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S !
3 A
My Heart and
My Husband
; Adek Gwriwn'i New
: Revelations'
of a Wife
,THe Way Dieky Saved tha Situation.
Mother Graham, Lillian and I
rorang to our feet simultaneoualy as
little Mra. Durkee rushed away from
the table. The men, less need to ao
purely femtntne an emergency, looked
at each other in awkward bewilder
sent, augmented In Alfred Durkee'a
eaaa by an ugly brick red fluah of
.''; .
Pretty Lena Fairfax's aolor had
faded inatantly. Even her lips were
white aa ahe (lanced up piteous! y at
Alfred, then looked .; down again
quickly. She "waa evidently suffering
an agony of humiliation, and I felt
my heart hot with indignation agalnat
Alfred's mother aa I atarted toward
the door with the Intention of bring
In little Mr. Durkee to her aenaea
If! had to turn the fire hose on her
In order to accomplish mf purpose.
Evidently Lillian andv Mother Gra
ham had the same thought, for we
"ALL 0. K.
Is What a Citizen of Georgia
1 Says of ZIRON. the New
' Iron Tonic.
Iron la needed by the blood to keep
men and women strong and healthy.
Iron is needed by the nerves to keep
them toned up. Ziron, the new Iron
tonic, will put Iron into your blood
and should help renew your fagged
nerve foroea In the way it has done
It for many others. N
,Read what Mr. J. R. Bell. Rt. J,
Oconee, Ga, saya about the effects of
1 think Ziron Is all O. K. for the
blood. That was what I hare been
taking It for my blood. I liked Ziron
so well that I went back to the store
and got two more bottlea of It."
Ziron la a combination of a pure
medicinal lnorganlo Iron salt, men
tioned In the U. S. Pharmacopeia,
with the hypophosphltea of lime and
eoda, and other valuable tonto lngre
lenta, endorsed and recommended
,y the best medical authorltiea and
mentioned In the medical Ur books.
All druggists sell Ziron on a
Money. back guarantee. Look for the
' formula on the label. Get a bottle
. today, and give it a fair trial.
ft IV' I. re. "Hi
C . . . . And challartffas hen- Vnoww . or tinknoun , lcvw,(W)
s 7S 1 ;MRS-SPICK MRS.SPAK !. sot ihe c.v of 6,t.,M
V lwl' ' sfjJf SK fjlJa!!' Jrh voorld flop vv mi kh Norlh it Sovth t
I ZZE&bMl W-tFCMf XjfflllBB A-IVnorrow. oh Cod M9 what t'
ii i - -,
i S
(i 3
1 !iwMta;
I Mat ka aakJ mt)
it (amr
a i , 'it n ,i,jlt i- i i
xw'Htit iintiitnimimitiMtfiitlMmrllfinrl
KiiitiimiiiiiiiiiiiKiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiumiiiii- - -
V '
. , sr t
.I .a:
"7 WAV.V
7 Vfl
. .
found ourselvea confronting each
other aa we neared the door. Mother
Qraham waved ua aside imperiously:
"Go back to the table," ahe said. "I
Will attend to this."
She sailed out of the door majestl
oally. Lillian spoke softly in my eart
"She ia right," ahe whispered.
"There ia no other woman at the table
with Leila."
I rushed to the girl's side, and put my
arms impetuously around her. ,
"What wonderful news, Leila, dearf
I cried, frantically signaling the others
to back up my efforts at straightening
out matters. I doubted the success of
my ruse, however, for felt the girl's
body shaklnc In my arms with the
sobs she was trying to suppress.
A Saving Confession.
"Leila! Sweetheart!" Underneath Its
frantic tenderness . Alfred Durkee' s
boyish voice held a note I bad never
heard in it before, a firm, steely in
flection which it was as welt his mother
did' not hear. "Look at me. Tou
know what I think, of this damnable
- "Don't, .don't," the girl whispered
pleadingly from the shelter of my shoul-
Hr. "I knw.N '
"Look here. . forks," 'Dicky's voice
cheerily insouciant, seemed to clear tne
mental atmosphere. "Let me tell you
that you're making a mountain out of
a darned tiny molehill. The little ex
hibition that was Just staged doesn't
means that Alf's mother disapproves or
won't be simply wrapped up in Leila
when she gets over the first idea of har
Ing her-boy married.- There is some
thing about that idea, which makes a
prospective mother-in-law bite heles In
the atmosphere it JUBt naturally af
fects 'em that way. You should have
sen mine when I first broke the news
that the lady who now graces the head
of my table and consented to make me
the happiest man on earth "
-jie paused to make. grandiloquent
bow and throw me a kiss, while I
smiled Inwardly at his revelation which
Dicky had never made before of Mother
Graham's behavior when ' he told her
of his approaching marriage, although
i had rttesed it from Ber attitude to
ward me 4n the first months of our
marrlaKe. - ' . ....
"And .now," Dicky continued "there's
nobody like Madge on the face of the
earth for mother. Of course, she rags
hr- sometimes my mater hasn't my
beautiful disposition,!' he smiled engag
ingly, "but Madge's the white-haired
girl with mother Just the same, and I'D
wager you four cents that she's out in
the hall now reading the riot act to
Mrs. Durkee In blissful forgetfulness of
the ructions she herself raised once
upon a time. So hold up your heed,
Leila, and look pleasant,, for I'm going,
to kiss you In about fourteen seconds."
Lightened Eyes.
t know that he had Durnosely spun
his nonsense out in order to give thed
girl time to get herself together. That
he had succeeded I knew when I saw
her lift her head In pretty laughing
confusion at his threat, the color re
stored to cheeks, the light to her eyes.
He had succeeded In something else,
too. in softening Alfred Durkees hot
anger sgainst his mother, making him
realise that the llttfci woman's hys
teria was rooted not In dislike or dis
approval of Leila, but in her own fool
ish fondness for himself. Man-like he
took refuge in badinage.
"You'd better ask my permission
first." he growled.
"Huh!"' Dicky retorted Indignantly,
"I'll ask nobody's permission, not even
my wife's. This is my inclinable pri
vilege, eh, Leila?"
She looVed up at him gratefully as he
kissed her, while Alfred made a pre
tense of trying to keep him from giving
the caress. But when Dicky swung
around toward his friend, I saw Alfred's
hand go out to his in a clasp that 1
knew held gratitude and appreciation.
But I began to grow uneasy, for there
was no sign of the reappearance of
either Mother Graham or Mrs. Durkee.
(To be continued In The News
( V.vav
:y 'av.v
fiFULL-SIZED can of
WJlf lliiKj tHML
ssaajsPBjWasssaaasa s ii i si am I
Would, You Know Whom You Are Destined
to Wed Build a Ghost Fire Hallowe'en
This Is the night e'Haitowe'en
. ' When all the witches may be seen
oms o' them black, some e' 'them
' green, I .' , ,'
Seme e them like a turkey bean.
Whatever. a, "turkey bean!. may be
like, ,.
Nevertheless the fact remains that
for 'centuries young men and maids
on the eve of All Saints', day have
Invoked ghostly information aa ' to
their futures. '.
There are many methods of doing
this such as holding" a canaie
lighted mirror over your head and
walking backward-down '.a crooked
stairway as the clock atrlkea - mid
night. If you are a girl, the appari
tion of your future husband 1 will
cloud the mirror's surface. If you
are a man,, vice versa.
Your Future Husband. ,
But the oldest, - as well as 1 most
mirth-provoking, mode of procedure
is the ghost fire. -
A ghost fire is made as follows!
A big dlshpan ia placed in the cen
ter of the floor of a dark room. The
pan contains some four or five pounds
of aalt which has been fairly well
saturated with wood aloohoL The
party gathers around the pan,' chant
ing the incantation quoted above.
Each has been given a chestnut, and
each chestnut has been marked in
some distinguishing way. A lighted
match la thrown on the aalt, which
breaks Into a blaze that gives off an
uncanny green light. The chestnuts
are then thrown in. and the girl
whose chestnut popa first will be the
first bride. - Of course, she must lm
mediately eat the chestnut But
that la not all. v
,She Js supposed to see the face) of
her future nusnana arunng irom tne
flames! , -, .. : ;
-The Qhest Fire. ,
This ghost, fire is a direct survival
of the earliest Druid rituals. In Soot
land, Ireland and Wales, Druldlsm
left Us Impress upon the later Chris
tian faith, and to this day traces of
Its fire altera are sun touna.
Now. the Druids believed In trans
migration of souls, and on the eve of
their festival to the sun they ligntea
their fire altars to propitiate the
spirits of darkness. The custom was
kept up in parts of 1 ureal Britain
until a comparatively recent period.
None of the levity caused by the
modern ."witch fire," however, was
attached to thia observance. Instead
of chestnuts being roasted, white
stones, each previously marked with
the name of a member of the family,
were thrown Into the Halloween fire.;
Prayers were then said and the fam
ily went to bed hoping to find all the
ttnnn arain in the mornlnsr..' If any
stone was found missing, it betokened
that the owner of it would die within
the year.
While some superstitions are pretty,
this was one of many which were
cruel. Happily, only sportlveness re
mains toddy of thls quaint, old-time
ceremony, and whatever inoantatlona
are chanted have to do with neaitny
nonsense. .
Treasury of England Devises chssme
to Halts runes.
London. Oct. 31 The treasury has
drafted a scheme, for a prize bond issue,
according to the Dally Mail. Mr. Cham
berlaln favors the scheme, which has
been drawn up in anticipation that par
liament will declare for It, the- news
Daner adds. '
Mr. Chamberlain stated In the house
of commons yesterday that he did not
object to a parliamentary inquiry into
the advisability of a lottery loan or
prize bonds,- after whleh a number of
members signed a memorial to the
chancellor of the exchequer strongly
urging the Immediate launching of a
prize bond scheme. They expressd
themselves as convinced that it would
meet with a tremendous response, ap
peal to tne prevailing speculative ten
dency and keep in the country money
which might otherwise be diverted te
Freeh lottery bonds.
I j'MSPl TTAVEsomeofthepure
K I jljLJlHs Xj. and wholesome Geo.
' fuilEfSP ' . K. Brown candy about
j Lr i'M W the house always. It adds to
jw jML the good cheer of the home.
IhTil li Sold throuehout the Chat-
. " :' -.11. 3 I "-w tii stow 72 & sstfxn sti I
ifiiiruiinmmm "'m 1 nnr.iiifi r-"' i i
tliHiHlillHiHiHiHillillMIMlHIIIIItlHHHMIWUiSaa j
' ;V ' ...--V"" ' ' A A "? '
l iS?'i ll't WWJ''V " 1 J f-f- l
. mm : & o (Awl i
II. 1 r a.f''Ai Z n i. V l &SA 111..:
Ill': ML ' , s.-.' ,74 II tm.$t. i MZ V W V.' X 1 I I
i iff v tivu i. it rri sc mm
"' T
I -j SlT.IMI I -I... I I II -I ! J -
I 1 I VTTipr r s l veivwv er g w - III 1AH I
Tl-ri)b , Viowewer. if dancej of deAii. J&dfflfiM'
tlnThm firit may y nejrflaciejd or lorrfoi ,C U
,tyBui who (orgeta V Jwni iha wilches "VvVkO
X' Trb , ioigU we play ow prar.k ndjokec
fWTonijVi Hb ret of dim. dead flois rtSN &0
" yl& haunt oi wV m old. ftrgottaTi iarrorr kTtc
rVt And Tlippartiffiboai ibriak- aew 4ra skfas 1l
M And tid dpor4rner4 it a social error COT
flfX 7I UusMstt vnaid invoWat lh mfdni At Tabes OyW '
In making new window curtains of
any material always save the scraps
for mending. When curtains are
torn, take scraps of the same mate
rial, or material as nearly like aa
possible, dip in thin starch and paste
it over the rent while wet'. Iron the
patch on Instead of sewing It. The
mend is neater and shows. less.
is the center of the seed
Special Prices at
Abe Shoeing s Store
266 East- Main Street
On account of weather conditions we are forced to sacrifice prices.
If you need anything in Clothing, Shoes, Ladies' Coats, Dresses,
Suits and Dry Goods it will pay you to come and look over our stock,
we have to offer you,
One ' lot Ladies' uits in all wool
Men's Wear Serge; COI QK
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the newest styles and colors; value
$39.95 to $45.00; 95
One lot Ladies' Suits in French t
Serge, Tricotine, Silvertone and
Broadcloth the kind you pay else
where from $50.00 to $65.00 for.
- Special--
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One lot Ladies' Coats;
value $25; Sale Price .
One lot Ladies' Coats; 1 A QK
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266 East
' : - -asaaes. - . - "'
Stunts That Are Old.
But YtlETerNew
j The canny Jiostesa never auppllea
too much of any one hlng unleaa
.r.i. i. f "set" nature, such
mo w
as a musical, a dance or-a card party.
, On an'y'apecial tjccaaloh,' ia' in the'
instance of a Halloween party, the
success of the evening lies in keep
ing things moving.- Stunts are the
order of the day. Here are a few
"""TrVreVof knowl.di.'. ' '
' Supply each guest with a pvece of
bright red sealing wax and a cup. or
shallow bowltrt ice water. The wax
is then -melted and dropped through
a key or a ring (a wedding ring. If
possible) Into the water. It will in
stantly harden in branch-like forma
tions, supposed to be prophetic. Any
Ingenious person will Interpret the
shapes and furnish, much amusement
for his listeners. Thus, a bell-shaped
drop Indicates a wedding : within a
year; anything resembling a: torch
or lamp indicates fame; a horn of
plenty, wealth, etc.
The Needle Garner
Each guest is supplied with a
greased needle, and all are floated in
a large pan of water. Impelled by
magnetic attraction, the needles will
behave very curiously'; . aome . will
cling together, while others will rush
to the margin and remain there. The
manner in which one person's needle'
behaves toward another causes much
amusement, and la supposed to be
.U?ge.ti,veWho f Hsh?
Cut alphabeta from old newspapera
and place them in a bowl. Each
gueat, one at a time, takes oit &
small handful and throws it on a
wide-surfaced pan of water like con
fetti. The letters that float will sug
gest the name of the person's future
husband or wife. -
. The Ghostly Hand.
Stuff an old kid glov with rags
or paper. Then wet the outside with
ice water. ' Then invite the guests
singly into a darkened room to meet
the presiding spirit of the evening.
The person operating the glove con
trives to have the guest take It in his
or her hand. An even better method
Is for the operator to put a wet glove
on his own hand and grasp the hand
of each person with It. The clammy,
creepy feeling of being touched with
a cold wet glove will get a rise out
of most anybody.
; J "
Apron N
Ginghams '...... ... . . . . .
Percales in light and
' dark. .,
Straw Ticking
Solid color
. Chambray . ......!.. ...... .
Children's Union Suits, '
all sizes
Ladies' Union Suits;
a good buy. . ........
To Relieve Catarrh,
Catarrhal Deafness
And Head Noises
Persons ' suffering . from catarrhal
deafness, or who are jrrowlng bard of
hearing and 'have head noises will ba
5 lad to kpow that this distressing af
lctlon can ' usually be successfully
treated at home by-an internal medi
cine that in .many instances has ef
fected complete relief after other treat
ments have failed. Sufferers who could
scarcely hear have had their hearing
restored to such an extent that the tick
of a watch was plainly audible seven or
eight Inches away from either ear.
Therefore, if you know of someone who
is troubled with head noises or catarrhal
deafness, cut out this formula and hand
it to them and you may have been the
means of saying some- poor sufferer
perhaps from total deafness. The pre
scription can be prepared at home and
is made as follows: -
Secure from your druggist 1 oi. Par
mint (Double Strength.) Take this
home and add to it 1-4 pint of hot
water and a little granulated sugar;
stir until dissolved. Take one table
spoonful four times a day.
Parmlnt is used in this way not only
to reduce by tonic action the inflamma
tion and swelling in the Eustachian
Tubes," and thus to equalize the air
pressure on the drum, but to correct
any excess of secretions in the middle
ear, and the results it gives are nearly
always quick and effective.
Every person who has catarrh in any
form, or. distressing rumbling, hissing
sounds in their earst should give this
recipe a trial. (Adv.)
German meals cost a third less than
in the United Staes.
Good grade of 0 uting, O Q
30c value; Special. .'. ... . ... .
36-inch Brown or Bleached
DomfistirvSfw valuer Snpm'nl a-lOU
75 c
Ladies 'Shoes, values to $6; QA A pT" .
all leathers ; Special . ; . . , V tl
Ladies' $10 to $12 Shoes in black, tan,
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SPECIAL One lotfcf Men's Sample
Shoesj values to IQ QfT
$6.00, for ....... .i iPO.VU
Ladies' Kid House Slippers in all
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Special.......... tPl.UU
Cut prices on Ladies' and Chil-
dren's Sweaters, Boys' Suits, Blan
kets, Children's Coats, Outing Gowns
and everything else in our store.
Must sell for we need the money. v
SPECIAL One lot Men's Hats in
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Main -Street

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