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Messrs. Trichel 4 Airey, at the old
stand of R. E. Burke, WatshingLon
street, are offering a large stock of
staple and fancy Dry Good, Groceries,
Clothing, &c., at New Orleans Cash
.prices. Give them a call.
Ladies, call upon J. A. Duconrnan
and examine his large, fresh and cont
• pleto stock of staple and fancy goods.
laving been in the business for hver
20 years, he feels assured that he lia~
the advantage in the selection of goods
suiting their trade. See his c.rld.
See cards of P. Veuleman, Alex.
, Garzia T. Shauman and Beverly Tuck
er, and give then a call if you desire
good cheap and delicious groceries.
0. Shaffrath challenges the world
'for workmanship, fit and material, in
0 Boots and Shoes.-Don't fail to patro
nize "Old Socks." Prices greatly re
The attention of the ladies is called
to the "Singer" eiing Machine Comn
pany in another column. Mr. Iloberts,
the Agent, will be found at Fontenot's
Hotel, to exhibit and opperate the
machine. In this age of improVmenent,
no person should be without so use
ful an invention; time, labor anud
money are saved by the investment.
-- - mw ....
Call on Carver & Taylor, at theI
old stand of M. It. Carver, Front St.,
for choice Groceries, Boots, Shoes and
in fact anything to eat aid wear. HaIr
ing purchased for cash they can
offer special indneement to cash buy
ers. Polite and attentive clerks al
ways on hand to attend the wants of
customers. See their card elsewere.
Messrs. Bullard & Campbell are of
fering a good, select line of General
Merchandise at low figures. Their
stock is flesh and fall and they invite
an inspection of goods and prices. See
card in another cblitlu.
We call attention to the card of the
steamer Bart Able, in to-days issue.
Capt. Sinnot is determined to remain
with us, and to that end advertises
the fact that, when occasioti requires
he will place a small boat in the trade.
It is useless to say to the numerous
friends Capt. Sinnot hiias in our cont
munity, that he is a first class steam
boatsman, and intutends running his
boats to attend to bu!inesa onl: ; riot
for "glory." All our citizens will re
cognize in our old time stager, Capt.
Gee. C. Hamilton, wiHo has ch:arge of
the office, a polite and attentive gen
tleman. Jules E. lessi is the only
authorized agent for the Batt Able, in
'our city.
The notorious Ed. Scott, dhe of the
lparties implicated in the nmurder of
Elliott; in Shreveport, was carght and
lynched near that city last week. This
"eloses out the trio, Hill and Jones,
'haL previously utiet their just fate.
We hear also that A. B. and Tom
Norris; were hung for the murder of
kn old man, trading on a flat boat" in
bayds Macon. So much for the boasts
'of the "defacto"' to preserve law and
'brder. It seems that courts in our
State are being held, only to incunr
costs for the tax payers to mieet.
J. P. DeVargas, M . Ii. Carver, S.
Paraop, 8. W. Kilo, Geo. W, Duncan,
Jos. Ezernack and Louis Dupieir;
have been at last commisslonid i the ,
fotmer ah Mayor and the latter nati,
.e4:. members of the Council, for our
~ity. Froin tbe witholding'of the dom
mirdoasnuchi a leugth of time, and
,estehet tbreats of the party op
;posed to the people's ticket, we are
led to believe that strong outside pres
oure was.uased~ tpoh Goe. Kellogg to
i Udoce himtibdelay action upon the
eletion retadbs oir enstall the defeat
4esudidatesa No, reasonable doubt
'~gFltp of what Would have been the
4.s'qtiences of smect an outrageous
at~ .We take tbe ll.brty),once for T
illI.to Ihforin it thti Ai ttiee in our I
citj *ho make it a pdiint td appeal to I
l:l pliaspassidns df thi inoiant black
an anM d hebitge the Betions and rea
" onable detnihdhao the cititens of this I
padb, to conspirces and Dbmiocratic C
mobs to tuDrder them, that such con
luct'tld t~ntiaige~'will no longer be
tolerated; and should such men desire I
a,pleaeeble rebidenee.among us, th43 1
'inugt, and will be made tb conduct t
let~aelvesat~law and order abiding
citiseaus., Tie bone and sinew of this t
parish, the t~t payers, have rights a
't iraebntitletdomeinobmt lideration,
ndt they aredetermined in future to
have:~ch rights, a~d considoerations r
twfoud and respected, A word to'
tihq ws18 6 sacient. ..
A correspondent of the st. Louis
equirn says that the agent or Fort
Gill," Mr. Tatum, rejeOted certain 1
oa·t 6n the ground thatit was unfit
fao hauman food, adding that he
lhad tried.it in his own family. Hie
'as ourtly informed, by the depart. (
miet that "the flour was not intended )
for agents, bat for Indisas,"
(This column is given to the public
f for an expression of views. The edit
, or is not responsible for the ideas ex
pressed in correspondence. Com
munications must be addressed to
"GROWLJER," P. 0., care 'Vindicator.'
aWe hope that our friends who have
- ills" they cannot "bear" will take
advantage of this means to "unload.")
Dear Grou'ler :
Is it customary in your city if a
young man calls o(n a yonng lady
once, for her to circulate the report
thatt the young mali is engaged to her
and after not calling the second time,
her numtterdus frietids Who believe her
report as to the enm('llH(ulnt, tl.k
aloenut her claimlued hea:u ; to smooth
thint s over and to deceive said friends,
nicarly says, ''"0! 1 have kicked hIi.
he is not worth having."
- Yo ,tti,
Well now "red" we wonld not get
so "hot" about it if we were you.
I ay but little attention to such con
duct. The young "Lady" must Ihe a
simple girl only. As for such conduct
I eing tcustomary or proper in our city
we would answer "not any," it
might pass current in the Sandwich
Islands but wold be i'egarded in
civilized society as rather "undress."
....... ---- - c-I ,91, .I
We wish to inquire, simply for in
formation, in whose interest the 'new'
Police Jnry of this parish are run
ni>;g; the tax payers or the ring in
this city ? In the publication p1)t
porting to ble the minutes, which ap
peared last week in the official jour
nal of Natchitoches, Sahine, W'iln
and the balance of "all creation," we
saw no menition made of the snug
little sum of $900, allowed his llonor
II. C. M3yers, for services rendered the
great Immigration Bureau, although
*e were t}formed by trdoubted author
ity, to wit, the clerk of the Police Jury,
that Anch claim had been allowed.
Mr. Barron, the President, properly"
refused to sign the minutes and pro
niulgate the proceedings unless that
and some other plundering measures
p tised, should be repealed. Hlis per
sistance in protecting the people led
to the call meeting and hence the
publication of the proceedings of ttvb
sessions at once. How any set of men
can have the brazen cheek to grint
such a claim as that of Myers', the fact
of which they are even afraid to pub
lish ; and cut down hills for necessary
work contracted for, as has been
done to our knowledge, we are at a
lIss to understand. Taking it all in
all, we had better apply to the keeper
of Sing, Sing or Botany Bay, and if
they have fiur neat, light tingeredl I
gentlemen they wish to dispose of, we
can give them in exchafrige four of the
"heaviest villains unhaing, and tihe
beauty of it is we wont ask any boot.
T'rrot out yviunr convicts.
The trial of tile Grant Parish priso
eirs has beent concluded. Thie result,
is the conviction of but three of the
parties, Hadni GCrulkishank, and
Irwin, aid that only tip)on: the first
sixteen counts of the indictment;
viz, conspiracy, anid not guilty of the
other sixteen, the murder ofindivid.
rials named. The fivb others under
trial were' acquitted of all tile chmarges;
The parties were immrediately ie-ar
rested by District Attorney Beckwith,
upin otheir indictments he has against
them, but were released by Judge
Wood upon their oi'n recognizance.
Those found guilty ofconspirncy were
recommended to the mercy of the
court. This practically ends the
grand tarce, eted a biased Judge and
packed jury, have decided that men '
'can defend their lives and property,
from a bloodthirsty and ruthless mob.
A balky horse succeeded in block
adimlg Sanson street, WCe'dnesday week,
and had to be takedi oit of the shafts I
of the iagon to which lie was lhar
nessed before the blockade could be
raised. Few persons engaged in
handling hiorses know how to success
filly treat a balky animal. When
hlie evinces his obstinacy, loss of tem
per, immlirecathoms and liberal heatiangs
and ikikings arr thIe customary ap
plications, all of which tends to in
crease rather than diminish his ob
stinacy. The following simple and
humano treatment is pretty genbrally
employed by nativ6 ('alifornians, and 1
is always accompanied with success: :
Take an ordinary packing rope, pass f
the same under the horse's belly ; let
a man take hold of each end tf the
sname and draw it saw-fashion against
the inside of the fore-legs. No soon
er willthe horse feel the tawing of
th6' rpe, than hlie wilt odolntence step
piuCforward. Follow hini up a few
steps continue sawing his forelegs
with tile rope, and hd lwill go ahead
without further trouble.-Plilolelpha
Gazette. C
=----" -" "+" _
Thursday evening, May ,28th, 1874, 1"
by.the Rev. J. Percival, at the resi
dence of the brides mother, Mrs W.
W. Peyton, 112 Orange street, New [+
Orleans, 14.'J. onxIaN A~1, Esq., of i
Natchitoche, to Mise ANIwm PaTrroN, 1
of New Orl*ait.
Newspaper Law' and Regula
ic tlon3s.
1. Subscrilers who do not give cx
s- press notice to the contrary, are con
ni sidered wishing to continue their sub
2. If subscribers order the discon
r.' tinnuance of their petio,!icals, the pb
re lishers may continue to send them
ke until all arrearages are paid.
, 3. If subsciibers neglect or refuse
to take their periodicail. from the of'
fice to which they are directed, they
are held responlsible luntil they have
a settled .their bills, and ordered them
ly discotioned.
rt 4. if t snlscribers move to other
I place v;'iihout informing the publish
'0, I . and, the paper's Itre sent to the
i'r flriuer direction, they are held res
ký pnsilhe.
I 5. 'The courts have. decided that
s, "refusini to take pOlriddietl s from the
1 ollier, or remlov'ini.i and leaving thenm
niuealled for, is priiai flaioe evidence
of intentioitnal fraud."
%, Any person who receives a news
t paper and makes use ' hf it, whether
he has ordered it or not, is held in
law to be It subscriber.
. If tlnseribers plity in advance,
a Ithey are l,oundil to give neotice' to the
,t publisher, at the end of their time, if
they do not wish to continuie taking
it; otherwise the publisher is author
't ized to send it on, andl the subweri
Ii hers will be responsilde until an ex
Spress notice, with payment of all ar
Srears. is sent to the publisher.
n "
The World Farvoite.
['IE SAILES of the SINGER last year
, was the 'gret't t ever attained tifor
any Sewinig Machine in a yelr, a;Ld wias
Cnlearly double the inles of its highest
F ., ,,petitor, :1s 1111ay l (' e by l refier ll'e
- t til account of sa:es for 1873, from
sworn reIturns lmade1 to the (WIir'. Iof the
Sewing Machine I'atett-friom which I
E statlistie's wIe select the live leading mla
chines, viz :
The Singer sold 2:3,114
' Wheeler & Wilson, " 111,10 l
" Doeslie, "'' 40,114
" Grover &, Baker, " 31,17t
" Weed. " '21,7(9
It will be observed that theo ditff(rence,
in llivor of the SING , il, is the en rmous
amntl, of 113,"454 over tlh highest com
pl(titor. This result has been obtained
after vears of competition.
We sunlmit to an int,'rested plnlic if it
is cl:aiming too much to say - t lie Singer
is the m,)st 10ol1lar Sewing Machine in
the world.
GEO1; W. ROBERT.4, Agent,
SSinger Malufacturing Co.,
.aIchioche', La.
Jnne 20-3m.
VEEKLY ai lurrday Pagcket.
For Grinde Ecre', Mlntrlt, erv, A\leandulria
Pinevillr, Nornish ., Barbin'r,
Fort Dielussy.
And All Way Landings,-,
Tie A 1 Mhgnifei,'tnt and fast
running side-whel lIpas eniger
DICK SIssnT, )tnfaster.
T. J. 1)owrY, Clerks.
WTIL rdn as long as the water will permit,
VT leavin, New Orleans every Saturday ait 5
P. 1!., Grand Eere every 'lT'uesdaly at 12 M., aud
Alexandria every Wrdniiesday ait 12 ..
During the low water season, the P~art A1le
will be rueplaced by the A I light ldraft steamer
For frenight or pasae applly on hoard nor to
J,. A. Ducour'nau,
Foreign and Domestic Dry Good, Shoes,
Corner -ront, & Church Sts.
tUST RECEIVED a full and complete
e stock of
Prints, .Jtcuk
onets at reduced
prices, Linen Lawns,
Cihambr:iys, Atpacat of all
Sgradtes, Whito goods of all
kinds, Mourming goods, White & S.
colored Piqules all griades, Grenadiue.s,
Linen checklis, Artificial flowers, Bleached
tnd Brown cottons, Linen Checks;
Cotton chocks. Linen Drillings,
Ticking, Osnahurgs, Detnims,
Blue tand ltown cottonl
aties; Trimmnings of
ll descriptions, ,
Linen Drilings
Full Line of Nltions,
Complete Assortment of Gents Ti
F'truishinug goodts.
In Candmheration of tlte ht'rd times, he Ti
i offering the above stock at moderatt
and reduced prices. Call and examinoe T'
for yourselves.
April 4-3m. l
CAPITAL STOCK.............$100;00
Divided into Shares of$100 00 Each. ;
BOOKS OF SUB4R'IPTION for Stack in the
1 above Company,organiql aeecorinag to the
laws of Louisiuana, relative to corporations; are
now opened in Natohiochesa, at the office of L.
DUPLaiX. Esq., who is duly aulthoried and em In
powered to receive uibcriptions. Twenty.fle
dollars (25) per Share will be required to blpaid
in Cash by subsoribers when alled on. i di
three months. The balance when reqnlred, d
installments of o10 per cenit of which three MI
amonthe notice will be gtven.
N.tehit~has, , T.. April 4? 1874.--e'.
\Worker in l'in, Copper aild
i'. o I •
1 . '
Ill or
Also, constantly cn hnd all kinds of,
r of the fmo',:t hiproved patterns.
All nly sto'ves sold art city price and
guarant,(d 1to be as repl'resnt"etd. Lib
' eral advant'ý(',s liibr'd to the tr:ie.
Also, a line stuck of Tinware, Metallic
Rooting, &e. L1
utitters ad pips promptly and care
fully repaircd. wI
Morner Fr-ont acd Trudeaufn s., clt
Nat hitoches, La.
Jan. 17, 174.--Iv.
Est'ablished 1810.
American Tea, Co.,
No. 43 Ve~1,ry Strlt,:,
P. O. Box, 1287. NEW YOI,:
Price Litl of Tc'a.).
OOLONG.-1B:ick, 40, 5. , G;, bet 7n ets prr I,'1
1UIXED.-Gieen and Black, 411, 31, , besti;
cts. per it.
,TAPAN.-l'neolored, 60.70. 1 9q, 90. best S1.l0
r: Il0.r i. TT
IMPFJ.IAAL.-green, 61. 70, ' 91). best .I., ai
4 YOUNG; IYSON.--Groen, .1, C), 73, (1. 9r,
t .Io.ou het º1.I . per lb. .1
G VNPOW E' t.--(rt nltn.. ! ". I. 1 " V1.nper tb
ENGLII IRtEAIKFAST.--Ila k., g, 7,
'.t, best e1.44 per it,.
N .- i-We ive at pcialtv ofl' :iardi Gr0nwtht
I YO'UNG HlYSON and I.IE'I;lA L. t  [email protected], :Ind
) OL(ING(, Extra ('Cho,ice, 1l. iý.
(Oi' Teas a' pitt nil ill 111P P'11I' d P:wa,1c ik4. ,
with the kind iial price t inltel on eaih.
[email protected]:INTS WAxT'rE,, to, cet uip chitbis to sell oa, r
Te:T' to Farnilii.e, H1otels. BO'a!i"z loise' and hri
others. In writing fir termls or senling ohride ,i. ' at
he part!eniar to nddr:'s the I'resident of Ithe '
Conlpany, thus, 1
No. 43 Ve:,ey St , NSw York.
. We are enmpelled to request this, as othilier
?arlies have iunitalte our firm li|. "
. W il, ; ,tOll ie l'
ý .-- --net ,
(scrcE1:sap To) dis
r I
Fhlower eed ,:own in the Sth , ol," i tre
plhete a.,sortm,.nt. ISend folr Illhsr:lted Iso:
Descriptive Catalogue. AS
Agent at Natchitech.ds, La. a hI
,June 20,-ly. ian
The only Reliable Gift Disteibution
in t' country. t
To be distributed in S r t
T . n ea c1 suSit
-TO B E DRAWN- is, !nii
SATURDAY, utnR wly 4 , Iwor atir
$10,000 in Gold!
Oe Prizec.$,00 in Silver! ty a
Five Frizes $1,000 chn tg
Five Prizes $5,00 ft GREENBACKr ! ing
worth $1,500 eah! ry
* each. abil
Two Fine-toned sewood Pianos, worth Bt
$3e50 eachh andi
Ten Family sewing Machines, worth insg
1500 Gold and ,Sierr Lever llfftlwn.7 creau
Watches (in all,) woorth from ,$20 to enla
. $3( each. friet
Gold ChAins. Silver-ware, Jewelry, sat,
- &c., : Satc
Number of Gifts 10,000! Tickets Pap
limited o 5b,000'
TICKETS, to whom Liberal Premi- One
urns will be paid. . I
Shigle Tickets $2; Six Tickets $10;'I ,
Twelve Ticket s$20; Twenty-five 40. J
Circnlars cpntaiinin a full list of pri- iT
zes, a description of th'e mauner of draw
ing, 'id other information in reference to SI
the Distribution, will be sent to any one cati
rdering them. All letters must bho ad- All,
Main ffice, L. D. SINE, Box ;86,
101 W. Fifth St. Cincinnati, 0. I
Oct 4-1y.
IA,. PflflIhTI,
id - --I)FAL Ii IS-
Dry (I cods, Groceries,
('irner SECOND & ST. DENIS STS..
My old fi venu m;d cnstom.;r' fre in
c'rmenwd that I have conslt:utly Iln hmd
I)DHT G'OOgs, t
BOO'TS, SO]g,11,
ý,}'(eial nittc:)ion is given to C, Ii CE
J'l:I . which 'c :NP Aiv fret ant par.
'T'iy CQtnsis :tf BA('ON,
(it llAMs',
ul (OI'FIE, (i
I IT have 01ho a uin variety of W IN ; 1
LIQCIOINS, TOl'..(C' , ,C., &C.
'ICall and' exanmin my stok of noils.
which are ,oil tllap for C("S only,,
ensttnriu apid sales w'ith smaltl l'roils.
At.t11cheId to my 'stahlishmuen is a li 'ia
class 1'\A1 1,00,, whr,+ Lionors of all a
1iltuu1 can be uad b1y the drihk.
.hine '$. I :.I.- f'm.
Silvt r C1s w tarchl ~e .~
.11auit('t urrd by
T. K ?, . RD & SON,
II i hIE OMnr. A
1101'SiEiloLD XEECI SSITi'.
Its rret or i pns. h, m,'it,,d 11e1 e tnwn
dai i.n of Eiroip tor.t 1mcric:i tianutif.irtilri. .
-Pr'epatred by- . .
Exresl'y for fiod. 4iltI it i i paperi'' tde 5
g fie .i n'ddings, ih a de'sertf (i; r t excetlbm'.. ti
Fr ,mslc by all F'rst-cla(sg Gro'ors.
Junr. iii . a
. -Importer and Dealer in-
Gun hteri:als. Atnunition and Cut
iIhry,, itr ,.h-lIlding double guns, of the p
I ttl.et impllrovd patelrts.
, Sole agenti for the "llismark Double
barrel Needle G6n.
d'o. i aChartrts Street, r
,Iuzzle l1oders altered to Breech loaders r'
Also repairing dlone with neatness anti i
idislatc(hl. All work warranted.
March 7--11. r
"" llIsTA(CLE'S 'lTO MAltitlAtGE.
SHappyRtlief for yulng len from di
.the etl.ts of Errors ond Aiuses in ea'Ily f
life. .Mai Pd Restored, Inspedinent'f
, to Mu rri:Lge r,,moved. New method of a
I trettment. New aind rimarkalle rente- e
- dies. Books anl Cir(.ulars sent free, in i
I stiled eni'velps. Address, ]iOWARI) si
A ASOOCIA'ION, No. 2 South Ninth St.. of
]Phil'delphia, I'd., an hnstitution havingl
, ,iagh,.'putation noe,,le condut t
Nov. 15.-1y. t
The Saturday Evening Post.
The Oldest and Best Story Paper Pub- M
Founded August 4, A. D. 1821. pr
For more then half a enturv the !n
Saturday Evening Post has been the m
of file Country, and htts ever borne a pr
widespread and inblemished reputbtion i
for.tho unsurpassed purity, re 'neinent
tand iixcelhltee of the. Serials, Sketches
and Miscellaneous reading matter.
It is pre-eminently th
Theo Best Family Paplm te
Ihat is published in this country, from its
never (outaintit.,lg anything that w. uld
offend the feelings of any one, either in
a religious or political sense, or that r
could not be read at any hireside without wi
objection front the ntost fastidious.
The circulation of the naturday Even- an
ing Post, through. not qoite so large rii
perhaps, as its younger contemporarIes. I
is not, like that of some of them, tluctu- I f
ating, and too often short lived, but Iwi
based upon the intrinsic merit of the pa- in;
per itself und not dependent on any cx
traieois ifltuences, such as the poiptlari
ty of individual writers, &e.
O.od, however, as the $aturday Event
ing Post has been in the past, it is our
intention to make it still better in th se
future, aitd with this object in view wa sie
will effect a narked improvement in eve
ry department of the paper, amd will
call to our assistance writers of admtitted o1
ability and known reputation.
By inerensinf its former attractions, or
and adding many judicious and pleas- res
tug novelties, by studying how to please e~
atl cultivate tbo popiuhtr taste, by i-n. in
creasing industry and enterprise, andl by ers
enlarged thiilities, we hopA to make now
friends with each atnwd every issue, and C
continue to maintain the claim of the wit
Saturday Evening Post to its title of Tma va
OLIEsT' AND THlE BEST of F1anily Story i
Terms to Subscribers:
One year 1 copy $3.00 One moith 2.5
" 2 copies 5.00 Two months rr
" 4 copies 10.00 Three tmo. 75
" 9 copies 20.00 Four me 1 00
To any one sending $20 for a Club of
9, an additional copy will be sent FREE.
Speeimon copies can hel hll on appli- .
cation. We Employ no Traveling Agents. Co
All communications must be addressed to
R. J. C. WALKER, Propiotor, o
'727 Walnut Street,
Ifrespctus 1" 1Siti-Seventhlratr.
an Illust r ted Miontfl, jurna: I. ,uni, er:.,T
IV adrii tted to e ih. t h: ,l. dsonn 't P.
riodlical in th' Worli. A pre'.
sentati\'e and CihamipJ6ion et'
Ami'riCall Tasi'.
ITHE ALDTJiNE, while isued with '!l tre
r."ittli 'yV. hias none o' of t teii ;trtry or
th rl, lv intrt.:t ,har:cutristic of ,rim:ry
},.ii dic'al.:. It is 1l, elegh' ilt mniscelhl1iy
i11'lrprl, ilIht ; i gr:,'t f, ll Iitera.Itre:; and
Sco.llction of pitlr,,i , the ratl':tl : 'i(p'l -
lui s (it of rt i: tic..i kill, t i n b ik and white.
Ai lblo:!tý 'im ': ; tm:I :'li'' t unc 14llUt{'l o ll affords
ai f: h l,':Isure toit it , 'riitlis. tile real
V Ia e 10got lto I l:!tV of the . l,iur \:1 will hut
Smosnt ,o,, eriitied aift'r it lit, loin ,iolinl
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\'iol iu'w ra'iano t dlUpl.;lte thl qijuantity (,t
fine I) lp(pr anit engratin's in any other
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its t oeist : till!t, hrl. 'lt'e alt' tii( Chrtlolos
Ia.'j l DEPARliT3l.l.'ti, 157t.1
Tli' illultrat1li,)s a tl the i I.I' INE have
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To fuilly reliioL the lw onelil'tul woit
w'liui hilch i l klinie is iloi ig for thie caillu( of
all tcultu i. ini Antrical.l it is oilly iin ce,
i triI, coulSder tilhe :st ,to the eole pe eof
a ili other deceint repro sel atsio is of the
perductions of l real. paillters.r
tn Sddlitio to d(esigns li;- thrI e t etmbers
of tlhe National Acilhd y .and othlt'er toted,
Aeric:iiln. alrtris ets, h Alline ill repro
al{e Haintupleios of hI ist ortiin miiasters,
S .li, .(' it,! 1'. h : view to the hihe'st artis.
tie ,l mncs ald g1eatIt geneiral interest.
Tulliils t, lii l 'ehr lin the Aldine will, at
a irilby .eist, aenio in his ortn bllT e pt(+
ih:ilui. , :res (1 relit. ig Inflltuenl of true
'lThe quar'tolcY tinted llatesy for 184 will
be. lV Ths. ri: r i an 1iiil J. 1). Worid ard.
'i'hul, Clhribstinas isue for t'e4 will con
Stlin spA'cia'l 5designts l"pironriato to the
rtelson, by ourI ble it'ts artisTnd will s~it
pa s inI attractionis anyli of its pradec Nort
Primuimsus for 1874,
Evert y sbscriber tt o the Aldine for 19 1
wi 1 r(.eive a pair of chromos. The orig"
iial pictures1 welre painted in oil fo1 r the
publishers of the A ldin, hy Thomnas Mo
rani wh;ose gure;at. CIolorido pclture wasi
Sllrurmhsi by (ICongress fr ten thousand
dollarsl'. The sHlljcts weThe Chisen to rep
is a iw olh Whits) e !f all11rinithse graest"
H:It·ilUpi.sir l; n ti, ol her gh-e. t He p 'lifks of
IGl'r,',n ]iver, Wyoming Tte rritoiry. The
tlendreape pin le at'hube of nhe soetes
iti, sles is a lid asn ehutrlari . and apl
ftrds ' g, il of the llriwi~ t st'm ci'na, c
Ili, , olhring. The chroinoune ,'ih work
ted from thinrty dli tie ct t tor , and are il
Gsize (1n2 by 1t le nI anealtot exacth fac
siniles rfl tle crigienl. Thepresentation
eof a woHnliy exale of ,allerinca' greatest
jlaiandscal pilinter to the sbsrinbersof the
Aldhie was a rold bt tpeculiarly happy
Thidea, rin oo it riicessil rine izarion is ae.
i tested Iy the e aloworig testinonial, over
i the iniature of MI'. Moral n l imself : -
Msi,,..rs. Jn~es Suttonl & Co.,
tproofs in color of yolr hluoiAP n. They caere
wonider' nlly succ8ie frepisentarioi in y
nochanical ro1e1 s oitthe orifinal paint
ins. V ertly Rpspetful ,
These chromos are in every sense Amer.
ltian. Tl y artilye o orif inal American
process, witilih atirials of Amerieinl man
r i al AmU Iierr n pi t ife. d prhiLeetU.d
ti i've.y rieers to the firht sucesflhl Art
ilo ngl.'tla, If o Ietter betnus of all this,
foreign lrodu(tion can inspire, nnd neiiher
prie t they aiiy t . le Wl'fo it by reason of ape.
culir prciliie, s f prodHctls ion the,.l; yest
the pupl hpL only a. trihle. nerrille EQUAL
tin every respect, to i ther ichr ins ha are
sld singla y r O'rUEI the st sciripteiore
price of t'he Af INE. Plrrol o thlIlfaist,'c
will p'ize Ihee piTh trts fr the. .fvew l
not for lite piice they d wh or klid n 'l cost.
rnd will Cpsreiatre the elterprimse tIhot
rSeiidcrl tlhl.eir dish'ihlibo prossiblei
If o nyli' subserilor huldh i wndicate a nr,
ftioel n.r" a. fiure subject, th e plublish" ers
0willdel "Tioighlls ofHoal cinl new ait d
)enatifuil bhi'lno, th by 20 lihers, r'ire.
sesnting ,h lith.e ctlian exile, w bo pea.k
ing eyef hetraiy ie losigiI.urg of tih healirt.
1'per Anwnll in r dvje li tu wiald prolitens.
For 50 Cmnts Extra, p he i t romon will to
seSt nounted, varbished and prepaid r y
The Ar' DIpe wii ciireafter Ip obtpinable
C-,oply li. tubtcrtption. 'Theoewill be nFo
or hSdetoa t,)rbo local eanvas.,r, without
eTres where ihn certificate i,,l-s niver, har.
ing the fac-sinile signatur. of ahe publi b
uANA.StRs W.eie TEit .-An person wh
valter, will reci.ve flt',l anid pruli oiit in -
fiotion by applyhig tio
J-r lEt I UTT;I. I.., blishers,

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