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f.O. HHJ4R UKlftllAM, E4lltol A Pak't
NrCfHKW A. IIOVKI.I.. AMlwtnnt Kdltor.
Party thick don itt frry Ike laien Fti;,
nil ktep strp the disk nf llie I'uiouT
Friday, lYCay 8, 1808.
tor of the Radical parly, be nut deceived by
these smooth-tongued villains. and w'aiirh
well tba-consequencci era, you condemn yout
Stale Government or cast your vote with the
sworn enemies of nil free institutions, who
by the midnight torch and the dagger of the
nss.-issin, ould destroy every ' vestige of
freo Government, f. r which jmi fought on,
many a bloody field, and in defence of which
ninny, aim! bow many, of your 'father,
bothers and sons, have found a bloody grave.
Our Charities."
A l.rsr trnlitUMi than nay ultarr pat
ir in I r tjmi leanriiMD.
lit lk fuiiDtirs ot Hailnn.-ln. farter, Jtatat, SuHius wi
"Lxi otn iaws asu euitixsTiTrrKXs sriAK
uti i.iKTiirtAW3or Uod-thiTk.i Command-
uriiAK or the norti."-HORACK MATX AVD.
.. Treason mlwt l mail otlfoiM. .-Traitors maul tie
tMuiiHiti kiu! impTef-)Hh; j tfaijr mni.a not only I
p4hA,l, ltttt their awlnl power mnttt he dr.trcYi.il; mid
alter pmaiitic hf.ii n, 4rrv Talon aw,nanl tit.
8nimiilAhaM W retnibNmmi flut.i-l all pockvti of
tlunH- wiw ha ti I'iciw thi. gn-at .uilerini; a Uit
immrji-ANDlU ' JOHNSON, April 1, twii.
i'STU'K r ,
CW'f. SuMiKr hi Hoi. g. 3f. SWm.
Subject to the Decision of the Rational Rad
icnl Cnion Convention.
ron coxorkss mr thi: statu t LARcs-ron
OF VAX bt;bex COl'NTT.
Republican State Convention.
TVt will W-a R.nttlIi-an ritf.mli'l.dlil I.
W rll.ri.f Smnvlll. Ik. tfih tif Jna. nut, to
1k4lHi "a lb clite.iro .nominatival ami picpara
The Impeachment of Johnson
Up to going to press on yesterday (Thurs
day) evening, the impeachment case was not
decided. Our special Washington City cor
respondent writes as follows : j
Washi no-rax rt. f Wn n isrve.
It is confidently expected that decision
n .narew jonn?oo s case will oa reached
before the 1 2th inst. Some even think by
Saturday the 9th inst. Whatever hopes are
entertained by Mr. Johnson's political sup.
porters, it is certain that his. family, taking
their cue from him. doubtless, hart long
ainco abandoned all hopes of his acquittal1,
ana iimvnau ineir personal property packed
up and ready to be carted sir at an hour's
notice." .
.Manager Bingham closed bis great speech
for the posecution on yesterday evening. The
' Washington Chronicle, of the 6th inst, thus
peaks of it :
v " ilow this argument will afTfCt tho grenf
Grand Jury of the Nation ii is easy to fore.
tell. .Kvery loyal man and woman who reads
it will say, "If,Andrew Johnson is not con.
viited on such n indictment, no future tr-
rant need fear the anger of betrayed conn.
try or the Tergeance of an outraged Con-
The Tax on Colored .lien.
Aa erroneous impression, it prevailing in
Ibis section as to the reason why the negroes
do not pay a poll tax, and many Republi.
tans whe ought' to bn belter Informed are
throwing the blame on the present Legisla
ture. We have been fit'ioently, In the past
few weeks, gravely informed that the Le
gislature had pttti'Ja for exempting the ne
gro from paying poll tax. The rebels and
more especially their allies, the conservatives,
have circulated thii fuliebood, and deceived
inny good men. It is time this malicious,
mischief-making lie was nalitd to the wall,
and, with its authors, erposed in all its hi'd
eeotaess to tha scorn and contempt of eve
ry Irne Vnion man in the country. Why wiU'
Union men listen to or be deceived by these
graceless renegades? whose every word and
act since the war has been a lie, so barefaced
and ar the same time to transparent as to
merit the contempt rather (ban the notice of
very Cnioa man of sense.
Xow to U facts in the ease Article I,
Section 1st of the Constitution of the State of
'Tennessee provides, That "All free men of
tolorihsll be exempt from limitary duly in
time of peace, and tUo Jrom fnyinj t frttyoll
tat." ' ,
There is the whole question, settled, at
every man who U to read can sie fur
kiuiseir, It it part of the Constitution of
the State, which the Legi.latnre has no pow
er to changa. Hut It it liked cannot the
IgiiUlur da Mime ting toward ilT We an
swer, it tan. At its next i.i.ion this Legis
lature mat f, a bi( roriinjo, the ne
cessary ehaae m the OnaatiKilioa. The
neit LegiiUiure is elected with a view to
Hie tripos.! cbang wkea if they ratify It, it
.istbee ItkmitLdH h, pople. If accepted
by thet. it ,. , p,rt cf ih, Constila.
ion.ftheHi.te. T , , shorter way
bat more esp.nlive and at to safe, vU; Hr
a Cunventiua. A; tin wt ur U every mini-
The Nashville Banner reads the people of
Tennefrsee a leiiion on the above subject
Spenklng of the State School for the Dliod
it says :
"One of the few commendable, things ever
dune by tbe Radical Legislature, wjs the
handsome appropriation of five thousand dol
lars to pay house rent, teachers' salaries,
pnichase books, etc., besides the two hun.
dred dollars allowed annnnllv for the cloth
ing and feeding of each pupil." ,
This sentence is intended for a tareottie rul
at the liberality of the Tennessee Legisla
ture. Tet there is no piper in the State
which milt louder than the llnnner about the
high taxes imposed on the "dear oppressed
ow, let ns look at the lads in the ens.
The Banner editors belong te the party which
suB'aiued the "Lost Cause." It was but re
cently they published a long,' glowing ac
count of the obsequies of tho Rebel Gen.
John II. Morgan, which took pbice in Lex
ington, Ky., (more flimiliarly known in East
Tennessee as the "General Rebel Horse
Thief.") This Roancrges of the Rebel cause,
went in 1803, to the Blind Institute, near
Nashville, (no doubi with "iWrarftoH 'row
aiyerrrMnf,'')ad Tl'tNED tuiwiqli bu.id
school teachers, children and all orr lit
Tin strkkt destroying and appropriating
the furnitnre, and making use of tbe build
ing, which shielded these poor nnfortanatrs
from the storm, as a Behel IIotpill ! This it
charity "with a vengeance." Can this state
ment be gainsayed? We appeal to the pres.
ent gentlemanly Superintendent and hit
worthy lady, who were among the .surTerors,
if this is not substantially correct Where,
then, it the consistency of these advocates of
a barbarous foe In a barbnrons war?
We have had occasion to remark heretofore
that the Banner Is the ablest ditfoyat paper
in the State, and oce of its editors, at lesst,
has always shown to the writer of this arti
cle marked respect, but, certainly, we cannot
let. inch insinuations pass without notice.
The Tennessee Legislature done for these
poor blind people what they considered suffi
cient for the present and we confidently be.
licve they will do more as occasioa requires.
They have not treated them as the friends of
the Banner did In the past, and a patriotic
people will commend them for what they have
For the Union Khur. 1
. Ohio Wcslcyan to versify,
IIos. (lito. E. CmaiiAN, HJitor Flags
A short time ago, it was reported that from
one tbltil, to two-thirds of all th. students
in the. .Ohio Wesleyan University had left the
Institution, in consequence of the Trustees
permitting a colored minister to eutkr cut-
Heire and recite. In order In ascertain the
facts in the case, I wrote to Dr. Merrick the
President, and the following is a portion of
his letter: . ,
... " Ohio Wtst.KYx Vnivkusitv,
April Dili, 1SG8.
N;l. Hear Rroiher Ih-akr:
Yours of the let insumt Is receive). Sev
en ot eight students have applied for dismis
snXoa account ot the colored mau's reciting,
and no more, and ouu of that number has
returned. Our college classes are larger this
year than ever before. We shall gradnnto
at least a third more thin year than any pre
vious year.
Wishing you great (ticcess In your most im
portant vocation.
lam most trtilv vonrs,
We publish the above with pleasure, and
can assure eur renders that the ' Ohio Wee
leyan University" is second to no institution
of learning in the United States. Our young
friend Jo's. E. Maxwell, ton of lawyer Max
well of this place, has overcome the prejudi.
ces that were brought to bear against this
Northern College and has returned to the
University, where he expects to graduate.
May success attend him. Mr. Maxwell, we are
credibly informed, has a datiKCter attending
the Oxford Female Collegein the same State.
This is what we like to sne ; and we hope
that the time it not tnr distant when stu
dents from Ohio and other Northern Stutet
will attend some of our Tennessee Colleges ;
in doing this, a better feeling towurdd each
other will be engendered.
Williams' Great Speech on
Our readers should not fail to read 'he ex
tract from Manager Williams' great speech
on tbe impeachment. of Andrew Johnson, ot
the first page of the Fluj. The Washington
Chronicle, speaking of it says : " At a logical
structure, it has the compactness and sjm
melry of a Grecian temple combined with the
solidity of a pyramid. It is, in short, irre
sistibly convincing a complete answer to
every argument which has been advanced,
and, wo may safely say, to every one which
can be advanced, in the President's defence,
The Knoxville White Man's Con
The last lumber of the )!' says of this
ttuprntfaua affair :
"Pursuant to a pnblic notice, and after
weeks of drumming np, the White Mae's
Convention was held in tbe I otirt House la
this city on Monday last. There were, all
told,orM-rtr person's in attendance, fully
on-half of whom were Radicals, attractrd
through curiosity. The meetiog lasted about
fifteen minutes."
Anothfr tpaim like the above will send the
IVAiY Jf.in ReM Democratic Varlij ia East
Tennesse "np the spool V
Additional Delegates.
Gen. W. J. Smith, U Shelby County, and
Gen. John It. Rodger, of Van Bur en County,
have been appointed by the Slate Executive
Committee as additional delegates to the Na
tional Republican Convention which meets ia
Chicago tbit month.
Death of Hon. M- A- Graves.
Tbedeath of Hon. M. A. Craves, the wor
thy representative of Jackson county in the
last session of the Tennesseo Lrgisl.itire, is
announced. He was a devoted Repablicaa.
',tZf Tbe Nashville Vrru .and Timet says :
Thiiddcus Stevens concluded his speech
against tbe President with this sent.nre:
" Let him resign, and return to his village
and obscurity." Whereupon the Ui-mphit
Malevolence waxes wroth, and saarls ;
President Johnson retire to " his village !"
He will go to Cattle Garden, and have a. half
million of Ilemocrats for an audience. He
will go to Democratic lloston, and shake Fan
ruil Hall to its foundations. He will go to
Oemocratia Chicago, and invoke the spirit of
Douglas, which like a flaming tword in tbe
beaveas will be over bit head.
Thank tbe " Meuipkit Malevolence" I we
are glaj to bear be't not coming in tbit
direction. Loval Rast Tennesteeant bare
no use for him and we ara sorry Thad.
is trying to force him on ns. It it the most
cruel thing he trer done.
New Newspaper Disease.
The Knoxville Vm t4 llmH has been
attacked with the tame disease that killed
the Chattanooga, JWy lar-ma disease
known as altijutr ! Tbe first symptom Is a
heaviness on the stomach whirh soon
reaches, the vitals, and (' tkmj fl-i .'
JT3 A fashionable modn of torture In
r. riti.ii India is to fasten a bag of wasps oa
the criminal s stomach end -ben ttir up the
Either tbit or Lovengiod't slut's (or aey
oae else't dog's) bag ef and would be ti
good fur Copperheads and Ptbelj.
Our Candidates for Congress.
The namet of the two gentlemen we unfurl
at our mast-bead are those of men of ac
knowledged ability and unflinching loyalty.
Hon. Tlios. A. Hamilton and Gen. John U.
Rodgers are names ever dear to the lovitl
people of Tennessee.
JU?" A copperhead paper but the follow
Ing New York sensation dispatch, ( where
nearly all such are manufactured,) vii :
Naw Yori, May I. The JleraUTt Wash,
ington special tayt it it believed that if the
president is lemoved, bit cabinet will refuse
to quit, on tbe ground that the acting l'reii
dent, not being the constitutional President,
tins no ngnt to remove them.
That Is decidedly rich t Suppose Johnson
Kimtelf "refuse! to quit." We will have
another Nashville tcene, like that in which
Hit Worshipful W. Matt Crown figured so
Letter from Memphis.
MKMrms, Tenn., April 37, 18G8
Edilort Inmn Hag ; In looking over the
statistics of Tennessee, made in 1810, I wnt
singularly struck with the population of
Shelby County, which includes Memphis.
Its popnlation then wnt only 14.000; while
Itavid.Hon wat 80.000, Rutherford 24,000 Ac.
Tbe centos of 1800 shows that in the prece
ding decade, one single city in the I nitei
$1101 has, outstripped Memphis: that it
Cbicago. Ia former years the Southern
States were devoted exclusively to eottoa
and sugar production. Knropean emigrants
sought hornet where food was cheapest, and
the cost of living least. In the South the
people were accustomed to buy bacon and
beead from the Northwest, and thither Koto.
peans and the poor of all American .Slates
directed their course.
With these drawbacks the growth of Mem
phis even now amnios those who reflect that
the whole system has been suddenly subvert
ed, for to-day the population ia 70,000 and
before 1870, 100,000 people will live on the
Chicknaaw Rlaffs.
Now, instead of a tingle planter entering
the market and making purchases at whole,
tale, we will toon have by proper emigra
tion a multitude of farmers ; they will pnr
chate -after the Bnt year of their coming,
neither bread or meat; or any other pro,
duction which a rich soil and fin climate
may produce. These farmers will produce
their own supplies ; and tbe density of pop
ulation must necessarily advance more rapid
ly ; and with tbe facilitiet of tbe great Mis
sissippi liver and in radii of railroads,
Memphis bas magnificent future, of which
the State at large may well be proud. All
that is wanted to effcrt these views com
pletely it political stability: and no doubt
that when JoknMn it removed from tbe bead
of the natioa ; bis temporising influence de.
stror.dwill give a quietus to the enrmies of
loyalty, encourage more rapidly the class of
agricultural emigrants desired, and the Stats
of Tennessee will blssjom as tbe rose.
T M. M.
From lVaxhlnston Cltjr.
SaKb,l Curre.pon.teBC. f lhK. Tnn. Union FUs;
WAsnisc.To.t, D. C. April 30th, 18.
Kvery loyal man in Washington it pray.
ing for the close 01 the great State Trial.
The nhhs speeches of the managers and of tbe
counsel of Mr. Johnson are listened t aad
rend with impatience. The lacts of the case
were as well known to the people of the t'ni.
ted States at the commencement of tbe trial
as they are now, or ever will be. Rut, I snp.
poae, tho "forms of law" mast bo complied
ith. no let tbe a.tion watch aad pray.
Opposing counsel hare a glorious chance to
display their oral jrial powers and legal lore.
Never will any of them hare such another.
Who, then, can blame them for Ukingadvan
tnge of Ibe golden oppertonity new afforded
them of making their limn faotiliir in the
four qnarlers af lb globe ef having the
substance of their speeches flashed to expec
tant readeis, along a thousand wires, over
hill, dale, mountain and Valley, ami evea
away down deep, deep, across tbe bed of the
vast Atlantic ? Let ut not, then, grumble at
these gentlemen for rxerciaieg a privilege
accorded to them by the "wisdom of our
ancestors.'' Rut no one of these learned law
yers will change a vote-either way. Nothing
bnt personal friendship, goU or the lust ef
power, place aad patronage, oan change a
vote. And there it little or no danger of
enough' Such infl'ienee being brought to baar
In this trial to seen re an aenuiltAl of Mr.'
Johnson. It it ihaught tbat hr the end -of
nerl week Mr. Wtan will bs insulted in Ibe
While llonse, in the full exercise f the func
tions of Chief Magistrate of the United 3tlrl.
In connection with the rumor that Heuatar
Fewler of Tenaettea wilt eel far tbe aeq.il
Ul ot Andrew Jobntoa, it it Stated that Gov-,
rranr Drownlow bat written a letter la Hor
ace M'yaard which it characteristic of the
old aian't patriotism. Among other things
be tayt he waalt wo Senator whn votes f.r
Aadrtsv Jobaaon't acquittal to otTet kite bit
hand in friendship. e ' -
Let me quit politic! for t wb.le acJ ..iy a
few words on another subject quit at im
portant, perhaps, but not appnruutlr to.
Receptions nre generally bores. But there
wt one given a few evenings ago, by Wm.
Pretcett Smith, of Hultimore, that deserves
special mention ns the inauguration of a
much-needed liuurnvciuent in tbe. nianiige
uient of social reunions. Mr. Smith is known
to the community at lame an a lucOMsful
railroad and general bn;iue man, and to
his friends as the very essence of a good,
trtll-meaning and wcll-doini man. Althoneh
hatarally an artist and philosopher, ho hot
oevn euucittea in tne school or practical life,
so that he it roundly developed ; and his
knowledge, taatet and pursuits connect him
oy strong ttet to to many varieties of bis fel-low-men
that lit is just the maa for a lender
in any social movement.
In tbe celebrated Gaines Will ease, latelv
decided in tbe Supreme Conrt, the senior
counselor Mr. Gaines is taid to have re
ceived a fee of $35,000. Tbit case bat given
employment to'hundrrdt of attorney! dur
ing me iuir-y ouu yeart ei its existenee.
A. i. BOYLE.
A Memorial from onr Congres
sional Delegation to Governor
Under the caption of An Important Doc
nment the Knoxville H'AiVof 'April 28th pub
lishes th' following. It will be observed that
Senator Fowler's signature ia affixed to the
nirmorinl, the closing sentence of which is
eery nignilieant ;
Wo present an important document below.
The Governor prepared the first draft of n
proclamation, covering tbe wbnlo ground in
this matter, the week before this Congres
sional document wa received. He it pleased,
however, to be bucked up in his views and
purposes with such a document at this. The
late militia, act, reducing the pay of pri
vities and officers so low that men could not
tone, it it no' tho purpose of the Governor
to call out the troops under said act, bnt to
call out otheiwise, and to rely upon the loy.
ul people of the State to sustain him :
ASinxr.Tos, 1. C., April 21, I8C8.
Pkar Sir . Aa constituents identified with
you in the success i.f your administration,
we beg leave to call your attention to what
cannot have escaped ;our notice, tho disor
ders prevalent in certain localities in onr
State. Lawlessness and violrnce have at
tained alarming proportions. Peaceable eit
Ixens are territi.d by threatening missives ;
the sanctity of their homes is invaded, often
in tbe hours of sleep ; their property it con
signed to flames; some are seised and scourg
ed and otherwise cruelly mistreated j others
are shot dead, or hnngad, or subjected to
some other form of murder and assassination.
Punishment rarely follows, and in most in
stances no form of legal redress is resorted
to. On tbe .contrary, the victims of these
outrages are maligned, and their characteri
defamed by the perpetrators, whose conduct
finds many to connive at it, and not few
openly to justify it.
Upon you, as the first Magistrate and pence
officer of the State, devolves the duty, under
the constitution and the laws, ol aeeiug these
disorJcrs suppressed. Not tbe statute law
merely, hut the common law, even without
legislative enactments, clotbet you with, the
very high powers. You do not bear the
sword in vain. Tbe safety of the people is
the supreme law ; and nothing less than the
exercise of all the physical and moral foTce
ol State, by tummoning to your aid, if nerd
be, all the good people of every age, tex, col
or and condition, will s.V.iafy its imperative
The community mnst be protected at all
hazards and at whatever cost. Happily for
our beloved State, tbe exercise of tbit extra
ordinary authority bat beecn required to
rarely, indeed, that some are possibly una
ware of its existence. We refer to it, there
fore, not only by way of admonition to evil
doers, but to shield yon, to far aa oar coun
sel can do it, from the imputation of trans
cending your just and legitimate powers, ia
taking all necessary measures to suppress the
maladies a'lHicting the people.
We respectfully tnggest the propriety of
organising and arming, under tbe recent act
of Assembly, a tniall militia force, with judi
cious and competent olliccrs, to be stationed
at points where tbe civil law is found the
least efficient, to repress and punish high
handed crime. We know your indisposition
to impose unnecessary burdens apoa our
people, already oppressed with debt and im
poverished war) and have the utmost confi
dence that you will exercise your great offi
cial powers within the limits of necessity, at
demands of humanity. While we hope not
to see our State government driven to de.
pendente npon national protection, went the.
same time, bepe sooa to see the moral in
fluence of tbe national government exerted
in its behalf and against its enemies. .
Wo have the honor to be, very respectfully,
your vbcdieul servanti,
lloRAca Havxard,
John Trimbli,
Sani ii. M. Arxkli,
W. R. Storrs,
Jhi Mi Lutss,
. JoanrH S. Kowlir,
I). A. Niax.
His Facellency, Wm. O. lirownlow, Gov
ernor of Tennessee.
Horrid Outrage In Marshall
bhutai. murder op a bap
Gov. lirownlow has roceivod
communication datcl Karmington,
Ttfirt., April 2 1, in which the writer
alatca that tho people there aro suf
fering from outrage com mi It oil by a
KH-roi oraniiatioii atylixl the Kaklux
Man. H l elated that on last Sab
bath nijrht the ller. L. Lincoln, a Bap-
lint miniMer, was) taken firm tho
hiia.scofafriuii(l,in which he waitnpcnd-
inirthe niht, and brutally murder
ed.and bin body thrown in a itink hole.
Ilecctuicd wna t diclinricd United
Huten aiililicr. Mr. Williams), an in
fluential lU-pnblk-nn, wna btinhwhack
el and aevtrc'y wonndml on the !ltl
inat. Kl.tn print liamlliillH no or loyal
ttitixenn' dwelling., warning them to
Uka np tlu lr dudt and travel, krtop
thrir montha. shut and lay low, or
llicy will hang hill.
f5 Win M. Stanton was born In
Culcppcr C'o'Uily Virginia.
Tho wife of (Joorge I. Tranlice diod
on Sunday Inat.
Fred. PongleM hna finrtlmaod a
reaidene" in Vine-land, J. and i!l
ninuvu litre in Hay.
New Orleans.
Elcrfion' Hipvblican-XfSfati' Convention
Afynirned'l ico . Cplorcd J)elvUtes
t Cltiroijo. i x ' ( i, i
' Now Oiti.EANR, May 2. The okleial
returns ol tho election aro notjyet ptb
lishcd. The lewMiVrtrt gieii ho re
turns from nil tbo parishes, malting a
majority for the CohtUiutionor 17,
SlKl. U also) ''claims ?3
Senators ngnir.st i4 Democrat; "rind
Gl lierHililirjin mcmhnrs "of tlm' llniun
against 11 BomocraU. Warmoth'si
majority is slightly .in excosa ;of that
for tho Constitution.' ' ' ' " '
Tho Kepublicnn Stato Corrtrontion'
completed its hvbOre this mnt-niujc.-by
nominating two. Presidential v Klce
tors. f- Tho Nashvllld'TVitiM says it
has authority for stan ting that trobps
will bo sont against tho lvu-Ivlu.in
Maury county.. to,. .,
Bloody FIshtNearCtorksvUIo.
Tho Vhrouiclt of hist .Friday says
that a bloody fight took placo tho
other day at Jordan's Spring, ' In
Montgomery county, between two)
men named Small and Spears. Their
weapons were an ax and a pistol.
Tho parties clinched, but were'. Boon
after separated. Spears' wound is
considered fatal. Small's skull is bad
ly cut and fractured, and while strong
hopes aro cntortainod of his recovery,
his condition is such as to excito the
approhonsion of his friends and rela
tives. Spears and Small both formerly be
longed to tho Confedcratearmy.-iVesj
and Times. ".
Tho Wincltostor (Tenn.) Journal, s
Democratic wookly of considerable
merit, in iw way, has suspended for
want of patronage, ' '
Tho trial of Jeff. Davis tho arch
traitor has been agaiu postponed this
time until Jutio next. '
Terrible steamboat Exploslim ;
i,'fVtvt Person Killed and Three mound
ed List of Killed anfl Jr'ounrtVd. j
Buffalo, Hlay jl.- The propellof
Goorgo Cushnian, owned by Dwight
Scott, of Cleveland, while moving out
of tho creek ,to-day for Port Colburni,
exploded a ooilor, killirij eleven por
sons and injuring tliroo. The voesol
is a complete wreck. Sho was valued
at 8:17,500 partly insured. Sho cons
trained 20.000 bushels of wheat
dipt Thompson was slightly hnr(;
his wife escaped; Peter McDormott
and Barncc Lester, firemon: rrank
Smith, L. Anderson, and Herman
Frowing, deck hnnds were killod, and
bodies found. J. Darock, Wm. Abbott,
II. G. Stewart, Goo. Lewis, Jeremiah
Morris, and II. S. Gilbort, first engi
neer, aro missing. Ono of tho deck
hands was thrown entirely over
Sturges' elevator, at a height of onp
hundred and fifty feet, L
WAsniNOTos, May 5. A meet
ing of tho Soldiors and Sailors' Nal
tional Committeo was held hero Sat
urday evening. Members from aeveral
States wero present. A rosolutioa
was adopted authorizing tho various
Stato delegations to fill all vacancies
from soldiors oft heir respective States
who shall bo present nt Chicago.
Tho hoadquartcrs of tho committeo
after tho 15th inst., will be at Ma Ho
bo n House, Chicago. . "
iloturns havo been recoived , from
noarly all tho States, and the commitv
teo foel assured that it will be the
largest dologatcd convention ever
hold in this country. " '
The Republicans make a Clean
(Sweep In b'corKla. . i
Atlanta. May 2 Tho Tribune)
special says tho Jlepnblicans havo
mado a'clotin swccpelecting llfelrTiov
ernor and a innjority ia the State
Scnalo anil low or hrunca 'of the Leg
islature, and four 'out of sovon Con
gressmen. Over 44,000 white nica
voted tho Republican ticket, and over
15,000 black mon have. boon forced
and swi tidied into touug Lho diauuioa
ticket. . . !
The North Carolina Eeiectlon. j
Returns from North Carolina ahow
that tho Republican have carried that
Stato by a largo mnjority. The loyal
peoplo of tho Old North ,Suto cr
aloud for impeachment. . , , ( .. ' . ,
The Test Oath in Georgia. :
Atlanta, April .'JO. Goas. Meade. Is
sued an ordor, giving it a bis apinion
that all mombors oloct to tho Lajgiata
ture have to take the tost oath. . I :
norrlbie Manlef. ' , ,
.Woucii ester. Mash., May! 1 A
Frenchman named Peter Jiaury, living
in Webster, was murdered this morn
ing while in bod with bis wifo, by bldws
oa bis head with an ax. Tbo wifo of
the murdered mart had boon intimate
with the man who is chargod witii
committing the desd. It is supposed
bis wifo left tho Bouts door nnfastened
with the undomtaodint; that ha should
enter ana murder IsaUry While asloep.
They wore both arrested and will be
examiacl to-morrow. , , .; ,, ..
tarTho town alonrr the line of
the Nashville and Docaluro railroad
are ono after' another bing awept
with tornadoes of fire, and lli &
traction or property far axeoeda any
Iom hiiherU! known in lhoir long
history. Only a short time ainco, a
considerable portion of Franklin was
laid in ashes, bnd now a large irnrl
of the bnoS portion of PahiaUi"
a hap of emonlilertng-ruins. ? '
t The nir-itt! count ahowa thitt
the ( onnpfticnt Ht.ito Senato"wi!l
conaiat of 12 ReptiMiosns afid 9 Do
mounts.' Tho IImho will havo 1?3
la'puliliojn. and 100 Dennxjats. '
.Teunetset hat enacted tho follwing
law:. j v
AN ACT to regulate the publication of legal
notices. . I t
Sltt'Tioit . Re it enacted, by th General
Assembly ot tho Ssule of Tennessee, .J'btti it
shall be the duty of the Governor, tipon tho
passage of this act, to designate such news
papers in each and every Congressional Dis
trict in the Slate, as in his judgment the pub
lio interest may rqniri in which all legal
advertisement required by law to be mado
in a newspaper shall be published, rot every
county id such Oongrastieual District, as re
quired by law orders of publications, at
tachment and non-resident notices, sales of
land by decrees, exemption, mortgages, and
for taxes, by Sheriffs, Clerks and all other
officers, together with all other advvrtise
ments required by law to be made and pub
lished in a newspaper of whatever nature,
which newspaper shall be printed and pub
lished in tbe Congressional District ia and
for which tbey shall be so designated, Pro
vided; That no aach paper to designated shall
become an.official newspaper for the publica
tion of the legal advertising of any County
or District for which it may be so designated,
unless such appointment Bbn.1V be confirmed
by the Senate ; t,nd provided, further, that
not more than one newspapers be so designa
ted Ih any; .sne county; Provided, Tttnt In
any district where a German paper Is pub
lished, and when the number of population
may jnstify it, such German papers may be
designated additionally. i
Sac. 2. Be It further' enacted, That all
newspapers to detigcated shall be the official
newspapers for the County and for tbe Con
gressioual District In and (or .which 'such
newspaper! may be so designated, and In
which all the legal advertising of such Coun
ty and District shall be made, at required by
law; audit shall be the duty, of the editor
or publisher of Buck newspaper, npon tbe
payment of the printer' fee, to file in tbe
Clerk's office of the court having jurisdiction,
bit affidavit, with a printed copy of such ad
vertisement appended, together with his re
ceipt for the payment of the printer's fee, paid
by the party at whose Instance or for whose
benefit sucb advertisement shall have been
made, to be collected at other costs, which
affidavit shall give tbe date of the paper ia
which the advertisement appeared, and be
pjnd and recorded by tbe Clerk 13 tbe legal
evidence of the publication of tbe tame to be
read, or a certified copy thereof, in all court!
Of law and equity ; and aay such publication
made contrary to the provisions of tbit act i
districts where newspapers are so designated,
shall ba null and of no effect.
,Sc. 3. Be it further enacted, That the
compensation to tbe publishers of the news
paper! in thii act be the fame ai now provi
ded by law for similar service : and all laws
and parts of law! In conflict with this act be
and the same are hereby repealed. i
8c. 4. Be it further enacted. That in ease
there it no papr designated in a County,
then and in that case the legal notices shall
te published in the most convenient and
Widely circulated paper by and in taid coun
ty designated by the Governor for tbe publi
cation of legal noticet.
Sic. 5. Bo it further enacted. That this
aet shall take effect thirty days after itt ps-
tnge. ; ' ''.''
f. s. ;richards,
Speaker of the House of Representatives,
Speaker of tbe Senate.
t cvrtify that tli above it a true copy of
tne original now on file In tnr office.
! -. . Senratarv nf Niata
And,' whereas, 'i, William 0. lirownlow:
Governor Of the State ef Tennessee, have
designated Uie following journtlK ,
. Ibe In ion Hag, of Washington county.
The New Era, of Greene county. ,
, The Knoxville Whig, of Knox connty.
The Maryvitle Republican, of Blount
The East Tennesgeean, of Roane county, :
The Athens Republican, of McMinn county
The Republican, of Hamilton county.'
The McMittaville Enterprise, of Warren
coanty. " . '.',''
The Sbelbyville Republican, of Bedford
county. -a
The Freedom's Watchman, of Rutherford
, county. ... ....
The Press and Times, of Davidson eoonty.
Tbe Tennessee Staatt Zeitung, of Davidson
coanty. i
The Memphis Post, of Shelby eonnty.
The Niuse Liet, of Shelby connty.
'And, whereas, the Senate bat confirmed
the foregoing nominations.
Now, therefore, I proclaim that the jonr
nalt herein named, are tho official advertis
ing journals of fti State, and that informa
tion thereof may , b. giren to all tbe officers of
tbe several eountiet In tbe State, I direct
that each of tbo journals bcrein-abuve named
insert this publication three timet.
' Governor of Tennessee.
Lynchburg Piic(TcurS
LEE & T A Vi A
Srsrm, Conawio, K .
Ppric.or, U. S. lul(.mat m "J
, ' "wiiii
11 UriJ Ltncu
'''. IV
lll'T'l'l l ' .' -
.-ill r.iv nil. I,...
con I it .. .... -
mil., .,i
" "
llrt. ...II.
ri.AAHMill i
rsof.V Kr,w'" '"''Vsv""--- -'i'iJ
0 I.M.lt. II u ""
yaki; SUCKS. i..l... -"
I'KAS, pr l.u.l,,
RVk, pur buahel. .". '! IS
pkai,iiks;i.L. .
A I 1 L S2S ito tt-4ll u . ''"'. 4,
T..W Ll.fSEN, .l-ill ... ,1K
H.AX .to .. ,r,j""- JS
(IINSKNllperfd ' J
ii I c-r.r.i ,.SMa
II lil 'It I A K II O HASH SE KO r,.r'vi ' st"l
LKATliWc. l-H-fl
LKA t lit K -I rn.r .... lb -lia
!. LtUTUraUna.l.k' . 4:.
"-----. .". i r ml..,
CURS, old, ww, par bL.. " -11.11
1H, 11,-w .,IY
rmt s m ka L .'..!'.".'."' - i
OATS1"'' Ua" Bl"!'' ' j'J
HI'IIAK lln,... . lo,.
i t'.e. " Hll
lo "i" i,..,...,.,.. ''"" -.-.iiii,
Ilo lVtvA.rhl ....In... ..l. '''."""'.- .1,11
IHUN per It. .-Itna
CliTTliN YARNti ,'rM'Nv'."7i:''rv
Arrt.r BBAsnr-T., p.wri.rr'
mr bta..rtf miuki... ..T4 " ZT,?'
Tin VI.. in., u- 7. , . . Jj 3a! 4
Of th htUtl Stylet and Fasblent. We re
spectfully Invite the Ladles of Joneiborotfgh
and the inrronnding connty to eomt aad see
for IbewMwlvet. They will be sold cheap.
1 i ,.,.
In Clustery Court ' it Taylorsville
v. Z. X 'c' , "Ten o csscc , V " . ', " i
t..L k1t twJ Wlfe.Kmily,. Compi't ti.
, Green Moor aad Gilet Gregory, Ratf'U. ,
IT APPBAUISO from th allegalla.t In
Cotnplainaat's bill that Greta Moor It
on-resident of Ue Stateef Tt.attse, ii It
therefor ordered thtt publiealiea b made
ia th Cniiin Hag, a atwtpaper publiiktd In
Jonesboro, Tenn., for four siccestlv weeks
ootifrini said Greea Xoora to appear at lb
Court Hons in Taylorsville, Tenn., en the
rat Friday after the third Monday In July
neit, al a Chancery Coart then and there to
be held fur the Ceunly of Johnson, in said
State, aad plead, answer or demur to com
plainant's Dill or tbe same will be Uken ai
o a f is ad and o for bearing t parte. j
. Ji.iSSPUU. SMITH, C.J. H. ,
Jpril Jl, ms. .
HWafHwptsIetSJ. '. .'.'
riiii vii'ansier.t win, rAr tiis Jrmnrj;?
K.i.rf h" kiHW lrf tr llr.
Ili4w4.l..4 41 Ifc M 1'e. i". 'lwl.r,
T'n... '.t H'lir.T'B rr .l
!.,', n...t..o..VI..'r BUl.T, WuhMSI"
l-r. , Tmm. .
ur Hi4- UvH I'. .I'. flit ..il.C!-
ne.-'4ii.i , wiaitLia a 'i.At (.ni.i.v,
hi; lr t T.aa.r.. j '
cuAMfAosK wuii'jiTjj.;;
MAILS. Ik.r llma.i
(ilKST.NIJ'KS pr (,u,i,0 ;
r..,., in l.rgU 1UIR
KV1V4 iu. "
RAIIS. Linen (ad Can.,. ""."""'"?"'";-?
MIA P, coautr n.,W..M
u.tif L r. i
IHl. MlklfMI IM.F IT.
C1IKIC.SE, cinintry ni..lKrib!!;.'IZ!Zr jUl
i'.v'. ' l,""'.W l!m, lwi
. ,.,r,v.,i, pm smiob, Hiiro il,.r wrt, x
WK lh undersigned, desire to iDfol
thosa whom it may cposero, Uwl t,
eipect to thresh wheat :lilj eomlo;' mik
with Geiser's Patent Separator, ffe prop.tr
to thresh for five bushels of wheat auitftw
hundred furnishing three hands mil hlr
horses; having in view the benefit of tit
farmer! at well ai nur own. YVl k i
on band, Machine! for tale. 0e Chid file
manufactured by George Miller, snd m
Separnlormanufacturcd by Jobaf). K-akta.
They aro manufactured of goud materiil,
tbtesh fast and do good work If tuH
well. Aay one desiring to purchase, andok
tnin a bargainshould call Imrariliattly.
Room Creek, Washington Coj B. Tcol.'
The undersigned also desires lo iatroiirti
Geiser's Patent Self-regulatieg Onus StM-
ratnr, the latest improved grain thrtibrriti
triple-genred horse power, drirea tiiirri
gear or belt, all furnisliei' rompltlr, or ia
diflerent parts if desired. It has the reputa
tion f being Jjie best tea,iraUir ttwp
dueed and giv.s .gcneml sulisfautsii-ii
threshes well and very fast, and cleans U
grain bf one operation teatty for Jfjrktl
It requires eight horses and about tbe un
number of handrf, tt snrjisst"ulUer srpta
ton in agreableness lo bunds and lairs
at well at in other instances, The ntachiw
ia convtaienlly arrnnged, for hauling tsi
threshing, being permanently filed os In
wheels, lb horse power l wrUai lh tinU
or. It is easily managed, reliable-, duratla,
compact Had easily j)ut In opprMitn-peil
on itt own merits and warranted fi
reasonable defects of material or worin
thip. There are two siwsof rhia patent, St
1 and t. -No. 1 is a smnll machine, sslspue
to the farmer's. twe. ,It is claimed that Ua
machjttf has thresM tad elrtnel SMbni
eli of wheat in a day, consequentlj s '"'
bnslnets ran bt madewlth It. ' Farmer u
have tbit patent iu preference lo anr eu
at too ts they have aa .opportonit; U9
preciat and attest itt merits. .
We also have for sale a Patent Cos
Clover Threshing and Hulling Machine,
Improved machine that hat bees eilaHi'W
and in successful nsa for five jean. V
Agent will see that the machines H f
gcral tatisfactiun to those purcbasiag. "
he will have repair castings on hand.
Bhop price of Machines range from 5-"
to $.'.40 CO. For further iforo)li".
icription of Machine, circulars c., a"
Jonesboro' Washington CoK-W1
Haynesboro, Franklit bt., re
. NOTICE. . w
bidder, on the 1st Mundsy i JM
in the town of Jeaesboroif " J
of John McCorkle, lying tmraectiatey "
rear of tbe. Presbyterian Chares,
oae-tbird down, and the htlanee H
two yeart, With Interetl fre
will al.0 be a lot of household ,,
furniture told at tbt lamt tine tefl
cash In hand, consisting of ehsin, !(j
tapett, bedt and t witty of "
to tediout to mtntiot. ' ' ' , )
1868mav8tdy -1
East Tennessee anilWesy
tfatlnd day of Juntfof
aad Masonry of tW?,!ll V,
Road, extending from Johnson I iwr, r
River' Cove. This divii.o" oM ,rt(a
dudet a Tunnel three h.adrjd
.wo Bridget acroll P R'"r'
lirsbla work. . . 'ut U
Th. profile '1'
at Johnson'! D'pe J" t0 f
tbe right (o reject all bids. ,,,,'
C. A. t-i. . UoS.
CAB aDenot. Test., AP""1'
' - a
" ' AMI
i'i.i.t..io rrnpk. Turn?
milK BOOKS o imj; j W -'
I open and will b! J" ,,.
.'rir.l.n.of Sloe to s CeJ
and' Klndrick't IW .11
Bnb.ciiplin .jiiF n.1 H,,V
.cibing1 u ;t4f,(;i;t Th j
Sl.ck, and a god 'Vnlef'1'1'' j V
MVLLt.NMX. m;1;'1 h'j;
JOi H. ljfc
;rv7vvTVI Jit.

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