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]ajorities Continue to Lose.
Coushatta seems to be receiving
pretty sever blows from Kellogg, of
through that pink of radical rascally Pa
perfection, M. H. Twitchel. At the of
late election for Mayor and Aldermen J
for that village, forty-five votes were
polled, twenty-seven of which were
for candidates who had pledged D
twemselves to conduct the affairs of He
the town without cost to the tar-pay- J.
yers, notwithstanding which, Kellogg, J.
in defiance of the will of the people A
andeontrary to all law, commission' -J
ed the defeated radical candidates, J.
o have smilingly voted themselves Jn
alaries amounnting in the aggregate P
to some $1200 per annum ;besides J
the commission paid to the tax col- A.
lector, which was also to be done free I.
of charge by the elected white men-- A
and this too in a village of but forty- J.
sven voters, is more than the city IV
officials receive i", this town of three J.
hundred and more voters frith a tax- -
able property of over half a million. V.
What has got into that "indepen- N.
dent in all things neutral in nothing" J.
journal up there, that it does not cry
out in strong terms against this flua
grant outrage t Is it too busy expres- J.
sing regrets at not having bad the F.
pleasure of a visit from Senator (?)
Twitcbel, the thief, while on his late M.
dash into Red River t It is a pity ar
that these country .papers have so m,
much consideration for the "loaves it
and isheL." as to allow them to sink 20
all feeling and crawl through a pap tip
fed existance insulting a community th
they pretend to represent by fawning Pt
and licking around every thieving 1
unprincipled sconadrel in the Kellogg te
asmy of cut-threat officials.
Attention iWhite Citizens.
We publish elsewhere a call for a
-meeting of that sterling body of pat. R
riots, the Committee of Seventy, of
this parish, as well as for that of AtA.
crrass interested in the material
pr~iperity and peaceable condition of
apr eemminnity. This meuting will
take place on Saturday next, June
It is scarcely necessary to refer to
the esans which have prompted the
President of this body, at the solici- ti
tation of a large number of our lead- Pr
ing citizens, to convene them at this C
early day, suffice it to say, that they are
mAnifold and serious. We therefore
confidently expect a full attendance
of the leading citizens of the parish B
on that day, that we may then calmly ,
discuss the situation and devise such f
means for our welfare as the exigen
ces of the occasion demand. a
No ordinary cause, the people can
rest assured, would have necessitated
this measure at this moment, when
home interest require such attention
the movements of the enemies,' not ~
only of the party, but of public peace, '
ds civilization and liberty, are too
elauaous to be mistaken, and require
epar hands a prompt and vigorous ,
leouo, whlleh will strangle at its birth
thi re-enactment of the scene we p
hi witnessed in the governiment of
ear parochial and State affairs for the b
psut~n eyears. N'atehitoches, the
iIfi amote in 1874, will not yield to
"  Aebts of her enemies
**ikh Is attempted, and proposes
! jFk1ke her claims felt, as the
uags of her people have not been
ot. Griith, U. S; A.
'- tpany stationedat tie post,
abgro boy it his em
ahwldred sod esity dollars
SThe nego is now in
iMat f r the offense. We
whethut the money
but hope Lient.
todo si u thlds
r any one to lose
the negw will be
' s peers and as
4 stealing from a
Sodty virtue in the
d:mor.Aeriea eitfises
S.....Sk~ ..-Iton
-* ng ieartoew ais
tbelo ofaIl But
4e ao~ despir.e,
-h6,-l 7 trthis
i vigor- ... te
,is~t vr
' _ aJY : 3y
-. _ý° f S Sy
wlcjs?} IY· ·'.ýY f I ý:
The members of the Co nunittee
of Seventy, appointed by the Tax
payers Association of the parish
of Natchitoches, on Saturday,
June 13th, 1874 composed of the
following iamed gentlemen :
M. J. CUNNINGHAM, Chairman.
M. H. Carver, W. A. Ponder,
D. Pierson, L. Charleville,
Henry Levy, Jos. Henry,
J. C. Trichel, T. Chaler,
J. A. I),cournau, WV. W. Brnczeale,
Amb. Sompayrac, Sidney Harrison,
W. O. Breazeale, I. Kahn,
J. Genius, C. H. Levy,
J. D. Addison, J. W. Suddatlh,
Jno. Genoe, M. Hertzog,
P. A. Simmons, W. H. Jack,
8. O. Scruggs, T. Schumnan,
J. E. Keegan, Wm. M. Levy,
A. Prudhomne, Felix Bouia,
R. E. Hammett, E. V. Deblleur,
Ed. Phillips, L. A. Deblieux,
A. V. Carter, W. B. Butler,
J. B. Flemming. Wmi. Payne,
Willie Holnes, E. Mlasson,
J. H. Cosgrove, Jacob Kile,
.Jno. Bluhdwortl, W. S. Campbell,
C. A. Ballard, Mortimer Perot,
V. Gnnnie, H. A. Weaver,
N. II. Campbell, R. W. Taylor,
J. M. B. Tucker, Dr. A. E. Cassidy,
W. I. . Russell, Sam'l. Parson,
Chas. Leroy, Geo. Duncan,
J. J. Rains, A. Lecomte,
J. F. DeVargas, C. L. Walmsley,
F. Jennings, T. Haller,
1. McKenna, Alex. Garza,
M. Tauzin, Valery Murphy,
R. L. Faulkner, S. M. Hyams,
are requested to meet at the Fire
men's Hall, in the City of Natch
itoches, on SATURDAY, JUNE
26th, 1875, to take into considera
tion important matters relative to
the interest and welfare of our
people. A full attendance :s ear
nestly requested, not only of the
Committee, but of all citizens in
terested in the peace and material
welfare of the community.
By order of
R. W. TAYLor,
f Secretary.
Financial,' Commercial and iver- News.
On hand last report....... 4497 bales
Received during week........ 3 "
Totl receipts...... 4500 "
(It should be remembered our quota
tions are for round lots, at retail, higher
prices will have to be paid.)
Corrected Weekly by Carver A Taylor.
Cotton............................... 11 a i. 16
Hides, dry........................1'| --c
Hides, green..................... ......
BAcoN-The muaket is in limited supply
Clear sides are quoted at 18c; shboulders at 13c;
Breakfast bacon at 19c.
FLoun.-Is in good supply with fair demand.
We quote XX at $6 50; low XXX 7 0087 55 and
good XXX tt 8 75; Choice XXX at 19 50; choice
family $11i 50.
PonK.-None in the market.
Btluiu.--In fair supply, demand fair. Hemp
and jute at 14.; per yard. No India in market.
LAD.--In light supply with good demanda . In
tierees ie; in kegs 22.
HAirs--Are in light supply and demand limit
ed Canvassed are quoted ate2ic.
gAvrT.-In goodt smpply. Liverpool coarse sells
at $ 2S$ per sack. Fuc [email protected] higher.
Sn.D OrAIN.-None hut tie in market which
is quoted at) 175 per bushel.
IoNo TaEs.--Thu market 1i in good supply.
The astrow Is held at 10 and the button at lUc.
per pound,
Mot.Asets.-Searce. Choice Louisiana is be
ing sold at-; prime at 90c. per gallon. By the
keg t$ 00. 9 50
CoAt, Oun.Ia in good supply and is held at
50*,. per gallon.
TomAcco-iupplSb good. ood medium is
quoted at 65c. and nae bright at 9ec.6411 15 per
Coner-The supply is .limited and demand
good. Prime at 25 audchoice at -
Rca.--No Carolina in market. Zulslasna is
held at 19&e. per pound.
Conx.--sin good supply but no demand.
Soar.-Extra olive bar WOe.
SuoAn-Loislana.prime is qunoted at ;- yel
low clarified a ISlc; crushed and powdered a
Wmaxt.-White and Red Pre held at #1 50
per gallon; Bourbon commanads $5* 50 per gal
SnOT.--tc in good supply with fair demand and
I sold at $2 75 per sack and buck shot at 13.
Powbua.-The supply is limited and is held
at o50. per pound.
Six miles south of the ityof Natchitoches
At the mill, per; ........ $.00 to $10.00
Delivered in towrin, per l,...... ..14.00
E TAKEpleasure in inform nigthe
17 p ubio thatwe are prepwredttatke
CONT~Ab to build onbins, nrnisbing
therefor, lumber, material and labor, at
very low raBe  t
with gallery4kS s complete, shin.
gled ro-.tfpt upfor i ,_ _.
BOX CO'taPGE, feet, i ri; igal
interest toý ive°u i all.. : :
Ordteirthis sbsllee or with, Louis
DUplei, Will mdt with prompt atten
tApril lO-ly. '
SAW Mit.,
(Five Milesfrom N ee a.)
50.900 t Ltbbzbe g1b Sale.
e Froi d5'to l0'a D (a ord lg ti
S quality) per M i.  t ,sifl
i . M aic$.-..ly - ,, _..*+ -
p e .DRY
4 1
jetfi .-'·.- 'N~
Is eminently a Family Medicine ; and by
being kept ready for htmediate resort
will save many an hour of ntiffering and
many a dollar in time and doctors' bills.
After over Forty Years' trial it is still
receiving the most niqnn!itied testimo.
nials to its virtues froum persons of the
highest character and responsibili y.
Eminent physicitians commend it as the
For all diseases of the Liver, Stomach
and Spleen.
The Simptoms of Liver Complaint are
a bitter or bad taste in the month ;
Pain int the Black, Sides or Joints, often
mistaken for flheumatismiu Sour Stom
ach; Loss of Appetite; Bowls alternate
ly costive and lax; Headache; Loss of
memory, with a painful sensationt of hav
ing failed to do something which ought
to have been done; Debility, Low
Spirits, a thick yellow appearantce of the
Skin and Eyes. a dry Cough often mis
taken for Conimnption.
Sometimes many of these symptoms
attend the disease, at others very few;
lbut the Liver, the largest organ in the
body, is generally the seat of the disease,
and if not Regnlatsd in time, great suf
fering, wretchedness and Death will en
For Dyspepsia, Constipation, .anundice,
Bilious attacks, Sick Headache. Colic,
r Depression of Spirits, Sour Stomach,
Hart Burn, &c., &c.
The Cheapest, Purest and Beat Fami
ly Medicine in the World!
j Manufactured only by
Macon, Ga., and Philadelphia.
Price, $1.00. Sold by all Druggists.
March 27, 1875.-ly.
A Rare Opportunity Offered to fs
Farmers of Limited Means. 1,
T AM OFFERING to sell the following nor
I described parcels of land on the liberal l)i
terms set forth below: ne%
One tract of 378 acres,.situated twelve pre
miles south east of the city of Natchito- To
chites, and about one mile west of Old per
River. Two hundred acres under fetwe,
one hundred and fifty acres open and -
about one hundred In cultivation this
year. The other imVriivements consist
of four or five log cabins, gin and press ;
small orchard, with a spring of fine
water. Good steam saw mill within four
mile of the place. I will sell this place
at ten dollars per acre, one sixth cash,
the balance in 1, 2 3, 4, and five years,
without interest. Four-fifths of this
place is fine fresh alluvial river soil, and uI
will yield 40 to 50 bushels of corn or a th
bale of cotton to the acre tlu
Adjoining the above, I have 583 acres ti
of the same character of unimproved of
land, which I will sell at 5S per acre, in set
equal annual installments, without in- int
terest. Nil
I also have 320 acres sitttated between lo
Red River and Bayou .Pierre,; bout six t
miles from the city of Natchitoches, all Int
tine river bottom land, what is termed at
"Buckshot" lanud, two hundred acres open, on
gin, cabins and fences almost entirely
destroyed. I will sell this place for 5 1C
per acre, C.'sh, or $8 per acte, one-fifth set
cash, the balance in five equal annual in- for
etullments, without interest. tic
1 have still another tract of 132 arres lIn
of good level hill land. situated one mile fai
from the above described place, and in
mediately on the Grand Eco'e And Texas
road, five miles from the city of Natchi- Ti
toches, land wnell timbered with pine,
oak and hickory. Improvement consist
of double log dwelling house, log kitchen,
smake-honuse, small orchard of flgs, plums j,
and peaches, 12 to 15 acres of open land, to
all the buildings a little out of repair, Tt
though occupied .this year. On this place Al
is an inexhaustible well of the finest lit
water in the parish. I will sell this place nD
for $600.00, one third cash, the balance ce
in one and two years, Without interest. co
To purchasers wishing to make larger a,
cash payments, 1 will make liberal de
duction from the above prices. n.
There is no excuse for any man being ii
without a home of his own; my terms t
are so liberal that the annual payments j\
only amount to a small rental. Al
N. H. CARVER, ti
April 10-1y. Natchitoches, La. w
DERSONS who owe is balances of last fl
1 year and year before are hereby rea
B pectfully requested to come forward and
B settle, by cash, notes or otherwise. We
are not disposed to press those who can't
t pay upat present, but we are unwilling
to hire collectors or lo~e the time of our
clerks to go and make rettlements. Those n
who will not come up can't blame us if o
they find our claims against them in the 1
hands of our Attorneys.
r May 29-1m.
Willls 25olmne,
- IrOrT STRKuTr,
Natchitoches, La.
DRY GOODS, Groceries,
Shoes and Notions.
Special inducements offered to Cash
purchasers. Cotton and contry pro
duce, both at highest Cash ratee;
i Jane.ly. ,  ... "•. , I'
i, Forwarding, Receiving
Conmmission Merchants,
--dealers I.
'DRY OOD, ofoclmas, HAURDWAI,
"da trl sad m cn loplete stek of general
S N!ruhatdietsuted-,to the wanteof tie
scan tad., .
h~Fp- ~
The approach' of the Presidential ele.
tion gives unusual importance ato the
evenlts and developments of 1875. We TI
shall endeavor to describe thema fully,
fait hfully, and fearlessly,
TIHE WEEKLY SUN has now attain
ed a circulation of over seventy thou- "A
sand copies. Its readers are found in
every State and Territory, and its quali
ty is well known to the public. We
shall not only endeavor to keep it fully
iup to the old standard, but to improve tie
and add to its variety and power, on
THE WEEKLY SUN will continue to nis
be a thorough newspaper. .ile newspaper. the s
of the day Will be fomud in it, conldenls- f
ed when uuuiniportant, at full length ati
when of moment, and always, we trust, art
treated in a clear, interesting and in- en
-structive manner. el
It is our aim to make the Weekly Sun ap
the best family newspaper in the world. to
It will be full ot entertainuing and ap- on
propriate reading of every sort, but will po
print nothing to offend the most scrupu- an
Ions and delicate taste. It will always
contain the most interesting stqries and rej
romuanes of the day, carefully selected tir
and legibly printed. pe
The Agricultural Departlment is a of
prominent feature in the Weekly Sunt, a
and its articles will always he found me
fresh and useful to the farmer. Al
The numnber o'f men independent in a
polities is increasing, antd the Weekly vs
Sunn is their paper especially. It belongs mi
to no party, and obeys no dictation, con- nl
tending for principle, and for the election jo
of the best umten. It exposes the corrup- co
tion that disgraces the country and th
threatens' the overthrow of republican re
institutions. It has no fear of knaves, in
and seeks no favors from their support- cli
ers. v(
The markets of every kind and the fit
fashions are regularly reported in its al
columns. it,
The price of the WEEKLY SUN is onle I
dollar a year for a sheet of eight pages,
and fifty-six colunAns. As this barely i
pays expenses of paper and pristing, we ni
are not able to make any discount or al- I)
low any premnium to 1friends who may it
make special efforts to extend its circula- r
tion. lUnder the new law, which re- is
quires paymelnt of postage in advance, is
one dollar a year, with twenty centh the o1
cost of prepaid postate added, is the rate w
of subscription. It is not necessary to A
get up a club in order to have the Week- p
ly Suun at this rate. Any one who sends a
one dollar and twenty cents will get the si
paper, post-paid, for a year. at
We have no traveling agents. t
THE WEEKLY SUN.-Eight pages, a
fifty-six colnnns. Only $1.10 a year,
Ietage prepaid. No discount fronm this a
rule. a
THE DAILY SUN.-A large four-pa.ge m
newspaper of twenty-eight columns t
I)a9y circulation over 120000. All the t
news for 2 cents. Sabacription, postage p
prepaid 55 cents a month, or J650 a year. I
To clubs of 10or over, a disequnnt of 20 a
per cent. Address.
"THE SUN," New York City. e
Pcoplo's Vindicator,
FOR 1875.
We take pleasure in announcing to the
numerous friends of the VINDICTOR,
that we have perfected arrangements for
the continnation of its publication upon
a firm basis. The public are well awre
of the difficulties under which tile Con
servative press ot Louisiana labor; the
infamous printing law nassed by a parti
ann Legislature, solely to foster and up
hold, at the expense of the tax-payers,
Sjotiurnals entirely atagonistical to their 1
interest, and at war upon their lib:rties,
and by forcing, nuder tihe forms of l.aw,
onr citrizelns to advertise in thes~ oieial
papers, to break dowu their power, the
Conservative and Democratic press; con
Ssequently we are comupelled to depend
for sapport upon the generoume contribu
tion 6fa people already poverty-stricken,
Sbut we feel assured that thely w\ll not
Sfail to sustain their main power in the
war of virtue against vice
- The Fearless Whit Ia's P1ress of
t tLouisitan.
, The future tone of this paper can he
s j:udged from it fpast. We will continue
i, to advocate to success, the rights of the
'r, ITAXED. that honesty and capablility,
e ALONE, shall constitute groundsfor po
st litical preferment, and a continned and
e never ceasing war upon Kellogg and his
e corrupt oletfials-knowing theta to be in
common with their Chief, both neasurpers
r antd thieves.
t- We can asen rethe public that we will
not hesitate to attack the anots of any po
g littcal organisation, when we believe
s I them to be uatagonstic to public good.
ts We are the servant of no elique or party,
and intend solely to protect and defend
the rights end liberties, in our honest
a. way, of the whole people-believing that
.. we have done sufficient service in the
cause of the PEOPLE in,the past, we
confidently expect their support in the
at fatare.
a- 'PERMS:
S 1 Copy ly ...................... 3
"t 1 6 mos....................... -
ng (Invariably in advance.)
or We furnish as a ipremium to each paid
ee p subseriber, for one year froLm the firset
if ofJannary, a line 8TIEEL ENGRAVING,
he 19x24 inches, of almost any Historical
. Publishers,
A men'. Planet Jr Head.
The Worl..
y LUciT, l ibebid Weda .
hm Clbi, L k
aret of NewYork, Albany,rigbton,
a ridge, sai la;,the New
York Contry Prodg ket, and Gen
eral Prodnuce Markets. of the -Country,
ad full Reports of the New York Mar
iet, Exhanative Soa of the News,
Patiide Agreata Departmlent, and
Family ReMdIvgY.
ive copies, one year, separately ad
ledr r... ...... ,4, .......... 7
,Daily, Term.s.-.QaeoyO, one year
.... ............:......... $10 00
SendmiWeekl), Temas.-- One copy,
one 0 er L ................... 6
Two eples, one year, separately ad
Eie. 'e. t ...............
'I Orlei1 Paik Dye, sent
* jwasw Xok Cit
A.\ Rpresentative and Chnapion of American
Art Taste !
Fraspcttas for 1875--Eighth Te ir.
"A Magnificent Cueception, wonderfully
carried out."
The necessity of a poplular medinm for nfhK
the representation of the produclionis of º'
our great 'rtists, bps always been reog T. J.
nized, and many attempts have been T fr
made to meet the want. The nltcressive 5,
failures which so invaribly followed e!rh t~Wh
attempt in this coonutry to establish an the
art journal, did not prove the indiflfer
ence of the people of America to the
claims of higli art. So soon as a proper ill t
appreciatioun of the want and an abiiptyv ""
to meet it werle shown, the public at ai y
once rallied with enthilsiatsnm to its sup- have ti
port. anld the result was a greatt :artistic lung e :
and commercial triumph-THIE ALDINE.
THE ALDINE, while issued with all the
regularity. has none of the tenmporary or
tinely interest characneristic of ordinary T
peri dicals. It is an el tlt miscellany '
of pte, light and graceful literature; and
a collection of pictures, the rarest speci
mens of artistic skill, in black and white. colleu
Although each succeding number afltrds On th
a fresh pleasure to its frie'nds, the real Inus f'
value and beauty of the Ar.iuSE will be dollal
most appreciated after it has behn bound
up at the close of the year. While other Apt
Sjournals may claim superior cheapness, as
compared with rt rals of a similar class, i
the AtsnLix is a unique and original con- 1
i ception-alone and ittnapproached - abso
lutely without eonlpetitiio in price or
characeter. Time possessor of a complete
volume cannot dupliecate the quantity of
fine paper and engravings itn any other
S shape or number of volumes for ten tinmes
its cost - and then, there is the ChromI Conti
t besides. - arran
National feature of THE ALDINE Decei
must he taken iin no narrow sense. True tially
e art is cosmopolitan. While THE AL
DINE is a strictly American institution.
f it does not confine itself entirely to the
reproductiou .of native art. Its mission In p
- is to cultivate a broad and appreciative nearl
art taste, one that will discriminate only artie'
e on grounds of intrinsic merit. Thus. Th
e while placing before the patrons of THE lishei
o ALDINE, as a leading characteritie, the news
prodlutions of the most noted Anmerican No
s artists, attention will always be given to to su
i specimens from foreign masters, giving With
subscribers all the pleasure and intrnue- ien s5
tion obtainable from horue or foreign Te
s, soutees. to ell
, The artistic illustration of American Ad
i scenery, original with THE ALDINE, is Preo
an important feature, and its magnificent -
Splates are of a size more approprinte to
a the satisfactory treatment of details
to than can be afforded by any inferior \f
, page. The judicious interspertion of
r. landseape, marine, figure, and animal A Pa
.0 subjects, anAtnin an unabated interest,
impossible where the scope of the work
confines the artist too closely to ar single
- style of subject. The literature of THE
ALDINE is a light nd graceful acconm
paniment, worthy of the artistic fea
tures, with only such technical disqrisi
tions as do not interfere with the popu
lar interest of the work.
Premium for 1875.
Every subscriber for 1875 will receive f
a beautiful portrait, in oil colors, of the
t same noble dog whose picture in a for- Ti
mer issue attracted so much attention, y i
e will bea welcome in every home. Eve
rybody loves such a dog, and the portrait Is at
is execnted so true to the life, that it uaik
seems the veritaLle presence of the ai- s ou
Smal itself. 'Tlhe Rev. T. De Witt Tal- ex
Snmage tells that his own 1e\wfouudlallmdu it
Sdog (the finest in Brooklyt,j harks at it! I
, Althonugh so natural, no one who se, alio
aI this premnium chromno will have the Ed
bo slightHst fear of heing bitten.
S Besides the chrono, every advance Agi
u subsceriber to THE ALDISE for 1875 is C,
Scnetituted" a memlbr, and entitled to
n all the privileges of
The Union owns the originals of all et
THE ALDINE pictures, which, with ecrl
of other paintings and engravings, are to
be distFibuedl anmong the maetbers. To he
every series of 5.000 subscribers, 100 dif
be ferent pieces, valued at over $2,500 are
ue distribuhnted as soon nas the series is full,
he and the awards of each series as made,
, are to be published in the next succeed
o ing..Jiie of ofTE AIINE. This fea
ml ture only applies to subsecribers who pay
lis for one year in advance. ull partien- Tb
in ans in circunlar ent on application en
re closing a stamp.
iln TERMS:
One B~bseription, eutitling to THE
S ALDNE one year, the Chrome Sal
and the Art Union,
est $0,00 per aunium, in advance, of
hat wi
the No charge for postage. . o
we 8pecimenCopies ofTHEALDINE,50 ets.a
The AtwIS will hereafte be obtainable
only by snlubscription. There will be no
reduced or clib rate; cash for subscrip- 1
3 tions must be osent to the publishers dieict, th
Sor handed toithe local pnvasser, without nc
responsibility to the filblishera, only' in ol
eases where the certificate is given, bear- a
,id ing the fc-mle signiature of James co
irat Suttoi, dent o
N, CAfvA5iaRs WWANTln.-Any permon who
ical wishes to act permanently as a local can- in
vasser, wilt receive full ind prompt inl
ortition by Applying to
*58 Maiden Lane, NEW 'ORK
Vso a4waIaTews. (
OF ,,R 1875 a
SConitainilg very meek FORTY COLt- a
k UMN8 df choice ruadling .Mt, C
iton, te-prnuitalo elear, bhand.
New , t_)pe, and iie ..
I whitm  paper
wa, IlB INWE is edited by the Danbla- I
and . ry New Man; is lontributaled to by
Oeoige A Townmse|d, the chief of
Newspapeor RoenlIdent, and other (
eelfeut-wrr ei who will f(mnlpi fdesh
S orrespondece from the leadigeities,
4. and contribute to the.editoratl eolumnus.
S7 The NEWB has its own $"ltentifl,
r Fashion, Cheus and Puzzle editore; pmlb
1000 lisheatlhe bestorigii l ma tfira , the best
Y, miscelbany, ad thlue t*se anud best
- 3 miswellhyI d t. tihe tehpet Nad best
I- stories. Th all its pbP staen s it is
... 5 edited with i t h 1
J..*M abe. amplje cptep free
s&alse - Pen4
aenty . intu a. c tmXnsr
Sinno tt's Line.
Spring anntd S~uIuner Arrangcr:mr t. II
For Grand Ecore, Montgomery, \loaun-lria
Pineville, Nornmat's, Inarhla's,
Fort DeRnuay.
And All VWay Lancting, thi
fimmamdý The A I Magnifir.,t and fit 'ain
runnitng .id,-:wheel pa.setge,,r I t
packet till
DIr K NT OT. Taste.r. itt al
1 U. iI|.II.TON,
T. J. DowrvY, Clerks.
WILL leare New (tleans everv 'aturdtav at Its
5 P. M. It retrni.g leaves bGrandt ie liter:
ever 'l'uesda at I121t., and Alexandria c1 iry,
Wcedeseliday 't I 3. i
The steamer ture
will take the place of the Hart Abtl in low tive
water. and conttine in the trade regularly as P,
long as Ipu.awtth to make weekly trips.
My pt:rotus can resIea.t aredt they will never 8411e
Shave to jray over O(tE CARD raters freights, as tirs
ling a.s 1 call make weekly trip,. t.l
IICK aIN'OTT. tres
$50 REWARD. • i
en pt
'TAS STOLEN from the nlersigned
S a tille night oftlt 2tith tilt., a liay
Marte Mile, live vears old, no bruals re- Th
ccllectede, has the mlllll'lrks of Oll oitistlla Mag.
on they, stoulder. I will givei lifty d-ol its n
Ila for the nlte andll tlhief or twety-ti-iv T
dollars for the recovery of the mule alonl. nish
WM. N. LEVI. ti+r
April !10-tf. The
1875. AGAIN ! 18715 t',
r Continues for the present year its liberal iuch'
arrangement, w Iherelhy, on the 31st of etcli
l)ece.llber, 1575, it will distribute impar- Igel
a tially among its snbscribers, 1
10.E000f I
S oproo
n In presents. comprising G(retenuhacks and 2.
o nearly one thonlsand tiusful and beautifnl tIec
. articles. ilg
, The Courier-Journal is a lmog-estah- thin
E lished, live, wide-awake. progressive, til
e newsy, bright and spicy paper. Art.
No other apeppr offers such induclnemnt 3.
o to subsribers and club agents Circal-lrs giv
g with fill pallticulars and speeimen cop. of -
ea i sent free. on apllication. cari
n Terms, $2.00 a year and liberal offers 4.
to ehnub. rest
n Address, W N. HALDEMAN, Yor,
is Pres. Cotitier.Jomrnal Co., Louisville, Ky vin
THE and
A Paper for the People, a Friend of the Hot
*k Farmer and Industrial Classes,
is Nat
;. pril
"Perry's Victory!" a
re Givento erery $2 OOSubscriber. TH
This pleture represents Coin. Oliver I. Per. Hoi
ry tI the act of passing from onll ship to another pal
in a small open shat, during the heat of battle,
), exep.eed to the are of the enemy. TI
It Measures 16 by 221 Inches,
it Is artistically flnished it thirteen colors and is 1ot
it undoubtedly the most desirable chromuo cver
offered as a preminum. Single conpOs oflt sell at
t$3 011o. We have at a great oMtly srcured the d
il- exehclusie control ad uale of it. itAt thewfore
ml are enabled topretelt it to our patrons as above.
it ! Tile EsgQunlaII still stalds icre eminet as a
first class Newspalper. Its various delpartmenta gy.
e allotted to
SEditorials, lTumoros, th
Ice Agriculture, Poetry, no
SCorrespowlcnce. Teegraphic to
And (fneral News. e
All give evidence of the care and pains taken SO
. to sapply iie readter with ell the sews and a
variety o;f readiug lthat eaniot fail to interest Ms
it each and every membo- of the honsehold nal,.
ith scribe throughour agents or send duirct to us.
to We desire an agent at evey I'rut Office. sud
where none are yet aipolintedl, let some of our o
f friends apply Bfor the agency.
11, iPARAN & NeLEAAN, Pnblishers, Mi
dle, Uc;lNJNA'1, o. hf
ed- .
The Saturday Evening Post. (
e The Oldest and Best Story Paper Pub-. Li
ci- lo
lished. fe
Founded August 4, A. D. 1821.
_For more than half a centitry the I
a Saturday Evening Post has heen the
*. of the Cnountry, and has ever borne a is
widesprelad and nublemilshec reputation w
for the tlnsattrpassed purity, relitrneent n
et. and excellence of the Serials, Sketches ai
and Miscellaneous reading matter. tl
able It is pre-eminently i
ri The Best Family Papor cc
et, that*is published in this conmtry, front its
ott never contaiing alnything that Would L
' in offentl tht feelings of any one, either in
ear- a religions or pllitical sense, or that
tIeR couhld not he reati at any lireside without
obj0ction front the most fastidimous
who The circulation of the Saturday Even- C
can- ing Post, through not quite so large I
in- perhalps, ds its yontger coitemlporaries, '
as not, like that of some of tlahemn, fluctu- f
ating, and too often short-lived, but
based upon the tritrinsie merit of the pa
per itselff awd not delnudeit on an ex
S traneous inflnetcet, such as the pplar
ty of individual writers, &,c
Good, however, as the aturdaln Even.
ing Post has been in the past, it is our
intention to stake it still better in the
(aittire, antd itht this olbject in view we
will effKet a marked Improvemant in eve
clry deltmtfat of the paper, and will
cnll to oltr dsistanee Writers of admitted
ability and ktinoh zeputatlon.
By increasing its fornmer attractions,
and adding many jndicios an ud pleasn
nlg novelties, by studying how to idease
DOL- and enltivato the lipoular taste, by in
creasin industry and enterprise, and by
enlarged facilities, we hope to imake new0
friends with eaceh and every issue, and
continue to maiantain the claim of the
Satnurday Eveining Post to Its titihoolTui
OwFdIT aND TUL liEsT Of ]tiMily Story
nba- Papers.
S Terms to RutBcrbers:
ether One year I eopy $3.00 One month 25
fresh " b oles 5.0) Two monoths 50
,ities, 4 copies 10.00 Three me. 75
matas. " 9 coples 20.00 Four me I 00
'ti, To any one sending f$20 for a Clnub of
pit-9, a skitional eoy will be sent FIE.,
bet Spesimen epc s ecan ie hat on appi
cattna. We Employ noTTraveting Agents.
SAll eommnnfcaou must be addressed to
i ; i lt. J. C. WALKER, Propietor,
Iarnly 7 Walnut Street,
N UIFOrlt ,ai 7 VATSOY, rroprgietr,
It is the inttention *,f the eo14mindtor7
this Mag:tu:zi: to still f,,rther make it.
1iodlel of literary a:ld iechanical ex" *:
Ihtaer, :1ud. with this view, to, atev':tta
will beI neglected which either talcelt o"
talitAill an a( 11h I la d ito 1e 11dr " ea.1 h i-
Ste a;I lit,1t'tcale alld it,,t'r.Ctiv'e tompt;: -
diitu of
Its pa:ges will H detlrote to Ip.hptl:
litr'i';ature', ('iel('ce, art, educatioll :l1d rº'
itial dlevelopment. Its characat-ristic fct
ture is comlprnehscl4.ivenss The tnllll
Scaripts now ,11 h:alA. nuld othlwrs e.spl'i -
ly elaggead. e:rll,;t:re. aln untistlly alltraL
tive list of IDescriptive Sketchtes oflTret
el, .Sitrisl Stories. Tales Poemis, I'Palr ,,.
S.iience :ntil Art. Popular Essays., Nrr:t
tives, .iterary Criticistms , IFahklrºn. etr..
to,, Cther iwith a variety of ablea 1d itl
t,.restinig articles upon the Inmport I
Questions of the Day. A large- propi-.:
lion of the articles, espe.ially those de-
criptive of travel, will he
The pictorial embellishments of tIL.
Magazine hereafter constituting one o:
its most attractive features.
The a'purpose of the I'nblisher's is to fi:
Wnish a perialical whi.ih shall be instru -
tire in The HMisehold, The Library :1a4:
The Readitng Rlto), giving an ualundan,"
of entertailing 1 an1d popuiar literatur."
:andl information for lbth old and young.
carrying light. comfort and good nature
into etivery family, :11land making it aecep
t:able f!or the whole Ilou.sea!:oIl.-faItha,,
and motlher, hoys a'd girls, ynung u e l:
and young women.
The Illlr.tled lHousdehold Mlgaaia
inlaludes several Distinct Departments.
each undler competent and efficient man
agemllet, viz:
1. Sketcheus-c-insisting of Descriptions
of Travel and Adventure, Serial Stori.s,
Tales and Narratives, lavishly and ap
propriately illustrated.
'2. Miscellany--nade up of brilliant ox
I tracts frol new rooks, highly entertain
ing sketches of notable persons ansd
4- things from the Ieat Foreign Publiea
, tions, Poems anad Papers on Science and
a 3. Eitorial Departtnmet--in which is
a given brilliant essays upon a wide range
t of subjects; social topics discussed atul
current incidents and doings glanced at.
a 4. Fashionl Department-ccutaining a
resitme of the Paris, London and New
York Fashions, illustrated with engra
y vings of the latest styles.
5. Literary Notes---devoted to reviewe
and eriticisms of new booksfand general
6. Children's Department-furnishlng
instruction and entertainment to the
Boys and Girls, and those older people
e who have young hearts. It is embelish
ed with high class illustration. :of
Natural History, Wonderful Scenery and
rare itwiadents.
'7. Housekeeper's Department --com
prising informnation and recipes, many of'
which are original and pnubllshed for the
first time, all collected from the nist
authentic sonrce.
It will be ,the constant aim of t!h
Hoeuehold Publishing Company to make
MAGWIlNE in the future, as Wool's
r.I Household Magazine has been in the
er past,
sparing neither eflort, trouble nor ex
1 pense in securing the BeH t Writers as
contributors, and the Best Artists to pro.
he du illustrations to enrich its pages.
a We require a good, faithful Agent in
ts every town throuttghout the UL'nitdl States
and Caein, who Will earnestly elngage i
ts, the Isinis..a. of lrocurin. anbllscribers..
not-for a few dayts or a month only, bunt
per manently-- with afirm deterninatio,
to ennvass thnsoughlly and carmflly th,
entire field ecleteal, improving every op
n portnnity to realize all that can possiby
I be made fromn the lintroduction of the
al Our Preminum anaduClubbing Liast
tur offer great indnucemeuts for working .hi
nrt behalf. Schools and Chnrcha- have
here In unusual opportiunity to procut-a
Musical lnstruments fromn the heat an
. ufacturers, with comparatively slight
exerts.rti. rtisanis, Professioautl fe-i
andl Students nityU gratify their literar:
tastes by onlering fron ti Clubbiir
ib- List. Clhilaren milay earnl and own amau
lonig a.,aiaa articles hy).obtaiuir~ ,tGa,
few sulbscriersle required. .
Spfcmeni Copies mailedl, post-paid, to
Sany address Ulpn receilpt ore Tle C3outn.
C The pstA',ge within the United ,t .tan
? a is Ten Centi a year, which must le for
ion warded with the subscriptian, as the
cut new Postal Law requirinig thai prtpay
he mentt of all magazines y pul,linheri
themselves, instead of siubscrilhrq, conm
pels ns ,to collect tiha pMotat te. iat 'vance.
iel.I tiniCirulnarl cortiueaingu rates et
eOllinlltSll l f alibt iutlnceleteett to Clliv:us.
its ,era. and the l'reniula anl Clubbing
u.ld ists,
hat TIHE l'OSElA'TE Ya LL .
W'e cottinue to offer this elebhratal
ren- Oil (hltronla in coWtlection with the Il
irge Instratdl Hoaehs,lll Magazine, fuirnish
re, ing thetl to our sbllsarilars upon thl
tu- following very gen,'ron s tf mas:
L With Mounted Chronic, S !.(X r1.
,mounted Chromuo, .1.50.
pa- The Monunlted Chromn is dliverled atu
our oflice, or hy e: 0-vas are or Icacd intl
lar. nt by expreaas at~ abscriber's evspenna,
o A bI!y mail upnH reelit of T'\-ent
ven Cents poetaga. The UnC'oest
or eLd ChrmeO is ut fre )hy nail.
the All comnmunleationt must be aldressed
eve- 41 Park Row1 New Yeak.
ittedl -----
. ' OZplo fent-Men
lnn, womean and agaents, we have just whbt
lenn- yo nteel Our axi l Mouted (hroea a
lease outsell anything in the markat. ir. 1
( iii sons write: "l struck out yesternldar, anl
l y by wo-kin~ eaasy fitar hours, CklaraI Y7.
lon A laly has just repuated her profits f(eI
tInl thle foriwaren as $; yesterday up to J
Sthe o',cleck she chlareld 50. We can pIas.,
ThE bevyoul qluestion tlhat one agent *clear":
story 5,JO of thease clhromtis in eleven work-.
ing days. We have the largest and iitiea.
aertmaint in the United States; hlut
drtlaes of chaties ehjeeta frme whiel to
' 2 h5 sulect. VWe will nend yout an asmorteal I(,
hs 50 'of the beat selling fr of chlargKe on re
e. 75 eiptsof $850. nl in your onlers or
y IO give us a call. Samples by mtail ~C:, or
ii of t for SL
PP1 292 Washington t., Boston, Mass
sto P. . Box 962.
V r Get your printiung dte ati
tle sNDcATOR Job Office. o:

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