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)i i MEMBER 1 '
Lobbyists Not Even on Job.
G. 0. P.'s Would Square
Themselves With People.
Will Seek to Commit Harding
to Limitation of Naval
Washington. Senator Borah' pro
posul for limitation of naval armaments
la the tint move , of the nnM-league
bittci-cnilera In laying: down a dltur
ii .i'ii, mi and peace-promoting program
entirely oulsldc the league.
Borah auks congress to pass a reso
lution paving the way fur .in agree
ment, by the United State,, Ci-sat
Britain and Japan to restrict their
naval programs during the next live
Supporters of the Borah resolution
arc ox;:cteU to unite to b't'Ck action
on the navy appropriation L'il 7roirld
lng fuinlB for continuing Secretary
Daniels' big gun, big battleship pro
gram. Party Support.
They look for the assistanoe of Other
republicans who do not iiu.oras the
Borah resolution, but who prefer to
put through a tepubllran program after
Maroh 4 rather than to (MUTT over Into
the Harding regime a policy framed by
the democratic order.
Borah's resolution Is aimed directly
at shaping Harding's foreign nailey,
but ho will attempt to obtain action
on It at the present short session.
If he fails In this, as he probably
will, he will reintroduce the resolution
In the extra session to be called by
rlardlng In March.
Should ho secure passage of the
resolution at this session nn action
would be expected of the Wilson ad-
1 ilniwtrutiim Hill 111, dilution. ItOI'Sb
believes, would carry over to the new
administration and serve as the Judg
ment.ol congress us to the course that
It should follow.
"The resolution says the president Is
reunited to advise with the govern
ments of (Ireat Britain and Japan."
Borah explains. "That would take in
President Harding, after he takes oiflce,
If the negotiations have not previously
been taken up."
Question of Policy.
Wholly aside from the Issue of re
striction of armament is the question
whether submarines and aircraft have
made battleships and super-dreadnoughts
Kiiijland Is turning from floating forts
! nnfl directing her attention to gtc.ter
r.'jmoers 6f smaller, speedier nurfacc
"rrft end larger, more heavily aimed
Submarines ana aircraft.
Secretary Daniels and the experts of
our Ptiv believe the fighting strength
of .'lie navy still must he meneurod by
the gunpower of Its big ships.
Whether the Bui ah -esclutlon Is
adopted or not, heavy limitation seems
likely to be Imposed on our naval ex
pansion through reduction of the na
tional budget.
I,ondon, Dec. 22. A Central News
dispatch from Helslngfors. Finland,
under Tuesday's date says that several
hundred persons were killed or Injured
In s railway accident near Petrograd.
The accident was due. It Is stated, to
overcrowding of a train, hut details are
lacking, the dispatch adds.
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Southern Senators Divided on
Tariff Issue Nothing Vital
at Present Session.
Washington, Doe. 22. (Copyright
for The Chnttnnooga News.) The
days of tho "popgun" tariff are hero
ngnln, but this time the republicans.
Instead of tho deniocrntN. are pi. in
ning to bombard tho white House
wnn tnriir measures they know can
not potllhly get executive approval.
Unquestionably, there is n clamor
for tariff revision, and It comes from
scattered sections of tho country
Where economic theory nnd economic
facts nro at odds unci the producers
feel that a tariff will help them
ngalnst foreign compe'.ltl on, Hut the
republican party, which nontroli both
houses of congress, has always been
the party of tariff protection, and It
has been Impossible to nn.nvor the
demand for tnrlff legislation by slyu
ply saying PresMomt Wilson won id.
not permit tariff proposals to 1 tvmno
law. So the republicans have about
decided to roam re themselves with
their constituents nnd demonstrate
that the White House Is the real ob
stacle after nil.
Some of the tariff measures being
proposed have bee so hastily con
ceived that If President a'ilson d!d
sign some of them there would be a
shock on Cnpltol hill tnnt would he
henrd around the country. For the
republicans frankly do not expect Mr.
Wilson to sign protectionist measures
any more than the democrats ex
pected Mr. Taft to approve them In
the fall of 1911, when the democrats
had obtain d possession of the house
and began to Are "popgun" tariff bills
at Mr. Tait with tariff duties redifced
to some unworkable mlnlmnms. in
deed, it Is Interesting to recall that
when the democrats obtained full
possession In 1S12 of nil branches pf
the government, Including the execu
tive, they dlfln't offer the same set or
tariff bills upon which they had
forced Mr. Tnft's veto, but nn entirely
new set, much more carefully con
sidered and carrying a higher scale cf
Interesting Sidelight.
Another Interesting sidelight on the
situation is that tho people who really
have sponsored most of the protec
tive measures In reojont years do not
regard the present tariff discussion
seriously. Their lobbyists aren't even
on the job. The truth Is the repub
licans had a gennlno understanding
that nothing would be attempted In
the present aesssiooi of congress, nnd
notification to that effect was con
veyed to all the Interests nfferted.
However, the farmers came to Wash
ington and through their numerous or
ganizations started the present tariff
agitation In the hope that something
Immediate might be done to cure the
financial crisis In the agricultural
world. Manufacturing Interests of tho
east are not a hit pleased over the In
vasion by the farmers nnd secretly
hope the whole tariff effort will be
blocked at this session of congress.
It is pointed out, for Instance, by
manufacturers who don't want the kind
of tariff proposed that the farmers are
Inconsistent In demanding the revival
of the war flnnnee corporation to finance
the export of farm products, while at
the same time tiny would Impose a
hi iff amounting to an embargo on the
importation of farm products. It Is In
sisted that by reciprocity alone can
foreign trade be a Itmilaled and tlmt
the rates of exchange will not Improve
until America manifest! more of a give
and take spirit in king tariff duties.
Tho whole question of reciprocal
trade measures is expected to be re
vived us a OOMSquem'e of the abnormal
trade conditions. otherwise the for
eign countries, it Is suggested, will Im
pose retaliatory tariffs and America
will net b nble to sell abroad In free
competition with oilier countries which
do not Impose high tariffs.
Expect Nsw Alignments.
Moreover, a new alignment may be
looked for when the lAndney tariff kill.
Just reported In the house of repre
sentatives, nets over to the senate. In
stead of finding a natural democratic
and republican division, the prospects
are that the eastern republicans rep
resenting large manufacturing and
banking communities will have a dif
ferent viewpoint front that of the agri
cultural west and south. There Is no
certainty that any tariff measure could
he passed In the present senate, where
the republican majority Is slender, but
coalition Of west ami south, such as
passed 1 tie recent resolution reviving
the wsr finance corporation. Is, of
course, possible, llui the southern sen
ators are divided on the tariff question
and the Kordncy measure may remain
the popgun effort at only ono bouse
Instead of congress as a whole, in any
event the public can rest assured that
nothing vital on the subject of tariff
revision will he dona until a Special
session of congress is convened by
rresldent-elect Harding. '
Washington. Dec. , The natural
deflation of credit "came all too fast."
Senator Harris, democrat, (leorgln. de
clared In n statement last night, in
which he warned "those in authority
that suffering among the formers of
this country Will have a reaction upon
every line of Industry."
"A downgrade kick from the federal
reserve hoard was not necessary, no
adeddi "it was their duty to try to
keep the decline orderly,
Declaring thai "all of the financial
wisdom of the nation was nol concen
trated In the federal reserve hoard. "
Senator Harris cited a statement by
the former secretary of the treasury,
Mr. sfCAdoO, In support of his declara
tion that the Country needs n "more
liberal policy" In the matter of redis
count rates.
"I have no desire," the Georgia sen
ator added, "to harass the federal re
serve board Willi needless legislation,
nor tamper with the financial system
Of the Country, for I believe the federal
reserve act Is a great achievement.
There are a large number of competent
financiers who do nol think that the
system was created as a money-making
proposition, 1 believe that lower
discount rates will help the people who
grow the agricultural products of the
country, nnd I believe It so strongly
that I have Introduced a bill limiting
the maximum dlsoount,
"The south does not ask sympathy,"
he asserted, "nor dors the west want
anything but a 'square deal ' "
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Landis Frees Sugar Thieves
Because of Wilson's Action.
Chicago, Dec, 22 Judge K. M. I.an
dls yesterday refused to sentence six
men charged with stealing six sacks
of sugar from trains in Interstate com
merce, after learning that President
Wilson had last week granted ft pardon
to .lames .1 Horsey, of tillhert, 111.,
known as the "millionaire cattlo king."
Doraey was sentenced to eight years
in federal prison by Judge l.andis after
oonvtction ot selling several thousand
head of tubercular cattle throughout
the west under forged papers repre
senting them as government -tested and
ehalthy. He began serving his sen
tence June 4, 1010. Last July Presi
dent Wilson rut tho sentence to lour
years. At that time Judge l.nndls In
open eorut declared he could not "un
derstand the workings" of the presi
dent's mind.
'I can't sentence these men with the
Horsey thing fresh in my mind." Judge
Landls declared In court. "Porsey's
activities ran into the thousands of
dollars while these men only stole i
few hundred dollars worth of merchan
disc. 1 will continue this case Indefl
(Irving T Hush, the creator of the
immense Hush Irrmlnsls In New York,
Is one of Hie greatest of the latter day
business successes, Ills message of
cheer slid good spirit to American
business wsn is of peculiar Interact at
this time 1
When business Is on tho upswing,
there Is no danger In being optimistic.
When business is on the downswing, it
Is unwise to he pessimistic, for pessi
mism binds discouragement and loss
0( coinage is the father of failure, lte
strslned common sense is good st sll
times II Is absolutely essential on Hie
This country has passed through the
years of unexampled prosperity, A pe
riod of readjustment has arrived and
It Is besl for everyone to face Hie
There Is nothing to he gained hv
getting blue because business canliotsj
continue forever on the upswing. It
never ban and it never will and If we
look nt the best Interests of the coun
try, we must be forced to the con
clusion that it Is time a hult wss
Our Foreign Markets.
A general ion or so ago our business
affairs were local to this side of the
Atlantic. Today they re International
and If we are to eotnlnue to endlessly
boost the prices of everything that
goes into s manufactured produot, the
time will soon her SSChsd when other
nations will undersell us In the mar
kets of ths world.
The preservation of our foreign mar
kets is. If anything, more Important to
luhor than it Is to the owners of In
dustry, slid the Important fact to
everyone, labor Included. Is what the
contents of tho puy envelope will buy
In the way of comfort and happiness.
It IS far better tO keep the cost of
comfort and happiness on a basis
where It can he purchased In this
country for no morn than It can bo
bought abroad,
Labor. Capital Will Lose.
If we do not do this, other nations
will undersell us In foreign markets
and both the labor and capital of this
country will lose thai part of their job
which Is represented by producing
manufactured goods which are sold by
us lo the people of other countries.
During the war the world has laid
lis money on our counters lnd de
mandl ri our goods because we wero
the only producing nation In a position
to supply their wants Tins period
has ended nnd trade will return to Its
normal condition, wdilch means that
wo must compete for foreign business.
While this period of readjustment Is
going on, some people who have been
skating on thin ice may ge' their feet
wet, We will not have a pnnlo In the
old acceptance of that term.
The term "panic" In days gone by
hns been associated Willi nn actual In
ability tO get recognised circulating
medium. Tlie Ignorant hnve besieged
the hanks for something they could
take home and count.
That was bsCSUSS we had s poor
banking evstem.
Will Prevent s Jolt.
With tho federal reserve system In
notion the necesssry clrculnllng me
dluum ran he provided nnd the brakes
can be npplled with sufllclent cure to
prevent everybdny from being Jolted
out of their seats.
Our blessings hnve been recounted so
oflen thai everybody should know
them by heart, but when a man leels
blue about the future of tills country,
It Is wise to sit down and count thiun
over again, recall HIS days before UtS
war. when the people of the United
Stales owed Kurope vust sums fbr
inonev loaned to us for the purpose of
developing our resources nnd when we
sent hundreds of millions of dollars n
year abroad to pay the Interests on
this borrowed principal.
Today that debt Is paid end we are
the chief creditor nation of the world.
1'rom a money standpoint, we ran
look the world In the facs. The es
asntlal thing for us to preserve Is that
jroateit aset. of sll the snlrlt of
Amerlrs. This country has not grown
great by silting down and talking
about Its resources. It has grown be
cause Its people have rolled up their
sleeves and worked.
Spirit, Couraos Needsd.
We sre in a position to withstand
n money panlo and, In fact, any kind
of a panic, except of our spirit and
.outage. When wo begin to believe
thst ws can produce without work, and
are entitled to comfort and luxury
without nutting our backs and brains
Into It, then ths dsnger signal Is in'
deed set.
The man with the right stuff Inside
of him thrives under a little adversity.
He outs out his foolish extravagance
and gets down to real, honest work.
And n nation Is but a collection of In
dividuals. Those who are worth wTille will come
through with a new courage.
"We'll Take
a Chance"
Washington, Ueo. -Ths Atlantic
Const Line railroad company asked au
thority today Of the Interstate com
merce commission to nssume obliga
tions amounting to Id.llllU.OllO Imposed
by n trust agreement and lease payable
to tho Mntety Deposit Trust compnny
of Haltlmoiv. oi which 11,72(1, WW Is
payable In cash upftn delivery of cer
tain equipment. The company plans to
Issue trust OSrtltiCatSS amounting to
14,50(1.11(111 to bo sold nt not less than
04 per cent, of their par value.
London, Dec. 22 David Lloyd Oeorge,
the prime minister, presiding at a
luncheon given today in tho house of
commons for the British nn?l Dominion
delegates to the recent league of na
tions assembly In Geneva, declared the
league would never achieve real prog
ress until nil the nations were repre
sented, Mr. Lloyd Oeorgo said he looked for
ward hopefully to ths United Hlutes
coming Into the league. This, ho as
serted, was essential.
New York, Dec, 22, Charles Bvsna
Hughes, when asked today to OOmmeni
on published stories to the effect that
I 'resident -elect Harding has decided to
offer him ths post of secretary of
secretary of state, said:
"Tho stories published are Irrespon
sible rumors and I do not care to dis
cuss them."
Washington. Dec. It. The interstate
commerce, commission today directed
the Intrastate rreight rales and pas
senger fares In Arkansas bo raised to
a level to meet tho higher Interstate
rntes fixed by the Iriteislnte commerce
commission The state railroad com
mission Is directed to raise these rntes
by Feb. II, 1021. Tho rates wore held
to he discriminatory.
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