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The People's vindicator. [volume] (Natchitoches, La.) 1874-1883, October 17, 1874, Image 1

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If r ý ý r I t ,, ,' . . . . . . ' !.
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PELL ' AR': Ax A Publi~hers, The Welfare of the People is tie Supreme Ldw ., Tiu, $3
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.) I") is rll 1 11 't ý, 1", + Ii' . ý' 7 - r , , 1 .iý t {, o.. 1 ' 1 i t t 1 1, " 'l r
VOL..: NA¶NTCAIITOCHES, LOUIJIIAfAi rO Tf BER 17. ,l7. ... 1, ;41 ºNO,
yq, ·, t:
NEW ORLEANS,` iver Landin
ChleunyvilleQ, adntiob, Ale~tirdiia:
Cotile and[. Ol ti~tviller: ;aiily;,.at
A, M.
SHR VEPO t, Keailie, Manse dar
: thaville, and Pleasanft 111-Daily at
10 A.'M.
Angnstine, Mila, Pdletou,a 8abihe
town, Many aad'Ft. Jeump-1 Tuapr
day Thursday, nad Satnrdax, ,~
5 P. M.
HOMER, Mindena,BuBoihorn, RBa id,
Coushatta. and Ca $ am-'
day and Frm y a . . a . .
WINNFIELD, AtltiirtIs Sa'ýotto'sna t
Maurlce,,on :'lesday ea, Frridry
at 9 A. . ,. , . .
 -i C ..LOOR , , ,,
At 6 A. M. for Ne*o Oremub, A1euaniti
add Oloatie*ville.
At 9 A. M. fo shreypOrt, *eaM4, Man
field 'and lPleaasnt Hill.
At 6 P. M. for Nasegdobew, Texas, Mel
rose and Sam Auaguip
At 5 P. M. for imer, la.Bekho
At 10 A. M. for Wi~nleld, dc, . ,
Office Ho s-i 0 A. . to . .
and from 3ir to '. i " '.
J. aF.1 nD.9Rtse,ýta N6tetý.
Professio 4 Ord.
-v. l. -A  .
Attorneys ,q. 4 , C o t. ,
NATQ1OHH18:L,;L&. . . 1,t
W LL rnctieeIA the Sat~i`.Nsathtlteelheh
VS;bitue, DeSot, Ril River Winn, Riapl{se
:anai Grant, and 1A the' U1pta1 CdMt 0 thb1
State. Claims promptl4 attewdeigto. ..
Juno 29-ly.
4. Si. KEARIYET. .d,. O? Iw HA
Kearney & Cudningham,
Attoineya and Ce to i a i
Odice 'n St. DeulsSIut,
Ju,, 20-ly. , ,NcM .
Alivrey *a4; OCquagelOuwr Ilt9Q
office ornresreea*A4A d4'rya spti
June:20-1y,7,., r+,i. ' re!
Businei Ca ds.:
Carverb .Taf rlor
Vhoieuue aid'4btai4Wd Sib £
Dry Goods, Groceries,...
IllI: :or tlI,·(
cnoca~a~P~ 9~P~r~l ,i.rc I,J3 7
CROCKERY º ýýr 'l:-;r rt.rr : +=
AFgt snee.etoke[ alwas~
A n~n Mswl wbe bovL g pgolwt'1m
*ºoaah basis .~a*lP-4m~i AAS A~9Rtti41*
menu. to. Ogg
fttiiloet cashý p s ' 9 le
pructnod; .anit i ifo "-f idw,
or merocb:vchea~hsda ei-uM.I(i. .
Juiit I I-ly.
J. Ami· Dsauoau,
,:.I i19c 4; Wil 14" Lo;:l: ;i~
Cora of FPO y 11 1 1: ýi .l
June 20-ly.
. iaoleeaa~e `n'.
º:i" R1Duc . 9y' t w.U t
.YIHI~ .7 £VJ~YI 4 's(F. ('ibJ(f:
Dry "Go bi ·I ie,":l
l. Uilghmt is.PM fqRR4 C i*,4
otrl lý rign ý$q ý fiý *Dtý ý,F'ýr'+
otner Vonr
Jnoe 2m f . * i'.v'1 <ý .' flim, ;., ý .01
P.u e,_ , ,
a Preach tote foe loawEld. hi jedert
amt mbre deahes. e"at. Sm.
c. A. LAiRD ' ''`. 1~ l it
Du11ard t co; . ,.- ,
ýý _' "kRbwAt ,It
i',Atld GMeral Meiehindieb. i:i-., !
' 'rcer ,Ior& 1U fg~a ' sZtet,. ; " i
cymintry produce nca or mdrcnan.
tJanY G4O%10, G.cenes,
S " Natchit es, La i
' Croakery, : !: ""#
i . ..H titL, ' ! '; n?
S' ho ve and Notio ':
Special inducements offerebd "t1it
pbubers. Cott.on and tm·ttry' pro,
loe, oth at highest Cash iter ,t, ,,;
Corner Front and St., Dents str tj '
3T&!AtTi Ltesr 1'lalioieob Fsm0l f8teri
, e. iga rs e , e.
eapr tha the
(The Pedie's Favaiit4 .)
rE EPS consItaIntl on."lnd. , . .
* 5A BA(;OXl nr T.!
, / .Rt I , . ',
Aa p tm.a... . s 1,ln *. f.S.. fa P, j i S,
Gies. ive 414 a gall. oati lon ;
f . .. , ,.u~ ' J.
Cor. FrWT.,and NT6 DN 8'S Stsetie,
SNatidhto ele, L '
June 20-ly.. . . ,.,
y yr
. 1t,ý 31tI d
p . ItY J Ih
1· ,i· t . ~ 4n I·t k
0 7 iin JIifka
f "~ ~nPt
i ý4tec e S
"('i ll'"tndý`ld i:
.N %Itq )$i: + WL't
.".ý}ý it1"+# ýtC1(rt af,
)', `.o of1 I U *I
Code Tir~)~Tth · rd S nh rew ,hIW +f , nl LI
ýjti SEi
AM 'd
ttL~~j~ I /
~~ th A
r#:r), ';-*
**·~rd if; II IS~:~ ~l~igy
~aro~ Ir~SR~ ~t~a i,
,: ý, . The Line. ofBattle.
The'recent mateuoreings and ,eon.
ertbiees of what are termed. the',oon.
¶nativc ,and rupqblica .coulititee
n w Orleans, have not pet the aip
irdlitmion of thepariahes and the coim
iMailtflitally sigbhed'by Duncan F.
Keaner as chairmen of me' commit.
teqPIA. A. A~olu of. the. "other,
apd published in thl!eTieps Wednes.
day morning, Is not sat slfa(ctry "'while
thb injndlicioubn' nl improper dispatch
*of * I0-.:..S *.. . &as*alitr . Prsasg
t4he erect that, it wq~,.lotest, coma,
T prmqin ilar to tlh one, made in
Trebnowb wounl, be eisntred into
thihii1the Saite,, has provoked
mach indignaylion.
,.J 'our opinipp it woull, have bpen
better had there been' no cnommittee
claiming to represeut our party iind
no compromises authorized or nanuth
orized. The coneeeaion to us :of t~wo
siqo , on 1thl Reteniug, Boaud is
a small matter compared with the
saiirifl6s an `bur pait involved!' in thb
terinb of, the. agreemnent:; and all,
of is senpat feel that, in entering
into negotiatiops. with, th Kellogg in-,
fanmy, stipulatige exp esly to recog
fTze its d6 'factd' dharactere so' pro
tWse itsbd `ltr minions agailhst acts of
violdaui~a, adtn become girtually. its
iee oulicgpr , the, cowifittee, have
dine what adversity could. not do,
asid ivlait the Federal, army failedd t
aeomspiish, --eaopromised te,' liitg.
uiY of tbas fulla .CaltuW.,a.W dd.i
igd t ;nto ".* ,ridiculog -po . it'un.
e, recent brilliant. revoltiion in
Nw O rl0a0s not nul'' 6tttled the
etientry, it also opeeled itsieys to thli
ablrnltI, iufamwtlcbaraqterjpf ý i.
aiidten thl wrinugstaltil jieisectiidsk
thii-Stat; t, Aud, Ihilo the lI 'ew;'
dbli ljtt lberal and uawnocratiet'rumtr
p41ltaýg g #440 frongt, iif u -
seots to lalde, arrl aenouncing tie iq
'tiiii, alid'deuadieitigtrat sofi ie mti-i,
'isuridflliteroli 'b ae inledl .ol i-:
iaim) .eau itt, e ilt i iugitg to; reprup.
p"p.Y*at wp r has a ,n!lly given
ipt to tl usurpatln, a :it
il iprai6eUtes waplIndeft, to become
i:fprtq,. t7#ud, erllr a , C!O 4i, tsi i
foari tme o t ý ndes c,.fe4ieou a I
Wh.h liter al iiuo in.. ' neay the
tes" iliaihid thie 'cormpro
mise by which the people ate pleded
to : lietrate no acie ,:o1: violeuuno
iutiumidatiqu, auj TJursda.y, thie tele
graph announces that a ibdy of Fed
eial cahvlry'id to 'be diept to ' North
Louisiaua to scour the eoma ty. There
is no lawlessoues here :;. ip tihe r
,4- 8aggcrs,heave.nigrel there l asl
been peace imon us-peace aniod
feluitg i tweBen' hitiiW 'io lacs;.nt
ardist l veuterfib'say," there iU !o
portion ofi the i Ilistl i ,woil ,ati,,
time more qieceale tha
blhhriebea tnthl Itasop. And
. FqbW*S&lSSbA# 6ties mnubrtopter
iAp) pg theow of arqa a!!
tar" Mpd itet ii eonprroinils,.
1Thea isib. purpled here to. prpe
kmiate4. hqt wei * pt ! eul! ,aware
Tieape6 siad that,' lorieg th.
ii~tggthilwts~ ~,~~to. ls
1e , e0 , ennidan
'ilt_ Lt.nu i sitpebtI
are no i here now than they wgral,
a month gio,. JLICoLnyjue here an('
mF eekal. trooM~ ta
e1tla);jtyia na sioinje mis
iolhlitiqia willhi tid iel.
I e*rIi ,?.* 504est 'euiq
Ifu~1P~r~rdigia g-lih wll "b d alerm:
1 nie o:irali
I Aii pin tlopla0 i
slheis. ni'marr~
~fr~ . tu J , "'"-ii 1
GRARNTr L6Idmi.A.-NOew'Yn rI
Oct. 7.-'lhe following special to tle I
Herald iadoubte~ly' redtects the views
of the ,esideut., ,.At coups aaliost
diiectly from him:
Washlngton, 'Ocit. 6.--The opinions
of RIevelyJohnson and Chas. (N'Con
or, with ilhe,; rejoinder pI,Mr. John
son on the Loouisian a :question, hvyp
chfald attention to ainjimportant prin
oiple in' the politic*l 'governmenitaf
tihe eoautrv, viai: the right of :the
Pres dnt to review. his own seta,
Tue reisie.ns r.,-", .en ei
tv of mhavig ll ject settled wjti
out delay.: 'The ewsve of both Johni
son and O'Conor, p ablidhed in: the
Herald, have been c;irefully reoad by
tihe President.. , "
H He doe not agree with' Johnson
that either Kellogg (ir McEnery was
elecccted,.bt equivoca'ly. declares that
the election in 1872 was a mqeckery1
and that his only motive in r ,cogni
zing Kellogg was to nave .etcietin
Louisiana afrom "anarely. I H4 does
not considbr.i either. Kellogg or ;Me.
Enuey the lawfully ,electeod governor.
of Louisiana..
'n Fridlay laist, In conversation withi
a Stllthert" gentleman, lie iltilnated
that this;would be Ilis position inthis
tigh*tmessage to Congress, and ; that
lie Ah.muld ask that provision be mnad
for a free and fair election at the
earliest possilde'day, act. should givd
enplhasis to what. lie Irad alveady doe
clared, that it was, tiie;: for itlh Re
publicau party to unllod Louisiana.
'A young womlan* , issouri is s
ditging in, traliti't four day's log,
oirin wulkh lhe' iie te'l heaven,'aor
stys shea does.: , Why.b dom't !.she staei
Now tlhat.te mltilest autholized to
pen:k foi'"the li'pitiliclan and" lie
Cns.ervative orgalizattios havireirti
tied:t he agrewmuenmt .mlatlel ;lvy thetswq
Colnferere llcUlpitpipe6, thb, e e b lae
no excur oF any hurther ilelia vi
catr'yrig ,iit r .i ,ae ei tesstetial ti
of the colnllp:lat, viz: the reconliiAttl
tim of that Retnrning Board, in the
ilmaiiler providedtfor Gby -thb articles
of agreemlenit. .r , . ,i.
Boarit'd three are residents ,f New
Orlid, and"the"iithet t'we" a' I~
commnhleated witli ikr iesatb~h ortg
eight hours., If, Mr. Kellogg and: his
friead meaq; ..to stand by their, oenqu;
pledges, let,the two,; vacanciq stipou
lated for be. at inc created,' ihd tlhe
men whebareto represent. our bide ie"
put into oflee. Nothing else will satk
isty us that no, deception is intepded
and no trickery contemplated by our.
political 'opponent.
We' hope out Cen'tral Coimitte~
Ull preassthe matteat onee upon.the
p wiF; potie,;'l'ha gJapotion u-i eq
grav toadmit of muipceasary pro,
remabh Ih 8 tbhelui net be -settled at
bace.rl, r Ir a'I ."1- ,i 1 . 1
1ý. ,tU4ltw,.e as Us* W , ri
Then 'twere '& done au.ekly.".l
'r :e sawn art the apenn 1.
-iur u ! zoj . .. . . " /
't y ionam e i its "di "taou e i pens o S
,.The Now nYork_ . tie~Rn ir n, Jh.I
kaf:airs-say of L.bwhiaiuuian eail te
oan9,sdgsel w daenp,,w .uiritwv .
thua abseleWal~. 'Thnuieedite'ftkle
rIo sleh t lifi~d " otlflP ja!
otbesat the 8Sudm'·with.'Ashswhat
t rbold , t , luat $uy pf ,
worst. This ouglit"t H . Iiire '
,mmd, bat it willt7tldrl'mmte t;li end
nleMss the pUbltUteikesthebrdaatar
ii, lh ! 4I|b'lswulls o stolid an4;
l1stlni .a i1& ie lesigi
, IT~iipr,,'ti. '*.di. ' ,
nl.im lm m pett .lt nitihube sInnlesaySl
at g r,.l e agit e a ,rk
fLet all. the erroelr use60 hin otli
jrnig e(uiues iiuqurretsiy e inrlrri lp
,W.q.,avp ~,ej~ntaly admired tlde
'aility dilddi iýin the ed toriAls o.f
the St LMIWI t epnblictii, "airds"often
Wanoderedat "lse sbmuplete icgndeneee
ofthat ieurtal:of Sotherni lharacter
au0l South~qylities. In its issue of
the 2ashb, It eqpresses the opinion that
if the ompli , ldcinade between the
.Whites b blackp 4 Terreboone + ar
ish, by wficrl ,waiº,men e al. t9gret
ar plated altsinately,yq $u1Fongers
vaire ticket, we e earned.out to all1
th'patShe.; ,a:reih 1n %Lohieiida'
would he tiettled. ow ,hat the
A'i'prprsIhlO .pp plo Ihave, dq,º, tile
peo pe n all tihe trishes havs peun
ddnli for the Itb six earb i i6 d it
hbts broughtlb' e slts except diS!
graceful defat, a.grlual lbwerlr , of
lit(Wie sentimen anl of the . standard
of political integrity,, !The upeole of
T'rrebomne parish have"fallen rliAck.
into tla old tut of "niggeiems,d' aind
there isnosincerity in eMirr:action;
~eir mixed ticket . is a miserable
lodge ie will win tbem no ,tipg.
Ke, one of the negroea on the ticket,
wisºeoe of' the gran'deit raascals' tliat
guarel in thellast lsgseltnue.: Weie
all the paOishqa to,rtlow te qaippla
of T rrebonne, the cause of .Lod 4
ia i n*iid qot beiorth a ii igle "di
of ohe brav man's 'bittid' mech li
the rivulets;bf nohler Ibloud tlime ew.
ei. fr it, in wlw ,lae. . J, , ,it
wvouunot e wrth time indiguon4
hdglit'ý .ingje hnee.' heart-,it
world lie watlty only of 'llsd iodi and
conteuupt. Sh kuewrt g4I· , ' .
,'A wagiIn .:'4what lie kanow about
fana aingi giveeo 9ery9 up plat Ctq
re v, w w w ý4... e.  qa a
-dloooklig l"an ,5s onl to sa"
i ,ci ' Ip ti ' t it H
Makreais ,grocery atoe in our pIlace
ha1i been ioted fb6r'A week or i d;
cafdt*as pogfeetlyt wilinig.to, hIve
opgN. .belt. apireiunetyai ) .rieu :it`
e'P. r ar$ tI satoluppenad brsiuerss
f.r'a wacle. rTiere hIad been a good
maty' srglarbasltad.' Metalf bodghlif!
SdeJgtoikeepin his atore astuigh.
The uwrothat sold te ,d ,a,.aid telat
its opee strong peculiarit was jts
iillbt." Thay dig + 8Ia Wtch
thalteidordrtuiwr the =.Gonlus tof
1i4ert jatclaesth.d4npialeofAwe
I.h t hre a '.ar. ed
ad [email protected] l'tabia mllae d"
ih 'tie morninig he46 dowg tlew: tli
P s os. b et~t;y t
shet the'dtib and sat di4*tr ;: think.
Tin'welf Wenat.afeir tlh rar' who Isold
thw d ,b,he ln*d gpone out of tows
to ' . tbedog fti b the tabtiath'
tfdeohi aunt, a.: wPlnan't i b0a
!..,bqse l 1prelngiitnlo aileti
tse 'his h udtd h "i"
S'*k - ,a noi -
.h•oughU M .tlwoilolsduel4 u pasil
0ug ep . hJaj 1 .D .w li
Lbqldelmlta,;p, al unml aw
p• 44tiiOWtqd ,tr, ,,J
-- , ' 1tp.r,, r , true , . p
ilt a lcr an ý l" Yod o1e t b ol
ew)lthdaljr s itara !se e th
fesitnbdsmel tnma'st
I- ggShe4R s~be y ),(4 n ;
tIed,,les."( . amsea w  ide dival(
qU'.pr 4adsr jestte eh e
f en ea+
Farm ,.and Househol4 Columa.
Anoui Nrirs.-Every frtier who
hawr~ ' d on to drive a' 'nailltte seat -
soiied oak tpots knows itii:iabilt4pt
.bend- und breal, If te Point;-be
oIsi the ,X+rtp,,uo+ , 't'; ·Ir +.it! .
salyp4rive more; kindly. Oil. is
ter; bud then it is iicoinvl. ,gabt
dip each sail separately into it. A -
other poq,is, that boards become
loose eventually from the rusting of
dnails, which colummaiCeasfnl' tihe
wood, lauses not otYj ..n enlarge
meutof the nail-ble but the wer,
ing away of the,ua.U i~ilf. , m dering
the fence or building shaky or inse
cure. This may ,,be preventaed .by
heating aiy,, moeghb gram ,.until' it
sion1kes, and then pouring i$Overtlh
guils to be t id. The'gtease wil
penietrlat the pores of he i s n, 'd
cauise the iuail: to' ~It its hot¶ t
ing for.an 4nel"i_ .
this, no dillcu leer ll l ,b ah pegs
risemd. .d i4i ' ea.. iam...th.
tact h i, mnt y oxida
tioan. : h, . destroyer
of iron, alhoiselo - ducing
it is kept dry thier ltt is measulaily
the same. .itiutpllolkp iltl g pre
vents t9qennL, qF ,+ ir~ orem.
If thin whole *4t 4aQ p so ted.
the heads, at least/ of the nails there
in should be toueiedst-Newark Build
er. sty t+ !lit-- 0 3 ' ,,i,; 3 .;,
Fruit " :coting
of soft soap' 't flti lssoh of the year,
and the sooner the-better. It works
to their advemltag' in opening the
pores of th- bark al fayvoring an
easy expanao wl'i .thl e same time
it washes down wil, eery rain, act
ing as a liquid fertillzer to feed the
roots. Ikuseie, it'el'sbe~ s which
produce Dti' .tU.le IItw. erers, and
the millers +~) te )the peachl
tree borers, will soon be an the move
in a week or so,iiiiniitigg their eggs
about thebhb, L- t lie he es that
have bltiB l a-ttt ti stltdimogh
soaping. SeMinAp eligat on, is a
sure borer preventive, and, really the
onlyo ona .we +Jýow ++sfat, inee it
beneolets-d ttdibit Kt ee cer
tainly havy, ,T pQ patting
it on. Coi t '++d ýnde in
the good ol i au d hard
jwood ashes, iilse be applying
ito trees. Thil-it lwith warm water
until it will.'Ifblwtbttilgh 'a white
wash braoihMtlidat' irop-ng, then put
it on the trunk the same as if white.
washing a felice -tablbing it well
around the ba s ; lp tree and on
all the large forks, .
There is ap t favorable as
tautumnn forl alt4 drsl improve.
ments in the .n'- The American
autumn y "-U " ltplrb. Oar
spriungs are sh d)'lltL5yMq.uite long
enough, for.~rYIDAl1g ,'treather is
miserable Wlikhas.da rains and
sow andtU WIMulsad t. .idAll iimpor
taut changes Jh ile~.'ialp should
th-monms- J , mad in mote e...
lt o as it
Sutdra be tarered let. r6land
ivAteedlitlldi n
o ta.r s d
eq mA well-moadolejsmlu
aoo&ht ~ .tuooryvi, roi
lthere is phIartjfý oavd ie t
_beomes rincher aemihdler everyg ear.
dirs#,opp athee narode rihdes
.I. .... -, ..t.k, ......
tltistrdie'Ljd r (mifggi ,u6p;
: inug n t.hin tinpwnatiti
'irhree-ql"artr 40ar 4at :rl:94 Sla
petcient-mtoaken stimlm. Wlni you
ig?+ltil sIpi+h+

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