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JA., II. (O$GROIVE, Editor.
A. A. PELL1, and Win. I. AREilUX,
SATURDAY - - - - J'ne 20, 1874.
Adivertish at's. I
1 Nqnre .. $ 4 . C t I .''5 ll ) 1I
2 sqa rs.. 7 1' ' ) tn"; 1; l0 0, (4 ,i h l
. plare ... I1"' I.3 0 1 ' 1. (i 015 C(1 31 1,
4 tlf 'rI+... 11 1 t II n" 0I )  : I ' ) ('II
S14qatlI rlles.q.. 17" ', t i 0 n 7 (1i 3j (11 4a l1
S, it 2'.+`4 (I. j1 , (' 4 1 NU) 45 0I1
7 s pqi'ire m... 23,1 271.0 36 .r l 91) 1 (10
Ssqatar'A.. 26 ' " 'I' 1 4.1 I 5 (ifi II)I11
i_0 R ,(B'rei ... ' 5 l ,Q .5, " I',5 ('i
3 t s aIAt 4P.. 4 " nI), I)l 0 (o'0. ' 'tI11 .' , t
20) sgjiar ... 6') ,'' 9,, nII 9') (1ll,5 0i ( i150 (1 0
'ranoient nr verti mpnht twtn 1 51 n r'. t , 'e of
I) liui' Br.r ier:. first ins;,rt in. Each hslhs.
qIee t in11 r'ti(l 75 rrt ' per o'.,l,1rI'.
~-- -- --- -- · _----- .-:. - ............ . .
Rates of eihsreriptioa.
One, Cnpv rone ear ...................... .t. n
t)rn Copy n ix m nth ..................... 5'
(Pai a!'lo in d·hnFat .)l
peITa J91 OFF ICIt it hispplide with] a
great vanritev  t'lnP", ntll work in thk (d(cl rt.
mont, performed with nratnr nnll at, movrr
uatn prieos
Terms. CAtI1 on (lr'icrr ,f Wmr',.
We shall continue as regnlar sub
scribers all persons to whom the Yit
DICATOn is sent tfhis wetek. Parties
not wishing to retail the paper will
please retmrt it to this oflice, with
the word [returned written thereon.
Oar price is $3 per year 1.5)0 for six
alonths, (payable in advanc)no.
subscriptions reccived fnr a less period
than six months. We think the price
within the reach or every one, and be
ing the only paper ipubliahi d in Nat
chitoches in defeanc of thle rights of
the people, no citizen alive to the in
terest of our parish and Stat should
fail to patronize it.
ADwIc..--laving saold my interest
in the "Red River News," it becomes
Inm duty as it editor, in saying at.re
teoir to its many patrons anid frieutds.
Since the year 1n68, the News has
been sincerly devotedrl to the het in
terests of the ?eljublican party. It
has ever been rea(ly to give whole
somen advice, and was called upon
many times not to notice or to cover
thet little faults of its leaders ; bert on
the other hand, as trno journalists,
we were oblige to expose somne of the
most glaring fraunds i hence the cre
ation of another lpaper called the Re
publican. Born as it was in sin, andtl
judging from its tone thus far, it is
fain to suppose that corruption will
be supported by that organ under all
circnmstances, while I shall ever re
main an earnest snpl)porter of the
National Republican Iparty
We were pleased to meet during the
week, Judge WV. B. Egan, Col. Wylie
and other distinguished gentlemen
from our sister city, Shreveport.
We trust there stay among us has
been pleasant and that we may have
occasion to see them oftener. Suc
to you and your citZ, gentlemen.
The regular Grand Ecore packet
Bart Able arrived on time Tuesday
_norning. Our thaUks are due the
polite and attentive officers for files of
late city papers. Being assui'ed of
the qualifications of Caplt, Sinnot to
command a packet in our trade, the
business portion of our community
hope he will find the trade paying
enough tojustify his remaining with
us in future. We wish him success.
The weather continues to grow
warm, warmer, warmest, and if any
other degree of comparison can be
admitted, thien its that 9(i60 in the
shade, makes us feel as if we would
like to strip our tiesh and, rest awhile
on onu bones. There has been nmuch
improvement in the crops, cotton is/
somewhat retarded owing to the long
continued cold rains in Jhe planting
season. We hear of no other empe
diment, Corn is doing finely but the
want of rain is begining to be felt,.
The area planted in corn is much in
excess of last year, and with a good
season now as it begins to tassel and
shoot, woqld insure us an abundent
crop of bread stuff.
STONE.-The attention of foar citizens
is called to the action of his Honor IH.
C. Myers, Judge of thie 17th Judicial
District, who, can' be seen after ads
Journment of court each day, bnsily
engaged in buying up Witness and
Jurors certificates. This is very sin
gular conduct on the part of one
claiming to wear the judicial ermine'
Calling a court, empanneling ajury,
snmmoning witnessee, and ruslhing
from the bench with indecent haste
to publicly specnulato in the mtserabl~
pittance the poor eountryman re
ceives for his serviees, Here may be
a clue which, if followed up, will lead
to the exposure of soms "neat little
Let every one attend the GtanC d
Gatherlng of Tax-payers next Sator
We present the plblic with the first
number of the "People's Vir:dicator," I A
a newspaper we design publishing in
the city of Natchitoches. As it is
usual and expected that, in launching T
out upon the sea of journalism, a sea
at this moment beset with dangers to
the craft not laden with official bIl
last, and depending entirely for sup
port upon the gratuitous contribumtion, r
of a people already borne down with
taxation, we should state to our read
ers thie reas.ons for this einterprise, and i
enunciate the political policy we in
tell(d pesuing..
We coieeive it would be firuitless to
reason, there being a great neces
sity of supporting a journal fully ,
alive to the m;teria! interest of all
lcnaseC of good citizens. The 1u:
ceasing plunder of our purses in the
way of exhorbitant taxes, now being
wrung front us, and the foreshadowed
deImtndsi still to he made on our per
s;ons, property and liberty, speak in
language too emphatic to be unheard, c
and are arguments to plihiu to te d(,
nied. Rings, Cliques and Conspira
ces, have been formed to plunder,
degrade and enslave us, 11asures of
oppres'ion, and schemes of rohbery, t
have been sueresstfully inaugurated
and carried thromugh, without the
knowledge of the masses of this Par
ish, and without a channel whereby,
to enter a manly or decent protest.
We propose to enlighten the peo
ple, and expose the frauds committed
upon them within the last four years,
that all may have IL knowledge of the
villainies, awd can fasten the respon
sihility for the starvation and bank.
rnlpey now staring uts in thei face,
upon the parties who have perpetra
tetd these swindles, that cry aloud to
heaven for vengence. In polities, our
ltforts shall be extended to furthert
the success of any party which shall
be alive to the interest of the tax
paying and honest laboring elements
of our State. We advocate the rein- c
t statement of justice, economy, lhon
esty and capacity in the admniistra "
tion of public alrairs; the protection
of the rights of property ; that the
purity of the Judiciary shall be res.
tored ; unceasing hostility to rings~
and cliques; the encouragement of
white immigration to Lonisiana; that
time mercantile and agricultural in
I terests shall be fostered and protect
ed, and by nmaking investments as
safe here as elsewhere, invite capital
to our State.
To necomplish these ends there is
no middle ground, and we unhesita
tingly say, there can be no compro
rmise between honesty antl fraud. We
Sdenounce W. P. Kellnogg and his 1
minions as usurpers and unprincipled I
villains, having no interest in con
moan with the people of Louisiana,
and bent only upon tlio,. plunder of I
her cititqns, and the destruction ofi
thile State, and our very existence de
tmands that we should resist thlleir ad
vances writh all the means tle God of
nature ha placed witlhin our reach.
We in common with our people re
quire the nomination and support of
Sthe purest, ablest and most resolute
men for office, we emphatically re
fuse any and all alliances with the
Sunprincipled men, both black and
white, who have heretofore organized
and controled the colored men, and
used them as tools to plunder and de
V grade our race.,
Our banner is nailed to the mast:
"Hannibal ante portal." We join
Shands with those who declare eternal
Sand unrelenting wuar upon the ene
miss of society, and the prosperity of
our white citizens; that tile end'of
Sail civil gover.ment tony be attained
--namely, the ihappiness and welfare
Sof its people.
SIt seems that Pinchback, the "new
anddle":colored Senator from our
n State, cannot get justice in either
I House of Congress. The Senate gave
Shim thie cold shoulder, and the House
t of Representatives have just "'ifted"
hitm out of his seat by a large ma
jority. Our advice to him is to try
g shoe-muaking, of which he poseeses at
s tho out-set one good requislte, that
Sof "pegging away."'
The entire tribe of Natches Indians
now here,' consist of an old ,Plug
Pony, one bottle of whiekey and the
chief, Louis. "A fewo more settings
of the sun, a few nmore moons, a few
more sands on the sea shore aind
leaves in the forest, this pony will
plug out, Louis will leave us and this
Sbottle of whiskey depart to the hap
Spy huuntin'g grounds.
* The District Colirt has been in seos
B sion two weeks, and numerous civil
I and criminal cases, have been dispo
& sed of. We suppose the Judge, l.
C. IMyers, will contionue court until
the Docket has been cleared.
Citizens Rally to the Mass Meeting
aert Saturday.r I
Tax-Payer's Mass Meetmg.in
,00 ('itizens in (1o1n6cil!!
A Determination n9 Longer to
be Plundered.
This and Nothing Less !
. large and enthusiastic meeting of
Tax-payers was held at the Fire
Fman's Hlall in this city, on Saturday,
June 13th, at which all 'classes of our
citizens were represented. Republi
cans and Demoerats. White and
black. 1Resolution.s were adopted andl
tho utmost enthusiaml prevailed. I
The meeting was addressed by Cdl.
D. lPierson,, Judge R. M. Kearney,
lion. W. 11. Jack and M1. J., Cnning
ham, in which the schemes of the
Radical plnr!derers were admirably
exposed, amd'the remedy truthfully
Let s not misunderstand our duty
at this hour. Every good and ioii
est citizen feels in his heart that we
can no longer submit to the vassalage
of the ftiw designing men who have
utteily prostrated and dehtroycd the
material interest of the parish. The
Iirst step has been made on the 1oad1
to reform and prosperity, and there
should be no faltering in our onward
inarlch to that goal.
By our resolutions, we have enume
rated so1le of the i numlerous burdens
under which we have so long anti p:
tiently sullfred, and under which we
are now being crushed. We have
named some of the individuals vwho
have been, and'are responsible for the
wholesale plunder anti degredation of
the people. We have demanded that
those membnlers of the Police Jurv
should vacate the positions they have
occupied only in the interest of a
corrupt or thieving ring, and it re
mains now to see that our remnon
stranees be heeded, and our demandl
(,tii.:en,) are you equial t tthe e)er
Freemen will you submit,?
Too long has this state of affairs ex
isted ; too long have we silently and
quietly borne this ruthless pillage.
Home, freedom and our families, de
mand we should have immediate re
dress. We wish not to be misundler
stoodl, we make no war upon white
or black, this is no party fight, but
higlher, nobler than all; the duty a!il
requirenlents of the honest citizen,
and the true Patriot.
We tlbjoinI the minutes of the
Proc4edings of tihe meeti.ng f Tax
Payers .4 the parish of Natchitoehes,
held Junie 13th, 1874, at the Fire
man's 1ll1Iall, in the city of Natchito
Meeting called to order and Dr. J.
W. uhtler elected to the Chair as
fPresident. Upon motion the foUlow
ing were elected Vice Presidents.
A. Leeomte, M. HI. Carver, S. WV. Kile,
P. A. Simmons, H. I. Hlathorn . H. A.
Weaver, MI. Perot, J. H. Hill. M. 'Tan
zin, J. E. Keegan, WV. W. inBreazeale,
George I)Ciean, Charles elloy, It. L.
Faulkner, Sam'l. Parson, S. 0. Scruggs
L. Charleville, ,oseplh Martin, J. A.
Dueourmna, Birt Brooks, llugh Mc
Kenna, J. W. Butler, Hyp. Hertzog,
Win. M. Levy, C. F. )ranguet., Winm.
Payne,' Alex. Garza, .ohlun (jenoc, Am
brose Sompnlayrac, Alex. Dellieux, C.
L. Walmsley, Joseph Ilenry, W. 1I.
Jack, R. E. HIaminert, T. J. Jen
nings, W, S. Campbell, Alphllouse Plru
dhomme, T. Chluer, Dr. Cassidy, J.
)D. Addison. VW. A. Ponder, Willis
Holms, N.'H. Campbell, T. Haller, I.
Kahn, C. A. Billard, Henry Levy,
Jas. Genius, T. Schuman, J. M. BI.
Tucker, A. E. Lemee,
Sectetarys ; A. V. Carter. J. II, Cos
grove, R. W. Taylor, Edward Phillips.
SCol. . Pierson explained the ob
ject of the meeting. The Chair ap
Spointed a Com,,,mittee to draft Rdso
Slutions expressive of the feelings
and wants of the citizens inii Mass
Meeting :assembled, whereponi tlhe
President named the following gen
tlemen upon said committee, who
withdrew to prepare the resolu
Stions, viz:
W, H, Jack, R.W. Taylor,
C. J. C. Pacekette, W. W. Breazeal,
WV. A. Ponder, Mortimer Perot,
J. F. DeVargas, E. V. 1)oblieur,
J. C. Trichel, P. A. imnmons.
)During the absence of tlhe Commit
tee the meeting was entertained lby
t addresses from Judge R. M. Kearney,
an) M. J', Cunningham, after which
the cmninittee oin Resolutions, having
Sreturned, through their Chairman W.
Il, Jack, submitted the following Pre
amble and Resolutions, which were
Senthusiastically received and unani
Smously adopted.
SWhireas, the career of tho Iniblic
Soffilciah of the Parish of Natchiteches,
Ssince the reconstruction of tihe State
of Louisiana, has been, almost with
out exceptlol, marked by a wanton
disregard of the rights of tlhe people,l
and systematic spoliathon of the tax
payers for their own benefit;
'And whereas, said otllicials, 'repre
senting i the main beilther the in
telltgence, honesty nor material in
terests of the parish, have by their
gross and criminal corruption, impos
ed onerous burdens of taxation upont
the people, which have gradually in
creased from year to year in spite of
protest or appeal, rising from five
and a halt per ce'nt on valuiation of c
property in 1'.'2, to six aill seven 1
eighths per cent in 1873, and finally t:
culmninating, in 1874, in a total amount e
of taxation equal, less one mill, to s:
thel highest conventional rate (if in- si
terest allowed by the laws of the
State, thus making pr'operlty holders t
mere tenaniltS of those ill power; e
. And whereas, having no ('onflilenlee o
in the olical integrity of those w ie t:
hav'e e~ n.lteth'd, and are tiow' coin
idueling the atthlirs of the parish, and p
being determined no longer to sub- ti
mit to their exactions, iwhich virtiual } o
a11111 m 11n tO a wholesalhe eoliliseation of(
plrpllerty ai,[ Ihe genelral impover
ishment of all classes of our lpeople; 1;
Therefoire, be it tresolvel, that, we s
will hereafter resist ;ii extortiomis or tI
(orrupt t anld ille 1( lry extl a'a n;lit- I1
ces of parochialt adminiistration hy by
ever' mIeans in our poWer, appe;lin g. e
if ntiecessarly, to thie iithlerent right of I
,self-protection which is the b;.is of
all tree governeiint, maintaling ithat
the interests of t hose who pay tax:'s
to support. the governmlent 1 1stt co n
trol and direct its athiirs in order to t
insure generatl prosVerity: t
Andi whliireas, it is necIIIIryI to re- t
enpitulate sctmo of our lresent grie"v r
1tnces, fot' which we now seek :tnd de- ,
1t(0ind remedy, anil to indicate those 1
Ifurther grievatnce w icht we have rii
reas'nl to fiar ii the.fuatl ;
IHe it resolved, that we licdenltunele
ntleionei , a~ illegal and tiunauthof lr
ed. the following acts of the lpre',ent 1
l'olice Jury, which remain unrepeal- I
ed, to wit: h
The resolution allowing the Presi
dent of that Body an annual salary
of Six lHundred Dlglars: that allow- I
ing the Clerk of that; Body the sum
of Six aun dred Dollars per amnin m;
that tallowing the Pl' isle Attorney
Eight Ilnudred Dollars, and the reso
lution allowing the imeml rsi tshe
Poliee Jury miloeage at tho rate of
Fity cents per mile, in direct viola
thli of law, and we do demand that
the ae shall ble 1immediately reduc
el and tixed within legal lnd reasoni
ile limits: I
;Be it resolved, that we denIunce
the action of the Police Jury in at-i
tempting to crtteto one currency for
the salaries and commissions o of olice
holders, and another for the people,
and demand that all shall share alike,
and equally sufier or he benefited by
I he depreciation of the obligations of 0
the parish;
Be it resolved, that we regard the
sutppresion of the resolution of the i
Police Jury dolnatinlg to H. C(. Myers,
the suin of Nine lhmudred Doll'rs on 1
account of the Immligration Butreau,
a scheme originally devised to plan-1
der the people, as indicating ia just
fear of the indignation of the people,
and warnil tlhem that the tax payers of
the patislh will not submit to its ro.
enlietment in any shape:
Ilesolved, that we demand the re
peal of the late ordinance of the Po
lice Jury taxing the parish with costs
which the Supreme Court of the
State condemned the tiux collector to
pay, and that thle parish otlicials take
stepls to eInforice said jndgient, and
ci olel the collector to ipay staid costs:
Resolved, that thei tax-p1(yers of
the Parish of Natehitoehes express, in
unqualitfHied terms, their lack iof con
tidence in ., !. I.ornsby, Sam Black,
1Ed. Mitchell and John iolnies, me11
bers of the tpresent Plolie ,Jurn, whom
we regard as either corrupt or incom
Spetent. and thcy are hereby request
ed to resign, inu otrder that the Gov
cernor nuay appoint trustworlhy citi
zeons to till the iniportuintposititn held
by them;
il esolved, thaOt we condemn and dIe
onIuce the cotdct of the tax-col
lector i iniet'rin g costs and fees for
the benelit of himself anId triendls, in
violation of pulisthed instructiconls
from the Anditir, by advertising the
itoperty of those whlo are willing,i
but unabhc to pay their taxes, and for
exacting currency flin the citizens as
commissions in (!ollectin,.g parish tax
es payable in the bligationt s of the
parish, and in extotting fees not sane
tioned by law;
Resolved, that thle ordinance of the
Police Jury, vesting in the collector
Sof taxes tlhe power to decide what
parish obligations are ljga! and re
Sceivable for taxes, is monstrousn 1 in
view of the notorious fact that said
·oIlieial buys and sells the scrip for
personal profit, and is thuis enabled to
reap individual advanttage not shared
by the tax payer.
Resolved, that in fie opinion of
-this meeting the alipointment of iH.
C. Myers as Jutgeo, and the creationl
of tIe IZth District Court, was pro
Scured to further and sustain the
schemes of plunder and extortion
-concocted and set on foot by' hinself
Sand a few others, and that there is
no use to appeal to the courts where
his jndgmenit wouitk be one ot' last re
sort in any contest between the peo
pile and official corruption.
That the conduct of H, C. Myers,
in coming down from the bench to
, official acts illustrative of his charac
ted, and the objects for which he ob
tained the high official position of
4 Judge of the 17th District. *
Be it further resolved, that the
. Chairman of this mueting be and he
a is hereby authorized to appoint SFy
.ETY members of this organization as
a permanent Committee of Investi
gation to examine and report to this
body all derelictions, malfeasances,
e extortioun and other illegal aud op
pressive acts on the part of the sver.
l tii parochial authorities, with the
- view that such action may be taken
as may be necessary in the premises,
and that said Committee be now spe.
Schdaly charged to inquire into and
report at the next meeting o' this
body as to tie following items, to wit:
First, as to what constituted the
two several claims of D, H. Bouilt
r for the respective aunm of $85 00 and
$1538 78-100, approved and allowed
i by the Polio Jury on 3d inst.
Second, whether somo of the pub.
f lic officials, or others, have not from
time to time abetractcl from the re
c011rd-. ill 0n iln ome iltc , parisdl pa
per on which j idgiment lhad been l oh
lained, or otherwise subject to can
cellation. and afterwarls sold the
s:mtle or used it for their benefit the
second time.
Third, whether, under existing laws,
the parish taxes, il('lting the spe
ci;tl tax to pay jiudgments, tcaii exceed
4 tone hundred peri cent al of the State
(taY ill aIV year..
Fouril, iWhet' ther ' isue of p1'riah1
pallie' has exceeded lie aplprn'l'iL
tions fo' , any ar, and report eX(eSe
of expendil iure.s.
SRcsolved, that the said connuit ee
are hereby autllhorized, in the name of º
the people, to be represenled fby a1
uil)'ConlmittfeC, aIt all the mneetings of
the P'olice .Jry and to slLu'.,Pet sIuch
IleaUl(,res of lreformn an(I ecnlomy as I
may 10 deemed proper, with power
esplecially to examine the warrant
hook of that ho dy at ally time, to
prevent extravag-aut expetiditur'e, of
toe plublie money to favorites or bo,
gIs paupers.
Rlesol ved, that in tile opinion of
this meet ing, a reglar parish. eqnal
to the State tax. sho'ld he levied, as
inecessaryl to meet the legitinlate ex
penos of the parish. unt the wi.ole
should he made receivable in parish
aper,'. and the collection postponed
until the close of the year.
IResolIed, that the holders of jnl.g
nents anainst the parish, for the pay
inent of which a special tax of 40
mills has been levied and mlade pnra
ile this year, are requested to author
ize either the reducltio of the tax
f'rom its pres" nt oppressive rate, or to
,Idelayr ollectlio of the same until :he ,
close of the 'earn, r bothnll.
leonlvted, tha:t this Associat or
memnorialize the Geteral Assemb'ly,
at its next secion, to repeal: the Ilw 1
au;hornizinl jnldmentts to be rendered
alainlst the parish. and the smhu
lquent collection of the samue in err
rency(' , with onerous eosts and interTt.
lh:solved, that whilst in most canes
the citizens. are able and willingto
pay the State taxes, they aie detlr
red from doing so on account of tie
enorilOuls local b1rdelns. alnilOllllting,
withl the recent reductions, to 50 mills
on the irolls of !7;1: which, from le
want of ability alone, if nothing elsr,
of the people to pay, will finally eon
fisncte all the property in the parish.
11e it fulrther resolved, that we de.
noiunie, as illegal and unauthorized,
the custoil) of commnitting courts ano.
magist'ates in certifying and apllrov.
ing claims of witnesses for attendauncPe
and uiletage in criminal cases conming
1before them, as such comlpeunsation is
only legally allowable for their at
tendanee in cases coming before the
District Caut..
,Resolved, that tlhis meeting he de
clared a lpermanent league of tax-pay
er's, under the nameo of the Citizen's
Retfolrn Association, pledged to carri
out all measures tending to amelior
ate the condition of all classes of the
lpeople, and to work zealously against
Sofllcial corruption.
Resolved. thafi t the next meeting of
this Association shall be held in
INatchitocles, on Saturday, ,une 27th,
After receivling amind aopting the
SresIolution.. lthe Hon. W. I1. Jack in
- a tellingl speechl, f;ulrled the enemy
'"without gloves," and elicited muclh
Mloved anil carried, thait the Chafir
Sappoint a ('ominittee of ,eventy, to
e:rry out the Instructions of the Mass
Meeting. Said committee to report
to an adjiourned meeting of the citi
zens, to be held in this city on Satur
day, 27th June, inst. The Clh'ir ap
pointed the following as composing
said committee.
r1. J. CUNNINGIHAM, Chairman.
M. H1. Carver, W.A. l'onder,
D, Pierson, L. Chnarleville,
tlenry Levy, Joseph Martin,
J. C. Trichel, 1T. Vhler,
,1. A. Ducournan, W W V. Ilreazeale
Arab. Solunpayrac, Sincy li~irrii
W. 0. Breazeale, I. Kahn, "
SJ. Genis, C. H. Levy,
J. 1). Addison, J. WV. Snddath
SJno. Genoe, ,M. Hertzog,
P1', A. Simmln ons, W. H. Jack,
t8. 0. Scruggs, T. Sclumnian.
SJ, E. Keegan, Win. I. I, Levyt
A. Prudlomtine, Felix Boeis,
1. A. TIerrett, .los. Henry,
r . E. Hllammett, E.V. Debieux,
Ed. Phillips, L. A. Deblieuxs,
A. V. Carter, XV. B. Bntler,
J. B. Flemming, Yim. Payne,
Willis Holmes, R. Mason,
J. II. Cosgrove, Jacob Kile,
Juo. Bludworth, r. S. Campbell,
C. A, Bullard, Jlortimer Perot,
a V. Gannie, I. A. Weaver,
X. II. Campbell, 7. W. Taylor,
f J. M. B. Tncker, IDr. Cassidy,
a W. E. Russell, Sam'l. Parson,
SChas. LeRoy, . Geo. Duncan,
J. J. Rains, A. Locomte,
earga C. L. Walmsley,
T, J. Jennings, T. Haler,
, If McKenna, Alex. Garz:I,
M. Tauzin, / Valery Murphyi
SI. L. Faulknerl 8. I. 'Hyams,
, R Kearnuey.
SM. J. Cunni gham presented e
. following whidf was adopted.
f Resolved, t/t the thanks of li
meeting be ad the same are her by
e tendered to thie Committee on R -
e lutions, for tlh very manly, iudep -
ent, and appropriate Resolutions r
' pared jnd submitted to this n rg
- for their adoption.
is Resolved, that the People's V di
1, cator of Natchitoches, the Can ian
. (of Alexandria, and the Tim of
3. Shreveport, he requested to p lish
e Ithe proceedings of this meeting.
n Whereupon th meeting adjo ned
1, to meet at the Filremen's Hall, the
city of ,Natchlitoches, on Satn lay,
d Juine 27th, 1874, at which tin the
is Committees are instrIcted to port.
J. IV. BUTLER, Chair n.
e J. .II Cosgrove,
E. Phillip ,
.R. W. Taylor,
d A. V. Carter,
n Don't fkil io attend the Ma 3Met
Sin Satrn'ilay next.
!slanding about thf " ,ale t,'r
payers m eats hueti i ,ra t.
the 17th Jhll(icial Distrt ,
been stated that a resolutn . tA p,,
eii by that body lenolun(ille fr
mnition of said J,;di,'ial Disirtiy us
constitutional. A careful peru 1 of
the proceeding published in to-,-.
issue \ill convince the most fastedilu
atnd sceptical ; fastideonus as to tih,
pilopriety of an assemblage of p'ace
able citizell:., and sceptical as to
whether thait asemnblage had the
right to expr'', grievances: that no
tsuch: resolution was entertained or
passed. Thoonly expression relating
to the 17th Judiciatl District at all, was
that which alluded to the District hasr
Sinj! l en J'orfIrd.! (r :he puIrpose that H.
(C. 3l'rs a0nd his feu jpersonal friends
miht b b beneitrl thereby. Itt a sad
IIIon Lent on liberty, if the persons to
whom the country owes its all; great. '
nIess, prosperity and power. ctannot he
allowed to assemlble and that assem
blage sustained and its protection
guaranteed by the very constitution
of the United States.; to State greive
:uaces and petition redress, witlhout
having their motives misconstrued or
tortured into a mob for the purpose
of assssination, rapine, and plunder;
to break iup courts however illegally
constituted, and trample all laws nn
dIer foot. The remarks from the bench
on Monday morning to the effect that
the sitting of the court would conti
nue until ''broken up," were totally
uncalled for, anwi were an insult to
the good, honest, tax paying citizens
(Who met peaceably to state their
grievances and demand redress, upon
last Saturday in our city. The corm
mittee of Seventy would only be do
ing its duty, to have a committee
await upon ii is Honor, and have him
correct any erronious impression
which persons foreign to our parish
might h;e led into by. shbll action as
this. The day has paused when the
people will submit to be traduced by
( any person, even if such person should
g be a district judge.
The Shreveport Times in a late is
e e, intinates the propriety of es
Stab'.ishing Tax Payer's Associati,,ns,
in the diferent Parishes throughout
Sthe State.
This seets our hearty approval and
we would suggest, that as delays are
dt dangeres, the measure should be im
mediat4y carried into eti1et.
As saui as practicable a Conven
Stion of the Parishes in North Lonisi.
artna, sluld be called to meet at some
· centr l point, say this city, to con
n sider jreasnres of practical utility had
Siniaugimte meatns, whereby we nmay,
by utited action, successfillly resist
i the ti4ther advance of the plundetersp;
: who tre sapping the very foundations
* of ,tkr existence.
Ld the people unite aind demand :
. aye force, a reform in the at'hire of
- our ttate, We hjLve rem:dined toot
Slong inactive, and have rested the
nsics of o'r cause too much upon
oth.o we have teen how futile,havs
bc' those eudceavors Liberty is
v'{hin'our grasp, it needs but reach
ing forth our halds to secutre it. Shall
we prove recreant
The temper and forbearance of our
people have been tried to the utmost,
and it would bo a criolme to further
yields The issde is made, and the
fact is ntariug us in the face, that rwe
musnt take charge of the ,affairs of
State, or abandon the country.
Shun him that would'advocate cobm
promises, as a traitor in league with
the Radical tulers who have ruined
Ins, as he is only striving to perpet
tate their powers, that he may profit
it1 the few crumbs chance may throw
hlrh in the revel for spoils. We im
plhaically state that eoncession is
death. We have already staked our
firoperty, or it has rather been pledg
kd witho(i' consent aititggainst
our remon rance, let aus then hazard
,nr lives nrup the issue. "Dlleath be
fore degrcdation
Citizens of Louitiana, behjold the
fruits of Republican rule i.n Natchi
e teches Parish.
SOrdinary Tax, 1869 17,585,43
.Judgment "' " 29,309,05
Ordinary I' 1870 none
Special " " , 52,026,1
Ordinary " 1871 16,~40.30
Special " " \Q$,g0.40,
Ordinary " 1872 i ,787.90
Special " " .
SOrdinary " 1873 10,
Special. " " 40,
SPaid and to be paid for PAsIn.. '
has the money gone The taxqs u w
amount to 79 mills on the dolla r, v
State 14 , Parish ordinary 20, Keat
ney Speeial 2, School 2), Spe ial 4
mills, Can any people stand t islet
- flemenhber the Mass. Meeting at~r
y:ty, ,June ?Tth in.,t.

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