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W a"sa fat
eauors oiuay
lax juaw unange
Legislative Committee Named
. .
to Consider Revision of
i A meeting of the ltKiclittive com
mittee of Hi,! Chattanooga Kesl Estate
ccnuiisc w an held Tu aday aitumoon,
"Jjipolnteil to Miiily the present stata
Slant law an.) re. 'oinmond chiing fir lla
Iliipii Y.-nii lit Ul llin last mooting of the
tvaJtotf, The committee I composed
J J, Ivt Allen, thslrmnn: K V. Chapln,
Herman Kortror, C. V. Iti-own.
r The committee 1 r illiri 'tis data In
tin ,-lfort to determine tha equity of the
Hamilton county assessment compared
With tha usuo'mcni In othr large
Counties, A xtu.'v In also being niailo
m local ino"monta !n an effort' to
.qsviaa nmr means of securing a mora
.Jjlblform iiawaamrnt.
B;.Wt committor ao far la almply mli
,JTtg K thorriugrh ludy of the problem.
Thu local realtors will co-opornte ivtth
(Ctmllir committees from other parts of
jflia atat In suggesting some changes
In the Irw, whl.-h will overcome defects,
mi realtors believe have bran found.
Mrs. Reed at Kelt.
H)fr. Mallnda Ren.l, who died Men
W; wn laid to rest In Boynton ccme
kjjisWf following fnnaral services horn tha
Boynton Baptlat church Wednesday
HMjernln:: at 11 o'clock Rv, T. R. Har
iri ttjiii w;i tha officiating mlnlatcr. The
artinernl v.-as largely attended.
Mrs. J. T. Pittman.
, mini ml service over the body of
Mr. J. T. Plttninn, nited 73. who died
HVaotdav night at her home on Cenehat.
Of'er nn lllncaa of a few wncka,
DHrre held from the Cenehat Baptist
filuirrh Wedneailiiy nrtoinoon at 3. with
fm ' B'rtow Mo"itrland, assisted by
K-".'. J. It. McFarlniid, ofllrlntlng Tha
i... interment took place In Cenehat eeme
HPrv nd pallbenrera were J. O Mc
HUtle. IS. A. Tnlley. J. H. Maya, 8 O.
va. K. Frory and H. D. Kelly. Sur.
Mpng tha deceased are her huahand,
l son, II. T. Pittman: a daughter,
Bt J. A. tonard, both of Cenehat;
Po brothers and a (later.
Mrs. Mary Visage.
J?VFuninl aervlraa over the body of
M- Mary Visage. Mad IT. wife of
Bavorace v leave. who dle.1 Tucada
filch 1 at her home. 112a rowan afreet
r a montha' lllneaa, will be held
WWii 'he Klalna- Kawn Dantlat church
nmlay mornlnf at 11. Rev. Jamea
roromlile will oltlrlate. Tha Inter.
nt will follow In tha Raptlat reme-
V. Hurvlvlnar Mra. Vlaara in hr
ahaiifl, three aona, Earl Carroll and
rflon: her parental five hrothera.
n nd Matthew, of thla city; Jea
Bwlna. of fllalnn Knun. and Vlrall.
Hamilton. C. and three elatere. Mra
ncy Evana, Mra. Minerva Witt and
lea Nantnah Atklna, of '.'hattnnnoira.
. mc
Mra. Vleaae had been a member of
M lon atreet Baptlat church for
pny veara. Before her mart-lane aha
Van Mlaa Mary Atklna.. 8he waa born
t) J,t R'ln Fawn on Peb. 5, 1803.
James Hixson.
Mh ' Jamea IIKaon. prominent farmer.
Mwd Wiip eadey morning nt 1:30 hi the
Me "f hi father, MiKlnney Hlxaon,
t KIH enl'ile. Arrnii'ii'iifnla for the
fnnaral will he announced latar.
Mrs. Mary L. Neal.
HP ra Mary I.. Neitl. aued 7. died
Win Hwlnea.tuy momlna; at the home of her
dauahier Mra. K. t.. Lawrence, In
Oklahoma Cltv, after a few weeka'
iHncni of parlyla Kurvlvlna the de-
Waaed are two. dauahlera, Mra law
MaW' fence and Mra. 8. K. Iteed. of Dyer.
sSna renn., and two aona, J. A. Neal, of thla
it v, and J. D. Neal. of Birmingham.
HK"0neral arrant cinema will be an
iicunced Ih-i
Fred Windell.
The bml ,,f Krcd W ind, II. iired 41'.
Hf SJbO died Ripiday In a loi I lioaiillnl,
fttr a long i It ii m, im n, m w'ennea.
IT aftern icn by Warn, a to Atlanta
rfot funeral and Inlerin. nt.
Mrs. Anna Lovell.
Funeral aervicea over the body of
Mra. Anna Lovell. afed III, wife of Ix.n
veil, who died Tueaday afternoon,
, after a lone lllneaa, wl'l he held from
" IN raaldence, 1707 South tleceh atreet,
m, rhurad.iy aftcrnonn at t:W with Rev.
W. M T'dwell onielnllnu. The Inter
nent will mhp ,,!,.,, ,-reat Ullla
r'ameteiv. Nurvlvlna the deeenved are
har hiiHbend. three aona, Jack. William
and Bradford: her parent". Mr. and
Mra. J. K. Crook, and a alater, Mra. J,
B. Peon, all of Chattanooga.
Death of an Infant.
K The ..! v of the Infant of Mr. and
t Mra. K, A. Vance, who died Tueaday
HMt at the home. 2:107 Kaat Thirty
atreet. ISnat Lake, will he gent
Thuraday iifiernoon by I'hnpmnn'a to
lellniound for funeral and Inlernietit.
BJW 1. M. Cile 10 Lee Waahlngton and
wife, land In Third dlatilch till 3t.
Ml Randolph Howell t" IS. C. Howell and
svlfau land In Second dlatilet: W.ROn.
v A- B'Hiaih anl wlfa to Mlaa
MtPaarhea lol-icr. land In Hamilton
county; $2,500.
tt I. Kraaler and wife to Hamilton
county, land In Third dlnlrlet; 100.
C. R. Hendrlck and wlfa to U. U.
fate and wife, land In Second dlatrlct;
vi - W. K. Wllkeraon to Hnlon Bank and
I'ruat eomnany. land In Second lla
Mct: fl.tuiM.
Frank H. Hparka to Foratner Motor
Bme company, land In Second dla
11 lot; (400.
HKlCbailee Koratner to Foratner Motor
dalea Crinpany. laud In Hecond dig
trin :,i 11
MH .O. K. Scholg and wlfa to J. M. AIM-
aV Co.. . land In Second dlatrlct:
i- c.
B. Jamea to W. d. M. Thomna.
L K. Thomna to K. K. Smith and
land In Third dlatrlct; 11,316.
omae M. Semmea to I'anale Hctle-
Altlmr E. Butler to Lvdla 1.. Bnrnea.
J, I., fnlllnga in Kthel Itinaelton.
Wlllliim I, Jonea to Muiv Uoiunc.
H. A. Wallace in Smile Hill.
ISM New torn. ice v. O. I'owna,
gaer: Tom Snow Heating and Ituof
ig company, bulldara; aouth glda ot
Uurili atreet. ttlween Hooaton and
1 nt 1 atreeta.
MOW New furnace. Mra. J. S llniit,
ENrr, Tom Sn . Hiatln and ltoot
Hf oompiiiy. Imllilera: annth aide of
Sim View, between lli. 1 1 atreet and
Mficaacc rivet.
Skyscraper Plats for Madrid.
Madrid A gigantic effort to acute tha
haualng problem of the Npxnieh capital
by the 1m ui.h of thoiiaandH of country
folk to the city la In progrena In the
northern acctlon adJaiTtit to ihe aubuib
fcf Cuatro Camlnoe. A private ooncarn
hae acquired an enormoua tract of land
hnd ha begun building what for
Madrid e-e akyaeretieia of ten aloriea,
if!ch of the huiidlng la to contain
data and forty atorra. The new
kfeiadel auburl. la to be In all reaped
iamd. iii. p'nalneeia are now engnged tn
'laying out a boulevard running
ihrouah Ita center over half a mile long
ind 1 3( feet in width, with two carriage
urns and a central promenade lined
. y Itn tleea.
Call A. L. WILKEY, Phone Walnut 6974. All Roofing
and Repair Work Guaranteed.
fiaby's Footprints
(trim Tragedy
Miseriea of Locked-Out Minen' Families in West Vir-
I rriviin '"Pant f!r1VIV" Ifglra Qlnonniunl
ginia "Tent Colony" Make Strangers' Friendly
snuie x reeze on ills Lips and Strong
neart urow Sick.
Wllllamaon. W. Va. (I. N
tt.) 'Ho
ttua la Maicwan; '
The atiangar'a friendly amllc froze on
hta llpa, tha gleam of oxpaotanoy dlud
In hla eyea, ehtlWd by (ht rvpruarhfiil
alar of tha vlllagera to whom ha haU
dropped the graatlng In a flippant tono.
btrangara, on whatever orrand bunt,
come to Mat wmi -Indeed, to any part
of Pike and Mingo counllva with
vague uleaa of romance, atlventuro,
and bravour memoilerof blood-atlrring
talea urn cured in boyhood Uuya. , ,
For la not thla region tha crudla of one
of Amcrlca'a great hlatorlo Uraiuaa
tha Hat Held -McCoy fgud?
But thlk particular atrnngar the
writei learned aui.n, aa all oilier ro
mtincn-aaoklng vlaltora do, that tho
Urania of the famoua family feud haa
mii unk to dim memory Itiatead a far
grimmer trugody, involving thouautida
or live, not a hundful, haa uauipetl the
center of the atngo that la bordorod on
the on aide by Wuat Virginia' endleaa
row of rld(ea and on th othur by
Koutucliy'a far-famod mountaina. In
between awlrl tha black, awlft wntera
of the Tug river, Indifferent witnaa
to the mtaery that ataraa tlown, hollow-eyed,
from the gaunt hllla where
mora than ten thouaand men, women
and children are "living" In mlnvra'
tant colonlea.
It waa up there aomo twelve hun
dred feet above the aea level In th
mldit of the doaert of doaolatlon that
I road th tory written by a buby'a
lootpiint in the anow
W were pounding ahad my guide
and 1 through a naaty, ice-cold gate,
Plowing through anow that camo well
over our ahoetopa, toward the center
of tha tent colony overlooking; Ma
twan. Suddenly my heart (topped I
graepod my gtilda'a arm and pointed to
what I aaw on tha gllatenlng ground
th unmtakahlfl tracka of a ohlld
bare feat, even the git t In toe clearly
Impllntetl. The tot could not have
been over a.
We followed the trail. It led atralghl
to on of th tent. Inalde, on a cot
Improvised of brick and land, a wom-
un wa writhing In pain. By har aide
aat a akoieton-iik man, coughing na
Perataly. On tha bar, frotan ground
theae barefoot children aat huddled to
gether holdlna bonv hands over a mla-
eruble little wood fire The tant tugged
and atralned under thk whipping of th
wind. On one aid a large ggih had
been torn Into the canvaa by tha
atorm. A newspaper that had covered
It for a few moment wa now flutter
ing In ribbon to the delight of tha
anialleat of th children.
Four Hundred In Tent.
It waa only one of atmllar In
numerable atmilar spectacle. Mora
than four hundred famine of min
ora who have joined the union and, In
penalty therefor, have bean locked out,
ar living In theae tent colonlea, The
union t'nlted Mine Worker of Amer
ica la aupportlng .e beat It oan 10.117
peraone. Of thla totnl 2,714 ara mon
2,1187 women and 6,498 children.
From Nell Burklnghaw, Waahlngton
lawyer and Inveatlgator, who made a
thorough InveatlgHttott or condition lit
the mine war region, the correapondenl
obtained a wealth of facta Inacceanlble
to newapupermcn becauae of the ya
tem of eaplonaga aprend over the In
dustrial warfare which ha been rag
ing since laet Mm-
t.victed by Operator.
"Those inuoruinnto people," aald he,
"hayo been evicted by the coal opera
tors, mom them on only ten min
ute' notice, driven Into the hllla to
ahlft for tliemaelvea, Tlui union of
fered to pay the rent of ttieae families,
to give bonda-rbut theae offer were
Ignored. Joining the union I th inly
crime ttie brana or inaae ramtneH
have commuted, and the Brat penally
la eviction: the aeennd. lockout, Frir
It ahould bo understood that thla I
not a atrlke, but a lookout, pur and
"That' th miner' aide of It, but
alnc there ara more than Alt, 000 per
son affected their aide neaiftHo be told
here for the flrat time.
Nor ar the sufferer r.llen. Thay
ar not th flotsam of Europe' human
Theae men and women and children
who face a terrible winter at tho mrcy
of the element and th mipport of
the uniecoenlacd organisation by whlrn
they are determined to stand or fall,
ere malnlv descendant of the pioneer
that crossed tha mountains one hun
dred nnd flflv veara ago Willi their
pack horses and dogs and rifles and
getMed In the hllla and hrcd sturdy
and pore-hlooded part of the American
race as any other section of the coun
try can bonat of.
Ar Rur Amarlcsnt,
Flgurca compiled by Invest Igntors
show that "straight Americana" dating
their American ancaalry bark any
where from one hundred to one hun
dred and fifty year arc In tho over
whelming malorlly. In on camp, for
lntnnea, thers are nlnerv-flve famllls.
Of those flv am colored, two Hunga
rian and two Italian. All the others
are white American descendant of the
True ther la nothing "koft" about
this breed. They ate n hardened,
grim, almost aul'en anrt, made an by
deeadea of battling with raw nature
and auhaequant struggle against a
f-irce which they dreati more than the
True, also, that they r a "gun
tot Ing" people. They have never ra
llnnulahcd tne weapon of their fore
father. They are probablv better able
1 1 hnio'le a ab"'tnn than any other
tlna.of people In th t'nlted Rtatea.
Morertver. thero Is a conldenhl moon
rh no tranV In th hllla. end a targe
'-.epn'nga of the manv kllllnga ha
o due, not to the liiduatrlal strife,
but to drunken hrawla.
h.m of lein Will.
The men who hack ihe union tho
men who with their famhle. most of
I he ID large families, now eke out a mla
elable tortured xlM!nee In the tent
clonics are Imbued with a determi
nation that baffles description, They
are Iron-willed men, When one ask
them th why and wherefore th an
wer 1 Invariably:
."For our children,"
To five more than 5.000 little onag,
many of whom wer born In the tent
some are born nnd some die tn th
desert of desolation the heiitnge of
"the right to organlie" these man ara
flghting their present battle, they tell
wondering gtrnngrr.
Burklnahaw was up In the ridge
during the last two weeks of Novein
t or. Jut when winter began to appear
In ita true grlmness
He saw tha tiny toe tracka In th
"You know,' h said, and there wa
a heart tremor In his voice, "1 felt Ilk
a criminal when I saw thnae footprints,
nnd even woraa when I looked Into
those tent. I waa wearing two heavy
woolen aport aweatera, heavy eook
end a warm overcoat, Oad. what
sight, and what a feeling it gave m!"
Visualise. If you weu'd comprehend
'he nletur In all Ita gbaatllness. that
barren, broken oounlrv on the far
western elope of the Alleghenlea at the
ntiiiroaoh of winter: rldaes nnvwhrr
from KM to l.MWl feet above the sea
level, the too covered with snow snd
dotted with frosen pools. Ihe bottoms
msss of slush; a countrvs'de beautiful
bevond words In summertime, turned
Into a gaunt forblddlnr deaert be ihe
whims of winter. Hlh Winds slier
nate wttn driving snow, aweeolne- these
rldaes iie he wrath of heaven with
weird, mocking music, lues-ing and
teatlne nwsv at 'h tenia that eheltcr
the refuge families
Barefoot Children,
Women and children are often barae
foot. Moat of them wear but a alngle
garment -a calico dress. Wmil la a
luxury 111 that mlaeryland. Th men
wear thin cotton oxerall. Overcoats,
too. are a curiosity among th tent
dweller Bueh aa ther are go the
rounds for these refugee are Imbued
with the 'lielp-your-nelghbor" aplrlt.
In llioae tents, pitched on the bine,
in Snow Part
in Rich Coal Land
froivn ground, with their pitiable little
brick-bordered "nreilde," bablea aie
born. Pneumonia la common enough
among th tnt dweuara.
Many of th tent ar dirty. Some
ar neatly kept. t I hard almuat
Impoaalble to keep them clean all the
time, what with rain and mow and
Utah. Light at night I provided by
candles or lantern.
"In this, th richest coal region In
the world, aald Burklnehaw, "th. ref
ugees have th utmost difficulty in pro
curing fuel for their tent flrea, Th
opcratora lures carried the war to th
point of refusing commlaalon men per
mission to pick th coal lying at the
mouths of mines. The Union ha to
pay 117 a ton In a col district thnt
produce con 1 at a llttlo mora than
12.60 at th mine'"
torn Eviction Casts
He then cited aom instance of
"I pel sunnily Investigated th caae
of Oscar A I Iff. a union man with a wife
and throe children, whole ages range
from 1 to E." ho said. "Official of
Cryatal Block mine No. 1 cam to
A lift' ahanty after midnight and gava
him ten minute to get out. Allfi pro
tested that hi wife waa III. In no con
dltlon to b moved, "We glv you
just tan minutes," waa th answer.
"Half carrying hla tick wife, with
the smallest child In his other arm and
tha two other trundling along, Allff
shuffled nut Into the cold night, and aa
ho moved along so he told me under
rath hlk persecutors fired ahot over
hla and hla family's hoad.
"He spent th night In the tent of a
colored union miner two mile away.
Next morning he called at hla shanty
for hla belonging They gave him flv
mlnutsa to get hla furniture out on
the porch. Then they locked th door.
Driven Inte HIM.
"At Lick Creek nlnn fifteen families
ware evicted. In McDowell county J, J,
Carr waa evicted with hla family at
the point of the gun because he wa A
union man. No opportunity war given
him to take hla houaehuld good along.
Another union man, Kdward Lester,
with a wife and lx children, all under
13 year, wa driven Into the hllla
under tho mime conditions,
"And o I could go on giving you
secies upon acore or Inatanca. It I
the aamn atnry over and over again."
Th Hstfleld and McCoy ar friends
today, Thev have ven (nter-marrled.
There are Hatfield among th miner
working ahoulder tn ahoutdar with Mc
Coya In all (rlendllnea And thre ar
McCoy and Hatflelda living, nelghhora
In misery, In the tent colonies, helping
ona another with slices of bread nnd
piece of oilcloth and brick and lumber
for the "hearth."
That family feud la a thing of the
past. The thing that rage now on
till, their former fighting ground. In
more than a feud; It I warfare tn It
erueiiat. becauae It most primitive,
form. And It Is war to the bitter end.
" - - - '
A measure designed to extend until
Pec. SI, 1021, th period within which
temporary liberty bond held by reaerve
baflks muat be converted Into perma
nent bond waa Introduced by Senator
McLean, chairman of th senate bank
ing committee. The bank might ba
compelled to market large block of tha
temporary Issues otherwise, he ald.
adding that he would ask for action on
the extenalon uext wock.
President D'Artlguenuva, , of Haiti,
ha declined to order a trial In th civil
co tits of 1 'alius Bellgarde, whoso con
vlctlon by an American military court
on charge of murder nnd cannlballatn
recently waa aet aalde by the navy on
tha ground of lack of Jurisdiction.
A bill providing for th binding of all
federal civil statute Into on volume
wa paaacd by the houae. Grouping of
th law under one cover with an In
dex haa been advocated by judge and
attorney. The volume would contain
approximately S. 000,000 worda, and aom
member of emigre believe It would
be the largeat book In existence.
Kepnrta thu far received by th
treaaury from Internal revenue offices
over th country ihow that more than
t50n.00tl.000 of the Income and excess
profit tax due on ac. It ha been col
lected. Treaaury officers said that when
complete return were In they probably
would show collections In exceaa of the
$fill(i,0Ofl,600 estimate made by Secretary
l.eglalatlve enactment of th joint
resolution directing revival of the war
finance corporation a a measure of re
lief for farmer ugalnst falling prices
wa completed when the. senate, with
out a record vote, concurred In house
amendment eliminating th section
suggesting that the federal reae-ve
board extend liberal credit to farmer.
The resolution now go to the presi
dent. The federal horticultural board of the
department of agriculture took under
cnndderatlon at the conclusion of hear
ings th question of compelling fumiga
tion of fruit and vegetable Imported
from Cuba, th Bahama, Jamaica, th
canal anno, Coita Blca, India, Philip
pine Ielanda, Ceylon and Java.
A u s dot ion oppoalng recognition by
the United Htatea of the soviet govern
ment In Ituula wa Introduced by Sen
ator King, democrat. Of Utah, and re
ferred to th foreign relation com
mitt. Iteeommendatlona for repeal of the
excea profit tax were heard by tha
bouse way and means committee at
resumption of hearing on tax revision
legislation. Mot of the brief eeaalon
waa devoted to dlaruaalon of Inequall
tle of th profits tax by Meyer D.
Hnthachlla, president of the national
buelnea man' tax committee, New
York, who advocated substituting a
galea tax of 1 per cent, to make up for
losses through rpsl of th profit
levy. Frederick R. Kellogg, New York
attorney, aleo before the committee,
urged that th profit tax be elimi
nated. Cotton mill dividend were dlcuscd
In the senate by Senators Dial and
Bmlth, both of South Carolina, upon
tiaaiage of th joint resolution provid
ing for revival of th war finance cor
poration a a meaiure of relief for
fanners confronted with falling prices.
Stock dlvldcnda declared aom months
ago by the notton mill, Senator Dial
aald, rpreentd profit which had ao.
cumulated over a considerable period
and not In the course of ona year. The
mill, with Block valu reduced and a
shrunken msrket, are confronted with
conditions almtlar o thoe facing th
farmer, he addid.
Jane Addama, of Chicago, haa been
designated as (halrman of tho me
morial aervlee to pioneer autTraglBts with
which the national convention ot th
woman'a partv will open here Feb. 18.
It wa announced at woman'a party
An attempt to obtain bi-partisan sup
port In the hmie for the Fordney
enieraencv tsrlff was decided on by
the committee representing house
member from agricultural districts.
The Antlaaloon lesxue will nsk Atty,
Oeii. Palmer to reconsider hi ruling
thi.t the use of cider tn th home by Itn
manufacturer, even If It hna become
Intoxicating bv fermentation. Is Isw.
ful, Wavne B Wheeler, general counsel
of the league, announced. Neither the
letter nor the Implied purpose of the
prohibition act juatlfbd auch a ruling.
Mr. Wheeler aaserted.
Revival of the historical Inaugural
hall as a feature of the Inauguration of
President-elect Harding haa been de
finitely decided on by the WnahlnK
ton committee arranging for th featlvl
Ilea Incident to tha Induction Into
office of the new president next
Msrch 4.
Amertcn'e balance of trade for
November shrank IM.OiXi.OOti a com.
pared with the precedlna month aa a
result of a decided falling off In ex
port, according to an analysis of the
1 alien', foreign trade for that month
iaeued bv the department of commerce.
A False Pretender.
I I'tttslHiigli 'hrcttlcle - Telegraph.,
A pioud young father telegraphed the
news of hl happiness to hla brother In
there Wol-d:
"A handsome bov ha come to my
houe and claim- to tie jour nephew "
The brother, however, failed to ae
the point, and ired back: "I have not
got a nephew The young man I. a
Impostor and a fraud." e
Maeterlinck's First Wife, Who
Inspired Then Lost Him,
Still Holds Him Most Dear
Actress Retains Affection for
the Belgian Dramatist Says
Eternal Love Poetical Error.
New York.-What aecreta tlr behind
the green-gold eye of Uoorgette ls
lila no?
What could not the flrt wife of
Maurice Maeterlinck, hi early aid and
Inspiration, tell of their marriage and
aubscquqnt parting If she would?
But Mm. L Blanc, a she I known
to tha France that love her. now on
a vlalt to Nw York, la living quietly
in an uptown apartment, at peace with
herself apparently, although she has
known the bitterest) experience that
may come 10 a woman to love, to in
plre, to marry a man of genius, to
guard and tend HI divine fire till It
flamed around the world, and then
to lose him to another!
(ieoiKctto I." Blanc would tell you she
haa not los Maeterlinck; that between
mem nve a aeep anrection which noth
ing can ever deatroy. And die would
mtie wun amuiou tolerance If you
were 10 cuggeii mat he 1 great of
heart to forgive and to love, when the
girl h befriended and made her gueat
ai me Atioaye ae et. wandrinc, forgot
about duty and smuggled away the love
or aiaoiei lines.
All Women Bio-Hearted.
"Big hearted no," aald Mine. I,e
Blanc. "All women have large heart
when they are tired."
She had entered quietly, and you
nrat nerame aware of her by the faint
tireatn or tne needy acent She wore
men a lithe, graceful woman, a mass
of yellow our) poised over plquan
feature, her gown the color of her
hair, eank back Into a dark divan.
All about her hang fold and silver
spangled laces, cloud-blue and crlmaon
filmy stuffs she ha added to the bar
monlous room of the apartment that
una neen maneu to ner.
It seemed like a lotting for an an
cient prleatess, an oracle and we
waited ror the word of wldom.
Youth Not th Annwer.
"One being doean't nlwaya suffice In
a lifetime," she aald. "It I not alway
a case of a man looking to a younger
woman for love. Youth la not the
answer to the middle. It may bo any
one or many qualities tnat attract
"Change ( th great attraction, th
greatest stimulant. Change 1 necei-
"It I an error of tha poet to talk
of eternal love man la reborn with
every new love. Love each time buoys
him up, renew hi vitality. To take
the proffered love la man obligation.
Moat amailng of women, to defend
to uphohld Ideas which have taken away
from her what she held dear! For year
so cioae a spiritual and Intellectual bona
held Maeterlinck In to Georgette Ie
Blanc that her thought expressed In
letters supplemented 1 hose which he had
been about to write to her In their rare
It I believed that the attachment
which resulted flrfally In the marriage
of Mneiei llnek and Kenee Dahon I one
leas Intellectual In chocracter.
Turing the reheareal of "The Blue
Bird," In which Mme, 1.0 Blanc played
the part of Light, the Belgian poet
atood In tha wings and auddeniy aald
to hla wife:
"Who la thnt pretty little girl with
the sliver tnssel on her cap?'
It waa Renee Dahon, the protege of
Georgette: and the aame pretty little
girl 1 Maeterlinck a present wife.
"Surely Mme. la Blanc herself muat
have been much admired throughout
her career upon the atage In France
nnd na Ihe wife of the poet. But ihe
did not 1 .ive her husband for a
change? I naked
"Ah no; naturally not, I loved him.
I could never see another, aha said.
"No woman need be vain If ahe haa
received many declaration of love. It
may only mean that she haa travelad
more than other women.
"It la the essential quality of a wo
man to atlraot men, and the province
of man to try to posse whatever he
admires, but It Is also woman s preroga
tive to refuse I
"An American Woman. Jano Burr."
Mme, l.e Blanc wa told, "ha written a
book which has startled London. In It
she declare that love last but eight
Hew Dee She Knewf
A bunt of guy laughter followed this.
"How droll how does that lady know
eh?" asked Ontrgettv
Love may last a day or a lifetime.
A for marriage, that I a necessary
Institution, like religion and politics.
1 .1 uc tne noises mat waig in tne
haft to protect them, people walk in
matrimony. It 1 the basis and the
strength of aooiety.
"But certain person of creative mind
are not in that category and do not
follow the rule.
"In a field of wheat ome atalka ahoot
up above the test. They are then more
expoaed, of course,
"I give to every one the same prin
ciple If It doe not work out In every
caae that I th business of th per
son himself "
I wa curious to know what Mme. Le
Blantr would predict for the future of
her former huaband now that he la far
from her Inaplratlon.
Net Fatal to Fart.
"Can a man of genius, whoa career
ha been aided by a womun, continue
to succeed after be leaves her?" she
was asked.
"Tbr I no law; It I not fatal to
part, In om caies yes, but let me
tell you about Uoethe. You may re
member reading that for ten year
Frau van Stein, a great woman, In
spired him to great thing. At th and
ot that time they separated. He went
to Italy. Under the Latin Influence hi
work mellowed and grew .
"But she hed moulded him tn the be
ginning. She had planted the send. It
bloaaomed late. To her we can attribute
the spiritual fecundity of the soil from
which grew his masterpiece."
The play, "Aglnvalne and Selyaette,"
concerning an "Ideal" triangle In which
two women love the husband of one
and love each other, and arc both loved
by the man In the case, came under
disc uaalon.
France Stern With Oougers.
Paris. The government, through M.
Richard, judge of the Tenth oorroo
tlonnl chamber, haa given evidence ot
Ite desire to deal sternly with tho
people who want to get rich at the
expense of the community by prevent
ing a reduction In the price of com
modities In June whan there wna a tendency
for the price of fruits and vegetables
to fall, the commission agent at the
central markets became alarmed, anil
sent lettera to food producers In the
provinces asking them to atop aendlng
supplies Their object was to create
sn "i tidal acarclty and tn keep up
Theae men wer arrested, and one
of them. Bonnataud, has been tried.
Judge Richard ahowed him no mercy.
He spoke of him aa a public malefac
tor, a a "hurxlar of the domestic
budget," and described on of the let
ter eld a a proof of the "perfect
profiteer" Th Judge sent him to
prison for six month lined him 1R.
000 franc (about IK 000 at normal ex
changed, deprived him of hla civil and
political rlghte and ordered ten Inser
tions of the Judgment In the news
paper. The nteice has glvofl great
The Martyr and the Steak.
fftketch. l-ondon )
Mr. Henpeck Wot' yer steak Ilk
Th Sentiment! Butcher Tender a
a woman'a 'eart, Mr 'Knneek'
Mr. Henneck-Oh. Is It! Then T!l
'av om tripe
Arrived There,
(Boston Vransorlpt
"f wrote a poem once, an Ode to
Oblivion "
"What hernm of It"
"It reached lt .leailnatlon
Worse Than a Oat.
fOttl State .lon-nl t
Noih'rg. e'nc- the iiaaetng cf the
boopuklrt. I harder to get permanently
thrown away than old phonograph record.
Nuvr" Tork, Doo, M. Although price
were Irregular at the outset of today'
slock market aesslon. there war no
trace of yesterday s violent reaction
Supporting orders stabilised th better
known Issues, especially rail, equip
ment and motor with resultant gain
ranging from fractions to 1H 1 points,
There were no early dealings in Replogle
Steel, the sensational feature of the
previous day, but Vanadium Steel wa
111 in. (.id were extremely erratic. Mexl
can Petroleum opening at a lose of 24
but Immediately rallying 8. Price
chunges became more confusing within
the flrat half hour on pressure against
i-tuotoie aieei and kindred Issues.
Bethlehem Steel "B" opened down
H at a new low for the year of 49
Southern Pacific wa In demand during
the early trading, advancing 1 point to
tit 1-1 ana rteaaing rose b-H to 7(1 3-8.
Anaconda yielded half tp 80 1-8. There
was heavy selling of Texas Pacific coal
and oil, which broke 2 to 3?. falling
irom 10 sf.
Following It recent custom, the
market reveraed Ita course during the
mldsesslon. Oil, steal, rubber and
chemical share were particularly re-
acuonary. w
Mexican Petroleum, Crucible Steel.
United State Rubber and Virginia
( in lineal, common ana preferred, lot
2 to 1 point, other leader falling
to 3.
The closing waa irregular. Sale ap
proximates i.iiuu.uuu snares.
day. day
. Mis -Chalmers
Amer. Beet .Sugar
A ic 1 Can
Amcr. Car and Foundry...,
Amer. H. and L. pfd
Ajnor. international Corp...
Amer. Locomotive
Amer. Smelting and Ref'g.. .
Amer. Sugar
Amer. Sumatra Tub.
Amer. T. and T
Amer. Woolen ,
Anaconda Copuer
AH., Qulf and W. Ind
liuidwln Locomotive
Baltimore and Ohio
Bethlehem Steel "B"
Canadian Pacific
Central Leather
Chandler Motors
Cheaapoaku and Ohio
Chicago. Mil. and St. Paul. . 24
, 'I, 1 .... .. .. Xj I .....i 11.. . aa
v."vuui ... a. inj mv f za
Chi no Copper IB Vs 16 T
Colorado Jtuel and Iron 22 2iy
Corn Products ;! If,
Crucible Steel 7.- 78
Cuba Cane Sugar 174 17V
Krla 114 if)
General Mlectrlc Ill 117V
General Molorg 124 12
Goodrich Co. 27 28$
Great Northern pfd 70K 7H
Great Northern ore ctfs... 25 251
Illinois Central 83 V 83
Inspiration Copper 29 29
Int. Mer. Marine pfd 47 tie1
International Paper 88 4 8 It
lCunnecott Copper 15 f&h
Loulaville and Nashville ... 117 97V
Maxwell Motors 2Vtk 2V
Mexican Petroleum 155 155
Miami Copper 14H 14VI
Middle Btat Oil 1H4 11V
Midvale Steel 2UV, 2il
Missouri Pacific 14 Vh 16
New York Central 67 67
N. Y.. N. H. and Hartford.. Hi 17
Norfolk and Western 924 94
Northern Pacific 78 76
Pure Oil in i.-, net
Oklahoma Prod, and Rcf. . . 2 fj
Pan-Amer. Petroleum 71, 70V
Pennsylvania ....S8'4 38V
People' ' Gas JO 29
Pittsburgh and W. Va 2014 2Ri
Ray Consolidated Copper ... lOMi 11
Reading 76H 76M
Rep. Iron and Steel 5u 59
Royal Dutch. N. Y SB BdTi
Shell Trans, and Trad 84 U 37
.Sinclair Coll. Oil 20 211
Southern Pacific 93 93
Southern Hallway li 20
Standard Oil of N. J. pfd... 108 103
Studehaker Corn S7t4 39
Tenneaaee Copper 6 61,
Texas Co 4044 4fu
Texas and Pacific 15 15
Toliaco I'l-oilucta 48U 411
Transcontinental Oil ....... 6! 8
Union Paclrtc 112U 118U
U. 8. Food Product )6 16
U. 8. Retail Store ,49 4Vj
U. S. Ind. Alcohol fin i,n .
U. 8. Rubber MIL. r.au
U. 8. Steel 77 77
Utah Copper 45U 4BW
Weatlr.ghousn Klec 4ii . 40 u
Willy Overland 6 6
Atlantic Coast Lin 84 84
Coca Cola 19 lgu
Oulf States Steel 87 25
Seaboard Air Line 6 G
Sloss. Shef. Steel and Iron.. 44 43
United Fruit 187 188
Vlr.-Caro. Chemical 27U 27U
Amer. Tob 106 104li
Amer. fclnc 6 8
Invincible Oil II 21
New York. Dec. 22. Prim mercan
tile paper, 7f8 per cent; exchange Ir
regular; sterling 60-day bills, $3.41; com
mercial 60-day bills on banks. 13.48:
commercial 60-day bill. 14.7, demand
i.tutt, cantes J3.B314; francs demand
,91c. cables 5.93c: Belatun franca do.
mand .80c. cable 6,32c: guilder de
mand 81.25c, cublea 11.36c: lire demand
.40c, cables 3.4fc: marks demand Life-
able. l.3!c; Greece demand 7.30c: New
York exchange on Montreal. 15K nor
cent, iliac. unit: government bonds heavy;
railroad bond weak: time loan firm, 60
days and 80 daya. 787 per cent; 6
months. 7417 per cent. Call money
teady; bank acceptance, 6 per cent.
cop rtc
New York. Dec. 11. Coffee. S-16c.
New York. Dec. 22. Liberty bonda
closed today aa follow: ::i,s, 28.972;
first, 4s, 184.30 bid; aecond 4, 111.36;
first 4s, $84.12; aecond 4, $81.64;
(l,l,..l A a fi A. tnfmiU ill. DlnU.
....... - a, fov.vii, LUlllMl 1 -. fon.vn,
victory !, $94.18; victory 4s, $94.94.
Mountain Itkes, N. J.. Dec. 12.
Rev. James Griswold Merrill, formerly
president of Flak university In Nsb-
llie. died here today at the age ot 60.
The clergyman retired from the mln-
stry In 1917, after holding pastoratea
Kansas. Iowa, St. Louis, rottlsnd,
Somerset, Mass.. and Ijtke Helen,
He was the author of several re-
ll i
Unions book and a graduate of Am -
erat college. Princeton unlversltv and
the Andover Theological aemrnary.
Interment will be at Andover. Mas..
Friday morning.
His Views by Proxy.
(Anwer. London.)
John." ntd the vicar to hi new
man. "do you er ever employ rather
strong language"
Tlie new man blushed selfconsciously.
"Well, air," he faltered, "perhaps 1
mav be a little hit oarele-llke In my
peech at times "
n. murmured the vicar, I am
orry, John I'm son-v. But w will
cenvorae on that at ome mor fitting
lie took hi notecace out of hi
"Just now 1 want janu to go to Jen
klnon." he continued "and aettle thia
till for five pound ten (hillings for
replrlng mv tummer houe."
Th new gardened turned away to
atari on hi errand, but the vicar
called him back
"You mlrht talk to htm, John-er
aa If It were your own bill er In a
.-nr. !.-. like aort of way er will you.
Fined for Wearing Hats.
(New York Times I
Chicago .-Kiieal Buffrage for women
mean tbwr intBt not wear ni ir
court. Juatlce of the Peace K P. Arlnj
declared aa he fined tiro women
each for contempt when they refui
New York, Dec. 11. Cotton market
showed renewed weaknea during to
day' early trading; with all actlva
month making naw low mark for the
aeaaon. Liverpool waa lower than due
while unsettled stock market conditions
with the reported failure of a stock
exchange firm probably accounted for
considerable Wall street elllng. Ther
waa also a good deal of elllng here for
aoutherii account and after opening at'
a decline of 4 to II points the market
soon,ahowed net loaaea of IS to 23 point
who January lining ai la.ouc ana
March at 14.42c.
Report of a failure In the atock mar
ket broke prlcea to new low levela In
tha trading up to 11 o'clock, the active
months going 24 to 18 pqlnt under last
quotations of yesterday. January fell
to 18.180 and July to 18.96c.
There waa more covering on the
break to 14.84c for January and 14.28c
for March a a result of which price
ateadted up some 10 or 12 points later.
Otherwise there appeared to be no sup
port of consequence and report of la
bor trouble In British coal mine were
followed by another flurry of selling
early In the noon hour, with the tone
of the market showing continued ner
vousness. 2r2mylBmr
The market became very weak dur
ing the early afternoon under heavy
aouthern and Wall atreet gelling, ac
companied by report of weaker aouth
ern apot mraket and under financial
conditions. All month mad new low
record with January celling at 14.01
and March at 18.85c, or 76 to 77 point
net lower.
New Orleans, Dec. 11. Overnight sell
ing orders and a lower Liverpool market
than due put the price of cotton 8, to
16 point lower around tn opening to
day, all month making new low level
for the season, January touching 13.46c.
Realizing by shorts became of sufficient
volume to cause a reaction, however,
and nt the end of the first half hour of
business price were 3 to 8 points above
the close of yesterday.
Rumor of another coal strike threat
en id In England and report of failure
In tha Interior of tbe belt caused heavy
liquidation of long contract, under
which price crumbled away rapidly. In
the trading up to 1:10 o'clock the active
month were lent 65 to 82 points below
the closing prices of yesterday. Jan
uary traded down to 13.79o and July to
New Orlean, Dec. 22. Cotton future
opened steady: January. 1.1. 46c: March,
13.80c: May, 14.00c; July. 14.12c; Octo
ber. 14.20c.
New Tork. Deo. 22. Cotton futures
opened steady: January, 14. 66c; March,
14.60c; May, 14.70c; July. 14.70c; Octo
ber, 14.86c.
Liverpool, Dec. 21. Cotton spot In
limited demand: priec earner; good
middling, 12.01d; fully middling. 11.26.1 ;
mKdllng, 9.76d; low middling, 7.61d;
good ordinary, 6.26d; ordinary, 4.51d;
tales, 8,000 bales, Including 2,800 Amer
ican; receipts, 6,100 bales, all Ameri
can; future closed easy: December,
9.84d; January, t.95d; March, 10.12d;
May, 10.26d; July, lO.lld; October,
New Orleans, Dec. 22. Spot cotton
quiet; 25 points lower; sales on the spot,
101 bales; to arrive 650 bales; low mid
dling, 8.75c; middling, 11.75c: good mid
dling, 16.60c; receipt, 8,407 bale; stock
467,227 bales.
New York. Dec. 22. Cotton futures
closed barely steady: January, 14.15c;
March. I4.t)3c: May. 14.18c: July. 14.85c:
October, 14.48c.
New Orleans. Dec. 22. Cotton futures
closed at net declines of 40 to 52 points
January, 13.09o; March, 18.46c; May
11.66c; July, 13.80c; October, 13.95c.
Chicago. Dec. 21. New downturn In
the Drlce of wheat took place today.
owing chiefly to weakness of the New
York stock market. opening prices,
which ranged from 1 to lc l-4o lower.
were followed by a decided further set
back. Corn gave way with wheat. After
opening unchanged to 1 l-8o lower, the
market continued to receae.
Oats reflected the depression of other
cereals, starting S-8c to 1 3-Sc off and
then gagging still more.
Higher quotations on hogs gave some
strength tn provisions.
Wheat closed nervous, Vic to lc net
Corn closed unsettled, Tic to lo net
Month. Open. High. Low. Close.
1 , I,wl
1 CO 1 88
1 56 1 68
1 59
1 55Vi
47 Vi
1 60
1 57
July ...
48 'l
75 ft
48 H
May ....
July ...
22 85
13 05
13 57
Jan 13 02
13 06
13 67
12 85
13 25
May 13 50
Jan 11 37 11 65 11 17
May 12 05 12 22 12 06
11 65
12 22
cntvauu ori.
Chicago, Dec. 82. Wheat No. 1 dark
northern, $1.78.
Corn No. 3 mtxea, K07mc; rxo. a
yellow, 77 c.
Oat No. 2 whtt. 4M4H4c; 10. J
wtlte. 4SV!M.o.
Rye No. 2, 11.571.59.
Barley 55491(0.
Timothy Seed $5.506.5n.
Clover Seed $15.00S0.00.
Lard 118.06.
Rib $13.05.
Chicago, Dec. 21. Cattle Receipts,
5,000 head: befe eteer. 25o to SOo
higher; early top. $18.75; bulk, $9,003
10.50; tat he itock, 16c to 60c higher:
bulk. $5.00(117.50: cannerg, 16c higher;
bulk, $3.0008.85; bulla ateady; de
sirable bolognaa around $5.70: calve
strong to higher; city butcher top,
$11.00; packer top. $10.00; atocker and
feedera ateady to 25c higher.
Hoga Receipt. 11,000 head: mostly
10c to lie higher than yesterday- av
erage: top. $9.85 for 150-pound av
erage; bulk, $9.2009.35: pigs mostly
25c higher; bulk, 90 to 130-pound pigs.
$1 (5073.
Sheep Receipts. 9.000 head: fat
lamb and yearltnga mostly 25c higher;
pot. 60c higher: top, $11.50: yearling,
$9.00; slice p strong to 1 5c higher.
New York, Dec. 12. Butter Steady;
(lists. 44064c.
Kggs Weak: firsts. 71"8c.
Cheese- Easy: aVerage run, J2J22i4c.
Toultry. Live Firm: chicken oy
freight. 17c; by exprese. 17081c; fowls,
16ft 11c.
Dressed Irregular: western chickens,
boxes 15O40r: barrels. 10085c: fowla,
IMflTc; turkeys, young, (20 59c; old,
Chicago. Dec. 11. Butter Firm;
creamery 13052c.
Poultry. Live Firm: chickens by
springs. 3tc; turkeys. 40c.
Potatoes Dull; Northern White
sacked. $1 35tfT1.46 cwt ; bulk. $1 .total .60
cwt.; Idaho Rueta aackad, $l.(V..cwt.
New Tork, Dec. (1 -Raw augar.
Arm: renned little mor active, but
prices unchanged at $7 90 O8.M for line
New York. Dec. 21. Bar silver dome,
rlt, I9ri foreign. c: Mexican dol
lars. 4o.
New Tork. Dae. II Cottonaeed oil
rloaed eatr: prime summer yellow,
lij(.7; prim crude. $(.t5; Decem
ber, till: January. MM: February,
$40: Mrch. $8 ((; April. 88. 81: May.
$9.11: June, $9.11; July. $9.11. Total
ale. 14.600 barrel.
to remove their headgear.
When the Justice railed the court
to order he said: "Everybody wUI
pleac remove their hate."
Two womeu failed to do ao. 1
Decided Lower Temperature
Predicted for Large Sec
tion of Country.
DECEMBER 22, 1920.
1 a.m.. ..
4 a.m
5 a.m....
6 a.m....
7 a.m....
t a.m.. . .
t a.m..
10 a.m..
11 a.m..
12 noon
1 p.m..
2 p.m..
Weather at 2 p.m., cloudy: hu
midity, 12 noon, 91; wet bulb, 12
noea, 46.
Weather Condition.
Low pressure area were centered
thl morning over the central and low
er Mississippi valley and lower Rocky
mountain region. East of the river,
the temperature ha rlen and general
precipitation ha occurred over the cen
tral and eastern portion. The rain waa
heavy over the lower Mlaaivalppl val
ley, Alabama and lias Tennessee. Over
th upper lake region and upper Mis
sissippi valley snowstorm prevail, also
In the Pacific plateau.
The high pressure area wa creited
between Manitoba and Alberta, with the
gradients extending southeastward Into
ine rarmandic district, and with de
cidedly lower temperature over the cen
tral west.
Condition are favorable for rain and
colder tonight over thla section, fol
lowed Thursday by fair and decidedly
Locsl Forecast.
Rain and colder tonight; Thursday
lair ana aeciaeaty coiaer.
River Forecast.
The general rain over the system will
cause the river to rise slowly ova the
upper river, and rapidly over the lower
river tonignt una Thursday.
Local Data.
""Temperature for twenty-four hour
taegreest HigneMt yeatordrtv, 53; low
est last night, 46; mean, 49; wet bulb.
i p.m., 10; irn juid, I a.m., 46.
Corresponding date last year ide
gree) Hlgheet, 37s lowest, 11; mean.
Normal for this dat. 42 degrees.
Accumulated deficiency In tempera
ture mce Jan. i, azt degrees.
Relative humidity (per cent) 7 p.m.
63; 7 a.m.. 93.
Preclpltatlrn for twenty-four hours
ending 7 a.m. today, 1.03 Inches. .
Total precipitation since Jan. 1, 68.56
Accumulated excess I 17.02 Inches
Highest wind velocity for twenty-four
hours ending 7 a.m. today, twenty-four
mites soutneast.
River atage at 7 a.m. (feet), 11.6; fall
in twenty-iour noura treetl. 0.8.
Weather for Four States.
Washington. Dec. 22. Forecast:
TennesBPC Unsettled and much colder
tonight with rain In east and central
portions; Thursday partly cloudy and
much colder.
Kcntuoky Rain probably turning Into
anow tonight; much colder; Thursday
parity ciouuy ana mucn colder.
Georgia Rain and cloudy tonight
Thursday fair and much colder.
Alabama Cloudy and much Colder to
nignt; probably rain In northeat oor
tlon; cold wave on the coast with tem
perature near freezing; Thursday fair
ana colder.
Still Demand for Flint-Locks.
(Nation's Business.)
Flint-locks and tinder boxes may be
a little out of date, but just the same
It still takes 3,000,000 gun flints a year
to meet the demand of out-of-the way
parts of the earth where primitive
weapons continue to have their use.
Fllnt-knannlng is the process of manu
facture, and it la very largely a method
used by men of the atone age for tho
production of arrow heads, axes, and
similar Implements fit war and peace.
Today, flint. knapping Is largely con
fined to one town in England, which
has a yearly output of flints that comes
near to supplying the whole world de
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This fascinating book is the
story of Peter Perkins. It tell
how he started in February,
1908, and in ten year accumu
lated $10,5 11. 82 by investing $25
per month. It tells what securi
ties he bought, th price he
paid, and the income from each.
Thousand of people have read
"Getting Ahead" and now fol
low Peter Perkins' plan.
The Book Is Free
Write for It
Writ for It today nd we will Bend
you a complimentary copy of "I letting
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paring etoeka. on a plan that will
make 1921 your banner Teat.
Investment Bankers
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and Beans 8 cans.. J I iUU
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The 35 Red Stores
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Nate N. Silverman
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No. 17900.
Chancery Court of Hamilton
F. W. LUPTOM at at.
H. K. HaUey at J.
ComDlainant' amended aad
mental bill having been filed to
mi al eared Indebtedneas. and an
ment having been laaued and rel
levied upon certain lntereata cl
fendant, H. K. Hatley. In Hai
county; and It appearing from
tlon In complainant' amended and
p lamented aald bill, whlon 1 awo
that H. K. Helley. Is a oonrealdd
the state of Tennessee, so that tl
dlnary process of law cannot be
UDon him
It Is ordered that publication be
for four auccesalve week lu me I
tanooga Newa, a newspaper publlsg
Hamilton county, notifying said
resident to appear at the next Fen
rules of said court, to be held
courthouse In Chattanooga on thg
Monday in February next, and ma
fense to aald amended and suppled
bill or the aame will be taken fog
feaied and the cauae aat for hi
exparte a to him.
Thla 13th day qf December. 1920J
JBy P. E. McMlllon. D. C. A M.
No. 18434.
Chancery Court of Hamilton
Charles J. Faulkner
C. r. Aubucbon. at al.
Complainant' bill bavins been fll
coMect an alleged Indebtedness, ai
attachment having issued and bee
turned levied upon certain interea
defendant, C nr. Aubucnon. in nan
county; and It appearing from
tlon in complainant's said bill.
I sworn to. that C. E. Aubuchon
nonresident of the state of tennf
ao that the ordinary proceaa of law
not be served upon nun.
It 1 ordered that publication be
for four successive weeks in The
tanooga New, a newspaper publ
In Hamilton county, notifying aald I
resident to appear at th next Feb!
rule of Bald court, to ba held at
courthouse in Chattanooga on the
Monday In February next, and magi
fense to said hill or the aame wig
taken for confessed, and the cauae
for hearlnr exparte as to rum.
Thia 13th day of December, 1920.
SAM ekwin, u. at
By P. E. McMlllon, D. C. eV M.
No. 18445.
Chancery Court of Hamilton Cos
Hiiia snaicr
, va.
Fav E. Shafer
It appearing from allegation in cj
plalnant s bin, wntcn i worn to,
Fav E. Shafer 1 a nonresident of i
tate of Tennessee, go that the of
nary process of law cannot be sea
upon him.
It is ordered that publication be
for four successive weeks in Tne
tanooga News, a newspaper publl
In Hamilton county, notifying said
resident to appear at the next Jan
rules of said court, to be held at
courthouse In Chattanooga on the
Monday In January next,-the an
ing a rule day of aald court, and
defense to atu out pr ine samt
be taken for-confessed, and the.
set for hearing exparte as to hi
Thia 8th duv of December. 1920.1
By P. E. McMlllon. D. C. & M.
To the creditors of the estate of .
Sim, deceased.
In obedience to an order made by
chancery court at Chattanooga, in
case of J. s. Marshall, Admr., ec ai.
Levechle Kims, et at., no. 18436,
ritdttors and all. parson Interested
tho .'Mate of J. Y. Sims, deceaaed.
hereby notified to come forward and
mblt their demands ana nave tn
solves miioe pomes to line sun ma
i . k... . . . . . i a
the time prescribed by law.
ynid creditors and claimant are
hereby notified that by order of
court, in aald cause they and each
them, are enjoined from instituting
suit against aald estate, otherwise
bv petition in said pending cause.
Thfs 8th day of December, 1320.
By P. E. McMlllon. D, C. M.
NO. 18442.
Chancery Court of Hamilton Cog
j. m. j on n son
Willie May Johnson
If knnaaplnff trm m llou tlrtna In
plalnant's bill, which Is sworn to, trial j
Willie May Johnson 1 a nonresident oi
tne state or lennessee. ao tnat iiieassaBi
dlnary process of law cannot be segH
upon her.
It Is ordered that publication be
for four successive weeks In tbe Cl
tanooga News, a newspaper publl
in Hamilton county, notifying said
resident to appear at the next J
ary rules of said court, to be held at
courthouse In Chattanooga on tne
Monduy In January next, the samel
Ing a rule day of said court, and
defense to said bill or the aame
ba taken for confessed, and the
set for hearing exparte aa to hai
This 7th day of December, 1920.
By P, E. McMlllon. P. C. ft M.
Having been apoomted by the
court of Knox county. Tennessee,
having duly qualified as the sdml
trator or the eatate of A. u. uoyiej
ceased, all persons having claims i
said estate are hereby notified to
sent said claim duly proven, to
the courthouse. Knoxville, Tenn.,
payment; and all person Indebte
aid estate to settle said Indebted
at the place aforeaald, within the
required Dy law ana avoid lUlg
This December T. 1920.

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