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, Might , Final
Night Final
VOL. XXXII. NO. 149.
Demand Seniority g
R igh ts Restored
Railway "Vacationists"! Send
Letter to Wilsorn Payne
Submits Report; .
Chicago. June 22 The "railway va
cationists'men who quit work April
1 In defiance of the regularly recog
nized" brotherhoods toduy sent a letter
td President Wilson notifying him that
the strikers will accept no settlement
which does' not provide for their return
to the . seniority rank held before they
quit work.
. The letter followed reports that the
brotherhoods would appeal to the
president to bring about a speedy set
tlement of the strike. ,
No Action Necessary.
Washington, June 22. A report on the
railroad strike situation -was laid before
President Wilson at today's cuhinet
meeting by 'Secretary Payne, acting' In
his capacity as director-general of the
lailroad administration, but action was
delayed after Secretary Wilson had de
clared the situation was so improved
that steps by the government were un
necessary. . .
The general opiiXon in the cabinet
was that since the wage award of the
ia(lroad labor board when made would
be retroactive to fast May 1 'other ac
tion would be unnecessary unless the
atrike took a far more serious turn.
Secretary Payne's report on the situa
tion was prepared after conferences
w ih W. N. Doak, vice-president of the
Brotherhood of Trainmen, and other label-
Will Recommend Ratification
of Amendment to Any State
Sseking Opinion.
Washington, .Tune 22. -Senator !lard-
ne, the-republican oresldentiaJ candl-'
llate. told a deputation of sifffragifits
onay mat wnue he could not with pro
priety attempt to force any state legis
inture to expedition on the woman suf
frage amendment, he would recommend
ratification if any state authority sought
pis opinion.
nder veiled threats of turning their
kupport to a third party, twenty-six
fvomen suffragists from twenty-one
(Mates and the District of Columbia
noved Senator Harding today to exert
lift Influence In brliieln . about final
ratification of the woman suffrage
inifndment. , .
IMTs. Genevieve Allen., of San Fran-
lico. spoke for the delegation. "We
fcnvn come,'! she said, "to receive on be
hnlf of the disfranchised women of your
altate and your country your reply as
ti what you and your party will do to
enfranchise these women. We women
H;ive done all that we can do to end our
kmc, suffrage struggle. The power Is
now In your hands.. Will you use it?"
Mrs. Donald Hooker, of Baltimore,
told ' the senator that the "chicanery,
fl.-9 promises and dilatory tactics, of
re republicans have convinced women
Hit they are really as opposed to our
enfranchisement as the democrats." .
J .nies. onaef these parties acts
J-rn-nptly" she declared, "there is
Tohuig left for women to do hut to
t"rn to. a third party in the coming
I "t need not tell you of my Interest In
.' consummation of the woman-suf-ft.ige,'-Senator
Harding said. "I voted
ffr It In the senate, and a vote records
I senator's purpose quite as faithfully
i nnytning ne may do.
"Nothing would please me more than
" have ratification made effective to
Ive American womanhood full partlc
tlon in the elections of next Novem--r.
This desire, sincerely spoken, does
ot conflict w ith my determination that
could not with propriety attempt to
force any state executive to hasten c-
"I) in violation of his own sense of
!"tv. -"There
Is a noint at Which full ex-
"titlve authority may approach a tres-
krb on.: the rights or states, ann i
''ould not want to trespass if I bore
he commission of authority, and I real
1; full well siwt. So far, I am only a
Artv nominee. In the latter capacity
fl mould not wish my party to believe
in Inclined to trespass or to assume to
jiwiein a ciun. ir any biib Mwutno
Ixhnnlil ask mv oninlon about cxtraor-
fdlnsiy. efforts to consummate suffrage,
r frankly will commend the thing you
desire, but I cannot impose a aemanu,
though I personally honp o see woman
suffrage and women's full Yiarticlpation
established at an eariyyiate.'
Wilmington. Del., June 22. (Special.)
Argument will be heard before Judge
Morris in the United. States -district
court for Delaware tomorrow in me in
4....,u- hetuoen the fneft
iuiit;tiuii ,i j .....n" ......
Cola Bottling company of Chattanooga
and the Coca-Cola company of this
i ...K ,1.. nlainllfr adit ak the
CU, III vunii inu j'1"' ."..- - ;
court to- Issue an Injunction restraining
the defendant, irom vio.nuns hi.
of an alleged contract neio oy ine pim
. .u. ,,rnl.hli of cnca-cola. fur
nishlng of coca-cola Ao other persona
for bottling purposes In territory cov-
t... 1 .1 ! Inna'l CAril fSI't H tl ll I t'OIll
prpii o. Bun, emr... .- . . . , . . .
assigning or transferring any right to
the trade mark -coca-cola.'
A bill in equity was filed In the
fnited States district court on May JO
, . . .... ininnHnn taaiiad. At-
am. a ' i'?-' 'r"i.""J- rt after
S lorneys mn iina r"- '-
1 consultation wttn juoge
fnnon manner of procedure and etJune
1 23. for the beghmlngof the hearing
iHXinr John A.' Sibley and' Luther
Rosser. of Atlanta, os.;
lock and R, H. Williams ? Chat...
of 'J'haH.noogais , interventor
!'nr tn aciuai notions
The defendants are represented by
, l,lm. T. Hill.. C0h"
rSrt. Alston aOi.ffordU And er-
of Savannah. involved In
of more than ioci "'i" T" .
array of counsel on each side
most stubbornly-fought contest before
a decision Is renoerf".
i.innln Texas, .rune 22,--The
.lrmocratic party In its TdJrm oh
i rmocrani- i"i ,ltl
rdonted at the San hranciaco nve!
Jinn must. lake an "open. hont stand
V?v ind hvo all. fvoid 'PMY
;"?:gnener.l deVlarVd here to,lay. He h.
on his way in
r...e iron. . ... . h. w ,
fevor of mod.fytng the "drastic and
: . 41, a X. n I a f sn a nrfl.
iurl irovicioim "i r -
bihltlnn enforcement' act. opposd to
nvnnm'iil ownership excepting tele-
, tpn arm ."""" ' .".- -,-,.w., ih.
f agatnei wiku -
rirht t sirisr. ... ...
I venlion must come out openly and dr-
ure-' our r"i in-m" - -
1 rrnhibitin envernment ownership, is-
. : ... v. . . . KnI mn-t
; imr.,rtant rf nil. the covenant of ths
i if nutions.
Seventh Earthquake
" Rocks California
Log Angeles.'vjune 38. A sev
enth earthquake shock rocked the
city at 12:35 this afternoon. The '
trembler was faint and of about
two second's duration. No damage
resulted an rar as is known. I
InteVallied- Board Reaches No
Decision on Russia ihd
German Indemnity.
Boulogne, June 22. (f. N. S ) The
interallied conference adjourned at 1
o'clock thii afternoon without having
reached a decision on the. resumption
of commercial relations with Russia.
The decision was held up by Premier
Millerand's Insistence upon mora defi
nite assurances from the soviet regard
ing the payntent of Russia's war debts.
A communique was . Issued stating
tne negotiations Detween the Hntisn
representatives and the bolsheviki trate
delegation, headed by Gregory Krassin
will be continued at London on the un
derstanding that they will not entail
political recognition of the aoviet gov.
lioth Premier Lloyd George and Pre
mier Mlllerand said they were "thor
oughly satisfied" with the results of
the conference. ..
The experts likewise are attll eon-
fronted with the task of reaching a
final -decision as to thetotal amount of
the German reparations and the method
of payment. , The Turkish question is
considered tft nave neen semea ny- me
council's approval of military action
against the JurKisn nationals as
planned bv Marshal Foch and Field
Marshal Wilson, and by the decision
that the Turks must rrrdy to the peace
irmi hv iha time setr-june zt. i m
decision Is Interpreted as meaning that
Turks must sign me ueaiy
was prepared, at tha 8an Remo confer
ence. - . ' . , ....
Tne Russian question came up imio
morning but was left unaeciaeo. ii
was agreed, penaing mr-mer "","7,":
tiofi. that the economic negotiations
i....',.... th. wrench and British dele-
aates and the ovlet representatives
should continue, without implying in
miy sense recognition of the soviet
g0Threnlcommunique of the council men
tions the Brussels eonfereno. hsd been
wn r-N fll l r 1 1 1 1 1 1 v .
"before the spa itipt-uiik """' "
deibtood that the date of the Spa con-feit-ncis
remains July 5, as previously
a 1 ' r
The note to" Germany,- which was
flnllly approved this morning concludes
with . an . announcement l,, ""1. of
addition German territory would be con-
Spreads to Some Extent.
Managers nopeim. ,
... , ti JLThe railroad
Baltimore, ju' , in,re tH-
An omc al or me r.o.y,......--
Of their yardmen w-ere back
while the ia nimoro oc u.
that ; 60 per cent, of their men were still
out. . . ..' .. ......
NSW t orK may ki'- . .
i. ... 9 Althnuah the
New ,,5.' "h.V,.ddenlv spread
?o tho southern section ?f WJ"-
sev at Syracuse ana rvew nnvo... v.........
the majoVltv of railroad managers here
oecjarea iouy " ,V" , r Vnrk
(he 'movement would affect New T rk
CMV' to anv greai exiem. jth-"
aion oi me aw - r. - 'm,.ii
Lackawanna are .exaggerated, an offlUai
of the New fora wnirm
Latest accounts gave me
.-. nn Mph roan as font
train crews, or about eighty men al-
Ipgeiner. . ,
rteport of Orltvsnees.
Tn 92 A detailed re-
port of the grievances of railroad men
Baltimore and elsewhere were presented
a tm..a HfAniM .srnprs.l nf.rail-
DttlllMl 4 tl V II". r' . ' .
roadp. following conierentpn
Mr. Payne and representatives or ine
l i. n J- . , .
Mr. Payne, In his jeport, urged the
. it... .Minn in HtBV.
necesaiiy 01 iihiuchimo ov.....
oft further serious disturbances of -rall-
. a . f pemiented the PreHl-
dent to outline a policy to be fol-
lowea in aeaung wun in" miuowy,...
I.... immifl ill hgi on.
en-,,. nN..ni.iit.u nf tho brother
hoods have all afong Insisted 'that the
walKouts are merely a inuir. nBn,,..
delay on tne pan ot m muiuou
, a i.. ..n,iArin- . Heplsinia In caset
IM..HI U ill IVilu'liniJ '
Involving grievances of tha men pend
ing since April, ii. mv. mjmj im
port, it was lewned today, set forth
, v. - 4...t kitu., r.t an IraL'eetlirfitlnn Into
tho cause air delay on the part ot the
anor ooaja ana urgeu ino uw-voonj
ii ii ii tw mia hl.,..1,.
itr xr . rin.lr r1..nr.HMent rtt tne
Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen. Who
is here in the interest or, me ranromj
employes, announced todayMhe situation
is rapidly clearing, t onauions in oai-
I.aa V. n-ltl n. ti.irn. u I Ku In.
night and in- Philadelphia the situation
wm improve rapuiiy.
Appeals 10 rrviioani.
rUtnmirr. I .... -Ml n unn.ttl Ia ft..
Ident Wlison asking that any award
ny ine raiiroaa wagn uumiu iruviun. ii
4k. a I ..... ......... nt m.n haw nut n t
service was made today In a telegram
oy r rancis r., noiano, nairman -01 int.
avooiation or rcoei ranroao women
organisations. .
Williamson. V; Va.. June 28. Offi
cers and trooDecs of the state constanu
lary today were on guard at the Mingo
county courthouse, in which a special
grand Jury opened an Investigation of
the recent spooling at Matewan, ojinng
which ten persons. Including theffayor,
two residents and seven Baldwin-Felts
detectives were killed According to
county offlrials, 2"1 witnessea will be
examined before the Jury reports to
Judge James Damron, of the county
In his charge to the Jury, late yester
day Judge Damron InstrucrVl that every
phajee of the shooting tie investigated
including the -eviction of coal miners
from company houses: charges of mur
iler and coasnlracv to murder: ths al
leged offer of bribes to municipal and
county officers so that eviction of
miners could be accomplished, and rob
bery of the bodies of tlw detfrtives.
Washlneton. June 22. Fernando Igie
slas t'alderon has been appointed high
cr.mmlssioner of Mexico, with the rank
of ambassador, the state department
was advised today, and was to leave rot
the I Piled Htates today. It la unoer
stood he will endeavor to obtain recog
nltlnn for the new, .Mexican government
by the Lnltrd .States. t
Muncle. Ind.. June . Twenty cars
of a westbound loiihle-hea(ler freigni
train were lere!led from the 'Chess
penke Ohio railway tracks five miles
northwert of bere 1st last night. The
wreckage ruM fire and the property
loss Is estimated at mors than r-jm.w
Sanguinary Fighting Between
Sinn Feiners and Union
ists RenDwcd.
Belfast,' June 32. II. N. 8.)
Londonderry is without bread
: and milk as a result of the fight
ing wh(oh has been In progress
since last Saturday, according to
information received by telephone
today.' Business Is -St a stand
still, for the streets are swept by
rifle lire. British troops that were
sent to Londonderry from bar
racks In northern Ireland are try-
.lug to establish a cordon between
'the unionists and Sinn Felnevs.
Railway men refused to man
trains that were carrying British
troops to Londonderry from the
' south of Ireland.
London, June 22. Sanguinary fight
ing between Sinn Feiners and unionists
was renewed at Londonderry toduy and
three Sinn Feiners tvere wounded In one
clash during the meriting, said an Ex
change Telegraph dispatch from Lon
Niue civilians have been killed In the
fighting between Sinn Feiners and ulon
ists at Londonderry and a score wound
ed A. Runs r law announced In behalf
of the government In the house or com
mons In i afternoon.
Rt-it sh troops are patrolling . me
streets, but sniping is continuous from
hnllHlnea SI
Two thousand soldiers were rushed
from Cun-Hiili to reinforce the troops
at Londonderry.- but no word of their
arrival had been , receiveo up m noon,
and It was supposed that they had
been- held up en route.
All nHsaenaer trains nearing London
derry are searched by British soldiers
and -constables to prevent oinn reinem
from approaching the city from south
Ireland tomohlllze against me unionists.
Dublin renorted that rioting waa re
sumed at Londonderry, during the night
And that runner casualties naa oc
curred In street lighting.
Jt is reported in .Dublin that the
Kritish . government contemplates sus-
nenabin of ral way tranic in central
and .northern Ireland to prevent the
concentration of Sinn Felnera, Leaders
of the Irish railway unions declared
they were ready to 'extend the sirme,
which already Is in effect. If the gov
ernment attempts to carry out such a
decision. ,. -
. -,. -- ( ..I
Head Royal Irish
Constabulary Shot
Motor Car, Carrying Officials
to Dublin Castle Meets Fu
.. "silade of Bullets.
Dublin. J'une 22. An automobile car
lying the assistant dliector-geneial ot
the royal Irish constabulary and lour
constables waa atatcked with revolver
fire and bombs when sn route tiom the
Amiens street station to Dunlin castle
today. Assistant Director - Uenera
Roberts was severely wounded In tin
head by a revolver puuet. out is ex
pected to live. The driver of the car
waa shot In both legs.- No arrests have
1esn made. The motor was met with a
fusil ada of bill ata when oasslna under
a railway bridge, but ths badly wouno.-
el constame a river connnuea at tne
wreei wnn an uniujiiieu companion
returned tlie fire. - After shooting had
gone on for some time the assailants
threw two bombs. Nothing is known
as to the casualties among those who
maae tne attacK.
New York. June 22. ImmlKratinn
authorities at Rills Island faced today
the problem of straightening out a
'love triangle born on moonlit nights
on the swelling Atlantic
M as Nell But er. a young ungiisn
womtuj of 22. begged them to give her
her freedom at least long enough to
marry Oapt. Paul Miller of the British
army, who made hen forget In a tbree
dav courtshin on board shin the Cana
dian officer whom sha hart Intended to
wed when she sailed ten days ago for
Vera Cruz. June 22. The sanitary sti
thorltles. announced today they were
making satisfactory progress In their
fight against the bubonic, plague. Ten
thousand persons have been vaccinated
with sntlplague vtrits since last Hatuc
day. The Schools have been reopened
and railway passenger service has been
renewed with Mexico City. Two new
rases of the plague-and one death were
reported Monday.;
Tioa Anaeles. June 22. Los Angeles
railway officials snnotinced that a
sllaht earthauake at t0:3fl a.m. put its
power -plant at- iiunnngion ibku, iwrmy
miles east of Fresno, out of commis
sion for twenty-five minutes, ins Alt"
geles traffic was lied up for that perlol
Kiinxvltle, June 22t (Special.) Krn
est T. Ross, age 22 .years, of Ienolr
City, reported shot by tha chief of po
lice at that place in a rain on a Km
hllno- house, dledtiere today. Chie
Nlchola says the shooting was acci
dents I ,
Irish Railway! Will Refuse to
Handle Munitions. .
lOIlOOn. .1 II fir - m I mvni i n n
on th Irlnh rnllWHyn wan tnipornrlly
. . I Sel. . hi. smonlfAlitrM lt(ll1lH
stM fl. t . fitas
W0t l"UHT " i--
hv in iripn inor jwi i y nun v wnn.
of lrr) - untonn. crnrnlnjr to a nn
'.. . . . . . ii rams rl M t
work until pronrtllv dlprtilnfl hy the
ntnoriitp. out wwuiu
fimA th hunltng o( all munition in
New Vork. June 22. Cocaine, mnr
i.hlne anH her.il.l Wrt)l 1250,'MMl l
...nK.i. hv the nollce in raids to
day on two dwellings In Brooklyn
where thre men. yiovanl Mauro, his
son. Ix.uls. and son-in-law. -Hulsepp
JangarasH..were arrested charged with
having drugs In tneir iw"i"
I.iia Uinm acrordlllC to the police,
admitted having been a distributor !
drugs, which, he ssld. were t.urrhased
from crews of esBls arriving here from
I'arls, June 22. i;erimmendtl.nthst
an international flimnclat conference he
hM In Bruasels to mobilise tlerman
money and Issue International losns
he serf nn Uernian revenue nas ore
AmrAA nrn at the Inleralhed meetMi
at Bmilogi e, c-.rdig to a special. cor
repondeiit of Mavss.
1 2 8
Innings g
Mobile ........ ....;
0 0
At Chattanooga. . .... .0 0
Batteries Frieste and Pond;
2. S
Atlanta ....
At Memphis .......... .0 0
Batteries Boone and Hager;
Innings '1 2 8
New Orleans .1-
At Nashville .......... 1 '
v -'I I i '
Batteries Phillips and Dcberryj Hodge and Kohlbecker.
1 2 8
Birmingham .......
At Little Rock . ...
2,8 4 5
.0 0 0 0
1 0-0-0
Innings 1
Cincinnati . .-. . . . .'
At Philadelphia. 0
Batteries -Luque and Wingoj Causey, Gallia and Tragres-
Chicaffo . . .
At New Vork
yler, Carter and
bell and Snv
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 R. II. E.
.;.0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 8 1
,v. .0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1-a- 8 10 1
Aines and demons; J?oott and Gowdy.
1 2 8 4 5 6 7 8"9 R. II. E.
1 3 3 0 0 0 2 0 0 9 16 2
1 2 8 40 0 0, 0 0 1 7 10 4
St Louis .
At Boston
Batteries Ponder, Cooper
Grimes and Miller
Innings ...... 12 3 4 6 6 7 8 9 II. H. E.
Washington ....2 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 8 J? 1
At Detroit ...v. 00 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 71
Batteries Zachary and Ciharrity ;Daus, Alton and Aln-
smitli. . '
Inning's 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 It. II. .
Boston '. . . . 0 1 0 -8 0 1 0 0 -,
At Cleveland .0 0 2 5 4 0 2 0
Batteries Bush, Fortune,
Ins. 1
2 8 4 8
. ...T...V..0
7' 8
0 0
0 0
At Chicago
Batteries Harris and Perkins; Kerr. and Schalk.
OoV. RoberU Virtually Tells
Women He WiU Uot Call
Legislature i-- -
Nasnville, June h That 'they nilht
not expert a special session of ths .leg
islature any time soon wss the vlrtusl
message of Oov. Roberts yesterday aft
ernoon to about forty members of the,
Tennessee league of Women Voters,
who called upon him ot the capltol to
ask that he convene the general assem
bly at one In order to ratify the fed.'
ere! suffrage amendment.
Of course, the anvernnp arimliia i.e
question-of ratification was am--"important
one," that "It concerned the
women of the entire country, as well as
Tennessee," that he had given the
matter "grave consideration," and that
be wished "to do nothing; that was not
valid or that might embroil Tennessee
n neeriiess litigation.
Finally, when It was nut tin to him
squarely thst the women of Tennessee
mont probably would need a special ses-
ni,M, iur ri iiiuminn in orne insc iney
night be able to vote in. the 'Anarnat
primary. the governor admitted he
could promise no "speclflc time" for
convening the legislature. He said he
was still wsltlng for an opinion from
Atty.-Oen. Frank Thompson in the Ohio
case snd did not know when It would
be ready.
No Action Soon.
The IsHles came away thoroughly con
vinced, however, there would be no
special session until after the August
primary, when the governor has.flnlshed
his race for the democratic nomination
and when the danger of the woman vote
In the primary is past.
The spokesman of the ladles wss Mrs.
John M. Kenny chslrmsn of the League
of Women Votnrs from the Ktxth con
gressional district. Hha made sn ap
peal for early ratification of the federal
suffrage amendment by ths Tennessee
legislature, stressing - ihe honor that
would be this state's If It be'esms the
thirty-sixth to ratify.
"We sre not ssklng this with snv po-,
lltlcal almA' said Mrs. Kenny. "There
is no jmlltlcs In our motive. We merely
want Tennessee to go down In history
as the state which gaA-e universal suf
frsge te the women -of Amerlcs. We
want Tennessee to best North Csrollns
to ratification. The women of this
state would be the happiest In the world
If thev could wire Ihe San Francisco
convention that It wss a southern dem
ocratic state which enfranchised the
women." i.
Mrs. Kenn called on eeverei- women
present for exhort talks song the ssme
line. F.soh of the speakers represented
soms phase of the work lreVhli women
are particularly. Interested.
Mrs. Leslie Warner, former state
president of the old suffrage orgsnlsa
tlon. ssld: ,
"We heve never faltered In our work
for the enfranchisement of our ses. We
come now with the hoiie thst what we
did during the dark days of suffrage
mav And Its fruition In these hrlrhter
times. It will be s grest pity fl North
Csrollna - rsllfles before we do, thus
proving the -truth of the Aesop fable
about the tortoise and the hare The
ratification bv a democratic state will,
f believe, mean a detnm-rallo victory Ui
the presidential race."
'"Mrs James S. Beaslev, head or the
republlcsn women of the state: Mrs.
riaude t. Kulllvsn, vhelrman of, child
welfare work for the Iue of Women
Voters: Mrs. I.. T. McOtll. on the part
of the W. r. T. IS: Mrs. F'K K'.hn,
for the mothers of Amerlcs ;'Mrs Hor
are Smith, prominent wsr worker: Miss
Matv Penn Thompaon. on behalf ofTbe
teachers and the cMlsensblp school;
Mrs Ales Irvine, for the parent-teachers'
eseoclatlnns; Mrs. James B. r.s
sell, member of the deniocrstlc execu
tive committee from the Hlxth dlelrlct;
Miss Msrv rieassiils Jones, for the
business women: Mrs Arch Trawtik,
.1,. v w I' A.'. Mn li. T. Klm-
brourli. county chairman of the league
of Women Voters; Mrs. iee rox, -nair-
i ii. e ilfih .Urn rlil nt the league.
all these added their pleas for esrly
Knnwllle. Tune 3J -Ksrl Harrison of
thls'cltv died of pnein-tila at fltnyms.
Astatic Turliev. nn June 11. He wss
In that country doing nhotfsrt.hic s'd
rk fr various .ul.licst..ns.
niasas'ne "i
S 6
7 8 9 ,R. II. E.
Noel and Nciderkorn.
4 S
7 8 9 R. II. E.
Thw eatt, Goodbrcd and Myers.
4 5 .0 7 8 9 R.H. E.
' 'v . . '
4 5 6 7 8 9 R. H. E.
Postponed! rain.
6 7 8 fl 10 11 R. H.
0 0 0 1 0 ' 2 8 ip
0 0 0 00 ,0 1 P
9 R. II. E.
210 16 2
0 4 18 i
O'Earrellj Benton, Barnes, Hib-
and Schmidt; Pfcffcr, Smith,
Eibel and Walker; Caldwell and
. i
R. H. E.
1 7 0
9 10 11 J2 18
0 0 0 0. 1
0 0 ,0 .2 -
2 9 2
Miss Elly Hope Anderson First
Denier Knowing Von Schle.
gel, but Later Defends Him.
Mlnntspolls, Minn., June 22. Miss
Filly Hope Anderson, mystery woman In
the Klwell murder esse, was located In
Minneapolis this morning. 8he was the
partner of Victor von Bchlegsl, New
York business msn snd former Minne
apolis man. on the evening of June 10,
the last time thst Von Hchlegul and J
B. Klwell, whist player and well-known
turfman, are known to have met prior
to the discovery on the morning of
June II of Klwell dying In Ills home
with a bullet through his head.
Miss Anderson, when discovered here
this morning, tried to deny thst she
had aver known Von Hclilemil. but later
gave out an Interview telling shout the
night of June 1(1 at tha Itlts-C'ailtnn
roof garden, New York. Hha stoutly
defended Von Hchlegal's Innocence of
anv complicity In the strange death of
Klwell. Htie sum von tfcniegai reit no
enmity toward Klwell. slthnuah the lat
ter had become sn Intimate friend of
Viola Kraus, ths divorced wife of Von
Hchlrgal, since last August, when Miss
Kraus first entered suit for separation.
Hhe scoffed at the suggestion that Von
Kchlegal had murdered Klwell. Khe
said she did not know of any one who
harbored enmity agalnat Klwell, al
though she sdmltted she has known for
soma urns or tne tiesa lunman a repu
tation about New York. Hhe salil she
huii never met Klwell. Hhe said she snd
Von Kchlegsl were close to Klwell snd
Miss Kraus on the nlglit ot June iv,
..iH even hiimned Into them while delic
tus:, hut thst Ihe men smiled snd
seemed on plesssnt terms. '
Ken Ftar.clsro. JllllS 23. TllS Ten
neee delegation to the democratic na
tional convention Is ths objective of
the siiffrsglsts today.
Mr. Ahhv Bcott Hsker. of the na
ilnnal wnman'a party, wss today mar
shsling her forces for sslrlve upon the
Tennenaea delesal on upon US arrival
' Miss Chart Williams, delegate from
Tenneaaee. wss In conference with Mrs.
Hsker todsv and pledged her support to
bring sbnut ratification of sutfrsge In
Ksnsss rity. Mo., June 22. 1 see
nothing In McAdoo's message to change
the eltusttnn," was tne reply oi noma
Jnnkltis here this afternoon when saked
whether the former secretsry of the
trcssury's telesrant would have any tr
ier! nn hla IJt-nklna'l attitude.
"McAdoo merely has reiterated the
position h had taken all along. Ills
name will go before the convention,
whether presented by rue or some one
fhlcsgo. June Ally.-'i'ti A
Mitchell Pslnier snd 2 Ml I'ennsylva
nlsns psssed through t'hlrsgo tnilny
bound for the Han Francisco conven
CIoadyrSa?s Billy 'Possum.
(lever, gor
geous fjeorges, h
Is arch and h
cov: lie baa hV
aiilts of i-lolh
and bis wife'
darllns bov.
you get bini mlih
the lafllca. eerj
mnlher'a daiigh
ter hark, but '
J-ou get him alt
Jack enipsey. H
will rome tli
bark. The fellow
Bland a -arow 1 1 n
when thev he
the laughter ile
and they want to crawl on l.eorsesaii'
nirk both his eves: and the loely la
(Ilea love him snd lies crowned ktn
,,f trlrke- hut when be meets J)
I.emi.-sev ba III think he a crowned
ttlth hrlCka
The sesther? t'artty cluudv tna'sh
ane) Atelndsv; m.lrrte lemnarstm
f ran i him a
eryicsscans Indignant Over
Proposal v to Seat Shields
Type Democrat at 'Frisco.
Sedallu. Mo.. June 21 (En. route to
Pan. Frsnclsco convention.) The Ten
nessee di-legstlon today resd with nr
prlsa and Indignation a report thst an
ttempt' would be made to sest Senitor
Jim Heed, lf Missouri, In the conven-
Inn. Senstor Reed has becti one of the
bitterest opponents of the peace tresty
nd league of nstlons. and his stand
as been practically Identical with that
of John K. Shlelda, whom the Tonnes
see convention repudiated June 8,
The delegation wss Immediately can-
aimed and wss practically unanimous
gainst allowing him to be seated at
SaivKranrlseo, if the Issue conies before
lie convention, Tennessee will vote
'no" on seating Jim Heed.
Still Favor McAdoo.
Most of the delegates still favor Mo-'
Adno despltn Ills statement and ne la
llkelv to aaln seversl votes If ever
placed before the convention, Several
of the delegates have commented point
edlv on the fact that Mr. McAdoo lini
never ssld In sny wsy thst he would
decline the nomination f,u were lusiie.
The Hon 111 Cam ns di'legstion Is on
the eainw-trnln with that from the Vol?
unteer state. , It Is strong for Men.
-swrence 11. Tyson for v ce-nresldent.
Seversl of'the veterans of ths genersl's
brlsada are In the South Carolina del
ectation and are working for him Ilka
bca vers.
The trln so far has been plesssnt
with no untawsrd Incident to msr It.
The party expects to stop st Colorado
Springs Tuesfiay snd at msh l-aae juy
Thursday and Friday. (
w.Mi.iimion .fcma. 22. (Special.)
Peuator llnrtcr Glass, of Virginia, who
Is slated for the chnlrmsnahlp of the
committee on platform and resolutions
of the democratlo national conveiuion,
held a conference with Hepreaentatlve
Finis tlarrett, of Tennessee, Just belore
Ills departure tor San Francisco about
certain vital features In the platform
declarations of tlw dotnocrstlo party.
Mr. tlarrett, former chairman and now
member of the Insular affairs commit
tee, was consulted particularly nnoui
null, -Ira ncrtalnlnc to lusillHr malters,
fl, e nenca ti-eutv. nrohlhlt loll and other
questions In ba consiucren at nan f run
ciacn. Mr. tlarrett snd Mr. disss agreed
absolutely as to what attitude should be
taken toward the treaty. They agreed
that the declarations of tne state con-
veutloiia of Tennessee and Virginia
which Hrn virtually the same, should
be the'declaratlon of the national demo.
crallu convention: that Is, thst the
tresty of Versailles ss reported to me
senate by I'realdent Wilson should b
ratified without Impairment.
Wsshlnaton. June 23. (A. P.)--Blnoe
the beginning of tha world war In 1M4
the United fstatea has rolled nn a trsde
balance of annroxlmately 1 17, iiMi, 0(10,000
against ins woria. j ins exceens t-y
evem1 billlnna of dollars the tntat tn
tsvnr or the upited Btateg irom rot w
1!IM. - -
Ilenartment of commerce figures to
dsy show thst tha trade bslauca made
In favor of the United Steles In th
fiscal year ending In 1IU4 one month
before ttie wsr began was only 1170..
000,000, During the first year of tils
war It wss H.fifit. 419.600, snd In . the
next yesr. ending June so, JDltl, It wss
t2.1gri.rilifl.sTrt. I luring the succeeding
vesr the tola wss IH.Mn.mui.20fl. Mean
time the United Htstes hud entered the
struggle snd In the year sndlng June
80, IMS the first full flscsl year of
America's partlclpiillm the bslsnce
was only I2.H74. 0611.073. Iii the next
year, ending last June JO, however, It
wss it.ian.bflz.iiis.
E.... ... I C 1 T..H. 44 A
rnil rieo.-iBiu, ni,, uui.w
horseshoe, time-honored omen of good
nek. w t.e presented to Atty.-ueti.
A. Mitchell Palmer when ha arrives
here Friday evening t the head of the
seventy-slg Pennsylvania delegates
tiledaed to his support In ths conven
tlon opening Monday and Die hundreds
of Palmer supporters making up the
two Pslnier special trains from Penn
The hnrseshos wtis picked up In Rett
Take City cri route to San Kranclsco
by former member of congress from
Virginia C. C. Car In. Palmer's cam
palgn nisnsger. who regards lis finding,
cnunled with th withdrawal of Wllllnm
fit McAdoo. as a sure augury of bis
principal's success whan (lis balloting
commences next week.
Mr. Csrlln Is not merely ootlmlstlc
lie Is imalllve. "There ts no contcsl
st all." hs said today. "I would not be
surprised If Pslnier won on Ihe first
ballot. With the withdrawal of Mc
Adoo. Psliner remains the sole admin
Intra Hon candidate. The administration
forces will esslly control the conven
(Inn and Mr. Palmer will he selected
upon a platform thst will frankly meet
the Issues tlmt are In ths mhids and
hearts of the neonle.
"There will t"io ducking or dodg
lug the hope of success of the ticks
will largely depend upon our Willing
neas to tike ITte neonle Into our ronfl
drive snd to take the chance of a full
expression upon the subjects upon which
they have a tight to know Just where
we stand. The administration will be
Indorsed In Hs every pollcyj to use the
words of Mr. rainier himself, 'in It
every phase.' It ts a proud record and
we will go to the country upon, It.'
Mr. Csrlln did admit thst tliers might
ba some sort of sn argument In ressrd
(T the platform, but be dismissed ths
possibility of serious difficulty In tha
followlna words:
"There will, of course, be some dlf
terences ss to the platform declsrsllons,
mil iinining mat will lean io srrimoni
ous deltaic or ahsndormieiit of the sd
mliilslrstlou's record In any psrtlcular
Those wlio sre looking for trouble wil
le disappointed. It will be Palmer and
sn old-fnsliinned love lesM.
Wimbledon, June D;. J. I'. Paike, th
Pritlrh International tennis pluyrr, d
fr-ated William M. Johnnlmi, Unllei
Slatea slnales champion. In thwr match
In the contest for the Hrltleli lunula
i hSRiphmehlp heie I '.day, 7-S. 2-
Wsshlnaton. June I.' Japanese force
sent to the rescue of aiirv.vora of the
reisn of terror liisiigurate.1 sfter the
l.olKhevlkl captured the teniote Siberian
town of Niknlaievsk In April arrived on
June s e,ny to find the town In flame
anil the survivors of the firat iimeeacre
murdered, according to offl.nal report
received here tolav from Toklo,
It was slsted that -the I'.'ti Jspsneee
Who bad Imn held prlwmers bv th
l.nl.hevllil elnce Al.rll were Out to deal
Ihe dav before' the renege force
rcsrhed the town The holnl.ex Iki the
et fir to the rla. e ssd fled. V II
Ihe nn...n. of theae JaONneee. sl
Ibe Jnlnni-l. rtvlMsna. numbering shout
Ion et Ihe L.r rrn.nl as well SS til
1,1 I Jr-! -je soldiers fo
. ' of th'Jt'n hns bet
toriiiln "ie im
betn e xtermlnsted.
Berlin, June 22. Efforts to con
firm sensational rumors printed In
the United States that an at--tempt
had been made to assassi
nate th ex-kalser st Doom wer
unsuccessful todsy. The rumor
wss denied both st Potsdsm and
at th Dutch l.t,-atlon.
The rumor was Ihe Invention of
a sensational American Journalist
sto sslve bis disappointment over
hla inability to Interview the for
mer emperor, said the Neue Bar
Republican Presidential Nom
inee Will Appear in At
lanta atEarly Date.
Announcement thst Senator Warren
Gamaliel Harding, republican nominee
for.tlia presidency, will apesk In At
lanta during tha early days of th fall
campaign has stirred Intense Intcrsst
among republicans of Chattanooga ana
Kast Tennessee and a movement Is
now on foot to Indue th party nomi
ne, to Includ Chattanooga In hi Itin
erary south.
This will b th first time a repun
limn nominee has: carried so extenalv
a campaign Into solid democratlo ter
ritory of th south, and It Is claimed
by republics,!! to be a hold maneuver
to break up (he solid south this fall.
Specific: dates of the. republican nomi
nee Include Atlanta and Havannah, sr
oordlng to announcement made Tuesday
In Atlanta psers. It la also announced
thst hs will speak III on or two other
Ucorgla cities to be selected later.
Definite plans for Senator Harding's
southern Itinerary will not h an
nounced. It is Stated, until arter n Is
formally notified of hla nomination at
hla home in Marion. O.. In July. The
senator has soma very close friends In
Chsttanonga, H. Clay Kvan and eg
Senator Newell Handera being original
Harding men, active In hi behalf
throughout Temteasss,
French Ships
Bombard Turks
Sultan's Soldiers Open Attack
on Messina on Mediterra
nean Coast.
dsy that Turkish furcea attacked Mer-
. n,,e, u.on e.w , ,,w ir iid. eon iu
Ins, nn the Mediterranean southwest
of Adsns, uid that-French warships
in inn ns r nor noinosrnea in 1 in hi.
whtrh are to srtsnsa flie-denills In eon
nectltm with th (uupml tioflflcstlnn of
Henstor Harding and Ooy. Coolldge of
their nomlnstlon as republican candl-
dates for president snd vice-president
wer nsmed todsy hy Chslrmsn Hsys,
of the puhllrsn nstlonst romniltte.
; T. Colenisn Dupont. of Delawsr. Is
Chslrmsn of Hie committee to sr range
for the notlf cstlon of Senstor Harfllng.
snd Ui other member sre Henstor
Hhermsn, Of Illinois; Joseph . KeiUng
nf'Indlsna; David W. Mulvsne, of Kan-
as Willis C. Cook of soiitn iiasots;
H. O. Piirstim, of New Mexico, snd R.
K, Hynlcks. of Ohio. '
,T. Henry rtorabsrk, of Connecticut, is
chslrmsn of the committee to srrange
for the notification of tlov. Coolldge,
and the other members will be V, W.
I'lslalirook, New Hampsnire: i';arie .
Klnalev, Vermont; I. A. t'aswen, Min
nnsols: Fred M. Warner. Mlrhlgart;
KepresenUtlv C. M. Hlenip, of Vlrglnl.
snd Allan H. Jaynei, of Arlson.
As announce isst nigni. nensror
Hsrdlng will he notified at hla home at
Marlon, O.. st 1 p. m. on Juiy , ana
(lov. Coolldge st his horns at North
ampton, Mass., at 1 p. m,. on July 8T.
Washington. ,lun 15. A call to work
er all over the country "to refuse to
psrtlclpste In Ihe eletc ion. ' I contained
In a clrculsr signed bv the "Anierlcsn
snsrehlst federated commune Soviets"
and spread secretly, which hss come
Into the poaaesslori of the depsrtment of
Justice and ws made public by th
depsrtment today.
The clrculsr cslls on H reader "to
h..in Imniedlalelv to orasnlse Into
workers' ooininitn Soviets snd rise in
rebellion sgalnst present society, -e-.verv
form of election wss denounced,
ss wss also government sg an Institu
tion. The pamphlet says:
"Rverv one of von ynrkers know thst
by psrtlclpstlng In a strike you gsln
more then through sll the elections
thst you hsve tsken part In,'' and de.
clsres fur a "general strike" ss th
onlv remedy for existing condition.
"When out on strike " It continued,
"do not stsrve or go rsgged; seise all
food stores. Tske oyer sll fsclnrles,
mines and wsrehouses. fieorgsnlie the
egillre eocletv on til principle of sll the
products of labor to sll the producers,
The clrculsr declsrea the "present
stale of society Is a deadly Issue," end
thst th only thing that ca snd will
kill the dleesse Is revolution and th
formation of Soviets.
Rsn Frsnclsco, Csl., June Ii. A boom
for s third lernt for President Wilson
will hs Isiincbed In the democratic na
tions! convention by a woman. Miss
Mary Kov. of I.os Angeles, a delesst
snd a member of the tistlonsl commit
tee, siinoiini-ed today that she will csst
her vote In the conveiillon for Presi
dent Wilson.
flab-mil. N. C . June JJ -llerlor
Clnrk-on. canislgn msnsaer for t am
eroii MoniKon. rsatlldate for the demo,
olatlc sulwiislorlsl nomination, today
iasued s ststemenl accepting the re
porte,t rhalletig enf .leiit..5ov. M
ilsrdii'r al Aahevflle lest nighl to meet
Mr. Morrison In Joint dlecuaslon. Mr.
tiarknon a alatement follows:
"I hsve not as e received the re
ported challenge of Mr. tlnrdner to meet
Mr. Morrlunn In Joint debate. Morrison
la st present on a speaking lour In
Ihe east, hut I will be ' V". .r"IMT'
hla appointments and be d'Hghted to
accept the challenge." ,
New York, June M. The Atlantic
fleet will cmplete Its power runs snd
tret practice this week snd the ship
will dock In their home srds. the naval
bureau of navigation announced here
' lodsv. A men nn bosrd will be a id
of) snd-gUen a month lese, It wss
"The b.itllei.hlp Peiinsvlvnla. Arlson
srd North Pskols sre eper'1' ' h
Brooklyn oy rd ut Btur-Uv.
With or. Without Consent of -Former
Treasury Head, His
Name Will Be Proposed.
Kansas City, Mn., June. 2J. BurrU A.
JenkUis. clersiymn, editor nd pub
lisher of the Kansas City Post, Issued
a positive statement todsy that th
name of William Olbba McAdoo would
be placed In nomination before the
democratic convention In San Frsnclsco .
with or without the consent ot Mr. Mc
Indications that friends of Mr.' Mc
Adoo will "stop at nothing" In thetr
efforts to force his nam be for th
democratlo national convention stood
out clesrly In th statement Issued by
Kdlter Jenkins. '
In his statement he get forth th
"Tf oma B. Lov. national demo-'
era tin committeeman from Texas.
called me over long-distsnce telephone
from Pueblo Monday night whtl en
rout to San Francisco and said:
" 'I've traveled wet from Ksnsss
City with Ih Alabama delegation, and
eighteen or the twenty-four delegates
favor putting McAdoo In nomlnstlon,
consent or no consent. The former
treasury heed, they declare, I th on
and only leader with whom th demo
crat can fesl sura of victory. McAdoo
must, they Insist, b nominated.'
"Similar sentiment continue o pour
In from various sections of the country.
HI name Is on every one's Hps. It I
Inevitable that his nam b placed in
nomination. '
"Some on, without doubt, will put
him before th convention. Whether
the writer doe so or not th country
might Just a well undrtand. -drat
sad Isst, thst there la no (topping tha
attempt to put McAdoo acrosa a th '
democratlo presidential nomine."
' McAdoo's Comment. .
New York. Jun II William filch
McAdoo todsy telegraphed Burrls A.
Jenkins, of Kansas City, requesting
that his nam not be suggested for th
democratic presidential nomination. The
messsge wss sent on receipt tti news
thst Mr. Jenkins had announced Mr.
McAdoo name would b placed in ,
nomination at Kan Franclaco with or
without hi consent.
"I in gently requested Mr., Jenkins not
fo present my name at th convention,'
Mr. mcaooo sii. , ,
Democratic Female Leaders
Indorse Wilson's Views
' on Peace Treaty. ,
Ran Francisco. Jun 23 I. N. 8 1
Pemocitlo women tody turned polit
lcl carpenter nd Uckled th tsuk
of huirning a party platform.
Mrs, Cleorge Bass, chslrmn of th
womeno buresu of th democratic ns
t'onl committee, called women le.ad.-n
Into Informal conference todsv to -CUS
th demands of th women "
icsard to the -platform. - wh -h
conatriiclod by the reli'i'n
mitt of-lh naliunal convnuo4 u
week. ' . .
i On th queetlon of a 1" if ns.
tlon plank tha democratic women wit.
stand uurelv behind Ih president,
acoordng to Mrg, Bsss.
Prohibition Not Issu. -
Women lesdera of th Prty r not
likely to concern themgelve with th
question of prohibition In th party
tiltform. Mrs. Hss believe. "! hv
found that women ar satisfied with
th Klghteenth .amendment and to
Volstesd ct," s(a Mr. Bs. "1 en l
e that prohibition I an Issu at al,
In thl campaign. I am stir I don't un
derstand what either Mr. Bryn or Mr,
Edward want. Th law I there and II
has been upheld by th highest trtbun.
In th lnd." ....... K
There Is some question a to Just
what .ttltude th women will take wits
regard to-a plagk on th question ol
freedom frr Ireland.
ympslhli With Irslsnd.
"f believe tht th women ar gen
erally in sympathy with Ireland, but 1
am sure 1 don't know what will h
lion with the question of Irish f ran
dom In the platform," Mrs. Bass ssld.
Women's didn't get the vot merabj
fo forward their own Intereata." aU
Mrs, Bsss. "They r going to concert
themselves with all th questions whlcl
sr of nstlonst Importance. Wom
leader In th democratlo party will no
confine themselves to those tblnct
which directly concern women. Jlow
ever, I believe ths Interest of th womet
will cryststlls on certain planks In tht
form w-hlch concern women and chil.
dren, but ther will not work for thos
things alone."
Planks Favorsd.
Planks which the women will urg
In the present form were outlined b; .
Mrs. Pass ss follows:
Protective leglsletlon for child labot
legislation continuing wartime pro
tectlon for women In Industry.
Legislation favoring Increased pay to
"The suffrag amendment la passe,
by the congress and only th ratifies
tlon by two slatea la necessary to sink
suffrsg a reality, and thst ratlflcstim
can be esallv accomplished tr two re
publican aisles.' Mrs. Bsss staled
"I think the republlcsn should d
th most of the worrying about uffrg
thev are responsible." v . i
Women' lesders are hopeful thst ther
will be at least two women member
on the resolutions committee whlclt wii
draft the pisiform.
Confersncs of Leaders. ,
Among the women who Mr. Ps
celled Into conference today wer Mi
fsrollne Runts-Iieese. of Oreenwi.-!-,
Conn.; Mrs. Msud Marv Miller, of Co
limihus, O.: Mrs. Howard T. Wllaon, o
Jirdln. HI ; Mrs. N.-Ihoii McCann. o
i-a Anseles; Mis. John B. Csatlemae
of Kentucky: Miss rhsrlotte WlliMnu
of Kntuckv. and Miss Fllaaheth Jlar
bury, of New York. Other leader wer
espected to Join th conference upo
snivel. ,
A ins meeting of all women dele
sstes to the convention Is schedule,
for Friday to discuss ths quest km o
Washington. June !!. Fred K. Mel
sen. of Nebraska, was sppolnted tods
l.v Preaident Wilson to be solicitor n
Ihe department of stste snd Roland B
Mnhsny, of New Tork. ss solicitor o
the department of In hor
(.'AMU'll'lX kl ltwe,Mi
on Msrket at, or Lovemsn's stors '
rimler call Walnut T33 and recelvi
llbenl reward.
liATHIN'i; SliT. ladies' ivl in dow a
town district Saturday afternoon: re
ward fall Miiln ?"?. or Vnin lf
J lUTHIN'l iil'ITS Liwt. PikUv nish
at lookout Lake, bthln beg cci
; talnlng I hslhtns; suits snd J csp
blue snd red: oil er articles, Rewsri
Hemlock 4Tt.
UOlA M l I. 'J P lost Iset Wclnea
dsv. front of Times hldg.; brlndle. t
months-old: collsr. name "Whiskers.
Rrwsrd $lrt. fall F. W. Lupton. Msr.
In or Mmn 47?.
(Fr Othr "Lots and "Founds" S
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