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PELLI & AItij:X, Publishers. The Welfare of the People: is the Supreme Law. TERNs, 83 per a
NEW ORILEANS, RId River Landing,
Chenlcyville Qlu,mutico, Alexaudria,
Cotile uand Cloutiorville, Daily, at
?IA. DI.
SHREVEPORT, Kea6hie, Matsfield, Mar
thaville, and Ple:asant Hill-Daily at
10 A. M. "
NACO(IDOCHES, Molrose, Chirino, San
.Augustine, Milam, Pcndleton,Sabini -
town, Many and Ft. J'esu,--on Tues
day Thursday ,.nd Saturday, at
5 P. M. . .
HOMER, Minden, Buckl orut Ringgold,
Coushatta and Cstihpt--du Tues
day and Friday, tit &V:P3M. '
WINNFIELD, Atlant:t, Sutton awlnd St.
Maurico-ou Tureday and rrlday,
at 9 A. 3.
At 6 A. I, for New Oqleant. Alexandria
and Cloptierviple.
At 9 A. M. for Shreveport, etaeldi, Mane
field and Ploneanut 1[ill.
At 6 P. M. for Nacogdochesl Texas, Mel
rose and Sana.Ag1utiu.
At 5 P. M1. for llumir,. La., puckhorn,
'!oushiitt: and C(ampte.
.At 10 A. M. for Winnfield, &. '
Office lours--from 10 A. IM. to 2 P. M.
and from 3 P x to 7 P M.
J. 1'. Di:VAinoAs, Post Master.
Professional Cards:
J'aok . ct Pier~onl,
Attorney anid Counselrra srt at ',
XSTILLpracti#e Ia4hoiCe rts orNatclhitches.
¥V Mabiuo, D..So4u, led lover, \inu, Pirp le. ,
.mnd (eliht, alid 'n the Siipreme Court' o[ the
tate.' Claims proomptly ttlended to.
June 20-1y.
Kearney & C inninghiam,
Attorneys and Counsetoirs Ut' Ln ,
Office on St. Detle Strc't.
Juno 20-1y. Natehbid *i . JL.,
Ltev3y st bPier~liso
Attorneys and Coipn.elorn at. ,aL ,
Oce cornet Second k T'udau streets,
Jnuo 20-1y :Nathitohes, La.
Business Cards.
Carver .Taylor
WOelMrle a It Ileail dealers is
Dry Goods, Groceries,
(CROCKERY WARE, etc., efe.
S . Nf atehitoches, La.
A FRE' and seled hook `o good. ales ra
es uad, whlih baviengbeen p.rchased on
a esa ba isaab~les .us to ofb r extra iaduce
luets ta. cash bnyere.
Righe4tsceib price jWilt eotto sad .other
prodle., i4 ltknrlI adlanaes mas4 ls cah
or, mebandlweap onlg.ment. p ; :
June 9I-ty. ''
DIRY 600 1 Sp
DWOtf" I. "O': 1 Ni.b.'.,
Cqrner of. Fro*t&, Clp Qtreete.
Nst tocieo, La.
Juone 2 y. -: .'" 1 . . ",  a t
Triohel sub Aire,
' (Wa1tdey,4iok f]ldlngi).
• ies .7" on
-Di . G .oo ., ,I ,r.
' (CA ,ro ' .
" ' o ,cdi q..
W fbed' repaid f Cotton ah
aneit ohi ~I N or. er=
,asi tge.,s . :,
S~ocJ ..M,o . I :
Alet f llt .'
C -
a French toeae fnr ivva'lde .Sp pie isao cs
ment oftred (dealers. 6une.*- 6m.
BulIard"& Camiiipfe1l,
--uEALERiS N1$
And Goneril Merechanldisiei
- f;·ruer FloST k LArAWrTri Street,
. : atachitochn, La. .
TlOUlE. vT lh e fhro paid for cotton and
11 ctry promce ih cashl or merchaudlse.
Janto--yr. :, • " .
iiti-*eAib, Ft6 ,W±(&lhgton & Lafayette 'ts
NBatehitochi, La.
DB , GOODS, Groceries,
Gpnt s,
Shobs and Notions.
"peeial indaceibleni offered to Cash
ptitchaaers. .Cotftin and couitry pv'o
dide, both at highest ie ash rates.
Juno O20-ly.
sevoerlT TUioker,
Corner Front Anud St. Deuis street,
If TATHLdieslr in choice Fanilty ~lroeeiies
g, Ceui: and t'obaeco, r,,
!i Cheetpr thani the Che.apest.
Juno 2SCda.
x ., Mi,. n,:-" '.: r A/.. ww-.•,,Ny.A "./b . .. M'. '
(The, Pveople'. Fay-rite Grocery.)
E" f onstantly on hand'
., " ... , BACON, ,
* ' IIAMtI,
:And in fact a full line dt fandy, fiunDy sup
plies. Givr ta a ctdl. iatis ction guarau
teed. . JTune 23rly.
Theo. S5ohr.imaas.
Cur. FROfT aand ST. DENIS Streets,
n Natchiteclies, La.
J.Une b20-.Iy.
. ,. '
- 3 F F
".'-, ". . "t.
f P. 4CALY) $
SCI: rnor let,nd .,Secon4 AtSreta)
.L r re n 1" A.
i--xd_nt l. arr.ntd, and per
ti, kOitdt.o ved meythod,
Bi, Boot and' Shoe: Maker.
C1HALEib 'fi* ,e' iv'rift4'fo neatnest
l add dah'2 lo'yretk . Asistootion
*A b fit s y ps 4
, h O .
q' ' h,' If u
Washington St.,.........ate fttheLi*:,
Sole the Unrivalled
A iberaTonut t couiWo rt
June 20-'.t m re
Resolutions of a MasS Meeting!
held in Winn Parish.
Puiisiiuant to at previous call tlie citi
zens of Ward Six of Winn Pwirish and
vicinity, moet tt Wheeling 6n Eatut.
day July 18th, for the purpose of pert
manuently organizing a White Man's
jparty, Wiley J. Wilson, was lchosen
l'resident, and. Messrs. Andrew'° J.
Babels and Daniel If. Shumate; Vice
residepjt, Jos. W, l).ysou, Sect'y.
Tlhe Comnmittee cywposed of lIons
W\ill II. Strong, Messrs. Callain and
F. P; Shltniatera!t)ppIint1 tol'dtift ro
soliition, tepoitted the following pre-,
emble.and resolutious.
.WVhereas, The state of affairs pro
'vailing in Loui'sian T'f tbrthe past six
years having 'convinced tlll unpreju
diced men, that this state has been
given up to sp(yjatioI and,plundet;
to a horde of barbarous negroes,, in
cited and led ou by the worst llhite
men that ever imposed themiblvb s
upon any civilized country; and
W\hereas, That by their wholesale
and rapacious robbery, our- ipeople
have been reduced to wretchedness
and despair.&tud the Stgte brought to
ebanle; ad
, Whereas, Alreily rmany of .our
people, male and female, have been
atrociously murdered uaaid outtraged
by.them ; and that there is iow no
longer security for life or .property.
that masses, of negroes. are auniated
by an implicalle and deadlly iatred
of the whole whlit rimce, and are nidia
organizing with hostile attitOdO' and
desigl to 'purpetuate 'their Wicked
po'wer ia:thisState, anud .
Whereas, all things point untuis
takably to the aplialling fact that ef
forts a're being'inade to Africanize the
beautiful and, oneomagniliceuti ..State
of Louisiana, to conltisc te the proper
ty .and compell, the civilized and
christian white people to abandon the
State, or live tinder thi ru:le of the
black and inferior race. 'theretbre,
be it .
tesolved, T'Jat it is th~ solemn,tnd
stern duty of all white men in, this
" State to unite inito one firm coinjiadt
organiZatiob, to protect the lives, the
honort and the ld'dperty of our Iwople,
P Resolved, That we accept wihuut
further hesitatiou,. the issue of race
forced'iipon us by tlhe insblent' and
barbarous Africans, and that we be
lieve a perpetuation of hisi: power
would utterly destroy this State, as
it has every other country in which
hehas held sway.
Resolved, That 'the issue of rdee
being forced upon us, we helieve that
alone will suceesstfully unite all the
white people, high apd low, rich and
poor, throughouit the State.
'Resolved, 'T'hat it was the intention
vf the founders of this government
that. this. sh5ould be a White Alan's
goveruumeaitapd as far as our efflrts
go, it shall b'e
'le:3olred, 'hllrt we deeply sympa
thize' with the oppressed people of
Natchitoehes .paiisha, iu, their efforts
to relieve thenmselves,from the appal
ling taxes illegallyhimpsed upon them
aind the official coirruptitiln thtnt'h
gone so .long unpunished hin .theit
*midst., and we assuren ur frienls that
wv, are nt,~idi. W plcttors utfthe nolle
....eolved, That ~i' retuitni oitr'heit't.
Gilt thillis'to therthteeable aid die=
tinguished, members of the Bar of
New Orleaps, MFgsars iR. IH,. Marr, F.
IJ, J.Iis~d 4 . ir. Whittake,, for the
distilusheled i'erilee" reiidrred in
the defeu'of ottii iriends and' fell.w
i citizene the: Grant PAriah:prisouerse ,
iat: saaifice, of alnost their .ppire
plivate..Ausiness, without propisi,
bhle or desire Of .petdiihty 6inon
Res olved,, That. we recogulzes ,in
JrlJsticeq Badly a trUa..nan, an ate
jurist and at bueorrptipble Judge.'
Resotved, I'halt we iiegardl"the
SLhreveport Thme., Natdhi~oches Via
distfqr Alexandria.,C0aieraste,' ,apd
nents o oier pt,les,cgehilnt g
for tihe d it  le i-gliH" and'"e
eorilullyeomnit d them to theshite
pe~I. 'fPorseppBOrtA sod wo.'heie y
:deieo to pi'pes ourr inrignaatiou a
'rwii'outrae 'peitraiteld tipOa
politicians whohight the aplupession
and riin of thei.ew,- Orleans ull,
oIve Ia t~copyo othese rd
._ itoa', i ; '1 " 't b i ' " I'.....d "rt
I , ..., ., e ,A T h.It , ,. .,lez
amdri; Caemasian and,: Ne Orlens
afiaugnet,8ltl.- b7; IP. "). at •hat
.,inehurer)hc eathlhMIoerngrse lad
io s~i"8iMd'It &ceshtry:'.- to'
Ir"h 9 M lshf tvew rerek t
[' WfWh ad he obbarvoethatiftils loeG-.
S"Farewell, Snsan-you has drie
me-to the graMtil~rote John Larch,
Sofa~iba ,, 'u a,, 4,d left
the aote .he 'bul' ie was
arreste~d'tlhe'dtier dA 'ih Clheindti,
living with aothede-woman.
The RegirtrAton Law. I
On the 24th instant, the arch hypo
Scrite who claims to be Governor of
I Louisiana, atflied his signature ,to
what is called "an act to provide for
tthe irevision aind correction of thelistst
a df'rbsistered voters of the' State," but
which, should be named, "an act t4)
authorize Kellogg to disfranchise as
many of the qualifie4 voters of Louis
iana as he may think proper, to issue
as ma:iy bogels voting papers ai h6
i deems necessary to carry the elections,:
to deprive ..a *gal voter- whose
,ights are blotted out fi'rp~ seeking '
redress through the cotitts, ,tid to
. create an election fund of over one
million of dollars to be used by himutind
Shis tfollowers iu perpetuating .their a
li-gottfen ppwer over, the white and
tax paying elenanuts of the population i
' of tius *tate."" .tiong and even ie.- l
,osterrne as tl'is description of the ,
crowning .infaiuy of Louisiana radi.
calismn mLay appar,, We propose tp '
show, by simply rejroducig a few of "
the monstroues lrovlsions of that act,
, that we are rather undertaking thle
Scase, and that, thould the people al- 4
lq .this stupeudous scherne to reduce ,t
r them to the condition of helots to be *
cairried itot effeet, they nilll hence
forth be unwortlhyto beatr 'the l)ame
of freemen. , ,,, , le
Thip bill.authorizs andirecti s Kel
Ilogg to appoint foi two 'ears a State
Stegistrar of votes, with a salaryv
$3000 per annonumi whd 'shall' appoint t
I "ehief clerk at $1500 and an assis"
4tt clerk at $2(00,) per a.nnum. lie
phall rent an othheeit the city of New
Orleans at t rate nlot to exceed $150 1
a mouth, and' as many other offices 1
in time 4ity of New, Orleals as heo all
think proper, the rent, wlweruqf ..4lll
. lb. aid by. theacity .of New Orleans
1upon tle elinp1A icotifleate oftthe'rri -
1strir. 'He sthall alsacause to be ft .
nished, at the eponase of 'the, State
"all' book0 blacker spalgrste H tiott -
.ary, ,. gto.-Jaiark this silitficat .et
I cetera-ttle accounts for th" sime 'tb
be'ilso tihit 'hineaeit' a rt6ved" by
' theI ovtw'iine.; v'nmostu ih ptervious
th every gueeal 4lectiop,. the .(,ov r
qOr' shaUll ul appoint.ip eqcU arish in t
Ithe State one super isor of' registrra
tion jind hoi assistant tjinrvisur, sil I
of.~Wose ailleged expuases,'for ,rent, '
clerk hire boqks, ta.tiouary, eotc,, tez- )
rpenae, q. trausportatioM. front, one
place to awother i. every parish lbe
inn also includedp ate also to be paid I
withount question by each ptiiish treas-.
nrer, upon. the *unsuppprted.produc
tion of the supervisor's iaccount. Sx-.
ty days hefotre the electioii, assistant I
supervisor for acavi ward of Neiw "0
.leans shall ;also lie appointed with
-the tsame unlimited poyers as to. rent,
clerk, hire, and expen.s s included un- t
der the elastic terms of.tranultortatiou t
and et 3etcra.' Eery city and tprish
suilervisor sha al also receive a daily
compenatidou of live dollars from, the
Sday '"ho s~hll 6p1w his offuice until thre
time e shall complete his statement e
t' election." 'Eich: supervisor' and
aessItatnt supervisor shall have twd t
cleirkli, who uhall receive': three dol
arsaud a half, par diem, to be maid
?tor tm e mt lne mutir of' days as the i
suhp.rvisorts aud thl'he siseleants. Pihb
ltjttot ' is'tobe made, of the doinges
o;>fsl the pasties inat.least one ps
per A every parish, and in New Or
r .t.ps in twy, English newspapers (tihe
IRpublicani aiind the Times, of course,)
atd ia cele French- and :one Ge~nmau
paper, the printing bills to be.paid on
the;yaouchar of Uhe.. State Registrar,.
"at th4e same. rates as arepr'vided
ylaw for the publicatiton df the laws
ofthi Etfte." rt
'Ait natturalized citisea, in additi.tt0u I
, tskeir ,astralisationo certificat are e
to ,ring, two .witnesses to prove 4
eir identity, and the'supervisoris,
i pr6dptnaildo uasmany qaeatioes i
as they may think proper to the .said j
naatralized ,ci4iseus,, h.all .hav ~* ,
right of re'siug to register their
names as voterr all allfdaviti ihb~de .
by them or thefr Iitnesses to the con
t rty Skpobnithetanding. ', 0
. Scti.i 4A eUpaqtp hrh'thedeFi~ on
of asp supervisor or asstant "ue'r
uf e~ii~nto from ' r uldddiion tettle I
rbgstyanci' aUlqu;eitions'ueelative (
to the usgi _.O ,yaotl P shall be tiual.t
P N ar)i o~~ isr..ejt odge shall in.
effteb bWri oftijbubetion or umab.
aiddus,; 6thdodbet'of eart to'oru.
i l'any adipervisor! of registration to.
egisteorpatqhibit hiwm Ifron,regiastqr
I I"elgoiAted this ai' y "of
sli tt r, askiiiumt spervisors Md
Eles the Sdle ditrbmttraotf te righ tb
[oCuffa ,.ia rg isina, g .ie-al
'~ pr,.cords to vest ai"bct'heu Wikth
pjason for disordbtly conduet before
tim4duhislcee,",:(1eetion,~ .) :'
S.. u eariwpa bof igeq t' ip ao-,
• I, e ,, ie hoye ,of
a sbltable'pimsbns tO drted. ats
Sethiollte eop nelag, lce., i:whn aebll
Sifthsi ty,"l d aD mekl -
- rig1sts, .e~tinmg the votes1'kerPl: i
isg; tor from thie co~mpnisoners
: eta d ' i 8 flati sl&l
a 'by flne "aWi ipisoneat; the said
I, oastblea-'Whose number ois. unll.
:muited-to r:ciye, a per. divm of live
dollars "for a time not exceeding three
days, to be paid by the parish in tlhe
. same manner and upon the same
l vouchers as is prescribed for the pay
lment of the clerks of supervisors of
registration of the parish."
Now, if any matn of sense will ''read,
ponder and inwardly digest" the pro
visions above enumerated of this bhill
of abominations," can le hesitate ftr
ono muiuite in pronouncing it the
most monstrous utteltpt to gag and
manacle the free citizens of Louisiana 1
that ever could be concocted Ih the
unogt, perverse ii'entiityt Wiilt hl
abeuse us df eaggeratio't whein we:y
say that the object of the act is to
tax tee city and parishles for the pay
of an army of vagabonds, to be en
iollfd as supervisors, assistantsA, etc.,
clothed with unlimited and final
powers tiuwgister or, erase any one's'
name on the registration books, to1
arrest any citizen they may see tit to i
accuse of '"interferling withl them, to, a
'jhatge the city and State with cooked
rip accounts of tictitionus expenditures; , f
tto draw five dollars a uIay for a peri- a
oil of sixty dayS previotus to the elec
tion, and to pay their janizaries bahlii
bozooks or, '4con.tables." for election
services during three days, althougle
the election takes, place on one sin
gle day.--N.,0. Bulletin,
**---~ - --
We make tlhe following extracts
fromi the New Yolk SUN's report of
tie iipeachment of Du rell, the vice
gerent. We coniunend them as sig
tiitlcant of his ukilt, and we may safli
ly add the parte ceps crinmiis of thi
U. S. Cui'grss, im meeting tlheques
mion with honor and dignity:
Washington, July 7.-The .aT dig
Fhiary Cominiftted of the'M6nsh'of t1ep.
tesentativblt, b Charged, to. ilwestigate [
the aeeceations, made against Judge i
DUtrell, hI!a;igg by vote of six to five "1
reported adversely to i~m iu terms t
the most & ivere, and submitted to t
the 'House resolutions providing for h
his imptaeoben't, the questionl arises
.why , aSeliou wair taoken by. the lat
ter bodly in accordance with the re-I
4ort rind reeomntc ihdation of its comn- I
mittee.' Witi wholnm rests a respon
sibility so grave.f Before entering' t
inuto .this queft.iuo .I propose tQ quotC ,.
,for the information of the readers oif
the Sun certain pisnnges from thle re
port of the commni'ttee which blive iot A
yet been given to the public.
The committee first say that "the t
charges of drunkenness and the itn- i
proper procurement of money by 1
means of his judicial office aiH ;ot
sustained by the testimony, and thero
forewill not be further noticed." They
then take tp the charger elating to
the' manner in which matters in bank
[ruptey ha.e been disposed of by Judge f
Durell, and subwuitasummary of feet.s
ascertaiued. by them touching this
charge, With the following 'as their I
conclusion thereupon i
These facts, so notorious, in n Bgard
'to: the management of. such itupor
haut trusts as those, of the bankrupt
estates, when taken in connection
vitli the oider hlierifbetbei rtfdrreia
to, lead to the, inevitabla 4onelubkblibu
b$ yo3enacomfittee' that Judge Deeiwll
paiut have bqnu, cognizantro-f them,
snd, therefore, a corrupt party there
it, Or that he was grossly negligent
idthe disecharge;of hi ofeial'duties,
so that, ieoeavnrae via dLa, he'comes I
under ·4 like eondeptation.
, Fhe cornmitteq tPma state teir cop
ciosiop upon the remaining charge-I
thait ' issui hat Is ordinarily
known as the i'"midilght older.? 1
After reviewing.the facts of the elec
tion in IiySsing in November, 18i2
and tile proceeding before .Durell,
wistituted iby Kehllgg against War
ioth;' MeEubre y and otlhere, the com.
,mitteesay:. . . . . .
,:For.a Federal TJdge.,to seek, there- I
fore, to exercise such power by indi
rection, to. promiulgate an .order in a
eaige lhro 'I re had neitiher jijdtisdi~*l
4fon of. the subject matter nor of, the t
partises,; in pursuance of whiih the1
Fedpral army and Executive were set
Iin mlotioi to take posesaion of the l
Oivriient of a State, seetms to ist
to b the hdmost flagrant offence and
lpaseae of power and authority ihat
Judge ccould commit; one 'bIich,
W'hether Well or ill-inteidded; w'as'te- I
strative ofevery. principle and .ight,
'in the bighest degree dangerous to
rephean .goverumeng, qnd a higi
crime and lisademneanor wuder. ties
l'Contittithitr of the-United :tates. t
,. iSach action, freiP whateve.r ~-o
iyeip at variance ,sih .every prinui
pie of good governmiient, Is calclla- I
ted to confoidd and subvert the dis- I
tinctioi betoween the State and yede-,
rat. Governumentse and ,to overthrow
St.Constitution itself, witholt which
neitihe! Judge 'urell nor any other
"Jfid "i 'lh& any 'mightfl' 'A*thority
Swhatemver.'lf. comduetso dangerous,
Iso flagrant, so nnauthoried, sspwhollyu,
,withlout color of,right,, and foljweld
by such serious conseqi~ ences doe.f
Sidot lstitirita'alil5h '*ik~ hiid jris- '
denfeaudr, Ibfor which thieJudge gailty 1
thereof slhould be arraigned rad)ptrid, i
itkees.tp us that no coniuct can.
"The respect for the judicial ortlce and '
I the sacrd' '4 baracter of judicial au- i
I'thoity tflughont this nationR make a
Sit more eesebtial that such usIurpa- i
Stions shotld. be iebuked, and suclhi
outrages alu IIUW;rralltablll annrap.
tious of power brought to condignu
Your comnnaittee thereliore rc('eorr
mend the adoption of the followian,
reRolut ioalnu
tResolvud, That Edward 11. Durell,
iflge of the Disitict Court of the
United States for the District of Lot -
siaina, be impeached of high crime~s
and misdcUme.aors in otilco.
S esolled, That a clumwittee of two
be apuipiued to go to the Senate. ant
sit the bar thereof, in the nae au o,f tl;
H, ueo of tRetpresentative" adil e(f all
the people of the United Stat.esi, to
impeach Edward 11. Durall, .Judg.,
qf the District Court of the United
States for tihe District of Louisiana,
of high crinmes and misdemmeanora in
office, and aequatiilt the Henate that
the House of Representatives will its
due time exhibit pat'tiedlar articles of
ispeaeh; nut and make good the
ame ; and that the comu ittooee do
demand that the Senate;. take order
for the appearance of aid.l Edward II.
1.utell to answ.ea r to,.satid implach
iResolved, TIhat i cammittee of sev
en be appointed to prepkre and re
port dtrticles of impeachment agailst
Edward H. Dnrell, Judge,' e., with
power to seutl for lrsor.i;pers,
anad records, and to takoe maWny
u·nir oith.
Farm and Household Column.
MANURE.-JOSiah Shull, in,.is ad
dh'ess before the Central New 'York
Faraler'. C itb, relates the following
experidentfeiathe applieation Ofgtten
and rotten mtanare: I have. qsed ox
carelmet matter it ..the spring of the
yeir, spreaul anst plowed under and
Scultivated, a.ld w; ell incorporated
[itlh the soil, 1siut ljdunted 'the land
with 'pidtcr s;. 'The potatoes did
tinely, woer well formed and fine for
the table. At the same tianeanud on
the same pioes4,f.lad, plowed un
der wpl-,rotted nmaner, with, the
same cultivation, ail the 'potatoes
Swere ovtgov* 'm-shajed :aid siggy,
not fit for -the market dt the' tifble.
My theory ia.he, case df thedidir
j;oeº in tik tyt.lty oLfthe crop'was
that the Imanur heinagvell comtpost
,ed tihe soodtttop' on 'the dfits was to
vigoron0i as.' to caun3:thbtubteC to
•grow vlriy.rapi ly, eeasequently they
were soggy and not fit, for the table.
Whereas, on the part planted with
the raw material the decomposition
was just rapid enough and at the
right time.
FENcInt.-TO render posts or tim
her, placed in the ground~ practieal
ly impervious to moisture, and for a
long time prevent decay, the follow.
ing eimple.recipe has beeon tried and
found to ansTfer 'the purpose eacel
lently. For feiree and gate posts it is
jparticularly tecommended: Take lin
seed-oil, ;noit and mi .it.with char
eoal dustt uptil the .mixture has the
consiitenty 'of' oa'rn r" tary- aint.
Giv'e 'toWdtl4'tsri a single 6bat'ftbe
mtitu~ e or.- paint .lfore planting
the, , gd ,, er, says one who
has nsec'dLt, living to. the age of the
p riarchs of il will 7ve long enough
to sek the3 ai jahsti rot, T-he post
of timber should be well seasonedlsad
dry when the auipasi applied.
T'porU-PooFrn HNonist.-An old
ao :Wlho had muc esperience in
handlinag aad dealiug in horses for
more than mall a ceutry, said to me
recently thiat he'lhad never known a
horse' to get taebdec'fo6ted that was
kept loom in itsehd ol yard, or in a
boxed tqll, T!at turning arond
aad:trvading with their forwar feet
in thie mnatture, ke~p them eonstantl.
smohit and soft. His theory appharerd
perfeetly reaschable to me. I have
.nobm stcalls,. bat I used shavings for
ddirg, a's d every morniog with a
arge shovel, I ored the wet qha
triigs utidlr the huie's fbrwarnd feet,
and thee the lust.thing at-naight oar
er.ed these wigt dry ha5vings for him
to lie on. He also remarked that he
never knew a flat-footed hoIse but
what ras a goo ,orker.--Live Stock
SBal.tua GWAlSt ARKA.qSAs.-Dr. A.
Gutharewrites to the depiartment as
follows: I have a traet of landl' of
i25 acres celoted l^ft d, situated in
Van Buren aonty; its character,
good upland, partly valley land. In
suinmer there is good '"stock range"
throughout this and adjoing ciunties,
butt ip. winter the native grasses are
of little value. II has been on my
part an object of great solicitude to
Icultivate a portion of may land uc
I oessfully.in grass sduitable for hay uand
win.ter pasturage.. Iq the spring of
1872 I sowed with many oats seven
Sacres of tiriotliy, one of blue grass,
otnd o .t o red clover. All have done
well, but the clover does nt seem to
withstand the hot, dry seqson as rwell
a, the out&i, two. .lqvling lone been
Sresi'dent of thle'thi grass regiouas of
'eotunky," 'I hare 'lbiserved my es
Sperimeat here with' interest, and I
can ay ;that wile.bl.ue grgr does
uot\gw quite as.well as iam entucky,
i Lduaaa apd Obo, i~grws fnely hIeke,
and will succeed slid keep green all
semmer. Miue has afforded pastour
iage for my hlorses till the middle ,f

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