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The People's vindicator. [volume] (Natchitoches, La.) 1874-1883, December 12, 1874, Image 1

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TI FEWLE' S -" '. '
I);1 1 __ _ !
J "' IJCE o N !
&; '". . h . . u l sh r ,h e W elfa re .o f th ; ~ .D j 1.Fe w . , T. :1"!'s , i 3 p en
. , , rI ff . ; vb ,, .. *..,. .,.q .L aw . T  . '= -, :=
s . ºr 1" IIITOC ES .LOUIS, 'N' " .: ,B tR
IIiOL-i .-.
AURIYALA siD Di33*reltS.
NEW ORLEA3' Rebd River Lanling,
Chyiiy Vite.ar- ftu ,' AlbzaUdria,
Cotile and l u rie, Dakily, at
SRltQh PORI, Xeshie, Maai$Ield, Mar
lhaville, and P1saMt Hill-Daily at
10 A. .e s ' ;
NACOADOG .W,SoU, Chirino. San
August ;in,1 tt Pendletoi,Sabine
towtn, Many and It. Jesup--on Tues
day IThusday -aUd Saturday, at
5 . .
day Ad a ayi, at . M.
WINYN LD, Atlanta, Sutton and St.
' sYan,-urt- ,Ta y and Friday,
at 9 A. M. . i
. 4tA.M.for New e AlA I 4 eA s
, and Clo'erv ille.
AS 9 A. V. for t i;KeahEi M6
seldand, leDImntilLt /
AS a P. M. for Na*ogbe Teas, .M1
rome and B'u Augnstln.
At 5 P. L. for Hornet, La., -aokhot,
,~oplhantta sad Campte,;,,
At 10 A. M. for Winnteld, &c.
'Ofece Ho1u0r rom 10 A. x.4oa 2. x.
and fros lr ?Mto TP .. ·, .
J. F.,DasYVast FOrtS;l t4
Profesgioid ' tldb,
iatruega' * Ceohloth at ldW,
WIILpOro tfr. A the C st.of Ptoohy.r
VT Sabine, DýOst6, UNr, W~i., Meplie
aed Grsnt a$ lfs~ (pux* of i
Beat.. Cipa g¢r4.i1ti~*led t to.
3&Y. KU!IARIThA.1; 1MoAMIN 4ýK
.1Kearniey& Noiut 1 I ºai
Attoneej.u4&GPPW*V' 4$ I.41
Juno 2O--t ?. ,,Ir " .· :
:"i . "ýý+s>> s r,,ýrt.ýs pis, i
iC,4C:f*"vTi ···tiirI:"nYý1i"%? ;FtrVT,
. j'i'ICiPkasýlii~dýýl/Isi1ýNtdtHiia' ;r"
PlArD~kK u, *bI·.4UI YJ N. W cI
~ 9 Fl5IIC9
4,1 t 1y"+ I '*(l AP 10''Itc
,!f if1s ~ = 1ýxftrS
i+ rH3 tra
9 'J'IJ#~q)l'' sI·i ,!l 1
'1hSiº M t'I19\ r ~:f (tP ,' r ;
"ý`R1ýN ·wsit+ý'J s , iiiiCk ý "ýd~aw?
ra "tn Y I.
I t 4
··i;, arblc~k e
(U~tCc iiV ~
)'i s.UQiU~
sullad & Campbe1l
AndOeneral Merchandise. t
cmrner Foharr £I turaTrrI Ire ' et, ' '
Gtsgphed a price dt fowr eot"o.,a
'hconntry pruedue ine l or merelal,ie A
. ,! ',. t ii 11 "at chitehes, I t
Of/ ·,!,1 .:d Ake  - ' " f''
. l-t he y ed { ote
Sprchaser. Cotton and ti
Ido , both:.t hjighgea Csah rate.. ,,
Juno 20-1Y ., '
SAFhat and Sti Deaei stredtl4
* " har' ron R La:' totn.
RETAI ea|ler i' entiil691 otriiied, "_Caerws t
Cor. FRONT ;and ,ST.. DENIS Streets, 1
June 201y.
, ,7'&1 .. , jqJ.).
p'l . facttA lbo! *favo family up
m=sj4 "Ot , U-i *. 1(.' e -o . ... i. m gl .m
i 'i ' i ,1,"iy ' iJi i
II ,i.r
..ei .) .1. II r.
"" '++ it. "'it
b ,I .anub
t ,. ) , '
(ýi~llýI ý1!IR 1, d i F lJ '
4 n4I. c : ,t i 4nr! :.' i
n ktý')Lrt~lti,º fc !ý'1 'n ý{n i/tni
ri -kfdiQ-~ I I C ~ l 'II 3
.Rt ' ll f -- 1 1
3vtlawsnII ri~tm r~Uf~
p-ji* l Le
>4 Ad
.', . d"t~ ntt w A )itilY~
+ R, ý. ýF.,ttt:~i'"ft
D8 ý' l
, IA "h" 1ý"~i k~itv`Ir1> tt
.10 14SaT
:FoolAnswere4d Aoordn tq
His Folly.
We have before. ns: the Memphis
&PP4 eoutainuig,a acurrilpt:attack I
up, t!pis,`paper, the test of which, J
the progranmne ae t~adlb'w' for th6 b
treatment of defeated tandidates Ii
whom the ý returnaig bodin. might a
'copt .in" and wi, , oeq ffupe to ii
repoiate tLe i lga a-d. reyolution- 1
ire., th bo;ird: Th atit'ackc of fhe II
Ap'el is cnrrildal and cowardly; ii (
Is inspired by the airitof a usinriudn
the Mlemplhiippeal stating, or c
pitienaig t qaet out bleW4 has e
lied; it has garbled oar Ilamlage gaad t
vilf)ly plisrp4i q9t4 w aw id*.
Tbh pin if 7we stand c
by, an. lile , a pe6l'lot it
bd 'it, ag e if theeeaslae is,
will ad& upopa itL .Therefd.rwirhttthi
Memphis Appeal sys our sugos ti
is. "unterly ani ontirel ~, epudhe 1
oy etery demoet It ih"th , itt
Sidtlttkiatiye" aemm - t peak for I
tee people ofLomisianu and A
pr sntes thoe iu l ht'it agn; it dimr
npre its imtertj ce,, ite, inorance i
lft gaze. The' Appptetenta b eU I
teaptiblefigure in this, matter; it Is I
simply playing tlepse qf awhippesd
cer, crouchinga, i>g , . ,, awI at t
the feet of the Mortons, theLag L titm
and-the cooklbgstl , who ire ernektit
their whips over itd trembling rsiid
sliverirg back. :f .T en.ropo wl
like Louisiana, gd he heel 
i1 thieves, with lie G6¢er6.Y, 'he 1
tourts and hti1egltde eag lt a in 1
an infamsonss:espisrhyto..overthrew
republican gaternment within,. her
borders, and she had to depend .on
sieh cowAiidl'atd tlnie-seteiug sbes- 1
s e tb- Memphis Appeal' to leadher 1
oat of her troablessaherdestiay wouldI
indeed be a, hopel.ss. eL If Loeuls,
had harkuned to such!lly --oI
"prtriots: as the edithts teA
ithe laMt ercanvase,' ebe w ul have
been hopeldesly ereabbi; aindbh ae
. ist 11#1F
luogg-sud pa4d, Csie J i
Li€he Tti mlFban his erotten '1i
withthe itnti tboard i
with ote ezme og ,,f jayhwkers o
fi4ea, war, Tonakl po ca f
ir In the next tW -r hu sof
tey' hobe of relief'thro lh the l"idto~
y.iter peoplewewi As e l; 24
velnber. .,
The Mempis a4ppearwl oblge
th S1reveport TIMES and thso ei
of Led.sian by steitid l _q M
business. We are.litber murderers
nor barbarriansno are we slaves.
ia opM w nliBted ts t 1atai tarb
the FeldraW .codusistio, tie ,moot
Ave408 aqtiqa u4#cieloqr jt$a
.i e b,, tlt vuuMe(q, w
mumIerer disr' w h.l%
p~inippeal atr 'tatef nt lo ese
lt e eas 'oaE uatidthimA t.W I
" h.lit "6 4 " Th ' .
pweo.1bthe astbe'domhhp, i
"Meeil, a th , i .is~
e ls a, t' ed sr lie: l fI s ltl" lre
rtuit ' a.tW,,iwjlt 'A
lhi ~~.'++og mll a'.,l'.,
balr ,1peed e ek. try pt
tur .al r i heig
1e !istq_ ta t.~.oUt
RMm w mi
J1 ,1j L
No other Staote, iý .e, Union, we 'is
veril believe, sasy e St. Charles rm
Herald, eah 'ogler; rvttudo 'to the qzi
skilllfnl farmer superior to mar own.' p
Nowbere does the .pil, ;yield ..ore ap
bonntifully in pro.tabl1e .products,1 du
and hnture bha las ti provided ail ,.
ig~lo streams ensuurl to'an asistes TI
puiabg people cheep andtapid trans. ar
partnao to and f.t". ith amrkeus. thi,
Our airiediture i et . it t inancy; eg
ordf r kti: di 'niot half ditermined ; lei
bit we cnf'continue -ploddh~ g aloog e
io the slo beatet track :.ofa:r anm rep
cestors, rilj ,.ly the. inaooytiouof ad
steam in our Mills and paltent plows t,
to mellow the soil. There is a great, NI
someahiig yoet oeeded o gite agri- i1
cultro ,,propp t& Aud p m
believe that somqthlng ýo bq itel- foi
et 'int6rrested ilbor-laboberI who
w ar'nsder'.ther ow vilde'id a ig Ui
tane. wiltho6toiereeerwsa cabin ib.ai e
tow~ r a lard in je, m.ouen;Jsabor- ge
qrs who are not ucminm, stim- th
Itate d alone bbIy a'' 1t ance or ib
a weekly ration, t who ente aeni to
npo ,l t eon petltTiU Wlheir it
ne'lhbetoi the etato, ... ke tt'he, I,
home theeh l, an5o"t' inii. ý
ter . tbthefrwatrif LbbreWv' t eaed,
auadbink, and duy and iave$ ars pad
not mere aisMiatp of;th. routina e of p
' Whed idili clasp of rliaYbir cdn
beeither tiAred o Iorted, .IM6ai-,
ana, with U. ill' the~fr:ai, erealsnad
gapleo known .to1,Aeriea, mrqa .*
opnoe grdeisput of the Miaiiheiea r
pi'.'va,, na ld of senort ge
f ktetr and eobtheuat' 3iet the
reoeiver and ueiipte, oaf 'eaentfal a
;W{ should we not have euch la- w
litor Wahand til 'win Is t
be targli to thld' the frodw bd ic"1.
rolaslleir' brHd tand muslediide,.
V eonsj the,.resbroes of io4~} 181
,.eao nfgot .e ralend. e beS a
~esta 6 to the deledie
of afe al r. Withi tht' Ui* a
IsamidlJes thyat IUaM1;tabor .di4s'
or pe eIb. aptpt igb*o allow a
Se, , pMng t.. eq on "uto b" * h1
copleaae, eos. there i
piti W tclah . 1)iv d I
politldaksi bewd;iekthrif akilllfe
potive far 7ee "Rthe X1l a$ 'Il
*, . , s, 4. ' am le- - a"mo'. . . i A. S
redone. taifsdtaih ili n Rk," l ii
fi etratsf in cnt g th'he ltd',bt I
the Leenisana bleeded lduitha. viewet.
eheast<tbe Dewn rat opatw elrayipt C
done _ twiel'Withb! limap.uniy uTheip
thai bsot tahi.tha o eallle tl el
_ mv o t bhed t1
the Rep blfican nia,'yr. tbhef;o (
90ypsislC 9 i'r npw o
l ;tkr" dkil" ta l di id, rat'kill . u
usIrtrcids he sdta ,mtusb .i
eýwetar 01't t
th .leae, ,wihe ojdi hernb
lihlsplin..,wlR userfotwalt;lwedv i
t " I Bespe Elib' s
i bl a lsletebwi tslj rtR
4 I
jhnmuMd e &Aept? s e d s oI
feetlawige l en i ll h °e
" 2bl eele
an keqp jng time witiil Alotlpr lbad- F
i. jo.tAaria N'orth, the \eiiugi Pest
is wefullV *eary of triBainhrlg dlf
rages whlah it well! knows o idnr e t
qi~iF R, Ipproilng,. Mr. Blaine for hi b
partisan aidldeeds Ond late camulaigU i
appeats itthise the followiitg 1I. y
,Mr.Allipe th the limatrynneedese. ana
The elections indicate thIbat,tl eopl ti
are off udgd by, the cry t wlS? tie
there i4"n war: At th iie thath i
c~atn 'lWdwi be' sald'"d th' oir tDiee lh
leaders, it 'i . doubtful whetlhi .the
eovntry, wihll e;bl1 their , ickor,, tik
reconstruction, .elicy. ,oi ,hq .si $i
administration more responsil I~ori
t"i' ~ ."S ttled 'coidltton o? afatri.,*
Nne'lay, could' hardly havie been
legitimetely rmqured, mwder. honest d
maast u41 tag 'reatprei r.up bli~, ga it
fories or govorrnmnet to'the outhlern
ybates! "T "hk e`az Pti' i densi et +o'tWihe
Utitdl Staten wilIsotr be elected`ul ,
o#nigRWF.ssd ' ilAq,a Soetherm ourlltri
ges. They have hadl their day,.aq
the war had its day, inl olities, and,
ilthiingh'hher' 'ii be i'radi dis
Stuarlinucetnin it ulth, all pirties will
now Matasally :apply *hemeglves, fo
the sa ptf tl ir4,q,interest., t t tsi
promoti of p eac. Te caqvass o
9it1m t lleth aiieieCk upopn pral nei
pletshh kaj p'ly;W the, witsite O the
whole;eenatry-,the inandal policy,
"9iMtrnna je j eo nMl leg.
iTllathm and reforms of be reveau
uitd cldi servioe.
,T ln Saua 1 SA lx Skxx.- ,We
royrs:l h anqCtPg ieba ,oq1 popql
packt Sabine, capt, Dick Sinot a.f- 0
hi eit In 'eteh o Weý,Yideay with
I atll lead t bette e, iager andbli
i lases, ttlraCk&4smag'bar banr Stone: s
wall Lanuding, twenty-three amile.lbo
low here ansdsunk. Her astr1iigai
i ftWatutet','~ihd'thi r bow io $'fets .
,.:eT'httoesmredtIallifdelllek' A&. i
SIe bad is:ler, hold 11)0 )ide-sugar
dl C110Q1~ha am aedi'adaboi ti
tI leckObOlatesefc n. reg o
will% aleot loks, tt 'tkt M t molas
illt ps be b saved.* seisssppois
I4 ith'the Sabine 'and retIser'etdes
p Tbaeqa.WAelae ramble: tWeobtela
4a7w Alawmlr 1". tohLens :will 4
oh , the  ue.ion of O hii " hll' t
'* e` gttt'to whiiPl'll the
t Mtbile 'fis t9eef anxaie teh 1
e shlould usdrnme. .'TIhet ,u Judieiaa I
C, C mitt. reoe q4t,Ji, W ..d 1
r's Impeachumeont in a report made t
at 1ri iete etlo h of b(i ii, bat l
aM. pýepliuh 'eh p ll threoplb'
ion, tt kiimouarhd jriedictida of
j "establrrmm t, of, the" MicEaery t
g Verawo 4~ei 'i i, f iii ai aiin bt t
f understand bhw 1Mr, 'tephene ean ;j
t take laseir with 41srcobielsiom 'of the .
Judiciary Committee; annd0 's11' "If
Hbietsdrailintt D"Irell'' iipl. t
ment on the ground that th Federal
SObeukrjbdkalidlah ot"tka 'Ie, t it
SWI llF,, p~we ik,,. bethe dati fletu Ar
-io uem aqi, abtf e,
I ,°ile, rmage atosy, m.netib a
emed 0 Stail-; Imsbe. 'An. Albany i
S atians e.,efswwkiI eaIrly shbns
aitn d atr , ria t A ink ,a ;henbxtl aI
Stlmeubill ba e bi b lhwrfil whe ande
Slbmsn l as 0.teleahlskAiemfor iheI
thre hlrs imsin ,;sius .fi With a. lh
,' she bill we. a etiwterfent, who, he
g swore bitterly f.r'he .q4toitpe in 1
three orIts , : I, fl"
r ,mehNVI peI h id~Mth
d "ps~4i miWao qp les, S* 'I4" I
lb A little boy who was nae? Vf
ii +ii /1 uI i"2l..-. I i'r_$II ,"
4iM6l 6 iQhq.eyd
Farm and Household Column.
Drser PL.owuao.r-Tlis is an oft
told tale., As long as we can reºmemn
ber writers on agrieulture have urged
oh farthrln' the importance of deep
plowing, and yet, ;isoubgh we cheer
fully admit lach, good has been donus
aIN grendtplrogel btchieived, nitant
still reasins to be doj!. Many ax
field which we have seen plowed du
riug the preset yrs wwaiu broken
to a depth of more than three or four
Inelrea; in other woitd,' was oduly
scretched., J qjj of prowlis
log eottn,--the yieldel which was
cut off fully tone-half by the drouth
of July and August, would have ma
tard adll its ftbi had. the grlud been
deeply broke rt RW'' all knew that
diauth is Chd 'petpetual -danger to
which Lo' Olt* &Is' e exposed, and
tlhouglt we are lolF every year that
this dasiger can be averted or greatly
mnotiapt4 by mnakipg the soil mellow
to a depth of fifteen or sixteen in
ehea,-,egeit. warmin, ad
1u1dr agIccardisgly., . -
,We believe; trauly. that our crops
. ,cut of frpni twenty to fifty per
behit, fromi Wlit ' hey would have
made possessing a sudilBehbt supply
of ¶oisture wheulrhey needed it. By
tsliselfallow hi ies of plowing we
cona8neer crops to what moisture
they can gat.bhe, the atmosphere
and the sky, neglectig ,to give them
access to tat uiior6 pertln' supply
wtich can be provided by the &trtl if
it be deeply broken.,Tbe taisk will
not come at our .bidding; they are
qq,.icious in-, ~lir vi4q; buL the
eath*il neapr fail if we prepare a
dbe Inellifr hitbeoili tbiuh whbich
the toouts can delega when they ueed
wate.r,: They:. cneb0, ~ossibly peat
des't a thlreqesf or lhes sof stcratch?
fnlt. 'tl io aokl e Weledantre, the
1 hd 4feata e.she eoght$.tt the
soil is not deeply plowed. .:W e we
obliged to ci .Jwen subsoil
Iao!!g and; the qes  er4hzers, we
oflduui " tme sub
iitlnd~Kd'the me iMde of the
mre00y, Isilf; ta Ii l We
in ,nbo . 1 ,liiwi
larc.ngeawbet ol which
hf*P1vý q ua4shqls to
,,oi o ie lme . s;,fe wdCii.
Wqs hold tl t 1s @i d"lble ue any
sabove mentioned e the land }ha*
ltit been'ddepti t sin Weila;"
etkldopn thisiplae'pnerdlbni Ali 4mabh
P4;i 4 pele u ancsidaL,tp1 mjpd unidta
Xo1'h$Wof i`'t0 W aeic re
AtiltM mbde t A'O W :" cripp. and
Sthree t7ierabt nntriby4 theicere
wjluw eo fp no1 gr, 4911r t , M'q
periment imsy'1 iIasegmeli kiog
done so. .. ,-,..: 1.
,,tTIh test ~wiM e ier th'imld'it to
thalightiuom~ ~drkiplea, (az,,dark
fp sequ sk 4taly! .ands,
atui fpieIiflcs lagldt4Pt\, dIrw'that
N, ý 4eito ,thii k vt edi-;
ty mae longer than has been g -'
rally supposed; those of vlim, lilumi
I flgp, apple.udoi l i on EP
i tw ItHji- bYt -
ingibeo werud:m.wit. she. ,ainC
attif ge~ pw4rg Al
apr. $ 1 wo, ado... a "11
a oiht as!on anprtliud md is
t he dtedkthui iIS &iem gd., ik
sposn.p Aaasonn cinea
rPsppt4JIr ef a emt
Mix thhr "lll iiflouftwkr
t 'utla .5 *arWmniplegd 4 4 light;
I jgotgP Ipa41.i,?~q xgood-shze4
idl lk.ie-m, arpt iu,'# t yeast,
Sset it it a moderately wvmEi pJat
I the .maorninl Iard jsl. or sud
the palth eml thans
bhmtiafeifs *h, tet the
'tl -.*.Io eondkit ad
I K',jkgti t ,.eiese _ ith
- * , 'ep porll,-

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