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JA$. H. COUGSROYE, . . . Edior.
A'I'UlII)AY - - - Juno 19, 1875.
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7 iua'.... 2300 27 00 3i 00 50 00 7!) 00
I squares... 20 00 30 00 40 Il i5 I 1 0' 00
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siwteo pay to said Fund, without
delay. , u
No rain in Natchitoches since 20th
April last.
lr. Wyche, of Grand Ecore, con- .
templates removing to this city and I
oajliig a' Livery and Salo Stable. I
' lepald meet with every encour- 2
;tfor he is an enterprishig citi. I
. The Bmar Able was up at her usual
-:ar onTuesday lasth with' a good a
r"p ;fqr the season. We are more
thaui pleased to note; that this tea6
p'lbt Ismeeting with all encoar
agment. Captain Sinnott deserves
frt ouqr people the entire patraonge
of the trade, for no one has been so.
pedlstait in their efforts as he,. to
pshi abh a bi ranaug as it requir
e atea VAiIiAi hits genial officers
ara atlgentlemean, Iit1a , whoar it is.
$passint to do -butines. w .as
; op are realy.y sffering for rains
finthis t*ip ,.and anlness it come.
soon, c wie *11 be an entire failure.
'ottoln hookin:g well and doing us
*ell as could be iipected, notwith
honotony of the Mayor's of
iete a broken by the trials ptin
meros oaenders of the law duiing
theW c-c)aargy. genera;ly-ddruin,
thg - ipeeaes Ave dollars and
SDejpartment lhar been
*Cf rt -f-vio thbusanad dollars
" ,hams erated quits a scach
lfttkg ad. pocket,searching
Ile oflao, iot that this Is
tsatlen from that in
. : ive m.iltons but thbi
*fiitim. they have
10sut a S1hath set. T hatt bag
emr. ~ ias' # o all
The Era of Good Feeling.
The claims of the radical: party to
the favorable consideration of any
respectable body of our white citi
zens, will never be considered as re
quiring at their hand any sacrifice
to remunerate. The party that has
held power here for the past eight
years, will ever be regarded with hor
ror, and the memory of the War
mouth and Kellogg officials will re
visit the minds of the intelligent and
virtuous citizen, only as that of rn
lers, who, through the epoch of 1867
'75, were the toad-stool offspring of 1
reconstruction; the willing tools
of as vile an administration as has
existed in any civilized country-the
rule of England over Ireland, or Rus
sia over Poland not excepted. That
this party, reeking with foul corrup
tion ; its hands red with the blood of
our brethren; its pockets still filled
with unexecuted warrants for the ar
rest of innocent white citizens, should
ever meet with countenance and good
feeling from us, is preposterous to
suppose. The "era of good feeling"
of which the pap-fed press of Lonisi
ana prate so feelingly, does not ex
tend its charitable benefits to the
horde of carpet-bag and scallawag
bummers thathave infested the South,
with a path more destructive than the
Egyptian locust; the soldiers of the
" Union and Confederacy during the
late war, are "making up"-burying
the bloody record of the war that
the radical politicians, both North
and South, are for ever harping on.
we have no feelings against those
brave men, nor they against us, that
we cannot,mutually expunge-but, to
the thieving republicans of the South,
1 we offer no right hand of forgiveness
or fellow-ship-they, that in the hour
of pence, under cover of the villain
oas enactments of a vile Congress
representing the bigotry, selflshaess
and blood-thirsty puritans of the
North, crept into the temple of,oar
liberties and backed by the Federal
armifes, dispoiled as of hdmes and
freedom-insulted our manhood and
intelligence and murdered our peo
ple--for these men there is no era of
good fccling.
Their press and orators may cry
and preach the "return of brotherly
love," but they feel and know in their
"heart of hearts," that with the re
turn of that "rose tinted" feeling, they
and this are doomed-doomed to
eternal obloquy and degredation
doomed to crawl through an otherwise
hhppy and contented people, shun
nod and loathed by all that isi good
and honorable--dying as a thief and
a villain, the sins of their lives, will be
visited on their children, who will i
walk tihe streets of our cities and villa- i
ges only to be pointed out asthe off
spring of a carpet-bagger or a scala- I
wag-synonymons terms for a thie?
and a traitor.
The anxiety manifested by the rad
ieal press of Louisiana for a "friend
ly chat" and a "social good feeling"
with the honest white masses ofour
8tite, can be marked each day, and
not with surprise to us. Our people, I
thank God, have not forgotten the
Sglories of their fallen friends in the
long years since 1867-years marked
by robbery, rapine and mueder-the
cry of outraged women still echo
from the plains of Colfar--the re- I
vealed plot to murder our fair daugh- I
ters at the ball at Coushatta, still I
lives In our memories, and the stones
of the street' of New Orlteans harve a
not yet drank dry the blood of the
heroes of the 14th Seplember-this is 1
your "blood record" not half told, ye
miserable radical varlets of Louisiana 1
--and yes--yo. ask us to ifnagurates
witek yo an era of good feeling. Look
at your dishonest deeds; your out,
rages upon our rights, our liberties- 1
we still hear thie clank of the cavalry
sabers of Merrill's mob, to whom I
Tarlton in his palmy days was a
I saint-the abandoned fields and homes
of our people-their firesides tmhe
' roost of bats and owls.; the decayed, 1
dead commerce of New Orleans, wit, a
iLe tfowsands of starving whlite eiti- a
Izens,. the broken lBrvees of the Mis- 1
"L sisstppi making lakes and lagoonsof a
farms that one blossomned as the
Srose--your eight per cent rates of
taxation and your millions of public I
debtpileod mountain high upon the
sufferng backs of a poverty stricken .
people-who) when the dark and aw.
fnl pall of your rule o'erspread fhiem
with Cerrible gloom,, might havie,
claimed "God, why: last thou form.
ken Us;" these'-thlese are some of
Sthe everlasting monumaents erected
by your own hands to mairk the ijkth
I way in the bhistory of yo r ruinpua
rule of Louisianla.
Our sfferings have been too mulch
--have' borne upon us too heavily,
swId are too freish in our memotles to
Sbe yet obliterated. The rA i allewil
I ad men, thank hearea but few--men
whbb eldim to be white men and demo
Scnras-me who edit people's, veite
b! paipers, who write in terms of
apologp and chritiaus (t) Iorbearanue
Stoand abeut them--these demooirats(t)
r set ienoI they are eowarfds who
I . Eiar. i spak. #ihat theirL heiirt
Spromts theime, and the aioatlon 4d1
tatiee; theep- are the .men wbodLuac
WJr4 JIi a their wpk and tpun
Pes 1it4
gore;" what is this whine now t It
is the cry of the coward ; the sneak,
who, either paid or fearful, would
endeavor to detract from merit, its
just reward.
No, we want no political or social
aMliation with these creatnres--i
Democracy menus that, we must be
counted out, and if some north Lou
isiana Journals, who, when the hour
that tried men's souls was upon us,
crawled like snails into their shells,
and who now enjoy aspay for that si
lence, the crumbs from Kelloggs feast,
f presume to slutar at the white move
ment of 1874; its men and its meas
ures; its results and certainty of fu
ture success, and these ,journals are,
what there is of Democracy, we want
none of it in ours-no such weak, t
puling, puking policy, will ever be
r entered into by our people. We
want no quarters from the Louisiana t
radicals--but give aind take-war to
the knife. This may be raving, may 1
be violent, but democrats of the mod
erate, elinging, cowardly class and
their betters, the horde of thieving,
murdering radicals of Louisann, and
the whole South can make the most
of it. We are for a clean white man's
platform in 1876, and forever-we in
sist there shall be no consultation or
.compromise between our people and
the radicals, tlwre can be none, for
the breach is as wide as the ocean
and as deep as hell. There is but one
way to win, to save Louisiana and
ourselves, and that is with a white
organization-that intelligence and 1
virtue alone, shall rule.
In hoc signo rinees.
Will those North Louisiana Demo- I
cratic (T) journals who presume to
slur at the white people in as mean
r and sneakish a manner as the radical I
press of the State, be kind enough to I
"speak out" when they allude to 4
"going off after false Gods, as in
1874,"-we omit 1872, as we were not I
r in at that time, and admit it was I
I rather a "go off;" and in !'not thirst- 1
1 iug after radital gore, as some did " i
1 We do not envy the self-complacen- I
Scy with which these publicans, "'thank
t God they. are not as other men,"-nor
do we claim any right to eatechise I
them; these sneers are matters of i
taste, about which we and they hon- I
estly differ, and they are more than
- welcome to all tire glory and respect 1
they may obtain from the honestwhite 1
masses; they may gain in that sort 1
- of warfarfare. The truth is, their exam- i
3 pIe will not be imitated by any one, I
- save the most subservient tool-ready I
I and willing to betray. Jesus, the Sa
I vior of the world, had his Judas, and
Louisiana, we fear has sons(fl and
I the Democracy deciples who would i
deliver them into the hands of their
Senemies for less than thirty pieces of I
SWhen we see journals claiming to I
be Democratic, "regret the pleasure
of not having seen the Hon. Senator
A, or the patriotic Representative B, I
'upon his retorn home;" when the 4
world knows they are Radical thieves
I or ignorant negroes-we begin to be
,lieve that those jeournals are one of
two things-traitors or cowared. and 1
at this hour one is as guilty and ce!l
pable as the other.
E. L. Pierson, whose testimony is I
not over good--in fact whose reputa- I
tion for veracity in this section ise
not of a high order, but whose word 4
I is good against his own kind, said to
a citizen of this city, that Blunt was
one of the worst and most vindictive i
men in the radical party; that his I
Shatred to the white people was bitter 4
and extreme, and that he could not I
be made to 'give dIS sanction to the I
appoiutmentf any persons to, lQiia Ia
positions, save ignorant negroes and I
anserqpuloas wl!ites. Title is a very i
neat compliment to pay the saddle I
colored Senator bi so late a convert I
to his fold, lits Pierson. but we are
not willing to believe that:Pierson 4
would anwitthigly slander his worthy '
rfriend and confrere, Blunt. It is to I
Sbe wished, however, that in this fall- I
! oat of rogues the honest men of the I
, country will come by their dues. We
Spainfully await the opinion of Illunt I
f of his young legislator, which he 1
i will no doubt express, and would '
I saggest the parsna (f) Imitate 8her
c man, write a memoir, making him. I
B Ielf the chlie picture in the galaxy of I
S tieves, and we apine it will, meet I
- with favorable consideration-from 1
i the detectives here and elsewhere.
Beatty and Plotte, of Washington,
N. J, ged is, is they. say, a very
l liberaloerr to 'advertis tlheir plarlor
-,organs. lIeatty and Plotts ma be
a goodmem ant trueo-true to them
seoves and sul good argans; but the
I thing looksleE.-aplot tO bet us' t I(t
i, of $1SS In adv0rItislng. They pro .
, pose we shall give i55 in locals and
l advertiaiog apold$95 d for an or
ani. We ae,,not in want of any
Switiad inktrauoent at this moinept, be
, ing able todo.  itp "blowing" our
T self that is required for this oSee
* ant 'wo are. "no*tsl . bly,- as
) Simton 8Sagga weolB u iry,i want of
Ster, t th;e-If dty *i1 send as the
$155 cRspi wtsi i11 advertise their or
y a$t etl rli pnters, at irhiob we
S.t1ntr a~ t tha *10k Wtokseand
h se o
,. ,
Republican Mass Meeting next
In our issue of May 15th, in com- f
menting upon the return of Blunt h
and his proselytes, we predicted that
the universal quiet which has reigned a
in old Natchitoches for the past seven
months, the only period of real peace Ik
we have been permitted to enjoy in a
almost nine years; the good fedhbg
and understanding existing between
the laborer and his employer; the a
happiness and contentment of the a
colored man,-wonld be rudely bro a
ken, and what we then predicted is f
about to be verified. c
It may be said that all men are free c
and equal before the law, a premise Y
we are more than willing to grant; n
that these men being so have a right f
to do as they please, in which we ful- t
ly agree also-provided, that ."do as
they please" does not interfere with ii
the liberties and rights of others. We r
have no reason to suppose that at p
this early day, when the agricultural e
interest upon which all other inter- !
est depends, imperatively demands v
that the fullest and closest attention t
should be paid it, there should exist "
a necessity for an organization of r
either the white or black party, and %
as we have said before, it has not been r
the purpose of the whites to in any C
manner disturb the calm which
we now enjoy, but, should the negroes a
under the leadership of Blunt, who ti
has called upon his faithful henchmen i
to assemble with banners, brand and
bow, upon Saturday next, 26th inst., hI
for the purpose of gaining informa- o
tion from Blunt and Ralty, of their 0
acts during the Rump and Called ses- i
sion of the General Assembly last r
Spring, should they, we repeat, elect ti
to open the campaign of 1876 nowe,
necessity, imperative necessity, will a
compel as to promptly meet them. •I
The subterfuge used by this saddle fi
colored hero is decidedly rich, but is h
lacking (by reason of a long and not ii
at all favorable acquaintance of the ii
individuals who make the enuncila- li
tion) much of the "taking in quali-. i
ties" to deceive our white citizens. c
They have heard his clamors lifore, P
from his Fourth July Spring speech, a
in 1867, ini which he advocated the a
taking by force the lands of the tl
whites by the negroes, as they had b
by their labor made it, 'and for that h
reason were entitled to it, down to 0
his private confab with ward leaders, P
in which he evinced his christian (1) n
spirit and holy (?) calling, by recom- P
mending the "swinging of the axe at t,
the sound of his church bell," and id
that neither age nor nse was to be v
spared by his blood thirsty miscre- 7
I ants-we are prepared so prove this a
asful statement if Mr (f) Blunt or hbl P
friends and supporters desire it. ii
Blunt lives here by entrmance; he ci
must be 6tiade to understand it. Does b
ire not know that he returns from ii
New Orleani with the lies and foul
slanders ther uttered before theli
Congressional Committee, not only y
against us, as a community, but n
against naned individuals, citizens h
as far habove reproach as hie is below o
belief still yarm upon his lipst And ti
does 5e inagine that the hatched e
coampromise was sufcient to grtunt s
himi from our citizens, absolution for ti
his past sina-sins he is ever ready to e
•commit with td:Ifu'l. zeal, when oc- t
casion requires? e
The white eitizens atie not at all b
i disposed to allow Blunt to add1 public
insult to the inojries he has already '
Sinfliceted open trem. No colored ans ti
Sof industry standing or respeetabill- .
StyV, cares a ntnp of the finger what I
SBlunt or ani one else did in the Gen- o
eral Aasembly, and he knows that p
-this is ueel only as an exuense to e
gather arouid him a nucleus for a u
new negro party, with himself as the Ii
shining cinbr piece. t
We eand see what good bassa- e
crued to as by the compromise, and c
we are certain that this organisation b
of the negmre by Blaunt, at this early b
day, or at say time, ua aot part and lm
Iparcel of the "unwritten" adjustment I
with which We were to be afflicted. o
Our advice, which we give iu all as a
riousness, withoeut hope, however, it j
will be headed, and we might add, -
without cajping nuch, whether it is o
not, is, thllalunt drop this orgarniass
thon busineq-e4top this political agi- *
tation as mar the alliag whdeb 1
Ihe hia .eued, and he will' be moe -
leated bi~·a one-but, if he thinks 4
he an go onl isi old way, he maytake a
that path, we care not-bht ms will p
eertaialg come in contact with the ,
white people, and when he does, he a
will fnd to his sorrow, perhaps, that I
Sa people csaoot be madple to always
subImit to the ditium and arrogancee
Sof an Ignorant, blatant negro preaeh- a
or, if he is a Senator and his name I
is Blunt.
The aGlghs are made iddeous in oar
little cit y; between preaching till 3
o'eloek in time morning and the bil
liogegat oaths of the "nymplhes de
pavee," our good citisens get no rest. B
The Mayor must interpose his author- '
ity to protect us, for the matter bas
beadom a aisanee.
T he Catholi church at Holyoke, .
Miss., was detroy~aed by re lately and '
i a oumbeset Ilves were lest. taeems I
Ithat thiallter closhe took ra. Irm a
ibe emiesi and the building beintag
I of tple the respteaid with Ighitnaig I
nrapidity. Over aty persna werel I
a cesbed, maothered or buarned to a
fIhi W many more biadl or or
faaly ie~j~are4
Is Pinchback in Earnest.
The Minden Democrat says; The
following is copied from the Louis
aI ian, Piuchback's paper:
The greatest need for the establish
ment of permanent peace, good gov
ernmens, and prosperity in Louisiana,
is the cultivation of a more thorough
knowledge of each other by the white
and colored people. Since emanci
pation and enfranchisement the
breach growiig out of senseless pre
judices has been gradually widening,
until up to last year we found our
selves as completely separated as if
a Chinese wall were between us ; and
it is largely owing to this lamentable
fact that no political co-operation
could be had between the white and
colored people in this State. Last
year a new departure was taken in
several parishes-notably in Terbon
ne-and the result established the
fact that sncecessful co-operation be
tween the white and colored people
is not only possible but that it can be
made emminently suwcessful. All that
is required is a just recognition of the
rights of the colored people, civil and
political, by our white brethren, to
establish mutual confidence and res
pect.' With this object in view we
have ventured to scale the Chinese
wall of prejudice and proscription
that divides our people, by throwing
into its heretofore impenetrable pre
cincts the Louisianian, which may be
regarded as a fair exponent of the
wants and sentiments of the hope to
receive not only the approval and en
couragement of our white friends in
a work fraught with such vital in
terest to the whole people of the com
monwealth, but substantial aid also,
to the end that we may extend our
field of usefulness.
Pinchback is just as earnest as he
has ever been, and a careful perusal
of the above article will convince any
one of that fact. We would beg to
inquire of Senator (?) Pinchback, who
reared this "Chinese wall" between
the whites and blacks of LIuisiana? I
We do not refer to its carpet-bag and
scalawag element. It was the negro
himself, and we can say this without
fear of successful refutation. We
have since 1867 been more than anx
ions to bring about just such a feel
ing, politically, as Pinchbback desires;
have yielded rights; cajoled, begged;
in fact we have done everything we
could short of a sacrifice of honor and
principle to level the growing "Chi=
nese wall" the Louisianian so poetic
ally expaciates upon. How have
those advances been met ? Pinch
back can best answer that question
himself, for it is written in every line
of the history of our State for the
past nine years-plunder, robbery,
murder ; a State debt of $54,000,000 ;
parish and corporation obligations of
ten times that amount, are the foun
dation and cap-stone to that "Chinese
wall." The "new departure" in
Terrebonne was promptly met, as well
as the "white departure" in other
parishes, with that pink of negro leg
islation, tihe returuinq board law and
clihoked at its birth ;and still Mr. Pinch.
back wants more "civil andpolitical
This fact in the negro character
is well known to us, give them a
yard and a mile is the next de
mand. Here in Louisiana no one
has attemnpted to deprive the negro
of one jot or title of his civil or poll
tical liberty, on the contraly, lie has
enjoyed all the liberty; liberty to
steal, murder and do all manner of
things, and go unpunished; in fact, I
every one knows they have had con
trol, entire control, of the State gov
ernment for some years, ant the his
tery of their legislation shows that
all acts relating in any ananaser to
"civil or political liberty," tends to i
the benefit of the negro alone; and I
in many instances, so "class" in its
provisions, as to bear on its face but
one interpretation-a negro law
passed to benefit the negro and an
encroachment upon the liberty othe
whites. Thie negro is no doubt child-1
like in political faith; but we venture
to say that there are no people upon
earth so easily converted to a hatred
of Southern white men. They have
built this wall and may scale it to us;
but as for our people over lending a
helping hand to demolish or placing a
ladder to assist in mounting it, is out
of the question, it is too late for such
a thing.te be thought of. Too late,
is omine., but it is our only answerj
-why they did not choose this
course when we were ii the mood
we will not enquire, suflel it to say
we are seot lathe mood uetj; we kaow
low to redeem Lojuslatna 4hi t their
hefP-rse mever intend to di e them
f 'eonright tbe law allo s .either4
Sciil orpoliticsl, bat we !popose to
Spreserve the reaet of liberty left as
Ifrom their anreasomable deman(ls,,
and that without their assistance
The "Chinese wall" can remain for
ought we earse, and it demolished,
must be done by the colored man,
who, when be comes lite our line,
must at once know he is afollower sot
a leader. Intelligence and virtuae
alone can rule Louisana or any other
State; the colored -man as a mass
does not possess these attributes
and in Mr. Pincbback and his kind
virtue was never lieard of and his in
telligence is of the parrot kind.
The Louwiieania, will fail in its ol1
ject, which is patent upon the euarfaee
of the article quoted; and we have
I seen the same sense, in a different
t phrase, in the columns of that journal
I more than once-but not during the
I ele.e proximity of the election, then
I it is as bitter in its partisanshabip-as
i foul in its deanunciation of white eiti
Isens as the eshiiNa, or Iner-Oae.a.
i At this moment it is engaged iscom
meo'with the whole radical preas of
the State in preaching peace in Lou
isiana and assisting some journals,
e claiming to represent the Democratic
party, in organizing a "beef and chin
music" campaign in 1876 ; in demol
islhing the white organization, not the
"Chinese wall; that the negroes,
such as Pinchback, may enjoy longer
° political supremacy, aided, abetted
8 and sustained therein by the carpet
- bag and scalawag thieves of the white
, race, who have in the past educated
f the negro in political wisdom (f)
1 The attempt to deceive is too pal"
e pable; it is too much indulged
l in by the pap-fed army from the X.
t 0. Reprblican to the Mandeville Ware,
to create anything in our mind but
- the subterfuge with which we are at
tempted to be betrayed. The move
is ingenious but we have found it out
and we may look in a few days for
t its total disappearance from the col
umns of radical journals, such as
the Louisianian, and instead, they will
again assume the functions of the
a teaser in a Spanish bull fight, dipping
B their flags in human gore (?) will
flaunt them in the face of the North
erm people.
In commenting upon the decision
° of Judge Loaney, of Caddo, in the
case of the State vs. J. Toogood, in
1 which the Judge, upon the plea of
the Attorney for defendent, that Mr.
Flournoy was not the legal or even
r defacto Sheriff, decided that Flour
noy had no right to the office, the
° Shreveport 'VInes significently says :
I It is shrewdly suspected that it
was contemplated that Mr. leffner 1
should make a raid on the sheriffs of
tice and take possession thereof on
° being recognized, but, if such fact
i was the intention, the parties weak
! ened, and very wisely too.
S Slong as radical Legislatures pass
special acts to remove from office per
sons not of their villainous party, and
I so long as courts by judieidl legisla
tion attempt to supplement any de
ficiencies in such acts in opposition to I
law and common right, they will be C
- met in a manner which may seem to
them napleasant. In other words, if
the radicals try fraud they will be *
met by force. This may be edneider
ed an unmeaning threat. All very 1
well; let it go that way ; but, if we
remember aright, there was once in
this State a 14th of September and
there have been other acts of not al
together harmless resistance to rad
ical outrages.
S What has occurred once may oc
car again.
The radical press has been crying
peace for some time, and the quiet
we will get, can be judged from what
f Looney, the Judge of the 10th Dis
trict of our State, has done. These
plunderers have, it seems, mistaken
the lesson attempted to be taught 1
I them-well we suppose that it is all 1
r to do over again, but we pray "t'were
- well done" "when 'tis done."
LI'E."--A leader, with the above
Sheading, and in some respects, a well
written one, appeared in the "Scien
r tific American" of time 12th of June.
i The able and learned Editors of that
-paper, which has, deservedly, an ex
I tensive circualation, not only through
) out the United rStates and Great Brit
tain, but even in our little parish of
a Natchitohes, must surely have been
) absent, when their locum teneasi hand
f ed in the above mentioned editorial
,for publication. We must demur toi
Sthe use of such slang terms as the
WlWhy, the How, the When, and the
-Now, in the treatment of asuch seri
Soneus, grave and sublime subjects as
1 science and religion. To clothe them
in such yankee jargon, only tends to
I make them ridiculous, and amounts
Salmost to implety or desecration.
l Verbusu sat eapienti.
[ We beg to correct the Shreve
1port onoutkwesters-Tlegram in the
-matter of giving this journal the
credit of clippin~ugs from the Re
Spublicas of this place. We have
I no desire to be saddled with any
of the Republi.' honors(f) and
beg our worthy contempory, the i
Telegram, nIlot to thrust them upon
uIs in fature. We represent a dif.
aferent class oftpeople, and tlhfank
,Goda abetter people than the Re
r publo-ann-dt far be it from us to, i
I in any maunner, pay n doubtful
I compliment to H. 0. Myers-that
Sisleftfor the RqpMblies and it.
friends, for he is of that elss.,
Our notice of the repaimrs of the 1
old Court house, did not appear
till last week.
i Our able cotemporary, the lasces of
Shreveport,ronads the true key note
when it mays, is an article In relation
r to the deiesiouof Judge Looney in
the matter of the sheriffalty of Caddo,
"that thle white people- of that section
',will meet faud with focee?." Noth-,
Sing else is eft us ; we hsave reached
the brink, and any man who imagines t
r that ought can come from Kellegg
or his friends ave fraud, he must be
Seither a fool or a knave. People who
are anxious or even willing to fly to
' Kellogg courts for relief from politi
cal burdens are few and far between,
- for all such must know that they are
e prejudged-Fear of swift and sure ret
e ribution, is all that make these men
wt ho claim so much loyalty,pay even
Sregard to our existmnee.
a Our mails, from some cause, are
a reebhing as more regularly, and we
I.bhave been enabled daring the past
w. week to have on our table New Or
leans exchange less than seve dlays
if old.
Another Colfax Outrage.
Shaw again on the IRampange_-& r.
tders an innocent citizen.
Shiw, the black-hearted, coa,,n1
ly murderer, known in the psIl~
days of negro rule in Grant parish,
as one of the leaders, instigatores
ahettors in, and to the Colfax riot a
1873, has just committed oe of t
most diabolical murders, for which lb
deserves to )be immediately an,,
The facts of the case are these: Mr.
J. P. Herring, an old and quiet eii.
zen of this parish, who has been faIn.
ing on Red river, was going abort
the country repairing Gins, Wells,
&c., as that was his trade; in tim
course of his travels he visited t1
den of radicalism, Colfax, wlete b
exchanged horses with a vej,, r.
ceiving boot in the shape of rjyo
and a pistol-it is supposed hse,.
hibited to these fellows a considera.
ble sum, to their eyes-some ft or
$100, in money. Herring then weat
off to Catahoula parish where be was
quietly engaged in his avocahioj,
when Shaw, with a gang of negres,
appeared with a warrant, charing
him, Herring, with baring stolen tie
horse obtained from the "ward of the
Nation" in an honest trade. Herring
was arrested, and Sheriff() Slaw,
by grace of Kellogg, started 5Lel to
Colfax with him, but serer arriteal 4
that place with his prisoner. FIiels
began, after a time, the search for the
missing man, and it leaked out that
the negroes and Shaw had killed sad
lmried a white man near Colfar, the
body being exhumed, proved to le
that IIerring-ae had been seot is tie
back, stripped and robbed of teAw
money and clothing, and thrown irs
hole by the way side, food for Ib:.:a*d
and hogs.
How long, in God's name, ae the
white people of Grant going to put
up with Shaw and his ent-threat mis.
creants ? We would advise them to
get up another petition to Kellog,
and be kicked out of the presenee of
that cnss; there wll nerer be peace it
this State so long as such fiends a
Shaw, disgrace it. Death in any altM
form is too good for such a arete
and his willing tools.
This is also a shining example of
the class of men Kellogg desires to
inflit oear citizens with; the am
with whom he proposes to '"imasp.
rate an era of good feeling in Le-.
isiana. We contended all along, a5d
still do so, that there is no enre fr
the evils noder which we labor, Mae
that brought about by a free anse
hemp, and to start the ball, this fel.
low Shaw and his negro compatrltt,
would be a fitting example. We a
more than satisfied from present indi,
cations, that the people of more tima
one section of the State, will be te
quired at an early day, as a matter
of self defence, to wipe out somes
these scoundrels, and theim sowitji
done the better for every one wai.
Sale of Currency for City Wa
rants. ,
The following is thme official ensni
ciation of the tlhird lsa of emaenq
for city warrants by the anatheitiks
of Natchiteches:
Courrency 1r 1Se
W. H. Jack, $10 " $M
L. LePaulmier, 25 " u
W. i. Jack, 25 "
WV. H. Jack, 40 " IMP
J. Sprowl, . 5 " ll5I
T. Sehuamsan, 50 " lD -
L. LePaulmier, 25 "
Sundries, 25 " ,
C. Bullard, 35 "
Sondries, 50 "
T. Sceuma 1s, 0 "
Sundries, "
L. LePaulmiert, 10 "
Cash 16 900 "
Still in the face.of the glb I
city government, w he have s Inr-
ing since Mayor Dqyuargaa"'.s
ment; the manner and abillt wit.
which they have handled eot *L
finances, collecting over evee t-i
sand dollars to tbhe Treasufr bysJr
levy of but fouear thousand, ai"ese
those who insist upon a chaepip I
eity government. All we a7
about that is, from ceveratW in
numerous of our leadin citoig,
something better than a set d~s
lation by an illegal houe, wfllh
to be put forward before it ea lbe
done, and as our fellow-citiass "
Caddo, "we will meet fr(l a It
-- -..mm O mD.,
Haller, the stove and fin ware -m
on Washington street, is in recallld
a large invoice of the latest impiar
ed justly celebrated Buck's Brillrt
cooking stovres, which he is dh&
as cheap as tley can be had in leW
Orleans. His assortment of tina' t
and house furnishing goods is ae
plete and prices such.as to guar53M
satisfaction. Haller is preped t
do all kinds of job work, such as relf
ing, guttering, &c., &e., at the salt
est notice and in moeet workmal
Our citizens dshould remerober that
the conservative press of Louiiius
live by the genereas support of t
people-a people, it as true, porety
striken, still they must keep up sth
bulwalk between them and their ths5
Let all who ar me our friends ceall
Col. Win. Ml.~evy or M. H. Carve'
who will explain the condition s1a
objects ofat the publishing company.

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