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,; I I| i
moI.- the condition of the pub- FI
,ithe character of a large
nroportion of the men in office, the
eftrf the President himself, and
the flagranti dishonesty of their re.
bf a pr~o stations in favor of Civil
Scrvi ea eforti all stand conspicu
- y'ln the way of any further at
' .ihjý,/pse that much-abused pre
tg$i gyoother campaign.
,Ljg.; spy, further, that a more
'~j~big onspiracy against the peace
0ldiiweitare of the country could
be conceived. When Stephen
.ettgleas in 1854, in the interests, ti
i arged, of his own personal
r 2 i 4ang into American poli- G
bill. by whichl the Missouri
S ie, was repealed, and the
avery question reopened, it was
! needm as- a great crime against C1
°4 Amesisi people and against llb- Br
. Al timd the North rang with de
and platform.
* more shocking to the moral
S, oan4,Ltterly without reasonable a
L $r excuse, is this deliberately
i- ed andt carefully concocted con- ti
dnt4 tol erpetuate party power by ed
•r 0%1g't c ghastly 'wounds of the
S.fNfMhieh kindly nature was so rap
Id healing, and which the nation it
wti with sach greotness of Ti
n tieuerness of spirit as never pe
Sjrstratg~4 any history. i
us it is that here and now upon ki
aIlh thir lbrehhold of the whole bad
.,bdilgwe we denounce as 'a crime R
. .iatJthe party whose early knight.- q
'Ltslli es against the cottn- p
, peace it aimis to desttoy~ o
" nft humanity which it sins
. . , .sa w es, . Fh
py seenf: ,easy t6 arouse the
salumbering passieus -of a people just
,*eing:iv the consciousnea,' of tri- is
.dgePb tby the faf~s alarm "that then t-i
prostrate enemy seeks: to irenew theie
fight and revers athe event. It is 1,.
easier, no.debhlbtln.~i to meet theli *
ou the. recerd- of this. Ad-. t
l ion. But success waits:on
a pla~n." ; How · uch mischief
do,i i,.tip ne.t two years .
e15 n nly inows. . f they carry
oat the ogramme toreshIdowed by;
th M ut i bhig Arkansisn mes-'
~ iiiudrtake the revolution to
Wdh is lan aae:clearly points, we n
may count ~ 6 years of turbn- o
o sorta wet reea if posalble tt
: war. " Rut the pd. will ,s
ll : the-,people W;..~repeat to U
eilU ant Grant as he goes out of to
olelat he 7d #iilid n hen 'ane in,
Lbhave ecilR ;T 'dThe,
r': Writea for theIDemocrat.
uByiuses' Littl' Lamb.
DYCON VDNclin& .i
hb.ea litlo'altbb,
pa rwerfe "boded ibi y
Antloat atdo tl Yave
iealtr eftmeoabledead4
'ibtlowed the cavalty oUe dyt;
gb'tee Pi gnu "1" .
e Ulysses laugh play
Wee them slaugliten 4 ue o
eUlysses n.ul him out,
te. the Cricent CIf. .
An waited patiently about,
T'Philiy criead."Banditti 1
hen it rote toliim, aind , -"
egphic wire)
see, .l'a,mootafraid!'",
l Piegan liar.)
Wlrat mker~the lamb love 'LtySseao r/ i,
SIjnleagsr Imbic c ry. "1
S1, ases lovis a rogue, ypu kn6ivI,
uiS at lie loves old ryo.
Ti'i killand crasuh hifoeo; . Io.
sadedoldierg follow at-his-sdl ....
* ~Rpe.rovorPilip 4.oua.o
get. s ofo theoowiag-' *.
ma a man who died of late
thoumturetched arms and EiigrE tlove
hiss to lhkq.lp above.
while they disputed for the prite,
ilzlvornaround the lower skies,.
. &tol~dl-klekdd l¢idl.' I"
· lasserteds a c t hat eviery
t win.w isnl j-, h 1 h klcal- t
has been tor maenoUgh
o aen a o .oa hitrpped ,
"d ril~3,( 0 18ob
* e a gish ot.,hoe i
. ......s..o. terri
i "B.tle timeo
m~itiblib Staelo
.ov.me;er~vwherea who have4
pn"aj d s thea , on he
bdit~4 dait ocmgi Jbl
tio eIo mpu i tio tie r 1
at-e - ev hap
I~ usQaayt ehmraad *f
4a waitfafories, for l
paer *~S y,.Fui4t
~k-ii~6i; ~ 0-ona~ .c
:rsr , Ottomanau~Nrabil
esmapet. wfhg iehieE
ttusetssjetle etuM
.I ~fi~E~CWe~i 6vise
Financial, Commercial and River News.
On hand last report........4184 bales
Received during week ....... 64 "
Total receipts...... 4218 "
a (It should be remembered our quota
tions are for round lots, at retail, higher
1 prices will have to be paid.)
i- Corrected Weekly by Carver A Taylor.
Cotton..................... ............ 1 13c.
Hides, dry...........................i4 -e
18 Hides, green............................... 5 a
at BAcox.-The market is in limited snpply
Clear sides are quoted at 18e; shoulders at 13c;
) Breakfast bacon at 190.
. FLoan.--s in good supply with fair demand.
We quote XX at 6 5;); low XXX 7 0'l7 25 and
good XXX at 8 75; Choice XXX at $9 5~; choice
family $ i 50.
l PoMi.-None in the market.
'BArG.lnG.-I-n fair supply, demand fair. Hemp
Sand.ateat 19c;lper yard. No India in markset.
y . LAtu.--In light supply with good demand. In
tierces 2c; its kegs 22.
H, HN.--Ae:in light supply.and demand limit
)1 ed Canvassed are quoted a 20c.
1e SALT.-In good supply. Liverpool coarse sells
at $2 95 per sack. Fine 1525e higher.
• P- 8sei q4As (.--None but rye in market which
in it quoted at'tt 75 per bushel.
O T IhoTise.--The market is in good supply.
The arrow is held at 10 and the button at tIc.
er per pound.
ModoLtase.-Scarce. Chaoise Louisiana is be'
lug sold at-; prime at 900. per gallon. By the
d k AcO#,O-I[erin good supply and is held at
50. per gallon.
STousaco--npply'good. Good medium is
quoted ats,5. fala e bright at 90c.a$t 25 pet
1* pomund.
Conr-'Thd e supply is ;limited and deniand
,. goodl; ~me st 95 and choice at - -
18 l Racs, o (olisqain market. Louisiana is
held at Ioe. pew fan.d.
SCons.--Isiu g supplj.butio deaaitA
le SolAP -.Etraa iie lbar 0O0. .
aStr Lucte ldnin pthe is 4aesed rt p - e yil
-tlow, a4eda g 121o, cuuoed antd powdered a
lel W  xtitr..l.bite sit "'Rea·rr 'held at. t150
l i r galUon ;t pnboa, mmanua $5d6 3pO0 pr lbpl
is i ý $or ,Isis ad supply with Astr demuf a iad
oe' sold at 75. Sr sack and buck shot at $3.
,Powiut.-;The i pply is limited and 10 held
1- l50c . e",unti . " .
' ; i 7 ADVETISEMENT3...
THE Tarpayers of the City of Nateii;
toches, ire hereby'notilied that I ani
now prepared to collect thi City Taxe~
of 1874. aul Liceqae for 1875. ,.
'I wonutfnr$ber call tbeirasntie n td
the OrdiBiaces.pas* d o the4th of~Jan
uary., 1875;relative to tfi Fifty per cent
U. S. cprrency tax; and to those relative
to I)Dequninfe, for ~iackc ta;rs.
: Collector,
Feb..13-.4t City of Natchitoches$
R EGTLAR A exad4rlia aud
Grand Ecore Low Water PACKET.
For'Gmand Ebore, Montgomery,-iOth of Cani
River, Aezadidris, Norman's, Birbin's,
san all way landings on Red
SThe Al extreme light
drtnght passenger steamer,
-UTILL leave New Orleans every Thurs
YY day, and ariive at Grand Eaore eve
'ry Sunday.
For freight or passage apply en beard
Oct.:l i.s .
I itnnott's Line.
Fall 4'Wainter .ar.i'aniem "
For Grat imo, M~rtgOa*ery, k Alaili
"r' : laeville, Neolra's Barbii'd,
left DeRumsyj p
And All Way Landings, t
The A I Maglnifieent and fast
running aide-wheel puasseger i
Ve Packet
Digx SixoT, V ter. r
G. Q. Nu exi. , r
T. ,, D T ,", * , Clerks. C
WNew Orleans every'di (arder sit a
etaroing, leavee orlnd core
SlnedraI R., and 'Alexandris every a
--TWedne-sdmer "' ' "
will leave New drleans for Qrand Ecoe ad i e
l- terpasdlite landtl every Saturday ot T .. f
h t -+* , .. .. ,
ed - .p.IT4-t, aW,! I
will leave New Orleans for Grand Ecore andi. I
- It-eatwedgland goa every Tppesdl s
Be ,a n t will coaot I ski
Swate r permit thbIws i AuAstd'reahern er
eplar trips, of whieokde notice will be given.,
ýE DF1re igh or passae ýaply on board or to
S185. AGAM I ::.18175
aeb ~ontitfsea'fot the preent year Ieit ierq
ior malplimeat, whbrby, oun tlh.b t f.
" , 1miwil dietribat i~a~ p
I ultL,-y -laarlb r ' -
In p mi -. .. .ar. .
he 1
.'. oue tohPsiand nMuol nd beautiful i
lished, l., '*id1-a4Wakd, progressive,
newsy, bright adM picypaper..
be No other'paper ops sueh inducements
to su and ecab agent Circul'tis
withf clar sad apyw"ena cop
bies T eat. on application.
e Tm- a y ear ad liberald offes
r , . ,oeJo al Co. Jonsvi I
l Fver r w ? Aa
or J4 1 M . J.R obtas, lerk.
I .r14 i wlr, , ti t4P!N i'e' .'
ei bm bO n avigilMea p iver, s
* rT rt _..
`i le r a'to
J. , .-., mJa WD ioilleerJArk.
in obat wheCaOSsgi oa m rstl.
i+ s eri
:. + + +:i-'  cu,!,. ++
FOR 1875.
Bright, cheerful, progressive, always up
to the advancing thought of the times.
The Home Magazine takes 4rnk with the
leading and most influential' periodicals
of the day. It is on the side of temper
ance and true christian morality. What
ever is hurtiful it condemns without t
r fear or favor, and makes itself felt in the
homes of the people as a power for good'.
The Great Household Magazine of
America, is more thoroughly identified
with the people in- their home and so:
cial life than any other periodical in the
"Deborah Norman; her work and her
reward." A new serial story by T. S.
Arthur will be commenced in January.
"FIFTY YEARS AGO; or the cabinse
e of the West," by Rosella Rice. We ant
nonnce this new series of articles with
real pleasure, knowing as we do that it
will he among the most attractive thaL
we shall offer our readers next year.
MiseRiee, besides holding the pen of a
ready writer, has in her possession a large r
amount of original material from which a
to draw, and a wide acunaintance with
' eople whose personal reminiscence arll
rich with pioneer incidents and experi- a
"Homes for the People," a series of ad
mirably suggestive articles on homes and
how to make them pleasant and attrac S
t tive. by Mrs. E. B. Duffey.
"The Story Teller." This department t
will be' unusually rich. Biides art
abundance of short stories, two or three
serials will be given during the year.
"Pipsissiway" Potts the inimitable de- i
6 lineator of home life and character, will 4
have an article in every number.
Butterick's newest patterns for ladies'
and childrens' dresses are given by spe. f
cial arrangement every month. c
The Mothers' Department will be care
. fully edited and have suggestive articlh. d
from our best and most experienced wri.
4 tors.
d The Housekeepeis' bepattmet wvitll, i
full and practical, and contain many con.
tributions from experienced housckeep,
ers. 1
'-The Lion in Love' and "The Interrup~
ted Reader," two large and splendid pre=
minm engravings. One of these is sen~ .
free to every subscriber. i 0
$2 50 a year is the price of ARTHUR'S
In clubs; 3 copies for $6; 6 and one ex
tra to the getter up of the club $12. Iq
and one extra $20. 15 cents must
be aided 'to a oi'sti pod.16i pre
. payment of pestsge for the- a~r. pe f
cimen numbers 15 cents, in currency oq
postage stamps.
Philadelphia, Pa.
The Saturday Evening Post.
The Oldest and Best Story Paper Pub.
lished. 1
Founded August 4, A. D. 1821.
For more than liali a century the
Saturday Evening Post has been the
of the Country, and has ever borne 4
widespread and unblemished reputation
for the unsurpassed purity, relinement
and excellence of the Serials, Sketchet
and Miscellaneous reading matter.
It is pre-eminently
The Best Family Paper!
that is publ;shed in this contry, fromp it*
never containing anything that woul
offenld the feelings of any one, either in
a religions or political bense,-- or- that .
could not be read at any fireside without)
objection from the most fastidious.
The circulation of the Saturday Even
ing Post, through not quite so largt
perhaps, as its younger contemporaries,
is not, like that of some of them, fluctu
ating, and too often short-lived, but
based upon the intrinsic merit of the par
per itsel ai4'not lbf eja. edn any ex
traneods infutiznces,'suc sb the populari
Sty of individual writers, &c.
Gt ood, however, as the Saturday Even.
r ing Post has been in the past, it is out
intention to make it still better in the9
future, and with this object in view w
will effect a marked improvement in eve
ry department of the paper, and wilt
call to oar assistance writers of admitte¶
4 ability and ktown reputation.
r By increasing its former attractions
r and addling-maany julicious and plea
ing novelties;- by studying how to pleas
and cultivate the popular taste, by in
coreasing industry and enterprise, and by
j. enlarged facilities, we hope to make new
friends with each and every issue and
continue to maintain the claim of th
Saturday Evening Post to its title of T
ITerms to Subscrbers:
Oneyear 1 copy 63.00 One month 2 i
"'. . opeie.. 5900 Two maiontls i
" 4 copies 10.00 Three mo. 75i
" 9 copies 20.00 Four me 1op
S To any one sending $20 for a Club of
9, an additional copy will be sent FREI.
Specimen copies can be had on oppl!
cation. We Employ no Traveling Agents.
All communications must be addressed *
R. J..C. WALKER, Propietor, I
S 7227 WSalanut Street,
Philade hiu I.
A Papier for therPeople, a Friend of the
Farmer and Industrial Classes,
'c. r . o !
Givento eery $2 00 Subscriber.
This picture represents Com. Oliver R. Pdir4
ryto the act of pualug from one ship to anothbr i
in a small openbot, during the heat of battle,
exeposed to the Are of the enemy.
. It leures 1 by.3tJi Meelare,
Is rarsicdlyhni]ed in thirtee lsu d J,
o asre a premium. single copies of it sell st
SP 00. We hae at a great ontlay seemed the
exelusive control and saleef it. and therefore
are enabled topresent it to our patrons as above.
The Exrtnaa still stands pre eminet as a
Stat class newspaper. Its variousdepartmenta
allotted to I
r Correspondence, T elegrap
W ei de ~ nl~- enerylP O. i
SAll give evidenes fo the care and pains taspa
i to supplyits readers with all the news a
Svariety of reading that cannot fail to lte t
each and every membe' of the household. M b.
p scribe through our agutst or send direct to
We desire an ent as every Poat Oee,
- where oe are yet appoinated, let soe of
y Meads apply for the agency.
. Addres
t fhe~l p t p'o obting .de. :
the YINDICATotJob ORs .
The approaeh of the Presidential elec
tion gives unusual importance to the
events and developments of 1875. We
P shall endeavor to describe them fully,
Sfaithfully, and fearlessly.
e THE WEEKLY SUN has now attain
ed a circulation of over seventy thlou
e sand copies. Its readers are found in "
every State and Territory, and its lquli
ty is well known to the public. We
shfll not only endeavor to keep it fully i
uI uto the old standard, but to improve the
ad'fdnld to its variety and power. a,
" THE WEEKLY SUN will continue.to ntir
be a thlirougl newspaper. All the news n,,
e of the day will be found in it, condens- fil
ed when unimportant, at full length att
wr hen of moment, and always, we trust, art
; treated in a clear, interesting and in- one
structive manner: ca
: .IS is oar aim to make the Weekly Sun aP
theurest family newspaper in the world. to
It will be full of entertaining and ap- one
t propriate'reading of every sort, but will por
print anptiing to offend the most scrnupl ani
Ions andi1lclicate taste. It will always 7
contain tihe most. interesting stories and rel
romances of'the stay, carefully selected tir
t and legibly" 'rinted. Pa ,
The Agmricuiltnl Department is a `of
promainent featnu 'iti the Weekly Sun, ac
and its articles will always be found ine
rsh and nseful to the armer. Alt
'TlIen number of ien independent in a f,
poiiq~ ' is increasing, and the. Weekly val
Smlni .their paper especially. It belongs mo
to no iai;t, ;and obeys no di f'tied,' con
t ending for principle, and for tMe electio:a jo
I of the best niou.. It exposes the corrup- em
Strm that 'disgraces the country and the
threatens the ovetthroiv of "republicai c
institions. It has pio fe rof kwaves, aLS
Arft Aiks no favors hon teitri sport- *h
tUrs. , vol
ThbI market$ of every kind #id the fvl
f-trhiiinih are regularly reporteud iiiitt sti
columns.- Its
The price of the WEEKLY SUN Is one b
dollar a year for a sheet of eight,piiie e
and fifty-sir columns. As this! nlarelji .
pays expenses of paper and printing,; mnt
jtpott able to make any discount or al-:1)
' lbW. any premium to friends who xpay it
nmlike secial efforts to extend its cirCnla- re
titi;. hidlr the- neif 'lw, "whileh're ir s
quires paydmlent of. poset g in advance, A
one dollar a year, with twenty cents the on
cost of prepaid postate added, is the rate w
i of hlbscription. It is not .uemesry to AT
ge up a club in order to ye nti u pWeek- pr
y l !n at this rate. A oq6wt ho'setn nd
~' iollar ind twenty ceidt will et rth
r, phet-pmik, for afir: ;: r . l f
' t wehave noitiaveling agents. ti
THE WEBkLYt! SN.-Eight .ple, po
fifty-six columnas. Only .10 a s:;aai,
' postage prepsid. No± disecouwt fpsas.this e
tule. . i ,
.ITH4 uig SUN.-A . .: o ` r'page plt
htwepaper 1 of .tweut'yg-eig :pcuwi the
.1 laily irdulatt6iOn Ver 12),00u tell the
ihwse for 2.cents. Sphesri ion, 'IAaý, I ·pa
prelaid 55 emits a inobith, or $6 5O a' F e t.
.To elubs of 10 or over;' a disecoun-t of
pertent~.. Addres i. n
~ TI 8SUN," New York ty. co'
.- TH, r+ • , , pa
Peo s Vindictr~ e
s FOR 181.
ei 1e' td1e preasore'' m anneoncing to the ea
nnumerous friends the :VINDIC'TOR, ,
that we have perfeited arrangements for
i the contiuaiatoq of its publication upon
' iinldilisila. Tliepnblioc are well awse wi
of thel dffidculties nuder .whieh the Con
14 servative press ot Louisiana labor;the
in infamonseprinting law assed ibh a port~
ut sno Legislature, solely to foster and iup
at hold, at the expense oftth1 'Pn
journals entirilty tpsagon i. r h .
n.~~ trest, and da war unUa. erls~.., l
6 iand bly forcing, nodei the %orrns ofms i, li
S,our pitazons to.adverasoin Anhese l
a. DpaPIp.d to lropaw theA power, ;the
Conse.rvative and PqsnoEq rig a priews .eon
:equently,.:we are eommpel .to do Mdl
;or.snpport upn the. geprous ,d.rlb*- b
a[ tion of a people already plVewiJy-st4rioei ,
but we feel assed tlhat theyl w1;l nt
ri~ a toesustain their imainu, lpower the
war of virtude aga. l vivco-'
T Te Fearless White l ,ais P or oti
e. efuture toneofttlal paperan 1ea
ii S ,m its past. ' We, will potimue
aviate ti~f suecess, the rights of the
,hat honesty a .~dl z4pability,i
:NE, hall eonstitute grounds for.p. - !
S-lileal j4tferment; Mad a emtiiued an t
Ib never eanslg war upon Kellogg and his
a- corruit ollials-knowing theu to be in
by coltnens with their IChief, both usurpers
andl thieves. '
SWe can assure thel publlethstfwe will
0 iot hesitato to attack the htets st any.l po
iiteal. orsgoimation, ..when. we. believe
Sthem to be satagonistio to pulbil g8.oA
.We are the servant of no clique or patty,
andiuitnd solely ft.protet and defend
thie riglt. and liberties, ithi our bonept:
2 way .rf the whole ople-eliqving that
7i cau.eofthe ioP nn the past,, we
SomAenmtJy eaxpotteiri jupport Jia the
£+tare. * M1 o
t. '"iCpy l'year...2.--..:.-.,....... G
1" mos .......... , ..... . 2
-(I yuriably in advance.)
We finish asi a preniium to each a;id
uip euheriber, for onll ear . obe rsi
ofJeauary,, a .fi ]EL ORAVI),
S19 4.' ince ee o a)iyt, HiustuicM
(As . coa oS R7' , ,
he Pu isers.
.· , V IS .. ' . .
ry NWmbehi dlissued, and+ icitains
1ver 1900 P~ave iaEravin, descrip-.
Moass or nlorethasi r 0 ear '-Fke
r tare, Colored Plate etc. The lot u
let n , 1
a pospaid.
Q. ph t.8mle
Jan:9-.i:. UIPCHL 6,-A1RBY:
A Representative and Champion of American T
Art Taste !
' Frospetua. for 187---Eighth Tear.
"A MagtifiEcentConeeption, wonderfully .
carried out." ijut
e - Im
y The necessity of a popular medium for gri
u the representation of the productionls of IIe
our great artists, has always been retog- N
O naized, and many attemintts have been of
B made to meet the want. Thel successive g',
failures which so invarihly followed oekh for
attempt in this conutry to establish an vai
art journal, slid not prove the indiffer. '
once of the, people of America to the heu
claims of high art. So soon as a prIn'r )lu,
appreciation of the want and rn :hjlitv fro
to meet it were shown, the public at uaa
once rallied with enthusiasm to its ;n:- -
port. and the result was a great artist i n1
and onmnercial triumph-THE AU.lPI: !.:'.
THE ALDINE, while issued with all the if
I regularity. has nope of the Itemporary: or R
timely interest charaeteristic utf orli'iar pii
pr'iolicals. It is aln elnait muiscellanV ia
'ofpumo. light nad graceful ilte f ture : anl T
a collection of pictures, the I:arlet si*i.- Iri
mens of artistic skill. ill bl:ck and white. l
Although each sucnceeding nliulmer arlids ill
a fresh pleasure to its frienvus, tle real rs
value and beauty of the AinIr~ will hi yei
most appreciated after it has been bound tim
up at the close of the year.. lile other thl
journals may claim superior cheapness, as 'a
compared with ravals of a similar clues, ilmi
Sthe AIDINE is a uniqne,antl original cou, Co
Septiior- alone al, unaproached - ahºAo
;lilttly "withont comp tititon in -prise it SE
c haraettir. The possessor of a comnplete Sor
volume cannot dupli tte the quantity of int
fine paper' anl .dgravings in any other are
'shape oil number of volumes for ten times  p l
its ast: add :then, there, is the Chrouwe cIa
Sbmides! . tin
National feature of THE. ALDINE 1e
InqAt be taken in nd narrow sense.-: Trub
art. is- 'coriopolitan. While TIlE AL
1)INE'is a strictly American institution AwS
ift'does not confine - itself entirely to the Sul
" reproduetion of native art. Its mission cut
- is to cultivate a broad and appreciative ' wo
, atr taste, one that will discriminate onl tio
e on gronnds of intrinsic merit. Thin', th
e while nlacingibefotre the patrons of THE .
0 ALPINE. as a leading eharacteritic, thue Iie
-productions of the most noted Americat ex
Artists, attention Will ,ilwaya he given to no,
specimens from fieig n masters, giving of
anbaeriters~all tbpleasnre and instrue-.
tion obtainable from home ort foreignu t1
' The artistic ilntktration . of Ameriean ill
' seimh6 r,igtinal with THE. ALDINE; iz. i
an important feature,; andits magificent t4e
;e plates are of a size more appropriate tb
1 the satisfactory treatment of detailbs P
thad,"ten be afforded by any inferir N.
nage. The judicious interspersion 4f '
landscape, marine, figure. .and, aninmql
suljects: sustafi "n- unabated 'inter~'t,
impnesible where the scope of the work
confines the artist.too closely to a single
style of subject. The literature of THEl
ALI4IINE .is a light end 'graceful accoul
panment.. worthy of the artistie fe
tures, with only such teehnical dieqrisi
tions as do not interfere with the pojpu
lar intirest of the work.,
Premiualm fo0 17"5.
Every subscriber for 1R75 will receive
.aibeautifnl portrait, in oil colors, of the
ue aith noble dog whose picture in a for
Smet issue: attracted so mtch attehtion,
or M M, --n'S :h 'SELFIH .,'IE D'!
e will lie a welcome in every homrne. 'Evy
' rybody loves such a dog, and the'pottruit
is execntat at true to the life : that it
s eem the Writsale prsengce :r the ani- (
'mal itself. Til llevy. T. Ie Witt T:al
mnage tells that his owit Newfonndlamid
dnug the finest in Broonklyn, barks at it!
At lthough seo natural, no one who sees
tie rlefh1,M C bhain bieo *will 'hate the
lih bte c t e tbing bilttena.
e,:,ilsides the throno; every' advante
' nnsubscriber to THE ALDINE for 8.175 is
e eoutituted a melihber, and entitled o
.ll the irivile.es of.
Ta AWItNm ART mfON. i
• 'The ITaien owns the orFiinals ' of l lo
TIlE ALDINE !pletires, which, with
Sother paintings and engravings, are to
be distribuned among the "members. 'To gi
every'seiries of 5.00.. enuscriwrsm,l00 dif- c
ferentple"6sa valued at over t)500 are A
distriabuted , soon as the series is fully .
e mdthe awards of each series as made,
are to'be published in the next tt·ceeee
SIng issue of 'lfE AL1INE. "This tfea- 4
t nre only applies toaubserimrs who P4y
Ae for one year in advance. Full lprticit
in lars in eirculrgetrnt ela Appliatioa ep
es losilig i stamp. "
•  TTERMS< , t ' ."
01 Oe S~bription, ad-lig a 'I" 'B':
e ALDINj'E ene ei, the¢ Crom
and th~e AIrt iion,
ut $6,00 per annnm, in advance. i
st No charge for postage.
SSpecimen Copies of THE ALDINE, 50 cts.
he The ALDIxuawll beeafterboe obtainable
. only by subteription. There will be no
reduinced or club:rate; caskh for subscrip
tions must besent to the optabllheredret,
p or handed to the local banvauser, witlhot
Sresponelbility to the piblisher,, only in"
cases where the certificate is given, bear
ing the facedsimile signature of James
dd CANVASSES W~AnT D.-Any person wl
Swishes to act permanently ias a local caC
vas~per. wil receive ful and prompt i4'
Sormation by applyhig to :'
58 )Liaknd sne.L ,NkW YORI
• '"'tyet i'o ci"s .
:0r 1871,
... .3 I . Io.r
Cohtlaining every week FONTY COL
SUMN; tshoince re-ading na-
ter, rPnid ..l3 elar, han. 1
,-rrl. E I E editedd byifthe DInbn
. ,L--ry Newa ManY is contrilated to _ 1
Sql ...fre4 ,Tornsneid, .the cl itf of
N, u ,por Va *P0141**, un41.thuer
hacellent writer, who wfl furils- fresh
ce fro th~widiug citis,
S * ate to fi editorjal columans.
The N~EW haatsrits w Scientife,
1 g fol , CM an4s ,' .editors; pi
sple miq t, and' fresest :1 bnkt
er mi~ndll dt, freshest and bea t
stories. all dpartment it is
jr .T 0ar? e alBIWONa
kntal I'nee patmaest s~elue.
--A,'.: ". " ' , +.7 i,' .· '"c ',
Beautifully Illustrate.
it- 30th year, einjoys :the widest ciroula
tion, o an;y weiekly newspapler of tthe kind
in tlhe world. A new volume commeucm.,
Jatt:uarv 1i, 175. 3.
Its etltten;;ts el:lbr:Iac the latestt and tl,'4t
intrest iug inl'.etmattion ie .rtainiii to the,
Industrial, Mi'vh.'nical, and Scienltiic Pro.
grcss of 1i th World ; ID seiiptio-i, ;with s
Hleanttiful Engravings, of New InventiowIs,
New Proee,,'.s. antd Ilproved Ilnduetries
of all kinds; t seful Notes, IR'cip ,'s, Mug
gestion. :antd Advice, by Praetiea:,l Writers. .
for Workmen and Emllpoyers. iu all lthe c
varioeus ats.
iThe ('I!NTII'C AMERICAN i!s the
hcullealest and Les.t illutl.atle weekly pa- I
per 1ulbllisired. .Eve.y Ii iioher coltains t
,rotlrt I to 15 t."Ti? ,i:i a gravii1nts of vLe et+
mtIl itl']ti 1 &I:l " ,i 111. JelIlVt'ljoniL S
IEN(;. AVl' JS:, ilb::traotin,, Imr rI,,ve
ilt ttis, 1'isto'i'! ies.un 'l ] np ,rtant 11'ork t1 ,
,trt;aitin. :t to ' ivil amI d I leehanici ' En i- t o
nteilrin,. Ili;intº . linint :e ftd MI t llut.y:
l.-ceu:d, of t:!N laM,':,i prj grt" in the A - ti
plit'ait sofl St4a.I.. Mte u .i Ec gi,.werig. .
l'aai l ays. Shi; , th,;ltin, iNani '"lilt .
,'tit er, M "nt itniu iLight and (t l it s.
FA'IMI'!S. ci clhanic. rEt:uin,.r .
Inventors, M 1an IIIurl'tlterrq Chlmists, 1.0o,- it
ei.. of rnien''ee T'eachers, 'le.rgy~min, Li:t*
yers, auid Peoplo of all Prolisshcios, will
tintd the c'IFnTInIc A\iERIIAN useflil to
Them. It shoiuhd lave a pcine in every 'I
F'amily, Libtrairy, Study, otlice, and Couc- o
ing Room;. in eviry l eading uoui, a
CUulEge, Acade.my '-Se t, tl. " , c
Ayea'ls tulnthe s cllntain 8;2 pai'"s anlt il
,rEVEI .;l. It'.v lt:lJ:iru s, ll.ln s T hos'l'hi t
sttPdst of volutmes are persirved tier. ilel- it
ing andll releretnee. The practtic.tl receitts It
are' well worth ten tunes the sutilscrjiljti
;prive. Terms $3 'to a. year y mail, i t
eluding postage. Disciut Calubs Spi,- L
'inuus sent fi'ee.,1May be L'acl of all cw e
P r rgiTN rI', In coNnuctitiou"th
p11 1 'i l . .1the SCIEi".tN'Fh
AMERlUAN, Mllss . Mt'x & Co. are '
Sulictos of American'antd Foreign Patents, p
anl lhave the largest 'cltblisliuentlttt in tihe
wiorld Mlto'e thlian ifty thousalid ollplici t
lions have beent made &or, iatents tlough ii
thetir agoncy. ' t
.Patents are obtained on the best terIus t
.lldtlles of New 'inlenttinics, ai flkethteS A
examined' ficd. advice hree.A ' t special
neinoce in made in thie S'ientific Alnficn F
of all Invtniouih Patented ,tihrough his 0
Ageecy, with the ntmle aind re.s+ !.,n ,.t (
th1, Patentee. Pa1 ift are oftep; d i 'n
ltirt pr whole, to 'pi.,tus atractt o etlle r
vntiotll by lyh ,iltive. tood fr
Irauphltet, 110 p.iges, lai+ 'and full .di
tectiotes fi' obtinin Pa1t its.
A.drest ftior t : iPaper, or coneerning
Patepts., .11 \ &,:o., 37 Pak Row
Watthetrt D. U . " . .
" l fnS 1i84.',. • +. :1 .I•
; . oHE2 , INIUtS , .
Worker in 'l iii Copper aid
s P
Also, constantly on hand all011i6 br j
I of the mb~st improved patterns:''
SriAllmy storves sold at city. price ando
guaranteed to be as represented. Lit
eral advantages offered to the trade. / l'
A sp a 'fine itock bt Tinwa a, Retal W
Gutters audpipesl romptly and car' e:
fully repaired. .. a
Corner Frountpd Trudeau Ste.. i"
Natchitochesa .
Jan. 1', 1874.--1 v.
w. W ' A o i
BLA, K SMITH .I f ,,
I, p r 1
! L Cgamit
I n geinmets for the"rpaiiing of
of all kinds. Respectfully announces to
I. the citizens of this community that their
work will be done with.
Neatness nad Dispatch.
Parties having wood-work done will
setshi with the wood-workmen, and t e
maine rile will be` obeerved withbr't1e
.1'erga always CAS ..
D. WALLACF.. 0. W. 14f'K
, -I·mporters sand Wholesale Dealer. la-
is 11 &If MAGAZINE Stra eet, and
in .. . ..........
,y 79, 81, 85, 87 & 89 COMMON Street,
'Amug4.19: -1 -*y.
Ubo outriidr HeouiI d Tr dau stfoete.
Junwi2O-ly 6Yatckiteckw, La.
It is t.e iutecitiion of the conductors of
this Marazint to still tfrther make it a
umodel of literary. aud meclhanical exqi
hiwee, anid. u ich this view, no advantagi'
will hi neaglected which either talent or
,alpit 'd can v, :uila to render each i.
sue ;ll. ft, arcoubl and iastructive eolape'
diun of
Its pages will be devoted to popular
lit.;;atue, se.irnre, art, e(lncation and ,o.
cial dlevelolnent.. Its characteristic fra
ture is (ietltrehen iveness The mant:l
s.riipts Iw oIn hid, and others especia -
I" ciE"' "Fl, eibractl an iunusually ara'
tive list of l]4eriptive $ketcherOf rav
el, SeriE;itories, Tales Poems,Papers otl
stc'ie, c a;nd Art. Popular E.aRsss. Narra
:i e'. !.itera ry Gritieims. Fashions, etc.,
o,,cth, r vi:th a variety of able .and iit
t,,r.':ti:ig :irtthles upon the fnipWkut
Qe,'st ions of the 'av. A large pxapr"
tion of 11i'. nrticles, clpecially thea due'
c:rit4.ive ou travcel, will be
Th'le pictor'i'l 'embstlIshut(cnts of the
M:a,:tairlts Iri. tc:att;r,, puibtytiug one of
its itutt littiatliºt .etdu rid.-`
The niLtrjllsE' of the Publlihers is to fur
nish a: lipriodical which shall be instruc
tive in The Ilouechold, The Lihrar and
The Ritading louwei giviug at a bu "
of eltlerta satg miti' popular .iotr'S
andi inf'orinatitn for both old and young,
c.urryiafg liglhit, comfor tnod good natur,
into every family, Wpu mtakiug it acel'
ta'sle for 4the wholezMoat1hold-father
and luotlher, boy tand girls, y)oagUI#u
land young womea.
The l lustrted Household Maaazine
iuclu(dls segoral iDistinct Depanltoeuts,
ea:'hi aidter cpiqptent sad efllcflcp ma
1. Sketclu--ceonsisting of [email protected]
of Traerl an nA41voIture, 8tpjtIl Sitdrs,
Tales Mad Nariratives, laviahly end ap
propriately illustrated. . :-T
2. Mlisellany--uade .up of hrilliant ex
tracts from now hioke, bighly eptptriDn
ing asketchvs.tf notable- ptrsons and
things from the best Feorejn Pablisa
tions, lo ems and Palers on li5ilgee and
3. Editorial Department-in 'whie is
giver.bulli;wt e.say' uipop a wide range
otf·sj4ttW';: seia toclies 8liidud d and
carM" p j lcideut~ aYiitpsl h
res1auy,, yf the PAiis,, -Ittdo' ;rad New
vtungs of the .ia;al b at)Ji. , F,
antd cluttcl;aloli,. of "noo " " , r
info-raticu. , .
c. Children's r partm' t-fat n
unstrcht colttý nit t e ,xInt
Boys and ;, Fa "t , cp ,
W ltO hove yoing sea ts. 1,t .181e b
wt;.itsh high. a, Iu.it . ',, of
wvir aria jaiur ajudpul # m hu
a iIt t;Eintie4Eail. e :r* 5J
" 7. " gekeer's Departmeht'-con,
lnriigus tto'Aºo d r c js of>
tthentic1sources. . . "
It wi4ihbe the coputanlt 16m, the
Iouehald'Piublishing Vou aty 'tb ranks
"uouuehold 'Yaias b"11 to th
SLISHED, .,1 ,."
sparing neithe~,~Fedst,T troel* -aor es.
i+eioin • eeenlg'thlie Beet Writ~ lt
.e litatoin, and the est Attist"ito pro
duce illustratious to eurieh itripages.
"erequhtre a gid, faithful maet Io
every town througlhout the United Stat,,'
aiut COadJo liki w i pret4U~gp in
the husizrws of rct;criou surbsera ts
iot tir's It dlyiol ibsi &tlvh , but
pet, manei.rlfu-/ t d~l, a 'a & Wlo
thinde from ".'the:'ilttodfpted 4, 'dg ..
oU) greit A itaaeti t n t i n
our blhalf.. Se.oola avoJ ,-,
horie aItilnuital ojioft)ibity t ou:
.)lucal Ilmatiringnt*i ftod the ~ a
.fawtiutes.i wattih coafiaatit'tely 5tikht
sani Studeot~'.iay gvi.i.ff H eilt ry
tast·s by orerigi frrim .the' Cj(fltg
List. Children may earilt 'mit ownlllyv
lotng# dt ttit tel: OteldaiEig the
few suibscriber~required.
• " ; ·Fi. ;. ,.,|4 i,, . i.i. i."
Ya n~e o au NoCt v LfM[t.
iper Po.tal Law reqtlpigi I.
Iment of all magnzitnuWbg 
I ,ss te of,s inbtd e of e ,.
frto colfetzE ti ee
its."d th Premiss! l
," ,We continueto etdo~f htbis celett~ted
SJOiltChrotl o lt eonweeioh |th tial '
lintestedu: HomehogtiM.~!gahek'9CWlsh.
1 irg thmnu; to, eaj .ubscriMers t.
.|fotiowtrk fr getaferd teaSt '''
- WiLh Aounted Okrbmo, $ 0.01 n
movas. t.dLome1,0o.5. ,:
The Mountme Chrmao is del1d a
our ofliee, or by aorsVanersot biin..
seiut by 4xpras at :lescriler a.l'4I
or sent by naull upon beiyt Of tit:.
COwnts extra frpoesag&; The UOzIn :.
e.4 Chromo in sebt free by mail.-'
AU comonamiinhtibns must'be a trie
. .. . ark how, 'ow .
wepuoetOhd agelnts, wqillbare. jut ~ls:.
you need,. Our 91l Monat.uCed .hse .
Sutseoll anythiag in the .uurket,.r.3.;:
a IVT rigj,"Letrnak oat yestenlithat
work:,In easy fspr hournteeaus'e .
tad4 y h:a jusNth po;tedr ; Ist .pIei&tl:.
t, Oc f. Ia) le; "911a7 eAd; • W le em . .
4'lotbak elyel asia. sithle wds.S.
iag,4:ys.' Wehave the )argeeet ir.m
-asortalnet in the United Statas .hLm.
dre4p f choice ubjsects fro wh-iiih.
-*select. We will send you an aoreted
of thie Iwst s,'llinjl y of charge on re
ceipts of $ 0. id in your orlders~
give an niall. auples byaguet (f
Iorr'oFN IRAME A )D CihtMO CO.
292 WashbiH~ton :St, Boston, Mass.
P. O. Bo ,rI0ii2 . ., I,, . ,. :-,: -
' ,: Isaportant,,Noior-.,:G:
I, U "CRuIF"RS . 4.,Yo tleaRAuw E or:
thatkuaSe fist dmu stoInse.·at oh4 ina
sa k rtbenbad (2~w5oa bernt eu a alear)
now 4ue.. 'They a..rsrspeca'tlll int
ted.to.come forwarej and astLabsoiut.
tlugr indebte4ntes. ..
Iuy order df the DIretors,
Nov. 1D.--tf," l

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