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Friday, November 24, 1805.
'lSLJ-HiBVEir Ewrao, Esq;:, Is authorized t
transact any business appertaining to tie
Union Flag ".in Baltimore,Md. ..... v," ,'
Whether the origin of braes can be traced
back through the dim records of the past to
the glorious forges -of the Cyclopes upon
Mount Olympus, or was deduced from tho
crucible of a. modern Vulcan, is , of no mo
ment to the point in question., Jt frill serve
no purpose to know that ihe- Hepbaestlan ar
mour of Archilles and Arneas, the fatal col
lor of Ilarmonla', and tbe brass throats and
brass feet of tha fire breathing beasts of King
ColcbJi, were.made-froro veritable kind of
brans now in use. '"'. . .'. :
Brass Is noted for its hard and imperious
composition. - la heavy machinery,' it is uted
in contact with abrasive, friction.' Prom tills
fact; some genius, quick o discern analogies,
in a follicking humor of vulgar Inclination,
applied the term Brass, to the .tis animi
forth,'.' Which enables man to display to "con
gregations Wider his ignorance and 'erudi
tion' Not content tvitb this fulmi'nation, be.
further subjects to his satire, . self-reliance,
esteem and defence, (It three grand ctuntiah
of success, ' oqd tbe fulcra upon vrbich tbe
shafts' of enry, malice' au'd detraction nre
lifted up, and the poipts: about which , they
harmlessly revolvo- The world ' has itcccptcd
this rersion as correct, and Peter Bullion tells
u'i to'at common consent in tho world of let
ter, eaTsblisbei the validity of law,
tVo do not iadvo'catc : a disgusting arrpga
tion of self-imnprtance end superiority, our
point is this : Brass, as synonymous with Vi
proper appreciation of perianal ability and sig
nificance, is absolutely ncecssarg to a stern ad
herence to whatever- is honest in principle, lovely
in. virtue, manly in character, .-Godlike in good
ness, and bentficeni to mankind... This kind of
brass vaults over selfish ends And subserves
the general good. The aid oflhe-phylan-thropist,
be, hurls his scathing phiiipics
against tho bulwarks of error ; the friend of
the statesman, lie unmasks the perilous ten
dencies of partisan fanaticism ; the constant
companion of the Gospel-bearer, he thunders
(he Heaven's anathemas upon the unrcpent
ing, with eloquence inspired " by Ilini who
spake as never man spake before."
Briin has accomplished woitylers. Acquir
ing a knowledgo of the material Universe
it has reduced the laws of its Government,
to the science of philosophy, and from the
analogies of created matter, contrived much
for human comfort, convenience and enjoy
ment. But, had not brass pinioned its inven
tions and discoveries, for (light beyond the
cloisters of its prison study, they would bo
as a lamp in a sepulchre, its light is there,
but reveals nothing save the corruption that
festers around it.
Tbo mariner, in awe of reasonings false
onco crept cautiously along the coast, guided
by some mark upon the land, or at best, somo
star In tho sky, not venturing upon the full! id
monsters of the mid-ocean, but since the
bhape la settled, "the vast cxpansivo main
is as tho dry ground," and he steers his Ic
viathan on the " shortest practicable route."
Tbo foibles and groundless reasonings of
superstition, have succumbed to tho bold In
vestment of philosophic truth. The fulling
or disappearing of a star from its ethereal
orbit, the change nnd eclipse of planets are
no longer regarded and dreaded, as pre-
cursers'of impending calamities, nor tho law
less meteor, coursing with fiery trial amid
the starry worlds, as a firebrand of Heaven,
ta kindle the flames of universnl nnnibiln.
tiou. With tbe light of that philosophy, res
cued by tho bold Galileos or scientific re
search, from tho oblivion of forced abjura
Our visions Ihrongli "at Immensity plon-c,
Pes wurMs od wuiliU, compose one universe i
I ilwurm liow system Into othrr systems ruus,
Whs plaueM elivlo other suns,"
)'rrctlii(; an Urasillsuirns tho ken or mm,
All moving In concert with tbi Almighty plan.
Iu awe struck praiBO of tho Creator's wis-
nd omulnotence. His works with all
tholr apparent discord and lawlcssutss
"Whoso body ntturt Is, and Ood tbo soul,'
Do wc not owo to brass chiefly, our deliver
ance from tho borrlUlo bondago of former
delusions and balis credulities 7
Though it Is not a suggestion of large cx
pcrlsnce, to young men just entering tho
threshold of unaided efforts, wc sny Itrasi
as synonymous with iclf-relinnc aud inde
pendence of thought and action, is tuo sure
LarbiuEcr of succesi.
This does not Imply, a disregard and con
tempt for the wisdom of tue pnet, but tbe
perfecting of what it begau. But spurn from
you that Ignoble servility which accepts tb
judgment and conclusions of others, with
out considering their tonablcness. Fill your
granaries with tho harvest of your minds.
If your aspirations draw you to tho learn
d professions, choose for your models their
brightest ornamcuts. Emulato tho virtues
which secured their grealaois emulato tho
elf-rellanco of tbat member of tho bealing
craft, who went to the sick-chamber, dlssoc
tion room and the hospital of tbo slain In
battle, as tho belt of beauty, confident in
tho triumph of her charms, goes to tbo halls
of festivity. Emulato lb Independence of
Koo and Latimer, who, amidst the IuqulsU
torlal Torrors, planted tho banners of tho
Christian Religion. Emulato tho ladepen-
deac of Sugland, Wondrous Three," who
csrvod tbo stgaat of disgrace upon her royal
dlsderu, for cruelty aud injustice to ner in-
ut uerenicncies.
1o1 has given Ua creatures ft work to per.
form a superstructure to build, whose sum
mit will reach his throne, fie has also given
us tbe ability to perform our respective la
bors, "'alike essential to the amazing whole,"
nnd the rnore we expand and develope that
ability, the more efficient will be our labours,
tbe more glorious its rewards
r.-Life js arwarftrerj to ; test" thw;ronc "aud
strength of human composition.- The world
discourages laudable effort, and scoffs at boa
orable ambition. A foe to the truth, cease.
less nnd untiring iu its crusades, still it can
be vanquished, by a corresponding boldness
of attack, nnd determination for victory.
Tbe sword is powerless, rusting in its scab
bard. . The simple possession of intellect will
avail nothing You must exercise it In the
skillful manoeuvre, and . reconnoitre of the
enemy' assailable- points, or you will be as
incfCciut s tho weaponless soldier upon
the field of bloody contest. Genius alone will
be of as little avail as powder without lead j
though full of it, you are but a blank car
tridge; you make a great flush aud noise
but will send nothing to tbe mark.
! Let your signal enmrnons to strife be, Away
Error, Onward Truth. Inscribe upon your
shield, self reliance springing from a proper
appreciation of individual Interest ; signifi
canco nbd responsibility, is victory itself.
The enemy will flee before your advancing
banners, or fall beneath your sabre's deep
Incisions. Gird yourselves with principles
of moral rectitude I . Summon' up all your
energies, and next to Him who sustains us
all, rely for success, each nponbis own pow
ers. . ' " ' . ' '
: Ibna panopled in the invulnerbility of
brass you will pass from ccnQict to con
Diet in victcrp pride and glory, until you reach
the gonl of enlightened and philanthropic
nspirctiOQj. ; , - .
716 aword is beaten into the ploughshare,
and the spear into the pruning book." We
have learned the arts of war, and returned
to those of pence. Reconciliation has taken
place. The Union the great Excelsior of
nations is in rapid progress of reconstruction
Ferguson and Wirz have " gone up the spout'"
and Jeff is announced to start on a foreign
tour at an early day. Sambo gone and Dinah
too! "Missus" in tho kitchen in dough up to
her eyes I Mnssa on the farm building fences
to the skies. Trade is active, nnd grcen-
bncVs abundant. Goods cheap, the bcstquali
ty, nnd merchants obliging. Weather glori
ou8, anu Indian summer Hangs its vapor
wreaths upon forest, hill and mountain top.
The ladies wear waterfalls nnd sweet smiles
Cupid too, shoots his arrows, and love and
matrimony heal the wounds. Rebels get ou
a spree, go to Washington nnd como back
with blue-bellies, and their pockets full of
pardonB. Preachers preaching, lawyers ly
log, doctors killing. Click I click 1 1 click ! ! !
go tho type, and tho "Flag" issues every
Friday. All is harmony I All is harmony
since- the harmony of crinoline nnd Patent
If some loval people In our knowledge
who arc so extremely anxious to bo " Indem
nificd" by Uncle Sam, for the losses sustain
cd by tbe war, would reflect for a moment,
we think tbey would cease their claniorings
aud conclude tbey had not lost so much after
all. How standsthe case, exacting sliylocks?
When the rebels posscs.ad the country, you
sold them your surplus at big figure and
invested heaps of "Confederate trash," In
property ofa tangiblo'and permanent charac
ter. And you did this without compulsion.
no foar of " durance vilo" or the hangman's
rope Influenced you to contribute your mitb
of strength, to the general defiance of the
laws of your country.'' You trafficked In the
" contrabands of war" and the transactions
made you rich, when the ribs " got hard up
for grub," they demanded tithes of your
suddenly acquired opulence, and you refused
their dctireciiited paper in payment. Uncle
Sam In bis Southern peregrinations, paid
you a visit nnd " APi'RorBiATKD " a few hor
ses, cuttle, and grain (undo is n Jehu and a
voracious eater,) to serve his further jour
neyings. Uucle Sam was a great terror to
tho robs, and they fled in wild ditmmy before
him. When tbey reached tho castcru sea
board, tbo wand of rebel prowess was bro
ken, tbo whole country restored to tho do
tniulon of the "old Flag, " and you WPitrEN
dently rich, and ones uioro benccfunrard
ricnso examine your debits and credits
and be euro wbcm tho balance hhcet places
iu nrrcurs, before yon so lustily demand a set
Wo nro returning to our former prosperity
uud contentment with amazing alacrity.
I'cnco iJ beginning to contrast Its salutary
triumphs In hopeful preeminence, with the
devastations of war. Ths stimulus of Its re
wards has Infused ronl, energy and diligence
with every avocation of life. The ring of tho
anvil, the sound of tho hammor, tho whirl of
tho spiudlu and the builders loud nnd frequent
calls for "muro mort" announco tho day
spring of a new and glorious era. Tho nox
lou cumbrauce of tho soil Is disappearing be
fore tbo keen irythc, nnd tho merry planta
tion songs of tho busbuudmni), clearing the
stabborn turf with bis ploughshare, art
heard iu all directions. Happy children nro
seen wending their way to tho ichool-room,
thero preparing to direct tho destinies of
their eeneration for bonor and usefulness.
Civil law Is the umplro of strife, and tbo dis-
peninry ofjuttico.
Another evidence of roturnlng happiness
and prosperity, and by fur tho most cheer
ing, I tho great religious Inlorsst now being
manifested throuehont the country. These
snlrltualawakonlngsslgnallxo Ih continuance
of God' mercy and lov to tho people.
WbjVt thousands wcro Consigned to tbe ruth
Ic'stfiijJlcbery of tbo word, they escaped its
insstlits butchery. Iu the delirious rapturos
tiftb'ir Joy iltbo dawn of fttzt, tbey
criWl praieo ud tbsukfgiving io their Cfont
Preserver. He is now puttine the sincerity
of their gratitude to an open test, by calling
upon them to come to tbe help of tbe Lord
agninst the mighty. " ,
Tho record of the last four years consti
tutes tbe darkest pages of our national his
tory, but the present is ours to retrieve their
misfortunes and prevent the recurrence of
their crimes and Iniquities. It encourages
the hope of our profiting by. sad and painful
lessons of the past. All, with buoyant spir
its and cheerful hearts, seem actively and
earnestly engaged in the work of reparation.
Surely our nation is beginning to realize
and fulfil tho destiny of nnapproacbablo
grandeur and glory, for which it was crea
ted. . ' . . : ; V
' Rebel Audacity.
-Two returned Confederate soldiers went to
tbe house of Dr. Clifl'in " Franklin on. last
Wednesday, nnd demanded soma food in a
very rude mannor of tbe ladies, who were tha
only persons present. , Ono of them said tbat
he bad been fighting tha Yankees, and tbe
peoplo owed him a support. ' Ho then pro
ceeded to abuse tha ladies in the most insult
ing language for some time, telling them tbey
were a pacK ot xankecs. vvniiebe was go
ing on iu this strain Uencral J. P. Brovrnlow
arrived, and learning the state of affairs, pro
ceeded to give tho two intruders n terrible
thrashing, knocking them down nnd giving
them a benrty kicking for their insolence.
Fress and Jmes.
Tbe General pitched into tbe two drunken
blackguards with an old sword, nnd gave
them n sound nad telliug drubbing. Tbeso
men will ba arrested for a violation of their
Tbe next evening the General and Col
Maynard were way-laid and robbed in four
miles of FrBnkliu, as they were going from
Nashville in a.buggy. The ball fired at the
General pasted through his clothes and cut
bis shirt. In his hurried attempt to get his
revolver, it slipped down his pants ;into his
boo'-lefr, or he would have killed ono of the
gang. Knoxvillc Whig.
Letter from R. Hoddio.
Military Prison, V
Nnshvillce, Tenn., AuguBt 14, 1865.
To ZTt'j Excellency, TTm. 0. Jirownlow, Governor
noNORKD Sib : owing to rumors and clam
ors that nre and have been in circulation in
regard to my character during the rebellion,
both ns n citizen and soldier, 1 deem it proper,
nnd in justice to mysc)!, my family nnd
friends, to ask to transmit to the people of
East Tennessee, regardless of party principles,
through tho medium of tho Knuxvillc Whig,
tho fuctH which in many instances have given
rise to the reports being spread nbroaj with
a view to mnligti my name and standing.
In 1801, the State Legislature passed the
ordinanco of secession, which I b'tterly op
posed, and did sincerely hope tho ordinanco
would be defeated, as I loved my State, aud
wished her to stand ns she was.
On the 8th day of June, 18G1, it was sub
mittcd to the people for their " Ratification"
or "Rejection." I voted " Rejection, ' and
was pained when 1 learned tbe ordinance of
secession was "ratified."
I did not wish to go with my Stnto into
rebellion, but knowing thero was no middle
or neutral (rrnund, and that I must either eo
against my State nnd with her opponents, or
go with tier, I was greatly troubled and per
plexed. Tennessee is my native State I had
been born nnd reared upon her soil, and had
bceu inculcated with the idea from childhood
to miuihoodl'hrid had taught my family the
aamo precept.', that her "laws nnd Institu
tions were right." After considering the
matter, I cnino to tho conclusion it was my
duty to go with my native State, as she had
declared by an overwhelming voice that it
was her will.
On the 1st of September, I entered the
Confederate service as a Captain, and served
ono year. I conducted myself as becomes
the true soldier, treating those I en mo in ron
tactwith, whether.n Federal soldier, citizen,
or whoever it might be, with the true respect
and courtesy duo them ; and as a Confederate
soldier, true !) the cause 1 had espoused.
In August, 18(i2, I resigned and went to
my home in East Tunnessee, endeavoring to
live peaceably, as I had dono before the war.
Tho portion of tlio Stnto whore I resided
was somc'inics occupied by the Federals, and
at other tinier by thu Confederates. I treat
ed my Union neighbors the snmo as I did be
fore the war, uud in many cuscs Ihcj can.o to
me when tho Confederates were iu possession
nnd asked tnu to give them my lullneuco and
aid iu obtaining reparation for property, 4c,
that wero taken from them by th Confeder
ate soldiers, which I did frequently , nnd by
my influence and pcrsoua! exertions my ef
forts were generally crowned with suceesH.
The above statements made by me can bo
substantiated by Rood, reliable Union men.
I tuny have said soinu hard tiling to per
sons residing In my neighborhood, but I was
Instigatud to do so by titter nbhomiro of
anything hypocritical. Tho persons to whom
these bard words wcro littered wero men
whom I considered devoid of principle men
whom I personally knew were hypocrites in
every score of tho word who to-day would
change their principles in politics or anything
else for fear or gain, and to-morrow would
do the same, thai, is c linn go again, Rut tho
true, high-toned Union men of that section,
I respect for their fixed principles, and have
theirs In return.
Owing to the unsettled condition of affairs
In Tennessee , I Joined the rebel servlco nftniu
In March, 1305, shortly after Loe surrendered.
I marched to Mount Sterling, Ky., and tlieio
was paroled took tho oath of amnesty at
Louisville, Ky., In good faith, and have lived
in accordance with tho tnino since then, and
the same la my Intention ever hereafter.
I notice In tho papers a communication
dated Joneshoro', Tenn., containing what is
there slated as a " black list," signed by
" William Stephenson nnd R. lloddle." So
far as I am concerned, the whole thing Is n
fabrication of the deepest the. I never sltrn-
od such a document, nor had anything to do
with promulgating sucn a list, which I can
and will prove. I remain, Governor,
lour ooeuieut servant,
R. llODDtl.
Tlio Now OrloftfiH Molta of Novem
ber 15tb hUIos Hint nn umistuil activi
ty nrovnils among tho military circles
In that city filnco the roccntlon of to
font disputchoB from the Kio Grande.
Mystcrioiia orders hnvo uoon lamieu.
Salon of boats nro prohibited, and
those on hand wero being placed on a
war footintr. Sales of nil transporta
tion und aupnlioB cloned. Tho flrt,
fourth nnd sixth roiriments Kecular
Cavalrv hnvo boon ordered to embark
for Indianola, Texan, nnd report to
duty nt San Antonio to Ger.prul Mor
rltt. Tho demounted Colored Cuv
nlry at New Orleans In dentlned to tbo
aamo place uenerai roByme, ucner
nl HhorSdan's Chlff of Staff, baj gono
to Bra 20.
The South Carolina ri)i.
New York, Nov. 14. The World's
Columbia correspondent, ot the 9th
inst., states that the resolution report
ed from tho Commissioners on Feder
al Relations to tho legislature to tho
effoet that South Carolina having ful
ly complied with the requirements of
tho amnesty proclamation .of Presi
dent Johnson, and having emancipa
ted her slaves, is entitled to their po
sition as conquered people and accept
ing of tho, terms of offered them,
tho withdrawal of military rule, to
which, they say, the faith of tho
Government stands pledged. Tho re
presentatives say they have, with hon
est purpose and entire loyalty of heart,
given their solemn pledges to lienco
forth seek' their' welfaro in tho Union.
Tho resolution was not acted upon
that day in consequence of tho receipt
of a message from Gen. Perry relative
to tho. question ot adopting .tho con
stitutional amendment.
Nkw York, Nov IC The steamer
Montcztirra from Kingston,' Jamnb a,
has arrived.' Major General OTJon
ner had assumed command of British
troops and special volunteers, by re
quest of Governor Ryer. 1
; Troops wero on their way to Mande
ville. Several were executed at Port An
tonio, all of whom confessed guiit nnd
acknowledged tho justico of the sent
ence. Later advices from Port Morant,
of tho 22d, report soveral rebels con
demned to death, iucluding Gordon
Cuiller, and the complete crushing of
the rebellion.
Tho entire lino of road from Sang
bar to Manchional Buy, eight miles,
is strewn with dead bodies bo as to
render tho road impassible.
Two Spanish wur Bteamers arrived
on tho 21st from Ilavana and placed
at tho disposal of tho authorities.
The British 'ship-of-wur Sergeant
arrived on tho 28th from Barbadoes
with troops.
Jamaica papers say outrages com
mitted by tbo rebels against tho Hay
tien government and on tho flag of
England, will insure tho leaders a pun
ishment as they never thought would
bo realized.
The U. S. steamer DeSoto bad ar
rived on tbo 3lst with refugees from
Capo liny tien, among whom was tho
Consuls of Prusia and Hamburg, and
started again, carrying some of them
back to CapoUajtien, including the
Prussian Consul. Gen. Lnlnane, tho
rebel loader, was among tho persons
killed at Capo Hay tion by shots of tbo
Bull Dog.
New York, Nov. 16. Tbo follow
ing dispatch was sent to tho Provis
ional Governor of Georgia, by Presi
dent Johnson, on tho 15th instant:
" The organization of a police forco
in several counties, for the purpose of
arresting marauders and suppressing
erimo and enforcing civil authority,
as indicated in your prcnmblo, meetB
my approbation. It is hoped your
polico will, as soon as practicable, tako
upon themselves tho responsibility of
enforcing nnd sustaining all laws of
tbo State and tho Fodcrnl Government,
in conformity to tbo Constitution of
tbo United States."
Galvkston Post Ovfick Open.
Tho Houston Telegraph, of tbo Clh
inst., announces that tho post olllco at
Galveston opened on tho 4th inst , and
that tho mails for Texas will como
direct to tho oflico hereafter.
W Gen. Bragg took tho oath of
nlleianco on tbo l)lh preparatory to
applying to President Johnson for
A Terrible riungo.
0;i Wednesday a sailor took a leap
from tho center of tho cast iron bridge
at Sunderland, which is 100 feet
above tho water. Tho man applied
of tho magistrate on Saturday for
permission to perform tho exploit
but their Worships refused V connlc
nanco it. Afterward, however; bills
were issued announcing that "Steph
en Jeflry, tho great Knglish diver,
from tho Islo of Wright," would at
twenty minutes past three o'clock on
Wednesday, make tho extraordinary
nnd daring loan," from tho cooler of
tho west side of iho bridge. Police
wcro posted on tho bridgo rf, tho
hour appointed, but tho man, droasod
us a sailor, passed through tho crowd
without lining recognizee. Aoout
half past three o'clock bo swldenaly
throw off his coat, gavo it into tho
hand:i of iv friend, and (lion mounting
tho rails, quickly leapod down head
foremost to tho river. I)ospito the
strong wind blowing at tho timo bo
soemod to go down In nlmost n
stralgth course, but boforo roaching
tho wulor gathered himself up nnd
muuo n id ur: ifo hands over head In
orthodox diving fashion. Ho roso
to tho puifaco almost immediately,
nnd then coolly swam after nnd pick
ed up nn nrnngo which he took out
of bis breast and throw over just bo-
loro takinir his lean, Jlo then turn
ed to swim irehoro to ono of the land
ings, but a nohblo manned by two of
tho river polico rowod up nnd tooic
him on bourd. llo wns landed nt tho
Pnnns Ferry landing, nnd walkod
ftshore parsing through an Immenso
crowd of people, who irreetod him
with loud cheers. It Is statod that
tho man lias often undertaken daring
lenps before, nnd that ho will next
visit Now Cnstlo nnd take a leap from
tho High Level Bridgo. New Custlo
(Eng.) Chronicle
The Joneshoro' Tost OfhVa will b epen
n Sunday mornlnRs from htlf pfn six to
"If l ist ievrn o'clo'.k. ,
lowiug are tbo ratt paid bj THOMAS 8. II AUK,
liKOKEK, corner of Union anJCullrga atreet, huh
ille.for uncurrcnt mney. Theeo quotations are 11a.
1)1 e tofluctuau, but ma; ba depended on aufflcieut
length of time for remittance to be reoelTed bj mail or
eipieat, if forwarded without delay.
Bank of Fultea 25
" ttavannah 42
' " tbe State of Oa 25
City Bank of Augusta 26
Bank of Tenneuee, old
Plantrm' Bank
Union Bank
Bank of Chattanoaga " '
" Commerce
' Knoxvlllo
" Memphis
I'nrmrra anu JlecJuu-
ic' Bank
Mechanics' Bank
Mechanics' and l'lau
ters Bank ..
Planters Bauk
Union Bank
Bank of Cap Fear
" Middle TonnesMM 85
!' Paris 40
tbe Union par
West Tennrtseo 35
Buck's Btnk
par " Cnarlotto
48 " ' Clarendon
SS Commerce
45 ' FayetteTille
par " Lexington
40 ' M Carolina
75 . Wadesboro'
" Washington
30 " Wllmlugtoo
City Bank
Commercial Bank '
Merchants' "
Northern. '
Ocoee "
Bauk ofSbeibyTllle
Southern Bauk, -
Traders' Bank
Life and Uenerai Insu
rance Company
Bank of Camden
" Charleston
" " Chester
. ' Georgetown
" Hamburg
" Newberry
" tho Stato of 8
25 Commercial Bank
farmers' Bank of N
U Carolina
A) Merchants' Bank
25 Bank of boxburo '
SO Miner' aud Planters
30 . Sank
Sank of Bi rklcy
30 " . Commerce
15 " Howardsvilla
20 " ' tbe old Uomin
14 " Bicbmnud '
22 " ilociibridga
60 " Rockingham
Carolina -
Commercial Biuij
Exchange Uuuk
Kirmera and Excbaara
Merchants, Bank
Peoples' Bank
Planters' Bauk of Fair
Plauteis' and Mechan
ic Bauk
State Bank
boutbwistern Railroad
Uuion Bunk
Bank oi America
" Louisiana
" Nsw Urieani
Canal Bauk
Citizens' Hank
Crescent City Bank
Louisiana State Bank
Mechanics' A i'raderi
Merchants' Bank
zu Boutterille
ths Valluy of
Virginia SO
" Virginia 20
Wheeling 85
" Winchester 85
Central Bank of Va 20
Danville Bank 2g
kxebange Bank of Va 20
Excbauge bonk of Wes
ton 20
Exchange Bank at Alex
andria 40
Faiimount Bani CO
Farmers Dui ef Fin
os Lie J 30
Farmers Bani of Va 25
Manufacturers' and
Fanners 30
Merchants Bani 25
Merchants and Me
chanics' 80
Northwestern Bani 60
Mouthern Bauk
Union Bank
New Orleans Scrip
Bank of Mobile
" Montgomery
11 Sclma
Ceutral Bauk
Commercial Bank
Eastern Bank
Northern llauk
Southern Buuk
868ontuwcstei'U Bau 50
2aTradert' Ban SO
28 Gold 1 45
i Silver DolUrs 142
to " Halves and Qnar
70 ters 185
Dimes and alf
k 90 Dime 133
Central Rail Road Ban
Georgia ltailroad and
Vouchers 88
90 Tennessee Bonds 83
70 Davidson county bonds 70
70 L aud B R Script 75
30 The above bonds are
10 bought with coupous,
30 from 18G1 included
15 N Carolina Coupons 30
12 Memphis City Coupons 40
15 Tumi --see Coupous 61)
Georgia Coupons 50
Bauklng Company
Bank of Middle Us
Marine Bank
Bank of Augusta
Augusta Insuranc
Bauk of Athens
" Columbus
" Commerce
Eniplro i-Uti
Notes of Maui of Tonnessee dated 1801, or signed 0.
D. Torbett, President, are ujw issue, and are bought.at
10 cents.
San FnANcisco, Nov. 10. The flection in
Kevmla for locnl officers, the Legislature nnd
Congress, took plnce on the 7th. Ashley, the
Kvpublicrtn, for Congrces, hits about 1,000
Great IIritian. A mooting bad
boon called at London of persons in
terested in such of tho old American
securities as havo been in arrears pre
viously to or in consequonco of tho
war, with a view of forming a com
mittco. Tho securities in respect of
which this agitation is commenced
nre bonds of Virginia, Louisiana, Ten
nosseo, North Carolina, South Caroli
na, Georgia and Missisbipi, and vari
ous railways and bouts in those
States. Tho wholo of which repre
sent a very heavy amount.
Another Atlantic Cable.
Tho failure ofathe Great Eastern has not
discourngeJ either tho ehnrcholJcrs of the
Trn8-Atlntic Cublo company or tho new
French compnny which bus obtuined permis
sion to lny down n cablo between Frnnco nnd
tho United Stntcs. Mr. Alberto Iiilicstinin
hits undertaken this enterprise, nt his own
risk, lint this time the compnny dose not in
tend to Bii'imrrgo a cnbte for any enormous
distance, ns there will bo intermediate edi
tions. The following is the truck nt present
contemplated : From Paris to Lisbon, nod
nnd theure to Canary Islands along the const
of Morocco, Ironi tho Canary Islands to Cape
Verd, along tho African coast, which stations
at St. Louis (Senegal,) and at Gorcoj from
Cnpc Terd to Cape Sn. lloquc, on the. const of
Brazil (a distune- of les3 than one-hslf that of
tho cablo Intended to bo laid Ly tlio Great
Ka.tcrn ,) form Cape St. Roiiuo to Cayenne,
along the American coast, and from Cayenne
to New Prlcnps by tho count, or probably by
cables ronncrt'iig tho Wcti India Inlands.
Tlio enterprise Is moro easily practicable
than tiiat roncclvcd In England. Tho only
difficulty will be to secure the prcsfrvnlon of
the lino on tho African coast, and that secur
ity may be obtained Ly means cf guard sta
tions. The company will have n commission
for one hundrod years, and tho French gover
mcnt the right of nniking any othoit conces
sion during that time. A suhrctlon of four
millions of francos, payable by luinulinonts,
will ho granted when tho company shall
have obtain tho authorizntloui from nil the
government over whose territory tlio electric
Is to pas. .Tho tlcclrlc communication be
fween I'ary nnd Canary hlands Is to bo com
pleted within ttrcc years, nnd tho "hulo line
within five.
JoKli. llllllnaon B"'
Josh Billing ivrn iho world with
a briol oHHiiy on dogs. " Dtf" In the
lump," says Joshua, " nro useful, hut
they oro not ulways prcfltnblo. Iho
Nufoiindlin dog is useful to navo chil.
drcn from drowning but you have
got to havo ft pond of water nnd chil.
(Iron riming about karolesB, or olso
tho dog ain't profitnblo. Thero ain't
nothing made boarding ft Nufoundlin
dog. Jiat terriers nro useful to catch
ratsjbut tliQ rats ain't profitable nl'tcr
you havo kechod thorn. Tho shepherd
dog is useful tow drivo hoop, but If
you go and buy a flock of shoep, and
pay more than they nro wuth, Jost to
keep tho dog buzsty. tho dog ain't pro
Clablo not much. Lap dogs nro very
useful but If you don't hold them In
your lap nwl tho timo, they nln't pro
fitable nt all. Tho conch dog is ono
of tho most useful uv dogs I know uv;
bntyou havo got to havo a coach,
(and that uln't always pleasant,') or
you can't realize from tho dog. Thus
wo soo thut wbilo dog aro gciiorlly
useful, thero aro limes whou thoy ain't
fjvncially profitable."
Jonesboro', November 24, 18G5.
Errata. Tbe printer in making up tha
form on the outside of the " Flag " this week,"
made nn error m the story oP'Mock-a-Moc."
Tbe last chapter was accidentally placed in' -
tbo middle of tbe itory, nnd tbe reader wilt
readily correct the error by referring to tbs.
number of the chapter.
Tbmperancb Mebtino. There wilj be .
temperance, meetiug held at tbe Methodist
Church this evening at half past six o'clock. '
Rev.' Dr; Drake will addrcse the meeting'
Let every member of our community and es- .
peclally the young men attend this meeting.
Let there be. an old fashioned temperance
meeting, such a one as will make tbe toper :
and whiskey-vender quail and tremble.
In this connection we will mention
! 1
cumatanco which we have learned in regard to
a few of ouryonng men of Jonesboro'.. Somo
half n dozen have bound themselves up in a
bond of three thousand dollars with good
security not to drink any spiritons liquors
for the term of two years. We hope every'
yoong man in the community will do like
wise then down will go the "doggeries."
tgy The meeting appointed at tbe Odd
Fellows Femalo College for this evening to
form a Literary Society, hne been postponed
until tho religions revival is closed.
B, Tns Post Okticb is now kept ncit
door to tbe " J7nton Flag" Office, on the plat
form near the Depot.
Tbo List of Letters remaining iu tho Post
Office nt Jonesboro', will be published next
week. Postage Stamps and Stamped Envel
opes can always bo had at the Post Office.
Private Boxes ore required Ly the Post
Office Department to be rented out to indi
viduals. Tho price is S0ct9 per quarter la
Br&. Tns weather Is again cold but pleas
ant. A mere favorable fall lor the farmer hag
not been known for many years, and it has
been well improved much more wheat haa
been sown on account of the favorable sea
son thnu would havo been if it had been
otherwise, nnd the crop is getting a fine
growth before the extreme cold weather of
winter sets in.
Thanks. Mr. James A. Dillworth, Drng.
gist, has the thanks of Mrs. G. for a splen
did toilet package. Mr. D. has just received
a largo assortment of Drugs, Dye Stuffs nnd
Fancy Articles. All who desire anything In
his line will bo accommodated if they give
him a call. Seo his advertisement of fresh
IT Wi learn tbat the Iter. K. V. Wilis, and the
Rev. Mr. Watbiimjbv, a Missionary, will preach In the
rnwIiytcrianCliureli iu this place on Sabbath uexl.
Mam Shot. Wo learn that James Fitzgtr
nld, an old citizen of this county, was shot
and killed by some unknown person or per
sons last week. We have no pnrtirulars of
the murder.
T The duties devolving on us ns Tost
Master have prevented us from keeping up
the narrative of tho "Adventures of I.t. Doug
lass. " It will be resumed in our next.
Wiikre's Your Mulb7 We are pfad the
poor critter has ben put away. The estab
lishment heretofore graced with the sign of
tho "Mule," is no more. Our friend who had
this establishment has made several attempts
to get out of the business but failing In ev
ery effort, he came to town tho other dny and
like a man, took tho liquors that were still
on hand and put them nway. llo has boxed
up the wholo concern, nnd has determined
to let others sec that ho is a man who loves
his country of which, he gave evidence by
going OHt in her defence, flu, our hearts
were pulnod whou ho came home, fresh from
tho battle-field nnd opened out hia establish
ment. Now wo arc again proud of him nnd
wc hope others will go and do likewise. Como
boys, you want to bo respected, just 11 tack
about" ns tho old sailors say, and go toward
tlio promUcd land. You would feel much
better to be adding to tlio happiness of oth
ers than destroying so much. You hud bet
ter bo in haste, too, if you don't, the tide of
moral power, which Is now sweeping through
our land will roll over you and leave you
without the honor of having thrown In your
mite of your own freewill. Think about it
boys, yet, don't think too long but acln tha
living present.
Rtviv.w.s or Rklioiok. Tho Revival of re
llginn commenced a fortnight ago In the M.
K. Church, Is still in ptogress, and In Inter
est, Is said to surpass any meeting of the
kind, ever held In this place.
About sixty souls have professed conver
sion. The profess. ng Christians of our town
eem to bo most wonderfully strengthened la
tho faith. Tho Church Is crowded almost
every night, and the mostpcrfVct order pre.
vails. Tho bent attention li paid to ths
preaching of the Word, and a deep concern
iccms to be manifested by many who, a ihor
time ago, were scoffing at religion. We bop
the good woik will go on until every Louse
In thli town becomes ft house of nriyii.
AnoTukr Ritival. Rov, J. Warthman, U
conducting a mooting near Oreenevllle, at
which, tbey have had the preionce of the
Lord. Up tq last Monday O'gbt, ou hundred,
and two had joined tin Church, Tho meet
ing bad then been In progress about or
week, and was still going on.
Still. Akotiibb.-I Dricker'i District, a
few mlli from this place, thorehas bsn still
greater nunbers converted from tholr sins.
Over two hundred, w learn, have Iheri msdo
profeselop of faltb In Christ. This peak
well for tbe future-nd It Is to b boped
that the morals of taut Tonnessee will finally
bo unsurpassed by nny country on tho globs.
A prou'l and "llbrly loving pcofln" with.
"God for their Huler."

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