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y joyESBOBoiTon."TENy.t
V ." , Friday, Novembor 17, 1865.
(fty S-J- Ubb7iv Ewixd, Esq., is authorize U
A piftct any fusiucBS pppcrtaiuing, to the
. Tlf-io Flan" in Baltimore. MJ. ' i - i
l " -
C 1 V .
oniiBLTML. BuBinen lmvlotr called our attention
if. j-' - .. ... . , ....
-"""-wtT worn in uuic una weo'( original mat-
DnnW . . . .. . . . ' .. P.. ... . . ..t
:vur w omittoa until onotiicr isBuo,. .
thfj' , i ...... . , . ; flo'; n-, .
Wins, the AndtronvilIe rnorderer of
tfnlon Prisoners, was liung last Friday so
lijt got : li!a deserts at last. ,; '.
t . 1 - : ' :
. Interesting Revival of Religion.
There ta going on in the Methodist Church,
la this place, a most Interesting revival of re
ligion. Tho meeting tins been progressing for
pw ft week, and tho Louse is crowded night
lf.t.Up to this time, some twelvo or fourteen
conversions Litre taken place, and much con
tarn It manifested on the part of 'all who
ore In attendance, anJ more especlullj lie
young. The Rev. i Dr. Drake, and the
Be. Mr. R. D. Black, ere1 the officiating min
isters, and' their incessant labors hnvo been
crowned with unbounded success. ,,They are
unceasing and vigilant in the promulgation
of the "glad' tidings of great joy," and dc
eervoraucb praise for what they are doing
for the morals of our community. ., . ...
We noticed at eevcrul of these meetings,
yoang men taking their companions by the
arms and leading them to tho Throne of Grace
and even the young ladies, are thus iudus
trtously engage J. . There is good in nl! this,
nd t sincerely hope, there;wi!l notion
youth left in all ourlnntl out of the pale of
religoui restraint. j 'Without religion, tho
worU la a blank-an interminable wildernoBij
of woe with it, tho wilderness is made to
bloom like o garden of roses.
' Death or Alexander N. IUnnia. Wo have
received the following notice of tho death of
Harris from a friend. No Minister in this
community had a stronger influence than
Harris, and none wero mora vindictive or
more bitter In their denunclntons of Union
men In this country, lie died In Georgia
refugee from justice aud the avengers of
" Reliable iutolii genco of the death of this
man Harris bus been received, who is so well
known by all, for his acts and his fatal course
during the past four years' fiery' trials in our
land. I think that thoso boautiful lines of
Pope might well be applied to Lim :
Let tna llv anwon, unknown,
And unlnmcutwl lot me dl
Kor inoiiml, nor umnauicnt, uor etooo.
Tell where I Ho."
lie was a Minister of tho Gospel; he had
tAken tipon himself a most fearful, a most
alarming responsibility. God snvs to every
watchman," If thou give them not warning
tneir blood win do required at thy hands
Awful I awful I must bo tho thoughts of the
unfaithful Minister in his last expiring throes,
at he closes his eyes lu the dreadful Eilunce
of death, and goos to his final audit, with the
blood ofmnrdeiod iinnocenco resting upon
013 soui. I'.vcry Minister is a Jieaveu np-
polutoa sentinel, ana the 1'oct paints Ins re
lations well, and pencils his duty and dan
ger, when on tho ove of a conflict with the
powers of darkness ho exclaims :
"la Heaven's high arch nbovo his bead, a
glorious form appeared,
WhoBO left band boro a flambeau bright, his
right a nccptro reared,
And from his throne ho thus addressed, the
watchman on his round,
What of the night, wutcbrnnn, what of the
Tho myriad foe como on, to try their might.
A nlht assault I and if tho trumps mistake
a single sound,
I'll bang upon theso battlements the watch
man on his round. " N. U. '
Ff to ifoW Ttwm futon I'ltq. J
Nouns or REruysnnTATivEa. 1
Nabiivillb, Tbhn., Nov. 10, 1805.
Eoiton Unios Flao:
" Dear Sir : A few linos from this quarter
may not go amiss, to mnko tip some of your
reading matter. I sent you n report of the
Committee appointed to Inquire into tho arch
ives of State, which report shows up the ad
ministration cf Isham G. Harris, down in
Georgia, at different points wliero it suited
htm to stick down null administer on "gold,"
ni well as a few jerks from th'8 odminldtra
tlon. i In the House, a bill pending for tho relief
of ltall Road Companies, a copy of which I
eont you by last mail. Thisglies these ronda
nil thoy can possibly ask for, and advances
Tenncdsoe bonds in vuluo considerably.
The question of admitting negro tcaljiiuiny
In tho Courts of Justice, Is eliciting much
discussion ln,the two Houses, as well as mining
tho cltlxeni generally. This bill has passod
the Senate, and is now before this Howe.
A bill Lai passed bulb branches of tho
General Assembly, entitled "an act fur the
benefit of wool growing," which will be ruth
cr Injurious to (Ay or, In other words, so
far as tho wool growing Is promoted, tho dog
Is retarded.
There will be a great ofTort to rcJnee the
State tax on merchants, and I think, witii ef
fect. If not, I will always think they ought.
A till Is now pending beforo this Hotie,
biking that the Slate giro to each nearest
relation of a deceased Federal soldier, on e
hunitniJj?"rs, as nn evidence of Htnto
gratitude. Hast Tennessee won't loose any
thing In this, will lit No filll.-nn. Fiaii.
' Dills are also pending, wlndleg tip tho
Hanks. These are of grout Importance, ami
I do hope, will rrllevo the peuplo sonic, who
bold the worthlnt turrmty.
Nashvlllo atnndi where It did when you
were here, and the hnblls (if the people are
tmnh thessmr, lm n ,111,1 inerpflnii i.fi
buniiifM. More niiou,
r y. t.
ft "Khoxviils, TfN., Nov. 14, 19C3.
To tU Union 'Flam
Inyour VYX of the 20th ult., is an ano'nv
motflleltor, signed "Inquirer," addressed
to the Rev. Th.' W. Humes. President E. T.
Relief Association .in - reference " io a seem
ing abuse In the transactions of tho Relief As-
eoclatlon, " and which 'you characterizes as
an " outrageous and flacrant wronir. " . 1
Mr, Homes has requested me. aa th nirrW
ef the Association, knowing what the wheat
cost, having received and paid tho bills, to
disabuse yon and your correspondent of
tne supposition that In connection with the
sale of wheat, any material " screw is loose
in tho machinery of this humane assoeia
tlon." " 7: . .. ..
The wheat cost, delivered In Knoxville
13 04 pcrjlushcl, ai(d each Back, holding
about two bu3bels,cost 00 conts. Tho cost
Of freight to tho upper counties is to be ad
dedto this.. It was paid by tho agents re
cciving the wheat, and I don't know what it
amounted to. , i
There is then no " flagrant wrong" for it
was sold fcr less than cost.
. If tho gentlemen connected with the prl
vato enterprise spoken of, brought wheat to
i.ast lcnncsseo lor less money, by having an
agent with it, thus , saving storage, couiiaie
sions, &c. at. Cincinnati and Kashvilie; or
from having sold it more largely under cost
than the Association did ; or if thev had cho
sen to givo it away, why that is no ground for
tho charge made ogainst tho .agents of tho
association. D. A. Deaderick
On tho Scaffold He doclarca lii3
Innoconco Tho Order for his Ex
ecution Tho closing scenes.
Washington, Nov. 10. Captain Wire was
hung between 10 and 11 this morning. On
tho (tallows ho declared his innocence. Ho
died Without exhibiting nny symptoms of
fear. This morning Father Boyle ndminis
tered the sacrament to Cant. Virz. Father
Liggett, also of the Roman Catholic Church
theu placed upou the prisoner a black cam
brie, remarking as he did so, "I hope this
will to turned into white In another world
At twenty minutes past 10 he left the Capitol
rnson, accompauied by Provost. Mnrjhal
Russell and other ofiicers", and by Father
uoyle nnJWiggett. , Passing netween guards
they nscended the scaffold. The prisoner was
then seated. The scaffold was twelvo fuel
square and twenty-two feet to top beam, with
a trap twelve feet from the erouihl. The
ginrd consisted of the 5th Pennsylvania Vol
uiitctrs onu a small detachment ot the et
Iran Reserve Corps, under command of Cap
tain YYulbridge, Military Superintendent of
the Uld Capitol Prison. There were several
hundred spectators present, besides the vnili
lary. i nc civilians nan t,cen admitted on
special passes. Amid profound silence, Tro-
vost Alursliall Kti3scll proceeded to read the
order of the War Department, founded on the
verdict of the Court Martial which tried the
prisoner. Ho was charged and convicted of
combining, confederating, and conspiniting
witfc Jell. Davis, J. A. ciedden, Howell Cobb
John II. Winder, Isaac White, V. S. V!iderl
I,t. Shelby ltced, K. It. btevenson, S. S. Moore
Kerr, late hospital Stewart at Andersonvillo
Joseph Duncan, W. Turner, Bcnjamiu Harris
and others whose names are unknown, and
who were then entrnrrcd in armed rebellion
against the United States, maliciously, trai
torously, and in violation of the laws of war,
to impair find injure tho health nr.d destroy
tho lives, by subjecting to tortures and grca't
euliering. by coalmine m unheuliLy and ua
wholesome quarters, by exposing lo the in
clement winter and to the dews and burning
sun of summer, by furnishing insufficient and
unwholesome food to a largo number of Fed
eral prisoners of war to-wil: about fortv-
fivo thousand, held as prisoners of war nt
Andcrsonvillo, within tho limits of the bo
called Confederate .States, on or before the
27lh day of March, 18C1, and at divers times
between that day und tho 10th of April, 1603
to the end that the armies ol tho tinted states
might bo weakened and impared, und that
the insurgents engaged in armed rebellion
against tho United States might he aided and
comforted, etc., cte. Tho order also stated
that the prisoner was found guilty of the
sccoud charge, viz: murder in violation of
war, and against the laws and customs of
war, and guilty of, excepting the fourth, tenth
and thirteenth, which three jet forth that he
lulled a prisoner by shooting him with n re
Volver, ami that he ordered a sentinel to fire
on him with a revolver, and that ho shot an
other with a revolver so that he died.
1 he order concludes as follows: "Sentence
Court do therefore sentence him, Henry
v lrn, to be nancea by tiie neck uutii he bo
dead, at such timo and place as tho President
or tho LnlteU mates n.uy direct, two third
of tho members of the court concurring here.
In, aud the Court aljo find the prisoner. Hen.
ry Wlrz, guilty of having caused the death,
in tno mnniicrnsniiegeii in specification lltli
charge two, by means of docs, of three pris
oners of war In bis custody, and soldiers of
tho I luted fctate-i, occurring on cr about the
1Mb of May, ItfiM, mother on or about the
llth day of July 1 80 1, and another on or
about tho 1st day of September, 1H01, but
wuicii niiiilng, as expressed, has not been cn
tered lu the s"iitcnco of tho Court as above
2d. Tho proceedings, findings and sen
truce In the foreioiuir case havlnir been sub
milled to tho President, thu following are his
OMers :
Hxkcttivk Mansion, Nov. , 13C3.
Tim proceedings, findings and sentence of
111 o lourt lin the within case uro unproved
and it is ordered that tho sentence be carried
Into execution by the ofileer commanding the
Department of Washington, on Friday, tho
loth day of November, 1mg3, between the
hours of C in tho morning and 12 o'clock
(Signed,) Asntifiw JortNRoK,
President of tho United States.
3. Major (leneral C, C. Au?er, command
ing the Department of WiUiiniMon, is com-
inanded to cause the foregoing sentence, la
the case of Henry Win, to be duly executed,
in nreorunnce wiin tno rromiicM s oMcr.
4. The Military Commission of whh h Ma
jor (leneral Wallace, United Stales Volun
teers, Is President, is hereby dissolved.
lly command of tho President of the Uni
ted State., H. D. Towkphnp, A. (I.
When tho reading of the order was c an.
pletnd, Wlra conversed with those on the
I'la (form with seeming ronflilenee and self
possession, ami It was remarked he bad a
smiling rouiiteiionre. To his spiritual ml vi
pers ho said, " 1 am Innnrent. I have lo die,
I hnvo hope In the future. I have nothing
more lo say.1.
His liyn and hands were tied, (ho roose
was placed around bis heck, ami thu black
cap passed over his face, lie stood i-reet,
without faltering, evidently having nerved
himself to the solemn event, Thofto on the
platform retired to the railing, leaving the
doomed man In the rentre of the Mirii-inr,
iifirijl i fw iiiniiieiits, thu drop, at aptecun
( rrt"d SiMinl, f'dl I" Hi'' t'"'id. '
The news batiiitt rm hed thu inn ef a pi n.
ml.riijiiS ( T'W'I ill, it,' III" I'.lpilid r I ' 1 1 ' 1
but' who were not permitted to view the exe
cution, they Svt up reputed shouts of appro
bation. ! : .' t .
Tho convict directly after falllug, wa3 con
siderably convulsed in his legs, but the agony
was soon over, lie hung about fifteen min
utes, and was then cut down. Hi3 body was
laid upon a etrctchcr and conveyed to tho
prison, where it was placed in a coffin' and
transferred to Father Boyle for interment.
His neck was broken by tho fall. , The whole
proceedings occupied about forty-five min
utes. , . - .
War between Spain and Chili All the. Chilian
Ports declared in a elate of Llochadtrro.
tot of Diplomatic Corps,
Niw Yobk, Nov. 10. By the arrival of the
Ocean Queen wo have Panama dutes to the
31st of October.
War has been declared between Spain and
Chili, and all the ports of the latter declared
by Admiral Paseja, commanding the Spanish
squndron, blockaded since the 24th, ten days
being allowed for all vessels then in port to
depart. The diplomatic corps in Chili pro
test emphatically, against tho mode of block
ade, tho Admiral proponing to maintaiu it by
means of cruising.
A panic was occasioned by the sudden rup
ture. Business was greatly prostrated. : Tho
English lino of steamers between Panama
and Valparaiso havo no passengors or freight
for any point south of Bolivia. His believed
the mails carried by the steanws will bo re
ceived nt Cabija, by Kuglish gunboats, and
conveyed along, the Chilian coast.
The United States sloop St. Mary was nt
Disaffection was arising among tho revolu
tionists of Peru, and there was a prospect of
all the countries binding together to assist
TION. State or Tesnksski:, Executive Dkp't, 1
Junuviun, November, llth, 18C.r.
The return of theclosingycar, fraught with
innumerable blessings not the least of which
is "Gentle JPeaee" invites us ngain, with
prayer and thanks, to acknowledge before
the Author of them all, our multiplied obli
pations for 1 1 io loviii'' kindness. TIU'KS
NEXT, has been set apart, by Proclamation
of tho President of trio United Slates, as a
day of Nationnl Thanksgiving.. Let nil the
citizens of Tennessee, adopt that day, and
with solemnities'usual and appropriate, giv
ing praise to Almighty God, that the conllict
in which our country has been entrai-cil, rie.i
ing the four dreary years past, has ended in
Heaven-born peace. Meeting on that day ii
our usual places of worship, let us
''Praise Cod from whom all blccs'ings flow."
and ask for a continuance of Hi3 favors and
Given under my band and the scil of ths
State in tho Executive Chamber, at -9as
villa, tho day mid date above named, iu the
year of our Lord one thousand eight liun
ilreil nua sixtr-tive.
Ly the Governor : WM. G. BR0W.VLOW,
A. J. FiETciieu, Scc'r of State.
IIoPbE.) Stiu'iu;. An examination lias prov
ed that ciirtit luiiiilred houses in Petersburg
Virginia, have been struck by shells during
the righting belore thut place.
n.t..fT"...t , . n, ,
iuc limiti i aris eoiiespoiiai lit outs; iiie
cliolcra and epidemic has reached perhaps
two hundred attacks a (!uy, with something
lute bdlf that number of deaths. This
not at nil alarming, and the season now is too
tar udvanced to admit of much increase of
rri. - . , . ...
i no pcopie pi unicngo are rftoicmg over
having reached water in their nrtcsiun well
The Great Northern Railway In Knjrlan
is going to introduce a system for consuming
the Etno.ie ol locomotives, and nt tlvj same
nine manufacture gns from tho same for
lighting the train.
The Washington Monumental Associa
tion will nppeal to Congress at its next ses
sion for an appropriation of thirty thousand
dollars, with which to complete tho monu
An immense number of applications are
uaity ma ilo at the treasury Department, at
Washington, for clerkships. Most of the ap
plicants are discharged soldiers. The total
force of the department ij 2,0117 males and
71 1 leinnk'J.
There are 10, Mn children attending
eighteen public schools in Chicago.
JVcirro iiisurrcrtlon.
New ioiik, Nov. 2. Iiitciliirence received
iro;n M. Domingo, via Havunu, relative to the
negro insurrection, states tho disorders be.
gan In tho district of St. Thomas, where Mar
tial lavr had been declared. The leader of
the insurrection Is Paul Boyle. The Govern
meat has offered 3,000 fur his arrest. Two
Spanish vcsselj, tho St. Lucia aud Andalusia
had loft for Santiago.
Threo men arrived nt St. Louis Ins
week, lim ing trim lied 2,700 miles down the
.Missouri river in a skill'.
An enrnncer nt Nashvillo sent a wort
man under his locomotive to oil the runtiinir
(,-enr, nun incii lorgetting ins presence, ran
iiionnnealienij jiiht ar enough to cut off one
of tho man's Icrs. A bystander shouted to
wnrn mo engineer, who thereupon barked
i.i. 1. 1.. ,.. .... . . L . .
nm iimcuine in ensnwy niin r tit, on inn other
leg or the unfortunate workman. Ho snr
viei however, and suuig the company for
'u,iiuu uiimiiges, nas olili'.llicil ,,r.0U.
CIcorRlii ltcillnH iht tdiifodernJe
v tax.
V, AiuiiN'uTux, Nov. The following
been received by the President :
Miurnuviu.E, Ga Nov. 7. 1,-K',."i.
To Hi) r.mlli.nn, Andrew Juhnsun,
J'rt.ii'i iit cf the I mtrd Stntrt i
TU" Slate Convention lias repudiated the
war debt by a vote of l.'l.'l to 117,
J. Joiinso.v, Provisional Governor.
Tlu CtMilcrit nt IVcw Yorlt.
A foreign fleam' r which nrrlvnl In New
York on Saturday, from llurope, has brought
cholera to this country. IhoNew York
Dirpali'h snys :
11 The officer In charge of tho Fteanier At-
aiita reports thu steamer in a fi I Mi v condi
tion, With over five hundred pamenecrs. and
seven cases of clioler.t and live cases of small
nix on board.
The list of deaths show the victims to have
eon nearly nil Germans, Including six chll
ire n.
Tlio lViitimi In Ni'WVorU.
Ni:w Yoiik, Nov. 2. The Fenian headquar
ters In tliis city is tliu scene orinnch biininess
activity daily, every one working In good
Tli (') r Dlclt M1 nun
Na!UIMI,I,i:, Nov. 2. til the rime nf Difll
Mi l'niiii, Ii" Id as a prisoner f war at. Iviiiri-
ilti', the riiiinn I I'MiH lmled f h nrifumetit
ny Hi ri i i rr ini ivin in fnvf.r f,r a wi t'f
f hnhen.1 rurpus b' inpj pruuti'd hi in.
During the celebration of high mass at
St. Peters Church, in Philadelphia, on' Sun
day last, a violent paucwa treated by an
Individual who rushed violently into the
Church during service screaming', ''fire I
'fire I" at the top of his voice, sid throwing
off his coat aud hat, asMf prepnrmff to com
bat the flames. Tho congregation, might
be expected, rushed pelt me!tettrMhC seats
and through the doors; overtnrainff ihi irt
and young, several of Jwbem Were? seriously
1 1. i . .1 T . it . . . J
i.ju.vu. it wus Bum aiscovcrea tnnt tho
alarm was false, and that the person who had
unceremoniously iuvaded the sanctum was
crazy. , ' ' . .
It is n fact not generally ltrtrjfwn, that
the immortulWashington drew his latt breath
iu the last day of the week, in tho luA month
or tue tan year, and In the .hit year of tho
ciiji ternary, nc mcu SJlUl'U;
day night, 12
o'clock, Doc 31, 1770, - '
Great preparations are being made at
Chicago to celebrate the anniversary, of tho
commencement of ' Sherman's march to the
sea, Nov. IDth. Several prominent nrmyor
gauizationb will participate In tho festivities.
A government detccUvo who has Just rc
turned from a tour of observation ;n Canada,
snys John C. Brcekcnridgc is living in ele
gant seclusion nt St. Catharine, Canada West.
He especially avoids Beverly Tucker and that
class of rebels, .-, . v. ! i-r; ;.,u : .
' . . V-,
Recent Ntorm nl Sen-Numerous Vessels
; Wrecked.' .. , .,,ri...
,.New Ouleak.i, Nov.' 2. Tho steahicr Fung
Sliuey from N York, has arrived. Between Ju
piter Inlet and Cape Florida she picked up a
small boat containing Capt. Applcinaii and
four of the schooner Minnie,'' of Mystic, for
Key West, which was lost in tho heavy' gale
of the 23d, off Jupiter In .et. From Uiljuboro
Inlet to Sardoro Light Houso, thn Fung Shn
ey passed, ashore, with masts' standing,, thirty-two
brigs and one ship, and 'the wreck' of
five vessels sunk or dismasted. '
The cholora panic in Madrid-was cnor
mous. Sixty tliousaud .person. -nro, Buid. tj
have Hod from the city in two days.,
The itccont EloclJon. '. r );
The mails lust night brought us tho
cheering ue.ws that tho Union: party
hud succeed in tho clccton held last
Tuesday, in .2Jcv York,. Mimachu
scttsi, Jsrcw JorBoy,' Maryland, Min-j
ncBOlo, Illinois, Missour.and Wiscon
sin. From the East to tho West tho
great irinci)lo8 of frcodom havo hoen
renOIrmcd by overwhelming majorities.
That former stink pot of political in
utility, New Jersoy, " Tho Stato of
Saint's Kcst," ns 1. V. Is ashy has. it
has gone for tho Union candidates by
Ki.OUU maioritv. What will bocomo
of tho Democrncy now? In Massa
chtiscLts the Republican candidato for
Governor was Alexander 11. liullock
tho. Democratic was Major i Gen
Couch. In Now JorKey tho candi
dates for Governor wero Republican
Marcus L. Ward, Democratic, Theo
doro litinion. In 18G1 tho .Democrats
in tho Stato had a majority of. 7,-100
on the vote for President..- Miimcaoto
ulso elected a Governor .Win. ii
Marshall was the Union candidate
and Henry M. Itico tho Democi tic
In tho last election tho Stato cavo
from soven to ten thousand Union
majority. In "Now York tho candi
date for Secratarv of Stato arc l (J
ISarlow, Union, and II. W. Slocum
Democratic, for Comjitrollor, T. Hill-
houso. Union, and ii. ltobinson, Dem
ocrtic. In Wisconsin Lucius lnirchih
is tho Union candidato for Governor
I'rcntli Troon to lo MKliilrunii. from
.Mr (co.
New York Nov. 10 Tho In.depen
done IJelgo kvh : It is tho intention o
tho French Government to ubandon
the occupation of Mexico.
Maryliiiid Modioli.
Washni'jiou, Nov. 10. Advico
shows' that tho Union candidates nro
generally elected in Maryland.
The I.clsJaliirc.
J lio henato at its session on
Wednesday, passed a Resolution to
appeal to tlio Congress ol thu Unitet
States lo pass roiuo law on tho subject
of claims against the Government, for
forage and provisions taken from tho
citizens of tlio Stato for Iho uso of tho
Fed real armies. Tho senato also
passed a hill to 'appoint tho First
National Iiatik of Knoxville, and tho
rirst jSational I'ank of Memphis, to
ho tho depositaries of tlio htato funds.
theso banks lo first enter into bonds
of one hundred thousand ' dollars for
tlio faithful (lischargo of (heir duties
as fiscal ngeiitj. Tho bill futher pro
vides that the collectors of tho Stato
shall fictile with tho comptroller on
tho first tiny of each January and
July. Passed on first reading. C'ldf.
riun for I'uiMllntf (lio Niitltoniil Drlit.
Ni;w Yoitic, Nov. 3 A Washing
ton special to tho Commercial sayi
llm iilan fur lunding the nationiil debt
atfii per cent interest, is tinder con
sideration at tho Treasury Depart
Tho report (hat tho President hnd
withdrawn the Government .advertis
ing from tho Washington Republican
is denied In that paper.
l iel on it ItnllroiMt Train by Ilniigtu.
New York, Nov, 10. Sumo thirty
rogues Hindu an attack on a railroad
tram, at Jiittersnn, on Modnosilny
night, but were driven ofr by soldiers
on tlio train, with a dozon or inoro oi
tho former badly wounded.
HSr Now York, Nov. 10 Tho
World's special pnyn: Thero wero
urge numbers of pardon Boeker.4 nt tho
Whito IIoiimo to tiny. Among lltom
was Gen. l.ongstroet, Alhort J Mo
and Extra Iiilly Smith. Tho lormer
mil a prlviito Interview with tho
I'l'i'sident ftfter tho crowd tlispersed.
Tho latter, whoso pnrnh had cxiiiri'd,
asked fi have it extended o flint ho
mild vi'iit Nw Voik and fither
tnt"K Tli'j IVrnidi nt grntitcil hl'i
K Artf rhus .Ward" bas at last found
Horncthing even moro remtincrativo
than "wax ruggers" or Mormon loo
turtfs. I A rich old undo has lately
died 1n London- as in the fifth fl'fct of
ARoliipmedy andu. l.a lcftt!;Q
pppuliir 6howman a fortuno of Bomo
f'Orty' thousand pounds sterling. A
letter has ' been received from -England,!
wo nro told, ftntiounciny the in
telligence ' Tho cloction of Gov.' IToldon in
boyond a doubt. Hut this campaign
has served to , show . him his friends
and enemies in the State. So moto it
... linii)-. . ".:!.
Happy is bo who does not mako a
cent, for ho will have no incomo tax
to pay.
Happy is the bald headed man for
his wifo cannot pull his hair.
.Happy is tho young man who gives
many and costly presonts to young la
lies, for gi'(it shall bo his reward
(in a hoin.) '. '
Happy is tho man that is blind, for
he shall sec no ghosts
:" ' " Lord Palmerston.
riTho death' of Lord PalmehstO.n
causes tho mind to recur involuniccr
ly to tho rcmnrkablo length, of tho
career which it closes. When ho was
bom, tho'grcat Nai'olf.on was yet a
boy at school at Uricnno; Dr. John
son had not yet passed off. tho stago
of life; DciiKK was in . tho zenith of
his fame; whiio Byiion, and a host of
other celebrities long sinco dead, had
not yet como into the world in which
the lato Viscount played so distin
guished a part. ' Ho entered Parli
mcnt in 1800, which was 'marked as
tho year in which the hand of death
closed tho long, rivalries' of Fox and
Pitt. Tlio ' Statesman who mado
his first speech on tho destruction of
the I'anish licet at Copenhagen, has
a record which impresses tho mind
by tho extended duration of its cxis-
tatice. when wo remember : that ho
was Secretary of War beforo AniiA-
n am Lincoln was born, one can fully
appreciate tho character of tl.o labor
he has undergone, and feel the groat
or astonishment at tho vivacious
good health which he retained to the
Tho pluck which was-showed by
the lato Premier, during his long ad
ministration of niraira of tho Foreign
olficc, gave him his best titlo to the
admiration of his countrymon. His
tact in tho management of all'airs in
tho of Commons enabled him to ro
tain popularity, when ho had first
drawn attention to himself. A read)'
oft' hand debater, ho was prompt to
defend himself or his party from criti
cism, and from long practico ho bo
canio tho most completely armed po
litical gladitor of modern times. Ilo
had every style of attack or dofunso
rend', and tho manner in which he
adapted himself to tho temper of his
audience at tho time, gavo him nu im -measurnbblc
superiority over bis coin
petitorsfor pubic favor. His position
us partisan might be said to be mid
way between the conversation and
the radicalism of his party, but his
keen senso of tho drift of popular
opinion always led him to givo up
impracticable ideas before the inoro
obstinato of his colleagues, and win a
credit for liberality of Rcntiment
which he often did not deserve Ilo
gavo his support to Earl Guky's lie
form Hill in 132, and was consequent
ly defeated at the next election by
his constituency of Cambridge Uni
versity, thus forming- a parrallel to
tho lato defeat of Mr. (Tlaiistone at
Oxford. His course- has been a
changeable one, and his political eno
mios have Pot liiiled to charge him
with every inconsistency, which has
probably been a perfectly natural re
sult of his temperament and cast of
mind. Ilo has had a habit of adros
ing himself, to the electors of tlio lit
tle Eorotigh of Tiverton, which ho
h:i9 represented since IM"), on all
questions which ho wished to ppring
upon his parly or his opponents, very
much inthomtylo that Mr. Skwakii
adonl'a nt Auburn. Ilo has not, in
short, merited tho praiso of his frionds
or tho defamation of hi enemies. Ho
has not perpetrated any nets which
havo disastrously aH'ccled the wel-
faro of his countrymen or mankind;
and it can hardly be sum that no lias
ever'dono anything for their real ad
vantage, unless forced into it by tho
necessities of his party. To sum up
his career, ho has been a successful
Tlio fitn of rtri'icdo lio nllciniitod to roll
the mife of n Jtmrti timotiT In Klrdmmuf, linn
been iromn!rnti'd. I In h rnMilercil mid in.
Iiiiiiiiiiililv iliHiiiicsrd thu Birvlronnd forever
lU'iunlilicil from linl'liutf iilllcc Ilo I'irlt'itH
nil imy and iiIIowiiiu'u dim unit U h'iiIciicpiI
J I MM. .... I t 1
to five yeur illlnsnlilncni. i in- iiiimiiik iinu
ppiilciicn wero iiiii'vi'fi. in enns nmnn
of tho liik'li Irsliiii'viy to Mi jircvloiiH (rood
clihriiclcr und (rullunt ry by (Iciu. Monde,
Himrock, Terry nd iStoken, thu piirtiuit o(
tho Bcnti'iico linpi'inn Imprimitiiiiciit, Id re
mitted, lie ns Tliund")' uiornlitfcj dlucliiir.
cd from rij.it mly.
TlmReniilillcnii I'nloii Party Ii cnrrlml
the fnllon iiiK States liy lnmicncu innjnrltlcs ;
nrw jnnsKY, M'.w ytirtic
That luirtory enninrh fur one day, Indeed,
Let the t.'ollnii Hniin fniiiilic iirnfit l.v the
(icennlmi, and tho doclriiies of iiatloiilinm.
Vrm Timet,
Worth EleoLxl Qovcrnor of
North C'urolinu.
I!,ii,i:i'iii, Nov. 11. Worth I j certainly
i'l f:..vriunr o-.-Kf I(oM' Vy fiom .,'i'il
) 0 li"'l in ijul or
i.,Wiiii th. nrtvtii'y riuuA a. jxabu.
ii-iniKKlt. cornorof UuUu ml cn. r..i, nan-
TIiojo qu.it;it..ii an li-
Mo to Illl'-IUIlI', BUI ll " "I - -
ligVh eftlme m'TZ' ' 7
I'lfpi.ll lUlnwu ,, v
Dank 01 Fultnn K
E.iiik of TunuiiMWs, oM
" SuvuiiiiuIi 45
" tli.. Slutf nf 0 25
Oily teak of Annutto Hi
Farm-iV and Jltclivn
' lc' Dank ' li
Ucehaulci' Bunk' - 11
Meeuaulct1 ami I'Un-
-tan Hank .10
riautor Unnk . 1 1 .15
Vuion Hank 10
Habk of Cnp Fntr 4
" Cliarlulto W
,. M ; tlarcn.lon i
, ' Conuiiorca SO
Fayettcvlllei Id
Lixiiifftoii 20
" M Curuliua 4i
I ni. .ii llimk
Hunk of l liattano,r Xt
iVninii-rrs o"
- Knorrtlto
Mmiilitu "fi
, , JlldJlu.TtnD
i lurU "
i 4li I'nlon ' . PJ
lluik's ltaiik
' ii
; w
.. 40
., :i
City Biiuk ' .
Ciiiuoinrclal Dunk ,
JI.TcllftllU' "
Northun ' '
Veatt '...;
Hunk pf ShnlbTTllla.
Soutlirru UllllK
'I'mtltirM' Urtllk
'! Vu.Knl...rt' 24
" Washington 10
Wilmington 3tt
Yancoyvtllo W
CoumurcliU Hank ir
Furiui-rs' Hank of N ' '
Car. )1 tna SO
Morcliants' Dank HO
Hunk of lli.xliuro 25
ilinurii' aud l'lanton '
Bunk i 2S
Bank, of Uii kl. y , 75
CVmmcrcB W
" llounrilnvlllo. 10
" tin old l'uniiu-
Ion 83
' ltklininud 15
.. lliH'kbri.lgi) to
" Uh klliKl'U'U W
" tcotlHirillu 10
" the Vnllijr of
i Virginia .H
" ' VlrKlnla ' ' 1 20
" VliwiliiiR 85
T ." - Vlnchfivr
Central Bank -of Va- -2J-aiiville
Hank 2o
Exthitngii Hank of Va 2i)
Kxhng.'liauk of
Mn W
Ei'hango Bunk at Alex
andria 40
Fuiiuimint Ban f'
I'aini.'ra Hanil i'f l"in-
cuntlo ; - ;3(.
"Fanni'm Dant of Va 23
L1fu nd tiuuewl Imu
riince t'dinimny "
Dank of t'lini'li-n ' xs
Cbm lneton. j . W
CIn-Btt-r W
' Uforgotuwn , W
llHniMirg ' '
" ' NfMrljerry ' M
" tUofilutH of 8
Caruliiia 20
Comiu'rolnl Hn 15
Ksc-Uutie Hank . rr ? . to.
t ut in. r urn I Kxchango
Hunk '
Jli'icliant", Dank . . . W
I'boiiI.b' Itank W
1'laiitmV JJaukufFalr- 20
fliia . I'-W,
l'laiitors' mid Muctan-
lea l.mk - " W
Sliito Hunk 1"
SonUiWi'stern Itollroid 11
I'nlon Hunk ' - '10
Hank ol AiiKiriia par
' lioultiiaiiu ,- , i SO'
" N w Urlotmi " ' W
Canal Hank . W
(Ulijuiis' Hank -, . W
Civfi iiit City Dank ' : 40
l.uiiiKiaiia Slam Hunk , 40
.Mucliunlcu' Si 'IraJon::
Hank " B0
Morr.Lant.s'-Hank- ii - 40
Sonllii'in Hunk par
I niiin Hank OO
New Orluiin Scrip"" W(
llunufaciurori' aud
HliTi'lianti Bun A-lU-mlmiiS
and Mo-'
: 60
Hank of Mulilla TO
NortliwosUTti Bant
Mnitguuiorj. MSjmhweit.Tn Hn"i .
S.ilma ':. ftn'ratkit' linn JH
Central Hank , . 'M
Ci.uim. rdal Hank' ' :'' 21
flhM ' " '
Silver Dollars
' 1 4 V
KimUsriiHank 4
N'tjitliiin Hank ft
Soutlmrn Hank . ' - To
;- k M
(Vntnil Hail Itoiul Ihiii
Oi''ri:in Kiillri.a.l and AO
ldvnrj nn.1 Onoir.
item y'18J
pinion and 4;ilf
Hlmi.'l ...j, 133
Voiicliir B
Ti'iiii"H8iii Hon ln 8S
la l.lmin uouuly bonda TO
L uu.l K 11 S i i;t T5
Tlio almvn Uon.lt ara
l'0i;ht with coupoQn,
fioni iw'd ini luili.d
N Carolina Coiio!it 30
tlrmpliiii CKy CuiinolU 40
T.jtiui'fi: I'nunoni 60
tli'orgia Coupon Co
Hanking Company
Hunk ol Mid Ilg i.a
Marin1 Hunk
Hunk of Augusta
Augusta 1 iiriurmico
Dank of Athi'im
" I i.innibui
" Coliillnltl)
Emtilru Sli'i
N'oti't of II. n'. of Ti'miffisoo dated 1S ;1, or tignnl 0.
I. Torhott, 1 rinid -nt, am uivr lanuu, aud are tutihtaitt
10 cents.
Price of ConfcUcrato Money.
Tlio following 1 tl'e taldo fhowlng the prlcet of gold
In Conf. dtTi.to urrolicy jjurlng tho yenri 1SGI, 't;2, 'B3,
'Claud pan of Xi: '
im. 18119. 1HC3.
8.) )Vt
21 ail'g
22 a2l -IH
17 al
20 a'M
21 hit
11 alO
.May .
1 25,
1 25
1 30
1 40
1 60
1 50
1 6)
1 60
2 50
2 60
3 00
3 00
8 (K)
4 ID
5 it)
5 60
1 10
1 10
1 10
1 10
1 10
1 15
1 15
1 20
Returning to Plaguo tho Inventor.
It id truo thut tho lrccdinou in somo
sections of tho South havo becomu
unsettled in. thoir views in conse
qtienco of tho impression among them'
that they wero to bo put in ubsoluto
ownership' of the land of their lato
rebel masters. Such is reported lo
bo tho caao in portions of loxas, and
Fluke's llullotin, a Texas apur, gives
tho following account of tho origin of
such an impression :
During tho war, when designing
politicians wishod to firo ho Houthern
heart anew, thoy told tho people that
if they did hot succeed in secession,
their lands would bo divided amongst
their slaves, and tho whites of tho
South would bo placed beneath tho
blacks, and become Lowers of wood
and drawers of water. Politician
said so from tho stump to audiences
in which thcio wero negroes ; their
prcsonco there can easly bo under
stood by all who aro acquainted with
tho Southern States: they nro ncquaiiK
ted with tho Southern States j thoy
nrc thero as carriago drivers, waiters
and ladies'- maids. They hoard theso
things and repeated them to other.
Tho newspapers containing tho aanio
assertions wero carried into tho dif
ferent homesteads, and their contents
read and discussed before the negroes.
Tho assertion that tho Federal olllcers.
wero in tho habit of associating willi
tho colorod femalos was mado boforo
l'emnlo servants. In ft few words, nil
the falso statements which formed ft
great deal of tho political cajiital of
tho war orators, preachers and prcssos,
were carried from tho political gather
ings, parlors and dining tables,' to tho
houses of tho family sorvants, und
from thero to tho tlolds. Many of tha
whiles mado theso assertions and ro-.
nrdod it as rank treason to contra
dict them. When a (Jonfedernto Sena
tor ttirnod to tho poor men in ftdpcoeU
near Houston, and told them thnt nf
tcr tho downfall of tho Confederacy
thoir daughters would bo approached
with oilers of mnrtingo by negroes, it
is probable that somo negroes hoard
the uddruss, It was publishod and.
read and discussed in many house
holds throughout this Statu, and no
groes heard nnd repeated it." And
rellecting, sensible men will not bo
mirprised that somo of tho nogrooa
entertain those falso Ideas," 1
. i
B The Hpcrt'tury of the Interior liM do.
rl'lwl tlmt n miihIiiiin gruntnil prior In ib
tlio nntiotitii:ninrut of tlio Into roliMIinn rM
oil to nr.crun from R'ul nflur the iliit of Ilia
rrcKlili'iit'd rroclnfmHon ileolnrlnn the Hta'.
nr fllntrirt In which the icnilonnr wsn domU'
c i 1 I'd to Im In liintirroi'tliiii, nnd Hint tha pny.
incut ofaiH'h prrtninrirt con onljr Im rmnncl
frnin und itftfr tho rotnnlntlon ofth prooC
of Hie iciinioiifr'i rlijht to ho roatorcd to tbt
I.Asf NnTici.TIm lumlnoiit of Run t
(Iiiikiiam ttiiinl n i IuhciI up. Tbtme who srn
Inili liti"! fur inlmi rlptliiii to lh Ut Jonci
loiro' Liirvt, nr fur 4rtrtUi nr an. Job
Wfiik, nr liKrnlijr iintilii'il to rom forward
nn. I in uk f pitli'infiit, 01 tho rluiin, will tm
f j 1 ; r. . nt th" In' 'lire 1 1
Cir,-) E. GkiiUtAH, t'm'.is7'O'f.
, i

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