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.i· ' .. '
:"" " ' , " ' " I1| .i " Jl :f . . . . ,, , '.
) ...,, t. r! t," . v J . r. 1 t {
Thu Yi I
" ý if r r. ., 1 It i. ý t1'' ý
PELLIublisher. The Welae of the preme Law.
t ,l' , '.1, ,It per'r
'it I n  T ,,'AUGUST 15,' 1874.'N
VOL~~I I. ,. ,,. ." '"*. , ..",,,,E&,OH8 I)U8 ,,!3UT1,17.1
NEW ORLEANS, "Rel River Landing,
Cheneyvillo Qiarantido, Alexandria,
Cotile.and Cltitrville, Datly at
7 A. M.
SIIREVEPOIRT, Keacii, Manseld Mmar,
thdvllle`' `nd oelsatit Dtill--Itlg r
NACOGDOCRHESt, roee, Chirino..$ant
Aignstine, Milam, Pendleton, Sablue
town, Manyad Ft. Jemºup-o Thee
da1Thqridiuy a Sau)#olay, at
HOMERaidnn, i`aehtihni, RIuo&1a
dar and iqat ~ , ,
WINN 'IE1, Atlana, 8utton and 8t.
Mauridee-on Tuesda~'A xd Friday,
at9 A.M. .
At 6 A.M. for Neii Orleans, Alexan~ri
asit ientierville.
At 9 A. ): for 8Shrelpor, Keachi, Mans'
l eldAud Plsaut Hill.,
At 6 P. M. for Nacbgdoches, Texas, Mel
S roe and.San:An gustin.
At 5 P.. M. for .o:iu'r, La., lokh9rn,
S uonushatta and Caupte.
At 10 I. M. foir Wmuifield,' &c.
QIesoHioirs-froa 19 A. M. to, 2 r. sr.
aud from 3 P t to 7 'mt.
J. i. Diean.oaG , Post Master. ,
Professional Cards.
Afterueyp ad fdRounseirs.. ebr tlae
SItLL pracf In the Corta df Na~Tchitoh.e:
W bsi, Defte, 8 a., iyt(, Wti, bpelde,
and Grant, and in the Suplemo Court of the
State.. Oibm l impa y attendedto.
, JuneS!W-y.
Kearney & Cunningham,
Attorneyis and Counselors, att Law,
Offiee on St. Denis Street,
.June 2O-ly. Natckitockes.,La.
"3erjr C 1Piereon,
Attorneys and Counselors at LuC,
ee corner Second A Trudan streets,
SOd-1v Natakitkese, ,La.
Business Cards.
Carve zºc . Taylor.
Wholeuale and Retail dealer. in
Dry Goods, (itoceries,
·'~ '' bsirOES,
* C ,,W to,,=ec
si~asSId~b4"los'tok;of good. aiVaý*e
~rodup, UanlibeYip le lhedi mb
(etrb sye to p!~f kr~t~in~s
Riyy att lii . q s pe
uraý oa ulgawept":ý` . ',
Or~in 693~3d~Or3t
Irl DRY,01 't I. i
{ * 2 ti~ !! I'i t½44 1LTUINGf hIº
* 1; . ý; W44lA 4! t 1 4! 'jir' '1
14 N3l"
;Fý s ý:li: Crr ~,;:xt li ººibr ! fl
1F r L_ t·l"
(Wii i 1iiri
*n 4: , 4t i
f Ir~~f ~ r
41 4~L~$rxQ.4 'q4
. : ,r-i .
pp I 7'f hI'n. *I I
4'til l*4 , i lt qu16~Uj~III!33 ZA.
"' 04 4.
.i~n40 y.. . A D
.m.a. frthb ,,11 4&
seat ffred 3 d alers. Jupne d Oiu.
O ,D" BULLARD4 .... . GYJsL1
Bullard &' Cuinpbell
g OCEJ IES,. .
Amd t I eer9 eohaudiS. f t
S rn o pr o4 r
..t -iRE " 'h pride d f'At, , and.
Scountry preda daMlh,er, mnrohad~is~ ,
June 2o-1).
at tion Fr.et, WaPhiu/nt. La.patte Sts
. . Eatehitophes, La.
DRY GOODS; Groceries,
Hardw'are, ' .
SCrockery,, ..
S Hats . .
Shoes an4d Ntions.
Special indoeehenta'ie'red to Cash
purchasers. Cotton aitd €entry. pro.
duce, both at highest Cash rates.
Jane 20-ly. "
- , a
Corner, Front 'd St. Deuisep ..,
.: .. . ,,n, .. ......,
RE it o.ttio p "hanmiy proceries
CigaruaidTobre ,bros m, caQoRs,
plies. c ipe im a l.the teapest.on g
,a yI . . . .,
.ARWclt C ,,a ,
(The Pioie's Fa: PItoaD Grboery.
J n ateit : Ln
·, CI. .I ,,IM,
Jn 20-1 . , "
&nd in Lfactf u4l l4unp fpeg fully supr
ples. OLve hLtze a calI Satisraction gnpsra
tde. . w" . '
Core FRONT and 8T. DENIS Streta,
I ir, .·'li~·JcFsrei~Ti~:.t ~ r
6 1t a h
Bt oo t aa ha hk r2
,9fr s.i 'I
£' dtba ld·; PIP
(L ii'03I..
r f n; I
r:'1 (.
kiu43~~$ utPng,~Q o4lljtJ~:4igu .
A ub1 4jpon4o CQt!4dý
Juno 2Oý#y.
A., :uwToa's Ovz, :
. New,Qxjeqas.nAug.,a 874.)
r. D I loullt, Tax 'collector, Natcidoche
. 8 irfilerewithi I hand you a copy of
an ogui'ion from the+ .Aisut ,M o
ineyiGeperal in relatidn to thie co lee
tioif parish takes in your arhsll.
oen will notee thalt the collection oi
any and all accounts for parish pur
poses cannot exceed the total ofState
taxes fr a givep ear ; hence yqu will
in Tfutidie coll4t odt'- exiced iug 'fr
teen and.- a hltf itills fbr all --parish
purposes, including judgments . oi
oourt9 , etc., for the y r. 1874, and
for `previous years only an amount
equal to the State taxesfor the dtame
Respectfully,? CIAS, CLINTON,
Ani .tor.
Office f Aesistant Att'y fGdoral
New Orleans,La., Aug1 18741 .
sm.clarl ClinPon, Auitoz of Publiq Ae
Counta•' '
•Sfr--I have at hand your inclosures,
containing letter and proceedings of
meeting' of taxfpayer. iun Ntchito
ches. The statement of facts that I
gather fromtheom is imperfect in somen
of its details, but it appears the tax
payers in that parish paid in 1878 an
aggkegate of siX and seve3,-eights' er
eeh,; 'aid are asebta td to pay to 1874
i·eenty-nine mille, or seven and nine
tentabspeqpnt. pp the :valution of
property. TIhe. current. asssment,
itappeare, is partially made Up 'by a
iofty mills special judgment ' t·r
ow the. fll aniount of seovntyDnine
plUs is made up does not app ,fr
the State tax, rfoprteen and .. 5alt
mills, a parish tax of as' itti, and
this special judgment tar li di
amountto but sixtynins mille. H o
ever, is Ipimportantto , tleog'ede
ration of the general .uetlP, .,,
Suca a rate of txation fo put0o
sed of civil govetinehbt Is: oi' of all
reasonable bounds, impessibli4 and
certainly ianthis ca s void.., , ,c
is Ariodily defective. It"d~es hot
pr lde fibrthe, lesfitg or ,laying of
the tax by a eompotent authority.
1 his is "trietuy a ltislativeo power.
Itcan not be perfortmed d by the b he
ciary.' No'fuetid6a Mn't of a jhdicial
character can be performed under our
onstitption by a.district ov; a parish
"curt. A levy or laying oft~es can
"iy e nmade y the General Assem
b;lyt for lotalparposes by an 0lc.
tive or appointed authority reepreen-.
ntingtl :poeoploRf: at t ~lat~1 .it and
iws~t disq , ny ad uu'jt _ably
tz l'odth. the'ov .tih !'i tt the
eopl de ot and ela tlax the. tAm,
is no other l~w ,prqddod x ip,, itte'
sections of theb la' coaiain R't i
judgment tat. 9O essor or'asses4,
est4o e.miditett to mekilobo oor
the taxing power 1btoe parish of Nat
cliItwi'h (lthi6hýtbte ibaitci'u of 6an
:electo~.b lthbh ple) is oaiidd to'
fourteen raid a a 'mills, ani that
power is vestd n the Police Juryp,
witithuma ysrequired, on'dopanda
Sf l autrie, to levy.tw
school purpofes:; d 'Itfhe 4 c' thlit
ca annt-be axed ifethe year 'J~bdis in
n the aggregate fbdteeadnPi' l
auiIs, itp oonly, mke debtp tish
9taao Fh.ro m Re 9 so.
Me powe tp pbn ;, ,pr
assume u;t the ju d p
isirtle m a. p,
Ager, ateer t Pt 1tasagoisti o
lact yeap:
)U J41 9 t jtJJJ 5 14 1 'It
u slaea Mbidentalma ·ih.
_a whear sae lived waNeilklUp .
No "'Close Commumionism."
(From the N. 0. Picayune.I
Tihe ;netrtsentiment of the sober
minded and efllcting citizens of New
Orleausis mhnilested on all sides, in
no intli4int terms, as opposedto the
attempt of a small number of over
zealous partisans aid aspirants ' for
'ity and parfsh oflices to narriow down
the opposition to the Radical iniquity
of this State to' the comparatively
small parly with elings to the.name,
and to what is ratlfr imaginatively
stylod the orlgaui:tie ncalled "Dems
ceratlo." '.The overwhelming senti
aent of the dominant class of this
opposition is to cut loose from all the
plirties tviich have Oiitherto divided
the people and subjected them to tie
eontr6al of leaders who were not ae
ceptable, or rather to: disperse and
abolish these various organizations,
and with their fragments to for a par
ty which' will insure a'vectory for 6in
esty, g6od government and the over
throw:ofChe arpet-lbag-negro dynas
ty. ' .
This"plain and sensible plai, cso
successful it other States, has been
nmet with a bitter opposition and a
dasgodng temper, whieh have prov
9d qute ineffective e;cee to strength
en this resolution of thJe great major
tyof good ciltizens. who are not par.
'tiMas, p6bitieians or spoils seekers.
When tho, who advocate this plan
areraduc mnarplota and allies of
the Rlaicasu ir resisting this attempt
to dictate. and dogmatize to them ;
when mnen who have fought the bat
tleas of Democracy for,thirty y rs,.
and wRho, have made. th~ gest ai
fies in o, conutant struggle itgalnst
Radicillisiam atr willing to' bregoa ill
party on personal pride ir, order to
ýellet ulmon, of all the lamenta of
oppos tion to thepowerfal party now
holding the State and Federal Govrt
ernment, we think the mei6bt adapt
ere of thatanelent title ouaght n~t ta
*be.greatly -agotsed by a surrender
of their very limited lnteriatin whft
ever of glory attaches to the 'name of
this 'venerable party. Besides the
judgment of the people which. con
demas the "clda. eoomipnioenm"- of
tbh "so-called," It must be obvious
that the prosecution of this plan 'will
revlIt in two or more con~htions
a~biepo4tof menn who are all: united
in the one idea and eLd.eof the eom
ig munjpgagu, Where a ,,uion of all
whon wish to take part 'i this contest
is demanded, those who nii'st ' tt'on
tile battle being, fought ,nder the
ndme, :banner and leaders of . siagle
onepf..the divisions' which make lup
the g"rayd ' armry, the proposition 'is
offil'lve to god sente, to the trnamur
pr~ai ' ofren, sad is only prombtive,
,of nipatriotib dig prd apddlvtiona '
+.. tyunt F~,pc pretension, and de
mann will bq baiindoed, and tha~tall
ood'tIuens,i'atoba g whom we have
ursibjectlidn:tp clude even th 'as
pixrants P e , wei rill; wtothq
*f16466 aet dthii lsnlis avd fati d'
sad-` Ib"Ws dl k it+eshlatible solidt
aiM 4lneds_ olpsupoes to,,e Pl1.c
taop,*q. of a . pllatrietio duy.m+ Ad
eod~avor Vii Sitte-,the reseue of
EbitMlk *om the adicael Philistin
, Not.,ionddiot.
1eh dbealn$a hK y.) Gaette says
getipr, whe.owu t
tN 'el oug iv s llpwwina"swasJtd
insy '-wn ' y h'uihiew
bola2.i4In ik I
nowith ies. " + e..""
Idi, om eatil Thradl a at weekt
ao,,ar dh. , .omef .the,..kh,
cmin.fl oin a walk, espied i
r_.alwehi Nbl ak br, .~dels
abo the en body"a one of"auI
aluidseei :eneti e been plaini
··tIiwhs nohtili Thusdagy a wee
e utesming , d ninatwaic, esped a6a
fletat!hts 4lack bthe paitfsidg.
l, o dt af th e ~cte
Wnab gii n. •ifp a reba nw b u narm
dbothe brinAh.ia muahl gy ore tl
iittl nitlhib ht rd the a Thld
4eyowsek selso ice a plee
ii ~ disi· tinin iyiht, auid thart old
mule Wats mellin' its enseedest. How
ever we dropped into the Iit and
then the smell wasn't so bad. We
r squatted down awhile to get our noses
r free of the stench, and began to think
about when the bear won't come.
D S'pose we'd been there nigh onto two
- hours, and began to think the bear
r wasn't comin' that night, when we
a heard the bluslh crack. Then all was
still for awhile. We, began to sus
r pcion he'd put out, and both of tss
was just gettln' to our. feet when we
heard the old fellow snort. We drop
led back to the bottom and lay quiet,
neither of as darin' to speak. But
somethin' awful was goin' on outeide.
The brush was snappi'. and flyin'
I amut, and the old iear seemed to be
mRin' up the groirad fearful. Well,
|I 't know what to do. If I climb
.le+out I knowed I was good to Ib
the bear's supper.. If I stayed quiet I
didn't kbow what Aeccond he'd throw
himself'into the eble and craunch me
up like Pve erannched a little fried
fiash. .Peter was acroueled down in
the, corners slhakin' like a leaf. I
knowed he wouldn't be no use in a
fight, 'twnan't worth while to count
on him.
"WeU, I gathered by gun r nad rope
up Putious. spd. just raised my eyes
above the ground. Gentlemen, the
bear was standin' by that mule with
his back roalied up like the roof of a
house, and looked -mighty nigh as
high, and the maddest lookin rvar
mint I ever saw! I saw hlm selze
held of thatamule and sling It round
in the air like it had been a kitten,
and I dopped :tuk..a prayin' that
there might be meat eqgugh. on that
mule for that bear's oupper."
ABIutlidd't yon siioa t" ' "
"Shoot, thmndel D68 youetalk me
for a born idiet" r'
A sentimental editor .ays :-"It is
naomforting to kndW that one eye wat.
ohm foriour ddiSng, ad looks bright-'
or when we. ~pe." A cotemporary
is grieved to learn that hie "brotler
of te qiill iPa ie s W wih oner ee.":
Parlw,-vous Frtanalso asked a
~*ngec of,;!hnsonfo who was eon
teplating a trip to Europe, , w,,s
wa the reply; "I amgoing on a Cu,
nalder." a . . 0
"Go for it while it's hot" was the ex
hortatio of, a rural youth to hillady.,
love, as he handed her a foamiiu g es
of sd:a.
A Long and, Ptliet Sufferer,
"B. e on the police fqres t". inqui-.
3d a'diiapidated old zm;n as he en
tel the Centt i l' Station Saturday
and -adressed' a ergeant: u He wasi
infor~~l ,that such owe the case,
wi#R~t ". a eoti c d" "Well; Ism
clefi hupkerodl out. it's that wife of
M i'Pm a fool-a blaited obld ibio
Ir I mrtlO and she's l.- 8bev wOidt
:4' , andh I wat .ill tay  At hol,;
sit, a word, it's the teaspt
flatýron, or whatever .e.'
odyv. "- e artimen and scolded; a-i
eixed and S and iere I ane. "i*Mk
at ti W ablak eye~!.Look at ie.a.!
ver, aniwst police (once! ! aOnc I
was lappy, now IPm. bitd. She
giati O'go to eie pcle p and ex
ceio and Mtd lsa~adaaee, and
SllIpuit n b s Mby ;eis, lthe, .
omorrow,, a buis, I% It'le ageit 1ay-'
ifght IEvestd s f 1 alllong, but.
I'e broke dowa mow;;,.lee!that'ero
r,,n--,e where ., alt ,!r.tee.hii,
th m+ a thk'+mn+ w I wouldt's
lit herimVahdediy itosi a pair of
ldmlmglh-dshel~d  aoim hd l Iyyle eye
ot thtalrecar, alster eorot.'
,It's prety toough,"tI asmins tlI
as ho looked. "Tough!o Get esm
' mint.,B thet Way, e the
"I'in.'g. h' I qf C.Ir.i-ee
t n tan'u th e a em.
h. iow. I've Wo t 1a, ofit
dia 4 i ass b t-i
house. I~f ai dse ed around hero
POi f ozeettll;'eoa I Alfrcd and'
rhis j hlrney toward the her, D
i Paptj~p ei eeweieRR e
a, Te#ab Veris
,ir · otia A .ieia h t ,avies re
hbems th a tplM'dprisiug *s
i e jourey t ,the, le.
.' e.d l+ ,-a pe a G , ;. ir
"Y sir," said pniehlign. Pthrin
lat. tie hol dea, 4raged her ost,
and the Indepndence fAmiicaa
secured." *
vId arr and IHotisehold Column
re lli-rs Anotrt Mlli.oIN.-Alwayv.
Ps muaage to have the cow eatingwisui
ik she is being milked, for wlhen thtk
e. occupied she lets down her milk freer.
or and is less liable tokick or move about
ir than when she eU give her whole at
re tinttoW to the mnilker It is bhest t,,
as milk diagonal teats at same time, but:
s. always take hold of the off teat Kist.
Is for if the cow is going to kick at all
e she will kick first from the side voa
Y. commenue to milk. In milking diR -
t, onal teats the left hand milk6 a thitrd
at teat and thus the left arm serves as :c
D. fender in. cue she. kicks or steps
n' about. Get close under the cow :
e work the bucket well under the ud
I, der, and the milk will not be near sir
apt to be spilled as when you put.
Sthe backet on lim door, and set ofil
I as far as possible. Milk quickly.
w steadily, gently, and sever leave a
e cow until you have her last d top.
d Above all things never yell at bet br
n beat her.-Practical Farmaer.
I ' Polm Ra;sM- lMy own theory of
pork raising based upo.,experia.ict,.
t obseration and prou5bmly a li.tl,,
philosophy of tJings, is written tor
_ the benefit of others, would be abou,
s as follo*E:- Duing the hot' summer
e months I would feed 'ittle solid feed,
Ssuch Ua corn in ear. ew mncracked.
I would keep hogs, ppon g!pna feed
Sconstantly, either grasq oats or rye.
andfeed them it_ regular intervals.
once or twice per!dsy, apotn amashed
d feed, either shod, dpoppe4 '6sts or
It rye, buckwheat, eta, faid i tr$oeghs.
t When fed in this-way and at the same
Stime. allowed paeees to. water .and
shade, logs will . bhar, crowding
through thelot mttlis, a very good
time if not ti go ' t ltd t' u a nflesh.
This, puts tbM ia:the: bet eoadlitiont
for sorn fal , .fg, wJIAteha d copi
en.spee abqq$ ,oth lot toff';epteaber,
we la~it fo'w ib o is soft iad tendr..
TrUted: int this wyA hogs become iro
g bably as perfect au-ny method could
~it Uthe po the whele,'too, I
belivep it t Lhe hempoet.,and most
a gcoaomic'al-r-Gte- ýl ý4' lde;Be .
o '4 feas on de f on ,
T sond raIvair kept, e idlea rgass
Trt give meach aer lSaoued eggs
thep )rkegs do ti.., have aoaes to
stable a.nd mapure heaap and eat all
kinds' bf filthy food. "Hib feeding
on fish and: elami Saver'their eggs
accordingly--tp pa p l owe eating
onions or cahlbp or offensive matter
Sir.l t a bad t.toto miý,ka batter.
Tne icher thi " food the "i her the
-doloi of hti" .'Wheat sad corn
Pgve the bbstaole whil feedik on
In u¢ e ikm he of. shlrless,
rendering them unfit for eer con
foctiopery parpee . _
f Soli . CzIa4 PILLows-Pil.
a adtiad: ilb t be emptied
salwldealalý, t' fjut :ito a
i agA .aaspaeomi t Iid el& ethe
a npfpr peveltJ emtone If li the
Iountrt, herep old-fpbshioe4
btick oetistl l ra te.; it is a
Sooda is I 6b in tho
oven aAr-theml-ssesn wltlh
; : P19 i d hl i.!-ANI' Au TlTtS.
t "illO. o u pie ablm spoon
t. e af ldotft, I i m1a , <# and
I, ZPilieR4 yer .pise,,Nam. i; 'or 3
Spies puq you can .'is It U, ou
S .Do not put l o r aud.to it,
not rollt'I ol'to 'dp~_' it but thin,
it yosipish ihott ,id drispy,',nel
Snot flaky and tough.., ~ i,,,' ::
SHawst oosr1nqdimwo Ily.-Make
Str istek gap 4 a trenwas the
,Wipd r bettor, ian, there is less
Id t";1sa l r iiob(eeo I , than
tbesilae,: Uirill i baltr bhl. :"he
, pss conbe, moved -sr. mtir you
,an pitch ,fom terIr 4#S,,wide
feretdt Motleios of tlie shtaik, which
da 1 low the ir eeealdteth ~eangh
erh Ioadbefee it Lsettldl down by
1hr'ebeiy'lm rf iw u at
ness. Three quarts mire conidered
r by uo hartifaes to be usfcient
iio Arti idL''IW?'t Igih he
t, thes gmmdnlhim fstlp, ti$sshr
esoany peIfl:mlti. li the 8tats,
and, with eve eriua~a si e it may
Stall ,r if a
'dromr h dti litn at ailr Is woirth
4eal rutsc*eb p acoerd
I drops of 'the 'lqooo oabtcleside of
.lime; then was dhereughly in this
mlsawr 6 psrn f se bit sttter.
1* I nP righist, t'in itesp two
teri aniion eniw'b e et' mihll; add slt.
'miM' jr ti .e f lne- Montaihs
Wh is the rence beltween a
beMlli and a bugilar~ -OvtI wears fali~
locks and the other fdise kers.

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