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Congressman Longworth De-
" ' dares American People De
mand Protection.
?waanington. Dec. n. m,,
HKfcracterlsIng the Underwood tariff
taw an a hodge-podge containing
aom of Ui wort faaturaa "of free
MPeM end tariff for revenue only
BJBMSentatlv Nlcholaa Longworth
t-hio. declared today d urine
peach In the house that the American
P of tremendou majority have
NM the republican partv to
tSSr". new renue lew. based on
pweotlon at the aarlleat possible mo-
HRTWon Of the tariff. Longworth
, said, thould not Interfere with the Im-
"Sr"'" revl"'o of the Internal revc
! law for the purpoee of more
rm"' awmnutm the burden of tax
lion which "today are throttling
business and adding directly tn the
coat mat the consumer muat pay for
gagar necessities or lire
gJeongworth an Id the difficulties of
rpSmlnit tariff legislation aroaa from
tfa relation to tha government reve
trees, of accurately determining coat
g production at home nnd ehroad, and
What consideration ought to be paid
gr discrimination made In favor of
ar nines, not only In view of our
: eapaa relationship with tham on ac
MHt of our co-operation during tha
,.1BT, out nlso having- In mind the Im
rPene amount or money they owa ua
HaWl In payment for our enormous
Htf In recent year and of the loan
! nave advanced, now aggregating
; sernriy iti,uiHMiutt,uMu.
! The question of how Europe Is go
Htt to nay the United State close to
! T,ono,onn,nnn which ah owes must he
MMMered In framlnjr tha tariff, lie
arreslflent Wilson propose that wa
down alt tariff bar. Against
a policy tha American pennle
recorder! tnemaeives. I am un
to Imagine how wo can hope to
fully compete with other na
In the world'a market unleaa
iaMT retain a commanding position In
JUMP market here at home I am pre
3 pared to go far to help those nations
: enM
tmSMrds rehabilitation who have iuf
BPtd more than we, but It must never
t ua at me sacrince or the industrial in
JWflsiiidence of America."
InHnensDoro. N. C, Uec. ill. An unl
atirv.i man and woman were in
stantly killed and another woman en-
-gW injured when tha automobile in
which they were riding wa struch by
Hiern passenger train No. If, near
Brown Summit, according to local rati -
oMtslsts The party was believed
U' fiave been from iJurilncton.
Kill Ii Hit Motto.
Jsfo mammal In tha entire world,
: great or small, can compare with tha
weasel as hunters. They hunt their
Mir Incases ntly, following It by scant.
and take tha Uvea ot a far larger
1 number of victims than they need for
fgaj. says tha American Forestry
' Mejraklns. They kill, and keep on kill-In-.
Just for tha fun of It; and It la
IHy during tha cold winter weather,
wlten game become scarce that they
mm for future consumption the
- -Me of some of tha animal they
9Hit alaln.
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Used With Deadly
War ha been declared on unhealthy
yatsms by tha D. D. Remedy Co.
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medicine I Systone, tha great ytem
tonic. Systone purifies and strength
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makea a healthy body,
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a,,gas to undermine tha body and
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I TT "V THl Ml -rVT WM MJ.
Ask for Immediate Inquiry
Into Situation Will Not
Strike for Preient.
(New York News Record.)
The United Textile Workers of Amor.
lea will call no strike at this time, but
will "nrensre for the battle which It Is
determined to wage when the oppor
tune time haa arrived," according to
a statement Issued last night by Pres
ident John Golden, after an all. day ses
sion of tha executive council of the
The statement was In tha form of a
resolution adopted unanimously at ye,
terday's session of the executive coun
cil, at which every one of the thirteen
memben of the oouncll wai present.
In addition to the decision not to
strike at the present tlms, the resolu
tion declares that the executive noun.
ell Is determined to call upon congress
to "Immediately make a ihorouah In
vestigation of the whole lluetlon now
existing In the textile Industry." Cnm
mentlng on thl decision President
Oolden said that a specie! committee
would be sent tn Waahlne-tnn Imme.
dlately to place the matter before oon-
gress, wun a view to naving tn Inves
tigation started at one.
The following leader of tha United
Textile Workers attended yesterday'
Ion: John Golden president: Sara
Conboy. secretary. treasurer! Thomn
V. McMahon. of Providence. R. I., vice-
president; Prank McCoaky. Phlladel.
fhie. Pa.; James Starr, Paterion, N.
.; John H. Power. Pawtucket, R. I.;
Arthur McDonnell. Philadelphia; John
I la nicy, Lowell, Mae.; Lewi Ludwlg,
Pomnton Lakes. N. J.: Geerae White.
Cohoe. N. Y. ; Luther Bernhardt. Char
lotte, N. O.I Tobias Hall. Philadelphia,
Pa., and Dennis M. Fleming, Mnnches..
er. N. H.
The executive council will continue
deliberations today, President Golden
The Resolution.
The resolution adoDtad at veatardav's
session follow:
Where, a aerlou and critical alt
nation ha been created In the textile
Industry, due to the action of a num
ber of textile manufacturers, repre
senting various textile manufacturers'
associations, holding several meetings
In Boston and other textile center for
the Inst few peeks and conspiring to-
gether for
the ole purpose
or bringing
about a unl
nlted agreement among
tex- I
tile manufacturers to enforce a
reduction In wages: and
' Whereas, tnia iweenlne reduction in
wage (whtclr moan robbing the work
er of nearly one. quarter of their earn
ing) I bound to result In hardship and
unrerlng to hundreds of thousands of
men and women and their families dur-
ng this Period of high oost of the ne
cessities of life; and
Whereas. It Is a matter of h story
that during the last few year textile
manufacturer have en loved a nrrlod
of unprecedented prosperity, paying ex
orbitant dividend to their stockholder,
ranging anywhere from 15 to 200 per
cent., while the worker did not re
ceive increases In wages measuring up
to the Increased cost of living; and
"Whereas, wa feel that thl action on
the part of textile manufacturara In
combining to bring about thl unwar
ranted and unjust reduction In wage,
creating widespread suffering among
tha textile workers and their families.
warrant thorough Investigation; there
fore be tt
Reaolved. That we call unon the
congress of the United States of Amet
loalo Immediately make a thorough In
vestigation of tha whole situation now
existing In the textile industry.
"Hesoivea, That we condemn the ac
tion of the manufacturara and the man.
ner In which they brought about thl
unjust reduction In wages, especially at
this tlms: and be It further
"Resolved. That wa advise our mem.
bare and all textile workers In general
not to do tempted to enter into etrik
st thl time, which would be verv sat-
Ufactory to the employers and would
greatly aaalst them In the establish
ment of their so-called 'open shop'
fropaganda. And we call upon all tex.
lie workers to Immediately band them
selves together and organise under the
banner of the United Textile Workers
of America and the American Federa
tion of Labor, to prepare themselves
for the battle we are determined to
wage when. In our judgment, we feel
the opportune time haa arrived."
BIPLIN. The Christmas trade Id
Berlin, which once was greater than
at any season during the year, up to
the present time haa left huge store
of toy and bther articles virtually In
tact on the shelve, according to the
manager of the city's largest depart
ment stores.
VALENCIA. Spain Orders hsve
been Issued by the governor for the
dissolution of all trade union In the
province. He Is sending notices to the
mayor of the various oltles asking
thsm to take the strlcteat measures to
prohibit union activities.
ST. LOUIS, Mo. Admonition te step
trapping In an effort to check the rap
Idly declining prices of raw pelt was
sent to trapprra throughout the world
by the international Fur exchange.
KUSBkLB. Sujmund Bsromann,
one of the German delegates to the
eecotid financial conference here to con
aider German reparations, prnmlssd the
allied representatives during the fore
noon session that the Germans would
soon give details of their plan to pay
the reparations due from Germany.
U6NVIR, Colo. Refiners of beet
ugsr announced a reduction In price
to wholosnlera of 60 cents a hundrrd
pounds The new price le IT 0. The
reduction, according tn an announce
ment, followed a almllar reduction by
cane eugar refiners at the ralosrds.
DUBLIN. Twe monasteries were
raided by the military and police In
Dublin Friday. They arrested two
priests, one of them Pettier Dominic,
who was chsnlaln to the late Terence
Mm-Hwlney The other priest was latsr
released but Father IVmlnlr was held.
MANILA, P. I. A joint resolution
of thanks tn President Wllaon (or his
reeomtoendstion for Plllplno Independ
ence expressed in hi recent message
to rone'ess. teas edepted by the six
teenth Philippine legls'ature.
CLtviLAND Osergs "Jlggs" Le
etelner, w.mndcd and captured In the
recent Bedford, O bank robbery, waa
rntenoed to life tmplonmnt with
solitary confinement on every Chrlet
maa day for Hie slaying of Patrolman
Patrlrk Gaffpey two years sgo. Gaff
nry died on fhriMmas dav.
GF.neva. Nine nations, led by
Jspan. have signed a protocol giving
executive approvs! to the International
court of Justice eet up bv the league
of nation- Portugal signed a provision
for obligatory Jurisdiction, while the
other nations simply gave their con
ernt to the court plan without the
nbMratory provis'on.
SANTIAGO. Chile President -sunt
Artttro Alesaandli has cabled Preel
d nt Wilson acknowledging notification
of the appointment of Amhaaaador
.'nn pn H Rhea, as special envoy to
the Inauguration of Renor Alesaendrl
The meeae thanked President Wi'aon
for h's kind and fr'endlv expressions
toward Chile for which President-elect
ih President -elect 1
Alcnsandrl said he wae particularly
MANAGUA, NIc. Jos Estsbsn
Gonxalcs, coalition candidate for the
presidency of the republic, died cud
tlsnly et 8 o'clock Friday morning on
his coffee estate, "La Palmera." Benor
Gonxoles was known as the Nlcaraguaii
coffee K nK
DUBLIN .The entire business sec
tion of Dublin wa raided by the police
Friday evening, following the ahootlng
of District Inspector O'Hulllvan. of
Dublin rustle. Tha inspector wa
passing a fancy fair In Henry strsot
accompanied by a Miss Moore, to whom
ha waa engaged to be married.
NEW YORK. Edward V. Qamblsr,
vice-president of the Atlantic National
Bank of the City of New York, fell
or jumped from his office on the tenth
floor of the building at 256 Broadway
and was lnstsnny Ktiiea.
8an Jose, Cat., Dec. II. Ed ("Htraa
gler") Lewi, world' champion heavy
weight wreifJer, wag given a horn
coiulna reception hr on hie arrival
from New York, where he laat week
took the championship from Joa Btech-
506 Market Street
No Wonder Olivia
pup i iv aw! I waa nxnjus
MrrM him Oomm w TWa MaMgwr awo
HB'a J war cnockpuu or pepi
er. He is Han Jose's drst world's
t immpion, and tne cltlien made much
of the occaalon.
Lewi wa preiented with a liund-
aome silver tup and was Induced to
make an address of acceptance. After
admitting "thut as an orator he was
a good wrestler, Lewis told the crowd
which gathered to do him honor that
he valued the esteem of hla townsmen
mors than the championship.
Salt Lake Judge Condemns
Adoption Proceedings.
Bait Lake City, Dec. til. Declaring
that hundreds of babies are being liter
ally sold in Salt Lake every year.
Judge Hugo B. Anderson, of the local
Juvonlle com i, in his biennial report to
the governor, recommend that legisla
tion be Introduced to prevent the con
tinuance of the traffic. He condemned
the adoption proceedings as at nresent
carried out In the courts, stating that
they are handled informally and de
cree entered a a matter of course,
the courts havlna no means wherchv
to make Investigations.
i i a i , ,
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- A OATH '1 a
Ths United States fisheries bureau
has hit upon a new Idea which is ex
pected to prove of Important benefit
to the finning Industry oft the New
England coast.
For a number of year past expert
egg collectors have gone out with fish
ing vsssels for the purpose of "atrlo
plng" fresh caught cod, haddock and
pr.llock of their egg, which, being
thereupon fertilised by mixing thin,
with the milt in tub, have been
bronchi to shore stations and duly
hatched, says the Kansas City T me.
During the last year there were
hatched In thl way 660.167,000 baby
cod fish. 667.686.000 pollock snd 315.
2H6.000 haddock all of which were
liberated in the ocean to help recruit
their speleee. T;m ems wrs men
bated In so-called 'tidal boxes," an
ingenious apparatu which Imitates
the rise and fall of the tides the ova
of the fishes In question being under
natural condition left to float at the
surface of tho sea.
Now, however, It I planned to put
Brunswick Shop
Let Us Put
an egg colloctor on every Ashing ves
sel that leaves a New England port;
instead of taking a few million eggs,
to gather all of them that Is to say.
to strip every "ripe" fish caught, fer
tilise the eggs and dump them' over
board on the natural spawning ground
to hatch themselves.
This can be done on a gigantic scale
at (mall coat, and it ia thought that
an annual saving of many thousands
ot million of egg thu accomplished
may produce an appreciable effect upon
the market vupply ot flshe.
Ho far a planting the ea with fishes
goe. the fisheries bureau's efforts In
behalf of the winter flounder have been
by far the most successful up to date.
This is the fish thut usually figures on
the bllls-of-fsre of our city restau
rants as filet of sole. It Is very deli
cious and in the markets comparatively
cheap. The species haa been greatly
Increased In numbers by artificial
hatching and planting, itfst year 1,603,-
New England waters. Jaw
It I worth mentlonfeV by the way.
that the fisheries bureau haa abandoned
Its attempts to propagate and plant
lobsters. The business was given up
when wo went Into the war, and ia not
likely to be taken up again for two
Phone Main 1655
reasons. One Is that lobsters is
luxury anywsy, rather than a neoes
.-.in and the other la that the Ne
Una-land States have refused to make
laws affording decent protection to the
much-valued crustacean.
Winnipeg, Man., Dec. 22. Trade leg
islatlon In the United State that may
be regarded a "Inimical to the in
terests of Canada" will be met with
protectlvel egislatlon. Sir James
Loughed, member of the Dominion
cabinet, declared here today.
"It would not come a a surprle to
see legislation passed along drastic
lines as far as Canadian Imports Into
the United States are concerned," Sir
James aald. "It is not likely that we
will lie down and take trade legislation
inimical to the interests of Canada.
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- m m
uanny meaaow mouse re
turns a Kindness.
Peter Rabbit lay In one of hla
from th edge for he oould get
11 on Tanner. ror u noa cauenr in T
bramble bushes and wouldn't conga
along hi private little path or lf
Peter go.
80 Peter just dropped on the s
and cried. Te, sir, he cried. Tnfl
ee he wa so tired and worn out anfl
frightened, and hi leg waa o stiff nnl
mm m Tl A hllft htm InJ titan It .
(o dreadful to actually get home ariea
he stopned right on your own doorfl
step so Peter Just laid there an
cried. Just . BUDnoslnsr old rfraau
ffox should come poking around anil
find Peter caught thut way!' All she
would have to do would he to get hold
of that hateful stake caught In th
nrrrmnie hushes and pull Peter oul
where she could get him. Do yoii
wonder that Peter cried?
By and by he became aware thafl
seme one was wining awav his teareJB
It was Danny Meadow Mouse. AnoB
Dnnny wss slnglQg In a funny HtthjH
voice. Pretty soon Peter stopped
rrylng nnd listened, and thl 1 whafl
he heard:
Isn't any ue to cry
Not a bit! not a bit!
Wine your eyes and wipe 'em dry
Use your wit!, Dae your wit!
Never bring a single sorrow.
Testerday ha gone forever
And tomorrow gets here never.
Chase your worries all awav
Nothing' worse than Just todrty.
Peter smiled In snlte of himself, i a
"That's right! That's rlaht! Sml'el
away, Peter Habbit. BmlU awny!
Vour troubles, sir, are all today. And, 0
between you and ate, I dnn'f bel'"vel
they are so bad a you think 'Vinyl
are. Now, you lie still Just where veul
are. while t go see what can be, ,'-c."l
Wltn mac orr wniwen i ' -"
Meadow Mouse, as spry as yon plo"e.
In spite of hla lame leg, nnd In n 'w
minutes Peter knew by little twl' ea
of the wire on his leg that Hanrv
doing something at the other end f'e
was. Dsnny Meadow Morso hd t
out to gnaw that piece of e 1
til It waa all In rmllnters. So (Mr 1
eat and gnawed and gnawed d
gnawed. Jolly round red Mr. '
climbed higher and higher In Hie
and rtennv Mendow Mouse arew I'
gry, but still he kept right on p" -lnc
at that bothersome stake.
By and by happening to loo'r -cr s
the now-covered green medo'- '.i
same something that made hi" ! t
Jumn. It wfl Farener Brown's l"V
coming straight towards the desr e'l
briar patctu Danny dldn' say a word
to Peter Rabbit, , but gnawed fas'' r
than ever.
Farmer Brown's boy was almoul
these when Danny stopped gnawln.
There was only a tiny bit ol the stake
left now, and Danny hurried to Jell
Peter Rabbit that there wa nothln?
So There He Sat and Gnawed and
Gnawed and Gnawed.
to stop him from going to his most
secret retreat In the very heart ol
the old briar patch. While Peter
slowly dragged his way along Danny
trotted behind to see that the wire did
not catch on the bushes. They had
safely reached Peter Rabbit's ecretest
retreat when Farmer Brown' boy
came up to the edge of the dear old
briar patch.
"So this I where that rabbit that
killed our peach tree lives?" said he.
"We'll try a few snare and put yon
out of mischief, Mr. Rabbit."
And fpr the rest of the afternoon
Farmer Brown'a boy wa very buV
around the edge of the old briar patch.
Next story: Peter and Danny Live
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