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Descendants of Pilgrims Ob
serve Tercentenary of
Landing of Forbears.
Britain and Holland Eoprc
sentcd Senator Under
wood Present.
I'lymeuth. Mass.. Pre. ". -.
tlio shores of Plymouth bay,
breaking waves dull
r .)-
"'H'l ho pilgrims t foot on I'lvicmitli I
ro-K on nec. It, iKn, their ileicenriant!
Joined with other distinguished mn n(
this ireiipritlon In Amerlen, Orpst Hilt
rl" iitiil Tlo'lurifl In observing toilnvwlth
nun solemnity th lermntennrv of their
Inn.l'iu-. The orator Ml Senator Henry
ijnhnt T.nilite. it mieeanr in represent n'.
Hon In ihe en.",, from MnssRch'is'!
of nnlel Veh'-'r. who flellvorert th
fatuous "TV-month Or.illon" nl the
two huiiili nit ?i anniversary,
An add rem wna delivered hv Oov.
"ilin I oo'hlec. Vlcc-nrcli1cnt-clcct
and a poem. "i'."n. t'e'n." wnn read hv
Man I.en.iron R, Brlegi, of the fse
idty of una and science! of Harvard
university. Hymns npproprlnte to the
oreasloti were mine Inclmlleir the
i.aiidlnr of the Pilgrims," by Mri, Fa.
llcln Hrmnns. known to every Anerl
cnn aohoolhoy anil irlrl for generation!,
fUnitnr l.o.ico gave a icholsrly nut -at
the ntlgrlms' stnty and In draw.
In from It a eso -ir present -day
America he po'n'ed out that "thev set
ohnrnete- first." "HOiiirht to jrlve men
freeilom both In ho.lv and mind" and
'tried to reduce the sum of human
"Whatever our faith.'" he said,
whatever our helief In progress, there
vean h no noli'er nut noses for man than
thus to deal with 'he onlv earth he
knows and the fragment of time
warded him here While the great re.
puhlie Is true In heart and deed to the
memory of the pilgrim of Plymouth,
It will take no detriment even from the
and of time " ,
in ainteiv measures Dean Prices set
frth fha vision of the Pilgrims and
fholr prayerful determination-
"Freedom. Thy new-born nation her
ahall cherish-;
Orani us Thy covenant, unchanging,
Kirth ahi'l decav. the
Freedom and truth,
TV ansv e - of their
SJJIJ anapi't ire came In
"Tha pllci-lm's faith,
comue grjint iim'
Rtlll hlneH the truth that for the
pilgr'm shone.
We are H seed, nor life, nor death
ahi II daunt ne;
The port I freedom' Pilgrim heart,
sail on!"
Other Natloni Represented.
The official party came from Huston
on a special train and proceeded Imme
diately to the old Colony theater where
the exercises were held. In their num
her. In addition to f do speakers of the
day. were official representatives of
Oreaf PHtnln and Holland, lever a I New
Rnglanri governors, memhers of the
Wvi' I . .1 ...11. .In-.. - 4
. - - . . . ... .1,, i ii, i it mi r.-1 in i in , m i 1 1 1
W. Underwood, of Alabama, and mem- I
hera of patriotic societies. Including the
Soeletv of Mavtlower Descendant!, The
preeliling officer was I.nuls K. Liggett,
of Boatnn, chairman of the Mass-n-hu-aetts
Pilgrim Tercentenary commission.
After the formal everelses Ihe gUSIt!
of the day were entertained at lunch
eon. The remainder of Ihe day thev
give over to a nllrrlmage to Plymouth F
rc"(. tlie I'o'es III hurvhui gtound Inmi.
and other parts of the town Intimately Waal
I connected with the pilgrims' history.
thinner Ixirtge tnuchml upon "Ihe
I peevish, nicuiilimlcsi object inn that II
I the gnat men of Ills lory lunl not aC.
i-oinpiishi d the specific aeeda attached
'to their names "aomehody if would
li ve done ull Ulcus things," mid 0OD
lliucd: "The 'might-have-beens' have nu
claim Id pall dilation. That which hIoiic
la cut Hid to nun honor what was
The actual ilced and II lcn who did
ihe dei d which 'breaks Ihe horlaon's
j level hue.' not those who did not do It.
'even If they tlioimhl about It, ulom
ile Me honor, level etnaj and coinmcm
oral Ion, , -
Tan we. then, Justly place what
happened here at 1'i.vinouth, und the
men and women to whom we owe the
gleet ai l, In the Me mi. high chiaa id
'llarlllva events due to the actual duel ,
of great deeds? Clearly, I think we
nn. Jamestown and Plymouth were
the cornerstones of the foundations
i inn which Ihe great fabric of the
lulled Mlatea has been hull! up."
Lodge Sketches Early D,-ye.
Senutor lodgo sketched briefly Ihe
early MniKtilcs ot J'llgrlnia and
went on:
"It la clearer than anything elae to
those who looked Into It Willi Donald
ciate eves, that tlii'ae men, the leader!
especially, had u profound conscious-
inns that they were engaged In a
vastly greater task than establishing a
colony. They fell in the deptha of their
being that they were laving Ihe
foundation of uu empire mighty na
tion. "The nnderl) ing and the lusting
causes which mads tint station of the
Pilgrim! a decisive event In history
Reem to me to be not what they did
Willi their ships and farina, their trade 1
and their fisheries, but with I heir
minds and with tin ii thoughts. It mat
ters not whether we agree with their
theology or with their forms of t'htis
tian Worship. That which counted then
and has luted ovai since waa that
thev sit the spiritual above the ma
il rial.
"Tiny never for a moment thought
'hat life and Ha inyetei cs could be ex
pressed In economic terms, which
seems If not actually avowed, to be the
tendency among ail classes today They
set chai inter lltst. They sought to
give man freedom both III body ami
mind. They tried to reduce the sum
nf human misery. As we think of Ihem,
our revorrneo and our admiration alike
grow even stronger While the great
republic Is true In heart and d I to
the memory of the Pilgrims of
Plymouth it w 111 take no detriment
even From the hand of lluic."
handles Glow On 5 Million
L. & N. Shops
Trees in United States At Etowah Burn
ry Year That Many Trees
of Evergreen Variety Are
Used at Christmastime.
Washington f I. N.
'" phtWI are strung
trees, ii ml they use
eviiy 5 or, haya the
eslry association, with
8.) l.'nolc Sam's
for Christmas
about (,000,(01
American Kor
h la conduct IriL'
the national voting campaign to file
what those nephews think should be
tlotial tree. Votes are corning
cry section of the country.
consider n population of!
the number of trees used
large, but It Is larger than I
Uien iiy any eoiuitrv on
Loss Estimated at $200,000.
Structure Was Fourteen
Years Old.
our nn
In from
When we
1 In, i .nun
Is not so
(hi' number used
earin. I lie profiteers were badly aluiig
last year when the public refused to
pay high prices for trees and tholl
aanda ot them were thrown nwny in
lante population centers.
The nueitlon of cutting Christmas
trees comes up every year mid the as
sociation received many h itlers In re
tafd to this practice. Intelligent cut
ling of tlie smaller treea really iihla
tlie growth of the morn mature treea
To New York and New Bngland fire
scat more than a million trees Itlack
and red spruce arc vary conimonlv
ween in ceiebrat loriH iii those parta of
the country. Illinois and Ohio riurs-
orymeo partly supply ihe local de
mand with nursery -grown Norway
spruce Pines are in great demand
for Christmas treea wlien fir find
1 ho Louisville & Nashville shops at
Etowah, Tenn., were daitrcHatd by fire f
morning between 1 and I
loss waa chi limited I y I
IS up- ' Coll
In fin
'i o'clock. Tin
omeiaia m tnargi of the shops
proxioillieiy In ail
lliianclal loss (hare are Kill
spruce are not available. Maryland,
Virginia und tlie District of Columbia
use Ihe scrub pin,., wti llu In- southern
Wyoming the Lodge polo pine, is al
most the only species available.
Some favor the hemlock, but Its
slender, springy branches re better
adapted to the manufacture ot so
called fancy i-ie, .Some arhorvltae
arc shipped among firs and spruce to
New York and Philadelphia. Red eclat
Is olten shipped to the treeless states
anil la much used n Tennessee and
Pennsylvania. In California red lar
and Incense cedar are not uncommon.
New Hampshire. Vermont. Maine,
the Herkshlrc H fri Massachusetts.
Kit 'YorlTffl ! "I
York, Philadelnhla and Boston, and I
i ven ior itiittlmore and Washington, i
The swamps of Michigan, Wisconsin
and .Minnesota furnish fhe markets of
Chicago, si. Paul, Minneapolis and the
cities or the plains Htates. Christmas
tree ships bring greenery from the
upper peninsula of Michigan to Chi
cago or lieirolt. In the northeastern j
I and lake stales balsam (Ir fiirnlahea
i the bulk ot the Chrlstmaa tree trade.
I In the south the Frnser fir Is the fa
vorite In Colorado and oilier llooky
Mountain states tir. though abundant,!
is dllllcult of access, and the Lodge
pole pine occasionally the Iloug-
las 111 and I'.iigleiiuinu gpruoa are us'-d
I in the PaclffO coast Hie Christ inaa
tree is often the while Mr,
In the national VOfj being taken by
the American Forestry association the
cim, ii ak and the walnut maintain
it position among the first three in
popular esteem. The hickory and the
apple llfi'l main' friends.
as Its gnal $1.1100,000 to be devoted to
eifiiipmeut and endow men t of tlie I 'i e: -hvtoilan
college and ThOTnWllI or
phanage, at Clinton, and tlie Columbia
Theological seinlnary In thla city, cx-
' hd the amount by approximately
Tlie synod ot Appalaehlu
$750,000 for King college at
Va.-Tenn.; Stonewall Jackson
at Ai.iiifiii.n, Va.. und other e, in.
Washington, Dec. 21. Tlie senate, to
day waa In recess, having udjuiu m d
laat night until Thursday. With ull Im
mediate pressing btislneas disposed of.
Including puaxage of the measure re
vlving the w ar finance corporal Ion, tha
henate planned another tliree-Uay ad
journment Thursday until Monday. A
similar recess over New Years also la
ttotia within Ita Jurisdiction. Tho fund
was reported ovL-rauhMcrlh,.,i iv
small margin.
more mm 1 1
w ere
aihiiiion to tha machinery and
equipment, whhh was seriously
"I by Pre, two engines which
In Ihe slions ai tha time weru
lanelro, Hec. 21. Hiilnbrhlg.
American secretary of state.
this morning on board the
Florida from the United
pi oi l bully destroyed.
It was stated by railroad Offlolall that
more Work waa done at the Btowuh
shops than at tha one located at Cur
bin, K ., or Knox ville
Tha htruclure that burned was nliout
fourteen yours old. It Is understood
that the road had the plant insured fi.r
a Miii-m.i nt i,-ii amount.
arrived her
li.it t leship
Mr. Colby, who Is accompanied by
lien. Cronkhlte and Admiral Hass.it,
representing the 1'nlted States army
and navy, respectively, eaine to Brggll
to return the visit of ('resident I'essoa
to the United States. The Florida
Hailed from Newport News, Va., I lee. 4.
War Cry of Job-Seekers, "Gimme, "
Resounds About Senator Harding
flrmnmrnt I hi! I
tmniortnl. nlinll
thnHo won1n;
tho pit frltn'l
Rhallis Tenders Resignation of
Greek Cabinet.
Athena. Pec. 21 Premier Itlinllla yes
terdpy tendered to King Conatantlne
the resignation of the Greek cabinet,
but waa requeited to remain In office
parliament begins Ita acaslons
Applicants to Right of Him,
Applicants to Left of Him,
Volleyed and Thundered.
I 'ill : Mi: Ins vinlt to 'In
ititniii! encountered Prlnceii 'nth
younireal dAUffnter of Conitenttm
"Whut tin vo you brouffht m
nbroftdf" ti eNod tho princeM.
"I'lipa;' WU hfr Inronlt reply.
i Ine
With Other Naval Powers of
Halifax, Dec i With the arrival
In thla pmt of ins majesty's Canadian
ships Aurora, Patriot and Patrician,
the dominion navy which heretofore
baa existed nominally through posses
sion of the ttnlnhnw and.Nlobe cruisers
of nn ancient pattern, today Hung tn
ihe preese tha hannera of maritime
strength and prepared to take rank:
with other naval powers ot the world.
The vessel, a cruiser and two de-
troyera, were presented to the domin
ion government hv Ureal HrltaUi.
Marlon. O., Deo. II, (1. N. H.)-Ap-
plloanta to the niit pit him, applloantM
to the left t Mm, volleyed ami thup
dered, Even above ti"' dftep and lm
poriant dtiotiMlone on the hiternatloneii
Hituatioii now In pioKf'KH the war ay
j of th- job eeeMr, 'fltnnie," resounds
i about Senator Hardlng'e headquarieri
ii Kpitc the undercurrent of Interrup
tion., the oonferanoe on International
and domeatlv policy are hclnu piihIh'i)
forward toward oonolualon with the ut
moat epeed, Senator Hardlnit'i daye
are full from breakfaat time until lona
after dark in an effort to talk with as
manv IitkIoim an ponalhU1 before thif
holiday teaaon in oonolurtafl,
Th oonverelon 'of Senator
I' .lames, in
ha opaned a
Ninth street.
Unknown salvage
new atora at yU
D'Annunzio Will Resist Treaty
of Rapallo.
Milan, Dec. 31, Qabrlele D'Annunilo,
commander of the Inaurgonl troops oc
cupying Plume, today sent word to the
Koine government thai he would raalst
the execution of the treaty of Itapallo.
which baa Just been confirmed by the
(leu. Cavlflla, commander of tha gov
ernment troops besieging Flume on the
land side notified D'Annunilo or the
ratification of tlie treaty. He asked
D'Annunaio to accepl the treaty ami
withdraw from Flume, D'Annunaio laid
Hint he would resist the treaty to tha
very end and he nikwd Hen. Cavlalla to
warn tha Rome government to that ef-
Shields, of Tennessee, hitler democratlo
opponent of the league of nations ami
the treat v ol Versailles, to the Hard,
ing plan for an international Iribuiui1,
coiillriiicd by .Senator Mill-Ids' state
ment Into yesterday. Is regarded as
Harding headquarters as a distinct vic
tory for the proposal.
Gen, Charles Q, Dawes, regarded by
many IS a possibility for secretary of
the treasury, advocated to Senator
I larding a plan for using a trade body
such as the war trade hoard as a
weapon of offense and defense in Inter
national relations. It. beciline known to
day. Mrs Harding Is expected to leave for
New York shortly after Christmas tut
the final fittings of the gowns she will
wear at the Inauguration and tha oare
monies which follow It. It la not ex
pected that she will again ne wiiiim
reach of the metropolitan shopping dis.
trict until after she become! firat lady
of Ihe land.
Gov, Kdward Morrow. Of Kentucky
conferred with Senator Harding today.
Senator Miles Polnitaxter alio discussed
international and domestic plana with
John th" prealdenl -elect,
Expect to Settle All Minor
Points by Thursday.
Bruaaela, Deo, II, (A, P.) Prograaa
made since the beginning of Hie second
ftnanolal conference lias encouraged al
lied delegates to believe that When lite
conference adjourns on Thursday for
Christmas minor difference! between
! them and the Hermans will have dis
appeared. It was believed hern today
that by that time the allied delegates
will have a fair estimate of what con
cessions will he necessary to make
licriiuiny strong enough to pay tcpara-Hons.
Ilolh sides C
and the fact
reconvene on
Washington, Dec ll Proponent!
the iVordney emergency tariff hill ai
the opposition were engaged today i
hniim up their forces preparatory '
Bhreveport, i.a., Doo 11. Home
ward hound to spend the holidays ulili
her nunt. Mrs V. 0, Hudson, of I
Bhreveport, Miss Bthel Johnaon,
trained nurse, was killed yesterday I
when a freight train crashed into a I
'Frlaoo passenger train at Oreaaon,
IVx. Miss Johnson's mother lives at
floss. Mb, and a family reunion had
eon planned for Chriitmai at Bhreve-
You'll Always Have a Clean Dress
if you make it a rale to
send your soiled ones to
the Model Dry Cleaning
Co., the dry cleaners, as
soon as they are soiled.
We will return them
promptly to you, spot
less, in fine condition,
beautifully pressed. Far
better than giving to a
steam laundry or running
the risk of ruining them
nt home.
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hcht when the measure is culled
conslneratloi In the house tomoi
row, Open antagonism to Hie measui
Iii both the senate and house was man
fcited for tha first time yeatarday fo;
lowing its report by tha ways an
means committee with the period i
application reduced to ten months fron
the one-year period previously iixci
Added to the house forces opposing
principle the proposed tariff protectlm
rates tin agricultural products Wei
many reroaentatives of urban and ma"
ufaeturlng district! who indicated the
would oppose tha measure because n
its failure to Include manufacture
oommodltlei, At the same time tin
senate democratic steering cnmmlttc.
announced It did not view tlie mcasur
as an emergency proposal and wonl '
demand that It be considered by the
finance committed In regular order when
It reaches the senate,
Lotu; atanle or Egyptian cotton Is In
cluded In the list of commodities named
In the bill on which Import duties would
be imposed. This Item waa omitted
from the llt eiven out last night hv
Chairman FVirdney because the com
mittee had been unable to prepare esti
mates of the total revenue which would
he derived on the basis of the 7-eent a
pound durv Imposed
Columbia, s CM Dec,
palffna for funds for
school K conducted iv
Son' hern Presbyterian
HAeklna nn asffrARnte
21. Two rnm
denorrtlnattonel unltH "I tho
church nnl
f 11,750,000,
rlnsfMl ycstcnuiy with each uinn nvor
Uhncrlbedi t-Ccordlng to nn annonnco
mpnt last nljrht hy Rov. M. EJ, Melvln,
Held secretary of Chrlitlan education
vf the church
Tho Hynod of South Carolina. havfnB
rifftlhue t be conciliatory, I
that t ho oonfereuce will
Jan, 10 1h oonshlcrctl us
a hopeful augury,
MAIN 46. 109 E. 8TH ST.
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