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""ASTi-rT - ;.T2.x,nM ,hv iMri I" ' May Jiiiil.h TMtl" Cm door n
- ' rnt ; , !!ll"t',i"tU"f"''"' "' Lit dtVnc. t .Hid bill J, ' , "e'bur"-T'nB.,,0n Saturday JUJ dY or
i! ':
, i.
Joncsb'oro'i T'l)..,,l)ec. .2, ISCS.
y L 6 C A 1 I T E M S. '
Subscribers to the Union Flaff, ,
Who owe for their inscription-or those
who owe for Advertiainii n n l Job WnA, ire
request! to tome 'to our .-office anl: settle
Ihrir accounts, or we will be compelled to
proceed against' them according to law. " A
liiut to the wise is sullicient." '
Kev. J. S Spence. 1
This .Christian minister from Kuoxville
.irencl-ed the Methodist. Church on last
Sul.lmth uiormnji una en-iiing. nil two ser
mons were faultless models of composition,
imbued with tlie spirit of Christ, and deliver
d with in earnest eloquence, that made, we
hope mil trust 'n ilcep and lusting itnprcs.
ruin on the mind of every bearer- Parson
Spence possesses pulpit talents we have rare
ly seen equaled. Us limping, is most benu
tifnl, bis thoughts perfect gems of literature
nud bis simplicity, meekness, absence of self
and complete, absorption in his tbetne, en
trance his congregation, and load them up to
tiod and holy thliiRS. Such good men bless
tTieir day and feneration. They are the salt
of the earth'. ' May it be the fortune of our
people- to liatni to many more inch appeals
in behalf of themselves. TMy God prolong
to the 'utmost limit of human existence, ill
such worthy and realoiu embassadors in llil
cause. ' V , .'; '" '
',; Another Festival. .
The Ue. Jlr. Solliinger'i Church (Raptist)
propose to Rive an entertainment on Thurs
day before New Year's, consisting of a Din
ner, Supper, Music, etc. They give a Dinner
as well as Supper, in order that thi friends
and members of the church that live in 'be
country can have an opportunity to enjoy the
festivities of the occasion, and return home
be foro night if they choose to do so. If jou
, .visit to see up abundance .of the luxuries as
' wll as the necessaries of life, and well pre
pared for the table, you will not fail to it
lnd. We speak from tho card as we have
ee'n the, bill of fare. ' ' ' '.
Among other-attractive features, there
will be an old-time tahle in '.he style of '1G.
Tbo ladies--in attendance a ill be dressed in
the same' style.. We bespeak a general at
tendance, as the Tier. Mr. Nolfsinjer, he pas
tor of this fliHrqli, is one of the few men who
attends to his own business and lets oilier
people's alone, his creed being love to God
and peace with all mankind.
Concert. . ,,
The Amateur troupe of Joneshoro, an or
k'inization of seven young men, gave our ci- j
tizens two entertniumeuti lust week. The
, proceeds- as bofore announced, will be de
voted to the repair of the Town Cemetery. Tha
whole performance-consisted in the most1
latiifhnlile and side-splitting comedies. These
ynunR gentlemen descr-e all praise each and
all acquitinu themselves with honor and
credit. , It would be luvic'.ions to part'cnlnr
ir.e, . They ere Messrs. John Dawes, Thomas
Hawkins, John Iloyd, S. S. Luttrel, K; It.
lio.le, .Samuel Smith and Rrownlow Atkin
son, Sometime during the February term of
, the Circuit Court, tbey will give a similar
entertainment and forthesawii purpose. An
entire change of programme, more attractive
and amusing. We sincerely hope that en
couragement and patronage will be eitedd,
that these young men deserved
Nashville and Chattanooga E. Road
Mr. J. I). Alexander, of Murfrresuoro, Ten,
called upon us a few days ago. Do is Pas
jenger Agent of the above road, and laboring
for its interests in Virginia nn-d t'ppci East
Tennessee. What we now say, we know of
ourselves, there Is not better road in the
South or that e&Vrs better inducements and
facilities tn theitravelling public. The lines
it eontroli are a direct route to the West, and
II principal points South. Haviue the man
agement of the Nashville nd Northwestern
road, the route by Hickman, Ky., to all west
ern point, li quick and there nan be nodoulit
of connection with steamers on tlr Missis
sippi. This line is strictly reliable, CHEAP
and speedy. , , '
JCtTlIorace Greeley purposes to write, dur
ing the year lifiO, an elementary work 01 Po
litical economy, wherein the policy of Pro
tection to Home Industry will be eiplaioed
nud vindicated. This work will Erst be given
to the publie through successive issues of
, The jVew York TrUune, mi will appear ia all
its edition!. Daily, $10; Semi-WieUy, I i ;
Weekly, f 2 per annum. ' - '
. We tee that several o( out citizeni are now
csing the stone-coal from the Cumberland
coal hanks. Last Inter our townamas C.
T. C. Deake, Ki., put op the first grate for
burning coal and commenced 1U use, now
ome twelr or fifteen persons ere using it,
and prefer It to Wood fires.
Newspaper Directory.
O. P. ftowell Co., the New York Adver
tiling Agents, are about issuing a complete
Aftif rican Newspaper bi-ertor. ft is a com
pilation roach pt'ini, since nothing of the
kied having any claims to ceoiplcteeess has
ever been piibliMbed.
llti&rt, Uowell k Co., hare spared no psins
or tp-ine to mnltt tke forthcflming work
romplet. ! We understand the book will
a handsome octavo voluma of about 30
fits, bound in dsrk clulb.aod suld lor Five
Doll, r1 per enpr. ' ' ' ' ' ' ",-J
As tbe pnbtiiherl are idvertui'u Agents,
their Ititiini a work 'containing no raiilh in
formation, tisually Jealcmty guarded hj those
la that business, shows tkat they Ire conn
dent of their ability to be of service to ad
eviliert, r they would mot io readily place
In their heads the mini af eaihliog every
one to tommuolrate direct withablijhir if
Xhey so drain. . . .
. A j-'t r of Jliifto twinj' L.tr
uoen namea brant anJ tolux.
Beautiful ( Beautiful I
See the advertisement In another column
of K. & n. T. Anthony, No. 0l Broadway,
New York city. If you wish something beau
tiful beyond description, just send for some
of their magniflceut Chromos, Albums or
Stereoscopic vlewj.'j They are the manufac
turers of these splendid works of art , and
every home should he illuminated by a col.
lection of them. Send an erder at once for
the holidays, aud you will surely not regret
the outlry. ,
Our Merchnnti, Daguerrein Artists, and
others, would do well tQ keep a supply of
Messrs,' Anthony's works of art, fur the trade
generally. ,
$1200' And All Expenses Paid.
See Advertisement nf American Shuttle
Sewing Machine in our advertising columns-
15?" u 'Mamma,' mamma," cried n
little boy, when tlio sun set gorgeous
ly red one Cbristniaaeve,.' see how
hot heaven is over thero. Santa Claus
in baking, I guess."
ileidleback, Sea9ongood St Co. e Kameg and
. Wilds, et nls. Dickenson, Price k Bishop ij
JOumt-s k Wilila et als. Stndler llros k Co.
r Katies ft Wilds et als. And William
Shields, Kx'r. ftc, ' Eames ft Wilds, et als.
IyiBSOANT to a Decree of the Chancery
Court at Joneshoro, Tenn., at its No
vember Term 18U8, in the above cases, I will
offer for sale at the Court. House door in
Joneshoro, Tenn.; on Saturday 23d day of
January, 186D, a tract of Land in Washington
Couuty Tenn, District No. 3, adjoining the
land of (J. W. Telford and others and known
as the " Eames Property,", and containing
204 acres more or less, on rhicb property is
situated a valuable Merchant Nill, Tun Yard,
and a Number of good and substantial Dwell
ing Houses, Orchard, Barn ftc. Said prop
ertywill be offered in three different lots : 1st
tbe Mill,- including abouV 40 acres of Land.
2d. The Tan Yard and about 120 acres of
Land, end, 3d,' about 44. acres. A fuller de
scription will be exhibited on the day of sale
and then tha whole will be offered iu one lot
and tbe sale brluginsr the most money will be
adopted ; but if nut sold so as to bring a
stipulated amount, which will be made known
on day of sale, it will there and then, Mill,
farm, and Tannery he for rent for the ensu
ing 12 months, to the highest bidder, giving
bond and approved securitv. November 12,
188docl8-tds. C. ft M.
Adam A. Broyles, et Chancery Ceurt at
E. S. Cox, et als. Jonesborougb, Tenn.
IfUSCANTtoadecree of said Court, at
November Term, 18H8, It is ordered that
the Creditors at lnrgi of Joseph G. Murray,
deed., be enjoined from prosecuting suits
against the said A. A. Broyles, Admr., of said
J. . Murray deed., and that they and each
of them hie their claims against the said es
tate, in this Court, in tbe time required by
law, or they will be forever barred. Decem
ber fl,18G8. HENRY HOSS, ,
188decl8-prS5 C.ft M.
N. T. Ilavnes n L. C. Ilayncl.
PURSUANT' to a decree of the Chancery
Court at Joneshoro, Tenn., at its Novem
berTerm 18:18, in the above cause, I will of
fer for sale or jfoaninn'i Orptt, on Slonday 18th
January, 186!), two lots of land, each eon-
taiuing one-fourth acre, and lying innasn
ington County, Tenn, District No. 7, and ad
joins the lands of Tipton Jobc, and being the
ame lots sold oysaid rnllosaiu ii.o.riaynes.
TERMS. Six and 12 months credit, bond
and approved security, and lien retained un
til purchase money is tully paia, ana soiu
without the right of redemption. December
12, lHfifi. , Ub-MiY ttusa, v. s
Jes. W, Shafcrft Wife l David Carson, et als.
PURSUANT to a decree ot the Chancery
Court at Joneshoro Teen, at its Novem
ber Tern 1808, in the above cause, I will of
fer for sale at the Court House eoor in Jones
borough, on Satnrdnv the 23d day of Janna
ry lHt',f, a tract of land situated in civil dis
trict No. 17. Washington County, lean., ad
joining thi lands of Robert Smith, John, Tad-
lock, Isaac llartman, Jonn sioiacien ana
others, and containing 40 acieg more or less.
TERMS 5-"i0 to be paid ia band; balance
in six months, with bond and approved se
curity, and lien retained entil purchase money
ie fully paid. December 12, I8G.
Liwrence Boweri, Admr. Ac, Ti Samuel B-
Ellis, ind others. ,
FRSUAN'T to a decree of the Cbincery
Court at Joneshoro, tfenn., at November
'term 1818, in the above cause, I will offer
for sale at the Court Uouse in Joneeborougb,
Tenn, on Saturday 2:id of January 18fit, a
tract of land lying in Washington Connty,
tenn, district No II, on the waters of Cedar
Creek, adjoining the lands of H. D. Hale and
others, and knowa as the Rolen Hodge land.
Said land will be offered ia three separate
lots, with the incumbrance of the Widow's
Dower (already laid off) and then all will be
offered In one lot, bnt still subject to widow's
dower, and the sale which brines the great
est amount will be adopted. TERMS: Mix
month! credit bond and approved security,
and lien retained until tbe pnrchase money
il fully paid. December 13, 18i;8.
1Rf.8decIpf$J '
Alexander latbrs, Administrator of R- H.
Murrell, deed, vs Mary Murrell. et als. -
1 PURSUANT te a decree of said Court at
in November Term 1868, In the ahove
cmuk, I will offer for sale at the Court House
door ia Jonesboro, Tenn, on Saturday 23d
day of January 189, a tract of Land In
Washington County Tenn, district No. 17,
and containing I4lj icres, more or less, and
adjoining thi landi of Harthurly and
others, and being the same land the said Mur
rell purchased of T. J. Wilson and others, on
tbl 4th February 18.51, lud will be sold lub
jecl the widow'i dower of life estate.- Also,
two other small tracts in sama civil district,
adjoining tha lands of Wm. Walker and oth
ers containing respectively 3 acrei and 124
pales and 1 acres and 21 poles. TERMS-
and !2 months eredit, bold and approved se
cerity and lien retained until purchase money
is rally pud, and told without the right of
redemption. December 12, lhi.S.
- 1IHNUY HUSH, C. ft M.
lS.idecl"pf?j ' .
WAHT!' -I want a niwa t t it fa AllKNCY
for Ll"4' irawl UvubU Reolmi. MAf-H if
KuM-p- and Am-rk, !' the 4 .' cwialf tolorl
nf 'be t nrM fli" "I Ibe l,. ..4 In.a.T,
iJmxM y ety faaiily. fc"la..4 Ml.rarr In lh
wilk l-uenl reverter", by whirl! eith.f laf
b Ihrr-we. (r-.l ; " '"' irhr" Ure,
will, r.l-how b,,lln lt4 e)ol.f.-4 rellr"; e-t
1 1. n..Kl ttirr. -' lalaw- Trite 1. wnrta) .
A "n.llnf.til will .10 U.I WHN. Ill I tr"
be fnr Hi- ,i.it napn 'tail f"r i-ire.il.r. ter.,
fit. T-tr a-w nM der . 1. 1. 1. 1.0 If
(r. o i"tt jiirtASTA, fcit'iitiilA.
lJajli?ajw. '
ki..,f I ,Mild at tha lluicn tisa
....... , .... -.. - -- - - ----- ,
()inr, .No. 4, 1,011 Hllci, Lp-a:trs, i )BS
korei.h, Tunujee. ' . (
' The Great. Fictorial Annual. ;
Ilustutter'i I'alt.'J Man Alrannnr fi.r ISnil, tor .11.
trltxition, rnwt, ll,ronk'tiat Ihe tintil Htntvn ami wit
civtllMil rnlllill i.il ..f tin- Weatern Will
h, imhliiiliM nlKiut Ih-tlrat ol'Jiiuuiiry, Hint ull mUo
wl-li to nn.lvr.ln.tiil tli trut lilitliiMipliy of henlth
liiil.l n-al an.t poti.h-r tin- Taliiulilt. nniiff--tioiiii It
I'outittn. Ill iwl.Utlnii tout, iKliiiiriilHc mu.llriil tri-at.
Ne on the ciiita.it, .revi-titlim nii rui-, t ti ffteat
vat i.-ty of.lir.'iiMM, It euilr.'a a Itirco Itiioiint of In.
forimttlon ItitnniHtltit; lo Hie nit.riliatit, t tin mi-r.li:inlf
tto iiiiior, Dm furiit.-r. ttie plniitei-.itint tho pruri'MUMinl
mull ; ti4 tlio culciiliil Inn. Iiavt. lii-i-ti tmntp' for ion-It
ni.M-1. liana ami- liilltuibw' a are mot anlliililo for a
uorrmt anil c.iaipt-vUen.lru Katio-vai. f'.ii.KMtin.
The iiiitnn-, n.i-a. iim.1 exrrnonJd.Hrv atuiilHrv HtTrrta
nf IKISTKH KIt'S STOMAI'll UITTKU.H, rtin l,.lo
Innk ami nltnriitiVH of more than hull' Die ('lirilian
worM, art fillly ai-l forth lu It img.-", v-liioli an. al.o
Itilerni'iTM-t with pirtorliil lllnairiilloii, valMnlile ro.
i-tpe I'oi- tin- hoHH.-liolil ti;n fiimi.liiiiiiiiroiiH ato-ciiutee,
mill other hiati-iiirtiva am) iimualritt rentliint in.'ivti'r, url
llinnl and Bclwleil. ' Amnntr thf Annual, to tij.p.'ar
with the nK-nlnit y.-ar. thlr wf)l Ik- una ef the- njo.t
llitfill, ami in.. br lwI fi tlif atl-hiy. ti.nd for cofilea
to the (Vulral Maiinfnctory at rilt.l.ttri:, l'ii., i.- in
tlie nhret nenb-r In NtlSTK'rCKIt'S STUJIVJIt BIT
TKftS. Til- II ITT K UK are "olj iu every lilj, H.wil
and villaKe of the I'ntteilHtates,
fWlUB AdvertUir, huviug been rutored to health iQ
I , a few wtvks, hy a very nimjils renieily after
lmrfiift ati.Tarl qnvtral yari with "pTflPvlunKafi"
tlon, and tlmt tlroatltllstttaiip, Conmiiitttln iu anxioun
to make known to hit fallow lufferen the tnt-ana of
cure. - t ,
Tuall who diwlr It, lie will if ml a copy of the vr"
acril'tlnn iiml (lre of r harRi), wttli the iHrfCtiouf ftr
pifparlti anil uMiig the nain, which tliey will find a
Ac. The only object of th a-Worttner iu nfihUnjf thw
Prtm:i'lttl(ti 1 to bonpflt tbo nlHictrd. and cprmi! In
foripAtlon whlrh h ccncilvM to be IhTalnnblo ; mid In
htp every ullerwr try hit renttdy, as It will
cult them nottiinif, and may pro re a blgntnif.
' Purttoa wiahlni tho prour rlptlnn will phwin nddrena
h'A Htiuth Swiond St.,
WilllnmitlHirgh, King Couuty, Nuw York.
aSnovfiyl A.JtCo. 1
AGKNTIiKM AN who aulTorFd for y?ara from Sitt.
una Debility, Fromature rifcay, anil all tlio rf.
fvcla of yotlthfnl lljillarriitlon, will, for lh anko of
ulT.-rliiK hnmaolty.Vnil fri-e to all who ne.l It, tha
r.-rlpe am) rllroctlon for mnkfug the almoin ntnpily by
which he wan cnrnil. Snirori-in wlihlng to prollt by
thr- ailfi-rti.nr'a pxpdrtnace can do no hy amlrrhift In
perfuct i-onll.b-nci., JtHIS B. (ifiKKN,
fiHnvyl A.Co.J No. K Odar itrei-t, Sw York.
Housekeepers and Manufacturers !
ftiK HM)S, ril.l.oWS, Vl;)UtUKD, e.
Mora Rlaallc, morn DurLblu and rb'rr than beat
f.urli-rt lour or fenlhers. H.-n.l for I'amplil.'t contain.
liiL.fiilliieiitriiilii.il of eollmtioa and iiiiinufartnra of
Klastlc Spi-nsH (i-oilorlul, Niiw York Hnily JV...uie,
July Wiiil, INiM; and Dii.tore.-nieiit" tiy emlnant Tliy
airiaiia, Manulavtiirnra, t.lii.lHtercra, fcfl., Innlndiim
I'rof. Oipli-B Doreniiie, lew Vork i- I'rof. l!l)iu-le T.
Jai.k.on, II. wtoii. Statu Aatayor and (.'oniilliM t'lii-ii.-iat.
Prof. .las. V. I,. Itlatu'y. rofn-nr ol Clicmlatry
in Buli .Medlcalt'olle,(!liicai(o; C.I. Y. 8. Cinei,
SI. II., Snricmin U. I, ayy ; llomcn lirwley ; Broad
wa and k'iftli Avenue Ntaitu Line, (nltar two yar
coii'tlnnoun iiai in cn-liioiii); Now .li-vai-y (Sture liianiin
Aaylnm ; fain'l N. flketafliir iw In cu.hi.mai f I'iki-'a
(Ijiera ll.'llae.)
Alao, larun nBmhiir of Chnrchsa, L'lihotstcrura, Hall
roa.lt, CarriiiR.' maker", ke.
Jiiiw York tiilearooma of the
BUdfill-i-WTJ M Howard Slrint.
PAI.F IMMBN'SKI How could It be iilherwlni ? A
tliiiM-kn-nr and coiiiuaea ciimbined, handiiomo fMMe
Itlaaa rryatal. wllltn tlnlin-lwl diit, 'ulei.'l and melal
w,.rk. iianal wiitt-h "Ian. and warrunteil to keen In or.
iter for year, aent by mall for only l-'-ir S for Sft
ntialiietiHii irliarantatd. Tli.'V niiiy he rotliriil-d to tin
at anr time. Ill rmrt navment for liiithtir priced watrh
Send for nun, and U no lonBiir without a lltlie-kec.or.
Addreat WILLIAM CO.,
Hdia:ll WT
12 Fnruuui St., Brooklyn, N. T.
isTAm.iHHKn 18-12.
Sow will', Uvwrniruiitf, iuu irn rriw
ftmATianin 0 "ArTJTTO
Haaufactilriira of Grand, Snmire and Upright
n.. ut iraln flano-fiirtea. in a.ldilion to their pn
tnllur Diertta rnntain nvary renlly alnablo tnodi-rr.
Iroproyeuient, rmidurlnti Ihnm tho moat comidotu nd
jierfeot inatrnment eter onorrd to the pnlille, and for
Purity of Tone, Ilellcaey ol ion, iMiraioinji .-
alaoalandinil tho teat of S.-tem l lituuli", lit" Nr.
uiiar.K trnmAUT PIANn-rORTK ntan.U m.rltal'd.
Th Hliiuon of thi" u.ailillacturn hayn atoial the toat
of morn tliau nrtr of n miitury. Mid th inaiia
farlurera am at liherly to refer to orer liwuy . Irr l.w
MH.f fumlliea who havn had them In nn In nearly
oart of th. clvilU.id world. All letter will
promully anawred hy STODART Jk MOItlUN,
liM Broaitway, cor. of llroml Jonea, N. T
ISnorSmosO W.'f.
mm irox rPERii'W, m,r.Ci,B safes. ,
The. v trull ItVHtlL.IH PHOtiF X.OK Irt tlio
world, a il will ruaUt all llurlara' tluili'inenta for
any lenjtth of time. a .
V.irna I'almt Alum lull VT) if-i-'er F rt rMea. h-at
liro-l'roof known. To boat Rain lor me ini ni.m..j
fVNaaimil n'nivtmim ; No. 21-1 nrondway, . , .).
?7I hetnut "I., Bhlla.lolpliiB. No. li Hank "tCIe
lau.l. Ohio. And for tale br oar AgnBU in tin. nriaci
pal cltiM of the Called 8tabw. .
taSliutlauoaJ W.T.. ,
Piano-Forto and Melodoon Emporium,
90 Broadvray, Nre Vnr, and 60 W'aahlntBalrel,
Il.r l'llll--IO.
Vliolea-il. Aeeul" for the I'ulti-il Wain fir rV.W.
jr.v.i tin a fii.'s vHLttHR.i rt' uolu Mvv.iL n
... -.. i i .i r v .a i'n d oil.Mt Srat
Ainu, naeuta i-T ... ,.-. "
claaa Plan.. V have III- ..ir,.-.' nud f'rf AlrH
for I'MBaw, wllietl, lor nimr um rrnmimrm n f law,
.'. ni AjrftMt '.:, HmHlf if ialtA, llt
b judV'", " nn.n.mnc'd I "SUlVMKIt. whole.
aula AiiciiU for I AIIJKT, XEEIHIAM t CO.
!nannfa(arera ami lmpnnrof Mwo-ai !".
and all kloda of Afama. Jl.rrAniidivi. K.-meinleil Ibo
pl,. J. B A V K H k -'.,
Inn Broadway, X. T-, W Wahiinti at., CdIcm0. 111
BRnotnioea W .T.
KMf Vnu.Weer, nf Ik. PA TFSf CrtUIWfTf
llin V ft 1 11111. J-Uir.'", '("'irrtt, rm - tf
,,.r.. l.ilra(e., Yrroml.: W-iSt-filtt,
aad MM. Aim. H ot K.m.'.9. iv i
u'Mrdt, d Ilk" tlnill Mad .trcAi--...i
Um b.
flflcoaeal Sample", Trlara at , nir Itmaatwly, li
Y. ir'nfaiairly lln'chiuaol m ttlikcrthaol.)
taaotliiaoatt W . T.
. -wnNriF.nFTJL !
Tk. ci-nl. of l...Te. ir lurki-h Uiarm of Fdeo, thn
Ar-tl.i i" l ot" Philt -r and S.il'n't lire it Secret f
Kt.rlnatt't. ooiinen m .rp. ... 7-..,, w-.-
... hava riManUite rontr.il oer an owa rat
.l-hl; alto, lea C.iia V.lu.l.le K.-c-ifH, R-antifol
I,,. Iluw to (1 -I Itlrh. aol'a -'-cr.-'., tr., ait noilim
.lneenl.. Ad-trea" T. ' WlHUl I i..
an,,Tm:l-W.T Vernon, New J.-reey.
50 llKW'AHIll
lonJijinht,Drcember7ilt, ISit, ri
bank aUrr, bluk niini -n i tail, hintl lt
wkit lo tin ptur joints. rul in iLhohbui
caoft l hj brirltf -bit ) 1 1 ' C h t H" in thi
forthtid. Tin 11 1 J ir il ilt't I6J nii
ki(k mni l.tlmn sil n lrfB yean old.
I will pin Ikiahor rr.ird for lb f.fr
bsosiel ut tki luarr. Ad Irris,
... r"i, 111" ki CBtr, Tn5.
' 'Miitllwlrll'
i . ,' ' ' ' , ; v,
V ' Successors to '.
tESffiSLS, Elffii i ti.
Matiiifuci.urers of
Miners anil Dealers in
Horse Shoe Iron,
Band Iron,
Round and Square, '
Flow Slab,
. ;.. . Bull Tongue,
J 111
shafting; &c.
Mines the celebrated
Tho best and ehoapest Fuel n the
country. Thoy alio mantifacturo a
snjicrior qimlit- of
This Company' Foundry ( and Ala.
chino Shop is in thargo of a riAC
TICALandTIIOUOUGIIMECHAN. IC, and penons in want of machinery
can havo their work dono PROMPT
LY; according to (iproifictttions, and
Tho best of material is uncd in all
Departments; none- but nklllful work
men employed, and every article- war
ranted as reproiontod, and to givo sat.
' (WEST of rtroT,) ' 1
lGflroTl.!yl. ' .
ii, m
' R. M. DAWSON, '
Corner of Gay and Asylum Streets,
I'nrtrnttN uf utiii-v u anil .tvli. rol.if.l. IIIV-nIki', on
riinriiH., in oil, aviiu fioui old and uincU fuiti'd ls-gii.-rrei.tyin.il.
Vneav adyertiseuknts.
. . a Pnrti.Ai
Dictionary of (Jcncral Knowledge".
16 Vol., 8 lo., Jvcraying 600 Vitgc each,
Prlwf, r V.tl.,.n exlnirintli. $;; In I.llirary I.ittth-
tr, fti ; Jhilt i nrki-y nrN.T,i, f tu ; iu
llnir K t.H-i, -'xu Kilt, f 7 M).
Thif Ininut iinit wnrk i.nKiitn u itaiK.ri.mlc ?lcir f
All huiii.'iii knuwltilt. ad It I'xint t the prncnt in
li'llt. It etiiltnu's'Huinl Miml!iiiM' wry iulijot tlit
ciiii tie tlimjxl.t ol, tviil (xmlitiiiN tin lu.'Xliai.Hl.tdf tuii'l
nf Kci'iiratt) Hihi nr-icllfiil bifuniintimi on Art hihI Hi t-ftn-r
In till tlmir Imm h.t-, imUi'lioK Mcliaiilri, Muili-
'iii itl leu. Astronomy, 1'liiluwtiiliy, ( lit-mn'try, uml rii'-
ololocy; on Au'rirnltnn, I oiiiini'i-ct) unit Muiiultu'tiirnn;
on lltfiijjioii, haw, .Mi-iJtrlin" iwul Tlu-iilofty; on lUi-nra-)thy
ami Hi-tory, t-itraiihy mul KiIiikiIoiiv ; f I"
Iniiitl K'-onomy, th TriMlt-n, Invtmrjoiix itixt Politic;
on Jhnut-Kilr ilconoiny, Airlilti-cliiro, SiaiWiic, th
ThiiiifH of Coiiuiioii I, lie, aiiiHii'iieiiil Liicniiiiru, JSo
to.li:, in brief, is nmiitfil, iipi'ii which iiiloniiation enn
ilcsirni. Tim woi-li ia. a library in Itit; it in a
coinph'tfUiiiv.rial imiiurlor, ami on'n t tho ntn
dent and jc''",'r1 raler tlio wlmlo tli'M of kiiowlilti,
A VH-t (Hjruii ol writi'M wrf" pmrioriil aim it for a
immlxrof vt ari, ami almnut wry m-huliir or utlnrl-
tv of cflftriiv Una ontiliiiitia in uui -jjn'fiHi iHniri-
nit-nt t I'lioi. AW jirtnluctiuu iuvslvdil au outlay
of 4vr ir 'ft-. - :
American Annual Cyclopedia.
Ami Ilt plntor ur linporiant Kvfuta lr im iirT im
hnurliiK Polltlml, ( ivl), Military litid Mn AtTilrn;
I'nMic Dm-otiifhti ; HliiKiwtil.jr ; Miiltmirit; i utmiiun't';
Finance; Litwratiira ; iicitHia; Ayrkullurt'.aiol Mn
himtcal .M.lu.itTy. S''th tonUlti, uf UiIh ci.i pitta
work (aiilform In ty with f h Ntw Aurlcaii Cyclo-pfi-rlla)
an now utliAhel, Istiniuj: tlio ivc'inl of
ovntf- down to tliu rloriu ot 'tliv Jr lM'T. It will
Mold ia m'lianite Tolninvii np In , iters. iMeo jior vol..
Mi aaiuu u tor ttie Jw a ittinutii ijyuioii.L'Ui.i, -
Important to Southern Subscribers.
Snbiirrlhm-rt having IncnniplHti' tcti of thin wirk will
utj Htiiiitllctl with tUo ff iiiuiiiiiiff voliiui on anulii aHim
to the 1'iiblls.lu-ra, enelosiin,' a rfiiiittHinf aovfrinit tlie
niiioiint for voltiiiifit ui tiiijd. I). Al i r.lU.N ti tu,
I'uhlidlifro, New York,
AUKSTS WAN'l'KU Kllil TUB LU'K till' ,
Till" l tin- only foil, autlii utic anil OFFIOIAF, lil
torv of tin- Liffaml Piibli.- Mnrvimtiif lln-in-at S.iutu
rn liiiuli-r. Tim anllii.v lia.l Hi" ri-0ii.itluii ami iw-
ai-.tiui.-e nf tin- l.'iilne ('.infi-li-iale iitliaiulii In " lira
piiratl.m, an will bo anpurttnt tn all im iixatnlnatl.'".
8.-inl for aTimrn l-a''" UM' I'lrculala. with tetnia.
Aildrww .NATIONAL Pflll.lSHIXU CO., l'Uiinll
nhia, Pa.; Atlanta, tirt., or tit. Limit, Mn.
ION. How tu hunt ami trap all aiiiiuala. tn tun
fin, niaki- lrai, lwta, ir. Vi.rtl I0 t" my farim-r
ur liny. Ilvwnri' of lingua " n'r.-iltta. ' .'II .rinti:il
atnl iH.un.l. til p-'iKi'i. Onlv '2A ciiii-; II for $1. Ad
illi-at il. III'M Kit 1 lo., lliu.iii;itr. N. II.
T ETtWewaowiint a Drat-rlaaa LADY'S MAC A
J i XI NK anil a tirat-rliwa WLKKLV 1'Al'Klt, aonil
iU ..iter l.ir I aiLlnnlu cuny nf
The Lady's Friend, nl '
The Sa-turday Evening Post,
ami ntrt tho nni'iiutlod hidticcinriitii offered, frgmpie
CHiitVt c wrfn art temi ifrutui. Aldri'-i
j 1K.('0N ft PKTKHSdN,
Nn. 30 W itlniit St., rhibd li.bi, Vtt.
For lOOO.
TERMS : $.1 pi.r anuuni. Four r...ira for 10; Klgtit
ouptua lor f -0 ; unit an extra rnuy tu ttiv
. getU-r U) of tlitt club. ...
A J-itmllrer Watrh ll.r 20 Snhaarlnrra.'
A .'Wiiiir Marliiua fur it ilnbarrllirra.
A M C.I.I Wai.Ii fur 4(1 Xiibacribrn,
A IVU Uuia Watch fur 7 (i..ti rll.er..
If yi.n iln not jfi-t onnnt;li tuai-rura uin nf the iirami
mlnlna, wi. will alli-wv ynu rtll ita. mi rnch yeaf.
Iy aabai-rilmr at 1:1. Hamiileei.lili-4 frt.it.
Veotl.-ribt llli.llli Jol'llNAL. wi'ftb sa.laj; Oca
SrtmnL IIAT Vian-nH. worth $1 lift, aa.l a lariie Mtri-l-I'lnn
Kniriatlnttof litis. Oha.it ash Kssiii.t, worlb
mo, aw $4.iu - John y. ni.atkk,
. . Publiabrr, ltAtliuirii, Mil.
Published in Philadelphia,
MOSTUL )', c $1.50 per annum, in advance
By I'Afk-HAi.L MrtRRia. 18 X. ltli St., PliUadHpliU.
20tMlHfr $20. N rbi. fly made op of original
Diiiitrr. ia rHlniioii to fvciy trUrrtin,)it of Ai;ri i i.-
intK, Hunnift Ti'ii mid HvkaU Kcmsomv. liiirjfw in
ilnrisif ntH aud llbrl irpntiunm offi-rmt to ftiffntfl rtiul
rauvu"rit;ri. 8it tuple fujiU-i fiirniheil ort niiii;ittiun
TKHMtiNTKItfi a way fmin bomr nlmiiM take "TUN
Pmle p.'itr. NfW from trery ritiMr iwh -wik
U"M uaiiMr iti Vcruiotil fur Hnui vw, Nno uthvr
liktiit. $i V) por far; $1 nix nionthrf; 74 eti
br.'? mntiibsi. Ki i-rT vturlv nbTrib--r wt a !.r-ittit
Ni rbuiirfx. All nr'd nhk". Ts-rmti hIwhvii In nd-
iitih'. KKHIHK AND TAKK IT. Addrt "TMK
VKU3IOM UKlUlili AND AU.UKR," BraltMMmi,
CJTA K SPA VilsKP HAN?iKlt.-A lnrr 40 clumn
O pMpxr. Kh-Ii, nvrc unit rry, nil of fimrniini
nwdltiH, fun. fact nud faliry. "Kriinicsttlne," ft f((ltii
ilid utr1! Platu, 'friw' In trrru nMUcr'tifr. Onlf 7
ti. ft jer. Kvftny;titi'" mUi at ti. lnWcrilx
NOW. JHvlirH'fii wis). AfdrtH i4imjr Oltlc,
llinxdalf, N. II.
Honey, Glycirine, Elder Flow
er, Coquet and Palm,
InQaantily.C.vIe aint IVrfama wiwranti-ij fijaal In
thi- t'liKli-li JinJ ".'l-l fully mr cnt. ch.wii.'r, wtiich
aronata fnr tbi' Br.at falling ntf in tti itin.in fur t!
fi.rrtfn amp, anil tin. anpi nraleateM aneratai n the
Ain.-rlran V. iBtrany Toilet a.iii, nuar anl.t eterywtiure
in Iln' t'nll.'.l S'"ti-a.
ErKKli.NK.VA.N IIAAOKV t 00., Me HarTr".
1'hillpl.la an4 kit Vork.
Awarded the Prise Medal at- the
Paris Exposition, 1907.
Mil f'f -tjri.-nfr'l tft.mtl lh.hr. lhnm.jif.nt uV I". S.
3f inubcltirM hy COLLINS Jk t..'ll lrtfordf
ffr Of ms Vtl-rxit aav f in ik'ir VVsaV.f Arm. Jl
TIim Plnw br intirtiff Mnl'tfti ntn
If' MnuMt. Ihfy arlha h'stn'; irnrrr I. uruuni
iM a)Uhd. Any ifit-a r-t,'w--"l l nuf
Hi ky aitilitr,r If tv "' tl my U
r;t-iir- iij w-l'ti'i t- 't a vw pt mi tl.
I iarttlar. tit tog fqU iulti 1 i.int, -nl I" i pll
CUt. AMir r,f va i O ,
312 Wftwr ft., Nrw Vatly .
.Tti-". .ii'.'a utrvn put.
llUi'llt I tl'.Kmif.T..ta rllM T
Ta.t rl of l.tt ..f. fa. ar Sf" ti,p
. fll"MIl'. 1 II f.l.Kw
a. r--.,., ff . f r. ait.-,? 4S-ir.
.w'srs r- ')arnr, 111 Uvu u..t. r.
j . Richardson's New Mode i
" 1011 ' .' '
The Piaidbfbrte ;
' v - AN1 ;,' . ;" ' ,t
The Standard Book of Instruction'!
, Employvd ly the lh't Ttachej-4,
, The Jltst Sili!iirt
Ttf licit Cotttrratnrirn
Aim! nil InilivMiiai wlio (ro to obtnln Thorough
and 1'raclical ktiowIi'lt;r of I'lunc Pl;iyiug.
Thirty ThoiiNiitHl 4 o pi cm ure no Id Yviirly
and It in no uxaffcratiou U aay, that r 4
. Quarter of a Million Scholars
hy UHlnif tliU book. Jt In ti.hinlcil allk tn Ho yoiiiitf.
! and to the oHfft ; to tho kt-fflniifr for firnt Iohhoiim,
and to th .iiiHitt-tir, tor ifcnorul prHriiris, Ht;iit int
jmid. Vriro t:i.T5. OMYKH 1HTSON & CO., BohIou.
niAKMiH II. lITSiN It TO.. Vw York.
(hA'f.'i MOXTH and ar ronimin-ifnii ..u'. to
kPOU-' H H'f.ijf.rio' WarM and llnvc ntbT dhuOT-
. AgurJMi J,t, llbio.i, i-uniiurn, ra,
flUAsn R.p!im, Mirii.,Sept. 1,
V pi'i'idi- hpi-hi to by r.rwAf abrnit yoiir " Hod Jnolr,
ct Axta." l'lt'iin.' Mud nje ivsnuiy Aumu mori
uun truly, v . J). F.
rM'TloN. trtinrliwlt.lwl riValim arn "olllnir Asm
iaint.-il r.-il, mm tha ItKt) i ai'Kkt Ak. TUn Hoal iiiMi-tii-aof
thla Axt r.H.aiiita in ita itiourlur rutting iualitiut
not in tin- K.il Piilnt.
Ttie " Kkii Jai-kkt " m fur tnle by all retponailile
baliiwam il.ml.-rt, ami th utuniilai.titrira.
: Lll'I'INt'UT't & BAlitiWKLL,
Piltabarub, Pa.
SWfMS tl.P.R.lkCii.
For the Holidays !
JIj Stock tonipriscs greal T(rity of
Rolls of every size and description,
Fire Crackers, Torpedoes, Sky Eoekels,
! ROMAN. CADZiis, etc. (V
Also. French nud Domestic Ctniiis, Raisins,
Nuts, Figs, Oranges, Lemons, Coco
Nuts, Oysters, Pickles,
Sardines nnd every kind of Canned Fruit,
Also, Cakes of every description, Sugar,
Gir.per, gpire and Tea Cakes, by tbe
barrel, alt fresh, and made of '
'All orders promptly attended to.
Address, P. KERN, '
: . 1Yest Side Market Square,
Knoxville, Tenn.
P. Q. pi Jfit. bSdecllmol
Late with Late with
U. Is. Anderson fc Co. , Bf.r-1 k Vanabn.
-n'hlU'liHll Slreef,
JCjOonsicnments of all kinds of Produce
solicited, and prompt, personnl attention paid
to sum, and prompt returua made.
lSiiSdeClHnitl ' ;
Fmin the Nnahtille Pm ana Tiaimi Pot. 14th, IHSS.
Tlie fi.llotrim beautiful poem Wat written l.y t'inr
lea llii-kent.
H AVISO this dy snpnested the insoven
cy of the estate ol Samael Bare, deed,
to me clerk of ths County Court of Snllirnn
t'OBnty, Ten this is therefore to (lire notice
to all persons having claims agninst said es
tate to file them properly authenticate it with
th Clerk of the County Court for Sullivan
Countr. at MoiiMvillo, on or before the 8th
dav of April. IHW, or tbev will be forever
burrtd ia law and vuuitv. Dec. 8th, 13G3.
lS.;8drcl8 Adinr. of said Kstate.
In Chancery at Taylorsvillc, Tenn.
Joseph Wnjfnrr, Complainant vs. Thos. Ward
and wile, Drltlnb, anil others, heirs at law
of Jiiini-s ami Catherine Urudlcy, deceased,
IT Al'i'EAlUSG to llisClorkand .Mastrr,
from tbe nlleffations In complainants
lull, that A. i. Mic 1 1 auu w ile r.icnur, Jesse
r.rail'.ey, Daoirl UrHillrr, Jacnb II ill and wife
Kraltne, Nathan Hhtpler and wife Caroline,
and Klvira Bradlrv. Tht '. seven are heirs
at law of Daniel Hradley, deceived, Tarltnn
Dagirer, Alvin I)urer, Catherine Iiujjtrr,
James Dustier, Samuel Ward n.l wife Orpba,
Henjaiin llaker and wife folly and Ceorje
Bradley art non-residents nf the Xiale 11 1
Tennessee. It is ordered that publication be
made in tba I'uiun Flair, publi.hcd at J.ueii.
boro', Tennejse., fur four sncctssive weeks,
notifying raid defendants to aj pear at tht
Court lluute in Tnylorsnlle, en lb. fourth
Monday ia March nest, Inn!), at a t liancrri
Court, then and thcr to be held for the coon.
l of Jehninn, in the lit t'baucery Iliitricf,
ia said Slate, and plead, answer or driiiur to
co-npIiilnir.t' bill, or th. same will be t..Wii
as ronfeaxed and t'l for hraritif eij ario.
Suveiuber 17, ltu;it. $
Jk II. PMITn.C k V.
rsa R- K. ilaaav, l. C. k M.
'BS lecHwlnf")
Raddick Steam Engine.
The moil C'onipnct, tlm Stmplcat, kiul
CliojijiCMl in thia Ctiuniry
or ntii'in.l.
Th" rat. 4 s-wr aa4 beat wtV"t-.-.!iln rarai.frr4.
H1J.N , Sj S a 1 11 .
, I lH").r, r..
fifli-a 7l Plr"i'itT. K. T.
Bol. aUn.l4t.irra. f
liEVl'HKWX, Itll'ff t "0.,
7J UiliHlia SH-t. N Tt.
ti.n.lal i.nlt.
iSnnt J
T,,v, ,rJ K, ,r.,i.,iv. ,(..,, ,1,4. vilt.. t.u
' ,w t ,.tq . f a.. -'i'", a-ij of tht ..-t .n.l natii.a-
I '-if." t i A tf"t
(ll.f('l A
, I itlrtk. rs, l:s Kmnii , t. t.
' 'C1IASK & com
Superior to ffV Hlxrivn tt'tr krnln the VuUiet
mill will nut injurr tbt J'"tl dhnr. . ,
For Stroiifftli,1 Convcuiwtice bmiJ Kcoii
oniy, it tmrjuiKHWR tho host Iwligo.
Put iiu'iu J.iquiil ud Pry fotiu. Pm.in.l by '
i iia.sk i n..
117 Valliiuiii Mri-i't, N. Y,
""WATERS1 ' i.
With Iron Framo, Ovenstrung liasn,
,-,.,,-,, .and AK'i'ffwi'i'Of .t, ,,
THE BEST MAX ('t' ACTl'lt Rl i . ' m
OKt.ANS, of at ftrirt ltia inaUtM. ft; W jW-t .l.r
'mh, r, nne tiftb rHfb mtd tli Ibilnitrt In iiiMiiibly iti-ftHlliii.-i.tr.,
fnr iriif, nnd rv itHNicy -idl'l I'Hr- ,
rbitti.-d. Sfctind-hand litHtriunriiln ttt KnHl bursaim. '
IlliKtr(itt'diatHl"(Ue umtlfl. Mr. rr
Utor of tig DuwUt'j fr htttil JfH'iV htmk; " MkavK'L
Kcllut,K.,' aud 'NKW S. H. MKt,i.t" Vi-t in1ltrH..-U.) , '
.Waro-rooms 4Hl Broad wiiy, X ST- , sh
Tbt Wtfriv Piartoit nr Itnowu tm toning tba vtHf ,
BKm.aV. Y. Kvwjrlid. " -! l
. V ;m v.':ik ul :ln-aicritu of Ibf Watur Pi;tm
from (i'-'ntoniil kntiwlclL't aa buititf if tlio very bi'nt .
qimlltyt'A'aA-ftH iHcliiqemrr, . . , ,
Wi bHva him, ut Mr. t;iL'fV Plrviii- H"w in nnr r-i- , f
id. nci., (whorw It hik nt"HH lor yi-arw.) uf Mib-h any
mMiufttcturtT i th wttrld wi'ltt wt H W proud. Wat
bftve hIwhvn bn drtllKbivd with it tu a. twot tnh d
and Mwuriitl inwtniweiit, and tbra ia Moitmbt tf I.M
dnuMllty nMr Ui;m tUU, M'Hitj rf tltf bunt anialntt
jjlyr in th city, fta widl aa aitfml ctU'brat'd .ian--
tin, liibve rt'orkti-d m tbft attbl laftOj ad all pr
iitiiniM it m tnyvvUtt trnd (Irai cin liintnim,iit. - ,' .
StronKor ludrfraauH-ut w puutU nut gv.liuime Jtwes
t. ; . v .....'.-.,. ,
. .
ItiDlllHitkfrHirxft. y. V.
0SB0tt." BUS) A!M.iM C.KEi .
Mannfftftorrd ndfl by tbln OoM PAN v t l.ridcportf ,
Conn., under l.fUi'ni i'AtHl nf tbj tnit'd HtHH.
l'h.mi t-'it)ita nf ft trrtat rarlty nf trlf tuiil Hiill. ,
and ItM'luitc .'ANAKV, PAUUtlT, UUCKHSO-HIKll.
KjCIKKKIs, kc.- .' ' " tit
flwy mo tiiiiabl in ft anr"'' mnmr; wo jmint nf
atift tin'ji.'trft wbitli in mtttl tu Hlid and Animala f
brim u( in lAftr uMvututi. -T.ni-y ura rutin
rrtHit. Bird Rck-rit ytjit appr.att' tin'inj mihih t s.
xtt'llfiictt, to im fi.tutd ib tiu otW?r CflfffN. 'Ihcyt-
tfivvd tbe biribuM pre iniuow ut thv Auw()ta iMHHlutH " '
and Nf w York Stat' Kuim of 17.
Caittims: All uitr Oatra r aUmnfti with onr .
Dftiut) ujxiu tbam.. btfid tttr-i'iriHjur aii'l Prvc Ut.
t.M'i.i.r, w. inijtu, u-.w.V4- AUkjr. m
6(tBuK21inoBWi.U.l'.4:('0, -r , . . .
Printing Inks of every " description
and always roliahle at
117 Maiden Lane New York.
i. V. tilWW .N CU. ari coiirjtaiitiy tiisuiuttrttiriittC
mid liavt aiwovu on baud, vry variety of 1'klNT
l.NU I-K, Inim tlt tin.'Hi JllHtk tu Swi Ink, vIim-U
tlicy WMrntiit mpiul to hut vr maiiufHetnri'd, and a
at low iricK (ID -ai. b inid by any p'tfubir iiiarmlHC
luivr. ttitl!m fi.nrardfd by fllinb,Mit und raflnmd
tu any part of tint country, bgr ftAldn-aainj aa tvbora.
Sitmilt at'iit if rciiirtitfd,
AAMa AVI 1" """'.
Tprvwbcrp, niHln mid- ffnialt. to fntroditcA th itlS-
MACIUNK. Thi mmhinr will Mitcli, b-'i. Ml,
tiu-fc, qnilt, ard, bindv brid and ttibr.dlr In ftvWuxl.
nuvciiiif uiaoupr., I'rirt only if IS. ulty Hrruiiti-d
for rf jfm. Wn will m f mftllft-rauy mabiiio that
wtU afw ft Htronir.fr, Hwra bHiitti4 ar inssrtf tHaitie
nt'ixm (bull nun. It m;ik.K tb" 4Kitstif Lwk Stltt-b."
Kviy atrnnd antch run fc oat, 4 till tb
cloth mnnot btx pulb'd itjinrt without tturiiif It. W
jcive AHitit from JT.t t J'.i0 nitr aioiith and rs jwnaii,
or Aciwmirtriron fr.iai ft lilch twic (bi-t amount ran
made. Addrnaa SkCOiiU t'Of, l'.tthbiuw, l'ft.,or
Btwtoo, Mana,
r Caution : Do not h imjH4vd vpon by othor parti
puluijnjc off wortliloaK taut-iron mat-bin', uuttr lit
atimo nmno or otherw"- bir Is (lit 41$ )(muiha and
rmlljf pnictltMl tbOttp uiacbinu fituniwluKd
Fine Jewelry and Silver Ware,
Benedict Bros' . New Store,
No. CM Baoaanrav, Niw '. . ' '
Butwo.'B AMtrT ami Fui'srii Bra.
Keepers of tho H, Y. City Time. 4
Sole Ayeut for the Roumtiirr Tuvtr Clutkt;
, aUoAgenli fur the ttltirattd Amtritw
Imforltrt of. Fureiyn Vutchet of tht moat eel.
irattd Hubert.-
AH of our Oooit art WARRAS'TEH o w
offer them to the TtihUe nt ihr 10 WEST rate:
Aililrtsa liENKPRT BRrlTIl KilS,lp.ti.W8,
ii. Ml Ui. Autrn, Sw Iik.
IVIel.ratt.l at.il Fli.Kr.'llra)
Patent . Cycloid Piano Fortes
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J.cad tho Opinions of Ureal ArlistH.
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No. 2 teroy I'luce, r.lo-kr trm", t
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Powder And BurRlar.Proof Loeka,
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Wilder Sularoantlsr Bsfo Company,
lepnt t.' Cortlund Siiei-t, N.mt York.
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Chemical Window Polish.
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10 Kltt r-'fet. Hriatrport, Conn.
Uttsuit'.'l G.U.I' CU.

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