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Then there wan Adele. lm had cared
(or him. Might he try
She hadn't thought of that before.
Of all the things that she had thought
of, she had missed that one. She tried
to thrust It away. Adele could care for
herself. Hhe had proved aha could.
.-lm was so young whan it hap
pened, she knew so little of life. That
was why she couldn't take care of her
self. How many long yeara was It
since she had taken that step against
every one's wishes?
The very thought of it made her 111.
When she- bad seen that photograph,
kad realised that Adele knew him. tha
shock was like a blow on ber heart.
It was Incredible.
She rose and swiftly crossed the hall.
When she rapped on Adele's door and
received no answer, she called ber
"Miss Foster Just went out with a
gentleman. Miss (Westneld," Mrs. Cook
told her, hearing the call.
A nausea swept over Helen. Had she
gone out with him? ,
She returned to .her room, and to
her brooding. Dinner time came and
went, but she had no thought of food,
or of time. About 10 o'clock she beard
"May we come In, Helen?"
She braced herself. Had It come
so soon?
She stood waiting. The door opened
and in came Adele, followed by her
boyish admirer, Bob Kemp. Helen's
' relief was so great that only by the
greatest exercise of will could she
keep the hysterical laughter back. She
felt like screaming. Instead, woman
like, she busied herself with the chaf
ing dish. Insisting they must have sup
per with her, that she was hungry.
Kirk Lansing had not taken his
conge as final. He was a strong man.
possessed of a strong man's self-confidence.
Also he had Inflinlte patience.
He had not given Helen up never
would, so be told himself, as long as
she was single. Nevertheless men like
Lansing have ideas of marriage,
austere and perhaps romantic. They
ive a fairly clean sheet and are In
clined to ask a bit more than they give
not less.
Lansing had haunted the studios and
other places occasionally frequented by
Helen and Adele In the hope of seeing
them. But Helen religiously remained
in seclusion while Adele, when he saw
her, could give him no comfort.
"Why does she hide herself?" Lan
sing had asked, and Adele had replied:
"Search me! I'm sure no one has less
cause to." Then: "I'm sorry, Kirk.
Don't think Helen has told me, she
Isn't that kind. But I can see things
at times without being told. I wish
she had
"Liked me better," he Interrupted.
"So-do I, Adele. But I shan't give up."
"Good for you!" Then more serious
ly: "I wish you all the luck in the
world, kirk. But don't hurry her."
If she had been asked, Adele would
not have been able to tell why she had
advised Lansing not to hurry Helen.
But In a way she was sure that
something had occurred In Helen's me
that had caused her to refuse Kirk
Lansing. Also she was positive Helen
cared for him. Often she had seen her
flush and her eyes light at his coming,
seen many little Indications of an In
terest not at all platonio at' variance
with her declaration that she would
never marry. ' . ' .
"No, I shan't hurry her but If It is
humanly possible I shall win her,
Lansing made no apology for talking
of his feelings to Adele, either to him- I
self or to her. He had no wish to pu-
rade his emotions, neither had he any ,
desire to hide his love for Helen from i
Adele. Adele had realised from the
first that Lansing loved, that he was
It Is the women like Adele Foster
who keep the world of people in good
humor; people Inclined to become Im
patient, sometimes Irritable under de
layed hopes and aspirations!
At the shop, although aa young as
most of the girls, she w as-the recipient
of their Joys and griefs: especially of
their love affairs. She radiated sym
pathy and understanding. And per
haps It was this quality in her that en
couraged Lansing to apeak of his
hopes. He, as well as the girl In the
shop, rlbognlied her amiability and her
ability to enter Into the feelings of,
"That's the way to talk, Kirk! And
right now I tell you I'll help all I can.
Not that I want to lose Helen! Ood
forbid!" She said the last with so
comical an expression Lansing laughed.
"Hut you two were made for each
other. And It's all nonsense for her
to say she won't get married. She will
some day. She's the kind that would
make a good wife and mother." The
last was spoken simply, as if It were
the usual thing to discuss wifehood
and motherhood with a young man.
After this talk with Adele, Lansing
wrote Helen a letter.
"Dear Helen," he began. "I cannot
bear to think I have ostracised myself
because of my saying that I could not
see you without talking of things that
might distress you. Please let me come
as I used to come, as a friend. It I
And I haven't self-control enough to
be Just your friend, then I will stay
At this point he crumpled up the let
ter, pushed It In his pocket, put on his
hat and flung out of his office.
He crossed the square; he entered
the familiar door.
"Qo right up, she's at home," Mrs,
Cook said with a smile. And forgetting
his self-inflicted banishment, anxious
to see. the girl he loved, he climbed the
stairs and rapped slightly on the studio
door. Hearing a sound within, he
opened it.
Helen - was huddled In one of her
wing chairs. Her face was burled In
her hands. She was sobbing great
tearing sobs that shook her slender
form, fairly screamed distress. Lan
sing hesitated an Instant, then swiftly
crossed to her.
She heard his quick step and raised
her face. Her cheeks were wet with
tears, her eyes red and swollen. .
"What Is it, Helen? Why are you
crying so?" He realised she had not
heard him rap, that It was a muffled
sob he had heard Instead of a bid to
enter. His emotions, mixed with sur
prise at finding her weeping, made him
almost numb.
"Oh, why did you come!" She dabbed
her face with her fribble of a handker
chief. He took it away all damp with
tears, and substituted his own fresh
large one. , When he had wiped her
eyes and face he stood and waited.
Finally he dropped on his knees beside
her chair.
"Dear," he murmured, "can I help?
Shall I leave you?"
"Oh, I am so foolish, I " then with
an Immense effort she rose, and with
a twisted smile, said: "Please be
friends, Kirk." For answer he made
her read the Unfinished note he had
written in his office. '
v (To be continued.)
Africa's Christmas Is "Upside Down"
Chicago. Picture the hottest July
day; pavements burning under a blis
tering sun: sticky atmosphere without
a breath of air stirring; streets parched
and dusty; women stifling In white
summery clothes: men sweltering in
linen suits and straw hats
And In startling contrast, Santa
Claus baking in the sun all day along
in front of every department store aa
White people in South Africa go to
seacoaat resorts near Capo Town and
Durban for the hot Christmas holidays.
Mulzenberg, near Cape Town, is South
Africa's Atlantic City.
Heat doesn't prevent Christmas cele
bration, though. Kiddles hang up their
stockings and have toys and presents
Christmas morning. That ft, they do in
the homes of white folks and there
uncomfortable person fn regulation
Santa Claus costume, white whiskers,
white furs and hot-looking red gar
ments, his sun-burned face steaming
with perspiration.
Visualise this topsy-turvy picture
and you have an idea of Christmas in
the upside-down land of South Africa.
It's the other side of the equator
down there. Seasons are Just the re
verse of what they are up here. July
in midwinter! And Christmas comes
in midsummer! '
Children do not pray for a white
Christmas." They are used to a hot
Christmas. To them snow on Christ
mas wonld be even stranger than snow
in Chattanooga on the Fourth of July.
Memory of man only records one fail
of snow In South Africa ten years ago.
la Johannesburg.
It's blistering hot on Christmas day
are a million and a half white people In
South Africa. ,
Some even have Christmas trees, but
It's too hot to have a regulation
It's too hot to have a regtulatlon
Christmas dinner. I was a guest of a
superintendent of a gold mine at Christ
mas dinner. The piece de resistance
was a huge cold ham! There wero
other summery foods, the orthodox
English plum pudding with real brandy
sauce, tennis and other un -Christian -like
sports in the afternoon and plenty
of iced drinks to keep off sunstroke!
The real Christmas celebration In
South Africa is not on Christmas day,
but the night before and the day after.
On Christmas eve gay carnival crowds
battle good-naturedly In Johannesfurg
or Cape Town Everybody la armed
with horns, ticklers and confetti the
nearest approach to snow they have.
ven in the high altitude of Johannes
burg, I spent last Christmas there.
But it's even hotter at sea level for
Instance in Cape Town, where I swel
tered last new year day.
Dec. 2 Is boxing day, another holiday ,
with Its race meets, cricket, tennis and
other summer sports.
r,m nennla in ftnuth Africa may be
hungry on Christmas day, but none of
them are com.
New York. One of the New York
writers baa made the discovery that
Charley Chaplin Is the saddest, gloom
test, most temperamental soul alive.
He Is crammed with Freud, Neltssche
and morbid worries. He is made
wrong side to and Inside out, so that
he does every Ming In Just tha reverse
way. He yearns to play Hamlet, but
he will never attempt It. His soul, he
ssys, is too tragic for the part. Ham
let is a part which can only be well
Played by a comedian.
Anyhow, he told a good story of his
meeting with Caruso. The men are
both artists and at the top of their re
spective heapa. But Caruso takes Ca
ruso very seriously, whereas the tragic
Chaplin laughs at himself in his left
handed way. Some one had told Hilly
liuard, the aver-alert publicity direc
tor of the Metropolitan Opera com
pany, that Caruso had once referred
to Chaplin as:
"The Caruso of the films."
So Guard arranged a meeting be
tween the two great men and brought
a swarm of reporters, officials, promi
nent citizens and the like aa witnesses
of the historic event. When the pa
rade penetrated Caruso's dressing room
the tenor presented to them a view of
his broad back. He was engaged In
looking Into the mirror, and he did not
even pause. From time to time his
priceless vocal chords gave out a few
thousand dollars' worth of grunts. By
and by the situation began to wear on
theneglected Chaplin.
"It seemed so funny to me," he ex
plained, "that a singer should believe
himself superior to a comedian. 80 I
looked over his shoulder Into the mir
ror and shouted:
"Greetings from the Caruso, of the
movies to the Chaplin of the opera."
Caruso turned then, blaek rage on
his face, his valuable mouth blaring
costly syllables, his brows down almost
to his upper lip. He Was angry all the
way through Chaplin saw that he had
spilled the beans. ....
80." said he." I did a quick fade.
Very much Surprised.
Some time ago Mrs. Ella Wright,
Chllllcothe. Mo., wus troubled with In
digestion snd hsd frequen' bilious at
tacks. She procured bottle of Cham
berlain's Tsblets and was very much
mimrised at the auick relief which they
afforded (Adv.
The Original
mi Substitutes.
Rich Mtts. EH Orajn "ZZTitt L
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