because it Is correct In prin
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Possessing remarkable astringent
and tonic properties, it both tightens
the skin thus naturally smoothing
out the lines and Improves capillary
circulation and nerve tone tending
to strengthen loose tissue and bring
about a healthy condition. Yet,
powerful as the saxollte lotloa Is, It
won't harm your skin In the least
And It's easy to get the Inexpen
sive ingredients at your druggist's,
and so easy to mix them.
Just dRsolve one ounce powdered
saxollte in one-half pint witch hasel
that's slL' Baths your face in this
-Immediately evwy wrinkle and
crease are affected, even the deepest.
You are perfetly astonished, and de
lighted, with the result You look like
you've lost years from vour age.
Sponsored by Junior League Chap
erons for Saturday Night,
The Saturday evening dance at
Signal Mountain Inn will be spon
sored by tha Junior league, and
membera of tha league will collect at
the door and act as chaperons for all
visiting girls., Mrs. George D. Lan
caster, who was appointed general
chairman by the league, .will be as
slated by Mra. K. T. Newell, Mra. M.
B. Ochs and othera. -The dance will
be given In the casino. The Junior
league will distribute the proceeds
from the dances among different
charitable Institutions.'
The cottages around the -inn are
already filled and the mountain la
said never to have been quite so full
of people as It fa thla summer.
Kind Words Sswing Cirole Enter
tains With a Linen Shower.. '
Mrs. Jack Hutcheson entertained
the Kind Words Sewing circle at her
home in St Elmo Thursday after
nopn. The meeting was in the nature
of a compliment to Mlsa Margaret
Seagle, whose engagement to Lieut
Cook has been announced. A linen
shower waa given 'for the young
bride-elect Mrs. Hutcheson was as
sisted by Mrs. F. A. Walker. The
prize in a word-forming contest waa
won by Miss Margaret Duncan. Lit
tie Sarah Margaret Hutcheson, rep
resenting cupid, assisted by little
Mary Katherlne Prince, brought In
the presents and delivered, them to
the honoree. All of the' gifts were
hand-made pieces, - embroidered and
otherwise trimmed. The ices were
frozen in the shape of a lady's slipper
and ciiplds.
There wera about 'eighteen mem
bers present. ' Tne, invited' guests
were Mra. F, A. Seagle, Mrs. J. E.
List, Mrs. W, C. Adams and Miss
Annie Adams. - '
Herschel V. Keith entertained with
a swimming -party at the Golf and
Country club: Thursday afternoon,
followed by a dinner-dance in the
evening.,' About half a dozen couples
were present.
Bergt. Hecbert; O. Farmer and Miss
Beatrice Camp,' daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. William Camp, of Bignal mountain,
were married Wednesday evening at
the home: of Rev. . W. 8. Keese, the
officiating minister, pastor of the High
land Park Baptist church. The bride
wore a midnight-blue ellk dress with
hat to match. Her corsage bouquet was
of Bride roses. The only- attendants
were the bride's sister. Mrs. u. rt.
Windham, and Thomas Farmer, brother
of the groom. Following the ceremony
the couple went to Signal mountain,
where a reception was tendered them
by the bride's parents. " '
They , left yesterday for Ohio and
other points on a wedding trip, fiergt.
Farmer was wounded while overseas
and was awarded, a crolx da guerre.
A meetkhg' of the Chaplains' Aid asso
ciation Will be held in the K. of C.
hall Friday evening at 7:80 for the pur-
pose of making flowers for the Fourth
ot July celebration.
Mi Harry E. Bush and children, and
Mrs. William Bush, of Youngwood, Pa.,
who have been visiting the family of;
W. C. Teague for several weeks, leftj
for home yssterday. Mrs. E. R. Ames ,
accompanied them as far .as. Cincinnati,
where she will visit her children. Mrs.
Harry E. Bush was formerly Miss Ethel
Wlllhott '. ' ' ' ' .
New's want columns are The Shop
pera Guide. (Adr.) ' .
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Beautify tn Complexion)
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0 Thmmtmmdt ,
nuarantsail to rsmovS '
tan. fracklea. simolei.t!
, 7 '
uver-tpou, ate.
Kldl poret inl tissues of Impurities.
Lsaves the skin clear, soft, healthy. At
leading toilet counters. M thsy haven't
It, by mall, two sizes, 60c. and $1.20.
With a Slice of Lemon
and a Dash of Mint
there's nothing more refreshing these
. hot days than a frosted glass ' ,
, ' of iced tea. r
of fl.OO par set during tha hot weather. Don't mls( thla
Edwards & LeBron
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xt .Out
Entire 5
r Every item on this floor Has Been Bought
this season. The goods are up-to-date and
practical. Bought at the lowest possible
cash price, direct from the manufacturer.
The entire stock has been gone over and
marked down to actual cost for quick and
rapid disposal.
Suits, Coats, Dresses of Silk", Serges and Voiles,
House Dresses, Waists of Crepe de Chine, Geor-
gette, Satin and Voiles; Sweaters, Petticoats,
Underwear of Silk and Cotton, including hand- ;
made Porto Rican importation; Children's
dresses of Gingham and dressy Voiles; trimmed
. Hats for ladiesmisses and children; everything
is included in this close-out sale at cost and
below. '
,We will not quote prices; selling goods for cost
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par with wholesale dealers at the factories,
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No goods on approval, none charged and none
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Sale Began Today, June 27th
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The Modern Front H

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