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Recent Maneuvers of Crafty
Huns Draws Victors in v
Closer Alliance. ' .
(By David Lawrence.)
. Washington, June 28.--(Copyrlght
N. T. Evening Post). Scuttling of
the German warships and the shifty
maneuvers of the Germans In con.
nection with the signing of the peace
treaty have had a perceptible effect
on the controversy over tho creation
of a league of nations. Those who
have Imagined the United States
could say good-by to European af
fairs with the mere signature of (
peace treaty are beginning to realize
the tremendous responsibilities in
volved in making Germany keep her
word. Enforcement or execution of
the peace treaty is giving concern,
Those who have t been contending
from the outset that some machinery
must be quickly devised to keep an
International concert capable- of en
forcing the treaty and guaranteeing
peace, declare their argument for a
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'"irsiisjs7 : "" w-
league of nations to have been vlndl
Out of the confusion which has en
veloped the status of the oovenant In
the American congress, several things
are Very plain today. No longer Is it
contended by opponents of the leagu
ot nations that they can successfully
postpone the establishment of
league of powers. Extreme and lr
reconcilable opponents like Senator
Johnson, of California, republican,
and Reed ,of Missouri, democrat, may
fight to the last ditch but the re
malnder of the republican opponents
seem to be rallying behind the sug
gestlons made by Ellhu Root In hi
recent letter to Senator Lodge. That
letter was framed after conferences
between Will Hays, republican na
tlonal chairman, and the senate lead
era. Mr. Knox himself is said to have
had a part In the actual drafting of
the letter. It represents republican
viewpoint today or rather the position
which the party leaders are urging
their colleagues to assume. '
Hope to 8eoure Limitations.
In a nutshell, republicans will tell
you privately that, as Mr.. Root Indl
cated, the treaty should be and will
be ratified. This means the league
of nations included. But with reaped
to the obligations and responsibilities
of the United States as a signatory to
the peace treaty and covenant, the
republicans hope to secure llmlta
tlons. How successful they will be
depends to some extent on the will
ingness of the other powers to accept
the reservations to be made by the
American senate. ' Republican sen
ators insist that the United States
can prevail upon Great Britain and
France to eliminate article 10 of the
covenant, which would oblige Amer
lea to guarantee the boundaries of the
present war and the territorial in
tegrity of the powers signatory to
the treaty and covenant. The best
Judges of that will be the European
powers themselves.. One republican
senator told me today that he be
lieved an expression would be forth
coming or officially sought by senate
resolution or otherwise, inqulr
lng the other powers would
obpect to the elimination of article
10 or in lieu of that Its limitation for
a period of Ave years. Thus the sen
ate would at least become a sort of
party to the .peace negotattons them
selves though Its action would not be
inconsistent with precedent for on
many occasions does the executive
department of our government trans
mlt to a foreign country the views of
the senate on a completed treaty, in
endeavor to bring about ratification.
Can't Shirk Responsibilities.
The senate, indeed, would want to-
know what tne European powers
would accept with respect to article
10 before taking final ana decisive
action on the ratifying resolution,
Conceivably if the European govern
ments argue that America cannot
shirk her obligations and that she is
in duty bound to help preserve the
status quo In Europe,, especially
against the Germans, the argument
over the retention or article lu win
become very acute. If the senators
insisted they might throw the whole
treaty and covenant back into the
peace conference. But what is most
likely in such a contingency as a
simple reservation by the United
States Benate that nothing in tne
peace treaty or covenant shall in any
way be construed as amending tne
constitution of the United States with
respect to the rights of congress to
authorize the use of our military and
naval forces. This would mean that
congress would have the right to say
whether the United States would con
tribute naval or military force to
guarantee European, boundaries or
the territorial integrity of nations in
other parts of the globe. Action by the
executive brahen or tne government
in suspending commercial relations
and imposing an economic boycott on
recalcitrant powers might . in some
cases be sufficient to deter u nation
from practicing aggression or menac
lng the peace of neighboring coun
Won't Lose Hard-Won Victory.
In the end, the reservations and
limitations upon the peace treaty and
covenant will be threshed out and ae
cided before the ratifying resolution
itself comes to a vote. But that there
is to be a league of nations- to make
Germany keep her promises and to
enforce peace is no longer questioned
by opponents of the proposal. Tne
whole controversy today centers
about the extent and character of the
limitations on American action and
responsibility. For there is to re
main indefinitely a league of victors,
closely associated, so that the peace
which has been obtained after such
painful sacrifice will not be lost as
soon as demobilization is completed,
but kept by potential force.
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Officer J. M. Carmack, of Kingsport
Shot by Jasper Trimble.
Bristol, June 28. (Special.) Of
ficer J. M. Carmack, said to have been
shot by Jasper Trimble late Wednes
day night at Kingsport, has died of
his wounds. Trimble, the ' alleged
I murderer, was captured yesterday
and was placed In jail at Blountvillc,
to await trial at the next session of
the Sullivan County circuit court.
Trimble is alleged to have been
drunk and making a disturbance at
the prayer meeting being conducted
at the Memorial Baptist church. Of
ficer Carmack was summoned, and
when he attempted to arrest Trimble,
the latter is said to have opened flre,
one bullet entering the officer's ab
domen and the other passing through
his arm.
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naadar at 7 P.M. for Ludinttoo. Maniateo,
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In American Legion in Bill Introduced
in House Friday.
Washington. June 28. (Special.)
Col. Luke Lea is listed as one ot the
incorporators of the American legion,
In a bill introduced In the house Fri
day by Representative Royal C. John
son of South Dakota, seeking a Dis
trict of Columbia charter for the or
ganization, thirty-four incorporators
representing about twenty states are
named in the bill. Col. Lea being the
only Tennessee representative. MaJ.
Theodore Roospvelt, Jr., Col. Henry
D. Lindsley, of Texas, formerly of
Nashville, and other prominent sol
diers, are among the Incorporators of
the organization which will have Its
national headquarters In Washington.
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To Be Joint Action to Finance
New Governments Which
Treaty Sets Up.
Precedent for Use of U. S.
Troopa in Area Holding
Paris, June 27. (By Telegraph
From New York World, Copyrighted.)
(Delsyed.) As soon as the peace
treaty Is signed, the most severs task
for ths allies will bs their joint ao
tlon to finanojs the new governments
which the treaty sets. up, as well es
to arrange to handle the vast uer
man obligation, which must be re
duced to a liquid form at once if
some of the allied governments are
not to go to smash.
Dr. Von Halmhausen, who, being
accredited as a negotiator, naturally
is eager to begin work, sent a note
to the president of the peace confer
ence this morning asking when dis
enssions relative to the details of
administering the occupied Oerman
territory would begin.
Being Completely Germanized.
Germany's Interim plenipotentiary
was informed that there would be no
discussion, Inasmuch as the matter is
fully covered by the convention ac
companying the treaty. Highly dis
quieting reports have been brought
to Paris this evening by the special
mission to 'the Baltic states headed
by Col. Warwick Greene. The new
border countries are declared to be In
the way of being completely .German
ized, due to the neglect practiced
by the conference, which saw them
wallowing- through bolshevlsm with
out an effort to save them.
The report made was a secret one,
and no member of the mission was
willing to discuss the situation. But
it can be said that -the baby states
have been left no choice but to look
to Germany for support and encouragement.
Unless immediate and energetic
steps are taken, German penetration
will be complete and the Germnn
dream of progressing eastward will
be well started..
As to the Russian Muddle.
The whole business of peace with
the Russian muddle, which If It be
true as President Wilson said, pre
sented the acid test of statesmanship,
shows bankruptcy of vision and of
plan. Russia is a subject to which the
polite of Paris do not refer, because
of its painful lack of results or even
effort. The Kolchak support whs the
veriest of makeshifts and had the ef
fect of alienating many liberal ele
ments, bitterly opposed to bolshevlsm,
but equally opposed to Kolchak.
President Wilton, lata last
night authorized the dispatch of
500 marines to Schleswig to act
as part of the occupation fores
provided for in the treaty to con
tinue its occupation until the ,
plebiscite is taken. This must bs
completed within tan weeks
after the treaty is signed.
High importance it attached to
ths pretident'i action, sines it
may be a precedent for ths uts
of our forces in many other
European regions where similar-
plebiscites ars called for. In any
event the step shows how far
America is committed to ths
settlement of ths general sit
uation abroad.
Paris Strikes Interfere.
Strikes in Paris are likely to In
terfere seriously In recording the
signing of the peace treaty. French
telegraphers are dissatisfied with the
government, which promised them an
Increase of wages, but never gave It.
After a hurried meeting last night
they decided to strike this morning.
Work almost ceaRed at the French
central bureau. No decision has been
reached as to wrmt will happen to
press messages describing the cere
mony at Versailles Saturday.
The only step so far taken Is that
the strikers who thereby practically
reinstated censorship on the offblps,
decided to appoint a commission to
rule on what were urgent or im
portant messages. The view is that
this may be socialistic and if the
strikers here have a bolshevlst line,
bolshevist newspapers will have a
clean beat on the Versailles cere
mony. Guesses are being made here
as to whether capitalistic newspapers
will receive any dispatches. Only one
thing is certain, bourgeois Journals
cannot be sure of receiving their
peace stories from their correspond
ents for a few days. The signing of
the peace treaty came through In four
Baruch for united States.
The big three have appointed a
special committee to Investigate the
Scapa Flow and the Kiel sinkings of
the German fleet. The five great
powers are represented on the com
mittee, Mr. Baruch having been
named for the United States. They
will determine the extent of the Ger
man guilt, what punishment must
follow and how much Germany must
pay for the ships.
- . , r n
iwormnuea rrom nrsi rag'.;
the cordon of troops, cheering madly.
The three statesmen were swept
along by the surging thousands.
Many soldiers broke ranks and
Joined . in the demonstration, while
guns boomed and low-flying airplanes
seemed to fill the air.
The Germnn delegates left the hall
first, the allied representatives re
maining In their seats. Those who
had assembled in the hall then went
to the terrace to see the fountains
Statesmen Photographed.
Premiers Clemenceau and Lloyd
George and President Wilson wer
photographed together on the ter
race. After the demonstration the
three allied leaders left Versailles In
the same automobile, the crowds fol
lowing and cheering.
The Chinese plenipotentiaries did
not sign and were not present. They
have written to the prenident of the
conference stating that they would
not he present and that they are
awaiting instructions from their government.
Arrived by Automobile.
Versailles. June fA. P.) Dr.
Hermann Mueller. German minister
f foreign affairs, and Dr. Johannes
Bell, minister of colonies, who were
named by the German government
s plenipotentiaries to sign the treatv
of oeace here this afternoon, arrived
any today by automobile from St.
Cyr Instead of taking the belt line
railroad, as did the German dele
gates who fame here to receive the
terms of peare on Mav 7.
The credentials of Dr. Hermann
Mueller and Dr. Johannes Bell. Ger
man plenipotentiaries sent here to
sign th treaty of peace, were ap
proved this mornine.
Signatures to ths German
peace treaty were affixed on
Saturday, June 28. the fifth an
niversary ot the assassination
of the Austrian Archduke
Krancla Ferdinand and wife,
ths Arcaduchess of Hohen.
burg, which took place at Hara.
Jevo, ths Austrian capital of
Austria charged that "men in
close connection with tho Herb.
Ian government" procured this
crime. Serbia accepted a de.
mand for an abject apology
with some slight modifications.
Germany backed Austria in In.
ststencs .Incompatible with
Serbian Integrity: Russia pro
tested, Germany und Austria '
refused the plan of arbitrament
of Sir Kdward Grey, and on
July 28 Austrln declared war on '
Serbia, and the next day at
tacked Belgrade. On' August 1
Germany declared war on Rus
sia. The world conflict had be
gun. The Indirect cause of tho war
was the Jealousy between pan
Germanism on the one side nnd'
pan-Slavism on the other. The
war has disrupted both.
Saturday, June 28, Is the fifth
'anniversary of the war's real
Frederick, Wilhelm Announces
His Purpose of Going; Back
to Germany.
London, June 28. The kaiser will
kill himself rather than submit to
the indignity of trial by his enemies,
according to his son, the ex-crown
prince, In an Interview with the Dally
Express correspondent at Wierlngen.
The prince made this declaration
after a conference with his father
which he' had this week. It was to
the castle where the ex-kaiser Is In
terned that he had gone, and not to
Germany, the crown prince said. He
seemed to enjoy the excitement
caused by his temporary absence
from the Island.
"The kaiser will never submit to
trial. He will die first," declared
Frederick Wilhelm.
"I am going to Germany myself as
soon as peace Is formally declared.
I will go to Silesia."
The former crown prince refused
to discuss the war. He declared,
however, that East Prussians and
Sileslaps will never accept Polish
rule. Great trouble Is ahend for the
league of nations, he thought.
'I was visiting my father when It
was reported I was in Germany," he
said in conclusion.
S. D. Newton Will Supervise Paving
Work In Cleveland.
Cleveland, June 2S. At a meeting on
Tuesday of the paving committee com
posed of Mayor Wiggins, J. T. Hufllne,
was selected as engineer to nave cnarge
of the paving ot Ocoee from innian
(Thirty-third street) north to Sixteenth
street Mr. Newton Is well known here.
having resided here for a number of
years in the past and was employed
in 1917 to mane a survey 01 me cuy
in connection with the proposed pnving
at that time. He will begin work on
the first of the month ,
Late Frosts and Hail Take
Heavy Toll in Local
Estimate Out From 230 to
Only 52 Oars Lansing -Heavy
Late frosts and hail storms have
taken a heavy toll In the peach and
apple orchards of the Chattanooga
district, which embraces all the ter
ritory between Harrlman. Ooltewah,
Lansing, Spring City, Sale Creek and
intermediate points. Included In the
district is one of the largest peach
orchards in the south, located at tan
sing. It is estimated that the late
frost cost the orchard owners at I-an-slng
alone approximately $200,000 in
crop loss. The estimated crop was
100 cars. It Is declared that the pro
ducers will do well to gci ten cars
from their vast orchards. Peach pro.
ductlon for this season will be smaller
than In many years, present Indica
tions point out. No one realized the
vast damage which had been done the
peach crops of the Chattanooga dis
trict until only . a short time ago.'
Karly In the season It was feared that
the frost had blighted the crops, but
it later developed that the tender
youpg fruit was apparently uninjured
and the prediction was for a bumper
crop. Within the Inst week or so,
however, the growing fruit began to
fall from the branches. Some orchards
are left stripped.
According to estimates compiled by
the Southern railway, the normal
peach crop for the district should be
about 230'cars. Late estimates point
out that the crop has been cut to a
fourth ad that the orchards will pro
duce'not more than fifty-two cars of
peaches this year. The young or
chards at Lansing should yield 100
cars, but this year not more than ten
will be produced, as before stated.
The early estimate of sixty cars hns
been cut . by hall to only thirty for
Harrlman. It Is extremely doubtful
t the Spring City orchards, which
usually bear about twenty cars, will
produce a single shipment. The Snle
Creek crop has been cut from twenty
five to ten cars. Other smaller ship
ping points produce on an average
of twenty-five cars. This year only
two cars are antlclapted. ,
The outlook woudd point to a
shortage of peaches and extremely
high prices this year. At this time,
however, it Is very hard to forecast
prices, since the reports from all
other peoch growing centers are not
available. The Georgia crop is re
ported to be large and In'excellen
shape. Shipments from other sec
tions if the crops are large, may keep
the shortage from being felt actitely
in the northern markets, where the
local crop, Is sent.
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Felt and Gravel Roofing
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ayi ft malm tha hair long.
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of colored peopls all afar the United States.
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trie hair, end will make it soft end glossy.
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erticulnr people and sold and recommended
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Vulcanizing and
Phone Main 2174
Special Assessments On
Paving Districts Nos. -227
and 232.
Notice Is hereby given that, at
Its meeting' on the first day of
July, 1919, the Board of Commis
sioners of the City of Chatta
nooga will proceed to levy the
special asscuBinents upon abut
ting property necessary for the
improvement of Paving District
No. 227, comprising that part ot
Vine street lying between Geor
gia and Central avenue, and
Paving District No. 232, com
prising that part of King street
lying between Market and Elev
enth streets, as provided in
Chapter 149 of the Arts of the
General Assembly of Tennessee
of 1917. E. D. BASS,
on the safest, (unniert, broadest beaches that ever made
surf-bathing popular. Linger on the delightful sands
gradually sloping into the warm Atlanue surf,
where sn army of bathers esn frolic without
touching elbows.
Thaa for Alrmioa, ytm mm uk rrtUiag-cfctir rida tha fMiaaifa
Boardwalk, wead jaar war to tha Cn!f linlu, a jaia folly ftahtoa part?.
Atlantic Ctlr'a afnt ia to on tar tola bar virton, amd tbia aha aoaa rigal royally
Fiara. Tkoanaa, Vbadariila, Caaaarla, Daaatag. Sailing, Ari.Uaa, HonaDtak-
nding , BwtaUBing raal,IMra Saaiaaliaa aa Amm
feS i''S'i? . HauHaSanalmaai
fer-l .. . J.gBiW eh. BaifU.
I ararytafcara.
The Leading Houses Are Always Open
an will rlmdlr famuli full information, ratca, rte., upon
requaat (Hotel ar all A man can rtmn, unless otnarwiM
Amarieaa aad
Earonaan Plana
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slsl lesais
Vallar I. Baa by
HoM ttrssd
F. B. OS and
B. C. Edoanla
Stasis Nouss
F. F. Caak'a Saw
The NsMsrsi
A. H. Daraall
hi Waraaiai mi icMik W i i ui il
hTfrfrt oBjaa) bell ticks ajMU
loltl It Chirks
Wm. A. Laaak, Mar. IN
Ths Stalkers
Europaaa Flan
J. Watka!.Mr.
Ths WiUshirt U.
Suaaal Elba Yjk
nirmi "f
tffio aff-tfoar-cotind soft drink
fish and lobster dishes, Wild fame,
cold cuts of meats, sausages, sardines,
cheese or spaghetti. Bevoisthe
friend of food and fellowship.
Sold ovotyuhote - famiwt suppied by $nor. druggist and dealer.
Visitoi-S arc invited to inspect out- plan tT
Ilamilton Beverage Co.,
Wnoleinle Diatributori CHATTANOOGA. TENN.
Phona Main 3097

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