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The Union flag. [volume] (Jonesborough, Tenn.) 1865-187?, September 11, 1868, Image 3

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the ijniox i:r;AGl
sboitf, Tciin., Scf 41, 1808.
gurlpoaeril Horn tUief C;.'vtiV'
jlr,:9. .H. Sprtt, '?
to bail itbfi" Smyth: county- Virginia, ''ft at
arretted nbiiT KheuWwn lastSutiOay.by SUerilT
(iritfitb, Coi and posse, on the 6i.plcioii or
hit being ,lVfii thief. ''His conduct,, ytfii-
icltA ''ritt of; I dmla'atloo and
business, ridirnr a (;"' iiorto'anti without
atone, naturally gave ii H; to. tit supposition
thathewai on 'no b.:ri JaMtvJ'9VWn
arraigned ' b'.''I'oro K.'ytt, CiAlinsj and'tlte,'
circiimiStiiiii " fiM': 'Hiii' llminiicion rr
aullcicnt' to cummit liiui to J.it. Wa tinder.
PtKnd that hi left cheek ttnd hmirf bc-nr (lie
murk $f ii . fu'antl, but we hut-, no disposition
to prtsuiuo his' guilt, niiJ hope if he-l
neeeni he' will uoll have the means of esr
tablisblug it,, and At, guilty, that he trjll
metre ih- full msil,aurij 6f fiunisbmeut pre
scribed by the lawi . V
' S'- ; " . ; "'': - ".
rl . .Under Orders. , ' '
Col, Tho'wai II.; Rft'vM, '.KlccUr on the
Democratic ticket, hns receive J order lore
port to. 0. p. Hbwatd, Chief of Freeilmen's
llureau, foir duty. This eo'mp!i the Oolonrr
to deClinh lenleriiig the canvass. will
taka his place we cannot divine, but certainly
not one who will baniWo honest, 'courteous
and candid. ;; - 1 .' i . ''.,., , :
f ;H;.;'ilj;Ht iMKi'HW.' f ; -v
This Corporatiijn ui.llimnse baa (fo'no into
effect, aodonr streets rht of thei'e pestif
erous animals. Ve 'lou t think c bar Bit
unnecessary auuniiavico of iwiaiS.but entirety
too mtuiy tlog, at least, from on to eix bis
longing to eacU family. ' We will hftv no
mora of swine nnlll we breakfast on delicious
fresh haVo and 'sauSage, ' and there trill riot
be ene'iijrh lof Jirivileijcd dogs to make big hit
walking daugejOiis- We " fellers,'1 wilt, sta ,
out " lata of nijibts' and talk, moonshine
and sentimentalism to the fair young iV.t,
need fsiya no feat W prowling, 'blood-ljd'rslji'
Tray. . -v. ": . b. ' '".'..: ' , .; vv- .
P. S.--SltiVe the above wt .put in type,
the Dof hni Mea' repealed.' Our Joy
u lioVt-nVedv-IKd '" youHg, bloods'' are
eeat back fo the tbralldom Of their old feats)
and dangers; The 'Utiles are again unpropt
tious for wanderitig for'til '' ,' 1 ' . ' '
' Whti Ike Bat o'rb llmt b inei', ,Jf f'',?;.
And tfarv uutroablfd uiurt;Ua lv'.M . r a '.
The city Corporation U in the travail of
in soul (if U haj ode), bieetin at l'cakt twice
a day. ' ' ;.'' ' ,." ;,' . " y ,
. t. I. .! i ' -i ii r t' ''' .. , .
Sunday SdlLdpl iriaiebriitio., ' '
There will be ' jtratid Suh'iny School Cl-
;hrtion at old Salent Church on to-morrow.
It iia union.' of aefem! Sclioiili,' ea.'li ihe
being entitled to an oration. I'uis Meeting
was tflVcled "through Mr. David Kills and
Dr.'J. C. Oob'od.ih'd tie hope it Will !c a
happy oqo. ' ,'',,','
t L i' , . .. .' : "' , , v :t v -
. Bovell and Mathos
Th! firm has opened a gnnll stock of
Virucer&j, Drugj Sttitionary; Sc., on Maid
ritreel, oppoiitbe Courthouse Tfieir atbre,
in a short time, will be supplied .with any
riWe iq this line, demanded in this market.
iive tbem tall and yort will fiod there
tjoods nrb 6rst elast and at tow fijiitej
; v i , . ,' .,''' .';.
To lliose Concorne J; ' ' :
tbose who are indebted to us for jubacrlp
tiilb, job-wott and advertising are once qioro
t-lled epott' id. coma up immediately add
titakV payhiedt; bud prevent Us from having
id place your iladutits in tho hands of
ofBcer for cbllefciibn. - Vrit,h somo of you, we
have walttd four IbH j, dreadful years, (end
ing yod b'.tr paper kee!c aiilT week, printed
entirely at otlr twd etpenae. Therefore, we
re In grtal need Of money to prosijro ma
terial necessary td entry bit biit inline je. '
We will take When tho hloh?y "ciihhrtt be
(rotten Won, -iodr, tvbeat, corn, corb-meal,
botter, eggs-, wood, or atij thihg We cat) use
U family. Jtoff, we are giving you a rcry
fair opporthnily to pay bp jollr acebm-b
with at, and bjr takiog the good' d'vnnUgS
of tie ppporimiity we fcave thus, placed bei
fore you, and bringing tis in the country pre
dace or the astion&l currency, you will great
1 Oblige whereas, job. da not, ire UUl
Wvjf. .4 v. :,;-,v , Kr,-V;;
t3 The kind gentleman who left three
b1wl of meal at tie Editor's residence some
wekj past, will please call "at the office and
give his name, so that It inay be duly credited
ourbookj.; d)ont't forjjet.to tall. ',---'
- 1 ' : i - i ,f i -j t . j
'' 'Quarterly J'eot;:. ' '
.the fourth ond last Quarterly Meeting for
tkil .Coofereucti Jaf, in the Mctbodiat b.
Church, in Oiia Station', wilt cdtuineoe ntt
Katurdny.nt It o!mk A. jt., and continue
er the' foPoTii g Suhhath. , On Sunday
toorning, a sermon will be prcacbi d on tin
"Seawrrei-tinn of the hutr.aa body." The S
trameal of the Lord's S-ippej' will also he
dmlnlatered. Ci,ritian. of ali denomina
tion I are eordiai!, iM , ,rt!dnato.
' j'ub'id freak-.".?.
foi. a
EjIi nd p-vi
Elcctori C f V
by the V ;.i
Ceenev-.:!.', t.
ir-n l!;1J f, . .
a the griit p
l the foil..-,
it at
a .
' !' '!.'!- . ,v. - -r
i ,,';.',; .'
'"'ld I i. ifrti, WrdnJr, ! I.
Lawrnir ' (,, i ,., y .n
nfaJo (.,.!,.. i ;, '-f ,,. , - ,.
tplr Si r- t ..,!;. '...
Hwe"X I..,...,, ',. ;,,-.,, ti'ii..r
i.t-.i..,, ., ,',: . . ; "
- Hr M'. .' ,.' :' .. ...... '
'.dajr 30.
Bfa.e.at 1
I . ii.
What i thia Mnrvolous Aatidpleto
, , ! . JDiseatto-; V '' "' ;, ,: '
'Wbii'li, j lir twenty years, ''ha? (m;i'ii W in
ning "gi)l.i',i. Dpinliiiia limu all aorta of peo'
pie" under t(io' uauq of Hoatcttr' j.ouJh
liittert? ; , , ' ,. !v..'. ' v;-
It, is an infusion tij the moat excellent
tonic, nuti-bilious, (corbutio and alterative
beriH, roots aad harka rn the pu.'incd pint.
uouJ tssenenr.e of Kve. '";' v
i, i , HOW -Jit Ol'ERATU?' ,.. '..
aim queatioo. nuiy . be oruuy auswerta as
follows;., It operates.'' i, , :- . ,
As a Powerful InvipOrant. - B , , ,
As a Preventative f Kevers. ,r, ; ,. '
. .'A a Qenial Utoniaobic,.,', .,.'."'". ;.',t
j As an Aoti-f puroudiot. ;, j . d '.
At a ReiiUe Purf;irtve., 'i;,.",, 'It .-i
' As ft Pronioior of Apfietlte. ',
A Cure fur Indigestion, v, ,,v'. - 'j
; 'As atf AccliiiintinR iVediiiiiie".."', , M
' As a hhtvKH' ttlnt. .Malaria, y,.
'. -As A fieaiedy for Low Spirits.'.
Aa a Specitia fop Kever and Agim .
Aa a Cordtiil for tiie Aged-.;
,. At nn Antidote fer Sea isicknc8,ai
' As an Anodyne for tbe SleeyluSs;
n vvnoiesiue siimmant. , j , , rV i,
',, At Balm for the-Weary Bral'th ' , " -','
. As a Relief in Eodily Angnif li,)', - ' , . ,
' And a a i'roteciion to Health anj life link
dcr all deproiislng and devitalising diiences.
Uostrt'.er's iStomach Bitters ii tlie only
tonle in existence, based upon a' spirituous
medicine, that ia Absolutely I'uro., '
' A Dictionary of tho Bible: .'
Comprising its Antiquities, Biography, (Jeog.
raphy and "tural llidtory with uumeront
laastrationa and Mapa. Kdited b-r Widinm
,, niltb; 'hi. Puili.hed by tlio" Kattonal
lubliahlng Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. ..
No book lias been i&iusd from ihe Ameri
can Press for a long time that deserves so
universal a circitlati.B us this. llible Dic
tionaries have been prepared (n former year;
some were meager and Imperfect, and all
have been outgrown. Oalmet't was surpass
ed by Kitto'sf Kittos, ana indeed all others,
have bien fur outrivaled, by thia tf Dr.
Smith, of the London fjnlveisity.'and H19
the most eminent Lexicographer of the En
glish speaking frorld, ','"'. '
Hnring finished this great work, Dri S.tlien
prepSred a condensed edition (the work be
ing In three massive octavo volumes, was too
large and costly for the pnblio generally)
wbioh Should include all that re bestadnp'ed
to the needs ef Christian families and Sab
bath. School Teachers.! '..This ; is the Work
now republished in thia country, whose title
we baro (flven. end we do not hesitate to euv
tttat It should go into every dwelling where
tlier'e is any desire to fi"ud aud study the
Bible intelligently and with profit.' - Every
person connected with a- Sabbath School ei
ther a teacher or'paipil, and eVSi-y- parent
should, by alt, means, avail thenlselvca of
tb If) ihcoiiitiarabie help. .; ' ".''',),"' "
' ThU editiutl is in tba . largest style of t&'S
art, largely illustrated with elegant Wood and
steel engravings and maps, brinted in clear
Mid beautiful type; and "in ;very respbet' iS
hannonv With the high charnctcV and vnluo
f lbs wprkl No House supnsses this miter
prising publishing firm in the artistic finish
and elegance, of. their books. : 'And in tbe is
sue oi thii, they b ive spared paint Dor
ejpeuse. It has several special and essen
tint merits beyond heKnglisa' edition and es
pecially oiter aej other reprint la this conn
tryv It eoijtiiui( U the uiattw-of tho lar
gest edition, except numerous disquisitions
and erltienf notes on original Jletirew .and
Greek Mrois, whith are of bo prnttical value
to tbe general Knglish student, add consider
ably more thaii twice tlio reading Bia.tU.-r of
the smaller book. With all its elegance and
embellishments. It Is the c'oeapesl edition.
. It ii having a iarg'sj and rapid sale; as liottt
tnt bt straightened means can induce any
wise parent or faithf.il teachvr to deciue tbe
offer of an auxiliary fur the undersUri'ding
Of tbt Scrlpturea. .' " ...
,y.ff ..TKrfTiJidtAj;; ; i : ,': 'v,
' take pleasure in commending Smith's
Dictionary of tlrt P.jl.ie to every reader, and
student 0 the.word of fiod. It is a compen
dium of knowledge of the Bible and biblical
characters; atici siicjuld be found iu every
house. .' , ., .( :' .
: ....Jtigs G. Utsotv, ,
- . . i,-, potior 0 the I'nshyttrian t6Vc.
WILLIASi F. PAYN'fc, Agmt,'. . . ,
' j "i h . doneBboro', Tetn. ..
, ltev. D. F. Rohodu, Sub-A'srcht, ' V ..
, .Broylesville, Tenn. ., " ;
, tT. T; YOUNG & SC JTr ' '
tUti "bpentd a new and splendid Stack of
: GOOjD.y V;.
AT 1
LiriESTOre Dfepftft
IVashinoioh County, Tm. 1
Oca roods frEKK ptrficttAsicb r'bn
Cash in tbe city of Philadelphia when
the market wag at its lowest ebb.
Our stjock consists ef every variety of goids
Bsuully kept In a country aiore, im ludint;
;'o-n.oo xsxxx rso,''
,'; .."uakdivaw:, parts, 4c.;- ;;
WTiieb we w'lll sell low for tiish or country
produce. , .,..'. ; ,
Wv especially invite the attention of the
ladies to onr vcrr dc'irnhltr and beautiful
It will five ui iiiiu-'i 'ii-Muri! to eibihit one
Cao.1'.. V'e pteifyj .niw-slves to sett goods as
low ai i.milur goods r.111 he b.mglit i the
County.- We very r 'pecifully iuvite alt to
give us tall and examine ear goods. ,' '
Our motto is i ' P , j ' , "
Short ftojUti ami Qui:!; oaks. . '
'lflGHjislyll wj.
-'TtnT T1 . I r r - r r . r
ittili tiJ.l UiH1i.i.. J ,,
.''.-.. . ,ini ; ,;
co:.n.nr-.:io ; : ;;e:ic :. i Arrrs.
. .. . . I'i.i'..: -'-.'.;'.':. V A.
hev -nBl o band lr e l.t-4
'i'i o: I N'
" v ' V,'! -v, j,,-, ! I',,,-,,,
A -ill n V!i-! '.f i ' ' M " i
M.-rl ,- t- r - ' " ' ' '"' ' i:
..i- .1 I '.'l J ivJ V. I "I i i '
. r -I rr i
:...i. I, or
co:i:!!.:..::ji kvanu-
i; i " i 1 t.-j 0-1 1
.,'',', ;i)Wt. r;..
'.. ", Va
i!. ".
d.'i.t.' '
EMPIRE 1 LAUNDRY liLUK, MmhHHmami -Lr,'''tf rVbur7J
..':.,. Z ;. ' : . ... , ' '" "-,vu ". wfir"-:." . ' .... "v.'iA . (.u ,i,uB,,t .i,h, v. 5 -J i
-. mi vM not biuret, !.. .).,.. hiW I N li VI M,t I'J -.'((.' ML s.5. ....- it?.'."-r.'tfrtrf J 0 AKCNCHlisJ NOItl H CAROLINA
ror olreiigth, CpiivtttiHirico atid jcoifc
omy, it, aurpnn8r! t'het licst JmJitjo.
V t In I W'd a4 Dr. (urn. PmaiirMt Vj 7 V
,' '''., ; i c'tiwE co., t-i" .':
'". W VUlusti,a Strmil, N. If.
:vu AvITt It S -' ' ':.-': i
If i
F I n Si T P ii E M I U p I A HO $
Witli It'wi , Ft'anirj, dyefstrnn' Baarf,
V.-'v and Agcaflo Cilijfl,.
f WAUJtJLXTEU FQ&Sti' fok&S.
vni.ANS, of niit DrM ria, malrnM, .(( 7, ,,t prirt fnr
tb, r, oo.-llllli cjfU and the lllar: in flu.iitMy hi
ntlnwatn, r reni, and emit noner nviilwl II (aih
tlf' v''''Miwid kMtramunti' at 'nival bntalrt.
Illu.trat,.acial,.Ku.. ini)..,i..;(.)fP. i',,.r, ,h
or tti tit, t,imj ),;,, niii.JtokT " lla.vr.iii.f
tcaora-,'' runt "Mkw h, it. IIkm,." J pniili.li. )
'- . ' '..'). ,,KAt!l,;'A,fKlW W, V
Ware-ivoom 181 roadway, X. V,:,.,
'w. .f '.tK8tlM0t.Vt.S !'-y '.:
... Tlir Wit. rt 1'iannK nr known k among the' nary'
BKr. At, r. KmMf. . ' ' ;
Wecau ni.Kilt ,.l ;l, a.erihi 'r.r the Watera 1'iatina
rrom ucraonnl niwllm m knilia oltlw very l.d
rjaahly.ciri'Jraa (,,.,,,. ,.. , .... . ,.
VV(i Intra imio g mi. w pnnnl now In Bur fc-V-(il,ri,
(l,cra it liiui ali lor vr,).r WIH. I', y
laaaufnclnri-r in tin, vi'r.rM niilfht wall b nrvad Wa
havoiUwnyt li.a'u ullKhll with ila. 4 w.nt toiiM
and tJinrvrfut liutrunwnl, and irxirr. ta noil.aibl. i.f Ira
daiabtltty ; ,ur,. y,;ul ,!,! ,, of clla) ,HMM,f
playern In ho ily. nll neviital celvbrnua piau.
ola, hara jjurl'uniMt on Ilia Haid liiano, . and all r.i
iiama-o It a watri and tin: clruia Itntrnnii nl.
Slrotigt-r indnritu..it tn. could Hut t'lvc ihmr Jour.
"I. I'j;. , .v, , ., . ..... t .'. i, ... i. j,' ...... ,
,' ,. '' lea lllmher Mtivot, if. f.
" ""Oscnw" mi:n mmi (MX
MotllaetUrd anlntyby lhi:(I.Mt'AvlH Iti ldKort,
Conn., alnlor L.-H. n Patent of Hir. Uiiit'ul Slaii.'..
'riaiw currrn at .if airient rirervri-ieanilrlnlli,
"i'! lUK?t'' Jt'!ll'ttVi..,'A",,wriiMtKfSU-liH,'
'J'liey are itnirilifd In a superior manner aa jiaiaf ey.
anii-ncrijirlfm whloli ia o f;,il i Uiidannd Animala'
-lmH)j iti M.ir c.ia.'n,t-riou. ' Tkejt re V-rtain
l'riir. Kird fancier will appriwlnte' tlienu points of
excellenu'i, to be found in uo: otlier Cnt;... I'l.i.y ru
ueivnit lira hi'he.t premiums at lm Aaicr iran Institnlit
ami New York rttnto. Kairn of 18i,'f.' ' , "
tauiloa: Alt tun' Cwrv kr. Klatnped with ear
nauittupon th.-m. S'eud tr tMruuInr and lMce J.i..t .
. OKulMiK W. ItitTON, (ia.tari.V4 Aoaar, ""
WaasilaxwM.H.r.iViCu. '
y-- WORKS, " ;
Printing Inks of. "cycry (ieHplion
' " ' and alwavs reltabftj at ' "
117 Maiden Lane, New ark.
,1. W. HIlliW.N k W). arecoii'triully nianuliu iin ii,
ald li'tre alweyon lru.nrl, very variety uf PUINT
I.NC INK, rmm tie. linen ntnek to New Ink, which
ttry )nrrnri I rual i any ever nianufuetured, ami at
Ha low prices as can be ol,i by anV regular iiutnufar
tarof. ift.M- forrrurded hy ic.-ainh.f wet riiilroe.it
tuny parr, ot IIh-coantry. by addrilng aa alruve. ''
' ' httniii bent H teqiKntotU , ,'.-'.-'
fwrvwlier.., mule and f. iule, to Introduce t!KS'
V I N V. I M f K n V K 0 1 '0 . Jl i ) X j K S r K 10 A .MILK: K VS'
IN'ti M.vr lll.NK. Thin oraidiiiw) will tltcli, hem, fell,
took, qitilr, i''irj, biml, braid ami eralirol,.ir in a nent
npeil..r'raaniir: .Iriee nr Sla.., i'ully ,.inmred
r lire j.-.rr.. W e ,iiy limo t..r arrv machine that,
will new a trocner, n.ro leiaiitlliil or more alnstl'a
earn than oirnr. It liiakea the "KlwtU leK'k Btitch."
Every ii,t,.. rlileh r,i0 bj. ,, and mill tho
cloth cannot epul..d a. li t without t.wrinir. ii. V. t
gtvo Ab.'hh (n.iy f;.-, t,i ,,er rhroilli and c.iienc".
era etirfflMt..h.rr.tin M'tthh twice that amount ran he
tnad.v A.lilrn. SKtVMtl t'H., 1'tM.bttrg, ' H.,
A OACTina '.Ilo not 6,, Iniponed apon it oilier wrtie
palininrr otT -..i-l,l,.. , t Iron ui.u liii., meter ll'.e
amename-nrotherwiiie. Ilun Is the ei( c nuiho aud
feefjy practlrai rlieaii uiru.'hrim araimfactar.... ,: k
' Fine Jowclvy and Silver Waro.. , '.
Benedict Erds'-New Etoi'e
-; '.?a. tllroA!lwAv. N'rit- Yoii'k'.. n , j
t . IVtWeen Ajirrr and tVrutir Hra-.' 7 v
- jtENEiitirr nBoiCiTt ijawiw
. Keepers of the H, Y. City Time.
Sole AyrM f.tr IU Jfrmonliur. 'I'uf't Clitktt
'alii AJull fnr t'hetijttiratfi American 'r
, '' '. ' ll'ALfliAM WAlVllVSi : ' '
' ' ' ... . j .'.',. . .'.'.'. ; '
fihftrflrl if iTreiifA Wnlrlft of fie moil cult
..' '' .' Iraki Ma.ir. .w ,
Alt if tlir W nc W ARHAyTKH t'ntl rev
'offer them h thr hMic tit tin .OU'i'ST Tain.
, Addrcae . BllNKDIC'r II ItelTfl X US iiM.ern,'
I,!ll BaoA1nv.1v', New York.
'3 - . IVti-riritteil i.'kt-XTf'ilrti V '"
.tatent CyoJoid Piano- Fortes
Wvn- ftVaft. ttf. nr '.r of tit Amimn
pi, t&fHr&r-Hf ntJ ljt.-liis , - , '
Vtriici the Jty of Fair tk? Jmri
... 1 '' ImtitHlr.. ,
Trwrfor, ('niii.l.r.'.i; thr- (MrrJf iMhl tajtrt-1 tft
lnTotKti, q, tit remit wiiich i'itit frtu It. ti
wit, the priv-ittf thn ttf nil the 1'1iwmU urfcu li ato
form is p,riroi i'muo, wt si-ianv H. r f ct kiu
w'IAKO, pAtHBK'l I'hI niHtlllW t ttrtui TIV I,ilitilli;li at
N')ii of ,t' V-rk, MW4f wnihh 4 U10 Fiit Vtruu.
inn t un- ir-Ki rtui(Mit l'XliiiifkaMt 1U tho ft';t-b
'jir (' tit A.Mri n ltiinir.n '
SimiiiU t.'nitliii.itii.tlti fta w-t4" tltwh nnrS frt
tritn.-Mf. at !- vmIv IVlMt.f VI M It It; AN, ImHAIl
K A .V-IAH, anti wJi-nvtr rhov Wb kbibtU-d 1m
i-tiniftttiuii, t . . . ,
Ut'ud the Opinions of (Ircnf A ri;i ht.
flntt-'tulk. the rintrHvJ Planl(. .iiV : "It 1 thr
finrtt iixmeitl nf tbii Mtnirt- rl tint I (mv.. r-r
(rtfrt. Th tbC'WN rnit rich iJ -ilf'lt tlt:t if
ttraiut Hlnn. I hr tlfil Um i VuiiLt H t. Jit.4
I'Uno ft.r -.iiiti f d-hrttr and af airmijiih, u
tma at.T-1 I lis (-( vy fi.''
ih ftiHwwinj iwni Ar)t coucnr J tfa !.
Jlm N, PiVNoa i"jr, Aii'. lntfB. A. lMtl ,H, Alftw'l
A. V i'i 1 in AJ.".ti, DuUiiV Mirfkoi, liawy Nmi-
stsTH-.il, W(a. h. Ui-T"i, Crmriva Fr"lX ,
kiin, Tlno. 4iiiiLjJ, (.ui Vv.M.,r,,"t.u 1 '
Xo, 2 Lerv I'laico. Jjict krr Street,
Willi ' ..
"WILOKR'.S r ATI 'NT ' '
i ns. t. v nr.: i n,.y .tru
IN IHi. v.. . lCu. ,
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fill Hottt.ti .mil- Kii1cIii1'm in till ;ttjr.
Kvim v niArliiito ir wurrnl-'ii h fhy l.'uiiriiHUVi or Ilk.
An'nt'',rt- ulviMiitiir-i sntit.fnciinii, ; '
l'iieulttrw with full imKiinItU" litnl mmil" nf work
ilniiw.iH this MacJiliM', ojhi Ik- UaU 'U ujiHtatiou at, Mi?
ftt..thWKiofitf tlw Compiiuy, " ,' - J , ' ' '
S . ,W. Jui'; -Eluvonilvnnd Cliostnu StB.,
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Mm iLWii4iiy rtttnUuUitly tualt jnr-liiwr, ; , .
Agents Wanted. -:
1 H'- " . firi:i'J! f.-t.VuK, rri11.'fi I,--'
1 H''rT,;siuu., Tiiiiui,tfv. . - t ' ' ; f
rT. W AST Kinf iMnie. A.rna to io- life KKW
'.'i t"V $iu e1!). $.'s mi and l(Nr ral, ae.ainlinji ilr hryle
and. liUl.-h'..- Kittruurdlnary tirdutctneiUa' plfcrvd to
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erltl for etrvalar ana aoniple ot sown,?.
Addreaia . a- M. ah tlKAKil i't . -v
, . . ' ' ' K rVeoud,-it..M.iiiililii, TeHii.
t.p.W.W.e,.., , ' , I . .;
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Loav'6 off Sin )kin and (Hiv'win U'i6
j ' "lobOn'ouH W cod, .tobacco .
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4jtmj th hypHit) tut ioImws-o.Iu any init.ii, uu
iimttt-r 1hw VintiiK -lio h.dit nuvy b.' u. ) tihrit m
iinff CMi (Ac wsimj mtl he njitiuttii., it U hLiijimI Us)p'M
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j.tiToifl rf tint will. ;i.ni''t)i'.KH ii' ftMrtfl iu Htir4
nainrc in Avvrcoixliig hariit m flrtnly rtniUnl wiiM
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triiilt. 1) until Imv it wlio ar M'illintr tu
W'Lr Wiltlffiln tH filet llmt '(IHTfN'ri lUtAl(.Vl 10
rtniplfti'ly tl'Ktrovi thv np'ttr InlmiTutml It-atvi
the HrMi mm fr?e j'rvM v tt'ire fnr it a brjwt k
tntitvM i h. it i ftrfi ctlji ' W kurmh-tn tu aM ew.
The 1'rvjiruutntti cts iliri-vltv1 m.mmi tht smiiiv iImimU
nmi nffn'thni frt'cctM N-l :. ami thrmtjeh I
Ufwtt tit" I'li'Mil, tU-rtwojklit t-l'iiiusillH tli Ihkifoil Hi" 4o
IruCl'U frIH.tlit. sy.r.11.1, ilinl tVitlrf ujti(iiig tilt (iififMirt'.lf
Mttihtl Itr I'-l iuvii. v.
' Xo,mr-: llmiiitfj fur T'WM if'-r .ti.'; ''"fi'8 ,
C. Vrtyirutw .' lirtviU- ij ' Ii fniii.tfii,' ,
Tttf Miiw1iii irv a l.-w c -it-vtfil ihibi the, imtttUli
hX iVooiiiiMOinlntioiiH 'n uiir i'o.s.a-wion :
r 1 Fiv.ro -W. 1. li.i,M, tsii., ft:mKort Mo. .' -'
, I.Wi'i;, Aii., April tit :H,
' I ht'nhy certify tlmt i h.iv.i uf.'tl ttiun-u tor tUiily
Jt'HVH I'it-t- Ultl fur thr IiiHt fU'lifli yt'MH I llHVfl MrHit
tli 6llU MT m'tll'ft'. I llilfr' HIRiIt' Hit.'niit to
ifiivcort :rt tiliiv-rt nt liiM-'i1 1 buff-. Mi fli 01m vnai
is. mm-, tmt h!w;iV! i-mttiuit'ii t Imitk-T a tier tt until
nsil Orl'inV I'n'(Ait iiHi; wh it'll hi t'niul Mtcv ftlfci)
m"'wC th apiH'tit' l)tr ti.l'utttit, 1 wttiiiii iv.vmnifiiii
All wUHrev'U"Tt'ti with tlihi tmUld )IH r. u r thrf
I'himrntlvii, whkii will cortttiuty vrt If litrf Jiico
titta an- MluwrMf. .M ' W. . HK.U,A '
KruaK W. A.Ui.in-, Knxvlll.-, T'-nn J
IV-MtN i lil.tt, (vii n.. A" f- . I ' v ' ,'
Th.rf la ! 'rtirir thitt t LimI ii
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wtivnt Hint my hf:iitii di.t.i !.- .
tlfl.i lirV wlMlr KVIt'llI ll-TillltJ'-ii .1!,
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lii)U, xli! Urtfi u-it'ji,' ii i i(.(i'l ;!i
lirii. I IMV". 11 t 'vnj iiny U.i.iK.'i
litt-'"'' itirf ii-ti.' iti ii'.-i';it'.i.( -,
a)l that it I- l-i'i.Li.n. Jtit.'. .it..l i- v
Ult-ll tltjt III,. (J-H Hi tMl.rllV.'l Ml
tu'n I'l'-i' iTisi ii'i..
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l tiiharrn fiif tri;hS
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)ii ynirn; lmv trv many tlm.n f i.-nva off, but
liurit auriVretl ntm-h imw !ihiiT- iti nay ln4 him
ttitawtual Miy fttitWHtrii jhut I Uao n.i'ii Kinn o
lli.i irml, A "hrtlt hiatf Hitr a ttl4jil IMlh'tt t to
trv OrU'. rri-partiilijii (ilt TnitL I hv iMsv u
hntl tUtj fti.-fly curMlt 1 In lW J-'f.
tiHiskt-r alti-r liHf(., Lil.r Iu ntlt . nr rl'U rrl tT
lt..Kun ii ta- Pr.r.r.iri n. Jut S MoltKIJ.L.
t-13" iliri"ial' (Vldn'at l-a-IHLIrll.U Tti'it llaillitfal iM-f
tr.X, fttrwiri'il In atlV. at Hi tin' fiMiitliy, pei?ti;iiiL
i rtrt'tpt if jo K". 4"4W n'tti hy mm! .'r n-k I
Atliiri-. f. It. LnfTlifc. riuiil.-iir. Ra.i 1 .7 Ia ' I'mt.
ItKKF.iiK'itu :-Wa thi nmirni)i:tM'ls liri liaj n r
im? i ;t I leu Uin.' ft ith 4J. H. 'ti'hrstj. aiui f'iti;4 Umt
ta nIihk4 rt;tl r U.'ulliiif ni.tri, amJ i llvv Nint''-m-nr
Uimiiv uf tli" v-fsfl'tfi't f rt tii'iii-. II.
Ui.hiiftM.n. K., ;,.t. . S. i,r-rk 1. H. i;..will,
IVirthu'rl, Mjiin... Ui;i-. K". .M.TrHI,Ui..l..f"rl, Main-;"
K II. B'-Ylr, An'V,. IWtiiM, .Um.-'. Ai-.ni H.tniar.1,
fc-j., lt;m.rr, M-iirw; U m. K Mvit-t. Vftt JUiwill.i,
M -.; Mt 'Jn'uhy, St. .it Itii i. M.J. ,
it Fs(. A. DKITZ.- T1IK' (iUKAt
i.MHiid tr-'u a ilrawiiilr' l.t thw lival rViil U -at (u
tHu vtrt4. . - - t
A Curious Bnnk i- '-.
A M.-MliritllT Illa-trated O.a.lt. wo-il. a tlnaiannd
toll-tre, a--,l fro- on r.s...l of fifty rV,il. I,v Ad.
Jr,to::, .hHI N I AN lUJltnaii,, to clial
1'U.e, .New -t.a-k 'H . . i .
KSTARf.HAfin IX ia,'.7
i ', ft'. . k. euvii, ft irria, A;
T. K. IXlKK. Itrarvelt 1(lie, t.antvnre, Wanias
W't- rv:iT.- n ra('.- Vt- i;i.r ftea ntf.-r.-4
fr -ali' in llliftitt i, Ni nnt-ln, Ik 4j!-a- n-i Mi
tiitl, ftttlirvilH- f.Wl 1 fillH,i( laniw, iirfltty itiirl
altit-,. Ii nit;t(tt-t ii'tft'l-t-rt. ii-r -f t(
t't' H1 tflav,. iWnt-, Hm-iii'T rind rt" ' a'ltrr-Kali tu
fr InriirtM'V)'. luU rl-MM-4 :u4 4 (u i ti
a irf th r-tvf iaif iN"ft Wiia. Vl t w, hk
lUBtpi k tlK frt4.ni Kit" y..,.l. f)tlr.
Nmiii frith r., &iiK Nn.
Tim VU'Ul'.'ttn Chi otim, , -
-, AIJ2PJCAN rnun, v .
... . tUK -4 lay . ' '
1 rlO.rtrVrt, fnltl4nr, M rke! .'t, Pfilt!
" V O O D EN VV AT E R P I i
. . . f;.s i-ii'.-:, '
UK bi;si' .v.Mi cjii'.Ai'ivsi'.u:.'
li.-UtTerta,i,.. VviTioil'. L.aritnita.ry I'ai-jo-
mi t Mlnuta, atlid, fol a lt"e .(-.-nt'ii' l'-t ao4
inaiar W , i J. A. wuil AHri.
' ' WiliinVHm,
T!i'.'"i'i::i, Fvii"r:::i'ic, l'nii. ' ten 1
p. SI
i lauiLONS in mi: nit j..'.-;
' lit jaj-ty an-1 nv'ln.li t T-h "!.-. A U-i.
J, A. C'.',ii't It, . :iiU-ri', f ta i, pi,
.). A.srAFi'onn.
' i
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iprar"" - ; r-1
i t..l tl .
aviv; i
VtJO a set of ifi
an.l tt:i livLtnt j'l'iim men, is ) r
,1 to dn I'liiniinK In ail i! larielie?. n i'ti
aine.a and d'l pii!-tl. and on tlio mutl li
ii I'-rmi. A'l irt-ai at aiiutt. ,
) .')' "tt
;;v. c. i. i
miner al',
. iiA.vr;:!.
'I t, r.-i.
unit b
.n of '.it
1: I '
V ..'3. aJO'i
.1 1.
for pi'l!'
1 fur c
nv '
k ll '
l I.
1 cno
i t M.1TI0NA L'VtCTf
100 l)D.0CTAVO.
in"ri . s.Tsaaavnrss.
f " , THALEPItlCt' TfJ.
t '. nTm itur 'a. '-t L't"Tt
H),0C0 t'orla and Meanlnx not inijier liclinnrev
A 'nrf wtiy tl awry IrrttUltent family, 'tiulent,
teacher anil ijral'.msloriiil man. vvhat Library ia tairn-
jilete wllltoirt the beHt Knflish Dirtloriaryl'.- " , '
"tajf-rroi in r,n)i.t reaeecr,,, to ariy ottu-t Kndliab
lle.ll.ili riy kaown. to rno." IIOX. lr,4i. P. ft AftoH , . ?
"TlieKiv vv Kiiai tu hi eitiuM-4t la p.rf.'rt ii
iHitali''a nod defii' etiitiM.tlon II l.Hiee. notliinir to'
Ik iIc.hIii:i. J, H. rt.tiiaosn, LI.. fni-Mei Ta
aar (Joll.-ro., .i ' ' - . . 1
.u All yonarr fiaraOBH ationtd have setanrlawl Ilictron'
nry ar tliair elbnva. AiUl while yoa are itliour It nrr
TftauraaTl Hail' Irirlllaiiuy ia Noaa V KiriiTrsa'a-rJien
prti.tr aarrtv f nufe-A.if. It you u,re lorr wour, aavn tha
aatounl frnur oil your bru'i; to nut into ynirr 1iead."
. - 1 1 ' Ffto-iinlii'K,, ir.ani'if. .
t'nMiaUell by n. k C. M Kit 111 AM sanuafivM, Maas
; -I. Sold by alt Bookseller. . y .
also, jtwt, rcrtt,in Ei," ;
:mitm luinvn . ncjoniai wiwi.'
i" fh w-trk 1 rwtlly a pm of a Jti-H'itmry, .hit thn,
tlllllK lul" niilii'lt).V.l''MT4fttlt &lHUll.HUtt' MnUthitf.
Secure allome in IietJoIiieii Sltitc.
HI." iiUttlUXirUJ ilLU'ou'iliu.t
v of califokxia:-
' Iacoriornie(J tinrlor liip inwji of the Statn,
Kocembur OtHb, 187, Tor the puiposu of nio-
viatatf ' :v :' . .; ; ;' .''. ; ' ; -. . ,
' Homes for its I'lenibcrs, ;. ,
and promoting imiraiiat i . , " J " .
CArnUjh sTocii: -t' - 'si,ooo;o6o.'
DiviJt-rl into 4oQ,000 Shariis at' $ f each, py
alilc in V. SfC'iirrrhry." . .
i (.'t-rtilicalfs nf iStor k iwueil Ui ulii'riber-4
minciiinU'ly upnn rcfeipt of tl: muiii-y. v
A'o lr&oh Allmretf t? JIM more than
. , - i.'1' or . .. ...... ' I
i"V.: .i-.i.. .. e.'.n'.r' '.-il.!. e
JV yircatirtr vuntaiuiirjr n rrrir ufvr)niuii tat
rn property in n aisiritniicn ninony; lae
dliareboMers will' bp siit tn.uny arlJrrss uppn
'rrceipt ? ntntiips til bare ri-tiirii ptiiitiiL'e.'
Infurniali'.in a tr price of lanil in uny par-,
tion of the Stale, r upon any oilier subject
of interest tu pnrtfts proposing tr, liiiiirrata,
tvtll uo ohi-.i-rlully ItirniflliecL upon reouipt utv
stam;ia ror postajri". . . . ; ' j.
All lftu-rs slioiilil b nililri'BSftl : ',
SmbutsUt IsiinuANT llttmewgAD AasonaTio.t,
, ,,';t :. V I'ont.Omse Bo No. 85; ' "
C8aug2nuioi'i .' i ,.Kaa l'rancisr'O, Calituruia.
, JOHXSOVfc', DKI'tlT, TKiN'X... -
; 24, ania.; , ,'(...... I-'. .;.', ,
Primary lieparlineut, ; . - ...' - ;' - !f " 00
Pri'pnratniT, " - ,.. " '-. II Ot)
aVradpiuk-, "''." ' , -. t . -" . ' ,-.,--15 0')
Music,- ''' "!.'';.,.. '.;'.' ,. a. "'.': W 0')
liu-iilenttil Fee, a-'.., J - . ' 51)
. . No detlnctioiis for volnnlary -absence.
, Half 11) tu,itino to bo paid at tin mijjlt1',
the bitlAtw-t al tlie ttloae wf tlie Sd5iiou ,
Hoard ia g ioit . liuniliet on reaaonable
terms. .,' '- .- , ' -' -' ' -
'fho.'e vi.-liing to board themselves curt be
at-romtiioilnieii., . ; ".' ' j. ! ' . , '
Competent i. Mala and Female Assistants
will be einplovett. " ' ' - " '
. Uev.X. B.'Pl:X.C.: Vmrfjiri';..'
i I8fl8july3ttf '.... ".. ...
In MnntTry tit 'Elizabcllildii;
WM. liOVt'KltS, 'i ADM'R Or" VOfa.
UoWers, dee'U, vs. his vidov', heirs
at btw attti distributees. It appeariHg' from
tlx alla'Kittions itf the bill that dt-femtHnts,
to-wit, tbe chililren and beirt at law of Hen
ry Ifowera, dec d, the number and mimes of
wUonr are inikinou ti t C'ompt. A'inihxiB Vuve
anl bis wife Klissa, the children and beirs at
lrfw ef Jonathan II. iiowt-rs, dec'-d, tear in
number, but lni.- unoiea are niiknoa-a to
Cuupt.Joaa.pii I'.itloa, and lit j .mile I.eviert, k
una Avialiaut . I'.oacri, alt of tvhtna reairin
ia the ritnia af Mis.nari, ami Lrnanni lluiv
ts, alio reaiilen in tbe flute of Arkanan-t,
me noa-rraideots of lite ritrrte of Tenneaaee.
tc it there lore o.rdereif that publication be
Hiailo natifyifljr said defenjarittf to appear lie
fnr tba Chancery Ctiiirt at Klir.uhi thton, Cr
larrOouoly, Tenn., on the i Monday In Nep
teaalaer, I flirt, and make dWrnc to sniil bill,
avr live tauie tvill be tnkea- for couicu'd ami
art for bearing expnrte a to them. Thia l'db
Aarrust. . II, C. SMITH. C. h ,M.-
tSroiuoittr lpt: By I'. Sairn, 1. 0. 4 U.
l j Uavii pt al. Iu thin araaae it it alledfretl f
by the eoaiplatnnul (lint feavondeuta Nathan
Urynnt aad hit a-lfe Sait Krrant and ?-i-lin
and (ieorire Davia, are niii-rrsiJ'":u trf
lbi rilattr. It ia ardVred lliat id rcndints
be A.HitVtl by tmblfration t. nrenr nt the .
nut term ut tur t.n tncery t'nit, to be held
nt Kliaahelhtou, (,'arler ' j-jTrty.- lun., OB
Ibe Sd jlonday in Ser";t.frep, V-HJS, mid tuaks
defence to aid tjl'l. the samo w iil ha la
ken luf cnTilc.,ed and net fr.r heiirjrit.. exparte.
Antrum Ii' -, lr,s. II. C. .SMITH, C. A M.
rfaitgl' .,pf:. Hy 3. IV Hmitii, I). C, k M.
Y'.1. IIAJII'TD.N, KXIX'UTDIl, L'., Vki.
t Jr . fc'i,r4h fitmpbell et al. It appear
!if IrriiD the allrr-Aliom of the bill that dt
(rndar.m A. J. Shu tl and Jamea H ut and his
wife M.iry L-, are n.m-reaidi'HN of tlj i-lnM
of Teaneeaee. , It l tbr-relo.-e urdnre.1 Ihnl
publication br ttirtde, notiyiti tnid lir-fraa.
anta to appear before the ilhaneery Court at
Kli.iatietl.ti,!,, on the 3d Monday iu fieptem
her, ) Jo)' noil pi-! autuir or di i.ntr to -mid
bill, or Ibe aarne will hit takaa aa conteaaed
aud it f.tr I. taring epri. A";. Id, Hl.
. . If. C. .Mi'itl, 0. 4 M.
fifancilatprT) Ttr .1 P. HinH. I). .'. k M.
U Chancery i:t Jancsbora'r'
; ami v v.jt rim.ip
al. I:i tina rue It it al
tVii.:.t'ii., Murk llolrj and
;i'i,ii V.i, key ii d iiiiftnnt
iluikey rl
J that the d
V try h ' i',., .1.:..;
MijIUer, nt A re.iilei,
if the S- i.l at hen-
it t,. r n;i' 'it -.it tlit
tnri.y. It iw, fr ft i red t.i
Nornnbar 1 rrnr, 1 - . . t
ol anid month.) of th, i I
ti; 3 ci :,.e, a- to I'i- in. a
fi ;eC AiliT'l't V t, 1 v
l i. :..e .,t; '.-.
tbe lih Monday
n rt and d' f- n t, or
I ... 'K. n ii era.
C. k M.
sv.mi daytun", niii'i. -I.
o., i-Aii;i'ii;i.i, oino.' ,
'IT I'i:, inci. ti C'l, Pro'..
K.a-.y f til u ale.
'.ot fratl. iio-l f- r
'. '
vf'f ,
, I ll -if tril
OUvU ' Uuiitou. Varnf". onoBslffiimeni,
-'' ' 'fo,1 II," TlritU'r Si,; I.vntfiiburtjV'u..' '1
J. '.UU "'"S auJ Mining Pr)wtler,ou Cou
aHUtnt..';"' ' ' '" v ' ' ' .'
" ' I.KB TAYLOR,- - '
' .', Xrt.'ll.'MrleSt., Lvrtt.'liliiirir'' Vtt."
t)f w v llARKKl.Sj HAI.r,'ARH:i,a;'D.i
Al 7 Klt.l.s Nt-r Mnrknrul,' Roq- autl
Cuuiiwl iiurriiii'. uu eoiriirniiieiit.' ' ' 1
- i.kk 4' 'fAYLOR.
'No. II, Hrid,;ti tit., Lynchburg, Vn,
. iRgPttiarVJlf ''-
rilllR TH)il( A N't'l Lfc.' Uii'KilN OK .M-jtlANTKT
1, 1.n'CIFJK!alr h CO.,iHiaiUaii liy, litnHarl n.
He r.-turn tir iltiitik.i to uur fortimr iMtUoim fur t i-ir
Vfliti'Jt'UCO, unU mMit uliertrfulJy rt'ctiittiti.'nj ilicm It
tllH ( ,; ' -.' V'" - ',' ' -' ' i'
in mr cMv, (tf wh-'O wt- h:ir tnrntil tivr nnr hiimi'
ptiH'k. Ini lu'iliijt in hhtnl nif trtiutiiti, fcihmvlii) w
tur I'litietfjcntirfd), jw ifnii"tnirHnitf iKiMiun)fnili;uuMtt
'J in-imui" of itif ciit '-rii will .aily bt fl in
Ins 'p th luifrfifuM; iiin lii.oVtf nnii fmp'i'H will Ji.j
k-i-L t.i th" oHum ot .Moatrf, IthKA 'i'A W.Olt, and mr
Mi. WA. A. I'ltrTuN i fulK ,nil)i!iyti u utMi ma
tlMJlarti y( tllU t.iaCyrU l,tt pi "'III a -
A 1, Itr. II I MriJAMI'.lj,
r. T. Lfn itKiKt,!),
.'.. " f... i , ' i.t.iMu.ri .av riti-.tjv-r .
- ttat uitutili VA., Fijliriniry a; Or, 1.S ,', . -f
'V ' ' OSlS.3C'. ' Vv-
Ily'r.ferrVneV. I., lie. i.l.ve riolien . tllaaolitlloii
Me-r. JleliASIlCL. l.l l'l'll Kl Kl.l .'..
'-CVaN.llti.N'MK.NI HI' TH.VrjttKI'EtlJ! HAVB11EKX
I KA N SFt : It It Kl) TO "l it 1IIIUSK.
and K ateenbl.T torbe jrarliei., riireoiiirtt'lII 'Wa
nlwilfett r.l iee,.ireth.'ir ale.Pj.l.allorf of the .tranal'i-r,.
1-13I11UUIH IIKVT of lOliriatOK
' ': in rnii:sT.
and In ftie l,aenee of HikII nations, Altalt froee'M'tft
H ijr l.erilailvniit(ri-j.anu repoil .nlen vtoniinly.' ' o
ail. .-liiiil.lv l.a-i.led. ilia Kt'At-tl.li:l W'.MtK'Hlt'SK.
t.AltllK KX I'KIil KNt'K. and all u'ery 1'iietliti. J
ftr tin- ' aifreAntayeoua riroaiutlon Of ,,t.nNine.a4 nnd'
hle It vlil bo.yt,.tur nk-aautw to- adviaa - l-egariilAjf
otrrviei4. ... . , . .. , .
'-, -.-' r l.r.n TAVi.nR, 1 ; ,
'-:) V. So. II tlriiltfeilireet,.
, ' 4 Wi '' Bertond iheir la loa- id-l tand 0 ifc
. ... - ' . Meliaiii-1, LilihUuld : Co. ...
T.vtrnm'llo. T.l., Marr1!! Inl.ilitK
T i.--.'l-:i''
; ,: 4
':tr' '
Ulaiiily'H Portable x?an Eii
, ktlxtoua afc Haw M 111a. . r . -
tfntYinaied fr accttuacy, spkeii, ami ttiA-midi-V.
Will saw from 6,000 to 15,000 feet
per day. All machinery foil aitrrantedL
Ovor 1,900 now la ue lit tho Colled Stat on, .
UriUSU l'rnvlncea, and Boutb Antorica. hut
Prices ami Doseriptioiis, niliiresa, ' '
i ! ' IJt, fc 1". BLANDY, ? '
'.' 1 " ',"?.', ZanesVlUo, Olxloi
WHjuiyij'w ;";';,, v-',-'
J 0 N K S 1? 0 11 0 VGll
" V: 7 . ','lr "GUJiT'Sl, 1S6S, :.; JJ '' .!
SPELLING an.) Hea jing
1 50
Tbff same with ' i'rimury Geogruphy
' . aatl Arithmetic.. ,..
All othor Urancbej (exctpt J(udk )i
)luaic on I'inao ami Uiiitaf
Cutitmernt ICipenses. .. ...... .. .'j., ;
.It 00
16 Oo
30 00
.' I 10
. PtsjrmiMif for half f Mioti' invariably in ad
vance. . i ' . ' i - '
o Ue.lN.-tt on for nhsence unless ia cases
of protraitU illuraa. ,
RohH in gaoU families from J ! 500 $3 80
per week. . ' ......... .
j Musical Department under aiaro of Proiet.
tor CtiattUD K. lir.i.wiitrri. ' l, " : ,
For particulars. nitilie3 ..! -'-', '" f
HEX D EltSO.V I' Ii KSN'ELL, Prrsnlm t'
; - - . i, , . Jonesboro'j Tenn
WCjij!yn4 , .(
' Until ly h Trte llenrmJlT. .
200,000 frtrnithri the V. S. GoreriHMnl
ArlnT, Vrtvv, Tlell. .Ittt and friclrat ItT nVrrta,
Ifepeat iitj; and ri.H'ltel l-i.-tola aud li tile t ana-,
naint? -Meralhi Caitridyea. ftre.-h-liii..l,i.i; e-nd tt.-votv-Unt
Kitaw. ... JS. IttiltNuTON AW 1)1,
iijaraayTl.J . v t,. tllon, K. i
JliUH A. LtK.
l. vtr.x Twtor.. '
i -v. . '-.;.-.' .'.. i . .
Wholesale and Etrtajl tji ;c-:
. ' ASO .'. ' -i"
Sole Agenti, In tli'a 5I.iTa.et, for the sale of
';:v:.V'.-;'j.NTs'",:T;:f i-
i , - " -
a ',, , im 4 ' 1
'': I5,OOQ,
who wiPir to co.vsrcx.rs.TirEia'
.TERMS," OKI, V t i-: 1
.' TWe, .---. - -'. pur JVir.'.
r,r..T or 8agj rua over. ii-daV a so
' laRSst TIIASS0 I)At & eta. per Bur,
f.KNT OK liAii.S kKI'TOtiTOVEK 20DAY3,
irr. I)AV,. - X c.t. per Baif. .
Tnt'oB Term will be strictly nd
licn'd to in nil rases. . . .. ,
Our har(t en Wheat, Rye aud Cora, nq
lua onlared taba put in Store, arm 2 per
feat, romaiinioa. .V drayaa or labor
chartd. ' ' ' ' '''.
(Si'f(rt, Bud Cwrr'.-. tStrlkntit,
. , , . No. S A ILItriUe St.
. ' i.YKsuncr.i:, r.i.
OT1 I I! t NTT NO O." AM. VY
Li ra .V-ii.lf I.t.'iiialu tiie fi,
I '-'Q
li.Tit-i-, h. 4, I m l Mock, rp-.,wairt,
boroujh, Teonette.
-.''. rV. --L,- ; .',Vi4r . -.ii-..'
" , tttsw.3
r u .,
v MLiteirs'' .i
JVdort.irmontr-firw.rrfed - to ulL
JSawoptpt-rn." ,., ,'',., ''...Vr.VT'
:,Jfo advai-iue tliarg"d ou i''tililitjhrt'
Prit0- : .' .-'.',';.;, o, (
All loading jS'ewfpjipora kept on fl'a.
liif'in'iniitinii tin tulJuijt oi'jAfi vi ti.
injc turnihtd. '. . . V "... "
i All Order rcct-ife ecaiful nttention.
i Inquireit by ilail Jtprjweml j)ivrpt.
ly. . ...!' . 1..". "ft iii f:r1
: Completo J'rinted, Xrint cf fc.
pu pent for falo...! ' . . p. t. ( ;,t
Speclitl List prepared for CiiBtopi-
era, . f,; ''.'. ( r,;'v ..v.? n
AdvertiscmenW Wi-fttcn arid No-
tici'H'MfXtlirjr;!!.'. Vtrr.'S 7li' i tj.Jl
Order from Business Metv e,ic;ial
ly H'ilit.irnt
'.'...,.'. ' '.'.' ' "; j j' "'.. H.il
wui,) yyi.
- SQUIBB ot" M AHOri EY. .
(i f; 0 D tS a
S U X M ii, li
rVhk-h Ihoy Bulinn i"witr than i"vyt lire
ultl, , Outn, eTuryht.fiy, anl i-nniolnn our ttclt
- u . dWt'or buying 'WdavlifrfM, m .-,,'.
WE qU-fcU? k'OTUI.VC KUI1 B')-IXG.
' ' sfiiniia jl .iAituii;v.
IF TDlf A'STllli: IfKt!'(!f)Fr; AKI) drtlAM,
,caalrv , jt ,v., tHMJHHr MAIHKV,
IK YOl' WAXT TllKUK-ST INfllilrt AN'fl fl "i DOKli, .
.callon ' ti!i;iUil Ji.Ulu.Ni-.', 1
IV you watit ,'Oikl'itrdare,''efitl .ut .
j .j;,. ,. .., v .. tfVL'itJU i MAIJONKV, i(.
It' yon want cheap and irond lr v Uonda, tall on
.. . . Hjcimifc MAiio.SKr. ' '
If-yVa a-rrnt aoinethinit INnr tiny aiat Heatiififul J
tail mi t . ,; liut"lU4 AlAHONIvX,.,
denes hero
'SjliiM.HtnK.nJt. .
.mae. tain, taaie.
: liiroirriNT to , mmu i
V ' a-''' - :'' VV TT ''"' .' ' ' !? J'i V
; , Agrjpultural I.m plcmentjj i it
Every Description
'..Tho nndemiftuod - is.' nn. Agent ,fup;
the sttl.o of tha renowned ., ... r '.
; .-,'",;, ' ihh:k r.vii "!.:..'';."'..
R U AT E E, A II 1) M 0 VtH S t
Stcel-ToolJi, Wkd-IIorsc, Cake I
-Urf ? 'ii'ALSQ, v,,.'.V
Wheat Drills!"
. ir, -..a v c -v ; ', A N f) '
l '-..") J ' .A LSO, .,' .vv; ', . '
::-VK A'NTZ'S '"'..".-' V
Tatcut Cliampion V!?cat C3ia,ier;
; r- EubBer and' Separator )
Thermit! I'crfed JlitUa-and Scpanitur
;S s,,i.vJW jai. fa 5? -f-.-HVv
ti.S-i ;-'-Alsa, ull kinda:.of , ' '' vt;:.
AcnicrmiMx isn.EjiMTsi '
l Term? accommodating. Circutat stent free.
1 Adiirers?. "' ' - ''' '
-4:v.-Mt JOEL B. THOMAS,;'
'' ;C., v.,; ;' JonSibora Tcuaejin,eei"''t
In my ahreuce, Johk GALiAOtiiia, Tinuer,
Jonasboro' Tenn., will act as tpt pstn.
lMgmayj!)yl j . .' J. il.fJ
Arend to rvt'l Iiaa..-y' Ui eat t ..r
Very popular, a.-lihf mpi.Uy av cotniicritin. A1-.
, jiirtfr yfiul-, th "iUtlt th..Mf.nrt of "YiiK $,tv
a ?nit Mid tMtihti 6ioirt.i-ra ITlry of tlit
W.u-Hlh.' ocnfr-jmrt f f. NiTthi'm liU.init-. Hurt
fHtvnt .U fjif U i!nb w'fc. 4)nr tv,tiiwf n-ovln-r
ftxufllrt. K, A. litKAT ,t 4J0 PuMKUer. 4 Biua
!iy, Ntw lorft. , . l ' '
.JiSWiwiJJLdiulI.'. ;' ,-'..' - v. ' -':
fpil E S EO'OX I A CA U E Jl 1 0 YLXlt
X' rlli Veglu Aasoit tlie irrtt), )r()rt. .
Tuiliflii per Scdoa ol JMoutliff
,.Wu3dAi:Y.......r!rlj..r..;..,... is ,
Xt KRMKMATK..,...1...a..;.., .!. ;'
.A'WiSlCAjp rllOHHt .VATjNKM.VTll'S 13 to.,
, For further particulars, address tbe Prin-a
cpal at Millwood P. Washipgton Couutv;
Tennessee. -. J. .' .
B. W. AivAfi'ti, i ; ': . .
rsciiAXCEnrcocRT at taylop.sa-i.'.lp: ,
- - Tr.NNF.S.n. . '"
RH. TAYLOR Cooiplrtioant vi. Phari.a
da Ty loe, Respondent. It appejrioy
to the Clerk, anti Maslei that tha defendartt
'h:w:.-.ada Taylor is a non-rriideot of the
State of Tennessee.' It is iherefore ordered
that pnbUctrtion be made iirthe l.iioa Flat;,
publshid At JonotkJj TtOBes.ie, for fi.nr
tuceasivo wwlts, nptifytn? Said Ji feulanl.
to appear at the Oonrt House In favlonvillr,
on the dtu Monday t; fceptci,i!r next, al a
Chancery Court, then and there' to be held,
for Johnson County', In tLaj 1st Chancery
district In raid Suit, and plead, aostfr ot
fa itjiir to said bit! or lbs state will b tAk.ee)
at eoulemod and tt-l for bearing trparte, ,.
June 29, lae. . .
- jos. h. fivftn, a t if.
, . . - j'er Iloarr, . liiiiiax, U U H.
?CKsx2w4plS , t. ... ..tt...
TdSF.pa P0SK.NUKIM IlP.i)., by Autos.
f ney, II. Cy-Mi,' vs. ,1. g. t 'jan'i'.n. . Tbo
nlftintiiT br Atlorner atv on oath, that thai
dt'fr-odant l jt.nl indf lited tb the laid fin,
rebel id Bra., tsiit thai tha aald J. 3. Sha
Itoa, reaidee outof tbe atata of Jeoneaiwe, a
that the ordinary proccsfl of la, cannot La
erred spott bm, and I havinjr. iatuerj an
Oleiaal Altaebmenl agiin it the t'Xjdt of the
defeadaat, rr'amabla brnre m oa tbt )9th
aajr at Aorin h-.i. aal i.n l j i !,rment bar.
Inn been i i; ei by mo imi'.l tat lir-t Satnf-
day of Man h, Hoi), and ytniiher s harn)f
beea tarred tpea G. W. Sunp.oa tad John
tVirjibb a d-biort ef tba aij defaoiatt,
bbtanoa. Tbe laid Jotpb H. hatnon It
hrby aotlfied to appent at my ollice in tb
to of Jones bnrouoli, 1 (ha afore-
laid Jral taturrl ,T of xr. h tK- i. aad d.
bud Said Attubri -ut aai' or tbe a.ama' will
)hrnl erpst.-te Tli.n tit iPih dar of
Angat, li-i.s, .
A. C. CVI.LS.NaJ, J. P.

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